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github-actions[bot] IvicaDasovic / ID22 Shell WireGuard je komunikacijski protokol i besplatni softver otvorenog koda koji implementira šifrirane virtualne privatne mreže (VPN), a dizajniran je s ciljem jednostavnosti upotrebe, brzih performansi i male površine napada . [4] Cilj mu je bolje performanse i ušteda energije od protokola tuneliranja IPsec i OpenVPN . [5] Protokol WireGuard prolazi promet preko UDP-a . [6] v0.0.20201121
github-actions[bot] ArnauAcin / AA22 Shell WireGuard es un protocolo de comunicación y un software gratuito y de código abierto que implementa redes privadas virtuales (VPN) cifradas , y fue diseñado con los objetivos de facilidad de uso, rendimiento de alta velocidad y baja superficie de ataque . [4] Tiene como objetivo un mejor rendimiento y más ahorro de energía que los protocolos de tunelización IPsec y OpenVPN . [5] El protocolo WireGuard pasa el tráfico por UDP . [6] v0.0.20201121
github-actions[bot] BrookeMarkle / BM22 Shell WireGuard is a communication protocol and free and open-source software that implements encrypted virtual private networks (VPNs), and was designed with the goals of ease of use, high speed performance, and low attack surface.[4] It aims for better performance and more power-saving than the IPsec and OpenVPN tunneling protocols.[5] The WireGuard protocol passes traffic over UDP.[6] In March 2020, the Linux version of the software reached a stable production release and was incorporated into the Linux 5.6 kernel, and backported to earlier Linux kernels in some Linux distributions.[3] The Linux kernel components are licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2; other implementations are under GPLv2 or other free/open-source licenses.[4] v0.0.20201121
johnnybenson johnnybenson / tiny-utils Ruby TinyUtils Gem v1.0.7 Security fixes
SingingBush buggins / ddbc D DDBC is DB Connector for D language (similar to JDBC) v0.5.3
dfw100 amazon-connect / ai-powered-speech-analytics-for-amazon-connect JavaScript The AI Powered Speech Analytics for Amazon Connect solution provides the combination of speech to text transcription, translation into preferred languages, and insights for agents and supervisors all in real-time v1.1.1 The version of the docker build image for building the java binary used for the fargate option is changed from gradle:jdk11 to gradle:6.8.3-jdk11 in the Dockerfile so that Grade 7 is not used which wa
trentgill monome / crow C Crow speaks and listens and remembers bits of text. A scriptable USB-CV-II machine v2.2.0 Just a maintenance update, pulling in a number of bugfixes & tooling updates * NEW `ii.raw` and `ii.event_raw` for communicating to `ii` devices without native support @csboling * FIX uploade
Philosoap Philosoap / resourcepack no-lang Just that, a resource pack 0.2
gizmoguy wanduow / systemd-named-netns Shell Use named netns with systemd services! 20210506 * Publish apt packages to cloudsmith. * Build for new ubuntu/debian versions.
rehanone rehanone / puppet-wget Ruby A Puppet module that can install wget and retrive a file using it. 1.6.0 ## 1.6.0 (May 6, 2021) **Features:** - Added support for openSUSE Leap 15. **Improvements:** - Updated os support matrix. - Updated `pdk` templates.
speisekatze speisekatze / EVEMarket-for-Discord Python EVE Online Market Bot v0.8.2
Trickfilm400 Trickfilm400 / vantage-node TypeScript Get Data of WeatherStation "Vantage" & Vantage Pro (2)" by Davis instruments via Telnet v2.0.2 Updated some dependencies because of potencial security problems
yokotaso cybozu / gorush no-lang A push notification server written in Go (Golang). v1.13.0.3 Merge patch of
tgreyuk tgreyuk / typedoc-plugin-markdown TypeScript A plugin for TypeDoc that enables TypeScript API documentation to be generated in Markdown. docusaurus-plugin-typedoc@0.14.0 # [0.14.0]( (2021-05-05) ### Features * Replace manual sidebar logic w
mcuntz mcuntz / partialwrap Python A small Python library providing wrappers for external executables and Python functions so that they can easily be partialized with Python's functools.partial. v1.3.1 Fixes for a more general use of substitution functions, i.e. respect spaces and replace all non-space characters on the right-hand side of the equal sign.
kenh kenh / keychain-pkcs11 C A shared library that implements a PKCS#11 interface to the Apple Security framework v1.0.0 Greetings! I am pleased to announce the 1.0 release of Keychain-PKCS11! This release includes the following changes since the last release: - The Installer now includes support for Apple Silico
github-actions[bot] autoguru-au / icons JavaScript 🦄 The icon and illustration library AutoGuru uses for our products v1.7.3 ## [1.7.3]( (2021-05-05) ### Features * adds check-circle-outline icon ([bc78d3d](
thisisaaronland sfomuseum / go-www-geotag JavaScript A web application, written in Go, for geotagging images. v0.0.18 * Update to reflect changes in `aaronland/go-http-leaflet` v0.1.0 * Update to reflect changes in `aaronland/go-http-tangramjs` v0.1.0 * Update to reflect changes in `sfomuseum/go-http-protomaps` v0.
styfle vercel / nft JavaScript Node.js dependency tracing utility 0.11.1 ### Patches - Bump redis from 2.8.0 to 3.1.1: #190 - Chore: Bump ssri from 6.0.1 to 6.0.2: 955fe08fd11984509e05991b21bbf3292c263bcb - Chore: bump dev deps: #193 - Fix: check array length in wra
NerdyRedPanda NerdyRedPanda / Programs Java Base code for program assignments in Software Development (C S 371). 4.0 Added more testing for Circle 1 and 2
kaneborthwick kaneborthwick / UiBundle Twig UiBundle 1.0.1
richardsheridan richardsheridan / trio-parallel Python CPU parallelism for Trio 0.5.1 - remove `__version__` attribute to avoid crash on import when metadata is unavailable (#55)
github-actions[bot] icepie / NanoPi-R2S-2021 Shell 基于 Lean&Lienol 源码的 NanoPi R2S 的 OpenWrt 固件。每天自动更新插件和内核,Fusion编译法 2021.05.06-Lean 🔗 [Cowtransfer]( 🔗 [WeTransfer](
DCAFOC DCAFOC / Livery-Updater Perl Digital Coalition Air Force Livery Updater 1.0.0 ## The Git folder is required from the main code page!
0xBooper 0xBooper / BashScriptingUtility Shell A simple utility to quickly set up bash scripts v1.7 # Version 1.7, (Major). ## Update log (taken from ``` 1. Added ability to select your shebang. 2. Added a -y option to confirm it. ``` If you want to download this without usin
github-actions[bot] ethereum-optimism / optimism Go Monorepo implementing the Optimistic Ethereum protocol @eth-optimism/batch-submitter@0.2.4 ### Patch Changes - 12dbd81: add key metrics to batch submitter - 28dc442: move metrics, logger, and base-service to new common-ts package - 79df44e: Add skipped deposit auto heal - Updated d
RatulHasan RatulHasan / my-github CSS A simple WordPress plugin that can track your github's public profile. V1.2.2 * Currently supports: * Editor ShortCode support * GitHub Widget Profile View * User profiles * Repositories * Used Main Language * Repository Star Count * Repositor
Kevinportugalmx Kevinportugalmx / update-with-electron TypeScript Automatic updates with electron v1.0.1
thewizardplusplus thewizardplusplus / go-blockchain Go The library that implements models and algorithms of blockchain v1.1
lianos facilebio / FacileIncubator R Half baked things incubate here until they find a happy home bioc-3.11 Version of package last actively used with: 1. bioconductor v3.11 2. the [multiGSEA]( suite of packages. After this version, we will use the [renamed-to-sparrow
NPaycheck NPaycheck / CSS227Final HTML Final project for CSS 227 1.0
dbyington dbyington / httpio Go Implement some io interfaces using an http client v1.0.0 ### Updating to this release from a `v0.x` release will break your use of `HashURL()`, you will need to update. This release adds to the `HashURL` func to support chunking a URL into multiple chun
wordshack wordshack / AnimeWSTienda no-lang AnimeWS Tienda 1.0.0 OPEN BETA ANIMEWS
zacherydickson zacherydickson / HUBDesign Perl Hierarchical Unique Bait Design for simultaneous and specific capture of known and novel targets v1.0.0 Initial release with single command installation and single command calling of the pipeline
tkrullmann unbroken-dome / gradle-testsets-plugin Kotlin A plugin for the Gradle build system that allows specifying test sets (like integration or acceptance tests). v4.0.0 Compatibility with Gradle 7.0: Dropped support for the `compile` and `runtime` configuration names in test sets. This may be a breaking change if you are still working with these configurations; co
frmdstryr frmdstryr / enamlx Python Additional Qt Widgets for Enaml v0.4.6
wherrera10 wherrera10 / CatmullClark.jl Julia CatmullClark subdivision Julia package v0.1.1 remove an extra dependency
tillkruss cachewerk / heroku-php-extensions Shell Pre-built PHP extensions for Heroku that are not included or fully supported by the official PHP buildpack. v1.1.1 - Updated Swoole to v4.6.4 - Fixed demo app output for Swoole
patricktran patricktran / react-table-hoc-draggable-columns JavaScript ReactTable HOC for draggable columns 1.3.2
pparga pparga / cart-magento2 PHP Mercado Pago's Official Magento 2 Plugin v3.8.4
bittencourtthulio bittencourtthulio / Router4Delphi Pascal Framework para Criação de Rotas de Telas para FMX e VCL 1.0.5
daytonn testdouble / ecto_resource Elixir A simple module to clear up the boilerplate of CRUD resources in Phoenix context files. 1.3.1 This release updates the dependencies used by EctoResource
looker-open-source-automation-bot looker-open-source / sdk-codegen TypeScript One SDK to rule them all, and in the codegen bind them api-explorer-v0.9.7 ### Bug Fixes * rerender sdk declarations on type/method change ([#659]( ([77139f6](
TechnologicNick SMTheGuild / The-Modpack Lua Scrap Mechanic MOD: The Modpack v2.2.1 Some parts were still using their old icons, so these have been updated to match the new models. Also changed the description of some parts to hint at opening the GUI instead of printing the usage in
luiznds62 luiznds62 / safecrossing-api TypeScript API for integration with IoT device who transfer traffic light status for attempt to help blind people to travel in a more safe way 1.0.0
Majocchi Majocchi / Marlin-A8-Config C Config.h File for ANET A8 with Auto bed leveling & LCD12864 1.0 Arduino v1.8.10 modified: - added Portable mode - added Board Definition "Marlin AVR Borads - ANET v1.0" - downgraded "Arduino AVR Boards" to Version 1.6.23
hossein-zare hossein-zare / react-native-dropdown-picker JavaScript A single / multiple, categorizable, customizable, localizable and searchable item picker (drop-down) component for react native which supports both Android & iOS. v5.1.0 Added `onChangeValue` prop. Fixed modal header bug.
SamuelQuinones SamuelQuinones / nextjs-typescript-boilerplate TypeScript An advanced boilerplate for NextJS projects that use Typescript 2.0.2 Updated packages: - @types/node -> 15.0.2 - @types/react -> 17.0.5 - @typescript-eslint/eslint-plugin -> 4.22.1 - @typescript-eslint/parse -> 4.22.1 - sass -> 1.13.12 - stylelint
brackeen brackeen / calculate-widget Swift Calculator app for macOS 2.0-alpha-3 * New toolbar. * New input field appearance. * New icon for Big Sur. * Support for Apple Silicon. * Add Appearance preference (Light/Dark). * Updated error when attempting to set a constant (&quo
ma-laforge ma-laforge / RSDeltaSigmaPort.jl C Port of Richard Schreier's Delta Sigma Toolbox v0.3.0 Also fixed many bugs.
github-actions[bot] piever / Widgets.jl Julia Low dependency package to create custom widgets v0.6.3 ## Widgets v0.6.3 [Diff since v0.6.2]( **Merged pull requests:** - Install TagBot as a GitHub Action (#39) (@JuliaTagBot) - upgrade CI+
kohearn-vail kohearn-vail / java-sdk Java Java SDK for the FreeClimb API test2-4.0.0
github-actions[bot] PikalaxALT / firered-speedchoice C Pokemon FireRed speedchoice latest ## Commits - [[9cff9f7](]: Bundle RELEASE.txt (PikalaxALT)
lakshaykapoor7198 lakshaykapoor7198 / VaccineSlot Java Android app that keeps you updated about covid vaccine availability according to your region and age. v1.0
Xavier577 Xavier577 / Nipro Python django-react-app v1.0
vladimir-mencl-eresearch REANNZ / AAF-VHO Groovy The solution will enable small organisations, including collaborative research facilities, to manage user identities for international, government and industry based researchers. 1.6.6-tuakiri1 New: * Shibboleth integration module upgraded to Support IdP 4.x Fix: * Use correct labels in Unarchive confirmation dialog box.
github-actions[bot] wagrenier / lainTSX TypeScript WebGL implementation of the Serial Experiments Lain PSX game 0.1.0
leonhard-s leonhard-s / auraxium Python A high-level Python wrapper for the PlanetSide 2 API. 0.2.0b2 Minor documentation and bugfix release with no new features. - Improved documentation for placeholder fields - The new documentation on RTD (Read the Docs) is now also available in the source - I
muratenshi muratenshi / AdventureBunny C# Adventure bunny is a tile-based 2D adventure game about a bunny digging underground, collecting keys for treasure, and avoiding enemies. v1 Initial release
curatorcorpus HCIGroupOtago / vimr_render C++ An unreal based renderer for VIMR 0.5 Working version of vimr on UE4.26.2 using vimr 0.5
shalvah shalvah / monolog-pusher PHP Monolog Handler for sending logs to Pusher channels 2.1 Update Pusher deps
o5zereth o5zereth / oldsl_nick_setter C# Sets a desired nickname for the user in older SCP:SL versions. v1.0.0 Custom nickname setter for old sl versions. Just run the exe file and enter your desired username.
xrstf xrstf / gimps Go Ensure your Go imports are sorted and grouped consistently v0.2.0 ## Changelog 410f975 add -dry-run e51cef8 fix exclude filters only working for directories 96a7c07 fix formatting files directly, add tests, improve code generation detection
QueensGambit QueensGambit / CrazyAra Jupyter Notebook A Deep Learning UCI-Chess Variant Engine written in C++ & Python :parrot: 0.9.2 This version has been submitted to [**TCEC Season 21**](, where _ClassicAra 0.9.2_ will start in the **Qualification League**. _ClassicAra 0.9.2_ uses
djk12587 djk12587 / PopNetworking Swift A protocol-oriented HTTP CRUD networking layer 0.2.3
Korne127 Korne127 / CircularJsonSerialiser Java CircularJsonSerialiser ist ein Serialiser für Java mit dem Ziel, dass ohne manuelle Konfiguration alle Klassen- und Objektstrukturen korrekt gespeichert und identisch wiederhergestellt werden. v1.1 # Neue Features: - BeforeSerialise-Annotation: Ermöglicht es, Methoden (optional mit Parameter) vor dem Serialisieren auszuführen - Setter-Annotation: Ermöglicht es, Felder beim Deserialisieren z
mirarus mirarus / bmvc PHP Mirarus BMVC (Basic MVC) 2.2 Version 2.2
ocordova1109 ocordova1109 / curso-node-rest JavaScript Curso de Node Rest Server basico v1.0.0 # RestServer + WebServer
SridharJagannathan SridharJagannathan / pyroglancer Python Pythonic interface to neuroglancer for displaying neuron data v0.0.4 * contains new tutorials/features on gal4 line visualisation. * reworked documentation website
NotJINXZ NotJINXZ / JBAutoArrest Lua Roblox JailBreak AutoArrest 1.3
m-primo m-primo / Primo-Standard-Request-Response-Codes no-lang Standard Request/Response Codes in Programming Scripts. 0.0.1
codegold79 codegold79 / remote-velero Go A fork of Velero that is able to back up from and restore to remote clusters v0.0.3 With this release, one can pass a kubeconfig via a secret instead of a service account token and host. The kubeconfig will be preferred over the SA token + host combination. The kubeconfig must use TL
irdvl irdvl / gradual-black-formatter Shell A Github Action that applies the Python Black Formatter gradually to your codebase. v2.1
Benstarkie19 Benstarkie19 / MDS-Global-AgentView-Designs no-lang Backend UI/UX Designs Developed On Figma v0.1 Just my Figma File and my PDF renders
trinhpham trinhpham / xiaomi-r3g-openwrt-builder Shell OpenWrt builder for any supported routers using Docker. Firmware for Xiaomi Router Gen 3G is generated daily. snapshots-v1.0-20210505_223036 CI build includes: luci minidlna luci-app-minidlna samba4-server luci-app-samba4 transmission-web openvpn-openssl openssl-util luci-app-openvpn kmod-usb-storage kmod-fs-ext4 kmod-fs-vfat kmod-nls-cp43
nbusseneau nbusseneau / qBittorrent-RuTracker-plugin Python qBittorrent search engine plugin for v2.1.1 - Fix search not working with special characters (#30). Tested with qBittorrent and Python 3.8.6.
jhpoelen globalbioticinteractions / elton Java commandline tool to access, review and index existing species interaction datasets 0.10.10 ## Features n/a ## Improvements n/a ## Bugs * upgrade to globi libs v0.20.4 to include changes related to and
github-actions[bot] bvobart / mllint Go `mllint` is a command-line utility to evaluate the quality of Machine Learning (ML) projects by means of static analysis of the project's repository. v0.6.0 ## Changelog cca7758 Merge pull request #7 from bvobart/black-linter
nonumbershere Great-Hacking / Undertale-Controller-2.0 no-lang This is the second version of "Undertale Controller". 2.0 Near 3.0.0! Here's what I added: - You no longer need to install Node.JS What I plan to add: - Source Code, so you can make your own Undertale Controller! - Mods - Console (Custom Made)
marcoroth marcoroth / easy_enum Ruby Turn any Ruby class in an easy to use enum. 0.1.5 * Dependency Upgrades
MC874 MC874 / MCWig no-lang Minecraft Bedrock Edition Poly Mesh Hair 2.0 # MCWig 2.0 - Added more resolution variant! ~ 32x | ~ 64x | ~ 128x - Fixed Male2 Offsets on the latest pack - Differentiate the UUID for the Blocky Update Pack # Download Section [MCWig
RattletraPM RattletraPM / gbaxxdumper C DS Download Play-compatible (flashme/haxxstation) GBA cart dumper over Wi-Fi v0.66 Fixes issue #3 (dumper would return invalid IP on some otherwise valid IP addresses) **Known issues:** A blank prompt may appear after pressing return on the onscreen keyboard. If that happens, pr
github-actions[bot] admarton / TestDeployQt C++ We try to make linuxdeployqt work. v0.0.2
prathyushasai prathyushasai / HTML Personal Website. v2.0 Changed from original looks to game-like look Added Sections: - Home - Work (Awards, Writing) - Speaking - Interests (Book Recommendations, Places Visited)
github-actions[bot] lightstep / lightstep-metrics-datasource TypeScript Lightstep's Grafana Datasource for Metrics v0.1.0 ## v0.1.0 Pre-Release. Supports PromQL Querying of Lightstep Metrics
github-actions[bot] solarlabsteam / missed-blocks-checker Go Tool to monitor missed blocks for Cosmos-chain validators v0.1.2 ## Changelog 8e84dd1 chore: set bech prefixes correctly
kushal256 bitsoex / btcd-cli4j Java A simple Java wrapper around Bitcoin Core's JSON-RPC (via HTTP) interface 0.6.8
shogo82148 shogo82148 / actions-setup-perl Perl Setup Perl environment Action v1.11.0 - add install-modules option #686
VukanAntic matf-pp / 2021_YoutubeToDeezerConverter Kotlin Program je zamišljen da uzima plejliste sa Deezer naloga korisnika, i pravi identicne plejliste na njihovom Youtube nalogu. v1.0
bartelink jet / FsCodec F# F# Event-Union Contract Encoding with versioning tolerant converters supporting System.Text.Json and Newtonsoft.Json 2.2.0 ##Added - `NewtonsoftJson.Serdes.DefaultSettings`: Exposes default settings (for use with ASP.NET Core .AddNewtonsoftJson) #63 - `SystemTextJson.Serdes.DefaultOptions`: Exposes default options (for
EU1KY EU1KY / Analyzer_EU1KY_CEC_AKF C A new place for the code from DH1AKF (silent key) repo. His great contribution to the project must not be abandoned. The code is cleaned up and refactored, bugs are fixed. 1.03 This binary is built from refactored DH1AKF sources, with multiple bugs fixed. No new features were added.
serdarozturk Crenvo / jwt-auth no-lang 🔐 JSON Web Token Authentication for Laravel & Lumen 1.0.34 Laravel 8 bugfix apple signin
jonloveslegos jonloveslegos / SMB3Special Lua This is a recreation of smb3 in smbx2 0.1.0 Same as the smbx2 forum download
jaclarke edgedb / edgedb-deno TypeScript EdgeDB driver for Deno 0.0.0
pustovitDmytro pustovitDmytro / logger-decorator JavaScript provides a unified and simple approach for class and function logging v1.3.0 # [1.3.0]( (2021-05-05) ### Chore * (refactor) remove unused argument ([6f28b59](
Unthrottled ani-memes / amii-rider-extension Kotlin Enables full functionality of the AMII plugin on the JetBrains Rider Platform v0.2.2 ## Fixed - MIKU not reacting to test the first time you ever run them.
nickrsan Water-Systems-Management-UCM / Stormchaser Vue Front end for Waterspout - interface for running models 2021dev-07eeee3 Automatically generated release on push to release branch
RedsLovesGames RedsLovesGames / Nitrogen-and-checker Python This repo is to allow everyone easy access to nitro discord-nitro This release marks the first ever version of the nitro generator and nitro checker. This tool's goal is to provide an easy to access nitro expirence.
shmove shmove / team-3-group-project C# A project made to the specifications of Matthew Barr for a college work placement. v1.0.0 ## Release v1.0.0 [05-05-2021] ### Program Functions - User login/register and associated students - Student creation, deletion and editing - Supports setting student image, name, ID, year gro
maxmoreno20 sebt-team / Android-Week-View no-lang Android Week View is an android library to display calendars (week view or day view) within the app. It supports custom styling. 1.2.7 Tag release whit latest changes
jeppevinkel jeppevinkel / StreamLogger C# Versatile and extendable program made to handle streaming related data. v0.1-alpha This is the first release, and as such, might still have undiscovered bugs. All features have been tested to work individually, and the feature set is extensible enough for some use cases. As such
OlafenwaMoses OlafenwaMoses / DeepStack_ExDark Python A DeepStack custom model for detecting commons objects in dark/night images and videos. v1
piercetrey-figure provenance-io / p8e-ui TypeScript UI for Monitoring P8E Contract Execution Environment v0.6.0-public-release-beta.1 - auth removed
github-actions[bot] Alorel / rollup-plugin-wasm-bindgen-web JavaScript Rollup plugin for loading wasm files created through wasm-bindgen 1.0.0 # 1.0.0 (2021-05-05) ### Features * Initial implementation ([be84dca]( ### Maintenance *
wyhaines wyhaines / Crystal This shard encapsulates logic and handling for interacting with the Twitch EventSub API. 0.1.0 This is just the initial release of this library. It nominally works for creating subscriptions, listing them, and unsubscribing, as well as for handling notifications that come from the subscriptions
plus3-releasebot plus3it / terraform-aws-slack-notifier HCL Terraform module that builds and deploys a lamdbda function for the aws-to-slack package. 3.1.3
wanshengco wanshengco / noahco HTML NoahcoApp Noahco 男人帮
FreeYourSoul FreeYourSoul / FreExGraph Python Execution graph implementation, easy to make, easy to visit 1.2.2 * Improve forking mechanism to match with sub_graph * Improve fork/sub_graph documentation * Forward kwargs on standard visitor to be able to use BaseVisitor constructor * Add replace node utility
wendelscardua wendelscardua / action_mailbox_amazon_ingress Ruby Rails ActionMailbox ingress for Amazon SES 0.1.3 Fixes S3 configuration
chaos-ui chaos-ui / fltk no-lang FLTK - Fast Light Tool Kit - - cross platform GUI development release-1.3.4-2 Fltk []( contribution DevOps repository
dylrlas dylrlas / Programs JavaScript Base code for program assignments in Software Development (C S 371). v4.0 I set up JUnit using version junit-4.13.2.jar file as well as hamcrest-core-1.3.jar file. I also set up Ant to automate testing. I've build two test suites named and Circle2Test.
github-actions[bot] AngelNull / expandable-djs-bot JavaScript A discord.js bot template designed to be easily expandable with new commands and features. latest
madetunj stjude / seaseq wdl Abraham's lab - ChipSeq Pipeline 1.1-temp
msharov msharov / psf2png C++ Converts PSF fonts to PNG v1.0 Initial release. PSF to PNG conversion works. PNG to PSF conversion works. Includes an example 24x48 font.
shanemcfadden shanemcfadden / interactive-pathfinder JavaScript A single page pathfinder application v4
davewatson91 davewatson91 / hass-amber-electric Python Home Assistant Component to pull the latest energy prices from Amber Electric v1.0.0 Manifest updated to avoid component being blocked by HA during the next major release.
szogabaha szogabaha / ExperimentPresenter Kotlin This repository contains my homework submission for a subject at Budapest University of Technology and Economics 1.0
egorbelibov egorbelibov / mfl HTML Motherfucking License v1.0
VannosG mopopinball / designer TypeScript Designs pinball games. v1.3.4 ## [1.3.4]( (2021-05-05) ### Bug Fixes * adjust build scripts ([d164dbe](
github-actions[bot] C222l / NanoPi-R4S Shell NanoPi R4S Firmware | Lean's & Official OpenWrt | 固件编译 2021.05.06-Lean 🔗 [Cowtransfer]( 🔗 [WeTransfer](
prsws prsws / reef-pi JavaScript An open source reef tank controller software based on Ranjib Dey's reef-pi code, with modifications by José F. Reyes-Santana. 4.1-20210505 This change includes: * Reorganized controls in Configuration->Settings & added UI section + internationalization * Change Navbar & Unassigned Panel colors in Configuration->Settings
haydnv haydnv / tinychain Rust A next-gen database + SaaS framework for rapid development and integration of enterprise services 0.2.0-beta SHA256 checksum: 0524c818823ca7fd6dfe1c5da6286889192c78465a6431463a7a290af95ea889 changelog: * add Table support * improve filesystem cache synchronization * improve Chain inheritance support
tj28 tj28 / aion-classic-english-patch HTML English patch for Aion Classic on South Korean servers 20210506 Extract ZIP archive to AION_CLASSIC\l10n\kor Use the LFG in Korean option if using LFG or Location links - otherwise your group will know you're not playing in Korean FIX: You can now pay
gcalderone gcalderone / Gnuplot.jl Julia Julia interface to gnuplot v1.4.0
github-actions[bot] pngmn / PhanxFont Lua WoW AddOn — Basic font replacement with in-game font selection. 9.0.5-1 ### Changed in 9.0.5-1 - First release
OzZVidz OzZVidz / EdgeLordBot Python Full Backend of EdgeLordBot Discord bot 1.0 This is my first version of the bot. I hope y'all like it! If you would like to make a suggestion, create a pull request! Thanks for checking out the bot! Refer to the status website if you
Rufus31415 Rufus31415 / Simple-WebXR-Unity C# ⭐ Bringing WebXR to Unity 3D ! B-) v1.0-beta.1 # 💪 Main features - Support headsets (2 eyes) and smarphones (1 camera, no multitouch) - Entering AR removes the skybox - Retrieve head and controllers position and orientation - Supports gamep
mhoumann mhoumann / CommentsPlus C# Visual Studio Extension v1.8.2 "Current" v1.8.2 with support for older VS version
nofishonfriday nofishonfriday / FolderPlayer_mod-J2ME- no-lang Audio player for Nokia S40 etc. phones (J2ME MIDlet) v1.4.0 v1.4.0+ uses a new way to store bookmarks, namely JSR 75 FileConnection API via [SerMe library]( (thanks!) to overcome limited record store space. However this API is
LBlend LBlend / mann-eller-kvinne Python 🤵 En nettside som bruker maskinlæring til å gjette om du er mann eller kvinne basert på hva du skriver 💃 2.3.0 - Added .env variable support which enables you to specify the api and frontend url - Added github workflow that publishes releases to github container registry
noah-nuebling noah-nuebling / mac-mouse-fix Objective-C Mac Mouse Fix - A simple way to make your mouse better. 1.0.4 ### Changes - Signed the app with a new certificate. The old certificate was revoked which renders old versions of Mac Mouse Fix unusable. See [this GitHub Issue](
github-actions[bot] keindev / changelog-guru TypeScript Automated changelog generator:package::zap::clipboard: v3.0.0 # BREAKING CHANGES - Move to ESM [`624115f`]( # Important Changes ## Dependencies <details> <summ
Malcolm-Stewart microsoft / CSS_SQL_Networking_Tools C# Tools used by the SQL Networking Customer Support Team This release contains a number of bug fixes related to .NET 2.x/3.x, files not where the registry points to, and some certificate errors not being reported correctly.
JacobDomagala JacobDomagala / StaticAnalysis Python GitHub action for CMake based C++ project, that runs cppcheck and clang-tidy and creates comment for PR with any issues found v0.0.2 ### List of updates: - Check for file's number of lines before creating the code snippter ( - Add input variable for CMake's argum
affrae affrae / ghas-report-downloader Ruby lists code scanning SARIF reports for a given GitHub hosted repository and allows the user to identify and download these reports. v1.5.0 Added support for setting where t download the reprts to with the `-d [DIR]` or `--dir [DIR]` options.
aleksamilisavljevic matf-pp / 2021_Nonogram Kotlin Generisanje nonograma na osnovu date slike i rešavanje nonograma kojeg korisnik zada. v1.0 [](
matthi4s aternosorg / php-lock PHP Distributed exclusive and shared resource locking based on etcd v1.0.4
github-actions[bot] taimos / cdk-serverless TypeScript AWS CDK Serverless Toolsuite v0.1.5 ### [0.1.5]( (2021-05-05) ### Features * **graphql:** make VTL for different datasources possible ([d25be7f](
BrayanTorres2 BrayanTorres2 / Python_Intermedio Python Aprendiendo python ok
Cheesebaron redth-org / AndHUD C# Android Progress HUD and Dialog helpers for Xamarin.Android apps! 1.4.3
andfoy spyder-ide / pysyntect Rust Python bindings for Syntect library v0.3.0 This release brings compatibility with the latest versions of PyO3 and syntect, which enables compatibility with the stable toolchain of Rust. It also provides compatibility with Python 3.9. Finaly, t
mehranyavari mehranyavari / chat-app PHP chat app with socket in laravel 1.0.0
github-actions[bot] west5211 / NanoPi-R2S-2021 Shell 基于 Lean&Lienol 源码的 NanoPi R2S 的 OpenWrt 固件。每天自动更新插件和内核,Fusion编译法 2021.05.06-Lean 🔗 [Cowtransfer]( 🔗 [WeTransfer](
kudoabhijeet kudoabhijeet / UniSHARE-Backend Python Backend for UniSHARE v0.1-alpha # UniSHARE-Backend API ### Functionalities of this REST API 1. GET ``` /content ``` : returns all the posts on the database. 2. GET ```/content/{id} ``` : returns post with unique id [int]. 3.
Theobosse Theobosse / ScoreboardAPI Java Scoreboard API for Spigot 1.0 This is a Scoreboard API for Spigot.
bricelam efcore / EFCore.VisualBasic Visual Basic .NET Adds VB design-time support to EF Core 5.0.0-alpha.1 * Supports scaffolding VB models and migrations
rlondt MinjakConsultancy / twitter-analysis Python Project to gain some knowledge from docker, machinelearning and other fun stuff v1.0.0 First release that runs on a local machine
emilroz glencoesoftware / omero-reader Python Pure Python implementation of python-bioformats reader API using OMERO v0.1.0
phildow phildow / poker Swift A collection of utilities and views for building high quality poker applications on iOS and macOS 0.0.1
benrucker benrucker / discord-markov Python Make new sentences based on discord users. v2.0 This release is meant to mark the point of the repository in which UsBot spent most of its life. This version worked on only one server, and did not handle its own chat logging.
cameronshemilt no-comment / AppStore-Connect-Widget Swift Open source AppStore sales monitor with widget 0.3 **Added:** - Large Widget - Month-to-date statistic - Weekly change in per cent
frmadem prefapp / prefapp-helm Smarty A library chart for Helm 0.0.7 - Add lifecycle section for Pod render. - Add terminationGracePeriodSeconds for pod render.
brunogaspar werxe / laravel-collection-macros PHP Custom Laravel Collection Macros. v5.0.1 ### Added - Support for PHP 8
github-actions[bot] python-coincidence / coincidence Python Helper functions for pytest. v0.4.1 Automatically copied from [PyPI]( --- Powered by OctoCheese\ [📝 docs]( | [:octocat: repo](
ryanw3b3r TooDotsLtd / vue-qr-reader Vue Vue component to scan QR codes 1.7.0 Updated packages and set default options for jsQR: - jsQR 1.4.0 is now being used - jsQR receives default options set to inversionAttempts = attemptBoth
deknowny deknowny / vkquick Python VK Quick — это современный асинхронный фреймворк для создания ботов ВКонтакте v1.0.0b11
johnwu96822 coupa / kafka-oauth Java Kafka OAuth Implementation w/ SAND v1.0.4 ## Changes - Upgrade the kafka library dependency to 2.7.0.
timbeccue observatorycontrolsystem / ocs-example-frontend Vue This is an example frontend for an OCS project using components from ocs-component-lib. v0.0.1 Initial example frontend showcasing the ocs-component-lib. It includes pages for requestgroups, request details, observations, and a profile page.
github-actions[bot] pngmn / oUF_AbuOptions Lua Option panel for oUF_Abu 9.0.5-1 ### Changed in 9.0.5-1 - First release
veelo PhilippeSigaud / Pegged D A Parsing Expression Grammar (PEG) module, using the D programming language. v0.4.5 Improvements since v.0.4.4: * Silence an escaping reference deprecation. * Makefile support for LDC. * Customizable error messages. * Indexing and slicing operators for `ParseTree` forward to `Par
dsherret dprint / check no-lang GitHub action for running `dprint check`. v1.4 Upgrade to dprint 0.13.1
pustovitDmytro pustovitDmytro / winston-console-transport JavaScript simple console transport for winston-logger v1.1.0 # [1.1.0]( (2021-05-05) ### Chore * (refactor) remove unused argument ([6f28b59](
mikeygray mikeygray / noxie-clock JavaScript A simple FitBit watch face, in honor of my cat Noxie. 1.3.2 This is an accumulation of a bunch of bug fixes and bits and bobs, and a way to draw a line under Noxie Clock using Fitbit SDK 4.x
sapkra jitsi-contrib / jitsi-helm Mustache A helm chart to deploy Jitsi to Kubernetes v0.1.3
github-actions[bot] pngmn / oUF_Abu Lua Unit frames based on oUF 9.0.5-1 ### Changed in 9.0.5-1 - First release
github-actions[bot] nextras / orm-intellij Kotlin Nextras ORM Plugin for PhpStorm v0.8.0 ### Added - Added auto-completion & reference to entity properties in hasValue() method. ### Fixed - Fixed entity type resolution for variables typed with "resolution-invalid" types
pustovitDmytro pustovitDmytro / winston-csv-format JavaScript writes winston logs in csv format v1.2.0 # [1.2.0]( (2021-05-05) ### Chore * (refactor) remove unused argument ([6f28b59](
pustovitDmytro pustovitDmytro / stdlogger JavaScript logger with standart out /error transport v1.3.0 # [1.3.0]( (2021-05-05) ### Chore * (refactor) remove unused argument ([6f28b59](
thejellyfish thejellyfish / feather-icons JavaScript Feather SVG icons for React. 1.0.6 Rename icon files
Theaxiom phusion / baseimage-docker Shell A minimal Ubuntu base image modified for Docker-friendliness focal-1.0.0 # Fixed - Fix .travis.yml #561 # Added - RfC add all missing CPU Architectures form ubuntu #567 # Docs - Fix Docker registry URL #553 - Update ubuntu version in readme #575 - Image uses 20.
uellenberg uellenberg / DecimalSystem TypeScript A library for converting numbers to any non-integer/decimal (or just integer) base. 1.0.10 This fixes a bug causing numbers < 1 to not be converted correctly.
mmikkel mmikkel / Retcon-Craft PHP A collection of powerful Twig filters for modifying HTML 2.2.3 ## 2.2.3 - 2020-05-05 ### Fixed - Fixes an issue where Retcon wouldn't transform images with a `jpeg` file extension. Thanks @sweetroll 👍
yuxuanchiadm yuxuanchiadm / Teamup Java Minecraft Teamup Bukkit Plugin 1.0.1 Remove api-version for better compatibility
DavidB420 DavidB420 / doorsnx15 Assembly Adds a random number generator function and trig functions to the calculator 1.5
Bodomius Bodomius / 2358 Kotlin Helper for 2358 strategy via Tinkoff Invest OpenAPI 2.0
jposada202020 jposada202020 / CircuitPython_ArrowLine Python Utility function to draw arrow lines 0.7.2 Improved documentation.
andykarpov andykarpov / karabas-pro VHDL FPGA based retrocomputer with FDD and HDD controllers v21042207-fdimage061 What's new: - updated FDImage to version 0.61
Gudahtt MetaMask / auto-changelog JavaScript Utilities for validating and updating "Keep a Changelog" formatted changelogs v1.0.0 ### Added - The initial `auto-changelog` implementation, adapted from the original `auto-changelog.js` script in `metamask-extension` ([#8]( Incl
benklempdev benklempdev / CE2820 Verilog Repository for classwork on CE2820. 1.2 Version of the processor used for lab 3 and lab 5. - Creates servo_control component - Memory maps 2 servo_control_port - Adds pixel buffer
georeri magical-unicorns / pipeline-templates no-lang Sample code for various languages for CICD pipeline 1,1-master
JorgWoehl JorgWoehl / Vectors MATLAB MATLAB toolkit for the creation of scientific drawings and illustrations v1.0
tonyern tonyern / investing-price-check TypeScript Application to view asset prices in real-time. Example: Bitcoin, Gold & Silver. v1.0.0
phirework common-voice / common-voice TypeScript Common Voice is part of Mozilla's initiative to help teach machines how real people speak. release-v1.46.0 Fairly minor release this round, mostly bugfixes. * Change Sentry config to ignore ResizeObserver errors (394707f) * Added some logging for troubleshooting end of input audio errors (714f140) * F
milica1801 matf-pp / 2021_Minesnake C# Aplikacija koja povezuje popularne igrice Minesweeper i Snake. v1.0 .
Josescalante2010 Josescalante2010 / angular-basicos TypeScript Introducción Angular v0.1.0 Bases de Angular
github-actions[bot] Lucid-Sight-Inc / colyseus-unity3d C# ⚔ Colyseus Multiplayer SDK for Unity 0.14.5
throwawAPI throwawAPI / breath-of-the-wild-obs-browser JavaScript A simple OBS Browser Source which emulates the loading screen from "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" v0.1 There is only a dark mode for this browser source, as of time of writing. There will eventually be both a light mode and a "master mode" palette (red). Shortly, I will set up the associated
BenJKuhn microsoft / winmd C++ C++ winmd parser 1.0.210505.3 ## Changes: * 866c5f483af50905df2ea2b37cfe665c3f4e0436 Fix issue when two filter "excludes" have the same string length (#22) * 49399fbd5bb3bb97ddb88efffeae9a3da1d2ec87 Remove unnecessary
m4rch1n0 m4rch1n0 / ZipBomb Python A simple implementation of ZipBomb in Python py9.4
thisisaaronland aaronland / go-http-bootstrap JavaScript go-http-bootstrap is an HTTP middleware package for including Bootstrap assets in web applications. v0.1.0 * Update to use Bootstrap 5 * Remove internal `resources` package * Update documentation
kirtfitzpatrick kirtfitzpatrick / chap Shell Utility methods for writing scripts for humans 1.0.0 - Display messages and commands to the user color coded to various levels of importance to the user. - Auto echo the command to be executed for quick manual debugging when needed. - Confirm command
sincspecv sincspecv / WP-ACF-To-Post PHP WordPress plugin to create Flexible layout with only PHP and automatically add fields to post object v0.1.5 ACF fields can now be created in a theme
regorxxx regorxxx / Menu-Framework-SMP JavaScript A helper script for Spider Monkey Panel which allows to easily create customizable menus on demand which can be easily refactored, moved or edited without working with static ids. A lifesaver. v1.0.0 First public release.
leandroosuna Franpanozzo / 2021-1C-3051-Solefrawaju C# Plantilla para realizar el trabajo práctico de TGC en la UTN-FRBA. v1.0
LimunToS matf-pp / 2021_Music-Player no-lang Android aplikacija koja služi za reprodukovanje muzičkih fajlova v1.0 apk file
denismaggior8 sunnyvale-academy / SNY.OSS.KBN.01.01.00 HCL Container orchestration with Kubernetes v. 01.00 k8s-v1.15.3
tieugene tieugene / kvtest C++ Key-Value storage tests 0.0.2 Usability improvements: memory usage, disk usage, timings etc.
itinance itinance / react-native-fs C# Native filesystem access for react-native v2.18.0
jeggy aPureBase / KGraphQL Kotlin Pure Kotlin GraphQL implementation 0.17.8 * #143 Use correct KType when custom InputValue is provided
thepriestscottage hes-pnnl / hes-common PHP Repository of files that are shared between multiple Home Energy Score projects v1.3.00
simulkade simulkade / PhreeqcRM C++ PhreeqcRM compiled for windows and VS 2015 3.7 This is the `.dll` (Windows 10, VS 2019) and `.so` binary files of PhreeqcRM and IPhreeqc that I have compiled myself from the source code. I highly recommend compiling your own version.
sagifogel sagifogel / Proptics Scala Profunctor optics and lenses library for Scala v0.1.0
lianos facilebio / FacileAnalysis R Modular & interactive analysis components for bioinformatics bioc-3.11 Version of package last actively used with: 1. bioconductor v3.11 2. the [multiGSEA]( suite of packages. After this version, we will use the [renamed-to-sparrow
snakewiz snakewiz / fivem-appearance TypeScript A flexible player customization script for FiveM. v1.1.3 Fixes the JSON error triggered when not using the customization feature.
SamEdwardes SamEdwardes / spaCyTextBlob Jupyter Notebook A TextBlob sentiment analysis pipeline component for spaCy. v3.0.1
iMattPro phpbb / quickinstall CSS QuickInstall is a tool to quickly install and manage multiple phpBB installations for use in the development of Extensions. 1.6.0
noraj noraj / ctf-party Ruby :flags: A library to enhance and speed up script/exploit writing for CTF players v1.5.0 [CHANGELOG](
crowdbotics-apps crowdbotics-apps / admin-panel-26186 Python This react_native application was built with Crowdbotics build_2
Luhmm1 Luhmm1 / Spotlight PHP A lightweight and modular micro-framework based on a middleware architecture (PSR-4, PSR-7, PSR-12, PSR-15, PSR-17). 0.2.0 * Add some exceptions. * Add an error handler. * Enrich the file.
ayame113 ayame113 / atom-ide-deno TypeScript deno support for Atom-IDE v1.6.0 - Auto config for Deno and Node.js - Toggle between Deno mode and Node.js mode with a one click. - You can freely combine the runtime (Deno or Node.js), linter (deno_lint or eslint), and fo
SendGridDX sendgrid / smtpapi-csharp C# SendGrid's smtpapi library in C# 1.4.0 **Release Notes** ------------ **Library - Feature** - [PR #106]( added datetimeoffset support to send_at. Thanks to [@LouisWhite15](https://github
kpelzel kraken-hpc / kraken-dashboard TypeScript A React.js based dashboard for kraken ( 0.1.1 ## [0.1.1] - 2021-05-05 ### Added - Added this changelog (``) - Added settings panel to graph viewer ### Changed - Set polling mode to default until websocket mode gets fixed - Set p
reinert reinert / dynamic-rest Python Dynamic extensions for Django REST Framework v2.0.1
doronz88 doronz88 / pymobiledevice3 Python pymobiledevice fork with more recent coding standards and many more features v1.6.0 add `developer core-profile-session` subcommand for monitoring of KDebug messages
albfan albfan / -akira-win32-installer Shell Project to build standalone installer for Akira on windows 0.0.14
graham33 graham33 / hass-smartbox Python Home Assistant integration for heating smartboxes v0.2.0 ### Features * Throw errors for unsupported node types * Add support for htr_mod node type (treating the same as htr)
Labyrinth510 Labyrinth510 / Resource-sharing-forum-p2p-implemented Java This is a resource sharing forum which uses p2p to share resources 1.0 The original version
bpcurse bpcurse / nextcloud-userexport PHP PHP script to export and filter lists (users, groups and groupfolders) using different Nextcloud APIs v1.2.1 **New Features:** - New config options to set default columns and preselect filter group **Bug fixes:** - Minor fixes in filter preselection - Avoid unwanted groupfolder quota accumulation in st
github-actions[bot] Thomas55555 / husqvarna_automower Python Custom component to monitor and control your Husqvrana Automower 2021.5.0 ![downloads]( requires at least home assistant 2021.5.0 ### Improvements * fix migration message showi
fenos fenos / dqlx Go A DGraph Query Builder v0.2.0 ## Release Notes for v0.2.0 ### Breaking Changes None ### What's new - All predicates are now automatically escaped! Making **dqlx** DQL injection safe! - Ability to use `Count` and
PabloPiaggi PabloPiaggi / EnvironmentFinder Jupyter Notebook Tool for finding atomic environments in crystal structures v1.0.1 Changes in this version: * Updated ASE version to solve PDB numbering issue * Better algorithm to find unique environments / remove fast option * Add possibility to download zip file with environme
zchee go-tmux / kube-tmux Go Command kube-tmux prints Kubernetes context and namespace to tmux status line v0.0.1 Initial implementation.
Panjaksli Panjaksli / BrotGen C++ Mandelbrot image generator with checkerboarded preview using OMP and SDL2 libs v1.0.1-alpha -Cleaned code -Fixed temp iterations being declared as double -Using sprintf_s now... -New project again for clean build on GCC10 -Base for future experiments
hrbaer hrbaer / file-versioning JavaScript Basic file versioning for Node.js. 1.0.0
koehlersimon koehlersimon / showcase PHP TYPO3 Extension to display a showcase portfolio with different types of media. v.0.0.2 Bugfix release and state changed to beta
tjammer tjammer / raylib-ocaml OCaml OCaml bindings for raylib and raygui 0.3
github-actions[bot] AngelNull / Hydrator JavaScript A discord.js v12 bot that sends regular hydration reminders to your users. latest
KoutaChan KoutaChan / SimpleSit Java 1.16~ 暇だったから作った 1.0
lianos facilebio / FacileViz R Interactive visualizations for FacileData bioc-3.11 Version of package last actively used with: 1. bioconductor v3.11 2. the [multiGSEA]( suite of packages. After this version, we will use the [renamed-to-sparrow
aranciro aranciro / Twitch-Follower-Count JavaScript Shows follower count next to channel name below twitch player in channel page 0.1.2 Initial release
hsloot hsloot / cvalr R Credit derivative valuation in R v0.1 Install with ```r # install.packages("remotes") remotes::install_github("hsloot/cvalr@v0.1") ```
Zizzamia Zizzamia / perfume.js TypeScript Web performance library for measuring all User-centric performance metrics v6.2.0 * **feat:** introduced **Time to First Byte** as his own top-level metric. * **feat:** simplified **Total Blocking Time** metrics into one solo version that focuses on waiting 10s after **First Input
jposada202020 jposada202020 / CircuitPython_scales Python scales library 0.3.2 Modified Documentation to include readthedocs to other libraries and other improvements
sam563 sam563 / MissionSQFManager C# Tools for managing Arma generated SQF mission files. 1.0 [](
mattcieslak PennLINC / qsiprep HTML Preprocessing and reconstruction of diffusion MRI 0.13.0 Many bugfixes * Fix bug that produced flipped scalar images (#251) * Added a default working directory to prevent uninterpretable error message (#250) * Fix a bug in the dipy_3dshore reconstructi
conorcamplisson beliveau-lab / PaintSHOP_resources no-lang A collection of downloadable resources accompanying the PaintSHOP application. v1.1
4pplet 4pplet / classyTKL HTML PCB for the Masterworks ClassyTKL ALPS_A3 Production files for ClassyTKL ALPS Rev A3 Files output in metric, 4:3.
jonathanj jonathanj / sketch-yoco-icon-export JavaScript Yoco icon export plugin for Sketch v1.0.4
jenniferphilp thumbtack / thumbprint-ios Swift Thumbprint is the design system at Thumbtack. 0.2.3 Updated Thumbprint icons
tgraham-antenna MarkupUK / paperFramework no-lang A framework with schema, schematron and other support for editing of Markup UK papers v0.0.5 - Reverted to using 'MarkupUK/MUK-xsl'.
github-actions[bot] bast / singularity-latex no-lang Singularity recipe for LaTeX. 0.1.0
m4rklean m4rklean / Tool-AC PHP Multi-Herramientas para la obtencion o creacion de cuentas 1.2.0 Tool-AC Es una herramienta que ayuda a la generacion de cuentas
AriaHiro64 AriaHiro64 / altra64 C Alternate Everdrive64 Menu fork for the ED64 Plus 2.0.1 gameblabla's fork with gb64 support. inherits the same problems. Shit GB emulation isn't one of them.
github-actions[bot] chris-sanders / charts Mustache Charts here get packaged into adguard-home-3.3.0 DNS proxy as ad-blocker for local network
behroozbc alixdehghani / echarts-for-angular TypeScript Angular Directive for Apache ECharts 0.0.3 fix bug in chart update option
bjsi bjsi / SuperMemoAssistant.Plugins.MouseoverWiki C# Wikipedia IContentProvider plugin that integrates with MouseoverPopup 1.1
JosmiixD JosmiixD / JavaScript Socket Server with Express v1.0.0 Servidor de sockets configurado sin lógica de negocio
bjsi bjsi / SuperMemoAssistant.Plugins.Autocompleter C# IDE-style autocomplete popup boxes for SuperMemo HTML Components. 0.1
github-actions[bot] JuliaLang / PkgDev.jl Julia Tools for Julia package developers v1.7.0 ## PkgDev v1.7.0 [Diff since v1.6.0]( **Merged pull requests:** - Julia Package Butler Updates (#184) (@github-actions[bot])
bjsi bjsi / SuperMemoAssistant.Plugins.MouseoverPopup C# Main MouseoverPopup service that ContentProviders can register with to display a small popup window when a user hovers over urls in SuperMemo. 0.1
github-actions[bot] dunglas / mercure Go Server-sent live updates: protocol and reference implementation helm-chart-0.11.3 A Helm chart to install a Mercure Hub in a Kubernetes cluster. Mercure is a protocol to push data updates to web browsers and other HTTP clients in a convenient, fast, reliable and battery-efficient w
Cyriod Cyriod / Groupie-tracker HTML Ynov Nantes 2021 B1 informatique v1.0
spncr thinkshout / bene_promo_redirect PHP Temporarily redirect one or more pages to a specific page or site until the user has visited the target. 1.2 No functional changes: - Core requirement now allow this to run on Drupal 9 - Updated versioning (no longer starting with 8.x or 9.x)
vitorgalvao vitorgalvao / notificator Shell Show macOS notifications with a custom icon 1.5.0 Remove quarantine and add ad-hoc code signing.
UAC-guy UAC-guy / Doom-Rehashed no-lang A gameplay mod for Doom in which I give enemies new attacks, new items/weapons, etc. v0.1.2-Alpha Added new Zombie: SMG zombie, drops MP5-S when killed. See manual for more info. Updated CREDITS lump for SMG Zombie.
MarianoAlvarezPerez MaxBurnit / 2021-1C-K3051-SomosLaBola C# Plantilla para realizar el trabajo práctico de TGC en la UTN-FRBA. v1.0
cudevmaxwell cu-library / primo-customization-package CSS The library's customization package for Primo / Omni. v1.4.4 This release re-enables the dataset CDI facet.
Malted-Wheaties Malted-Wheaties / welcome-macro AutoHotkey An AutoHotKey script to write and send different custom messages depending on how many times a key is pressed in quick succession. v1.0 This is the initial release. This release contains pre-compiled binaries for `Welcome-Macro.ahk` `v1.0`.
zdavis castiron / puppet-rbenv Puppet Puppet manifest for rbenv installation v1.3.0
SegiH SegiH / Asbru-CM-Runner C# Run the SSH client Asbru-CM on Windows 10 without any background console windows open in the background 1.1 Add UserID parameter when getting playlists since its required by Jellyfin
github-actions[bot] git-story-branch / git-story-branch Go Manage your code branches with story information from Pivotal Tracker v0.0.2
andavissuse andavissuse / sca-L0 Shell Level 0 Supportconfig Analysis Utility 0.0.4 Version 0.0.4 - Add config file. - Remove L1 datasets (will be provided in sca-L1 package). - Add dvc md5 for datasets package version. - Add datestamp for susedata pac
oskosk Automattic / PHP A frontend to launching ephemeral WordPress instances that auto-destroy after some time 5.10.1 * Fixed WooCommerce Smooth Generator feature
Xpost2000 Xpost2000 / slideshow Rust A small slideshow program to figure out how to halfway Rust. Also cause this is smaller than powerpoint so yay. 1999
ivucica gnustep / libs-back Objective-C The GNUstep gui library is a library of graphical user interface classes written completely in the Objective-C language; the classes are based upon Apple's Cocoa framework (which came from the OpenStep specification). *** Larger patches require copyright assignment to FSF. please file bugs here. *** back-0_29_0
TheRealFalcon canonical / cloud-init Python Official upstream for the cloud-init: cloud instance initialization 21.2
afichet afichet / openexr-viewer C++ Simple Viewer for OpenEXR files with detailed metadata display v0.1-alpha Very early version of the tool. Opens OpenEXR layers and layer groups (RGB, Luminance Chroma).
daita nextcloud / fulltextsearch_elasticsearch PHP 🔍 Use Elasticsearch to index the content of your Nextcloud v1.5.3 v1.5.3
ivucica gnustep / libs-gui Objective-C The GNUstep gui library is a library of graphical user interface classes written completely in the Objective-C language; the classes are based upon Apple's Cocoa framework (which came from the OpenStep specification). *** Larger patches require copyright assignment to FSF. please file bugs here. *** gui-0_29_0
jingwood unvell / ReoGrid C# Fast and powerful .NET spreadsheet component, support data format, freeze, outline, formula calculation, chart, script execution and etc. Compatible with Excel 2007 (.xlsx) format and working on .NET 3.5 (or client profile), WPF and Android platform. v3.0.0 ## Changes - Change the targeted platforms to - .NET Core 3.0 - .NET Framework 4.5.1 - Strong-named assemblies - Code refactoring for scroll operations ## New - Added new interface to
KJonline Pyhass / Hive-Custom-Component Python A custom version of the home assistant hive component 2021.5.0 Add Support for the following: • Boost off service • Add Heat on Demand switch
ivucica gnustep / libs-base Objective-C The GNUstep Base Library is a library of general-purpose, non-graphical Objective C objects. base-1_28_0
daita nextcloud / files_fulltextsearch PHP 🔍 Index the content of your files v1.4.4 v1.4.4
djblue djblue / portal Clojure A clojure tool to navigate through your data. 0.11.2 - Stop excluding transitive deps
github-actions[bot] msobiecki / react-modal JavaScript A beautiful, materialized and flexible React Modal component v1.0.6
christinna9031 christinna9031 / LB-Get-Folder-Files Batchfile LioranBoard extension that scans a folder and retrieves all the file names, and saves them to .ini file. 1.0 After unpacking the .zip file, place the 'Get_Folder_Files' folder in your 'LioranBoard Receiver(PC)\Ext' folder.
Ohjurot Ohjurot / DX12-YT C++ Code for the DirectX 12 YouTube series VV.3 For Video section V - Drawing Video 3 - Constant Buffers 🇬🇧 [Watch the Video]( 🇩🇪 [Video anschauen](
github-actions[bot] pulumi / pulumi-azure-native no-lang Azure Native Provider v1.4.0
daita nextcloud / fulltextsearch PHP 🔍 Core of the full-text search framework for Nextcloud v1.4.3 v1.4.3
adriangl hyperdevs-team / poeditor-android-gradle-plugin Kotlin Gradle plug-in that enables importing PoEditor localized strings directly to an Android project 2.1.0 ### Added - Add `tags` parameter to `poEditorConfig` block to add PoEditor tags: ```groovy poEditor { apiToken = "your_api_token" projectId = 12345 defaultLang = "en"
mklewandowski mklewandowski / space-age TypeScript A simple React kid's app that tells you your age on different planets v1.4 test
github-actions[bot] schemar / obsidian-tasks TypeScript Task management for the Obsidian knowledge base. 0.8.0
jbreton kronostechnologies / account-service-sdk-php PHP PHP SDK for AccountService v2.0.0 Account-Service 2.0.0
davidbrekke davidbrekke / react-demo JavaScript react in a 🌰 shell v1.0.0
chiefcll rdkcentral / Lightning-UI-Components JavaScript Lightning UI components 0.0.1
themoosman themoosman / ocp-python-crash-me Python Sample Python application with OpenShift / Kubernetes Liveness and Readiness probes 1.0.0
rafsaf rafsaf / fastapi-template Python Dead simple template manager for FastAPI applications 0.1.0
Julli4n Julli4n / BGSWiki Sass Repository for Lua Modules, Templates, and MediaWiki JS/CSS on the Bubble Gum Simulator Fandom Wiki Test
maxwelld90 logui-framework / client JavaScript A framework-agnostic client-side JavaScript library for logging user interactions on webpages. v0.5.3e In this release of LogUI client, we release a new `mouseClick` custom event handler. This custom event handler is able to handle the clicking of a given element, not only for the primary mouse button,
github-actions[bot] sibalzer / streamdeck-prismatik C# Control your Prismatik Ambilight with a Streamdeck! latest
chaos-ui chaos-ui / termux-packages no-lang Android terminal and Linux environment - packages repository. bootstrap-2021.04.14-r1
VerZsuT VerZsuT / SnowRunner-XML-Editor-Desktop JavaScript Desktop version of SnowRunner XML Editor v0.5.8 - Немного увеличен размер окон. - Изменена структура config.json файла. - Добавлена кнопка devTools для отладки. - Кнопк
dmtrKovalenko dmtrKovalenko / eslint-plugin-pretty-imports TypeScript Do you hate chaos in javascript imports? v1.3.0 # 🎉 This project is getting back! ## Features * Sort imports by import specifier option (with new `sort-by-specifiers-length` option) @JSMonk ## Fixes * Fix sorting when imports had n
LeOn0408 LeOn0408 / Service-Helper C# Программа для приемщиков центров. Помогает в описании внешнего вида, состояния и комплектации устройства test4
Adomonir Adomonir / PartsUnlimitedE2E JavaScript Code for the Parts Unlimited - VSE2017 Demo v1.1.0.25 New release of Parts Unlimited
HaarigerHarald HaarigerHarald / geant4_pybind C++ Alternative Python bindings for Geant4 v0.1.0-beta.0
Ma3oBblu Ma3oBblu / masker Go Простая утилита для маскировки чувствительных данных. v0.1
github-actions[bot] suren-m / azenv HCL Dev / Demo Azure environment provisioned using Terraform 28c5389 Infrastructure provisioned via Apply workflow
github-actions[bot] thu-info-community / thu-info-lib TypeScript The JavaScript library that provides a program-friendly interface to Tsinghua web portal v1.0.0 正式发布。
olehermanse olehermanse / cfbs Python WIP CFEngine Build System 0.4.3
svenoaks svenoaks / MasterSwitchPreference Kotlin Master on/off and individual on/off switch preference for Android 0.9.2
github-actions[bot] natescherer / PoshEmail PowerShell A PowerShell module for sending responsive HTML email. v2.0.1 # Release v2.0.1 This is a bugfix release. ## Changes ### Fixed - ExternalModuleDependencies field in module manifest
brad-lin brad-lin / FreePSXBoot C Exploit allowing to load arbitrary code on the PSX using only a memory card (no game needed) v1.2 This release provides memory card image files containing FreePSXBoot with [Unirom 8.0.H]( Changes since last version: * 202
WaveRunner7 WaveRunner7 / Dodge-The-Creeps-PC GDScript Ok Remember Dodge The Creeps On Godot? yeah well i just optimized it for pc because the other version wasn't even in 16:9 also controller support. Godot The Launch Release... The Main Features Are: - Widescreen - WASD Support And Controller Support - Button Prompts That Switch From Controller To Keyboard
JRGCaponde JRGCaponde / tradutor-de-imagem- Python tradução de imagens 1.0
xmlFlow xmlFlow / docxToTEI PHP This converter tool transforms semantically annotated MS-word documents (DOCX) into structured TEI XML documents according to the TEI schema customization of the Research Unit “Documents on the History of Religion and Law of Premodern Nepal” at the Heidelberg Academy of Sciences and Humanities. The tool can be used as a web-based tool and a command-line facility. It is implemented in the PHP programming language. v1.0
github-actions[bot] tranquilitybase-io / tb-eagle-console TypeScript Eagle Console: a self-service portal for Tranquility Base. v0.14.0 # What's Changed ## New * Dividing of isAdmin flag to LZ Admin and MC Admin (#499) @Salles-FA ## Dependency Updates * Bump tslib from 2.1.0 to 2.2.0 (#503) @dependabot * Bump rxjs from
github-actions[bot] myhelix / cdk-watchful TypeScript Watching what's up with your CDK apps since 2019 v0.5.144 ### [0.5.144]( (2021-05-05)
Rismosch Rismosch / risWebsite PHP Blog and Project-Collection of Simon Sutoris 1.0
Xwilarg Xwilarg / Onigiri C# Discord bot that keep you updated of all the new Hololive tweets v1.0.0 ![image](
vineetbansal raphael-group / hatchet Python HATCHet (Holistic Allele-specific Tumor Copy-number Heterogeneity) is an algorithm that infers allele and clone-specific CNAs and WGDs jointly across multiple tumor samples from the same patient, and that leverages the relationships between clones in these samples. v0.3.0 This version of `hatchet` renames all HATCHet commands (old commands are still supported), and introduces a top-level `hatchet run` command that can run HATCHet end-end.
github-actions[bot] qnimble / arduino_boards no-lang qNimble Board Libraries for Arduino 0.1.18 Release 0.1.18 of qNimble Board Libraries for Arduino
FireLeon FireLeon / Discord-hacker-Simulation Python Hello this is my simulator its just an fun gane 2.0 Download ![Screenshot_20210505-225512_Pydroid 3]( second release
TheRedCmdCraft TheRedCmdCraft / CloudNet3-WebInterface no-lang A WebInterface for CloudNet 3 Test test
CharlesHolbrow fluid-music / cybr C++ Fluid Music Audio Server v0.3.1 Compatible with `fluid-music` node client`^0.9.5` Compatible with `fluid-music` node client `0.9.4` release candidates Compatible with OSX 10.16 (Catalina) Untested with with MacOS 11.x (Big Sur) -
pnbruckner pnbruckner / ha-sun2 Python Home Assistant Sun2 Sensor 2.0.0 #37
misolori microsoft / vscode-codicons Handlebars The icon font for Visual Studio Code 0.0.17 - Run by Line (Fixes #52) - Smart Select Icon (Fixes #60) - Add a filled filter icon (Fixes #53) - Add an "add person" icon (Fixes #54) - Add a copy icon (Fixes #56) - Add a "swap&
paavoph noolaero / msfs-toolkit Python A collection of content creation tools for Microsoft Flight Simulator. v0.42 * Added **-epsg** to aerial end elev tools to override auto-detected projection. * Added **-fillnodata** to elev tool, see Tutorial example
github-actions[bot] DP6 / penguin-adinfo TypeScript It allows the control and standardization of the use of parameterization and nomenclature of digital media. v1.0.0 # 1.0.0 (2021-05-05) ### Bug Fixes * :bug: Ajusta na funcao de adicionar uma nova configuracao ([7c87165]( * :
github-actions[bot] OpenSesame / core-github-actions no-lang Core Team Github Actions v1
github-actions[bot] helderburato / prettier-config-hbb JavaScript ⚙️ prettier-config-hbb is an opinionated configuration that makes it easy to start your projects. v0.3.2 ## [0.3.2]( (2021-05-05) ### Bug Fixes * pass branches to release config ([bd981dc](
BarleyFlour BarleyFlour / RespecMod C# A rewritten respec mod for Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous 2.0 Fixes regarding companion recruiting in same session as having respeced them and updating to 1.6.
vmanuel vmanuel / hacs-google-fit Python ♥️ HACS Google Fit integration for Home Assistant v1.1.5 Add version in manifest
docktermj Senzing / resolver Python Ephemeral Senzing entity-resolution. 1.3.2 See [](
ObsidianOS7 ObsidianOS7 / Obsidian-OS no-lang Obsidian OS for Raspberry Pi 11v1.1 The Full Release of Obsidian OS 11 Now using Official Ubuntu Budgie 21.04 as base v1.1-v1.x will be supported until 11/21 Download Here
crowdbotics-apps crowdbotics-apps / ppms-inc-26192 Python This react_native application was built with Crowdbotics build_3
github-actions[bot] rhukster / grav-1 PHP Modern, Crazy Fast, Ridiculously Easy and Amazingly Powerful Flat-File CMS 1.7.13
rafaelmartinelli rafaelmartinelli / KnapsackLib.jl Julia Julia package to solve Knapsack problems v0.1.0 # KnapsackLib.jl v0.1.0 - First working version: binary formulation and dynamic programming.
Shark-vil Shark-vil / slib-garrysmod Lua A library that adds new useful methods to LUA. 1.1
toger5 toger5 / Spectre-gtk Rust A gtk frontend using the masterpassword (now spectre) algorithm. 0.0.4 It has almost reached feature parity with the gtk3 branch but is much nicer to look at. The password file is in the ~/.spectre.d/name.mpsites (The folder still has to be created manually... pre-relea
jung-thomas SAP-samples / hana-developer-cli-tool-example JavaScript Learn how to build a developer-centric SAP HANA command line tool, particularly designed to be used when performing SAP HANA development in non-SAP tooling (for example from VS Code). 2.202105.1 See ChangeLog:
dylan-roger dylan-roger / markdown-spring-shell-documentation HTML A markdown extension that creates a documentation from Java classes using ssh-shell-spring-boot-starter 1.0.0-BETA2
IvanRublev IvanRublev / Domo Elixir Elixir library to model a business domain with type-safe structs and and composable tagged tuples v1.2.2 Add support for `new/1` calls at compile time f.e. to specify default values. The value's type will be eventually checked at the lasts step of the compilation.
And96 And96 / MediumUnlimited Dart Android App written with Flutter/Dart to navigate without limitation v1.0.0
github-actions[bot] 5high / NanoPi-R4S-2021 Shell 基于 Lean&Lienol 源码的 NanoPi R4S 的 OpenWrt 固件。每天自动更新插件和内核,Fusion编译法 2021.05.06-Lean 🔗 [Cowtransfer]( 🔗 [WeTransfer](
github-actions[bot] mkschleg / Reproduce.jl Julia What were my hyper-parameter settings again? v0.9.4 ## Reproduce v0.9.4 [Diff since v0.9.3](
github-actions[bot] dm67x / bfuckrs Rust Brainfuck interpreter written in Rust. v0.3.0
gesellix gesellix / gradle-docker-plugin Groovy Gradle Docker plugin v2021-05-05T22-41-13 We're working on stronger types while trying to keep everything as flexible as possible. This and the following releases might require changes in your build scripts. Please watch out for properti
ryteck ryteck / Alice no-lang A real time chat beatrice-v0.1-alpha ### Added - A simple project with Express and CORS - ESLint - Typescript
Teages Teages / C2v3-to-StoryBoard JavaScript A Program to convert CytusII Chart to StroyBoard. js-v1.1.0 Visit [the site]( to learn more.
yasserhcn yasserhcn / MinCPT C++ a minimalist building tool for c++ using mingw/gcc v0.1.0 7z file contains docs, a how to txt file, and the executable the exe file alone is the only necessary part for running to install you just have to add the executable/bin file to your PATH and run
wenbinf ListenNotes / podcast-api-php PHP The Official PHP library for the Listen Notes Podcast API v1.0.1
ITheP ITheP / Arksplorer C# Arksplorer - Ark Suvival Evolved online server data explorer front end (find dino's etc.!) v1.3.0 Better filtering, alarm features, zooming, highlighting, handling of browser crashes, extra YouTube browser and more!
yasirkula yasirkula / UnityNativeShare Java A Unity plugin to natively share files (images, videos, documents, etc.) and/or plain text on Android & iOS v1.4.1
github-actions[bot] JarvusInnovations / hologit JavaScript Hologit lets you declaratively define virtual sub-branches within any Git branch v0.38.0 ## Improvements - fix: use parent commit as source-commit rather than ancestor @themightychris ## Technical - feat(ci): add release flow automation @themightychris - chore: switch to core/no
lindsaycerqueira 3Tecnos-Development / react-verification-pin TypeScript A verification code for React v0.2.0 Version 0.2.0 ### Commits - [4c8fbf3c] Merge pull request #4 from 3Tecnos-Development/develop - [ea98eb51] feat: update package version - [9a75301d] Merge pull request #3 from 3Tecnos-Development/ma
SteveBarnegren SteveBarnegren / XcodeCommentWrapper Swift Xcode extension for wrapping comments 1.1 - Correctly identifies markdown code blocks - Correctly identifies markdown reference links Thanks @Peter-Schorn!
shreyasbapat einsteinpy / einsteinpy Python Repository for the EinsteinPy core package :rocket: v0.4.0
gnembon gnembon / fabric-carpet Java Fabric Carpet 1.4.35 ## What's new in carpet 1.4.35 - support for 21w18a - carpet should allow now to spawn fake players on online servers with Mojang servers down. - updated chinese translations. Blame @whats2
Bockiii Bockiii / rss-bridge no-lang The RSS feed for websites missing it 2021-05-05 stuffs
bkohrn Kennedy-Lab-UW / Duplex-Seq-Pipeline HTML A standalone end-to-end data analysis pipeline for Duplex Sequencing v2.0.1 Bugfix release: pipeline crashed when a masking bed file was provided.
LCluber LCluber / Type6.js TypeScript Mathematics library v3.0.0-beta.0 * Vector class: * Replace isOrigin() method by isEqualTo(scalar) method * Fix Vector opposite method * Vector2 class: * Constructor now accept numbers, array or Vector2 as parameters
Medalink Medalink / laravel-reflects-constants PHP A small helper package that aids in the retrieval of class constants of models. v2.0.1
boazpoolman boazpoolman / strapi-plugin-config-sync JavaScript Track changes of configuration data in your database. 0.1.6 - Ignore the `_id` key in the exports #7
jcollins-axway Axway / agent-sdk Go A development kit to help building agents (Discovery / Traceability) that connect a gateway to Axway AMPLIFY Central. v1.0.20210505
alexstandiford Underpin-WP / underpin PHP A WordPress Framework that makes building scale-able plugins and themes easier. 1.2.0
joroKr21 milessabin / shapeless Scala Generic programming for Scala v2.3.5 Now available for Scala 2.11, 2.12 and 2.13 on the JVM, Scala.js 1.5 and Scala Native 0.4 🎉 Many thanks to all contributors ❤️ ### What's new This release backports a lot of changes t
Siyana17 Siyana17 / Silencio-Bio CSS Using CRISPR-off to cure HIV Silencio
github-actions[bot] Tarik02 / vscode-php-imports TypeScript PHP imports formatter for Visual Studio Code v0.3.0
yapro yapro / helpers PHP PHP classes for solving the most common problems. v1.0.0
carsteneu PapooSoftware / PapooCMS PHP PHP based CMS System - lots of plugins, 21.05.05 New Version including Open Streetmap Extension and many translations
deedy5 deedy5 / duckduckgo_search Python search results v0.3
okyang zotbins / waste_watcher C++ Waste Watcher is an IoT based sensor module to help keep track of waste data metrics such as bin fullness, bin weight, images of waste, etc. This is intended to help quantify waste data and promote actionable solutions to lower the amount of waste people throw away. v0.0.0 Waste Watcher v0 🗑️👀 uses the ESP32CAM and a HC-SR04 to capture waste images and record bin fullness metrics. It then saves the data onto a microSD card. ### Features ⭐ - Measures bin f
chtakahashi CMSgov / terraform-aws-cms-ars-saf-ecr HCL Terraform module for setting up ECR repo and CI/CD flow for creating container from ARS overlay 0.0.2 Generating a refreshed inspec profile to pull in latest changes
github-actions[bot] futz-dev / angular-web-angular TypeScript Scaffoldly Angular Demo 1.5.1-0 # Release 1.5.1-0: ## Changes: <details> <summary>7b69b30: Merge branch 'main' of into main</summary> Merge branch
bhong-mw MathWorks-Teaching-Resources / Phase-Plane-and-Slope-Field MATLAB Apps for qualitative ODE analysis v1.0.0 This is the first release (v1.0.0) of the Phase Plane and Slope Field apps for qualitative ODE analysis.
github-actions[bot] futz-dev / sly-auth-api TypeScript Scaffoldly Demo 1.3.1-0 # Release 1.3.1-0: ## Changes: <details> <summary>e12a397: Merge branch 'main' of into main</summary> Merge branch '
neko-gg neko-gg / AssetStudio C# AssetStudio is a tool for exploring, extracting and exporting assets and assetbundles. CLI Added basic CLI.
ay42 spacenation / string-decoder-swift Swift :rocket: String Reader 0.5.5
aerispaha aerispaha / swmmio Python Python tools for interacting with, editing, and visualizing EPA SWMM5 models v0.4.8 ## Version 0.4.8 (2021/05/05) ### Issues Closed #### Bugs fixed * [Issue 121]( - Errors when overwrite the [OPTIONS] Sections In this release
ryteck ryteck / alice no-lang A real time chat beatrice-v0.1-alpha ### Added - A simple project with Express and CORS - ESLint - Typescript
JordanMartin JordanMartin / data-generator Java Générateur de données aléatoire test
spncr thinkshout / bene_salsa PHP Bene Features module for embedding salsa forms in Bene Drupal sites. 1.0-beta8 No functional changes, beyond updating requirements for Drupal 9
ykaridi ykaridi / MusicDownloader Python A simple Python API that enables downloading music, allows selecting a flavour (e.g. acoustic) to download music in. StableV1.0
moebius-rex moebius-rex / primes Makefile A project that implements the **Sieve of Eratosthenes** algorithm in several popular programming languages. v1.2.0 # Release notes Primes v1.2.0 introduces Go language implementations of the Sieve of Eratosthenes algorithm to the Primes project, including: - a utility package that implements the algorithm as a G
prksu kubernetes-sigs / cluster-api-provider-digitalocean Go The DigitalOcean provider implementation of the Cluster Management API v0.4.3 # Changelog since v0.4.2 ## Changes by Kind ### Bug Fixes - Fix webhook port ([#256](, [@prksu](
JustAnotherStrange JustAnotherStrange / CafeBot Rust A Discord bot for my small server. v0.8.3
github-actions[bot] EnviroDIY / Arduino-SDI-12 C++ An Arduino library for SDI-12 communication with a wide variety of environmental sensors. This library provides a general software solution, without requiring any additional hardware. v2.1.4 ### Possibly breaking changes - Reverted the default wake delay to 0ms. - In 92055d377b26fa862c43d1429de1ccbef054af01 this was bumped up to 10ms, which caused problems for several people. - The de
SREJenkinsHBO HBOCodeLabs / terraform-aws-acm-certificate HCL Terraform module to create AWS Certificate 2021.5.5.1-16 2021.5.5.1-16
modios modios / EigenCore C++ .Net wrapper for the Eigen C++ library v1.0.0-alpha
github-actions[bot] DeadPackets / pwnbox Shell A Kali-based docker container pre-built with tools, ZSH, and SSH. v2.4.0 # PwnBox - v2.4.0 * Installed proper version of pwncat. * Installed `file` command.
dcallegari dcallegari / PS-Printer_Remover PowerShell Application is used to remove printer(s) and associated driver(s) in a PowerShell script. Completed as part of class final project, in prototype stages and only works on local machine. v0.1 Application is in functional state and allows users to utilize PowerShell to remove printer(s) and driver(s) from PC. Currently, administrator access is required for full usage without some errors.
SibrenVasse SibrenVasse / deezer Shell Deezer Archlinux AUR package v5.0.1-a.0 Major release by Deezer. Unfortunately it's not possible to port the MPRIS patches to the new version at this time.
erikuus erikuus / yii2-vauid2-extension PHP Yii 2 raamistiku laiendus VauID versiooni 2.0 kasutamiseks v1.0
pustovitDmytro pustovitDmytro / winston-array-transport JavaScript write winston logs directly to javascript Array v1.1.0 # [1.1.0]( (2021-05-05) ### Chore * (refactor) remove unused argument ([6f28b59](
nassibnassar library-data-platform / ldpmarc Go Converts LDP SRS/MARC records from JSON to a tabular format v1.0.1 * The `id` column has been renamed to `srs_id`, in order to distinguish it from other identifiers and from the primary key. * The `content` field is now indexed to support pattern matching queries us
github-actions[bot] F-T-Otaku / Action-OpenWrt-x86-r2s-pi4-acrh17 Shell A very simple but aggressive vision of openwrt. 2021.05.06-x86
clairernovotny Humanizr / Humanizer C# Humanizer meets all your .NET needs for manipulating and displaying strings, enums, dates, times, timespans, numbers and quantities v2.10.1 ## Changes: ### Bugs: * #1065: Add try/catch around formatter registration ### Localization: * #1005: Add support for culture-specific ByteSize units ### Enhancement: * #1063: Transform wi
PXshadow PXshadow / setup-hashlink Haxe A github action to install and setup Hashlink v1.0.0 Setups and installs Hashlink version 1.11 for Linux, Windows, and Mac.
github-actions[bot] joadan / Blazor-ApexCharts C# A blazor wrapper for ApexCharts.js v0.2.3-alpha
SmoochyPit SmoochyPit / Food-Infos mcfunction Nutrition Facts for Minecraft v1.1 Supports Minecraft: Java Edition 1.16-1.16.5. (Not tested on 1.17 snapshots, should still work.) ### Changes: * Add uninstall function * Certified MCDP compatibility
caidevOficial caidevOficial / CSharp_StructureBuilder C# Structures creator for the C language, coded in C # with a small graphical interface, capable of creating a structure with up to 4 parameters inside, in addition to their respective getters, setters and constructors functions, among others. <table> <tr> <td><img align="center" alt="C#" src="" width="
kaomo17 kaomo17 / Area-calculator C++ Area calculator for cylinders and spheres using basic math formulas. 1 Please compile it from source.
Underplayer97 Underplayer97 / 11C-Plugin Java 11C's Official Plugin 0.5.0 Changes: -Changed some permission names Additions: -Added gmc command -Added gms command -Added gmsp command -Added gmad command
canepat torquem-ch / silkrpc C++ C++ implementation of Ethereum JSON RPC daemon within Turbo-Geth architecture v0.0.4 New alpha release introducing support for the following Ethereum JSON API: - `eth_getUncleCountByBlockHash` - `eth_getUncleCountByBlockNumber` - `eth_getUncleBlockByHashAndIndex` - `eth_getUncle
SmoochyPit SmoochyPit / Item-Infos mcfunction Information through held items v1.1 Supports Minecraft: Java Edition 1.16-1.16.5. (Not tested on 1.17 snapshots, should still work.) ### Changes: * Add uninstall function * Certified MCDP compatibility
lairg99 lairg99 / eloquent-types PHP Convenient way to make eloquent models typable. v0.1-alpha The package is still in the testing phase and not yet intended for use in a production environment.
github-actions[bot] Gemma-Analytics / ewah Python ELT With Airflow Helper - Classes and functions to make apache airflow life easier v0.5.15 This Release was automatically created by a GitHub Action after the merge of a PR. Please check the appropriate PR for the changelog.
Pequla SamiCraft / MoneyRPC Java Fabric mod that provides discord rpc funcionality displaying your economy balance on the minecraft server v1.1 ### What is new? - No more need for external config files - General performance improvments
kantord kantord / LibreLingo JavaScript 🐢 🌎 📚 a community-owned language-learning platform @librelingo/web-v1.7.0 # [@librelingo/web-v1.7.0]( (2021-05-05) ### Features * **lluis:** add <NavBar /> ([2fee850](http
Extrys Extrys / Hybrid-EZS C# Streamlines the transition from MonoBehaviour to DOTS in an extremely simple, modular and efficient way. 1.0.0
moshloop flanksource / postgres-operator Go Postgres operator creates and manages PostgreSQL clusters running in Kubernetes v1.6.2.flanksource.1
GreenGalaxy5588 GreenGalaxy5588 / GalaxyMod no-lang Galaxy Mod is a mod for terraria using Tmodloader v0.8 Mod Browser Autorelease built on tModLoader v0.11.8.3
FlorianRappl FlorianRappl / piral-webpack-tools TypeScript Integrates webpack for debugging and building pilets. :rocket: v0.6.7 - Improved wiring up `html-webpack-plugin` - Fixed usage of Cheerio static w.r.t. `TagElement` - Improved link resolution in the `html5-entry-webpack-plugin` - Published `import-maps-webpack-plugin
kaomo17 kaomo17 / Array-Element-Sorting C++ Uses lambda functions to sort and display elements in an Array. 3 Please compile it from source.
LalithRavi LalithRavi / AutoSwitchColorModes Batchfile Automatically Switches Between Light and Dark Modes in Windows 10 1.0 A working product with basic functionality.
fracek cog-imperial / pypopt Python Bindings to Ipopt C++ library for Python. 🐍 0.6.0
walidmasr walidmasr / modern-php JavaScript Companion code repository for Modern PHP by Josh Lockhart V.1.4.8
KRostyslav KRostyslav / ros-zsh no-lang :hammer_and_wrench: My zsh theme 1.0.0
alexstandiford Underpin-WP / underpin-block-loader PHP Registers WordPress blocks using Underpin syntax. 1.0.0
cgosiak GeneralMills / get-changed-files TypeScript Custom GitHub Action to get files that have changed between commits. v0.0.1
alexstandiford Underpin-WP / eraser-loader PHP Loader to handle GDPR compliant data erasing in WordPress 1.0.0
alexstandiford Underpin-WP / underpin-exporter-loader PHP Loader to handle GDPR compliant data exporting in WordPress 1.0.0
alexstandiford Underpin-WP / logger-loader PHP Logger Utility 1.0.0
alexstandiford Underpin-WP / menu-loader PHP WordPress Navigation Menu loader for Underpin 1.0.0
kaomo17 kaomo17 / Sphere-area-calculator C Program made in C that uses a basic math formula to calculate surface area of a sphere. 1 Please compile it yourself.
alexstandiford Underpin-WP / rest-endpoint-loader PHP Manages REST endpoints using Underpin's loader system 1.0.0
fracek cog-imperial / galini-dashboard JavaScript Dashboard for the GALINI Solver v0.1
bryan1anderson bryan1anderson / DrawerView no-lang A drop-in view, to be used as a drawer anywhere in your app 1.3.4
alexstandiford Underpin-WP / role-loader PHP Underpin Loader implementation for user roles 1.0.0
alexstandiford Underpin-WP / sidebar-loader PHP Underpress loader for registering WordPress sidebars 1.0.0
alexstandiford Underpin-WP / taxonomy-loader PHP Underpin loader for custom WordPress taxonomies 1.0.0
alexstandiford Underpin-WP / option-loader PHP Underpin Loader for WordPress options values 1.0.0
alexstandiford Underpin-WP / widget-loader PHP Underpin loader for WordPress widgets 1.0.0
alexstandiford Underpin-WP / admin-notice-loader PHP Adds admin notices to WordPress admin area. 1.0.0
alexstandiford Underpin-WP / batch-task-loader PHP Adds support for Batch tasks to WordPress 1.0.0
Fgerthoffert Jahia / jahia-reporter TypeScript Utility CLI used to process test reports and submit those to different platforms. 0.2.22 Prevent zencrepes process from crashing if zencrepes is not available
alexstandiford Underpin-WP / style-loader PHP Style loader for Underpin 1.0.0
alexstandiford Underpin-WP / custom-post-type-loader PHP Loader for custom post types 1.0.0
alexstandiford Underpin-WP / script-loader PHP Script loader for Underpin 1.0.0
becomevocal bigcommerce / bigcommerce-for-wordpress PHP A headless commerce integration for WordPress, powered by BigCommerce 4.11.0 ## [4.11.0] ### Added - Added support for a generic Segment tracking event on order completion via Embedded Checkout. - Added Customizer option and cart functionality to process coupon/promo code
alexstandiford Underpin-WP / meta-loader PHP Underpin loader for accessing and manipulating metadata 1.0.0
francolanzi francolanzi / Arcosim TypeScript Computer architecture simulator based on Tanenbaum architectures 21.5.5-beta
ArnaudBuchholz ArnaudBuchholz / reserve JavaScript Lightweight http server statically configurable using regular expressions 1.11.3
alexstandiford Underpin-WP / shortcode-loader PHP Underpin loader for shortcodes 1.0.0
lianos facilebio / FacileData R A fluent, tidy-like API for accessing multi-assay high-throughput genomics data bioc-3.11 Version of package last actively used with: 1. bioconductor v3.11 2. the [multiGSEA]( suite of packages. After this version, we will use the [renamed-to-sparrow
dlever dlever / geminitools Python Geminitools is a Python package that can help you talk to the Gemini Exchange REST API. v0.0.2 Woohoo! Initial release to pypi! Find it [here](
razvanMiu eea / eprtr_frontend JavaScript Volto-based frontend server and SPA for the Industrial Emissions Portal website (former EPRTR) 2.0.3 - Restructuring industrial site [`9811180`]( - Improvments on site blocks [`6a57feb`](
warlenmagno warlenmagno / navigation-lib Kotlin Lib for navigation 0.1.0
SvetlovA SvetlovA / static-mock C# SMock is opensource lib for mocking static and instance methods. v1.2.0 - added possibility to mock static and instance properties
vishalscrimatec vishalscrimatec / pravinb_aai JavaScript Its for css and javascript links 1 Aai Cares first release
Mitchnsun Mitchnsun / psc-wiki JavaScript 🚀⚡️ Blazing fast blog built with Gatsby and the Cosmic Headless CMS 🔥 v1.0 First version for PSC WIKI Linked to CosmicJS with Gatsby
yuvalbl hasadna / anyway-newsflash-infographics TypeScript Development branch deployed automatically to website: v0.4.0
jdavis36 JHUGen / JHUGen Fortran This repository is for private development only. For public releases and documentation, please visit our webpage. v7.4.1 - Include tHW process - Add ability to modify Zff couplings
nelrod0713 nelrod0713 / OnDemandSync PLpgSQL Sincronización de Bases de Datos por solicitud V5.1.0 #### Se crea Función única para invocar el proceso de sincronización y pasarle los parámetros requeridos
jasenfinch jasenfinch / metabolyseR R Methods for pre-treatment, modeling/data mining, and correlation analyses of metabolomics data v0.14.2 * Package version, creation date and verbose argument added to prototype of `Analysis` class. * All generics are now defined as standard generics. * Added `metrics` method for `Analysis` class.
jevets jevets / gittix-common TypeScript For a udemy course v1.0.3 The first release, maybe...
ryanrf-ac ryanrf-ac / rules_python Python Experimental Bazel Python Rules 0.2.1
dan212 dan212 / ImageStitcher Java Glues images together in chronological order of images (.png and .jpeg) 1.0 App for bulk sequential gluing of images together. Supports .png and .jpeg images. Can glue images downwards or from left to right. Allows sorting order of images by creation date or by file name
mblaschke webdevops / azure-resourcegraph-exporter Go Prometheus exporter for Azure ResourceGraph queries 21.5.0 - generall refactoring - improve metrics generation - add unit tests
estebanpanelli dnuske / react-page no-lang Next-gen, highly customizable content editor for the browser - based on React and written in TypeScript. WYSIWYG on steroids. v2.1.5 Se quito la feat(cell spacing)
optimyze-machine-user optimyze / helm-charts no-lang Optimyze Helm Charts pf-host-agent-v0.14.0 Hyperscaler software efficiency. For everybody.
JackLivio smartdevicelink / sdl_core C++ SmartDeviceLink In-Vehicle Software and Sample HMI 6.1.2 ## Bug Fix - [Boost Bintray URL is Dead](
BloxJ BloxJ / FiveM-Mods-Installer sed This repository contains a place where you can install and uninstall your FiveM mods. v1.1.3 Yay! All known bugs have been fixed in this update except the directory problem, which I will work on right now. Anyways, enjoy! (The ZIP File now has a password on it to prevent unauthorized acces
kimkwanka kimkwanka / niru JavaScript Universal / isomorphic fullstack boilerplate with React, React-Router, React-Redux and more! v2.6.0 # Changelog All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file. See [standard-version]( for commit guidelines. ## [2.6
abakh abakh / nbsdgames C A package of 17 text-based modern games v4.1 Minor bugfixes, moved the screenshots out of the repository, included manpages, etc.
JAlHund JAlHund / cold-path-map-editor Lua Map Editor for Cold Path 1.0.2 Fix access error on android 11
Mcbamboo Mcbamboo / bicubic-shaders-be GLSL a resourcepack (shader) for McBE 3.0
wet-boew-bot wet-boew / wet-boew-cdn no-lang Content Delivery Network (CDN) files for the main repository of the Web Experience Toolkit (WET) v4.0.42.2
wet-boew-bot wet-boew / wet-boew-dist HTML Compiled files for the main repository of the Web Experience Toolkit (WET) v4.0.42.2
alexstandiford Underpin-WP / admin-page-loader PHP Underpin loader to render, save, and register settings pages in WordPress 1.0.0
AndreaBlengino AndreaBlengino / MotorLoadCoupling Python Script to analyze motor-load coupling dynamics v0.3.0 Highlights of this release include: - Code reorganization in a package - Added docstrings - Added type hinting - Updated description - Files renaming
alexstandiford Underpin-WP / cron-job-loader PHP Cron Job Loader for Underpin 1.0.0
ribafs ribafs / admin-br Twig Implementando ACL em aplicativos do CakePHP 3 usando Bootstrap com administração via interface web v2.5 Ajustes para funcionar na versão 3.9 do laravel.
DerLobi DerLobi / XcoatOfPaint Swift Replace your Xcode icon with colorful variants 1.1.2 - When you change the icon of a non-App Store Xcode, the app will reload the Dock, so that the changed icon is visible in the Dock immediately. - Support for Xcode-Beta versions - Deployment target
mblaschke webdevops / azure-loganalytics-exporter Go Azure LogAnaylytics exporter (Kusto) 21.5.0 - Initial release
alexstandiford Underpin-WP / underpin-berlindb PHP BerlinDB integration for the Underpin WordPress Framework 1.1.0 This update transforms the BerlinDB library to support Underpin 1.2
mdwivedi divegeek / JavaCardKeymaster Java JavaCard implementation of the Android Keymaster HAL, intended for creation of StrongBox Keymaster instances JC_KM_41_V1.1 StrongBox Release Notes Release Date : May 5th, 2021 Release Type : Delat Release (post January 1st, 2021) Release Version 1.1 : Android_Keymast
seyahdoo seyahdoo / laps-framework C# a realtime level editor for unity v0.5.1
PastaJ36 WootingKb / wooting-double-movement TypeScript One-click install for getting double movement in Fortnite. v1.2.0 (Warning: this is a beta release. Only use this if you want to help test new features, but be aware there might be bugs) Changes: 1. Change to using PS4 Controller virtual driver to fix player 1 s
alexstandiford Underpin-WP / admin-bar-menu-loader PHP Loader for Admin Menu Bars 1.0.0
PhillipHow PhillipHow / CovidImpfDeBot Java A telegram bot to inform about the state of the german COVID-19 vaccination campaign with push updates 1.1 - Johnson & Johnson vaccine is now supported in delivery and vaccination updates - Bot sub count is shown at the bottom of update messages - Two herd immunity estimates: a "realistic"
geekarlos geekarlos / angular-curso TypeScript Esta es la introducción a Angular v0.1.0 # Puras bases de Angular
augustin64 augustin64 / nice-pferd Python Manga scans reader and downloader for when you get offline need Android+Termux phone or any Computer running python3 v1.3.47 + Changelog is now available on titlebar when nicepferd is not using latest version + css modifications
galak zephyrproject-rtos / docker-image Dockerfile Docker image suitable for development, similar to what we have in CI v0.17.1 * Pull SDK 0.13.0-alpha-1 for testing ARC64 support. * Updates so container can be used to build SDK as well.
github-actions[bot] jameshball / osci-render Java 〰📺🔊 Project for rendering objects on an oscilloscope using audio. v1.0.1 Release version 1.0.1
xp4u1 xp4u1 / discite TypeScript Die smarte App zum Latein Lernen v2.0.0 ## Neuerungen - Discite nutzt nun einen modifizierten SM-2 Algorithmus für die Berechnung der Wiederholungen. ## Verbesserungen - Die interne Datenbankstruktur wurde verändert. - Um Date
release-drafter[bot] jenkinsci / bom Shell JENKINS-47498: allow plugin dependencies to be specified via BOM 807.v6d348e44c987 <!-- Optional: add a release summary here --> ## 🚀 New features and improvements * Add caffeine-api (#505) @jetersen ## 📦 Dependency updates * Bump configuration-as-code-plugin.version
AnthonyMonette AnthonyMonette / TheWitcherTRPG HTML FoundryVTT The witcher trpg system 0.0.1 First test release for the witcher TRPG system for foundry vtt
alanondra figtree-php / config PHP FigTree Config 1.0.2
Saadi4469 Saadi4469 / Shiny-App-for-Spatial-Analysis no-lang Shiny application for spatial analysis v1.0 This release focuses on spatial and SNOTEL data input and output along with data analysis.
github-actions[bot] julia-vscode / CSTParser.jl Julia A concrete syntax tree parser for Julia v3.2.0 ## CSTParser v3.2.0 [Diff since v3.1.0]( **Closed issues:** - Possible error parsing @doc macrocall (#120) - Parsing error from
jeremiah vinland-technology / flict Python open source software license compatibility tool. v0.1 This is mostly a test release of working code to test packaging.
github-actions[bot] ShipEngine / connect TypeScript The official developer tooling for building ShipEngine connect apps carrier-api_v2.0.0 740b0fd3 Update How Shipping Options & Confirmation Types are defined (#113)
github-actions[bot] casswedson / Cataclysm-DDA C++ Cataclysm - Dark Days Ahead. A turn-based survival game set in a post-apocalyptic world. experimental-1 These are the outputs for the experimental build of commit [7c20c92f7e7ab018c5ba538248558aad9d39c7ba](
KnickKnaack KnickKnaack / Programs Java Base code for program assignments in Software Development (C S 371). v4.0 Testing suite developed for the Circles program. after downloading, to run tests, all that is needed is to use the "ant test" command in the Circles directory. Both Circle 1 and Circle 2 no
dvoituron dvoituron / AppWebView C# Light application to display a web site like a real application. Example: Outlook, Teams, ... 1.0 First version
tiagosiebler tiagosiebler / ftx-api TypeScript Node.js connector for the & APIs and WebSockets, with TypeScript & browser support. v1.0.7 - Fix(#6) websocket authentication for subaccounts. - Fix(#8) topic matching and unsubscribing for websockets. - Fix(#10) sign error for specific request types.
PixelatedVolume PixelatedVolume / lotc-specials no-lang This is a Minecraft resource pack for special items used on Lord of the Craft (LotC) a medieval-fantasy roleplay server. m2r1 - Added four textures - Added two shield models (as-yet-unused) - Improved the existing shield models
github-actions[bot] Fresa / Port C# Persistent handling of port forwarding towards k8s with CLI and UI v0.1.1-pre-7eeabd2 ## [v0.1.1-pre-7eeabd2]( (2021-05-05) ### Bug Fixes * add trace logging to the stream forwarder a
DavidSalinasPoma DavidSalinasPoma / Comunicacion-entre-componentes-con-angular-utilizando-los-metodos-input-ouput-y-servicios- TypeScript Input, Ouput y servicios para comunicar uno o varios componentes. v1.0.0 #Input #Ouput #Servicios para comunicar componentes de cualquier nivel del proyectó.
github-actions[bot] lana-k / sqliteviz JavaScript SQLite database visualiser 0.11.0
BennytheBomb BennytheBomb / sumo-battle-starter C# Original tutorial here: v1.0.0 Download the working finished version as a playable game (**Windows only**). _This is a test release to check if versioning and downloading works._
EmmanuelRoux EmmanuelRoux / ngx-matomo TypeScript Matomo (fka. Piwik) client for Angular applications v1.0.3 ## [1.0.3]( (2021-05-05) ### Bug Fixes * **packaging:** fix peer dependency ([2c727c4](
matthieujabbour openizr / sonar-ui TypeScript A framework-agnostic components and styling library 0.0.32 # General - Alpha release

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