Perl Compatible Regular Expressions 10.33-RC1 💾

PCRE is a widely used Unicode-compatible regular expression engine. It implements Perl5 regex syntax and semantics, some Python, .NET and Onigurama extensions. It uses just-in-time compilation, has consistent escaping rules, and allows for recursion, assertions and conditional patterns or complex subroutines and callouts, thus goes far beyond classic regular expressions.

minor feature: Yet more, tidies, and a few enhancements, summarized here (see ChangeLog for the full list): 1. Callouts from pcre2_substitute() are now available. 2. The POSIX functions are now all called pcre2_regcomp() etc., with wrapper. Functions that use the standard POSIX names. However, in pcre2posix.h the POSIX Names are defined as macros. This should help avoid linking with the wrong Library in some environments, while still exporting the POSIX names for Pre-existing programs that use them. 3. Some new options: (a) PCRE2_EXTRA_ESCAPED_CR_IS_LF makes r behave as n. (b) PCRE2_EXTRA_ALT_BSUX enables support for ECMAScript 6's u hh... . Construct. (c) PCRE2_COPY_MATCHED_SUBJECT causes a copy of a matched subject to be. Made, instead of just remembering a pointer. 4. Some new Perl features: (a) Perl 5.28's experimental alphabetic names for atomic groups and. Lookaround assertions, for example, (*pla:.) and (*atomic:.). (b) The new Perl "script run" features (*script_run:.) and. (*atomic_script_run:.) aka (*sr:.) and (*asr:.). (c) When PCRE2_UTF is set, allow non-ASCII letters and decimal digits in. Capture group names. 5. --disable-percent-zt disables the use of zu and td in formatting strings. in pcre2test. They were already automatically disabled for VC and older C Compilers. 6. Some changes related to callouts in pcre2grep: (a) Support for running an external program under VMS has been added, in. Addition to Windows and fork() support. (b) --disable-pcre2grep-callout-fork restricts the callout support in to the inbuilt echo facility.

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