PHP 8.0.0beta4 💾

PHP is a scripting language primarily suited for web applications. It's organically grown into a full-featured programming language, with huge semantic progress in recent years (apart from the namespace separator choice). Many features and extensions come built-in or can be dynamically loaded. Database interfaces, XML processing, regular expressions, networking and broad internet protocol support, IPC, internationalization, image manipulation, filesystem, contemporary cryptography support, file

minor feature: Avoid null pointer UB in accel blacklist . FE_FETCH_R_SIMPLE specialization. . Prepend compiler warning flags to CFLAG instead to append them. . Merge branch 'PHP-7.4'. . Eliminate some EX_CALL_INFO() checks. . Add more precise type info for stubs. . Eliminate useless EG(exception) checks aftr FE_RESET/FE_FETCH. . Add zend_observer API. . Update NEWS for PHP 8.0.0beta3. . Update NEWS for 8.0.0rc1. . Assert there are children in zend_generator_get_child(). . Disable ifunc resolvers under dataflow sanitizer. . Preallocate zval for unused result of internal function on CPU stack. . Merge branch 'PHP-7.4'. . by-ref list assign LIST_W+MAKE_REF separation. . Minimal JIT support for JMP_NULL. . Merge branch 'PHP-7.4'. . Move custom type checks to ZPP. . Improved JIT for VERIFY_RETURN_TYPE. . Added missing helper. . typo in test description. . X86: Fast CRC32 computation using PCLMULQDQ instruction. . Micro-optimization. . Merge branch 'PHP-7.4'. . Extend function blacklist in execute fuzzer. . hash: warning in the bench script. . libmagic: Move the allocation on the stack. . libmagic: Constify arg. . JIT for FE_FETCH_R.

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