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1bengardner 1bengardner / toshes-quest-ii Python Tkinter RPG v1.1.0 This is the "full version" of Toshe's Quest II (v1.0.0) plus Galijula and Fartooq Hold.
MykhailoLiutov AckeeCZ / TextInputLayout Java Android implementation of TextInputLayout with greater support for outlined boxes v2.0.0 Fixes build error with missing enum value of boxBackgroundMode.
Dimianas Dimianas / ColorText Java A plugin that allows you to write in colored text in books 1.0 en: Use `&` then put the code minecraft color, the plugin will change the color of the written text. ru: Используйте `&` после чего поставьте код minecraft ц�
MicheleCioccarelli MicheleCioccarelli / Dama C++ FTW against nonno v1.2 Now you can play a hopefully bugless dama game between 2 people Included is an Ubuntu 21.04 executable
github-actions[bot] MumetNgoding / itlwm C Intel Wi-Fi Drivers for macOS v2.2.0-alpha ### Disclaimer: ***This alpha version is for testing only.*** It is not ready for daily use and we do not guarantee its usability. If you discovered an issue and you do not have debugging skills, plea
OrzMiku OrzMiku / WebPageGenerator C++ 简易网页编辑与生成系统设计与实现 v1.0.5 ## 更新日志 - v1.0.5 - 重写页面预览逻辑,不再依赖Chrome浏览器 - v1.0.4 - 添加页面预览功能 - 修复部分菜单的返回逻辑 - v1.0.3 - 修复控制台无
MachineUserPTV PTV-Group / clients-data-api C# Clients for the Data API 1.3 Release of clients-data-api 1.3
MachineUserPTV PTV-Group / clients-sequence-optimization-api C# Clients for the Sequence Optimization API 1.5 Release of clients-sequence-optimization-api 1.5
RimuruChan RimuruChan / CustomAgriculture Java 为您提供客制化种子。 1.0-SNAPSHOT **Full Changelog**:
Sid220 Sid220 / Accent-Copier HTML The days of remembering long ALT codes are over with Accent Copier. Copy Anything. v2.0 Accent Copier 2.0 ### It's BIG, it's BOLD, it's Accent Copier v2.0 ## Install ### Regular People Way: 1. Via Chrome Web Store (Chrome/Chromium): [
basti564 basti564 / DreamGrid Java DreamGrid is a launcher designed for Oculus Quest, Pico VR and HTC Vive headsets that supports both official and sideloaded apps and games. v1.1.0 - Introduced rounded icons. - Resolved a potential issue that could result in application crashes. - Optimised wallpapers for improved loading speeds and reduced memory usage. - Implemented support
carlosthe19916 carlosthe19916 / windup-maven-plugin Java Maven plugin for JBoss Windup 5.4.0.Final ## Changelog - 9600f41 🏁 Releasing version 5.4.0.Final - bdad33e Preparing for release ## Contributors We'd like to thank the following people for their contributions: carlosthe19916
clibdev clibdev / YOLO-FaceV2 Jupyter Notebook YOLO-FaceV2: A Scale and Occlusion Aware Face Detector 1.0.0 * Original [Krasjet-Yu/YOLO-FaceV2]( pretrained models. * Converted ONNX models.
github-actions[bot] euaaron / itlwm C Intel Wi-Fi Drivers for macOS - Forked to release unstable alpha build v2.2.0-alpha ### Disclaimer: ***This alpha version is for testing only.*** It is not ready for daily use and we do not guarantee its usability. If you discovered an issue and you do not have debugging skills, plea
tcbegley facultyai / dash-bootstrap-components JavaScript Bootstrap components for Plotly Dash 1.0.3 This is a patch release that fixes a few bugs. Please continue to report any bugs on our [issue tracker](! ### Fixed - Set `cursor:
github-actions[bot] geoid-org / geoid-whitepaper TeX Geoid Whitepaper v0.0.0-wip This is a test release
akasolace ho-dev / HattrickOrganizer Java Assistant for Hattrick online football manager 7.3 # HO! 7.3 Release Notes Latest beta release - the version is feature complete - feedback from early users is welcome latest commit: "#1849 (#1912)" ## Some numbers * 3 commits * 26 files
github-actions[bot] kartoza / charts Smarty Kartoza Helm charts for Kubernetes common-1.1.0 Common library for ops
kodless kodless / leek TypeScript Celery Tasks Monitoring Tool 0.5.4 ## What's Changed * Bulk Filtered Tasks Retry by @kodless in **Full Changelog**:
github-actions[bot] longanw / itlwm C Intel Wi-Fi Drivers for macOS v2.2.0-alpha ### Disclaimer: ***This alpha version is for testing only.*** It is not ready for daily use and we do not guarantee its usability. If you discovered an issue and you do not have debugging skills, plea
github-actions[bot] madlib-lang / madmarkdown-parser no-lang Markdown parser for madlib v0.0.3
github-actions[bot] nodegui / nodegui C++ A library for building cross-platform native desktop applications with Node.js and CSS 🚀. React NodeGui : and Vue NodeGui: v0.0.0-latest-master Latest auto release corresponding to commit 9f9e61289bd9ef334e9f0263758fdc594d1c3beb 🔥. To install do: `yarn install
github-actions[bot] noritakaIzumi / flash_anzan_web TypeScript Sum the flashing numbers on the display. v0.35.0 See the assets to download and install this version.
UlyssesZh UlyssesZh / yt-dlp-danmaku Python yt-dlp plugin for converting Bilibili danmaku into ASS format v0.1.0
daniel-iroka hngx-org / openai-api-library Kotlin This is the OpenAi Api Android Library for the 2023 HNGx cohort. 1.0 This is the first release for the OpenAi Api Android Library, that contains the code and abstracts the logic behind the process of making a Network request to the Open Ai Api.
mikehelmick mikehelmick / go-functional Go Functional programming like interfaces for Go. v0.1.0 Initial numbered release
SebastianC8 SebastianC8 / adminpro-angular JavaScript Proyecto de estudio v.1.14.0 LOGIN & AUTH
zolyfarkas zolyfarkas / spf4j Java Simple performance framework for java spf4j-8.9.8 Dependency updates.
github-actions[bot] tsdevau / xlsx-xero TypeScript A Node utility to import Excel (xls or xlsx) invoice summary data to Xero as Invoices. Parses Excel workbook data and generates an "Invoices" and a "CreditNotes" data object and sends the generated "Invoices" and/or "CreditNotes" objects to Xero via the Xero api. v1.8.0 ## [1.8.0]( (2023-10-02) ### Features & Additions * ✨ Add user option config for import type ([f596c05](
jnez137 jnez137 / zoa Fortran ZOA Optical Analysis 0.1.1 Plots are updated when CodeV files are imported Added dialog to ask user if they want to clear plots when a different lens system is loaded Some minor command history improvements (more needed) Som
rnojiri rnojiri / hashing Go A helper library to use create hashings from bytes. v1.0.0
jelmer jelmer / debian-changelog-rs Rust Debian Changelog parser in rust v0.1.7 Release 0.1.7.
github-actions[bot] livekit / rust-sdks Rust Rust SDKs for LiveKit ffi-v0.3.10 prebuilt binaries of livekit-ffi v0.3.10 ## What's Changed * fix: published_track order by @theomonnom in **Full Changelog**: https://github.c
jessiehernandez jessiehernandez / terraform-aws-resource-explorer HCL AWS Resource Explorer Terraform Module v0.0.1 Initial release.
RealDeop RealDeop / NPST Python NSPT (Numeral Script Processing Tool) Python script for processing text scripts, replacing '1' with incremental numbers and handling line repetitions denoted by '#' symbol. Efficient for numerical modifications and scripted repetitions. alpha1.0 Yay We Are in alpha now it mostly will be foucsed on bug fixes maybe some features on the side and more refining will be done Stuff You might see in alpha or beta Are but keep in mind that some
dannyrich wsr-publishing / azure-poor-formatter JavaScript Use Poor Man's SQL Formatter in Azure Data Studio v0.2.0 - Register as formatter in VSCode
simple0x47 simpleg-eu / cp-organization Rust Cuplan Auth0 organization extension v0.1.4
jepler jepler / cropgui Python gtk frontend for lossless cropping of jpeg images v0.7 ## What's Changed * Allow fine-tuning of cropping area using keyboard. by @waptaff in * use the rule of thirds and the directory of the previously chos
tbrent reserve-protocol / protocol TypeScript Permissionless asset-backed, yield-bearing & overcollateralized stablecoins on Ethereum 3.0.0 # 3.0.0 Bump solidity version to 0.8.19 ### Upgrade Steps #### Required Steps Update _all_ component contracts, including Main. Call the following functions: - `BackingManager.cacheC
MatthewHerbst gregnb / react-to-print TypeScript Print React components in the browser. Supports Chrome, Safari, Firefox and EDGE 2.14.15 Please see the [CHANGELOG]( for release notes. **Full Changelog**:
vicr123 theCheeseboard / theTroposphere C++ Weather app v1.0 This is the initial release of theTroposphere.
tom-quiltt quiltt / quiltt-connector-flutter-sdk Dart Quiltt Connector Flutter SDK v0.1.2 Fix connector base url and auto release via Github actions Re-release without auto release
Yard1 ray-project / ray-llm Python RayLLM - LLMs on Ray v0.3.0 **Please note that API stability is not expected until 1.0 release. This update introduces breaking changes.** ## What's changed? * Documentation - Updated readme and documentation
mikey10055 mikey10055 / BG3_TestingMod no-lang A BG3 Mod for previewing spell effects v1.0.0
Faint0002 Faint0002 / GTAOG C++ Publication of my unused GTA:OG patch bv0.1.0 This is the patch and ability to load SPRXs. Place your .sprx files in dev_hdd0\tmp\GTAOG (you will need to make the folder yourself). Not the final version
eullyao stat545ubc-2023 / mda-eullyao no-lang mda-eullyao created by GitHub Classroom m1.0 This is the release for the mini data analysis, milestone 1.
github-actions[bot] younghost / pvr.iptvsimple no-lang IPTV Simple client for Kodi PVR 20.11.0-Nexus v20.11.0 - M3U format specifier to override realtime processing in Kodi PVR where the stream should not be treated like VOD/Media in the UI - Revert the support of Async connect that was causing Conne
aquagil aquagil / skills-release-based-workflow JavaScript My clone repository v0.9 First beta release
samlaf Layr-Labs / eigensdk-go Go Go SDK for building AVSs on Eigenlayer v0.0.1-test Hitting some weird issue where go mod can't find eigensdk-go packages... v0.0.1 doesn't work but getting master branch works, so trying to make a new release just to see if that could help
justanotherrandomcoder3 justanotherrandomcoder3 / Python-Hacking-Scripts Python Scripts that i would use for Python hacking. 1.1.1 - Added Client Servers to hack - Added installable modules - Added executable files
M1ndo M1ndo / Neptune Go Neptune is a mechanical keysound app like Mechvibes except its faster and written in Go v1.0.0 First stable release for both Linux and Windows.
kevinoid kevinoid / json-replace-exponentials JavaScript Replace numbers in exponential notation by numbers in fixed-point notation (or anything else) in a string of JSON. v0.2.0 ### BREAKING CHANGES * Require Node.js >= 16. Drop support for previous versions. ### Bug Fixes * Don't match digits in the non-string, non-number portion of the regular expression f
github-actions[bot] mmizutani / tbls Go tbls is a CI-Friendly tool for document a database, written in Go. v1.69.0 <!-- Release notes generated using configuration in .github/release.yml at 444bed45d63086e37a61c42de58596e698edf53c --> **Full Changelog**:
eugabrielbr eugabrielbr / sistema-de-biblioteca Java Sistema de biblioteca, como avaliação da disciplina de MI algoritmos II, da Universidade Estadual de Feira de Santana (UEFS). v1.0 Sistema de biblioteca, como quesito avaliativo da disciplina de MI algoritmos II, da Universidade Estadual de Feira de Santana (UEFS).
karlicoss karlicoss / kompress Python Helper to allow accessing compressed files/directories via pathlib.Path v0.1.20231002
maartenl maartenl / plantumltaglet Java Generates png images of plantuml diagrams in place in javadoc. v1.0 A simple taglet for generating plantuml diagrams in png format in javadocs.
LaTola LaTola / Python-API-Development Python Python API Development course 1.3.1 Created container for fastapi and docker-compose file to integrate api and postgres
kabuspl kabuspl / vulcan-scraper JavaScript Small library to scrape Vulcan e-register 1.1.0
github-actions[bot] AthennaIO / Tsconfig no-lang 🔵 Exports the base TypeScript configuration for Athenna applications and packages. 4.0.0 - f4b1074 chore(npm): initial version - 9aeb3e9 Initial commit
cpina cpina / qnetload C++ qnetload is a replacement of xnetload: similar UI. Measures network bandwidth, upload and download, etc. graphically. Useful for metered connections or debugging network problems, measuring speed, etc. v1.3 Migrated to Qt6
kuenkin kuenkin / snapcast no-lang Synchronous multiroom audio player v0.15.0
waseefakhtar waseefakhtar / dose-android Kotlin 💊⏰ Dose is a medication reminder app for Android, built entirely using Kotlin and Jetpack Compose with MVVM + Clean Architecture 1.0.0 I'm excited to introduce the first version of Dose, your essential companion for managing your medications and staying on top of your health. 💊⏰ ## What's New: * UI: Add app icon
euanmillar opencrvs / opencrvs-countryconfig TypeScript An example configuration module for OpenCRVS using a fictional country v1.3.0 An example OpenCRVS country configuration. To be used in conjunction with opencrvs-core release [v1.3.0]( **[Read the release notes!](h
paul-maxime paul-maxime / rocket-of-sand GDScript A rocket, made of sand. v1.0.0
TNTeon TNTeon / marvin-ftc ShaderLab Easy path planning for the FTC road-runner repository v0.1 Updated for FTC 2023-2024 CENTERSTAGE.
xShadowBlade xShadowBlade / emath.js JavaScript A math library for incremental games based on break_eternity.js v1.1.0-alpha # Release Notes - Version 1.1.0-alpha ## Overview This release introduces some new features and a massive overhaul to the structure of the repo (usage is still the same) ## Changes ### Add
daniele821 daniele821 / probability-calculator Java calculations useful in the field of probability v.1.1.0 added .. notatition from cli to allow range of values, instead of a single value
lukewilliamboswell lukewilliamboswell / roc-parser no-lang A simple Parser for Roc 0.1.0 Package
github-actions[bot] ButlerLogic / datahub-utils Go A utility app for the Datahub 1.0.0-beta.10
cnsfeir cnsfeir / cumplo-herald Python A multi-channel notification service designed to keep Cumplo investors ahead with real-time alerts 0.1.1 ## Changes - 🚚 Move files into `/cumplo_herald` folder and implement versioning - 🚀 Update Dockerfile and implement a docker-compose - 👽️ Update `cumplo_common` version
b1scuit b1scuit / slogtripper Go A http.Roundtripper outputting what it can through slog for visibility v1.0.0 Initial release
malouf-cameron MaloufSleep / obray PHP Obray simple PHP Framework 4.2.0 Added PHP 8 support
moisesbarrachina moisesbarrachina / Backend-Frontend-Template-the-WordPress-Plugin-Template PHP The WordPress plugin template for develop plugins easily, quickly and professionally. Save time, do more with this plugin, template and library 1.1.0 * Example images are now loaded from to make the plugin lighter * Improved explanation and readability of texts * Fixed typos
CarlSkyCoding REPhigrOS-DevTeam / rep-mp-server no-lang REPhigrOS Multiplayer (with Java 17) v1.0_Release First Release
github-actions[bot] mattusifer / redpanda-helm-charts Smarty Redpanda Helm Chart connectors-0.1.5 Redpanda managed Connectors helm chart
DjMorgul daad-adventure-writer / NAPS Python The New Age PAW-like System - Herramientas para sistemas PAW-like v23.10 Primera versión empaquetada lista para su uso
github-actions[bot] FormidableLabs / victory-native-xl TypeScript A charting library for React Native with a focus on performance and customization. victory-native@40.0.0 ### Major Changes - First next release. ([#82]( ### Patch Changes - Add 'roundedCorners' prop to 'BarGroup' comp
devops-rob devops-rob / target-cli Go A CLI tool to manage context profiles for HashiCorp tools v0.1.0 ## Changelog * 10ecc12 added go releaser badge to readme * 2ed1071 fixing go mod versions
josephsirak outerbounds / ansible-role-onprem-workstations no-lang Ansible role for configuring a machine to run Outerbound's on-premise workstation v0.0.1-test Initial Test Release
kala13x kala13x / flipper-xremote C Advanced IR Remote App for Flipper Device v0.9.26 - Stable saved remote control apps - Flipper standard `.ir` file support - Horizontal/Vertical view support for all apps - Settings variable item list and functionality The `.fap` file attached
TorstenDittmann appwrite / website Svelte The Appwrite website, docs and blog 🏠 2.0.10 ## What's Changed * doc: undefinded language in code by @torn4dom4n in * fix: support & contact redirect by @TorstenDittmann in https://github.c
bluk bluk / min_jwt Rust A minimal JSON Web Token library that is built on top of RustCrypto and ring. v0.10.0 ### Changed - Update `ring` dependency to version `0.10.0`.
github-actions[bot] k1LoW / octocov-cachegrind Go Generate octocov custom metrics JSON from the output of `valgrind --tool=cachegrind`. v0.1.0 <!-- Release notes generated using configuration in .github/release.yml at 1c3d93edc611c882a3e7c0655e7b1b2e324712cf --> **Full Changelog**:
stephencelis pointfreeco / swift-macro-testing Swift Magical testing tools for Swift macros. 0.2.0 ## What's Changed * Added: Assert more with multiple trailing closures by @stephencelis in * Infrastructure: Update .spi.yml (thanks
alajusticia alajusticia / laravel-localized PHP The easiest way to deal with localization in a Laravel application v1.0.0 First stable version used in production.
azurejoga azurejoga / meus-apps no-lang Aqui está os programas / jogos / qualquer outra coisa aleatória que desenvolvi ou pensei em criar. [open source] Código aberto. todos os apps aqui criados são licenciados pela licença MIT EternalSignature1.0 **Full Changelog**:
hapiel hapiel / LcdMenu C++ Display navigable menu items on your LCD display 📟 with Arduino 1.0.0
nothanley nothanley / AnimDefinitions C++ Parser class for .adef files found in Visual Concepts titles. v0.91b ## What's Changed *Edit definitions by double clicking their table value * Save definition templates by right clicking the tree. - Add definitions by right clicking the tree and selecting a te
SujayYadalam94 multifacet / Bypassd Shell Bypassd is a novel I/O architecture that provides low latency access to shared SSDs. v1.0
asika32764 asika32764 / php-sitemap PHP PHP Simple Sitemap Generator 2.0.0 - Bump PHP to 8.1 and higher. - Add type hint. - Rename `toString()` to `render()`. - Add PSR7 response support.
github-actions[bot] oturns / geosnap Python The Geospatial Neighborhood Analysis Package v0.12.0 <!-- Release notes generated using configuration in .github/release.yml at v0.12.0 --> ## What's Changed ### Enhancements * blocks 2020 and lodes 8 by @knaaptime in
shaunpersad shaunpersad / streaming-tarball TypeScript Streaming interface for decoding tarballs on modern JavaScript runtimes 1.0.0
fdodino uqbar-project / wollok-ts TypeScript TypeScript based Wollok language implementation v4.0.5
heliocosta-dev heliocosta-dev / react-native-skeleton-image Java Enhance React Native's Image component with skeleton placeholders, providing a seamless loading experience and improved user engagement during image retrieval. v1.2.0 # 1.2.0 (2023-10-02) ### Bug Fixes * resize example gif ([61184b7]( ### Feat
ForSuhr ForSuhr / MemoPad QML A minimalist note-taking app. v0.1.0 Initial Release
rodolphebarbanneau rodolphebarbanneau / suntzu TypeScript Enhancing FACEIT experience with detailed matchmaking insights 0.1.0-beta.1 We are thrilled to announce the first beta release of our new browser extension – **FaceIT Enhancer!** This extension is designed to enrich your FaceIT experience by embedding helpful features like
LTLA ArtifactDB / uzuki2 C++ R lists to HDF5... or JSON, I suppose v1.0.0 Initial formal release 🎉 🚀. This tag was actually created a while ago but I forgot to create the accompanying release.
susnux nextcloud-libraries / nextcloud-vite-config TypeScript Shared Vite configuration for Nextcloud apps and libraries v1.0.0 ## What's Changed * chore(deps-dev): Bump semver from 6.3.0 to 6.3.1 by @dependabot in * chore(deps-dev): Bump @types/node f
cgxarrie cgxarrie-go / fsm Go Fluent State Machine in Go v0.1.0
TomFrankly TomFrankly / pipedream-notion-voice-notes JavaScript Take notes with your voice and send them to Notion v0.7.0 ## [Release 0.7.0] - 2023-10-02 ### Fixed - Turned off moderation by default, as OpenAI has quietly added strict rate-limiting to the moderation endpoint - Added instructions on how to disable mo
maxwelbm maxwelbm / cligpt Go O cligpt é a fusão perfeita entre inteligência artificial avançada e a conveniência do terminal v0.2.1 ## Changelog * f298621 chore: writed error in makefile release
Durss Durss / vue-select no-lang Everything you wish the HTML <select> element could do, wrapped up into a lightweight, extensible Vue component. v4.0.0-beta.7 A new `submitSearchOnBlur` property allows to automatically submit any current search. This allows to submit a new entry when using `taggable` feature by simply leaving the field. Also, a submit b
maaxleq maaxleq / go-option Go An optional type package for Go, based on Go generics v1.0.0
Eisenhuth Eisenhuth / BigSpender Swift a tool to see who spends the most gil in a given market 1.0.0
gwack22 gwack22 / ebay-sdk-php PHP An eBay SDK for PHP 19.1.1
snowsoft snowsoft / oalog-viewer PHP Log viewer for open-admin 0.01
Randy420Marsh Randy420Marsh / Runtime_Install_Helper PowerShell Powershell vc redistributable and netfx install helper script. V1.2
GoogleFrog NeptunianAxolotl / LD54 Lua Ludam Dare 54 v1.0 Jam release with insufficient bug testing.
mckenziearts laravelcm / laravel-subscriptions PHP Laravel Subscriptions is a flexible plans and subscription management system for Laravel. v1.0 ## What's Changed * Plan test by @mckenziearts in * :white_check_mark: Add subscription unit test by @mckenziearts in
V3L0C1T13S V3L0C1T13S / nodejs-whisper no-lang NodeJS bindings for OpenAI's Whisper. (C++ CPU version by ggerganov) 0.1.3
AdvancedAntiSkid Inventex-Development / OctaCore Java A general purpose utility framework for java projects 1.0.0
YP501 YP501 / scrappy-bot JavaScript Private bot made for FrankieFms v4.0.0 # First release for ScrappyBot | `v.4.0.0` > Previously known as HelikopterBot, this is a rewrite for that bot project ## Here is a list with all the features: [+] For Everyone: - Commands
KZeni AMPERAGE-Marketing / Matomo-Twitter-Feed-Widget PHP A widget for Matomo (formerly Piwik) that allows you to specify your Twitter Username and it then displays your Twitter Feed on your dashboard. 5.0.0 Prepped release for Matomo 5.x while also version-bumping the plugin to 5.0.0 as a base value per Matomo's recommendation/convention for Matomo 5.x plugins.
KZeni AMPERAGE-Marketing / Matomo-SharpSpring-Widget PHP A widget for Matomo (formerly Piwik) that allows you to specify your SharpSpring API keys, and then it displays your SharpSpring info as a widget. 5.0.0 Prepped release for Matomo 5.x while also version-bumping the plugin to 5.0.0 as a base value per Matomo's recommendation/convention for Matomo 5.x plugins.
KZeni AMPERAGE-Marketing / Matomo-Facebook-Page-Widget PHP A widget for Matomo (formerly Piwik) that allows you to specify your Facebook Page and it then displays your Facebook Page stats on your dashboard. 5.0.0 Prepped release for Matomo 5.x while also version-bumping the plugin to 5.0.0 as a base value per Matomo's recommendation/convention for Matomo 5.x plugins.
KZeni AMPERAGE-Marketing / Matomo-Crazy-Egg-Widget PHP A widget for Matomo (formerly Piwik) that allows you to specify your API keys, and then it displays any/all snapshots in that account which belong to the website URL you're currently viewing on your dashboard. 5.0.0 Prepped release for Matomo 5.x while also version-bumping the plugin to 5.0.0 as a base value per Matomo's recommendation/convention for Matomo 5.x plugins.
siarhiejbahdaniec MinecraftBelarusianPlugins / PlayerAdsPlugin Java Дадае на сэрвер каманду /ad. З дапамогай гэтай каманды гульцы на вашым сэрвэры могуць адпраўляць рэкламныя паведамленні. Release/1.1 Што новага: 1. Прыгожае фарматаванне часу 2. Каманда `ad reload`, якая дазваляе падгрузіць канфіг з дыска 3. Каманд
belmirofss belmirofss / f1hub TypeScript Your ultimate destination for Formula 1 enthusiasts! Stay up-to-date with real-time driver and constructor standings, explore the exciting race calendar, and dive into the F1 archives to relive past seasons. 1.0.1
KZeni AMPERAGE-Marketing / Matomo-Moz-Widget PHP A widget for Matomo (formerly Piwik) that allows you to specify your API keys, and then it displays Moz info for the website URL you're currently viewing on your dashboard. 5.0.0 Prepped release for Matomo 5.x while also version-bumping the plugin to 5.0.0 as a base value per Matomo's recommendation/convention for Matomo 5.x plugins.
github-actions[bot] d-ylee / dbs2go Go DBS server written in Go v00.06.43-dev
pcbrendel pcbrendel / multibias R R Package for Simultaneous Multi-Bias Analysis v1.0.0 * Initial CRAN submission
Natanaelel Natanaelel / BedIsNotTooFarAway Java Disables the annoying popup 'You may not rest now; the bed is too far away' and instead lets you sleep v0.0.1
DiegoFleitas DiegoFleitas / dmca-redirect JavaScript Browser extension that redirects Google DMCA-blocked searches to Yandex. v1.0.0 **Full Changelog**:
github-actions[bot] Uptime-Lab / computeblade-agent Go [WIP] ComputeBlade Agent (Linux/Kubernetes) v0.3.1 ## Changelog * b1e8a88 fix: login to ghcr, cosign * 74c74de fix: change OCI target image
Alex0Blackwell Alex0Blackwell / type-strict Python Python's missing runtime type checker v0.1.0 Initial release.
Dominion5254 Start9Labs / lnbits-startos Shell .s9pk wrapper for LNBits v0.10.10.1 ## What's Changed * fix bug when switching between LN implementations by @Dominion5254 in * Fix signal handling by @k0gen in https://github.
azeey gazebosim / gz-msgs C++ Messages for Gazebo robot simulation. gz-msgs10_10.0.0 Read all about it on [this blog post]( Get started with [these instructions.](
sebastinas faest-sign / faest-ref C++ FAEST reference implementation v1.0.1 * Post NIST PQC submission clean up. * Reduce memory consumption when processing signatures. * Implement more bit-sliced algorithms. * Replace manual copies with `memcpy`.
Caerind Caerind / LD54 no-lang LD54² 1.0
renato-iar renato-iar / SafeDecoding Swift Swift Macro enabling safe decoding of structs and classes. 1.0.0 **Full Changelog**:
yanghuikang yanghuikang / CEDAR-GPP_upscale Jupyter Notebook Code for generating CEDAR-GPP datasets by upscaling eddy covariance GPP data v1.0 Code related to generating CEDAR-GPP product Accompanying data description paper "CEDAR-GPP: spatiotemporally upscaled estimates of gross primary productivity incorporating CO2 fertilization&quo
Dongwon-Lee Dongwon-Lee / bph2 Python scripts and pipeline used in the blood pressure heritability manuscript v1.0.0 Initial release
TTFH TTFH / Voxel-Render C++ C++ voxel rendering engine 0.3 Works on Windows 7, 10 and 11 Includes the map de_train from CS: GO Expected performance: 5-6 fps
Pjaijai Pjaijai / Referalah TypeScript Referalah 1.1.0 ## What's Changed * Add titles to buttons in profile by @Pjaijai in * Add scroll area for select by @Pjaijai in
clayrisser clayrisser / terraform-provider-kops Go Brings kOps into terraform in a fully managed way v1.28.0
mjmeli mjmeli / qbittorrent-port-forward-gluetun-server Shell A shell script and Docker container for automatically setting qBittorrent's listening port from Gluetun's control server. 2023.10.02.01 ## What's Changed * do not set port if gluetun returns 0 by @mjmeli in **Full Changelog**:
devalpatel67 PraetorOne / provider Go Source code for Akash Provider Daemon v0.4.6-rc1 **Full Changelog**:
ryanluu12345 cockroachdb / molt-helm-charts Smarty Migrate Off Legacy Things (MOLT) Helm charts v0.1.0 - Publishing CLI to - Publishing Docker image for LMS/orchestrator to Dockerhub
AdamSpera AdamSpera / meraki-excap-cloudflare CSS An Open-Source Meraki Guest Wi-Fi Splash Page with Click-Through using Cloudflare Pages. 1.0.0
y-polek y-polek / TransmissionRemote Java Remote control for Transmission BitTorrent client release/0.9.16 * Fixed connection issue for Turkish locale * Trust user added CAs (Thanks @nazar554)
bjoern-hempel bjoern-hempel / pimcore-hempel-li PHP The source code of 0.1.0 ### [0.1.0] - 2023-09-25 * Initial release * First news skeleton and website * Add Semantic Versioning * Add PHPUnit 10 - PHP Testing Framework * Disable symfony warnings within tests (Codece
makbn makbn / JThumbnail Java A thumbnail generation Java library for Office,PDF,HTML,Text,MP3,MPEG and Image documents v2.1.0 # Release Notes - Version 2.1.0 ## New Features and Improvements - **Publishing on GitHub Package**: Made updates to publications and maven repository. - **Gradle Wrapper**: Added the Gradle Wr
Developeryezid CarsOk / ADSO2558427EQUIPO2WEB CSS Desarrollo WEB 1.1.0 - Agreagacion pagina quienes somos. - Implementar plantilla para la tienda de venta de productos y agregar y agregar la función imagen al modelo categoria. - Organización de controles administrati
Navid2zp Navid2zp / go-wikidata Go Wikidata API bindings in go. v1.0.1 ## What's Changed * Add URL as Sitelinks field by @kristiantokarim in ## New Contributors * @kristiantokarim made their first contribution in h
hakansrndk60 hknsoft / BasicPref Java A powerful library for handling SharedPreferences. 1.0.4
Sebastian-Santana-Ort stat545ubc-2023 / mda-Sebastian-Santana-Ort no-lang mda-Sebastian-Santana-Ort created by GitHub Classroom MDA1.0 I am releasing here my answers for Milestone 1 of my Mini Data-Analysis Deliverable.
NamelessHH BetterWorks / terraform-aws-rds-cloudwatch-sns-alarms HCL Terraform module that configures important RDS alerts using CloudWatch and sends them to an SNS topic 1.0.0
tombh tombh / pygls Python A pythonic generic language server 1.1.0 **Full Changelog**:
github-actions[bot] OpenWrt-007 / OpenWrt-Side Shell OpenWrt-X86_64 精简版旁路由固件 2023.10.03-0534
bluk bluk / leb128fmt Rust A library to encode and decode LEB128 compressed values. v0.1.0 * Initial implementation
rlukata risc0 / paths-filter no-lang Conditionally run actions based on files modified by PR, feature branch or pushed commits v2.11.1
cpathipa linode / manager TypeScript The Linode Cloud Manager linode-manager@1.104.0 ### Added: - Breadcrumb header and other improvements to Volumes Create ([#9720]( ### Fixed: - Back link and CSV download button accessibility on
phyllip3 CBIIT / nci-webtools-dceg-mSigPortal JavaScript Mutational Signature Portal Analysis Tool msigportal_1.0.0_2023102 ## What's Changed * Msigportal 1.0.0 kevin by @kvnjng in * make hamburger menu into rows and left align the hamburger menu by @nhokt
HananoshikaYomaru HananoshikaYomaru / obsidian-run TypeScript Generate markdown from dataview query and javascript. 1.0.1 first release
sgatu sgatu / kahego Go Kafka Helper in Go: Simple app to be ran as service that opens a sock file in order to batch kafka messages for applications that cannot do it, like a PHP-FPM based applications v0.1 First version, everything looks like it works, but it needs some testing and maybe production time
boussadjra boussadjra / vueye-table TypeScript A data table created using Vue.js v2.0.0-alpha.4 **Full Changelog**:
gytis-ivaskevicius gytis-ivaskevicius / flake-utils-plus Nix Use Nix flakes without any fluff. v1.4.0 Changes: - Updated dev dependencies (nixpkgs/devshell) - Updated flake-utils dependency - Added function `utils.lib.genPkgOverlay` to create an overlay for an input's package @Pacman99 - Ex
jermnelson LD4P / rdf2marc Ruby A Bibframe RDF to MARC converter for use within the Sinopia ecosystem. v1.100.0 ## What's Changed * Update dependencies by @sul-devops-team in **Full Changelog**:
tsukasa tsukasa / BdBrowser JavaScript An unofficial BetterDiscord injector for the web client. v1.9.3.20231002 ## What's Changed * Removed `dist` directory in favour of GitHub's releases system. * Switched from npm to pnpm. * Restructured the source-code and build process. **Full Changelog**: h
git-moss git-moss / ProjectConverter Java Convert from a specific DAW project format to generic dawproject 1.1 * New: Added more logging and cancelation option when compressing audio files into a DAWproject. * New: Implemented converting looped audio clips in both directions. * New: Added support for OGG fil
balnarendrasapa balnarendrasapa / colab_sh Jupyter Notebook Using GPU with git Repos in Google Colaboratory v0.0.1 **Full Changelog**:
weloe weloe / glados-checkin Go Glados自动定时签到 v0.1.0
cristaloleg cristalhq / magneturi Go A Go package for magnet links v0.1.0 ## What's Changed * Initial implementation by @cristaloleg in ## New Contributors * @cristaloleg made their first contribution in https://github
gnuwimp gnuwimp / AudioTagEditor Java AudioTagEditor is an meta tag editor for audio files written in Kotlin v1.11 updated Jaudiotagger library and added it to the source tree
cipharius cipharius / arcan C Arcan - [Display Server, Multimedia Framework, Game Engine] -> "Desktop Engine" 0.6.2-7d049186558b37c8f3b9d468b69f9857fa67f3e9
MondayHopscotch bitDecayGames / LudumDare54 Haxe Speedboat Tube Cruise - Limited Space v0.1
twistingmercury twistingmercury / observability-logs Go Middleware for that uses log/slog for logging v1.0.0 ## What's Changed initial package release
calderonsamuel calderonsamuel / appsheet R Functionality to add, delete, read and update table records from your 'AppSheet' apps, using the official API v0.1.0 - Created `appsheet()` as the main function. It covers the Find, Add, Edit and Delete actions. - Created `ash_properties()` as a supporting function. It allows to modify properties of the API request.
wesdevpro buefy / eslint-config-buefy JavaScript Official ESLint rules for Buefy v0.0.3 ## What's Changed * chore: Normalize versions and add CircleCI by @anteriovieira in * chore: Add Codecov by @anteriovieira in https://github.
petruki petruki / skimming TypeScript Skimming is a search engine module for Deno v1.0.10 ## What's Changed * Fixed major code smells by @petruki in * Fixed fetch using "file://" * Fixed context.url validation **Full Changelo
drscream skylime / mi-core-submission Shell submission Mailserver 22.4.0 ### New * Switch to 2022Q4 (core-base) [Thomas Merkel] Using latest core-base image from 2022Q4 with pkgsrc LTS branch. * Switch to self-build exim version with required security fixes. [Th
github-actions[bot] knaaptime / geosnap Python The Geospatial Neighborhood Analysis Package v0.12.0rc1 <!-- Release notes generated using configuration in .github/release.yml at v0.12.0rc1 --> ## What's Changed ### Other Changes * API page formatting by @weikang9009 in
drscream skylime / mi-core-mx Shell MX Server 22.4.0 ### New * Switch to 2022Q4 (core-base) [Thomas Merkel] Using latest core-base image from 2022Q4 with pkgsrc LTS branch. Including self-build pyzor and switching to stable exim version. #
aurokk yaiam / denji C# OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect server 0.1.0-alpha.4
gnuwimp gnuwimp / AudioConverter Java AudioConverter converts a number of audio/video files into one mp3/ogg file or file by file v2.5 added aac encoding (Windows only, requires iTunes + qaac64) minor improvements
TritonNet TritonNet / hass-water-param-stat-card JavaScript Home Assistant - Aquarium Water Parameter Stat Card. v0.1 Initial Version
sarumaj sarumaj / gh-gr Go github-cli extension allowing to manage multiple github repositories at once v1.0.0
Jefferdaniel0320 Jefferdaniel0320 / HTML_CSS HTML Projects and exercises in HTML y CSS v0.0.1
ChasarooniZ ChasarooniZ / pf2e-item-activations JavaScript A module to automate adding item activations to pf2e 11.E0.1
Houasnia-Aymen-Ahmed Houasnia-Aymen-Ahmed / Gift-Application Dart A simple mobile application that allows two friends to connect and exchange gifts and messages. v2.0.2 ## What's Changed * Changed: bottom sheet content by @Houasnia-Aymen-Ahmed in **Full Changelog**:
trfore trfore / ansible-role-mongodb-install Jinja Ansible role for installing MongoDB Community Edition on RedHat/CentOS and Debian/Ubuntu v1.0.10 Minor: - Upgrade MongoDB `4.4.24` to `4.4.25` - Tested MongoDB Versions: > - "4.4": "4.4.25" > - "5.0": "5.0.21" > - "6.0": "
GabeRundlett GabeRundlett / grsls C++ Language server implementation for GLSL 1.3.0 add `--stdin` option. when omitted, `--port <num>` is available. If you don't do `--port <num>` or `--stdin`, a TCP server is started with port 7125.
ggoodwin ggoodwin / powershell PowerShell Personal PowerShell Scripts V0.1.0 # v0.1.0 ## [0.1.0] - 2023-10-02 ### Added - Initial Release [0.1.0]:
cohenrotem cohenrotem / WayView C++ WayView Image Viewer v0.1-beta This is the first release
asika32764 asika32764 / vue-animate TypeScript A port of Animate.css for use with transitions in Vue.js 2.0 / 3.0 and Alpine.js. 3.0.0 - Drop LESS / SCSS files, totally use CSS files. - Auto sync all animations from animate.css - Rename project name to `vue-animate` - Publish a new `@asika32764/vue-animate` package to NPM. - Add
parsotat parsotat / ProcessMCRaT Jupyter Notebook A python package that aids in the analysis of MCRaT simulations v2.0.1 We have added convince plotting functions in relation to reading in hydro frames and conducting basic analyses with respect to the MCRaT photons. Also, small changes have been made to remove, n
tpkowastaken tpkowastaken / autojidelna Dart Aplikace pro objednávání ze systému Icanteen. Cíl této aplikace je zjednodušit, zrychlit, (případně i zautomatizovat) objednávání obědů. v1.2.0 Velká aktualizace. Aplikace se nyní používá mnohem lépe. Předesignované celé GUI + optimalizace a nabídka účtů Podporované jídelny: škola/instituce -> jídelna ->
MothScientist MothScientist / budget_control Python Microservice using Flask, which has a very simple web interface and a telegram bot (as the main client-program communication channel). This service allows you to control your own or family budgets, get advanced statistics and has flexible functionality within its purpose. v0.1 At the moment, most of the functionality has been implemented and **the product can be considered operational**. The basic functionality has not yet been fully implemented. **In the future**, i
ZyphronG ZyphronG / Zucchini C++ A precise and compatible 4-bit ADPCM encoder for the JSystem engine used in some GC and Wii games. Can also convert WAV files to AST. 1.01 Fix loop shifting message when converting with loop points.
TheyCallMeXander TheyCallMeXander / am2r-Sax-carnage no-lang A Multiplayer mod for Am2R that starts with all items and ammo 1.0 **SAXIMUM CARNAGE** Have you ever wanted to start SA-X mode or Co-Op games with all of the items? Do you hate begging randomizer seeds for a good game? Have you or a loved one ever been bored of the
dehidehidehi dehidehidehi / taskwarrior-java-client no-lang A Java client to communicate with a taskwarrior server (= taskd). v1.0.0
dougwaldron gaepdit / sbeap C# Small Business Environmental Assistance Program internal app prod/2023.10.2 ## What's Changed * Revalidate permissions on post by @dougwaldron in **Full Changelog**:
TommyEm TommyEm / 5e-complete JavaScript The full D&D 5th Edition compendium for Foundry VTT. v0.4.0 Support for Foundry VTT v11
PaliouraP PaliouraP / EduCompass C# Educational Software Project v1.0.0 Το παρόν αποτελεί παραδοτέο της τελικής εργασίας του μαθήματος Εκπαιδευτικό Λογισμικό για το έτος 2022-23. Ανέβ�
cdent cdent / gabbi Python Declarative HTTP Testing for Python and anything else 2.10.0 ## What's Changed * Update docs building for readthedocs by @cdent in * remove six dependency by @a-detiste in
thisisaaronland sfomuseum / go-image-emboss Go Go package for interacting with the sfomuseum/swift-image-emboss-grpc tools. v0.0.1 * Initial release
Nevazhnovu SourcePointUSA / unity-sdk C# Your plug & play CMP for Unity 1.0.0 # 1.0.0 (Jul, 26, 2023) Added native support for native v6 both Android (6.9.2) and iOS (6.4.1) * [DIA-2026]( Update / Improve Unity SDK [#3](https:
github-actions[bot] icefoganalytics / elcc-data-management TypeScript Data Management application for Education's Early Learning Child Centre v2023.10.2.1
s1522711 s1522711 / bobux-generator-frfrfrfr C# frfr 1.0 idk
kenalizadeh kenalizadeh / Swild Swift Concise builder for Swift 0.0.1
cbiale cbiale / proyecto_final HTML Huerta-IoT es un proyecto desarrollado como trabajo final de la Especialización en Internet de las Cosas dictada en la Facultad de Ingeniería de la Universidad de Buenos Aires. v1.0.0.0 Release inicial del proyecto.
TheJebForge TheJebForge / 3DDashOnScreen C# A NeosModLoader mod for Neos VR that replaces 2D overlay dash in Screen mode with the regular 3D one. 3.6.0 Updated to Resonite
djiesr djiesr / ocpp Python Home Assistant integration for Grizzl-E Smart chargers patch to support the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP). v0.1
shadow9owo shadow9owo / DevKiT C# a c sharp cryptography library 1.0 latest realese of DevKiT
tijnvdheuvel tijnvdheuvel / Anki-Pre-master-TUe no-lang Anki decks for the Compsci premaster v0.1.0 The initial version of it with some basic cards included and the structure. Might be buggy with some of the latex cards though.
LauraRozier LauraRozier / PlayerAdministration C# Allows server admins to moderate users using a GUI from within the game 1.6.9 Use viewbackpack chat command to open backpacks
thisisaaronland sfomuseum / swift-image-emboss-grpc Swift A simple gRPC server wrapping the sfomuseum/swift-image-emboss package. v0.0.1 * Initial release
wolfiex cmip-ipo-internal / CMIPInstitutions HTML A sample format for use in CVs 0.0.2
github-actions[bot] ivuorinen / dotfiles Shell These are my dotfiles. There are many like 'em, but these are mine. 23.10.2 ## 🎉 New Features - **tmux:** update cfg, remove tpm, change theme - **tmux:** tmux suspend and mode indicator ## 🐛 Bugfixes - **shell:** rework shell config for more stability ## 🧹 Chore
entonoire entonoire / Quadra Python Ce script python disponnible sur pc et calculatrice numworks permet de résourdre une équation quadratique. 1.0
bleckley ICPSR / mica-data-descriptor Jupyter Notebook Processing code for Scientific Data Descriptor paper v0.2 Releasing public version of data and code
mpwsh mpwsh / byteme Rust file compression/decompression and z85 encoding/decoding to store binary files as text
CamiloLafaurie CarsOk / ADSO2558427EQUIPO1MOVIL Dart Desarrollo móvil v1.0.0 # Curb ## Versión 1.0.0 ### Nuevas funcionalidades - **Splash Screen:** Hemos añadido una pantalla de bienvenida que brinda a los usuarios una experiencia visual atractiva al iniciar la apl
pchalupa pchalupa / expo-alternate-app-icons TypeScript Provides functions that let you change the app icon. 0.1.1 #### 🐛 Bug Fix - ci: enable publish to npm [#1]( ([@pchalupa]( #### ⚠️ Pushed to `main` - chore
github-actions[bot] AurelienStebe / Gladdis TypeScript Gladdis (Generative Language Artificial Dedicated & Diligent Intelligence System) - it's an AI chatbot. 0.4.2 ## [0.4.2]( (2023-10-02) ### Bug Fixes * adapt the core logic to be an Obsidian plugin ([21680cc](
erbat1 erbat1 / skills-release-based-workflow JavaScript My clone repository v0.9 My new beta relaese practice
darsto darsto / enum_parse Rust Rust procedural macro generating boilerplate code for parsing enum variants 0.1.0 Initial release
pkosiec pkosiec / mongo-seeding TypeScript 🌱 The ultimate solution for populating your MongoDB database. v3.8.0-alpha.0 #### :rocket: Enhancements * [#206]( Build multi-arch Docker image ([@pkosiec]( #### :hammer: Maintenance * [#207](ht
XiaomiFirmwareUpdaterBot XiaomiFirmwareUpdaterReleases / firmware_xiaomi_fire no-lang Redmi 12 stable-02.10.2023 Extracted Firmware from MIUI V14.0.9.0.TMXEUXM
apassan23 apassan23 / auth-service Java Authentication micro-service created with spring boot v0.0.1
vergeman vergeman / pit-trader Jupyter Notebook Make your fortune in the open outcry pits. Learn the hand signals and scalp your way to profit! 1.0.0
MineLarx MineLarxNetwork / BedWar-MOT Java 基于咸鱼的BedWars插件修改 V1.9.9.2 - 优化自带的商店 - 将铜锭更换为铁锭 - 修复部分BUG
sadeq-n-yazdi sadeq-n-yazdi / ddns-proxy Go a proxy tool for ddns services v0.1.0 1st test release. Works with google DDNS service
simplyYan simplyYan / Ideal4Hackers no-lang I4H is a course/ebook to learn hacking, with dozens of powerful and diverse tools. v1.0.0 1.0.0
matt-h-17 symbiotic-engineering / IPHROS_Applied_Energy_2022 MATLAB Supplemental material for "Integrated Pumped Hydro Reverse Osmosis System Optimization Featuring Surrogate Model Development in Reverse Osmosis Modeling" v1.0 # IPHROS Applied Energy The files in this repository are supplemental material for the paper submitted to Applied Energy entitled "Integrated Pumped Hydro Reverse Osmosis System Optimization F
blnote blnote / malba-public Clojure This is an implementation of the MALBA algorithm for bibliometric networks. MALBA stands for Multilayer Adjustable Local Bibliometric Algorithm. 0.5.1 updated database relation name in database.edn added documentation to readme minor code restructuring & improvements Note that Gephi-Toolkit needs to be downloaded separately from https://gi
sbourget sbourget / moodle-mod_pcast PHP A podcasting module for Moodle. v4.1 Release for Moodle 4.1
ctuguinay OSOceanAcoustics / echoregions Python Tools for working with Echoview EVR and EVL files. v0.1.0 This is the initial release of Echoregions: A lightweight package designed for processing region and bottom line labels from Echoview, and creating masks on [echopype](
vwolfley AZMAG / map-heat-relief JavaScript A resource to help prevent heat-related and heat caused deaths among vulnerable populations. v1.5.0 ## What's Changed * Refactoring by @Jfairfield1 in * Bump semver from 6.3.0 to 6.3.1 by @dependabot in
jack-zisa great-big-world / creo-api Java A multi-purpose API for Minecraft mod and datapack development. 0.0.1-alpha.4
SpyGuy1 SpyGuy1 / ghost-hunters mcfunction Ghost Hunters Minigame by SpyCraft Creates v1.0.0
sbolch sbolch / gd-image PHP An image editing package using PHP's GD library. v4.0.2 Changed vendor
tombh openlawlibrary / pygls Python A pythonic generic language server v1.1.0 ## What's Changed * Ensure that `pygls.Server` uses the event loop it is given by @alcarney in * docs: fix broken link and outdated comment by @
yndajas yndajas / ludum-dare-54 GDScript Making a game for the first time (at Ludum Dare 54) 1.0.0
github-actions[bot] Gh0st-cmd / Exilone-Launcher JavaScript Custom launcher for modded minecraft written in electron.js and Node.js 1.0.0
apassan23 apassan23 / expense-tracker-service Java Expense Tracker Micro-service created with Spring boot. v0.0.1 # Expense Tracker Service v0.0.1 - Ability to perform CRUD operations on transactions, categories. - Relevant endpoints need proper credentials to access.
sharithg1 videahealth / pg-snap Rust Tool to dump and restore database snapshots v0.1.0 * Support dumping and restoring postgres snapshots
pilare UMiamiCancerCenter / sdp-metadata-schema no-lang Repository describing metadata schemas for Sylvester Data Portal 0.0.1
Astr0-G Astr0-G / SplinterForge-Bot Go a free, open source, multi-accounts bot for SplinterForge Game. SplinterForge-Bot-v1.0.5 ## Updates - Introduced the "Random Bosses" feature: Now, if you wish to challenge varying bosses, they will be randomly selected for you. However, note that your card battles remain consi
navarayuk navarayuk / ShadowsAPIs no-lang APIs added to MCreator First release since NavaRayUK as taken over to maintain it.
ijiraq OSSOS / liborbfit C B&K orbit library used via python ctypes. V0.13.0 The previous release lost the mpc time format import. I've restored it...
CoryFoy flighttactics / TAKTracker Swift iPhone version of the TAK Tracker Application v1.0 ## What's Changed * Certificate Enrollment by @CoryFoy in * Allows Map Type to be switched by @CoryFoy in
SistemaCelifrut SistemaCelifrut / recepcionapp no-lang Aplicacion donde se agrega os datos de las pruebas de plataforma. 1.0.1 prueba autoupload
morannlx morannlx / emojis JavaScript Emojis Repo for Waline 1.2.1
Niemandausduisburg Niemandausduisburg / NLA-OTA-Server no-lang OTA-Server for NB1-Custom-ROMs v1.4.1-Elysium-20231001 <h1>RisingOS v1.4 (Elysium) based on Android 13 for Nokia 8 (NLA)</h1></b><br> <br> <img src="
ManAnRuck demokratie-live / democracy-development TypeScript A concept to vote on relevant Topics of Politics & Decision-Making specifically designed for Germany
yanuar-tess Tessaract-io / drive-connection-tester C# Test drive network from client side 0.0.1 ## 2023-10-03 - Working APP
gunterbr gunterbr / Painel_de_Chamadas_e-SUS_PEC PHP Painel de Chamadas para e-SUS APS PEC v4.0.0-beta.2
gunhansancar gunhansancar / Pose Kotlin This app helps to detects forward lunges poses and keeps the rep count for each leg v1.1.0 In this release, the pose estimations are now based on the percentage calculations. - Added a progress bar to display the progress
evolutics evolutics / wheelsticks Rust Zero-downtime deployments for Docker Compose 1.0.0
kurwjan kurwjan / LanisAPI Python A unofficial python library for Lanis. v0.0.1a First release in alpha quality. More infos about how to use this project coming soon!
github-actions[bot] DiekoMA / Flow.Launcher.Plugin.Godot C# A flow launcher plugin to quickly launch godot projects v1.0.1
xoedusk xoedusk / plover-default-symbols-punctuations no-lang Default strokes for symbols and punctuations in Plover v4.0.0.dev12a Consistent (maybe?) with v4.0.0.dev12
cwendorf cwendorf / polyPlot2 R Visualizing Distributional Statistics 0.2.231002 - Added option to report statistics separate from plot - Updated background plots and value labeling - Added vignettes to demonstrate basic and advanced options
AndreLuizMag BeviProjects / bevi-icon TypeScript Uma biblioteca de ícones voltada para projetos Bevi v1.0.9
diovan-termonos Termonos / TCPDF PHP Official clone of PHP library to generate PDF documents and barcodes 6.6.6
ivanvorobei sparrowcode / PermissionsKit Swift Universal API for request permission and get its statuses. 10.0.0
MrYsLab MrYsLab / s3onegpio JavaScript Scratch 3 Extensions For Arduino, Circuit Playground Express, ESP-8266, Picoboard and Raspberry Pi v1.19 See pull request #101
github-actions[bot] indico / flask-multipass-cern Python Flask-Multipass provider for the CERN infrastructure v2.2.9
github-actions[bot] CommonGateway / WaardepapierenBundle PHP Waardepapieren is onderdeel van commonground. 0.0.5
Molkobain Molkobain / itop-fontawesome5-pack no-lang Extension for iTop: Use new icon sets for both portal & console. v1.5.0 ### Changed - Raise iTop min. version to 2.7 - Migrate deprecated APIs for full compatibility with future iTop version - Rename files to match conventions
pwnb0t pwnb0t / php-html-parser HTML An HTML DOM parser. It allows you to manipulate HTML. Find tags on an HTML page with selectors just like jQuery. 3.1.1 with php 8.2 compatibility fixes
deomsh deomsh / FATINFO.G4B no-lang Grub4dos script to get FAT-related information from devices or from image-files. Some basic tests and some silent operations too v0.3 Bugfixes Tests related too CHS/LBA Test of FSLastFree on fat32 Fatinfo on a blocklist Switch for hex view of bootsector(s) and first sector of FAT1/FAT2
danielroe nuxt / bridge TypeScript 🌉 Experience Nuxt 3 features on existing Nuxt 2 projects v3.0.0-rc.1 ## v3.0.0-rc.1 > Bridge is a forward-compatibility layer that allows you to experience many of the new Nuxt 3 features by simply installing and enabling a Nuxt module. > > Using Nuxt Bri
atav928 atav928 / pytoolkit928 Python Python Basic tools v0.0.2 ## What's Changed * Feature/decorators by @atav928 in * updated project name by @atav928 in * Rele
farovictor farovictor / MongoDbDriver Go This repo is used as dependency for MongoDbExtractor and MongoDbLoader. It's purpose is to serve as reusable interface for those other projects. v0.1.0 This is the first stable version required by other MongoDB packages. **Full Changelog**:
faisalmibaig faisalmibaig / xo_docker Shell Xen Orchestra build files and configuration for docker v1.0
RedBrumbler RedBrumbler / CustomPillows C# A Beat Saber mod that shouldn't exist (but yet it does) 0.0.7 ## What's Changed * Add blahaj, dependencies update by @RedBrumbler in ## New Contributors * @RedBrumbler made their first contribution in
Hypexion CaravelGames / metakit no-lang Metakit is an efficient embedded database library with a small footprint Static build of metakit for windows. Contains header files, release `.lib` file and debug `.lib` file.
github-actions[bot] CannonLock / pelican Go The Pelican command line tool v1.0.0-beta.100 ## Changelog * 9fdc676 Add dev config baked into the image * 3f84908 Add dev config baked into the image * 00deec7 Add development Dockerfile * 188af9d Add pre-commit hooks for the repo * e43a29e Add
kkszysiu kkszysiu / FastSoup Python BeautifulSoup interface for lxml 1.1.2
lo-han lo-han / sensor C Sensor is a representation of a physical detection device v0.0.1
alom4hdi alom4hdi / rdpslayer C A simple but fast RDP bruteforce tool written in pure C. V1.0.0 RDPSlayer v1.0.0 Release We're excited to announce the first official release of RDPSlayer! This release introduces a fast and efficient RDP bruteforce tool written in pure C. **Highlights*
FreshyMichael FreshySites / pardot_iframe_magic_simple PHP Pass UTM parameters from WordPress to Pardot using the Pardot iFrame sourse URL v1.1.0 ==Version 1.1.0== <h2>Features Added</h2> <p>-Include Mobile Height Variable</p>
mikeldking Arize-ai / ui-components TypeScript 🎨 UI Components + Storybook v0.17.0 - chore: remove noisy warning (#167) 771549d - feat: add icons to the set (#166) 75dd66c - text color (#165) 35c203b - feat: colors (#164) 77823e1 - fix: revise default accordion (#163) 58a97
achafetz USAID-OHA-SI / themask R Masks and houses the PEPFAR MSD-style training dataset for testing/training 2023.09.15.c Data release
stinodego stinodego / polars Rust Fast multi-threaded DataFrame library in Rust | Python | Node.js py-0.19.14
zMoooooritz zMoooooritz / Nachrichten Go A TUI application to read the German news v0.0.2 ## Changelog * 7bc04171b525c70135dd833edf4269d4ad88bba2: Add help for the available bindings (@zMoooooritz) * 4748bb4c4b7268cca326e1889355161fcd55d854: Bump actions/checkout from 3 to 4 (@dependabot[b
msabree msabree / react-native-chessboardjs TypeScript A react native chessboard library. 0.1.0
9p4 9p4 / grav-plugin-staticmath PHP Mirror of 1.0.1 **Full Changelog**:
tsirysndr tsirysndr / repl TypeScript Simple extendable REPL Command Line Tool. v0.1.0 **Full Changelog**:
dudware dudware / mrcld Python MQTT Remote Control for Linux Desktop v0.1.0
badhaloninja badhaloninja / OrbCartridgeAutoScoop C# A ResoniteModLoader mod for Resonite. Makes orb based tools grab a new orb regardless if there is already an orb in the tool v2.0.0 - Ported to Resonite - Cleaned up project - Added support for the MeshTool - Added option to hide the 'Scoop Mode' from the context menu - Added option to disable the 'Eject Orb
tkkwon1998 Canto-Network / CrocSwap-protocol TypeScript Decentralized exchange with concentrated liquidity and low gas fees v0.0.0-preC4 - first release of liquidity mining protocol for Ambient Finance - commit prepared for C4 audit
ExceptionMaster ExceptionMaster / ExPasswordManager Java Gestor de contraseñas simple con cifrado en RSA-4096. v2.2.0 # Registro de cambios - Ahora el par de claves (pública y privada) es dinámico en cada inicialización de la app, haciendo que las contraseñas sean mas difíciles de desencriptar ya que se desencr
submariner-bot submariner-io / submariner-charts Mustache Helm charts to deploy the various Submariner components. v0.16.0
TDF-PL-069 TDF-PL / TAKWatch Java TAKWatch is an ATAK plugin that communicates with Garmin devices v0.8.0 Added support for iTak and WinTak markers.
mr-vance mr-vance / industry JavaScript PhaserJS: Industry is a game of combining raw parts to make up a product. v2.0.0 Available features: game levels Missing features: sound, animation, documentation, navigation menus.
fuzegit instantsoft / icms2-rss-reader-widget PHP RSS reader widget 1.2.0
Lefeldiman Lefeldiman / .jsLab JavaScript Welcome to my coding lab! 🧪🚀 Here, I'm sharing my journey of learning and experimenting with Java programming. This repository serves as a space where I document my code explorations, small projects, and coding challenges. v1.0.0-beta.1 ## What's Changed * function-learning part 2; by @Lefeldiman in * #2 by @Lefeldiman in * lessons; by @Le
tobiasrusk tobiasrusk / boardsonfire-sdk-dotnet C# .NET SDK for Boards on Fire API v1.0.1
github-actions[bot] microsoft / CoseSignTool C# CoseSignTool is a platform-agnostic command line application to COSE sign files and validate COSE signatures. CoseHandler is a library of functions for COSE signing and validation for use by .NET applications. v0.3.1-pre.11 # Changelog ## [v0.3.1-pre.10]( (2023-10-02) [Full Changelog](
github-actions[bot] MiracleUFO / react-g-translator TypeScript Free, lightweight, React Component Wrapper package for translating react apps on the fly. v1.0.0 # 1.0.0 (2023-10-02) ### Bug Fixes * getTranslation tests ([c250475]( * Github actions compiler con
CodeHotel CodeHotel / SIC_Helper C# 시소프 과제 매크로 : DOSBOX 커맨드 & 스샷 자동화 1.0.0 setup.exe 실행하셔서 설치하시면 됩니다. 유용했다면 스타 한번씩 눌러주세요~
github-actions[bot] dweber019 / backstage-plugin-tips TypeScript A Backstage plugin showing tips in several areas. It's extensible with custom tips. @dweber019/backstage-plugin-tips@0.0.2 ### Patch Changes - cc0e11a: Expose api ref and helper functions.
seanbreckenridge seanbreckenridge / calcurse-load Python Personal hooks/scripts for calcurse. Sources events for calcurse from Google Calendar and todo.txt v0.1.0 First Release
jackdmarquez Analytics4MD / A4MD C++ The project's harnessed knowledge of molecular structures' transformations at runtime can be used to steer simulations to more promising areas of the simulation space, identify the data that should be written to congested parallel file systems, and index generated data for retrieval and post-simulation analysis. V1.0 This project tackles the data challenge of data analysis of molecular dynamics simulations on the next-generation supercomputers by: * Creating new in situ methods to trace molecular events such a
caiopiccirillo caiopiccirillo / cpp-template Shell Project template for C/C++. It uses CMake for configuration and vcpkg for dependencies. v1.0.0 **Full Changelog**:
github-actions[bot] fwcd / tree-sitter-kotlin JavaScript Kotlin grammar for Tree-Sitter 0.3.0
mohoyt mohoyt / sthlmkb-storre C STHLM kb Storre is an easy to build Pro Micro compatible 75% keyboard v1.0.0 Two options for precompiled firmware for Pro Micro Större builds: - sthlmkb_storre_vial-wpmhud.hex supports vial and and has a WPM graph on the OLED - sthlmkb_storre_vial-bongocat.hex supports vi
joaovictorjs joaovictorjs / scheduler C++ An easy to use c++ library for scheduling tasks 0.0.1
atav928 atav928 / pytoolkit Python Python Basic tools v0.0.1 Initial release that creates a base for a mailer and some utils as well as custom cacert into a tmp dir. ## What's Changed * reorganized python toolkit module and moved around functions to be
ir0nstone ir0nstone / web-analyser Python Automates some stuff for Web challenges v0.0.4-alpha First tag, for testing pypi.
Tomate0613 Tomate0613 / total-dragon Java A fabric mod improving minecraft's end fight 🐲 v1.1 Changes: - Endermans can no longer get angry at the enderdragon - Add workaround for ocean spawns
KlGleb KlGleb / flutter_transactions Dart Flutter App Example v1.0.0 You can download apk file for Android here
beryllium beryllium / icelus PHP Thumbnail generator for Sculpin-based websites and blogs 2.1.0 Updated dependencies to remove support for PHP 7.2 and 7.3, and added a real test for the Twig extension. Now it works with Twig 3!
ikremniou ikremniou / 7z-assembly C++ Light documentation on the 7-zip(7z) archiver format plugins v1.0-headers.1 Here you can find headers for the 7-Zip plugin creation
github-actions[bot] blb-ventures / resource TypeScript Library to transform entity definition into form fields, form validation and formatted display values. v0.11.0 ## [0.11.0]( (2023-10-02) ### Features * adds FieldObjectKind type and dict ([42f0078](
qiskit-bot Qiskit / qiskit Python Qiskit is an open-source SDK for working with quantum computers at the level of extended quantum circuits, operators, and primitives. 0.25.2 # Changelog ## Fixed - Fix issues with ControlFlowOp displays (#10842) (#10917) - Fix Clifford.from_operator to fail with non-Clifford diagonal operators (#10904) (#10910) - Support passing empt
migtools-release-bot migtools / lib-ui TypeScript Reusable React components, hooks, and TypeScript modules shared between migration UI projects v10.0.0 # [10.0.0]( (2023-10-02) ### Features * **useStorage:** Add isEnabled option to useStorage/useLocalStorage/useSessionStorage via refactor
spietras radio-aktywne / devcontainer-template Shell Devcontainer for templates 🧶 0.1.0 <!-- Release notes generated using configuration in .github/release.yaml at main --> ## What's Changed ### 🚀 Features * Added initial version by @spietras in
sealldeveloper sealldeveloper / balls HTML Balls - Incredibox Mod (Ports) v1.0.0
Marcelo-Rod Marcelo-Rod / Projeto_Marcelo_Rodrigues Java Trabalho prático de Engenharia de Software sobre gerenciamento de controle de software, mais especificamente controle de versões. v1.0.0 Classes A, B e C implementadas com seus atributos e métodos.
deathaxe sublimelsp / LSP-astro Python Astro support for Sublime's LSP plugin 2.3.3 - Update Language Server to 2.3.3
BarrySpecial BarrySpecial / CalYrDiv Python A simple program to calculate the dividend from your DeGiro stock portfolio v1.0.4 Made the error message a bit friendlier.
github-actions[bot] momentohq / momento-sequelize-cache TypeScript Wrapper for momento over sequelize v0.1.0 ## 0.1.0 (2023-10-02) #### Feature * add momento read-aside caching support for sequelize (10bdcd30) #### Chores * add workflow and package json changes to publush to npmrc (a83b6aad) * fix packag
CustomBC CustomBC / CustomBC-Launcher ASP.NET This is a CustomBC Launcher. CustomBC-Mod for BuilderCraft CustomBC.Launcher.1.0.0(EXE)
thesyncim thesyncim / go-clone Go Clone any Go data structure deeply and thoroughly. v1.6.1
itsrishav13 itsrishav13 / AutoTyper Python A simple AutoTyper app made by me with using Python library Tkinter and Pyautogui and exe file using Auto-py-to-exe. v1.0 An "autotyper" is a software application or script that automates the process of typing or inputting text into a computer system. It is commonly used for tasks that involve repetitive data e
TDF-PL-069 TDF-PL / TAKWatch-IQ Monkey C TAKWatch-IQ is a Garmin ConnectIQ application that integrates ATAK with Garmin devices v0.8.0 Added support for iTak and WinTak markers.
constantinparascan constantinparascan / Project_Logger C++ Logger for cash machines v1.0.0 First stable release. - delivery tested on NV10 - parallel communication.
j05h bigcommerce / bigcommerce-api-ruby Ruby Connect Ruby applications with the Bigcommerce Platform v1.0.2 * [#173]( Loosen Faraday dependency to ~> 1.1.0 - [@bc-johnhebron]( * [#159](
DavidASmith DavidASmith / whatthreewords R Work with the what3words api from R v0.1.3
user95401 user95401 / PlayLayerToMainMenu C++ Geometry Dash Mod that allow play main levels in main menu 1.0.0 at least works
imper86 imper86 / php-allegro-api PHP REST API PHP SDK HTTPlug v2.2.0
lemonekq lemonekq / zstio-tv C# tv management:display for zstio 0.1
gawdSim gawdSim / CbmSim C++ A single compartment biologically derived simulation of Cerebellum created within the Mauk Lab at UT Austin v0.1.1 This release includes a refactor of the mossy fiber code to be contained within a single class, in addition to better code commenting.
cuervolu cuervolu / Whiteboard Python A simple whiteboard app made in python. v0.1.0-alpha ### What's New in this Alpha Preview? - Image Integration: Now you can seamlessly import and add images (jpeg and png) to your canvas. Blend your imagination with visuals effortlessly! - Bru
BBC-Esq BBC-Esq / ctranslate2-faster-whisper-transcriber Python Record audio and save a transcription to your system's clipboard with ctranslate2 and faster-whisper. v1.0
ajhenry ajhenry / goto TypeScript 🪄 A cli tool to magically goto folders and clone github repos v0.3.0 Added `gotoc` command to bash eval **Full Changelog**:
NotCoffee418 NotCoffee418 / KeyboardSoundMapper Go Practice Go project that maps keyboard keys to sounds, providing real-time auditory feedback for learning and improving touch typing skills on a QWERTY layout v0.1.0 Initial working version
deathaxe sublimelsp / LSP-PowerShellEditorServices Python Convenience plugin to install and upgrade the PowerShellEditorServices language server 1.2.0 - Update PowerShellEditorServices to 3.12.0 - Fix error when restarting server after settings change (#18) - Fix show references command (#22) - Common PowerShell lookup and commandline on all OSs
ElRapt ElRapt / globalslowmode Python A simple discord bot to setup a global slow mode on channels. v1.0.0 Global Slow Mode's first functioning release
Deletecat Deletecat / firefish-rss-parsing Python This is intended to be used for my own site - - though you might find it useful! 0.6 ## The stability update! - Fixes the script from crashing if there was an unsuccessful connection to the rss feed!
WinPooh32 WinPooh32 / ympp Go Yandex music playlist parser v1.0.0
github-actions[bot] ovanvincq / OpticalFibers.jl Julia Julia package for Optical fibers v0.1.0 ## OpticalFibers v0.1.0
LeDoTruongAn LeDoTruongAn / ceph-docker-compose Shell Ceph-Docker-Compose is a powerful tool designed to simplify and expedite the deployment of Ceph storage clusters within a containerized environment. This open-source project seamlessly combines the flexibility of Docker with the robustness of Ceph, revolutionizing the way organizations manage their distributed storage infrastructure. v0.2.0-alpha **Full Changelog**:
oxSleep oxSleep / ambientcg-dl Rust ambientCG Asset Downloader 0.1 **Full Changelog**:
RWoxiN RWoxiN / r4s_build_script Makefile 个人自用 OpenWrt 构建脚本 v23.05.0-rc4
g4brielvs datapartnership / syria-economic-monitor Jupyter Notebook Support for the Syria Economic Monitor v2023.10 ## What's Changed * add docs for ndvi by @andresfchamorro in * cleanup ntl analysis code by @ramarty in
lictex lictex / ArduinoCore-samd no-lang Arduino Core for SAMD21 CPU 0.1.0
ahakahacker ahakahacker / windows-basic-pack Python Pack of frequently used libraries: .NET Framework Runtime, DirectX and VC++ 2022-2005 1.0
Xe Xe / site MDX The new frontend/backend code for v3.0.0
kmaull-ucar NCAR / openiotwx-stl no-lang STL Files for openiotwx project v0.1-alpha.1 Initial release of base files.
queenbiscuit311 queenbiscuit311 / SwitchRPCUpdated HTML Discord Rich Presence integration for Nintendo Switch, with an updated game list since the original is seemingly abandoned. 1.0.0 Decided that uploading a file to releases is better than asking people to clone the repository for the windows client. Linux/macOS users will still need to clone the repository because I don't se
evozniak philips-forks / oauth2-proxy Go A reverse proxy that provides authentication with Google, Github or other providers. pics-7.4.0-1 PICS initial release ## What's Changed Bumping upstream to 7.4.0 **Full Changelog**:
shoreline-agent terraform-shoreline-modules / terraform-shoreline-mysql-mysql-packet-too-large-error HCL This repository was generated automatically based on a Shoreline Insights Runbook. v0.1.0 First release
shoreline-agent terraform-shoreline-modules / terraform-shoreline-mysql-lost-connection-to-mysql-server-while-querying-a-database-incident HCL This repository was generated automatically based on a Shoreline Insights Runbook. v0.1.0 First release
github-actions[bot] tversteeg / pixel-game-lib Rust Collection of utility and files for creating 2D pixel-based games pixel-game-lib-v0.2.0 ### Added - *(window)* expose winit input - [**breaking**] implement WASM window - *(window)* hide async implementation ### Other - ignore run-wasm in release-plz
brayan-web brayan-web / journal-vuex-2023 Vue Este es el codigo fuente de mi app de diarios en Vue con Vuex v1.0.0 # Descripcion * Vuex configurado * Journal hecho *
cbaconnier cbaconnier / laravel-http-pool-callback PHP A Laravel package that enhances the HTTP pool functionality by allowing users to apply callbacks to the results. 1.0.0
wizzymore EPTIC-Solutions / laravel-latte PHP Latte template for Laravel applications. 0.0.1
bbimber bimberlabinternal / LabDevKitModules JavaScript Contains the LDK LabKey module, which has lower-level code and is a dependency of several other modules 23.10 This is the official ${VERSION_STRING} release of DISCVR, compatible with LabKey ${VERSION_STRING}.
github-actions[bot] zxy2012 / build-openwrt no-lang 利用Actions在线云编译openwrt固件,适合官方源码,lede,lienol和immortalwrt源码,支持X86,电视盒子等众多设备! 2023.10.03-0226
bishwajitcadhikary bishwajitcadhikary / wp-mailpit-smtp PHP A simple plugin to test SMTP settings and override the default WordPress mail system. v1.0.0 **Full Changelog**:

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