Nano 2.7 💾

GNU nano is a console text editor, modelled after Pico. It is very newcomer-friendly due to on-screen menus with always visible keyboard shortcuts. Keybindings are configurable, and full undo and redo actions are supported. Nano even can be used as STDIN pager, and it provides fast syntax highlighting, even for regexps.

minor feature: 3 "Ontbijtkoek" wipes away a handful of : Your editor is now able to handle filenames that contain Newlines, avoids a brief flash of color when switching Between buffers that are governed by different syntaxes, Makes the Shift+Ctrl+Arrow keys select text again on a Linux console, is more resistant against malformations in the positionlog file, and does not crash when C is. Typed on systems where it produces the code KEY_CANCEL. Oh, and it no longer mistakenly warns about editing an. Unlocked file just after saving a new one. That's it. Tastes great with thick butter.

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