MariaDB 10.2.6 💾

MariaDB is a database server that offers drop-in replacement functionality for MySQL. It is built by some of the original authors of MySQL, with assistance from the broader community. In addition to the core functionality of MySQL, it offers a rich set of feature enhancements including alternate storage engines, server optimizations, and patches.

minor feature: MyRocks alpha storage engine added ( MDEV-9658 ) Window functions have been introduced. Recursive Common Table Expressions ( MDEV-9864 ). AWS Key Management plugin added for Windows, CentOS, RHEL, and Fedora packages. Update InnoDB to 5.7.18 ( MDEV-11751 ). Galera wsrep library updated to 25.3.20. Packages for Ubuntu 17.04 "zesty" added. MDEV-10431 : The. --add-drop-trigger option has been added to mysqldump. MDEV-12472 : Ignore XtraDB-specific parameters in InnoDB, warning that they are ignored. MDEV-12253, MDEV-12602 : Numerous Encryption. MDEV-11336 : Disabled defragmentation. MDEV-10332 : Added support for OpenSSL 1.1 and LibreSSL. innodb_deadlock_detect and innodb_stats_include_delete_marked variables introduced. for the following security vulnerabilities : CVE-.. -. CVE-.. -. Percona XtraBackup (as of 2.4) will not work with MariaDB 10.2 (and MariaDB 10.1 ) compression. However, MariaDB's fork, MariaDB Backup, will work with compression. It will be included in a future version of MariaDB 10.2. Release Notes - MariaDB 10.2 Series ?. MariaDB 10.2.5 Release Notes ?.

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