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1bengardner 1bengardner / toshes-quest-ii Python Tkinter RPG v1.1.0 This is the "full version" of Toshe's Quest II (v1.0.0) plus Galijula and Fartooq Hold.
MykhailoLiutov AckeeCZ / TextInputLayout Java Android implementation of TextInputLayout with greater support for outlined boxes v2.0.0 Fixes build error with missing enum value of boxBackgroundMode.
Dimianas Dimianas / ColorText Java A plugin that allows you to write in colored text in books 1.0 en: Use `&` then put the code minecraft color, the plugin will change the color of the written text. ru: Используйте `&` после чего поставьте код minecraft ц�
MicheleCioccarelli MicheleCioccarelli / Dama C++ FTW against nonno v1.2 Now you can play a hopefully bugless dama game between 2 people Included is an Ubuntu 21.04 executable
github-actions[bot] MumetNgoding / itlwm C Intel Wi-Fi Drivers for macOS v2.2.0-alpha ### Disclaimer: ***This alpha version is for testing only.*** It is not ready for daily use and we do not guarantee its usability. If you discovered an issue and you do not have debugging skills, plea
OrzMiku OrzMiku / WebPageGenerator C++ 简易网页编辑与生成系统设计与实现 v1.0.5 ## 更新日志 - v1.0.5 - 重写页面预览逻辑,不再依赖Chrome浏览器 - v1.0.4 - 添加页面预览功能 - 修复部分菜单的返回逻辑 - v1.0.3 - 修复控制台无
MachineUserPTV PTV-Group / clients-data-api C# Clients for the Data API 1.3 Release of clients-data-api 1.3
MachineUserPTV PTV-Group / clients-sequence-optimization-api C# Clients for the Sequence Optimization API 1.5 Release of clients-sequence-optimization-api 1.5
RimuruChan RimuruChan / CustomAgriculture Java 为您提供客制化种子。 1.0-SNAPSHOT **Full Changelog**:
Sid220 Sid220 / Accent-Copier HTML The days of remembering long ALT codes are over with Accent Copier. Copy Anything. v2.0 Accent Copier 2.0 ### It's BIG, it's BOLD, it's Accent Copier v2.0 ## Install ### Regular People Way: 1. Via Chrome Web Store (Chrome/Chromium): [
Tecnio Tecnio / antihaxerman Java An open-sourced anti-cheat solution. 4.0.0
menion asamm / locus-api Kotlin Core library for Android "Locus Map" application. 0.9.51
basti564 basti564 / DreamGrid Java DreamGrid is a launcher designed for Oculus Quest, Pico VR and HTC Vive headsets that supports both official and sideloaded apps and games. v1.1.0 - Introduced rounded icons. - Resolved a potential issue that could result in application crashes. - Optimised wallpapers for improved loading speeds and reduced memory usage. - Implemented support
carlosthe19916 carlosthe19916 / windup-maven-plugin Java Maven plugin for JBoss Windup 5.4.0.Final ## Changelog - 9600f41 🏁 Releasing version 5.4.0.Final - bdad33e Preparing for release ## Contributors We'd like to thank the following people for their contributions: carlosthe19916
clibdev clibdev / YOLO-FaceV2 Jupyter Notebook YOLO-FaceV2: A Scale and Occlusion Aware Face Detector 1.0.0 * Original [Krasjet-Yu/YOLO-FaceV2]( pretrained models. * Converted ONNX models.
github-actions[bot] euaaron / itlwm C Intel Wi-Fi Drivers for macOS - Forked to release unstable alpha build v2.2.0-alpha ### Disclaimer: ***This alpha version is for testing only.*** It is not ready for daily use and we do not guarantee its usability. If you discovered an issue and you do not have debugging skills, plea
tcbegley facultyai / dash-bootstrap-components JavaScript Bootstrap components for Plotly Dash 1.0.3 This is a patch release that fixes a few bugs. Please continue to report any bugs on our [issue tracker](! ### Fixed - Set `cursor:
github-actions[bot] geoid-org / geoid-whitepaper TeX Geoid Whitepaper v0.0.0-wip This is a test release
akasolace ho-dev / HattrickOrganizer Java Assistant for Hattrick online football manager 7.3 # HO! 7.3 Release Notes Latest beta release - the version is feature complete - feedback from early users is welcome latest commit: "#1849 (#1912)" ## Some numbers * 3 commits * 26 files
kadaan kadaan / nix-installer no-lang Install Nix and flakes with the fast and reliable Determinate Nix Installer, with over a million installs. v0.16.2
github-actions[bot] kartoza / charts Smarty Kartoza Helm charts for Kubernetes common-1.1.0 Common library for ops
kodless kodless / leek TypeScript Celery Tasks Monitoring Tool 0.5.4 ## What's Changed * Bulk Filtered Tasks Retry by @kodless in **Full Changelog**:
github-actions[bot] longanw / itlwm C Intel Wi-Fi Drivers for macOS v2.2.0-alpha ### Disclaimer: ***This alpha version is for testing only.*** It is not ready for daily use and we do not guarantee its usability. If you discovered an issue and you do not have debugging skills, plea
github-actions[bot] madlib-lang / madmarkdown-parser no-lang Markdown parser for madlib v0.0.3
github-actions[bot] nodegui / nodegui C++ A library for building cross-platform native desktop applications with Node.js and CSS 🚀. React NodeGui : and Vue NodeGui: v0.0.0-latest-master Latest auto release corresponding to commit 9f9e61289bd9ef334e9f0263758fdc594d1c3beb 🔥. To install do: `yarn install
github-actions[bot] andreamontenegroeidosmedia / helm-charts-repo Smarty Helm Charts Repository on GitHub myfirstchart-0.1.0 A Helm chart for Kubernetes
kentarou-fukuda hulop / MapService Java Map editing and routing server app v4.0.0
xecurifyprashant xecurifyprashant / mb-yoast-seo PHP Add content of custom fields to Yoast WordPress SEO content analysis 1.3.10
tonypinkevych aninix-inc / figma-binding TypeScript A small utility package that helps you easily convert any Figma nodes to Aninix snapshots. v.0.1.1 ## What's Changed * chore: add license to build by @tonypinkevych in * chore: rename types to types-d-ts by @tonypinkevych in https://github.c
gw2treasures-release-bot[bot] GW2Treasures / gw2api-ts TypeScript TypeScript first packages to work with the Guild Wars 2 API @gw2api/fetch@0.0.5 ### Patch Changes - 716cd7c: Update release workflow - Updated dependencies [716cd7c] - @gw2api/types@0.0.4
hhuziuk hhuziuk / bonORM TypeScript Object-relational mapping for TypeScript. Supports MySQL and PostgreSQL. v2.0.0 ## What's Changed * Added new logic for queries using decorators * Added support for mySql * Added new datatypes * Remade the generation of migrations and configuration files * Added support
piobab mars-protocol / contracts Rust Smart contracts for Mars Protocol v1.2.2 This is the release of Red Bank contract for Neutron chain. Compiling the contracts at tag `v1.2.2` or commit [`8914bd7`][1] with [workspace-optimizer 0.12.3][2] should produce wasm binaries with t
ahmed-el-halawani ahmed-el-halawani / EasyRecyclerGenerator Kotlin Easy and modern way to make recycler view list 2.0.7 **Full Changelog**: downgrade Gradle version to 24
syengo254 syengo254 / react-deploy-firebase Python Deploy a test react app to firebase via Github actions v.1.1.0 React app only
github-actions[bot] lirong894 / Padavan-build Shell Padavan 自动编译 v2024.02.22-1738 开始编译时间 2024-02-22 17:38:14 完成编译时间 2024-02-22 17:48:57 编译版本 commit b586da5bb5672281c25f16f901f32982b3e44697 Author: vip
sc1l sc1l / RblxChatter Python macro for roblox chat. 1.1 - Updates can adjust min/max wait second
etteryand0 etteryand0 / telegram-bot-api Go Golang bindings for the Telegram Bot API v5.5.2 Add property `Persistent` to ReplyKeyboardMarkup struct
github-actions[bot] bob-collective / sats-wagmi TypeScript BTC wallet connectors and React hooks @gobob/react-query@0.0.2 ### Patch Changes - [#15]( [`19b6721383119fd533396e3f4d154d2e67f8b744`](
github-actions[bot] celo-org / uniswap-interface TypeScript 🦄 An open source interface for the Uniswap protocol web/5.11.0 IPFS hash of the deployment: - CIDv0: `QmVUZGU9EBHPpn3BZRhKTQB5VZuDtv2PUetyHxxpfmzcp9` - CIDv1: `bafybeidkbbgtppk3euej56wgoxllerdoggnsz3fgkirnhrgvlbmff4reii` The latest release is always mirrored at
LonelyPale LonelyPale / sysinfo-cli Rust Command line program to display system information v0.1.0 **Full Changelog**:
tusmasoma tusmasoma / clean-architecture-campfinder Go campfinderのリポジトリをクリーンアーキテクチャに沿って実装しました v.1.0.0 このバージョンでは、クリーンアーキテクチャの原則に厳密に従って実装されています。
ZoltanRacz ZoltanRacz / MomentMatching.jl Julia This is a package to estimate parameters of macroeconomic models by moment matching methods, such as GMM or SMM. v.0.2.2 ## What's Changed * add Optim as dependency by @ZoltanRacz in **Full Changelog**:
rodykow-bright rodykow-bright / FloatingPanel Swift A clean and easy-to-use floating panel UI component for iOS 1.7.7
faithvoid faithvoid / MIDIGrabber C++ MIDIScanner - A small utility to grab note/velocity/CC data from MIDI devices. v0.1 First version! Works well enough, but only displays basic information and only works with Linux.
KusoKaihatsuSha KusoKaihatsuSha / kickme C++ Simple application to log off RDP sessions from a list of servers. If you are lazy searching your sessions with 'quser' and 'powershell'. v1.0.0 v1.0.0: ![image]( [](
TVolden ChargeTimeEU / Java-OCA-OCPP Java Client and server library of Open Charge-Point Protocol from v2.0 ## Mayor contribution * Add OCPP 2.0.1 and multi-protocol support by @robert-s-ubi in ## What's Changed * Allow listVersion 0 in SendLo
github-actions[bot] Jacobbrewer1 / puppet-summary Go Visualizes Puppet reports with ease. v0.1.0 <a name=""></a> ## (2024-02-22) #### Bug Fixes * **auto-purge:** correcting the cron schedule (#62) ([ef4359f7](
kamrul3288 kamrul3288 / formz Kotlin Formz aims to simplify form representation and validation in a generic way. 1.0.0
felixZdi ZEISS / acme-dns-azure Python ACME client setup based on Certbot for dns-01 challenges via Azure Cloud services v0.1.1-alpha ## What's Changed * Added container build and push on PR by @rembik in * Task/add certbot init by @felixZdi in
jewlexx jewlexx / membrane Java Makes bats drop phantom membranes, and optionally disables phantoms completely, simultaneously making bats not useless, and removing pesky phantoms. 1.0 **Full Changelog**:
M15t M15t / echo-swagger Go echo middleware to automatically generate RESTful API documentation with Swagger 2.0. v1.0.0
Jeongyounghyeon Jeongyounghyeon / project-board Java fastcampus 온라인 웹개발 프로젝트를 학습하고 배포까지 진행해본다. 강의의 내용과 다르게 Spring 버전을 최신 버전으로 하여 발생하는 문제를 스스로 해결하고, 자바 + 스프링부트와 관련된 기술을 공부하고 기록하기 위함 v1.0 ## 게시판 서비스 - v1.0 게시판 서비스의 최초 완성 버전
shywn-mrk shywn-mrk / django-jazzmin no-lang Jazzy theme for Django 1.0.0 The first release of my django-jazzmin.
umputun go-pkgz / routegroup Go Lightweight library for route grouping and middleware integration with the standard http.ServeMux v0.1.0 Initial release
sean-zero1 zero1limited / magento2-hyva-improved-checkout-success-page PHP Hyva version of Zero1 Improved Checkout Success Page 1.0.1
nikolaydubina nikolaydubina / aws-s3-reader Go Efficient Go Reader for large S3 files v1.0.0 - integration test - works - basic policy
ShrBox ShrBox / BackupHelper C++ A LeviLamina plugin which is port from LiteLoaderBDS to help you backup more easily v0.1.0
2066295728 2066295728 / WSL2-Linux-Kernel-Private no-lang Personal compilation 6.6.16 [](
rjshrjndrn rjshrjndrn / ntfy Go Send push notifications to your phone or desktop using PUT/POST v2.8.1-test **Full Changelog**:
0x4c6565 ans-group / cyborg Go Simple app for testing web application availability v1.1.0 ## Changelog * 797a2ca bump go version requirement * 25bf63d ignore dist * f408868 make url a positional arg * 5970920 releaser * 13960e5 update help * 4e2ec82 upgrade deps, coloured output by default
yijingsec yijingsec / vulfocus no-lang 🚀Vulfocus 是一个漏洞集成平台,将漏洞环境 docker 镜像,放入即可使用,开箱即用。 v0.3.2.11 更新时间:2021-11-05 - 更新12个镜像 - 开放镜像API - 新增已启动镜像标签 - 修复首页分类标签重复问题 - 修改镜像启动后现实域名不在显示IP - 修复�
simonschuang simonschuang / sonarqube-action Shell Integrate SonarQube scanner to GitHub Actions v1.3.0 Upgrade Dockerfile source to sonarsource/sonar-scanner-cli:5
BreninSul BreninSul / jdbc-template-postgresql-types Kotlin This is small lib for integration PostgreSQL types like jsonb and enum with JdbcClient/Template. It provides easy way to map jsonb/json/enum in parameter Also it's possible to create own types avoiding PGObject getter/setter methods Also it's provide easy way to map jsonb/json ResultSet to any object 1.0.4 **Full Changelog**:
LianQi-Kevin LianQi-Kevin / SparkChat_CLI Python python 封装的讯飞星火认知大模型CLI v0.1.0 v0.1.0
DennisKgaming DennisKgaming / FS22_DK_edit_Goldhofer_StzVp3 Lua Lowloader trailer 2.1.0 Goldhofer lowloader.
chingiztob chingiztob / NxTransit Python A Python package for merging GTFS data with OSM street network in NetworkX, facilitating time-dependent analysis of transport networks. 0.1.15 ## Pre-release version Package is now available at [TestPyPi]( See the [docs](
webcpu webcpu / OpenAIAPIUsage Swift Keep you informed about your OpenAI API usage costs v1.0
CubeeGuy CubeeGuy / spplice-custom JavaScript Simple Portal 2 Package Loading Instrument for Convenient External modding. Modified to enable the use of custom Portal 2 directories. v0.5.3 **Full Changelog**:
itslanaa itslanaa / NodeToDo JavaScript NodeToDo-App is a simple task management application that allows users to create, edit, and delete task lists. v1.0.0 **Full Changelog**:
dermitzos arcweave / arcweave-unity-plugin C# Official plugin for Unity v2.0.0 ## What's Changed * Transpiler refactor by @dermitzos in **Full Changelog**:
ashleyjtaylor DEFRA / flood-webchat JavaScript Flood web chat repository v0.0.1-beta.48 - text update - reduced bundle size
github-actions[bot] Jason-W123 / interface TypeScript 🦄 Open source interfaces for the Uniswap protocol web/5.11.0 IPFS hash of the deployment: - CIDv0: `QmVUZGU9EBHPpn3BZRhKTQB5VZuDtv2PUetyHxxpfmzcp9` - CIDv1: `bafybeidkbbgtppk3euej56wgoxllerdoggnsz3fgkirnhrgvlbmff4reii` The latest release is always mirrored at
Nelertile Nelertile / 360open-Texturepack no-lang Official Resource pack for the swedish minecraft SMP 360open. v1.0-1.20.1 -- Pack Released -- Invisible String Added
niuee niuee / board TypeScript A pannable, zoomable, and rotatable canvas element that also supports touch. v0.0.1 Rename package from @niuee/vcanvas to @niuee/board
github-actions[bot] nandwalritik / superset TypeScript Apache Superset is a Data Visualization and Data Exploration Platform superset-helm-chart-0.12.6 Apache Superset is a modern, enterprise-ready business intelligence web application
github-actions[bot] threefoldtech / mycelium Rust End-2-end encrypted IPv6 overlay network v0.4.0 ### Added - Support for windows tunnels. While this works, there are no windows packages yet, so this is still a "developer experience". - Validation on source IP when sending packets ove
kohort-aymeric kohortpay / module-magento PHP Official KohortPay Adobe Commerce (Magento) module v1.0.0 ## What's Changed * Implement full README by @kohort-aymeric in ## New Contributors * @kohort-aymeric made their first contribution in http
github-actions[bot] yc-technology / shared TypeScript 通用工具类 v0.1.0 ###    🚀 Features - Change repository url  -  by @sixdjango [<samp>(3a7e6)</samp>]( ###   &nb
writinwaters infiniflow / finity C++ Repo for CI Testing v0.1.0
fcn-tobi ldbv-by / osmosis Java Osmosis is a command line Java application for processing OSM data. v0.49.2 - Precision change to 10 decimal places
Tacoo99 Tacoo99 / SFC Python Simple File Creator v.1.1.0 Nobody read this.
lorenzofabro lorenzofabro / ssladapter Python SSL Adapter is a Python package that provides utilities for handling SSL connections and creating sessions with SSL adapters. v0.1.0 FIrst release with the proposed functionality.
poshizi poshizi / mito-for-streamlit-demo Python 依托streamlit的中国HSE法规标准清单服务 v1.0
uidev1116 appleple / acms-google-sheets PHP Google Sheets API と連携し、お問い合わせフォームなどで送信された内容を任意のGoogle スプレッドシートの最後の行に追記することができます。 v3.0.2 ## Fixed - fix: 認証解除時にGoogle側の認証情報を破棄できていない事により、、再認証時にリフレッシュトークンが取得できない問題の修正 **Full Ch
psabhishek26 Sarvodayam-VHSS / entenadu JavaScript Entenadu App v1.0.0 # EnteNadu v1.0.0 - Initial Release We are excited to announce the initial release of EnteNadu, version 1.0.0! This marks the beginning of our journey, and we are thrilled to share the following fe
balrogsxt balrogsxt / FileWeb Go 轻量级文件映射服务 0.0.1 基础版本实现
GChristensen GChristensen / advanced-slideshow-gadget JavaScript A large slideshow gadget for Windows desktop with additional functionality 1.0
github-actions[bot] xiaoxuan6 / deeplx Go A Go library used for unlimited DeepL translation v0.0.1 ## Changelog ### 🚀 Features * 0f3f4b3 feat: Add goreleaser * 23c7cca feat: Add deeplx ### 🔨 Others * 3dcc270 Initial commit Full Changelog: [...v0.0.1](
zetareticoli italia / design-asl-ui-kit no-lang UI Kit per il modello di sito per le ASL v1.0.0 ## Descrizione Questa è la prima release pubblica dello UI kit per il modello di sito delle ASL italiane. Include: - layouts e templates hi-fi delle principali tipologie di pagina; - guida al
tranvnhan Think-N-Kreate-Ltd / DA2-firmware C Firmware for Don Alarm 2 v1.0.0 Version sent to customer on Lot DA-20240214
uidev1116 appleple / acms-google-calendar PHP Google Calendar API と連携し、お問い合わせフォームなどで送信された内容を任意のGoogleカレンダーに登録できます。 v3.0.3 ## Fixed - [fix: 認証解除時にGoogle側の認証情報を破棄できていない事により、、再認証時にリフレッシュトークンが取得できない問題の修正](https://gith
9il libmir / mir-algorithm D Dlang Core Library v3.22.0
insomnious Nexus-Mods / Vortex-Next no-lang Nothing to see here v1.10.1-alpha New test release
Artillio Alberto-Marco / groupmembers PHP Adds a widget with the user of a group to the Dashboard and spaces, allowing your userbase to contact them when needed. v1.0.0 First release of plugin. You can show a group of people in dashboard and in space.
Kiriller12 Kiriller12 / DeadGalaxy C# Small shooter game/engine project based on raylib and .NET 8 0.0.1-dev This is where our journey began... First development release.
Alvaisari Center-for-Atmospheric-Research-ATMOS / IMFP-EAL-estimator no-lang Colab Notebook, designed to provide you with various methods for estimating the inelastic mean free path (IMFP) and electron effective attenuation length (EAL) for pure water. v.0.1.0
Alvaisari Center-for-Atmospheric-Research-ATMOS / photoionization-cross-sections no-lang Colab notebook with quick estimation of photoionization cross-sections based on ELETTRA synchrotron database v0.1.0
koocyton koocyton / JavaScript koocyton`s blog v1.0
AdhocMan AdhocMan / cufinufft no-lang Nonuniform fast Fourier transforms of types 1 and 2, in 2D and 3D, on the GPU v1.2-t3
yijingsec yijingsec / Godzilla no-lang 哥斯拉 v4.0.1-godzilla 修复了v4.0 jsp的模板错误 导致jsp shell无法连接
yijingsec yijingsec / Behinder no-lang “冰蝎”动态二进制加密网站管理客户端 Behinder_v3.0_Beta_11_for_tools ### 2021.4.29 v3.0 Beta 11【t00ls专版】 更新日志 1.修复了某些情况下CS反弹提示Class not found的问题; 2.修复了Java版本较新双击无法打开的问题; 3.修复了�
desmond8643 desmond8643 / Big-2 Java A Big 2 game created with Java and Swing v1.0.0 A version you can try without using IDE
vladiBit vladiBit / WheelPicker Java Simple and fantastic wheel view in realistic effect for android. 1.1.4 Small adjustments.
rlarasan rlarasan / avengers no-lang Repo de prácticas curso Git v0.0.1
Marek128b Marek128b / BQ76942-pcbs-esp32 no-lang a repo that contains test PCBs and code for the BQ76942 chip v0.0.1 ## What's Changed * added datasheet and referece manuel by @Marek128b in * test added labler.yml by @Marek128b in
agraef agraef / apcmini Lua AKAI APC mini driver for Pd 0.2 First proper release, which merges all the branches and now includes both the Ardour clip launcher and the Koala sampler control app.
jpn-geo6 earthdaily / GeosysPy Python 🐍 The official Python client library for <geosys/> APIs. v0.2.1 [Package on PyPI]( [Package documentation]( • Add geosyspy logger for independent configuration Users can n
hcp4715 hcp4715 / R4Psy HTML R for psychological research (NNU grad course) v1.0.0 2023 spring
anthoai97 anthoai97 / cicd-pipeline-stack-for-microservices Mustache Example full pipeline stack CI/CD for deploy code from git to Kubernetes of microservice system be-service-0.0.1 A Helm chart for Kubernetes
algolabs-longdh AlgoLabsVN / prisma-class-generator TypeScript Class generator from Prisma schema. 0.2.10 **Full Changelog**:
alexanderleegs isomerpages / isomercms-frontend TypeScript Frontend for the Singapore Government's static website builder and host v0.77.0 ## What's Changed * 0.76.0 by @dcshzj in * fix(dompurify): further limit src by @kishore03109 in
aleroyer prometheus-community / rsyslog_exporter Go Export rsyslog metrics to prometheus v1.1.0 ## What's Changed * Allow to silence "error handling stats line" messages by @jayme-github in * Add MAINTAINERS file by
JHelar JHelar / dumbo Go Html templating language for go applications v0.0.1 **Full Changelog**:
yijingsec yijingsec / ARL no-lang ARL(Asset Reconnaissance Lighthouse)资产侦察灯塔系统旨在快速侦察与目标关联的互联网资产,构建基础资产信息库。 协助甲方安全团队或者渗透测试人员有效侦察和检索资产,发现存在的薄弱点和攻击面。 v2.6.1 1. 加强[指纹](规则语法,导入导出为yml格式 #234 #305 #312 #511 #666 2. IP 任务支持显示 C 段统计数据 3. 修
trpfrog trpfrog / knock-on-gpus Rust A CLI tool for checking if GPUs are available before running your script that uses GPUs. v0.0.1 Initial Release. This version is currently in alpha, implying it may contain bugs and does not yet include all features planned for future releases. Please be aware that at this phase, we are no
ssterm5 ssterm5 / MathGame Python Simple game written on customtkinter v1.0.0 The working version of the application. You can already start training your counting skills.
Kisonix-Dev Kisonix-Dev / Texture-blocks Java Over 2,000 texture blocks for building. 1.0.2-1.16.5 # General - Added 90 blocks with texture of Panels. - Localization of blocks has been carried out: Panels into Russian. - Added 92 blocks with texture of Parquet. - Localization of blocks has b
github-actions[bot] ArchiFleKs / kong-charts Mustache Helm chart for Kong ingress-0.11.1 Deploy Kong Ingress Controller and Kong Gateway
yijingsec yijingsec / subDomainsBrute no-lang A fast sub domain brute tool for pentesters v1.4 Last version that works with python 2.7
szarcensky vlgroup / rhymba-typescript-sdk TypeScript Typescript SDK for the Rhymba Music API v1.0.1 ### Bug Fixes - correct entry points ### Features - add Get Artist Image
github-actions[bot] NHSDigital / digital-staff-passport Python API Specifications for Digital Staff Passport project v1.0.103-alpha
BIYUEHU BIYUEHU / mcwss TypeScript A simple Minecraft Bedrock Edition websocket server framework, help developer to setup websocket server faster for Minecraft or your self package depend on it v2.0.0 # [2.0.0]( (2024-01-29) ### Features * mcwss base on typescript ([64a7116](
github-actions[bot] WeiShengPan / campus-imaotai no-lang i茅台app自动预约,每日自动预约,支持docker一键部署 v1.0.12
github-actions[bot] Myrroddin / repbyzone Lua World of Warcraft AddOn that switches your watched faction by the player's zone 1.33.13 # RepByZone ## [1.33.13]( (2024-02-22) [Full Changelog]( [Previous Releases](ht
TobyWarren TobyWarren / TerraModified Shell A modified Config Pack based on Terra 2.0 2.0-A Initial Release of Terra Modified, compatible with Terra 6.5.0+ Install instructions: Find your terra directory, install the into your packs folder For bukkit based servers this will
nook24 it-novum / graphing-docker Python 🐳 Dockerfiles to build graphing backend for openITCOCKPIT 🐳 4.7.0
yijingsec yijingsec / OneForAll no-lang OneForAll是一款功能强大的子域收集工具 v0.4.5 [0.4.5]( - 2022-07-10 修复了
GabrielRevelli AVISTOTELECOM / Data-Anonymization Java This document depicts the sensitive data randomization library. For this purpose, this library gives several tools to achieve anonymization. 1.0.0 This is the first release of this project, so don't hesitate to improve it or request modifications for future releases.
Malpar26 Malpar26 / malp-product-card TypeScript Proyecto de pruebas de NPM en React y Typescript v0.0.1
sunriseydy sunriseydy / torrent-parser Java Java library for working with .torrent files 1.0.0.beta.1
github-actions[bot] albertattard / me Rust MARKDOWN executor 20240222.083751 Fix pipeline Trying to release the binary.
Trust04zh Trust04zh / Palworld-Internal C++ A Palworld mod to monitor some abnormal cases for base camp pal workers. 0.0.1
intitni intitni / CustomSuggestionServiceForCopilotForXcode Swift Use locally run models (OpenAI compatible APIs, Tabby) to generate code suggestions for Xcode. 0.1.0 Initial release!
ryu-xin hiforce / pixel-force-open-client Java PixelForce是原力在线提供的在线AI绘图软件。基于PixelForce可以帮助您,对指定的商品实现真人模特穿搭、背景重绘、模特换脸、去除背景等。 PixelForce除了提供在线图形化操作界面外,还提供了Open API方式,以方便被集成到您的应用中。 release/1.0.2 1、优化了部分代码 2、[增加了通用ComfyUI 流程调用方法](
yijingsec yijingsec / upload-labs no-lang 一个想帮你总结所有类型的上传漏洞的靶场 0.1 01.添加项目Dockerfile 02.修正上传路径,删除多余代码 03.解决Pass-14无法上传jpg图片问题 04.解决Pass-19 Linux下无法使用[CVE-2017-15715](
mugler-swarnat mugler-se / libyuv-android no-lang LibYUV for Android v0.31.1
bckohan sphinx-contrib / typer Python Auto generate docs for click and typer commands using typer's rich console formatting. v0.1.11 Bug fix for dependency specifications.
taeminyun taeminyun / ScrollCounter no-lang ScrollCounter is an iOS framework for getting a nice scrolling animation when transitioning between numbers. This framework is modeled after the animations seen in the Robinhood app. 1.0.0 fork master and release
diazlp diazlp / search-engine-svelte TypeScript Basic Search Engine integrated with an external Google Search API v1.0.0 #v1.0.0 ##Features - Completed Homepage - Completed Result Page (All, Images, News) - Completed Reading List - Integrated Application with Google Search API (RapidAPI)
zolkasza ibellotesting / ibello-examples Java Example codes for the ibello test automation tool 1.21.4
digitalw0lf digitalw0lf / PCLock Pascal Simple screen (input) locking utility v1.0 Initial release
YoussefHenna draftbit / variable-json ReScript JSON syntax with variable interpolation v1.0.2 ## What's Changed * Fix stack overflow parsing failure by @adnelson in **Full Changelog**:
T8RIN T8RIN / ImageToolboxLibs Kotlin Set of Libraries for Image Toolbox 1.0.0 Initial release
ychadwick networking / init-cms-bundle CSS the flexible cms core for symfony developers v6.4.14 This release brings many upgrades and BC breaks. The UI has been completely redesigned, using a more modern UI, and removing the use of annotations in preference for PHP native attributes. Suppo
J0s9 J0s9 / avengers no-lang Un repositorio para probar git v0.0.0
lanczos-iterator lanczos-iterator / Lanczos_Iterator Fortran Lanczos program for large sparse Hermitian matrices (Fortran 95 with C99 interface) v3.3 This is an iterative Lanczos procedure (Fortran 95 with C99 interface) for maximum-accuracy eigenvectors and eigenvalues of (complex or real) Hermitian matrices specified as a "black box" m
github-actions[bot] snowplow / snowplow-flutter-tracker Dart Snowplow event tracker for Flutter apps 0.6.0
jas02 jas02 / dependency-track-python Python A simple wrapper for the Dependency Track REST API. 0.0.6 - Add version() method - Add get_project_components() method - Add get_component() method - Add project_lookup() method - Add get_project_violations() method
supercat0867 supercat0867 / WeChatSDK Go 微信公众号SDK v0.0.1
flowzone-app[bot] balena-io-examples / device-tags Shell Examples on how to use the balena API & SDK to set device tags from within your app. v2.0.0 3c9b400 (Add a balena.yml file, 2024-02-22) f74db93 (Update the device tag curl examples to the v6 model, 2024-02-22) 51c9712 (Update balena-sdk to 19.3.5, 2024-02-22) 5335bf1 (Update the base image t
lzcapp lzcapp / MikuWeather_Windows Visual Basic .NET 初音天气 / Miku Weather for Windows v3.9.20240222 ## What's Changed * Create by @lzcapp in * Bump Newtonsoft.Json from 12.0.2 to 13.0.1 in /MikuWeather_VB by @dependabot i
Transistor427 Transistor427 / fluidd Vue Fluidd, the klipper UI. 1.28.1 Test new update
Luckyhv Luckyhv / aniplay JavaScript Watch Anime Without Interruptions! Enjoy Ad-Free Streaming and AniList Integration only on Aniplay! V2.0.9 ### Changelog - Fixed no info on watch page. Implemented caching, it will work fine. - Added some keyboard actions to player will add more in upcoming updates. - Need to check on Continue Watchin
wanggoing wanggoing / SegmentedControl Java 自定义View实现的分段选择控件 1.0.6
korableg space307 / sqlvet Go Go fearless SQL. Sqlvet performs static analysis on raw SQL queries in your Go code base. v1.2.0 Update version
rianabd01 rianabd01 / pengalaman-belajar no-lang Ini adalah proses belajar Git version1.0 Hari ini aku lulus kelas Memulai Pemrograman Dengan Java di Dicoding. Sertifikatnya: [Sertifikat Kompetensi Memulai Pemrograman Dengan Java.pdf](
github-actions[bot] Xia-Chuan / Qt-App C++ QT APP 插件式开发模版 0.0.3 **Full Changelog**:
Aloxaf Aloxaf / fzf-tab Shell Replace zsh's default completion selection menu with fzf! v1.0 first release
jgaucher-cs RS-PYTHON / rs-server-libraries no-lang This repository contains all the prefect flows allowing to build Copernicus processing chains. v1.0a5 See:
mcib3d centuri-engineering / SpikeAFM Java Repository for analysis of protrusion for SARS-COV2 Spike protein imaged by AFM. 1.0
TeslaPlasmaBolt TeslaPlasmaBolt / ScrimZone-Logger no-lang ScrimZone Game Logging Tool v1.2 v1.2 Notes: - Image cache clear button added - No longer closes after logging one game - Editable teams list (in teams.txt) - Updated NYNB->101 - Other Fun Things :D
CChuYong bibbi-team / bibbi-android Kotlin 삐삐 Android 레포지토리 📱 1.1.2 1.1.2
alexanderzaiets-paysera paysera / lib-delivery-api-merchant-client PHP Api client to interact with checkout delivery application 1.0.0
github-actions[bot] implicit-invocation / runpod-worker-comfy Python ComfyUI as a serverless API on RunPod 1.0.0 # 1.0.0 (2024-02-22) ### Bug Fixes * don't run ntpdate as this is not working in GitHub Actions ([2f7bd3f](
webdevartisan webdevartisan / laravel-shield PHP Block users that visit typical exploit urls or that use bad bots. v1.0.0 **Full Changelog**:
isylhcq isylhcq / Pol_Pot-Grub2-theme no-lang Pol_Pot Grub2 theme v1.0.0-beta
doonguy doonguy / LethalDoonpany no-lang DoonFi Lethal Company modpack v1.0.1 **Full Changelog**:
navinpai OpsVerseIO / opa-policy-sync TypeScript A GitHub action that syncs policies from git to an OPA Server 0.1.0
github-actions[bot] yu-xiaoyao / Flow.Launcher.Plugin.YoudaoTranslate C# Flow Launcher 有道翻译 插件 1.0.0
leftecnu leftecnu / tendermint Go ⟁ Tendermint Core (BFT Consensus) in Go v0.0 first test
rommmka swissup / module-diagnostic PHP Displays Swissup Developr Info 0.1 version 0.1
flagarde flagarde / dotenv-cpp C++ :cow: A utility to load environment variables from a .env file v1.0.0
hamzayogurtcuoglu hamzayogurtcuoglu / go-eebus no-lang Implementation of the EEBUS protocol in Golang v1.0.0 v1.0.0
github-actions[bot] Misaka-blog / s-ui Vue An advanced Web Panel • Built for SagerNet/Sing-Box
SHDocter Nya-WSL / star_rail_calculator NSIS 崩坏:星穹铁道伤害计算器 v1.1.0 ### v1.1.0 - 实装角色分类 - 实装光锥分类 注:角色和光锥数据暂未补全
Fish-pro Fish-pro / ingress-nginx-helm-operator Makefile ingress-nginx-helm-operator is a operator by operator-sdk v0.0.1 Release the first version available
ITMAfricaZA ITMAfricaZA / password-generator JavaScript Web app that generates cryptographically secure passwords inside your browser. Modified for internal company use. v1.0.0
devatmaliance devatmaliance / repository PHP Repository для испоьзования общего интерфейса для добавления, обновления и удаления записей из Мастера v.1.0.0
GRSource GRSource / libimobiledevice-glue no-lang A library with common code used by libraries and tools around the libimobiledevice project 1.0.1 **Full Changelog**:
DrevilYT DrevilYT / ActivationScript no-lang The best and updated Windows activation script for Windows 10 and 11 by DrevilYT. v2.0
nikolaydubina nikolaydubina / read-seek-peeker Go Go Reader that can Seek() and Peek() v1.0.2 - rename
gabrielandrade2 gabrielandrade2 / IOB-util Python Utility for converting IOB2 to and from xml and dict formats 0.2.0
github-actions[bot] nodemailer / nodemailer JavaScript ✉️ Send e-mails with Node.JS – easy as cake! v6.9.10 ## [6.9.10]( (2024-02-22) ### Bug Fixes * **data-uri:** Do not use regular expressions for parsing data URI schemes ([12e65e9](http
axeltechtips axeltechtips / 95theme HTML A HTML theme that replicates the look of old Windows. 0.1 What does this include? This includes the latest version (02/21/2024) of 95theme. Including, startup screen movable windows (more coming soon!)
jackdavenport-ft jackdavenport-ft / ft-routing-app-workshop Java Source for FT Routing workshop app v1.0.1 - New Windows package with embedded JDK - Alerts show more helpful error messages when message sending fails - Highlight inbox and forwarded buttons when new messages recieved
ConfusedCharacter ConfusedCharacter / charman C a simple game like pacman for learning c v0.1 latest * boost enemy * smart enemy move * and etc...
HyunyKim HyunyKim / LevelOSLog Swift OSLogExtension 1.0 FirstVersion
noappertBD noappertBD / ChromaLauncher JavaScript A custom launcher for ChromaLife powered by HeliosLauncher 0.0.1 **Full Changelog**:
wa2elgomaa wa2elgomaa / Wizard-JS JavaScript A lightweight wizard UI component that supports accessibility and HTML5 in JavaScript Vanilla. 1.0.0 **Full Changelog**:
WangMingHua111 WangMingHua111 / open-peer-channel TypeScript 基于PostMessage的对象和方法的双向通讯库,支持基本的Message通讯,和另一个页面的远程方法调用 v0.0.4
farhanputra07 farhanputra07 / progres-belajar no-lang Repositori tentang progress belajarku menjadi web developer v1.0 [Sertifikat Kompetensi Memulai Pemrograman Dengan Java.pdf](
tviegut cimug-org / CIMTool Java CIMug fork of Arnold de Vos's CIMTool for the Common Information Model (CIM). 1.12.0 ### Release 1.12.0 [21-Feb-2024] CIMTool 1.12.0 is a minor release with some UI enhancements in usability and select defect fixes. Defect [Issue #26](
agrsachin81 agrsachin81 / deepdive Java java samples 0.1 First release with 1) ArrayQueue: Array Circular Queue, ThreadSafe, No Garbage, nonblocking 2) TokenBucket: ThreadSafe, non-blocking, no garbage
myrrysart myrrysart / Possogame GDScript Finnish Game Jam 2024 gam v0.1-gamejam You are Kotkan possomunkki. Do what you must.
mathieujobin mathieujobin / raise_deprecation_warnings Ruby Simple gem to replace ActiveSupport warnings to raise an error instead v0.1.0
oriolcanadesin2 in2workspace / wallet-driving-application TypeScript IN2 Wallet Front is the presentation side application for the IN2 Wallet project. It is a Ionic Angular application. v1.0.0 ## What's Changed * Feature/pnnjin2 mxo 425 by @albertorubioin2 in * Feature/pnnjin2 mxo 523 by @albertorubioin2 in https://git
MateusBMP EasyAccept / easy-vsextension no-lang A VSCode extension to use EasyAccept test suite 1.0.0 # Change Log - Initial release of EasyAccept extension. > **Full Changelog**:
github-actions[bot] NicTool / api JavaScript nictool api 3.0.0 - 99908d7 session management progress (#2) - 7555113 beginning of JSON API (#1) - c049177 Initial commit
mhawkshaw mhawkshaw / homebridge-enviroplus TypeScript Air quality plug-in for Luftdaten sensors using the Raspberry Pi 2.1.10 Update ip library to 1.1.9 to fix security vulnerability
mhawkshaw mhawkshaw / homebridge-enviroindoor TypeScript Homebridge Accessory for the Pimoroni Enviro Indoor device 1.0.12 Update ip library to 1.1.9 to fix security vulnerability
henzeb henzeb / warmable-laravel PHP A cache warmer for the Laravel Framework v0.0.1 - initial release
Orelii Orelii / CoSCounter Python A helper application for Creatures of Sonaria v0.5.0 Improved detection for region missions and added update detector
vmc-coding vmc-coding / woinc C++ woinc - an alternative to boinccmd and boincmgr v1.0.2
github-actions[bot] jpflouret / helm-charts Smarty A collection of Helm charts prometheus-nut-exporter-1.2.1 A Helm chart for deploying HON95/prometheus-nut-exporter
KomoriDev KomoriDev / nonebot-plugin-kawaii-status Python NoneBot2 服务器状态查看插件 / View server status for NoneBot2 v0.1.0
yumincho yumincho / tweet TypeScript KAIST SPARCS newbie project v1.0.0 ### Introduction Project `tweet` is a social media service designed for SPARCS members. ### Timeline - Project Start: November 15, 2023 - Release Date: February 22, 2024 - Presentation Date: Fe
github-actions[bot] khallaah / Scambuster-ShadowstrikeAU Lua Scambuster World of Warcraft addon extension for seasonal realm ShadowstrikeAU v0.1.0 # Scambuster-ShadowstrikeAU ## [v0.1.0]( (2024-02-22) [Full Changelog](
BadassFree BadassFree / regions no-lang 中国 省 市 区 县级, ts 0.01 初始化
github-actions[bot] stacksjs / bun-plugin-env JavaScript A simple loader for .env files. v0.1.0 *No significant changes* #####     [View changes on GitHub](
BiteDasher BiteDasher / skuf Shell SKUF Network Boot System allows you to boot diskless Arch Linux using SAMBA (no PXE required) 17.0+37.3 Changes compared to `release 3.0` (first commit a90bbf77293d68e45236dcad60cf6e5317465235): - Added Plymouth support - Added sparse file support - Added support for re-entering SMB credentials in
melund AnyBody / tutorials Python Hosting tutorial files tutorials-8.0.0-1
Kaush1k-R Kaush1k-R / Go_modules Go Go modules for go practice v1.0.0
fronoske fronoske / MTDeck_OldTweetDeck TypeScript TweetDeckをスマホアプリのように使えるようにするUserScript v2.1.2
lonegunmanb Azure / terraform-azurerm-avm-res-cognitiveservices-account HCL This Terraform module is designed to manage Azure Cognitive Services. It provides a comprehensive set of variables and resources to configure and deploy Cognitive Services in Azure. v0.1.0
shenjackyuanjie shenjackyuanjie / icalingua-python-bot Rust A bot based on icalingua++ docker backend 0.4.6 好耶! 记得改config usage: ica-rs-py <config path> 请选择匹配你服务器环境的版本(没有就自己build去 (以后也许会写一个 action 去build 但现在就先�
github-actions[bot] deepflowinc / guardian Haskell guardian - the border guardian for your Haskell monorepo package dependencies v0.5.0.0 # Changelog for guardian ## - Now guaridan can talk with external program to get a dependency graph! + Currently, it supports Dot language as the only input format. + This enable
xuanliugit Zhao-Group / ACERetro Jupyter Notebook Asynchronous chemoenzymatic retrosynthesis v0.1.0 ACERetro v0.1.0
xiaoWangSec xiaoWangSec / watchTV Go 解决看电视"最后一公里"的问题 | 直播 | IPTV 1.0 包括http分发以及我的电视启动器 http分发启动端口80
wily-james wily-james / wani Rust a CLI for completing WaniKani lessons and reviews v0.0.0 initial wani release
DrewThomasson DrewThomasson / ebook2audiobookXTTS Python Generates a audiobook with chapters and ebook metadata using Calibre and Xtts from Coqui tts, and with optional voice cloning, and supports multiple languages 1.1 **Full Changelog**:
DrewThomasson DrewThomasson / ebook2audiobookSTYLETTS2 Python This simple program makes use of Calibre to convert a ebook into chapters and styletts2 to turn that into a audiobook with voice cloning capabilities 1.1
tid-kijyun tid-kijyun / Kanna Swift Kanna(鉋) is an XML/HTML parser for Swift. 5.3.0 * Supports for Xcode 15 including Privacy Manifest (#265) * Supports for visionOS (#268) * Fixed podspec (#267 #269 #270) * bugfix: supporting namespace for querying the same attribute name with di
sg-acloset looko-corp / autopprof Go Automatically profile the Go applications when CPU or memory utilization crosses threshold v1.2.0-next.0 **Full Changelog**:
datalust-build datalust / seq-forwarder C# Local collection and reliable forwarding of log data to Seq v2.1.128
lfvbarcus Luftfartsverket / reqstool-python-decorators Python Python Decorators and Decorator Processor for reqstool v0.0.1 ## What's Changed feat: Initial release **Full Changelog**:
vorujov heyaikeedo / composer PHP Aikeedo Composer plugin to register custom installer for Aikeedo plugins/themese etc. v1.0.0
github-actions[bot] liumingsongning / campus-imaotai no-lang i茅台app自动预约,每日自动预约,支持docker一键部署 v1.0.12
abijitharun45 abijitharun45 / Ecometer HTML "Ecometer: Simple carbon calculator for individuals. Assess, reduce, track. Open-source. Join us in the fight against climate change." v1.0.0 ## Release Announcement: Introducing Ecometer - Your Carbon Footprint Companion We are excited to announce the official release of Ecometer, a powerful yet user-friendly carbon footprint calculator
petoc petoc / Leaflet.DoubleTouchDragZoom JavaScript Leaflet plugin for one finger zoom. v1.0.1 Fixed event handling.
OdatNurd STealthy-and-haSTy / EnhancedFontResizer Python Advanced font resizing for Sublime Text 4 v1.0.0 This is the initial release of the package, which was originally written on stream as a plugin but is being promoted to a package since we can add some other cool functionality into it, such as a pres
GRSource GRSource / libimobiledevice no-lang A cross-platform protocol library to communicate with iOS devices 1.4.0 **Full Changelog**:
fhrk-78 fhrk-78 / MarumaSignGUI Java Add GUI for MarumaSign 1.0.0 ## 前提環境 / Prerequisite Environment - Minecraft 1.20.4 - [MarumaSign]( 1.8.0 - [LibGUI](
VishalInfoCoder VishalInfoCoder / debgenie no-lang Resume-app v1.1.1
MGorkov MGorkov / explain-postgresql-sublime Python Explain PostgreSQL plugin for Sublime Text 1.0.1 Initial release
jikkai dream-num / univer-plugins TypeScript A collection of plugins for Univer v0.2.0 # [0.2.0]( (2024-02-22) ### Features * create esbuild plugin ([1efe50d](
CHR15cs CHR15cs / CS2-Practice-Plugin C# Open Source Plugin for Counterstrike 2 based on CounterStrikeSharp V1.0.0.2 ## What's Changed * Allowed .throw <id> and small cleanup of .throw by @IOExceptional in * Fix De-Registration of OnEntitySpawned by
github-actions[bot] Hedgehog-Technologies / StardewMods C# Collection of mods for Stardew Valley using SMAPI 1.1.0+AllowBeachSprinklers
StrongestNumber9 StrongestNumber9 / rlp_09 Java RELP Flooder for stresstesting and benchmarking RELP throughput 1.0.0 **Full Changelog**:
QalandarDev QalandarDev / laravel-websockets PHP Websockets for Laravel. Done right. v0.0.1
multifrog multifrog / cis-92 Python Starter Code for CIS-92 milestone-4.1 Working!
chrinkis chrinkis / pico-template CMake C sdk template for raspberry pi pico w v0.0.1
DK013 DK013 / mime-db JavaScript Media Type Database v1.52.1 ## What's Changed * Ext lookup by @DK013 in * Added ES6 support with CommonJS compatability @DK013 in ## New C
cecilianomeibel cecilianomeibel / mceciliano_digital_design_lab_2024 SystemVerilog Repositorio en el cual se trabajaran los laboratorios correspondientes al curso de Taller de Diseño Digital del Instituto Tecnologico de Costa Rica v1.0 Carpeta que contiene los 3 códigos finalizados del laboratorio 1
dongyuwei dongyuwei / XIME C XIME Input Method Editor - Yet another Rime Frontend for Mac OS X 0.0.1
hanifalfarisi01 hanifalfarisi01 / daftar-biodata-siswa no-lang daftar biodata siswa dicoding v1.0 Daftar biodata siswa versi 1.0 merupakan daftar biodata yang memuat biodata siswa angkatan 2019
mmncit mmncit / web-ds TypeScript Web frontend design system to leverage re-usable react components 0.1.10 - Letter icons for B and S
molanp molanp / nonebot_zhenxun_plugin_bottle Python 适用于真寻的跨群聊漂流瓶插件 0.2 稳定完全版 下一个版本大概也许可能会支持漂流瓶图片
ZTFtrue ZTFtrue / MonsterMusic Kotlin A music player on android platform 0.1.11 fix bus for lyrics support.
sauravsharma1998 flutique / dssh Python Simple and elegant python module that helps you to manage your ssh server based on environment. Like DEV, UAT, PRE-PROD etc. You can customize your environments/servers config as per your requirements. v0.4.6
StrongestNumber9 teragrep / rlp_09 Java RELP Flooder for stresstesting and benchmarking RELP throughput 1.0.0 ## What's Changed * Initial release by @StrongestNumber9 in * Adds github workflow, builds on java 8+, adds readme by @StrongestNumber9 in https://gith
huangyoukun huangyoukun / node no-lang Node.js JavaScript runtime :sparkles::turtle::rocket::sparkles: v20.7.0 **Full Changelog**:
jayakrishna163 jayakrishna163 / baseballdatabank no-lang To access v2023.1
kurosann kurosann / aqt-sdk Go sdk 0.1.0
asutosh tyklabs / packagecloud Go cli tool. gem-independent.(Fork of atotto/packagecloud) v0.1.1 ## What's Changed * Publish: Exit with success on non deb/rpm file by @asutosh in **Full Changelog**:
popmarley popmarley / Note_Pad C# Windows için tasarlanmış, hızlı ve kolay kullanımlı bir metin düzenleme uygulamasıdır. Temel düzenleme işlevleri, dosya yönetimi ve kullanışlı klavye kısayolları içerir. v2.5 Windows için tasarlanmış, hızlı ve kolay kullanımlı bir metin düzenleme uygulamasıdır. Temel düzenleme işlevleri, dosya yönetimi ve kullanışlı klavye kısayolları içerir. Güncell
RileyPrince RileyPrince / SongNotes C# Add notes to any Beatmap! v1.0.0
suchen-sci easegress-io / easegress Go A Cloud Native traffic orchestration system v2.7.1 ## Docker image - `docker pull megaease/easegress:v2.7.1` ## [v2.7.1]( (2024-02-22) [Full Changelog](
quentin452 quentin452 / g3d Lua Simple and easy 3D engine for LÖVE. 1.5.3 Update conf.lua + Add JPROF INTEGRATION
github-actions[bot] ora-io / cle-cli TypeScript CLI for Building Your zkGraph. v1.0.0-alpha.10 ###    🚨 Breaking Changes - Rm `mappingPath` in config file  -  by @murongg [<samp>(e3086)</samp>]( ###  
rathkey11 rathkey11 / IC-Mod-Hub C# Mods for the game Idle Champions v0.1.0 This enables admin mode.
FrederickEngelhardt FrederickEngelhardt / modular-platform-config Shell Zero install scripts to setup and maintain your development workflows across machines. Easily sync your configuration using this repo as a source. v1.0.0 Please follow the for instructions on how to run things. Downloading the repo directly would also work, but will not let you auto update unless you link to the repo's github url. **F
GP10DevHTS GP10DevHTS / livewire-calendar no-lang Laravel Livewire component to show Events in a good looking monthly calendar 1.0.0
sofyan-rs sofyan-rs / bacakomik-app-flutter Dart Read Comic Application created using Flutter. v1.0.1 ## Changelog - Fix search function
sushantnair sushantnair / OS C A collection of experiments I have performed for the course "Operating System" as part of the curriculum for Semester 5 of TY B. Tech. Computer Engineering at KJ Somaiya College of Engineering. v1.0 **Full Changelog**:
cosmicwanderer7 cosmicwanderer7 / mkgit Shell This Bash script automates the process of creating a new GitHub repository, initializing it with a README file, and pushing the initial commit to the remote repository. The script prompts the user for a repository name and utilizes the GitHub API to create a new public repository. v1.0.0 # Release Notes - Version 1.0 We're thrilled to announce the first release of our GitHub repository setup script! This script makes it easy to create and set up Git repositories, especially fo
akhil-rana akhil-rana / telegramarr Python Telegramarr is an automated Telegram bot designed to work with Radarr. It listens for Radarr webhooks and sends a movie file to a specified Telegram group or chat when a movie is successfully downloaded and added to the Radarr library. v0.1.0 **Full Changelog**:
kinhnguyengremsy Gremsy / PixySC-Firmware no-lang Firmware for PixySC gimbal use for WISPR System v7.8.0_Official # PixySC-Firmware Firmware for PixySC gimbal use for WISPR System # What's new? ## Control gimbal in the follow mode - Gimbal allows control in follow mode by using remote control or gSD
tommy-mitchell tommy-mitchell / npm-link-cli TypeScript Get a link to a given npm package. v0.1.0 Initial release.
EstevanBR EstevanBR / SwiftGodot Swift New Godot bindings for Swift 0.0.0 checksums ``` debug: 604304160f2dbb1e9de70082621b86a338f0106ea89e598016190c4524877d75 release: e212d58b44d32b28b3df2736fe8e102e9816c0b0e9c5f934dc0868706855ee32 ```
grantsoriano grantsoriano / skills-release-based-workflow JavaScript My clone repository v0.9
ham2174 Nexters / Funch-AOS Kotlin funnnnch-aos 🥊 v1.0.0 - Funch v1.0.0 release
nixtomalon nixtomalon / progress_tracker Dart An open-source Flutter package I created to assist Flutter app developers in implementing and visualizing progress tracking within their app 0.0.1
Iqbaladudu PPMI-Mesir-Dev / shameela no-lang PPMI Mesir mobile app portal 0.1.0-beta.1 ##Release Notes Shaamela 0.1.0 (22 Februari 2023) - First Term Phase - Fitur baca berita dari portal PPMI Mesir - Fitur publikasi baca modul Ormaba PPMI Mesir - Menu Kegiatan Kemenko (statis) -
NotFaceGUI NotFaceGUI / nikke-balabala Vue 一款 nikke balabala 生成器 1.3.1 提供本地可执行文件😊
ruingl yuebot / ysd-fca JavaScript A Facebook chat API that doesn't rely on XMPP. 1.0.0 publish to github packages
soum-takuya hpci-auth / hpcissh-server C OAuth-based ssh-server PAM module for HPCI 1.1 Initial release **Full Changelog**:
DingQianJian DingQianJian / chatgpt-spring-boot-starter no-lang A spring-boot-starter for chatgpt, based on springboot 3.2.2. v1.0.0 Now only support gpt-4 and gpt-3.5-turbo without context. **Full Changelog**:
orien envato / ejson_wrapper Ruby Combines EJSON with AWS KMS v0.5.0 ## What's Changed * Use GitHub Actions for CI build by @stevehodgkiss in * Move development dependencies from gemspec to Gemfile by @orien in htt
ChristianChiarulli ChristianChiarulli / nostr-issues-test TypeScript publish github issues to nostr v0.0.1
DBishal13 DBishal13 / gisus Python A python package for geospatial analysis v0.0.1 **Full Changelog**:
smintz ROKT / protoconf Go Configuration as Code framework based on protobuf and Starlark v0.1.8-unstable ## Changelog * 00783a7 Create * af7095a Merge pull request #12 from ROKT/avivl/trunk * 27f39c1 Trunk support * 18daeb4 Update * 2eeddf4 Update * 909c0c6 Update g
rahulthedevil rahulthedevil / metric-converter JavaScript A simple utility package for converting between metric units such as meters, kilometers, grams, kilograms, liters, and more. Simple and powerful way for Units Convert solution v0.0.2.1-alpha **Full Changelog**:
makeBrooklyn makeBrooklyn / tictactoe C This a demonstration of the process of learning coding concepts by building a project rather than following a tutorial V1.0 This release covers the first version of this software meant to illustrate an early developers take on the task of creating a tic-tac-toe game.
github-actions[bot] SciML / SciMLStructures.jl Julia A structure interface for SciML to give queryable properties from user data and parameters v1.1.0 ## SciMLStructures v1.1.0 [Diff since v1.0.0]( **Merged pull requests:** - various CI improvements (#9) (@ArnoStrouwen) - Bump ac
rrmistry righteouslabs / vscode-entr TypeScript Triggers Visual Studio Code tasks based on file system changes 2024.02.22 Initial release **Full Changelog**:
gufandf gufandf / MC-text2book Python 将大量文本转为我的世界中的成书,支持修改书名与署名。 v0.1.0 能用了
github-actions[bot] lvcabral / roku-gpg TypeScript Desktop application to allow using a Roku device with a GamePad controller. v1.0.1
bali-blockchain bali-blockchain / MM Python Money! Maker mm_coin_v0.1.0 MM Coin GUI designs
iabhishekkumarms mindfiredigital / MobileQuickLaunchKit-Android Kotlin "MobileQuickLaunchKit" is designed to reduce the time of common projects. This kit provides frameworks for login, signup, settings and other common features. Users/Developers can use this kit and quickly include these functionality in their projects. This kit also includes multiple themes. 0.1.0 Initial Release
github-actions[bot] yuri-app / yuri JavaScript Quickly share files using your local network | 使用局域网快速共享文件 🤳🏻 v0.1.0-beta.4
MrLegacy MrLegacy / CyberIDMKing C# An open source tool to activate and reset trial of Internet Download Manager 1.1.0 - Close noisy windows. - Auto reset trial - Restart IDM
apriansinaga apriansinaga / daftar-biodata-siswa no-lang Daftar biodata siswa Dicoding Academy v1.0 Daftar biodata siswa versi 1.0 merupakan daftar biodata yang memuat biodata siswa angkatan 2019.
MeninoNias MeninoNias / sso-simple HTML sso-djanog-simple v0.1.1 **Full Changelog**:
palakilaharikrishna palakilaharikrishna / terraform-aws-modules HCL terraform-aws-modules v0.1.0 Terraform: AWS - Base Infrastructure network has configured
xxinPro xxinPro / SilkDecoder C Android上的silk解码插件,支持QQ和微信语音文件,可以将silk快捷的解码为mp3、wav、pcm格式 1.0 **Full Changelog**:
fabriciochamon fabriciochamon / VML_Streamer_QT Python Vision and Machine Learning data streamer for Houdini (QT ui version) 0.9 Beta release for Windows and Linux \**Please check [installation notes]( for the Houdini plugin. You'll need to place
AlbertGoldwin AlbertGoldwin / openai-image-generator-next JavaScript Generate an image from text description using OpenAI API v1.0.0
Hari-rn123 Hari-rn123 / actions-StgCLISetup JavaScript a action for onetab v1.5 **Full Changelog**:
edolubis-ta tentang-anak / add_2_calendar Swift A really simple Flutter plugin to add events to each platform's default calendar.. 3.0.1 ## What's Changed * refactor: downgrade flutter version by @edolubis-ta in ## New Contributors * @edolubis-ta made their first contribut
namsic naver / arcus-c-client C++ ARCUS C client 1.13.3 ## 🔧 Enhancements * Fix compile warnings on RHEL8 and MacOS. * Do not use `#pragma once`. * Select smallest host as owner when ketama hash collided. #237 * Add parameter validation in `arcus_pr
khayrullinii khayrullinii / test_app HTML test app for practic v0.1.4
github-actions[bot] ztroop / dead-ringer Rust Binary Diff Utility 1.0.0
github-actions[bot] avinar-rezaee / hono-ws-manager TypeScript A package for easily managing websocket in hono environment v0.0.10 ### Patch Changes - first publish
akhdanzaman akhdanzaman / bangkit2024 no-lang Repositori untuk pembelajaran bangkit-dicoding 1.0
Hain2000 Hain2000 / tinynet C++ C++轻量级网络库 v1.0.0 tag = "v1.0.0"
SHID1214 MOMENT3D / mainsail no-lang Mainsail is the popular web interface for managing and controlling 3D printers with Klipper. v1.0.0 First Release
bmx8177 Noble-Lab / crema Python Confidence Estimation for Mass Spectrometry Proteomics v0.0.10 What's Changed - updated Github actions - updated command line interface - removed unnecessary required field from create_pairing_from_file function Full Changelog:
github-actions[bot] Nyaacinth / Naria JavaScript Should I do it? app-v0.0.1 See the assets to download this version and install.
release-unblocker[bot] Archoleat / browtest JavaScript Quick and easy cross-browser testing of your website powered by Playwright! v2.0.10 ## [2.0.10]( (2024-02-22) ### ⚠ BREAKING CHANGES * migrate to `pnpm` (#100) ### Bug Fixes * `eslint.config.js` ([#109](https://git
zijianhuang zijianhuang / webapiclientgen C# Strongly Typed Client API Generators generate strongly typed client APIs in C# .NET and in TypeScript for jQuery and Angular 2+ from ASP.NET Web API and .NET Core Web API v7.2 What's new: 1. Better handling of integral numbers larger than 53bit. Good supports for integral types of .NET: Int64, UInt64, Int128, UInt128, BigInteger, through Fonlow.TypeScriptCodeDOMCore.
astheeggeggs astheeggeggs / UKBB_ldsc_r2 Rebol genetic correlation between phenotypes in the UK biobank rg_website_v1.0
phk422 phk422 / vue-txt-anime Vue It is a vue component, which contains many beautiful and free text effects v0.0.8-beta.1 *No significant changes* #####     [View changes on GitHub](
nikolaydubina nikolaydubina / readseekpeeker Go Go Reader that can Seek() and Peek() v1.0.0 * buffered read seek peeker works * tests * 100% coverage
github-actions[bot] psychomantys / redis-cluster-ha-helm-repo no-lang redis-cluster-ha-helm-repo redis-3.7.3 Highly available Kubernetes implementation of Redis
OmIImO05 OmIImO05 / netpanda Python Future Project v0.0.2 **Full Changelog**:
Segmentational iac-factory / go-cobra-cli Go Complete CLI Template via Cobra and Viper v0.0.10 ## Changelog ### CI * 1d18cf36eb64ff044522330494f814ab6c50779a: CI - Configuration (@)
eythaann eythaann / Komorebi-UI TypeScript a GUI client for komorebi v1.0.0-beta.1 The first beta version of komorebi ui 🎉 **Full Changelog**:
xuestrange xuestrange / ResponseLetter TeX A LaTeX template for writing response letter 1.0.01 **Full Changelog**:
miyako miyako / 4d-class-compiler 4D Classes to compile, build, sign a project 1.1.0
luanruisong luanruisong / tssh Go SSH Lightweight management tools 2.1.3 add keyboardInteractiveChallenge to support 2fa questions
RoiArthurB gama-platform / new.gama Java Main repository for developing the 2024+ versions of GAMA 1.9.3 Release for GAMA 1.9.3 Published on 22/02/24 05:01.
github-actions[bot] tkuchel / DropBear.Codex.Utilities C# This library provides a wide range of helpers, converters, and tools for encryption, hashing, and string manipulation, making it a valuable resource for developers looking to improve their code's efficiency and readability. v1.0.0
github-actions[bot] tkuchel / DropBear.Codex.Validation C# A flexible and extensible validation framework designed for .NET applications, enabling both synchronous and asynchronous data validation with support for custom validation strategies. v1.0.1
farhanputra07 farhanputra07 / daftar-biodata-siswa no-lang Daftar biodata siswa Dicoding Academy v1.0 Daftar biodata siswa versi 1.0 merupakan daftar biodata yang memuat biodata siswa angkatan 2019
MohammadMD1383 MohammadMD1383 / Vault Kotlin Simple key-value vault app for android. for keeping information, fast search, easy copy, secure, and more ... v2.6.0 # v2.6.0 First GitHub public production release.
jiyee jiyee / obsidian-open-gate no-lang Empower your Obsidian notes with seamless web integration. 2.11.1
github-actions[bot] doubleu-labs / rpi4-uefi no-lang Raspberry Pi 4 UEFI Firmware Images v1.35.1 Raspberry Pi 4 UEFI Firmware v1.35.1
andersonsrocha andersonsrocha / crispify TypeScript Crispify is a powerful Tiptap-based block text editing React component. v1.0.0 ## What's Changed * chore(.github): 🔧 create CODEOWNERS by @andersonsrocha in * chore(deploy): 🔧 create deploy by @andersonsrocha in http
Zidan-ID17 Zidan-ID17 / Text-To-ASCII Python Seperti namanya, digunakan untuk mengubah teks ke ASCII. v.0.0.3
resistiv resistiv / TheyerImageViewer C# Image viewer and converter for TheyerGFX PS1 games. v1.3 Fixed a bug that would cause an exception when attempting to convert a currently loaded P1I file.
davemooreuws nitrictech / actions TypeScript Deploy continuously to your cloud of choice, using your favorite language, Nitric, Pulumi and GitHub! 1.0.1 ## What's Changed * V1 updates by @davemooreuws in **Full Changelog**:
izolox ParadymLabs / fivem-appearance TypeScript 👀 A flexible player customization script for FiveM. v1.3.1
Huanlan233 Huanlan233 / MusciIt mcfunction A tools of music in minecraft 1.0.0 # What's New **Full Changelog**: - feat: 新增音域调整器 - feat: 发音方块放置基础功能
Longwater1234 Longwater1234 / WedemyClient Vue Udemy Clone PWA, (frontend) built using Vue 3, Vite, Element Plus + TypeScript + Paypal, and Pinia (No Vuex!) v1.3 ## What's Changed * Bump vite from 4.4.7 to 4.4.12 by @dependabot in * fix axios at 1.5.0 to avoid CSRF issue by @Longwater1234 in https:/
davidgljay davidgljay / rml_landing HTML Landing page for the Relational Measurement Lab v1.0.0
wmm387 wmm387 / unocss-preset TypeScript Unocss Preset For Myself Use v0.1.0 # Features - 添加简化flex规则 - 整合position规则至abs和fixed中 - 添加简化渐变规则

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