Embedthis ESP 8.0.3 💾

Embedthis ESP is a blazing fast "C" language web framework that is extremely efficient and access hardware and system data with ease. ESP is not a traditional low-level environment. It is a full MVC framework in a tiny footprint with most things you'd expect from an enterprise web framework including: MVC, scaffolds, templates, WebSockets, integrated databases, database migrations, etc. ESP offers "script-like" productivity, if web pages or controllers are modified during development, the code

minor feature: Essential Upgrade -- All users strongly advised to upgrade. Recommended Upgrade -- Upgrade recommended but not essential. Optional Upgrade -- Upgrade only if convenient. HTTP/2 protocol. building without HTTP/2. loading combined app modules. Cleanup MprModule in ESP callbacks. Reinstate httpTrace to have a HttpConn / HttpStream first parameter. Enable compat mode by default to map legacy APIs and structs (e.g. HttpConn - HttpStream). To build, requires MakeMe 1.0 or later. To install paks, use Pak 1.0 or later. . Download. Documentation.

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