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d1vanov d1vanov / QEverCloudGenerator Thrift The code that was used to generate QEverCloud continuous-development AppVeyor CI build log:
jrassa jrassa / EmulationStation C++ This is primarily a dev/working repo. All PRs should be submitted upstream. continuous-master AppVeyor CI build log:
lielfr lielfr / lilach Java SW Engineering Project, 2019-2020, University of Haifa continuous Travis CI build log:
magicDGS magicDGS-gaming / retropie-emulationstation no-lang A Fork of Emulation Station for RetroPie. Emulation Station is a flexible emulator front-end supporting keyboardless navigation and custom system themes. continuous-master AppVeyor CI build log:
ukinoki ukinoki / RufusAdmin C++ Logiciel d'administration de RufusVision continuous Travis CI build log:
gergelytakacs gergelytakacs / AutomationShield C++ Arduino library and MATLAB/Simulink API for the AutomationShield Arduino expansion boards for control engineering education. v0.2 This is the second release of the AutomationShield library. We have added a relatively well tested support for the FloatShield and MagnetoShield. There is provisional support for the BOBShield, LinkSh
233mac 233mac / 233macCDN no-lang 233mac CDN 0.2
crossi-T2 crossi-T2 / wpsgrabber Go wpsgrabber is a tool for watching and analyse processing reports from a 52north WPS server. 0.1
johnsonlee didi / booster Kotlin 🚀Optimizer for mobile applications v1.3.2 - Fix issue #138 - Improve BR inlining - Upgrade auto-service version to *1.0-rc6* - Upgrade gradle version to *6.2* - Remove `uploadArchives` task
TheCaptainCat TheCaptainCat / bolinette-cli Python The Bolinette CLI, useful commands for your Bolinette API 0.2.0
Mertyn Mertyn / forza-photo-tool C# Screenshotting tool for Forza games on Windows v1.0 [](
awesomebytes awesomebytes / ros_overlay_on_gentoo_prefix_32b Dockerfile ros-overlay built on Gentoo Prefix ready to use (32b) release/2020-02-18T12at56plus00at00 Use ROS Kinetic on Gentoo Prefix with: cat gentoo_on_tmp_with_ros-kinetic_desktop-x86_2020-02-18T12at56plus00at00.tar.gz.part-* > gentoo_on_tmp_with_ros-kinetic_desktop-x86_2020-02-18T12at56plus00a
rodzyk rodzyk / permission PHP Simple PHP library for Permission Validation v1.0
andykirk NPEU / com_researchprojects JavaScript NPEU Research Index. v1.0.0 Removed unused categories code and tidy.
oouzo oouzo / helloworld Java hey😛 1.0 shame on me
dojo90 dojo90 / DbContextScope C# A simple and flexible way to manage your Entity Framework DbContext instances v2.0.0 Added support for: - `net461` -> `Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore v2.x` - `netcoreapp2.0` -> `Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore v2.x` - `netcoreapp3.0` -> `Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore v3.x`
Bablibap Bablibap / SAS SAS Predictive Model for generating donations v1.0
FelixTheC FelixTheC / django-json-convertible-models Python JSON Convertible Model is a Django app to replace models.Model and make it possible that models will be able to return JSON-Objects directly 0.1
Xiphe Xiphe / semantish-prerelease JavaScript hacky wrapper around semantic release to create beta releases from PRs in circleci v2.0.2-next.126ffec ## [2.0.2-next.126ffec]( (2020-02-18) ### Bug Fixes * trigger-release ([126ffec](
BernieWhite microsoft / PSRule.Rules.Azure PowerShell A suite of rules to validate Azure resources using PSRule. v0.9.0-B2002036
yaacov yaacov / tree-search-language Go Tree Search Language (TSL) is a wonderful search langauge. v5.1.1 Fix semantic unary operators
travisbrown circe / circe-derivation Scala Fast type class instance derivation for circe v0.13.0-M1 This release updates the Circe version to [0.13.0]( and fixes a bug that involved decoding with default values to fail when the input contained a nu
elvishp2006 Apiki / wpsteak-plugin PHP A fully structured WordPress Plugin. v3.0.0 * Updated a bunch of packages; * Move on for PHP 7.4;
mingrammer mingrammer / diagrams Python :art: Diagram as Code for prototyping cloud system architectures v0.5.0 ## Added - Oracle Cloud provider support
kuitos kuitos / axios-extensions TypeScript 🍱 axios extensions lib, including throttle, cache, retry features etc... v3.1.1 - :loud_sound: disable logging by default bf15126 - :sparkles: expose retryAdapterEnhancer be85d5e
a-kowalski pharaun13 / maleficarum-rabbitmq PHP RabbitMQ component 10.0.0 - Bump php-amqplib version to 2.11
rnkn rnkn / fountain-mode Emacs Lisp Emacs major mode for scriptwriting in Fountain plain-text markup v3.0.3 - Fixed an issue on Emacs 24.x where Font Lock would fail before first scene heading
ErikMcClure innative-sdk / innative C++ A native non-web embedding of WebAssembly for Windows/Linux v0.1.5-rc1 This is a **release candidate** build of inNative, only intended to test out new features. * Full WebAssembly debugging support has been added for Visual Studio using [NatVis](https://docs.microsof
RikkaW RikkaW / MaterialPreference Java Material Design Preference UI v4.2.0-alpha01 * add `preferenceTitleTextAppearance` `preferenceSummaryTextAppearance` `preferenceCategoryTextAppearance` to make theming easier
coolfire2015 coolfire2015 / RxFluxArchitecture Kotlin 基于Flux架构的模块化框架 1.2.5
YannickRe YannickRe / Ghost-Azure JavaScript Ghost 2.x and 3.x for Azure 3.7.0 * 🐛 Fixed member CSV import setting subscribed to `true` as default - Nazar Gargol * 🐛 Fixed "Unable to update nested relation" error when adding labels to members - Kevin Ansfield
fython fython / danmaqua-android Kotlin Make Bilibili translation danmaku floating as subtitles 1.0.2 - 弹幕服务连接、断开时会在悬浮窗显示消息 - 状态通知连接时显示主播头像,在断开连接后提供 “重新连接” 按钮 - 增加了繁体中文(`zh-rTW`)翻译
boulund ctmrbio / stag-mwc Python StaG Metagenomic Workflow Collaboration v0.4.0 # First release in the 0.4.0 series ## Changes This version introduces a lot of changes, most notably probably the change from BBMap as host removal tool, now replaced with Kraken2. This version
RignonNoel FJNR-inc / Blitz-Website TypeScript Frontend of Blitz Paradisio platform 3.11.6
Dustray Dustray / BingWallpaper2 C# 必应每日壁纸2,基于WPF重构,全新界面 ### 更新日志 - 新增下载功能,可下载近七天图片壁纸 - 修改程序不可重复打开 - 主程序可开机自启 - 添加壁纸说明 - 界面样式调整,修改部分操作
edgar-zigis paysera / java-lib-wallet-sdk Java Wallet API Java library ( 5.3.1
RignonNoel FJNR-inc / Blitz-API Python Blitz API - Event management platform for rented spaces 3.11.6
mesopelagique 4d-for-ios / gallery-workflow Swift Dump package information command 0.2.1
imzeali imzeali / Finite PHP A Simple PHP Finite State Machine 1.1.5
xuliangzhan xuliangzhan / xe-ajax-mock JavaScript ☘ 基于 xe-ajax 的 Mock 虚拟服务 1.9.4 修复 progress 问题
jingxuelong jingxuelong / XJTools_Swift Swift Tools for Swift 0.1.2 增加适配值模式,基础视图
ziocleto ziocleto / glm C++ OpenGL Mathematics (GLM)
hokimcuc0202 hokimcuc0202 / kintone-ui-component JavaScript kintone UI Component v0.9.1
AdrianAntonGarcia AdrianAntonGarcia / node-restserver JavaScript Ejemplo de restserver con nodes, express, integración con mongoDB v0.0.3 ## Añadimos variable heroku
BB9z BB9z / iOS-Project-Template Objective-C iOS 项目模版 4.0 项目初始化、依赖引入、维护全面开始正规化,准备面向外部用户。 [更新详情](
nightflyza nightflyza / Ubilling PHP Ubilling is opensource ISP billing system based on stargazer 105 Changelog: Update notes:
jeyroik jeyroik / extas-players PHP Extas players package 0.1.0
psychocoderHPC ComputationalRadiationPhysics / cupla C++ C++ User interface for the Platform independent Library Alpaka :arrows_clockwise: 0.2.0 The new release ships Alpaka 0.4.0, enables easier usage [without CMake](, supports [linking of multiple backends](
simonsavoca simonsavoca / partyz no-lang Upload your photo on a live slideshow v0.0.2
CaoMeiYouRen CaoMeiYouRen / safe-json-type TypeScript 将json中不支持的Date和Bytes(Buffer)用安全的方法序列化,并在反序列化后找回对应的类型(而不是字符串) v1.0.4 ### 🐛 Bug Fixes | Bug 修复 * 修复safe-json-type-plugins为1.0.2 ([9e14e01](
github-actions[bot] shunkakinoki / website TypeScript My Personal Website :smirk::eyes::hotsprings: v1.0.0 # 1.0.0 (2020-02-18) ### Features * 🎸 first release ([266ea8e](
github-actions[bot] ArmaForces / Medical Python ArmaForces ACE Medical upgrades v1.0.1 _ArmaForces Medical release._ ## Change Log Summary **FIXED:** - Move bandage efficiency to macros (#7) **CHANGED:** - Move bandage efficiency to macros (#7)
ajungg snabble / Android-SDK Java Android SDK for snabble v0.19.0-alpha03 See
artemii235 KomodoPlatform / atomicDEX-API Rust This is the official AtomicAPI (atomicDEX API) repository 2.0.1660 ## Changes: * ab3b028bee4d073f67034b875818d66612db3ceb Fix windows build. * 5bee1aefee7e587cbc27d1be5c7cb92f66e570d4 Testing stack trace collection usable for atos/addr2line. * 9dc5ddddadd5cd6ae593
Den4ik magenius-team / module-core JavaScript Core module provide specific functional used in dependent modules 1.0.2 - Fixed modal alert dependency at js message updater
Litreily Litreily / no-lang CDN src for 1.0.0
DavidMWWallace InfinityMods / Ascension HTML Ascension mod for Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition 2.0.3 - fix a critical bug where the Five weren't getting their combat scripts - Babaus weren't getting properly named
steinfletcher steinfletcher / apitest Go A simple and extensible behavioural testing library written in golang. You can use api test to simplify REST API, HTTP handler and e2e tests. v1.4.1
kaferi aspose-pdf-cloud / aspose-pdf-cloud-swift Swift Swift library for communicating with the Aspose.Pdf for Cloud API 20.2.0
guits ceph / ceph-ansible Python Ansible playbooks to deploy Ceph, the distributed filesystem. v4.0.15 Changelog: 7d2a2172 rgw: extend automatic rgw pool creation capability 17b405eb ceph-rgw-loadbalancer: Fix SSL newline issue df43f322 ceph-defaults: remove bootstrap_dirs_xxx vars 0deb5b07 rgw:
CaoMeiYouRen CaoMeiYouRen / safe-json-type-plugins JavaScript safe-json-type的插件,内置了Date、Buffer等对象的转换插件 v1.0.3 ### 🐛 Bug 修复 * 优化了日志生成 ([9ebf31d](
ManojKiranA ManojKiranA / actionbuttons PHP Most commanly used buttons in Laravel for CRUD operations 0.1
jsnoble terascope / elasticsearch-assets TypeScript Teraslice processors for working with data in Elasticsearch v1.8.1 - fixed bug in internal date state with lumpy data - added a guard around the new setMetadata api
mahmed1987 mahmed1987 / FormView Kotlin Create a simple form at light speed v0.1.5
Sparksx Mapwize / mapwize-ui-js TypeScript Fully featured and ready to use Widget to add Mapwize Indoor Maps and Navigation in your JavaScript app and Website. 2.4.4 - Fix: Cannot read property 'top' of undefined (#122) - Improvement: Select the to when exiting directions (#125) - Adding onSelectedChange and documentation regarding analytics (#123)
kodxana kodxana / LBRY-Vault Python Electrum; Bitcoin thin client 3.3.8 - Updated LBRY Vault to 3.3.8 Electrum base
nkdittmann gastromatic / pytest-docker-postgres Python Pytest fixtures for postgres in docker 0.0.8
timothyarmes timothyarmes / apongo JavaScript Create optimal Mongo aggregation pipelines, with joins/lookups, for Apollo queries. 1.0.1 Unfortunately 1.0.0 was released incorrectly and didn't work at all due to the GraphQL type declaration to being exported. This release fixes the issue and updates the documentation.
cavejay cavejay / Strippy PowerShell Use this Powershell Script to sanitise your logs of configured patterns before handing them off to someone else (like your support team) v2.3.0 Updates: * Refreshed get-help text (found at the top of the script file) * zero-filled key names eg. Hostname02 or Address030 for better sorting and limiting key-in-key replacement problems * Slig
temafey Adgoal / StatsDClientBundle PHP Easily monitor your symfony2 production env., with ready-to-use stats. v1.9.0
DannyHinshaw DannyHinshaw / local-library TypeScript An example library management application built with Golang and MySQL on the backend and React on the front. v1.0.0 First release
ssinghi kreeti / kt-paperclip Ruby Easy file attachment management for ActiveRecord v6.2.2 Add support for Aliases in S3 credentials YAML (accidentally removed during 6.2.0 upgrade).
Samira-El transferwise / pipelinewise-target-redshift Python Target for Amazon Redshift - PipelineWise compatible v1.3.0
curtistimson curtistimson / hugo-theme-massively CSS Massively theme for Hugo static site generator v6.1.0
zntfdr zntfdr / Selenops Swift A Swift Web Crawler 🕷 2.0.0 This release is a big revamp of the project: - replace script/playground code with one Swift package - separate Selenops in one library and one executable - add SwiftLint CI - use [SwiftSoup](http
thurka oracle / visualvm Java VisualVM is an All-in-One Java Troubleshooting Tool 2.0
cortinico Yelp / swagger-gradle-codegen Kotlin 💫 A Gradle Plugin to generate your networking code from Swagger 1.4.0 (2020-02-18) * 🎁 Moshi-Codegen Support #82 #88 * 🎁 Bump io.swagger:swagger-codegen to 2.4.12 #91 * 🎁 Updated Mustache style and indent #90 * 🐛 Fixed bug with Multipart file support #
joostfaassen dbtk / schema-loader PHP Database schema loader v2.7.0
rushstart rushstart / rushstart JavaScript JavaScript library for DOM operations 1.0.0
etwordpress01 etwordpress01 / ads PHP This extension will enable the providers to create ads/listings from their dashboard. v1.7
walymz walymz / rest-server-node JavaScript Una apps rest-server en node de práctica v0.0.1 # Apps Rest-Server en Node Para instalar ejecute: ```npm install```
AlexAntn AlexAntn / test_webhooks Shell A repo to trigger an event on the test_actions repo v2.4
etwordpress01 etwordpress01 / questionsanswers PHP This extension will enable users to post question and answers at provider detail page. v2.8
ttalbot fusionfabric / finastra-design-system TypeScript The Finastra Design System provided as a theme and Angular components v0.15.1
etwordpress01 etwordpress01 / articles PHP This extension will enable providers to create articles from their dashboard. v2.8
VerifiedJoseph VerifiedJoseph / Save-to-the-Wayback-Machine JavaScript Browser extension for quickly saving web pages to the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine. v5.4.0 ### Additions: * Added context menu items for opening archived versions of pages, links and images. (2f9efe813e93b9c8cb01e6ff75b5fec6987635e7, #144)
jonasbuechel Frontify / sketch JavaScript Frontify Sketch Plugin v2.2.1
tylearymf tylearymf / SETUNA2 C# 一款好用的截图工具(支持高分屏截图) 2.5.7 Fixed 右键保存图片时窗口始终置顶导致修改不了名字
eyyubovkamran eyyubovkamran / clopos-windows no-lang Clopos Electron releases v1.4.1
npwork npwork / kotlin-edf-parser Kotlin Small Kotlin library for EDF file parsing 0.1.2
github-actions[bot] reload / ddb-react JavaScript “They’ve no idea we’re coming. They have no reason to expect us. If we can make it to the ground we’ll take the next chance and the next, on and on until we win or the chances are spent.” latest
mseaward peerplays-network / peerplays-core-gui JavaScript A GUI for interacting with the Peerplays Blockchain v1.5.4 # Peerplays Wallet 1.5.4 Release Notes PBSA is excited to release the Peerplays Wallet 1.5.4 MAINNET and as General Availability. This release introduces the Gamified Proof of Stake (GPOS) consensu
piccobit piccobit / docker-connectiq Dockerfile Installation of Garmin Tools in docker v3.1.8-1
Laemmi Laemmi / laemmi-yourls-redirect-with-query PHP Yourls plugin laemmi-yourls-redirect-with-query v1.0.0 first release
ccarnivore ccarnivore / logmodmobile-electron JavaScript electron.js wrapper for exitB LogModMobile (blisstribute logistic module) v1.1.1-alpha.0
P0SlX P0SlX / spotify-adblock-macos JavaScript Blocking ads on desktop Spotify, crazy code ahead v1.0 First release Just extract it in /Applications/ and profit ! All credit goes to AnanthVivekanand.
PabloPomar PabloPomar / La_Poke_API JavaScript Api para el projecto frontend de TTADS 2019 PromocionV1 TP backend con correcciones por hacer
stackinstance stackinstance / mailer-bundle PHP Stack Instance Mailer bundle for Symfony v2.1.6 v2.1.6
themreza butopea / vue-storefront-opencart-vsbridge PHP Vue Storefront Connector Extension for OpenCart v1.0.16
PabloPomar PabloPomar / tp-frontend-2019 TypeScript Enunciado tp frontend 2019 PromocionV1 Version del tp para promocionar con correcciones por hacer.
immi5556 immi5556 / immanuel.npm HTML Immanuel - npm packages v1.1.1
jamesdordoy jamesdordoy / Laravel-Vue-Datatable_Laravel-Package PHP Laravel Vue datatables using server-side rendering - Laravel Helper package 1.3.6
cnguu cnguu / vuepress-theme-yur CSS A minimalistic but not simple vuepress blog theme. v2.1.0
webnuswp webnuswp / modern-events-calendar-lite PHP WordPress event calendar plugin is a trending FREE tool used for managing events in websites. Modern Events Calendar is a responsive, mobile-friendly, FREE, and comprehensive events management plugin which is extremely user-friendly and well-designed for displaying the events calendar on the websites, ever easier. 5.1.6
Turnerj Turnerj / Quickenshtein C# A quick and memory efficient implementation of Levenshtein Distance 1.2.0 **Performance Improvements & Bug Fixes** - Smarter handling of vectors during row calculation (.NET Core) - Fixed bug in intrinsic trimming (.NET Core) - Unrolling outer row loop (.NET Core &am
drtheuns drtheuns / apitizer_php PHP Query builder with schema and documenation generation for Laravel JSON APIs 0.4.1
daniellockyer TryGhost / Ghost JavaScript 👻 The #1 headless Node.js CMS for professional publishing 3.7.0 * 🐛 Fixed member CSV import setting subscribed to `true` as default - Nazar Gargol * 🐛 Fixed "Unable to update nested relation" error when adding labels to members - Kevin Ansfield
justinlittman LD4P / sinopia_editor JavaScript Sinopia Linked Data Editor v2.0.7 Dependency updates.
kenkendk duplicati / duplicati C# Store securely encrypted backups in the cloud! v2.0.5.102- Changes in this version: * Improved performance of the recovery-tool, thanks @tfriedel and @warwickmm * Debian and RPM packages now require Mono 5.0, thanks @drwtsn32x * Fixed issue with USN returning
bytebutcher bytebutcher / burp-send-to Java Adds a customizable "Send to..."-context-menu to your BurpSuite. v1.3 Added feature to customize how placeholders behave when multiple HTTP messages are selected (default = command-separated).
Johnny1994 pili-engineering / PLDroidMediaStreaming Java PLDroidMediaStreaming 是七牛推出的一款适用于 Android 平台的推流 SDK,支持 RTMP 推流,h.264 和 AAC 编码,硬编、软编支持。具有丰富的数据和状态回调,方便用户根据自己的业务定制化开发。具有直播场景下的重要功能,如:美颜、背景音乐、水印等功能。PLDroidMediaStreaming 是现在目前重点维护的版本,自带采集模块也支持用户自己做采集端。 v2.4.1 ## 版本 - 发布 pldroid-media-streaming-2.4.1.jar - 更新 - 更新 ## 功能 - 新增发送 SEI 功能 - 新增设置 bitmap
alexlamsl mishoo / UglifyJS2 JavaScript JavaScript parser / mangler / compressor / beautifier toolkit v3.8.0  
theofidry hautelook / AliceBundle PHP A Symfony bundle to manage fixtures with Alice and Faker. v2.7.1 ### Bugfix - Use correct configuration key in deprecation message (#499)
fqjony boxmls / node-utility JavaScript BoxMLS Utility (Helper) 0.5.0 * Implemented `elasticsearch-cache` library; * Added `elasticsearch-cache` mocha tests.
bobdenotter bolt / common PHP Common utilities for Bolt 2.1.5
olgagiza-home24 Home24 / FE-jqueryValidation JavaScript jQuery Validation Plugin 2.0.6 #3
iamacarpet a1comms / GaeSupportLaravel PHP Run Laravel on Google App Engine (Standard or Flexible Environment) v5.5.37
harrystb harrystb / pdfjoiner C# Generates latex code to join two or more PDFs together then calls the pdflatex installed on the machine to generate the new PDF. release_1.3 Fixed being unable to run another generation after encountering an error.
danielius-g-isi danielius-g-isi / 2uzd no-lang Objektinio programavimo 2 užduotis v0.1
essentialjs2 syncfusion / ej2-angular-ui-components TypeScript Syncfusion Angular UI components library offer more than 50+ cross-browser, responsive, and lightweight angular UI controls for building modern web applications. v17.4.50 # Calendar ## Bug Fixes - Now, selection style is applied to the previous month selected date in the current month view. # Chart ## Bug Fixes - `#262128` - Legend gets cropped while adding series
essentialjs2 syncfusion / ej2-javascript-ui-controls TypeScript Syncfusion JavaScript UI controls library offer more than 50+ cross-browser, responsive, and lightweight HTML5 UI controls for building modern web applications. v17.4.50 # Calendar ## Bug Fixes - Now, selection style is applied to the previous month selected date in the current month view. # Chart ## Bug Fixes - `#262128` - Legend gets cropped while adding series
essentialjs2 syncfusion / ej2-react-ui-components TypeScript Syncfusion React UI components library offer more than 50+ cross-browser, responsive, and lightweight react UI controls for building modern web applications. v17.4.50 # Calendar ## Bug Fixes - Now, selection style is applied to the previous month selected date in the current month view. # Chart ## Bug Fixes - `#262128` - Legend gets cropped while adding series
essentialjs2 syncfusion / ej2-vue-ui-components TypeScript Syncfusion Vue UI component library offer more than 50+ cross-browser, responsive, and lightweight vue UI controls for building modern web applications. v17.4.50 # Calendar ## Bug Fixes - Now, selection style is applied to the previous month selected date in the current month view. # Chart ## Bug Fixes - `#262128` - Legend gets cropped while adding series
tjwelde KILTprotocol / demo-client TypeScript KILT Demo Client 0.18.0 # [0.18.0]( (2020-02-18) ## Features ### feat: prepended protocol to URLs (#255)(cbcd752) Added `https` to the URLs in the en
Mvrlex Mvrlex / jabal TypeScript Just Another Bootstrap Angular Library v0.1.0 ### Added: - Brand Component - Breadcrumb Component - Breakpoint Component - Checkbox Component - Footer Component - Insertion Component - JSON-Editor Component - Navbar Component - Radio Com
jeabakker ColdTrick / widget_pack PHP Various general Elgg widgets v2.2 - added: you can upload images in the image slider widget
mkxbl mkxbl / huobi-chain Rust The next generation high performance public chain for financial infrastructure. v0.9.1
gtrenvou gtrenvou / Indentation-Tilt Jupyter Notebook Script permettant le traitement du titlt lors de l'indentation. v1.0 The first release
JoHavel JoHavel / NeuralNetwork Kotlin Artificial neural network for multiplatform Kotlin created with Kotlin scientific math library Koma 1.0
stvoidit stvoidit / gosmtp Go Simple client implementation for sending emails with file attachments v1.0.1
jeabakker ColdTrick / profile_manager PHP Manage profile fields for users and groups in Elgg v15.0.2 - fix: register action validation middleware - fixed: no longer need to register fields as tag fields in search
popkovanton popkovanton / RainbowTabLayout Java A simple custom TabLayout 0.1.2
icpmoviles icpmoviles / icp_commons Java ICP Commons 1.8.6b Versión 1.8.6b - CustomSmartDialog. Añadido método "isShowing()"
kaferi aspose-pdf-cloud / aspose-pdf-cloud-node.js TypeScript Node.js library for communicating with the Aspose.Pdf for Cloud API 20.2.0
FredrikMeyer entur / sdk TypeScript :wrench: JavaScript SDK for journey planning with Entur APIs v1.4.0 Deprecate `nsrQuery` and `journeyPlannerQuery` in service. Use `queryNsr` and `queryJourneyPlanner` instead. These two are easier to use.
Pixofield Pixofield / keyshape-lottie-format JavaScript Lottie plugin for Keyshape v1.6.1 * Fixed writing the ddd property * Updated lottie-web preview library to 5.6.4
vinitkumar vinitkumar / .vim Vim script My vim dotfiles for python, go and javascript development v2.2.0 this release contains the vim code that is ofcourse feature rich but also very heavy in general Watching Antirez code on his vim made me rethink this and I am going with a leaner and meaner vim. this
bobzhangwz bobzhangwz / atomic-chrome JavaScript Edit Chrome textareas in Atom v0.1
kaferi aspose-pdf-cloud / aspose-pdf-cloud-go Go Go library for communicating with the Aspose.Pdf for Cloud API 20.2.0
AmazingDM NetchX / Netch C# Game accelerator. Support Socks5, Shadowsocks, ShadowsocksR, V2Ray protocol. UDP NAT FullCone 1.3.9Pr update log see commit :D
pchico83 okteto / okteto Go Build better applications by developing and testing your code directly in Kubernetes 1.7.2 # Features - Upgrade to syncthing 1.3.4 (#671) - Improve "okteto build" performance when running in Okteto Cloud - Execute commands over SSH if tunnel is available (#675) - experimental
helderdb helderdb / craft-contact-form-extensions PHP Adds extensions to the Craft CMS contact form plugin. 1.2.2
release-drafter[bot] home-assistant / operating-system Makefile :beginner: Home Assistant Operating System 4.3 ## Changes * Fix supervisor name on cli config (#588) @pvizeli * Rename (#587) @pvizeli * Change uptime for offline update (#585) @pvizeli * Support better armv7 emulation N2/C2 (#584) @
NochexDevTeam NochexDevTeam / XCart_5 PHP Accept all major cards directly on your XCart Site using Nochex payment gateway. 1.1 [](
SuiMachine SuiMachine / Basic-Twitch-Sound-Player C# Basic Sound Player for Twitch platform. 1.2
KapitanCi deepmind / kapitan Python Generic templated configuration management for Kubernetes, Terraform and other things v0.27.0
ytake ytake / hh-valueobjects Hack A Hack library/collection of classes / immutable objects! 1.1.0
oscarotero php-gettext / Gettext PHP PHP library to collect and manipulate gettext (.po, .mo, .php, .json, etc) v5.3.0 See [CHANGELOG](
jackivanov jackivanov / cloud-regions Makefile Dynamically updated lists of regions and locations for most popular cloud providers 0.0.20200218-172
dgarcia360 nemtech / nem2-openapi HTML OpenAPI specification for catapult-rest v0.8.4 Targets catapult-rest
fdc-michael-grosshans hgoes / go-solr Go solr go client from sendgrid, zookeeper aware, incorporates retries v2.0.9
laetho laetho / metagraf Go metaGraf provides a specification of information and metadata about a software component. In short what it needs of the environment to run or get built. v0.0.36 Regression fix release. 07c64bf (HEAD -> master, tag: v0.0.36, origin/master, origin/HEAD) Removed skopeo imageinfo parsing from service generation. Regression.
dragenox dragenox / microNLP Java This is the micro Natural Language Processor that works locally to summarise the text and sentiment analysis. It is used in my RCPIT 2019-2020 Final Year Project. 0.0.2
max-geraci paynl / magento2-plugin PHP The plugin for magento 2 v1.5.7 Add payment methods Payconiq and Multibanco
hotdoy hotdoy / grav-theme-hotdoy JavaScript Theme for Grav CMS v1.7.2
sergeysova sergeysova / effector-inspector TypeScript Inspector for effector stores v0.2.2 ### Changes: - Add options to `createInspector()` ```ts import { createInspector } from 'effector-inspector' import { LOGGER_DOMAIN_NAME } from 'effector-logger/attach' createInspector({
p4ddy1 jtl-software / nachricht PHP Nachricht is an event dispatcher which focuses on distributing workloads 0.7.0 `Event` was renamed to `Message`
yuin yuin / goldmark Go :trophy: A markdown parser written in Go. Easy to extend, standard(CommonMark) compliant, well structured. v1.1.23
andreidcm mutantlove / blocks JavaScript NodeJS API framework. Another one. Reduces boilerplate. v3.5.0 # [3.5.0]( (2020-02-18) ### Features * Add tests for form submission with fields and files ([03ab7a7](
mcfedr ekreative / react-native-braintree-payments-drop-in Objective-C React Native integration of Braintree Drop-in v1.1.0
AntoineThebaud AntoineThebaud / swlcalc JavaScript Gear planner for Secret World Legends 2.5.1 Bugfix(es) : - Summary : Glyph stats computation were wrong (hardcaps out of date since 11/2018). - Export modal was not displayed correctly with SW theme. Other change(s) : - Added images for s
janbarasek baraja-core / assets-loader PHP Smart asset loader for Nette framework. v1.0.4
viderspan bigfish-hu / payment-gateway-module-magento2 PHP BIG FISH Payment Gateway Module Magento2 3.1.0 - New providers: OTP Bank trade loan Simple Wire
Tam ethercreative / thumbro PHP Craft CMS image transformations powered by Thumbor 1.0.0 ### 1.0.0 - 2020-02-18 - Initial Release
tlvince tlvince / eslint-config-tlvince JavaScript ESLint rule customisations v2.0.85 ## [2.0.85]( (2020-02-18) ### Bug Fixes * **deps:** bump @typescript-eslint/eslint-plugin from 2.19.2 to 2.20.0 ([3110315]
tersmitten Oefenweb / r-database R Establish a database SQL connection between databases and R v0.1.6 * Fix for OS X not finding `.my.cnf`
Pashkalab paycoreio / openfintech PHP Open FinTech standards & data v0.1.186 update cashfree
osher-sade Enigmatis / polaris-graphql-logger TypeScript A library that organizes graphql logs v1.3.1 ## [1.3.1]( (2020-02-18) ### Bug Fixes * updated dependencies ([8d25ecc](
mtuncer citusdata / cstore_fdw C Columnar store for analytics with Postgres, developed by Citus Data. Check out the mailing list at!forum/cstore-users or join our slack channel at v1.7.0 This release add PG 12 support along with some bug fixes
justinlittman LD4P / sinopia_indexing_pipeline JavaScript A containerized, Node-based pipeline for listening to messages, retrieving resources, and indexing them in a search engine. v1.0.7 Dependency updates.
aeinbu aeinbu / groupby TypeScript Helper functions for doing "group by" type transformations on collections using reducers 1.0.0
HenryQuan HenryQuan / WoWs-Info-Re JavaScript WoWs Info is an assistant for World of Warships available on Android and IOS v1.0.7.1 - WoWs Info Pro is back - Improved performance and stability - Many bugs have been fixed - Slight UI improvement - Better UX experience for tablet users - More websites have been added - Added a
jippi jippi / hashi-ui JavaScript A modern user interface for @hashicorp Consul & Nomad v1.3.1 See
mirand863 mirand863 / KmerStream no-lang Streaming algorithm for computing kmer statistics for massive genomics datasets v1.1_conda Release made for conda only
RafaelGondi Sysvale / component-library JavaScript A component library build by Sysvale, using storybook and Vue components v1.0.9
sergeysova sergeysova / effector-logger TypeScript Simple logger with stores inspector v0.5.0 ### Changes: - Log initialized stores with states as collapsed group - Allow debugging single domain with `attachLogger`: ```ts import { createDomain } from 'effector' import { attachLogger }
Lilykos Lilykos / clusterix JavaScript Visual exploration of clustered data. 0.1
hannespetur DecodeGenetics / graphtyper C++ Population-scale genotyping using pangenome graphs v2.1 Major changes * :kiss: **KISS** Added new subcommand `genotype` which calls runs the recommended pipeline for calling SNP/indels. This makes is much more easier to run GraphTyper. bamShrink is now
boramalper boramalper / sqlite3-x64 no-lang 64-bit (x64) SQLite Precompiled Binaries for Linux 3310100--2020-02-18T12.16.42Z
vivekverma007 vivekverma007 / HexAlpha JavaScript This Light weight library provides transparency and opacity to Hexadecimal Color values dynamically, written in pure javascript.It takes hexadecimal color as both a hex value or a css property variable with an alpha ie 0-9 value and provides alpha transparent color . v1.0 This release contains all the required files and data referred in given file
jenkins-x-bot cloudbees / lighthouse-githubapp Go a multi tenant GitHub App version of lighthouse for the SaaS v0.0.514 ## Changes ### Chores * deps: bump from v0.0.442 to 0.0.443 ### Dependency Updates | Dependency | Component | New Version | Old Version | | ---------- | ---
nschloe nschloe / pygmsh Python Gmsh for Python 6.0.4
BoringHacker BoringHacker / cdn Batchfile jsDeliver cdn 1.4
exxamalte exxamalte / python-aio-geojson-nsw-rfs-incidents Python This library provides convenient access to the NSW Rural Fire Service incidents feed. v0.3 * Bumped version of upstream GeoJSON library. * Fixes extraction of polygons from a feed (polygon without hole only).
Kmohamed Instabug / Instabug-iOS Objective-C In-app feedback and bug reporting tool for apps. 9.0.8 * Various improvements related to our crash reporting. * Fix order of user steps in integrations. * Fix tint color in the back button of categories view. * Fix hidden touches in video recording. *
actor20170211030627 actor20170211030627 / MyAndroidFrameWork Java 安卓常用组件&框架, 不用每次都搭架子 1.2.9-test1 test gradle: task makeJar exclude('DaoMaster.class', 'DaoSession.class')
MikiraSora Wbooru / Wbooru C# 色图事人类科技发展的关键动力(WPF + MEF) v0.8.9 * 又改善了图片的加载顺序 * 修复一些小问题
luboice abmes / Abmes.SQLScriptor Pascal SQL script executing utility v4.1.0.53
ksk001100 ksk001100 / seahorse Rust A minimal CLI framework written in Rust v0.4.7 - Performance improvement
kaferi aspose-pdf-cloud / aspose-pdf-cloud-android Java Android library for communicating with the Aspose.Pdf for Cloud API 20.2.0
kaferi aspose-pdf-cloud / aspose-pdf-cloud-java Java Java library for communicating with the Aspose.Pdf for Cloud API 20.2.0
LiavTB netanel246 / maven-dependency-download-server Python Python code for downloading maven dependencies for offline use heroku_support
vetermanve midhub / docker-nodejs Shell Basic nodejs docker image for crypto applications 10.0.5 - Two new packages included: "secp256k1" and "keccak" - Libraries in release: secp256k1@3.7 scrypt@6.0 eccrypto@1.1 keccak@2.1
Sevenbitsashesh sevenbitstech / android-vdg-sdk Java This source code includes Veridoc Global Main App Sdk. v1.0 The first release of VDG SDK for Qr Code scan.
cbleek yawik / Solr HTML This YAWIK module enables solr search for job openings. v0.9.1
atz3n blobaa / attestation-protocol-ts TypeScript An implementation of the Attestation Protocol written in TypeScript v1.0.0-beta.8 - updated ardor-ts dependency
david-schaller david-schaller / AsymmeTree Python Simulator for species and gene trees with asymmetric evolution rates v0.0.1
onlinesimio onlinesimio / gateway-soft CSS Soft for modems v3.2.11
mrniket ocadotechnology / aimmo Python A Massively Multi-player Online game, where players create Artificially Intelligent programs to play on their behalf. v0.39.2b5659
cbleek yawik / JobsByMail PHP subscribe to latest jobs by email v0.3.0 migrates to laminas
cixingguangming55555 cixingguangming55555 / wechat-bot JavaScript 针对PC微信的个人机器人 1、websocket server 2、send txt message 3、get user list 4、send pic message 5、receive the wechat txt message
kaferi aspose-pdf-cloud / aspose-pdf-cloud-python Python Python library for communicating with the Aspose.Pdf for Cloud API 20.2.0
MKodde OpenConext / Stepup-Middleware PHP Stepup Middleware 3.1.3 **Bugfix** * Allow language switching from SelfService #296
github-actions[bot] leighmcculloch / devenv_compile_vimgobinaries Makefile Compiles binaries installed by vim-go for leighmcculloch/devenv. v20200218
github-actions[bot] leighmcculloch / devenv_compile_vim Dockerfile Compiles vim for leighmcculloch/devenv. v1fa8d2c-20200218
Summpot CFPAOrg / Minecraft-Mod-Language-Package C# Release Website 汉化资源包-Snapshot-20200218120920
ccztux ccztux / modpd C Monitoring Obsessing Data Processor Daemon 2.0.0-beta1 [Changes](
mariojmdavid indigo-dc / udocker Python A basic user tool to execute simple docker containers in batch or interactive systems without root privileges devel3_1.2.4 This pre-release is based on udocker 1.1.4, with additional bug fixes and compatibility to run in python3
sashgeophysics sashgeophysics / MuMaP Fortran MuMaP (MultiPhase MAterial Properties) is a software for calculating melt volume fraction from P-s conversion and other seismic data v2.1
eike-ostermann Einrichtungshaus-Ostermann / OstTrendsTheme CSS Trends theme. 1.0.14
fgreinacher System-IO-Abstractions / System.IO.Abstractions C# Just like System.Web.Abstractions, but for System.IO. Yay for testable IO access! v9.0.4
timar owncloud / richdocuments JavaScript :notebook_with_decorative_cover: Collabora Online for ownCloud 2.3.0rc1
mpociot beyondcode / laravel-favicon PHP Create dynamic favicons based on your environment settings. 1.1.0 Support new Laravel versions
github-actions[bot] JuliaPlots / AbstractPlotting.jl Julia An abstract interface for plotting libraries, part of the Makie ecosystem. v0.9.20 ## AbstractPlotting v0.9.20 [Diff since v0.9.19]( **Merged pull requests:** - Prepare a release (#311) (@asinghvi17)
p1c2u p1c2u / openapi-core Python OpenAPI core 0.13.1 # Changelog * Flask error handler status fix (#199) * Validators shortcuts fix (#200)
sgruendel sgruendel / alexa-pegel-online JavaScript Alexa Skill for interacting with v2.3.0 * Properly handle non-unique stations Grauerort and Krautsand * Use official name "Waren (Müritz)" * Small corrections to dialog model * Update stations from
eike-ostermann Einrichtungshaus-Ostermann / OstOstermannTheme PHP Ostermann theme. 1.1.13
lszucs bitrise-steplib / steps-npm Go Bitrise step for running npm commands 1.1.3 Step description improvements
andrii-bodnar crowdin / mobile-sdk-android Kotlin Crowdin Android SDK delivers all new translations from Crowdin project to the application immediately 1.1.2 ### Added - Multiple resource files support - Add User-agent header ### Updated - Update content observer, read permission check ### Fixed - App shows mapping IDs instead of source lan
hatemosphere koalificationio / terraform-provider-slack Go Terraform Slack provider v0.2.0
JoelCB JoelCB / CustomKeyboardView Java This is a library for android developers of a keyboard which can be contained inside an activity like another view. 1.1.4
sodatea vuejs / composition-api JavaScript Vue2 plugin for the Composition API. v0.4.0 - Refactor: rename `createComponent` to `defineComponent` (the `createComponent` function is still there but deprecated) [#230]( - Fix: correct the
release-drafter[bot] akka / akka-paradox HTML Akka Paradox theme and extensions v0.30 Symbolic version numbers in the dependency directive See ## Changes - Update sbt-paradox-theme to 0.6.9 [#102](
seibtph pdir / animated-timeline-bundle PHP A contao timeline bundle which uses jQuery Plugin from 1.1.0 - add images and image slider to timeline element - fix height calculation
salaboy zeebe-io / zeebe-operator Go Zeebe Kubernetes Operator v0.0.72 ## Changes * fixing chart name
sarthakkimtani sarthakkimtani / Hexagon-Electron-App JavaScript Hexagon (Beta) , A wallpaper App build for your Desktop with Electron v1.0.0
khawkins98 embl-communications / design-system HTML Onboarding tools, design templates, code and practical resources. v1.0.0-alpha.2 - adds latest components from vf-core - pages now utilise production contentHub
LeandroSNunes enjoei / pkg Go Enjoei Go packages v0.7.0 ## Description When using the match_with operator to match a string, we can allow clearing the string, removing access and symbols to simplify the regex, only send the `sanitize` field with true in r
MSancaktutar hmcts / ccd-api-test-automation-fw Java An extension on top of Cucumber FW for automation of api tests 1.0.30-RDM-7642
xaya xaya / xaya_electron CSS This is a front end to the daemon v1.3.0 includes latest xayad 1.3
vearutop swaggest / json-schema-maker PHP Create JSON Schema from instance values. v0.2.1
Aarqw12 Aarqw12 / android_xiaomi_daisy C kernel mi a2 lite treble android 10 - LA.UM.8.6.r1-03400-89xx.0 CAF Kernel & Prima WLAN tag V1 kernel treble android 10 - LA.UM.8.6.r1-03400-89xx.0 CAF Kernel & Prima WLAN tag -including many added features and optimization - see commit for more information
mvdbeek galaxyproject / sequence_utils Python Galaxy's sequence utilities are a set of Python modules for reading, analyzing, and converting sequence formats. 1.1.5 Fix fastqreader file handling and CI tests [Pull Request 27](
xobotyi xobotyi / cnbuilder TypeScript Yet another classname string builder (the fastest one) v2.3.0 # [2.3.0]( (2020-02-18) ### Features * **types:** object value now can be anything, cause we only need to cast it to boolean, it gives m
dbu phpcr / phpcr-migrations PHP PHPCR Migrations library 1.2.0 * Symfony 5 support * Tested on PHP 7.3 and 7.4
eljefedelrodeodeljefe tillhub / schemas JavaScript All Tillhub API OpenAPI 3 compatible JSON Schemas. v4.136.1 ## [4.136.1]( (2020-02-18) ### Bug Fixes * **register_opening_protocols:** allow empty cash units ([#344](
github-actions[bot] tim54000 / cypherpunk-cli Rust A new-gen CLI tool for cypherpunk remailer. [Working] 2.0.0-beta A complete rewrite following the hexagonal architecture. ## Why is it still a pre-release? The program is quite usable, it just lacks the comments and surely some errors that will be thrown to y
kaferi aspose-pdf-cloud / aspose-pdf-cloud-ruby Ruby Ruby library for communicating with the Aspose.Pdf for Cloud API 20.2.0
github-actions[bot] JuliaGraphics / Luxor.jl Julia Simple drawings using vector graphics; Cairo "for tourists!" v1.11.0 ## Luxor v1.11.0 [Diff since v1.10.0]( **Closed issues:** - Release 1.10.0 (#77) - Automatically generate the curves for letters
pprudhvi pprudhvi / arrow-build no-lang Helper repo for doing Arrow Crossbow builds nightly-323-travis-gandiva-jar-osx
travisbrown circe / circe-droste Scala Recursion schemes for Circe v0.2.0 This release updates the Circe version to [0.13.0](
GA-MO GA-MO / react-confirm-alert JavaScript react component confirm dialog. 2.5.0
andykirk NPEU / tpl_npeu6 CSS NPEU6 Template v1.54.4 Added empty funders check.
SitecoreBot SitecoreSupport / Sitecore.Support.247421 no-lang YSOD during add placeholder settings via Layout details ### Permanent link ### Description YSOD during add placeholder settings via Layout details ### Compatibility - .NET Framework The r
wirepas-bot wirepas / backend-client Python Python utility to interact remotely with node devices and gateways complaint with Wirepas' backend api. It also provides examples on to integrate and explore the public apis for Wirepas' Network Tool and Wirepas' Positioning Engine v1.3.3-rc.1
ElRaptorus process-engine / persistence_api TypeScript Contains all layers and contracts that make up the Persistence API v1.4.2 # Changelog v1.4.2 (2020-02-18) This changelog covers the changes between [v1.4.1 and v1.4.2]( For further reference, p
forax forax / pro Java A Java build tool that works seamlessly with modules 0.11-061 pro release
agosiewska ModelOriented / auditor R Audit of machine learning models 1.2.0 - Change `score` parameter to `type` in `score()` function - Fix a bug in calculating Cook's distances - Fix a bug in plotting Lift Charts
atz3n blobaa / ardor-ts TypeScript An Ardor client library written in TypeScript. v2.2.6 - refactored code base
acoulton ingenerator / kohana-extras PHP General dependency-free wrapper and extension classes for Kohana v1.2.0 * Register Session_Exception and ConnectionException handlers by default in the ExceptionHandlerFactory, can be replaced or overridden in project dependency config * Add handler to show generic fa
dragonflylee dragonflylee / mgba C mGBA Game Boy Advance Emulator 0.8.1
pfigel greenpeace-cee / de.systopia.xdedupe PHP CiviCRM Extended Dedupe Tools Changes: - Isolate individual merges in log tables
github-actions[bot] pingcap-incubator / tidb-dashboard Go TiDB Dashboard ui_release_20200218_1
JohnstonCode JohnstonCode / svn-scm TypeScript SVN support for VS Code v2.8.0 # [2.8.0]( (2020-02-18) ### Features * custom user commit icons ([#825]( ([20ea92
kaferi aspose-pdf-cloud / aspose-pdf-cloud-dotnet C# .NET library for communicating with the Aspose.Pdf for Cloud API 20.2.0
svetomir ethersphere / helm Smarty Ethersphere Helm Charts geth-swap-0.1.3 A Helm chart for Kubernetes
github-actions[bot] akerl / voyager Go Helper for assuming roles on AWS accounts v2.1.6
github-actions[bot] iadvize / eslint-configs-library JavaScript iAdvize eslint configs @iadvize-oss/eslint-patch@0.0.1 ### Changed - misc: bump @iadvize-oss/eslint-config from 0.0.1-beta.3 to 0.0.1-beta.10 in /packages/eslint-patch
gggxbbb gggxbbb / tujian_kotlin Kotlin 使用 Kotlin 重写的 Tujian 第三方客户端,已被抛弃 untagged-d04d5483ee0941f99772
acoulton ingenerator / kohana-core PHP Core system classes from Kohana v4.6.0 * Expand existing catch blocks to catch Throwable where appropriate. * Remove legacy BC handler for Exception/Throwable type hints in exception classes. Now that we're PHP7 only we can just hin
arunvisvajeetrs bring / hedwig CSS Bring & Posten Design System v10.9.1 - Merge pull request #843 from bring/callout-rem-background 1f66563 - Remove white bg for callout d43c8d0
dembasiby dembasiby / casaSI C# Système d'information comptable du GIE Casa Ecologie de Bignona CasaEcologieSysInfo.2.3.4
pixelandpage Financial-Times / n-messaging-client JavaScript Lightweight, consistent, smart, targeted and behaviourally driven first party messaging on v4.5.1 Pulls in which updates the CSS for the TechsScrollAsia, FtWeekendPromo, FastFt and MarketsData overlays
stakater-user stakater / IngressMonitorController Go A Kubernetes controller to watch ingresses and create liveness alerts for your apps/microservices in UptimeRobot, StatusCake, Pingdom, etc. – [✩Star] if you're using it! v1.0.94
rizkyaulya rizkyaulya / WHALIEN PowerShell GPU/CPU Mining script with intelligent profit-switching between miningpools, algorithms, miners, using all possible combinations of devices (NVIDIA, AMD, CPU). Features: actively maintained, uses the top actual miner programs (Bminer, Ccminer, Claymore, Dstm, EnemyZ, Sgminer, T-rex and more) easy setup wizard, webinterface, auto update. Won't update any release. Download here: for the latest client config.
jimmyn jimmyn / apollo-offline-hooks TypeScript Apollo React Hooks with automatic cache updates v0.1.7 * Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' (3f1ea40) * fix signature for getIdFieldFromObject function (3e76ee0) * Update (216b01c)
Sylux6 AzurAPI / AzurApi-Kotlin Kotlin Unofficial & open source json based api wrapper that returns Azur Lane data for Java and Kotlin 3.1.3 ## 3.1.3 (2020-18-02) ### Bug fixes - Fix case sensitive option in `getShipById`
rafael-labegalini rafael-labegalini / laravel-sns PHP Provides a easy way to send messages from laravel to Amazon SNS Topic 1.0.3
qruzz qruzz / react-runtime-env TypeScript Zero dependency package for working with runtime environment variables in react v1.0.0 - Merge pull request #1 from qruzz/feature/updated-architecture-2 119426d - feat: working runtime environment variables in react ee9c1d6 - docs: add example usage projects 78c584c - feat: update
supershadoe supershadoe / Onpa Java App to stream computer audio over LAN using Pulseaudio v1.0 ## Version 1 of Onpa. Read the README file before using the app. Differences between this and PulseDroid: - Material Design - Used constraint layout instead of linear layout - Ip address and Po
soerenmartius mineiros-io / terraform-aws-route53 HCL A Terraform 0.12 module to create a Route53 Domain Name System (DNS) on Amazon Web Services (AWS). v0.0.2 # Changelog - add variable `default_ttl` to set a default TTL ( Time to Live) for all records and don't have an explicit TTL set. The default value is 3600 ( 1 hour ). - add toggle `enable_module` t
phw phw / peek Vala Simple animated GIF screen recorder with an easy to use interface v1.5.0 Changes: - feat: Dialog to set recording area size (#246, #519) - feat: Use radio buttons for format selection to easily show selected format - fix: Show error dialog on startup if recording back
hmrc-web-operations hmrc / sbt-bobby Scala Sbt plugin that can be used to enforce or warn when libraries and dependencies need to be upgraded v2.3.0 Release : sbt-bobby 2.3.0 Last commit sha : 944389df37d68bb8cd4c7ee6cc06e197b3ec8dd1 Last commit author : bennetimo Last commit time : 2020-02-18T11:46:19Z Merge pull request #40 fr
das-bikash-asl dasBikash84 / android-view-utils Kotlin Library containting utility classes and kotlin extensions for most common view controler related android tasks. 2.0.0 Custom menu view removed.
glebdovzhenko glebdovzhenko / P61Viewer Python Tool for viewing and analysis of data from P61A beamline at PETRAIII, DESY. 0.0.3 Bug fixes: * App crash when the checkbox was clicked with an empty list; * App crash when first a large amount of datasets is open, then all closed, then a smaller one is open; * App crash when fit
LogicalGeekBoy LogicalGeekBoy / sky-zoo mcfunction Sky Zoo 2 Datapack v1.0 Changes: * Free rewards drop at the Zookeepers feet on capture * Update mob rewards with Bedrock, End Portal Frames and Totem of Undying * Balance other trades * Disable natural Wandering Trader
mbanon bitextor / bicleaner Python Parallel corpus classifier/cleaner bicleaner-v0.13 Changelog:
QDucasse QDucasse / LLVM-C CSS Tutorial on the LLVM C bindings continuous Travis CI build log:
hiyuki didi / mpx JavaScript Mpx - An enhanced miniprogram framework with data reactivity and deep optimizition. v2.4.8 ## New feature * 支持运行时配置useStrictDiff,通过mpx.config.useStrictDiff开启,开启后会采用更加精确的diff算法进行更精细的setData(但是由于keyPath会增多,所以
exoego exoego / aws-lambda-scalajs-facade Scala Type definition and utility to implement AWS Lambda functions in Scala.js v0.5.0 Published for Scala 2.12/2.213 and Scala.js 0.6.32. Unfortunately Scala.js 1.0.0 support is blocked by scalatest, so will be later. * Bugfix * `scala.Errpr` was accidentally exposes. Now `js.
davidmars davidmars / cayceo-control JavaScript L'interface de contrôle Cayceo v0.4.2 Fix rapide après réinitialisation
karalabe ethereum / go-ethereum Go Official Go implementation of the Ethereum protocol v1.9.11 Geth v1.9.11 was planned to be our next regular maintenance release, but enough niceties have piled up for it to become a feature release. This is also the reason why we delayed it by two weeks compar
EarthmanT cloudify-community / blueprint-examples Python This is where you can find officially supported Cloudify blueprints that work with the latest versions of Cloudify. Please make sure to use the blueprints from this repo when you are evaluating Cloudify. 5.0.0-25 Example blueprints for use with Cloudify version 5.0.0. This is package number 25 to be released for this version of Cloudify. Always try to use the latest package for your version of Cloudify.
bargel bargel / ip2location-go no-lang Use IP2Location geolocation database to lookup the geolocation information with IP2Location Go Package. It can be used to determine country, region, city, coordinates, zip code, time zone, ISP, domain name, connection type, area code, weather, MCC, MNC, mobile brand name, elevation and usage type that any IP address or hostname originates from. v8.3.1
volkv volkv / laravel-love PHP Add Social Reactions to Laravel Eloquent Models. It lets people express how they feel about the content. Fully customizable Weighted Reaction System & Reaction Type System with Like, Dislike and any other custom emotion types. Do you react? 8.2.2
patryk cloudflare / cloudflare-go Go Go library for the Cloudflare v4 API v0.11.2 - auditlogs: fix `GetOrganizationAuditLogs()` (#415) - access_group/access_policy: Add support for non-identity clients (#419) - access_identity_provider: Consolidate configuration fields (#403)
munnerz jetstack / cert-manager Go Automatically provision and manage TLS certificates in Kubernetes v0.13.1 ## Bug fixes - Fix Venafi Cloud URL field being marked required ([#2583](, [@munnerz]( - Fix cainjector.enabled=False
GarfieldeuhV1 GarfieldeuhV1 / fivem_richpresence Lua Auto-status update Rich Presence for FiveM servers. v1.0
attila-kiss-hmcts hmcts / ctsc-web-chat JavaScript Web chat component for services 0.3.11 In this release most of the dependencies are updated and the problematic prod dependencies were removed as they are wasn't needed for running the application. The 0.3.10 should hold the same changes w
Robbie1977 VirtualFlyBrain / Java Virtual Fly Brain geppetto code v2.1.0.1-rc1 changes to xref linkouts
arnikaeva boclips / boclips-api-client TypeScript JS client for Boclips API v3.0.8 This is v3.0.8
rajanjoshi18 logrhythm / pubsubbeat Go An Elastic Beat to ingest data from Google Pub/Sub v1.2.2
mattpit mattpit / emuDL-python-4fun Python From deltaclock's original emuDL project. Just a project to tinker with Python & Git. Nothing much more. v0.1alpha My version beta 1.0 from forked version
RobbWatershed avluis / Hentoid Java Doujinshi Android App v1.11.0 **New** - :crown:Support for ExHentai NB : no backdoor; please use your regular ExHentai account - :crown: Black "AMOLED" color mode - :crown: PIN lock can now be set to reappear wheneve
CelliesProjects CelliesProjects / html5_audioplayer PHP A single file html5 audio player with playlist. Plays mp3, ogg and wav files in your browser. Works on all major browsers. Less than 15Kb download. Simple and fast. v1.0.1 [See all changes since last v1.0.0](
migo315 bestit / commercetools-message-serializer PHP A simple message serializer for symfony messenger 0.0.5
csutter uktrade / peoplefinder Ruby The people and team directory of DIT's Digital Workspace v2020.6 ## Changed - Rearranged fields on the profile edit form and made it more clear which fields are mandatory and recommended
kangarko kangarko / Foundation Java Foundation is a library for bootstrapping Minecraft plugins. 5.2.5 Experimental MC 1.7.10 compatibility, still, a lot of things don't work and never will due to outdated API's.
penguinn athurg / go-confluence Go Confluence API封装 v0.0.11
muratkendir muratkendir / FilterLayersAtOnce Python Filter Layers on QGIS with single step, using simple expressions 0.3 First running release of FilterLayersAtOnce QGIS plugin.
Kikobeats microlinkhq / browserless JavaScript A puppeter-like Node.js library for interacting with Headless production scenarios. v6.6.6 ## [6.6.6]( (2020-02-18) **Note:** Version bump only for package browserless
aguinet aguinet / purectypes Python pure-python C types packer/unpacker 0.1
ashwinkumar0211 ashwinkumar0211 / pal-tracker Java pal-tracker release-3
nschloe nschloe / meshio Python input/output for many mesh formats 4.0.1
skogsmaskin sanity-io / sanity JavaScript The Sanity Studio – Collaborate in real-time on structured content v1.148.4 Upgrade the Command Line Interface (CLI) with: npm install --global @sanity/cli Upgrade Sanity Studio with: sanity upgrade # 🐛 Notable bugfixes - Fixed a bug where missing perm
onegate DanskeBank / Connector-Syst no-lang Integration Connector - Syst environment v0.1.4-syst.2
scottli139 hexmeet / HJT-SDK-Android-Demo Java 会捷通客户端 SDK (Android 版本) Demo v1.3.1 Version 1.3.1
WGMB WGMB / cordova-plugin-imagePicker-android Objective-C Cordova plugin with MultiImage picker functionality - Removed iOS platform
tidepool-org-build-uploader tidepool-org / uploader JavaScript An Electron app for uploading diabetes device data to Tidepool's backend v2.26.0 New features: - Support for Abbott FreeStyle Precision/Optium Neo meters Bug fixes: - Ketone readings on CareSens meters are now stored correctly - Medtronic 6-series carb ratios in pump sett
bnomei bnomei / kirby3-handlebars PHP Kirby 3 Component for semantic templates with Handlebars and Mustache v3.2.3
Cushmily Cushmily / Hermit C# A DI/MVVM Framework for Unity 3d Engine. v0.4.1 Changes: - Separate Trigger / TriggerSticky function - Refactor IUIStack implementation completely - Adapt Hermit into Unity Package Manager(UPM) Bug Fixes: - Remove find endpoint caches
steel9 steel9 / MCAlerty Java An alert system plugin for Spigot/Paper Spigot v1.0.0 First public release
dinhanhx dinhanhx / DSP-matlab-lib MATLAB A libray written in matlab for Digital Signal Processing 0.0.2 # What's new? * SampleThis() for sampling. * pseudoCTFT() for converting a continuous-time domain to frequency domain. Read wiki for more details. [Click me.](
szafranski szafranski / RotorHazard-one-click-management Python Useful additional script for automatic installation and keeping RotorHazard server software up to date on the raspberrydate 1.0 Installation, updates and prompts supported
guilhermebs simnibs / simnibs Python Simulation of Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation v3.1.1 * Fixed Leadfield calculations script with mri2mesh model * Fixed saving leadield when electrode_cap is undefined * Handling input electrode dimensions of length one * Solved issue with number of
yenoiwesa yenoiwesa / homebridge-daikin-airbase JavaScript A Homebridge plugin for the Daikin Airbase WiFi module 1.0.0 Maps the Daikin Airbase enabled aircon to a Homekit Heater Cooler accessory.
lime-ci Lundalogik / lime-elements TypeScript Provides reusable web components for Lime CRM v26.5.3 ## [26.5.3]( (2020-02-18) ### Bug Fixes * prevent multiple instances of docz ([736360b](
gabrielmbmb gabrielmbmb / vuex-multi-tab-state TypeScript 💾🔗🖥️ Share and synchronize status between multiple tabs with this plugin for Vuex. v1.0.8 ### Fixed bugs: * Arrays in state were merging uncorrectly
AndreasRam AndreasRam / cultivoplantas Java sistema para monitorear las variables de humedad de plantas, hecho en Primefaces +JSF + EJB +JPA v1.0 medidas de humedad de platas primefaces, jsf, jpa, mysql
bbatsov rubocop-hq / rubocop Ruby A Ruby static code analyzer and formatter, based on the community Ruby style guide. v0.80.0 ### New features * [#7693]( NodePattern: Add `` ` `` for descendant search. ([@marcandre][]) * [#7577](
octavonce purpleprotocol / graphlib Rust Simple but powerful graph library for Rust v0.6.1 ### Changes * `no_std` builds on stable.
e154 e154 / smart-home Go modern smart home system v0.0.26
Gummibeer elbgoods / laravel-trashmail-rule PHP This package provides a validation rule to prevent disposable/trash email addresses. 0.4.0 * add provider `\Elbgoods\TrashmailRule\Providers\VerifierProvider`
codehz codehz / headless-wine no-lang A try to remove some of graphic feature for wine 200218
GlassAndOneHalf ShiftLeftSecurity / joern Scala Open-source code analysis platform for C/C++ based on code property graphs v1.0.84
sbilodeau scbd / cctv JavaScript Meeting CCTV 2020.08.0
OCamlPro-Coquera OCamlPro / alt-ergo OCaml OCamlPro public development repository for Alt-Ergo 2.3.1 Minor release : - Fix issue #248. Avoid double rounding int intervals
CaoMeiYouRen CaoMeiYouRen / my-changelog-test JavaScript 测试自动化生成更新日志 v1.4.4 ## [1.4.4]( (2020-02-18) ### 🐛 Bug 修复 * 修复日志风格问题 ([84d03be](
Thatsmusic99 Thatsmusic99 / HeadsPlus Java A heads plugin that has grown for over two years into something more ambitious than other plugins. v6.9-SNAPSHOT-1 [ + ] Heads for cats, bees and so on are now working. [ + ] Added different head types for all mobs that need it: pandas, villagers, and so on. [ + ] Redid plenty of the death events code. [ + ] F
github-actions[bot] shunkakinoki / shunkakinoki Ruby My Life Journey Towards Obliterating the Galaxy :rocket::telescope::sunrise_over_mountains: v1.3.0 # [1.3.0]( (2020-02-18) ### Features * 🎸 npx git-cz ([45ee901](
mrven mrven / Blender-Texel-Density-Checker Python Blender Addon: Texel Density Checker v.2.2 [New] Baking Texel Density Value to Vertex Colors Bake User's TD range (Min/Max TD Values) to RGB gradient (Blue -> Green -> Red). Baked Vertex Colors not replace exist VC on objects - for Te
GGcryptobot GGcryptobot / Goose-X no-lang Goose-X Changes: - Implemented sensitivity "very high" - Implemented Goose Wick UltraSafe strat - Fixed dashboard profit graph - Added new wiki - When you change strategy from wick to others
holl- tum-pbs / PhiFlow JavaScript Research-oriented differentiable fluid simulation framework 1.0.3 Version Highlights: - Periodic pressure solve - Improved structs: `content_type`, global item context, batched structs Breaking Changes: - (minor) Removed `item_condition` argument from `placeho
prewk prewk / s3-cp-action Shell GitHub Action for S3 cp v0.1.1
travisbrown circe / circe-jackson Scala Jackson parsing and printing for circe v0.13.0 This release updates the Circe version to [0.13.0]( and updates some Jackson patch release versions.
alex-kabin alex-kabin / abr-viewer C# Photoshop brushes preview utility 1.0
juaismar juaismar / gormssp Go Server side pagination for golang whit gorm and beego v0.1.5
maricaantonacci indigo-dc / orchestrator Java The INDIGO PaaS Orchestrator v2.3.0-FINAL ### Added: - Added timeout for deployment creation/update - Added credentials management for providers not integrated with IAM * the credentials are automatically retrieved from Vault ### Cha
sleepy068 sleepy068 / Project-Hospital-AIP no-lang Additional Insurance Providers V1.2 V1.2 Feedback based balancing for Research Grant Institute (Reduced payout from 240% to 180%). (Thank you Corrino and Bob for the feedback) Changed Research Grant Institute unlock requirements. T
github-actions[bot] aaratn / terraenv Python Terraform & Terragrunt Version Manager v0.8
DannyS95 DannyS95 / JavaSE no-lang Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_241-b07) 1 Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_241-b07)
dogo dogo / AKMediaViewer Swift Beautiful iOS library to animate your image and video thumbnails to fullscreen. Written in Swift 1.0.9 Fix some warnings Migrate to Swift 4.2
AlexKamaev DevExpress / testcafe-browser-tools C++ Browser manipulation utils for TestCafe. v2.0.9
dalehille razee-io / Razeedash JavaScript Dashboard for Razee 1.8.0_002
allenlinli StraaS / StraaS-iOS-sdk Objective-C StraaS iOS client SDK documentation 0.50.0 ### 0.50.0 2019.1.21 #### StraaS - Important Update: - Remove Circall module. #### Player - Important Update: - Fix the loading indicator logic to prevent occasionally stalls.
dalehille razee-io / Razeedash-api JavaScript API used by razeedash 0.6.0_002
cbroschinski OpenAPC / openapc-de Python Collect and disseminate information on fee-based Open Access publishing v3.81.1 Contribution by Freie Universität Berlin provides APC data for the 2019 period.
rlktradewright rlktradewright / tradebuild-platform VBA TradeBuild Trading Platform version 2.7 2.7.237 In this release, the Get Bar Data (gbd27) command line utility has been enhanced (see the [Get Bar Data User Guide](
Firefly35 b-com-software-basis / xpcf C++ XPCF stands for Cross-Platform Component Framework. It provides base functionalities to handle component interfaces and method introspection, dependency injection and initial configuration. 2.3.1
amine-mp mailpoet / mailpoet PHP A free newsletter plugin for WordPress 3.46.0 * Added: MailPoet now has a Gutenberg block for subscription forms; * Improved: preview links now works publicly; * Fixed: MailPoet forms that automatically display under a page or post now always wor
MikeManzo MikeManzo / AppleServiceStatus Swift Retrieve Apple Service Status notifications in a simple and compact form using swift 0.1 Alpha release of library
joerodd joerodd / deriving-onset-offset-times-planning-units R Scripts to accompany JASA-EL manuscript "Deriving the onset and offset times of planning units from acoustic and articulatory measurements" v0.1
gmt3141 gmt3141 / python-iransystem Python IranSystem encoding for Python v0.1.0
AlthalusAvan AlthalusAvan / video-timestamp JavaScript Easy commandline timestamp generator as a companion for livestreams 0.0.1 This version functions on Windows - run the executable in the release to use. The script will keep looping until you type "exit" or close the command line, at which point it will print a .tx
gocd-ci-user gocd-contrib / google-oauth-authorization-plugin Java The plugin allows user to login in GoCD using google account v3.0.1-50-exp ### Changelog v3.0.1-49-exp..d30a5bf d30a5bf - Bump okhttp from 4.3.1 to 4.4.0 **SHA256 Checksums** ``` c019d9bd5e4e4b8500d36b90a8ec91dd9075f901e0884183e1cd178f04e0f735 *google-oauth-authorization-p
sduenas Bitergia / release-tools Python Tools to create GrimoireLab releases 0.1.0 ## GrimoireLab Release Tools 0.1.0 - (2020-02-10) **New features:** * Initial release composed by the tools: `changelog`, `semverup`, `notes` and `publish`.
am3n am3n / CraptionReporter Java CraptionReporter! crash and exception reporter tool 1.5.4
aburdulescu aburdulescu / mkdeb Go deb format metadata generator v0.1
vikram-idrive idrive-online-backup / s3-tests no-lang Compatibility tests for S3 clones fork_base Base version after forking. This is just for marking to know from the version of master forked from.
koic rubocop-hq / rubocop-minitest Ruby Code style checking for Minitest files. v0.6.1 ### Bug fixes * [#52]( Make `Minitest/RefuteFalse` cop aware of `assert(!test)`. ([@koic][]) * [#52](
ismcagdas aspnetboilerplate / aspnetboilerplate C# ASP.NET Boilerplate - Web Application Framework v5.2 ### Features - ISSUE [\#1427]( Implement Webhooks - PR [\#5211](
gocd-ci-user gocd / gocd-ldap-authentication-plugin Java LDAP authentication plugin for GoCD v2.0.2-110-exp ### Changelog v2.0.2-109-exp..8d6b1c9 8d6b1c9 - Bump assertj-core from 3.14.0 to 3.15.0 **SHA256 Checksums** ``` b81d887a48beab4328779146e8cbbecdc2fb084820e90b8f99577bdb0abd6901 *gocd-ldap-authentic
nkoranova SUSE / doc-caasp Shell SUSE Container as a Service Platform Documentation release-4.1.1
gocd-ci-user gocd / gocd-filebased-authentication-plugin Java This plugin is a password file based authentication plugin for GoCD v2.0.1-94-exp ### Changelog v2.0.1-93-exp..39c5700 39c5700 - Bump go-plugin-api from 19.12.0 to 20.1.0 **SHA256 Checksums** ``` 7010cd34cfe305325eca6b579172617632d35a7bf6e55490935bda0ab660d178 *gocd-filebased-aut
vearutop swaggest / go-code-builder Go JSON Schema enabled Go code building abstraction for PHP v0.4.26
MichalBrylka nemesissoft / Nemesis.Essentials C# Contains all essential utils that should be build into .NET but somehow are not. v1.0.46
KristofferC JuliaSparse / Pardiso.jl Julia Calling the PARDISO library from Julia v0.5.1
greorex greorex / uman JavaScript Units Manager - ES6+ library to orchestrate web workers in asynchronous way v0.7.3 Changes: - minor bugs fixing with UnitObjects
octavonce purpleprotocol / mimalloc_rust Rust A Rust wrapper over Microsoft's MiMalloc memory allocator v0.1.16 Release corresponding to mimalloc v1.6.1 release
Jormii Jormii / Hoot-Tickets Java Hoot Tickets - Práctica DAD fase2
gocd-ci-user gocd / gocd-file-based-secrets-plugin Java A file based secrets plugin for GoCD v1.0.0-52-exp ### Changelog v1.0.0-51-exp..e655ea1 e655ea1 - Bump lombok from 1.18.10 to 1.18.12 **SHA256 Checksums** ``` ce9e1ef4c21a0e4d51e3c4b87b0927b5fd2db40d1075ee59aca8b8be2ab10abe *gocd-file-based-secrets-
nethbot nethesis / falconieri Go Remote Provisioning Gateway v1.0.7
Samira-El transferwise / pipelinewise-target-postgres Python Target for PostgreSQL - PipelineWise compatible v1.1.0
gocd-ci-user gocd / docker-registry-artifact-plugin Java The docker registry artifact plugin provides a way to push and pull docker images on GoCD v1.1.0-125-exp ### Changelog v1.1.0-124-exp..bd1f6f7 bd1f6f7 - Bump aws-java-sdk-ecr from 1.11.714 to 1.11.724 **SHA256 Checksums** ``` df23707b6e304c5b761908e39aa4a5854d6cf6db51f3c75113fa37af04a484a2 *docker-regi
Sunilkumarr AppLozic / Applozic-Chat-iOS-Framework Objective-C Applozic Chat Framework for Cocoa Pod 7.1.0 ### Enhancements * Added internal API for account status update. ### Fixes * Fixed the black notification view was trimmed due to the alert controller. * Fixed the crash in channel nil in case o
JuanJavier1979 JuanJavier1979 / gatsby-theme-minimal-ecommerce JavaScript Minimal Theme for Gatsby eCommerce sites v0.1.3-alpha
titusz iscc / iscc-cli Python ISCC: Command Line Tool v0.9.3 ### [0.9.3] - 2020-02-18 - Add support for XHTML - Fix error on unsupported media types
didushow nipsn / ProyectoDAD HTML Proyecto de la asignatura de Desarrollo de Aplicaciones Distribuidas 1.1 Se ha configurado la Base de Datos con MySQL. Se ha probado la inserción de datos. La UI de la web es place holder.
harrychengly harrychengly / duke Java Starter code for the Duke project v0.2
pcklink PRIME-RE / RheMAP Jupyter Notebook Warps between some of the most used Rhesus Macaque Brain Templates. v1.0 First release of the package. The Zenodo doi has been reserved but the dataset is not online yet (2020-02-18). Will follow shortly.
joethephish joethephish / ink-wc C# Word count for ink projects 0.1
xrdavies XDagger / xdag C XDAG (Dagger Coin) Official Main Repository. XDAG is a novel DAG based cryptocurrency. 0.3.1 This release version mainly contains performance improvements and reduction. List of changes: 1) some optimizations for the better performance 2) release RPC 3) enable transaction remark 4)
das-bikash-asl dasBikash84 / android-menu-view Kotlin Custom menu view for Android 1.0.0 Initial release.
Jason2866 Jason2866 / Tasmota C++ Alternative firmware for ESP8266 with easy configuration using webUI, OTA updates, automation using timers or rules, expandability and entirely local control over MQTT, HTTP, Serial or KNX untagged-f99c7cb0a71a46156472
fejjo keboola / storage-api-php-client PHP Storage API Client 10.11.5 - Add test `outBytes` when loading to snowflake workspace.
VenomousInc VenomousInc / MSGCalendar Java A Calendar that uses JSON files, with customizable data. Built with Discord in mind. See DiscordEventData. 1.0.3
werrolf mapbender / owsproxy3 PHP OWSProxy for Mapbender3 v3.1.5 - Drop session interactions; owsproxy uses signatures
maeb nlnwa / veidemann-rethinkdbadapter Java RethinkDB database adapter for Veidemann Java modules 0.4.5
Exeexe93 Exeexe93 / duke Java Personal Assistant chatbot v2.0 Add GUI to Duke.
pullmoll pullmoll / pod-cpp C++ Parser for Perl's POD markup language entirely written in C++ 0.0.20191219 This is cloned from git:// just to have a download location with a release tag.
werrolf mapbender / coordinates-utility JavaScript Retrieve coordinates from the map, Zoom to a given map coordinate 1.0.9 * Update for current Mapbender API conventions (no functional changes)
lunafe lunafe / pray Pascal V2ray GUI Client 0.00 bugs everywhere.
tlkh NVAITC / ai-lab JavaScript All-in-one AI container for rapid prototyping v20.01 Major changes: * updated to CUDA 10.1
butschster butschster / LaravelGitHooks PHP Manage git hooks for Laravel application v0.3 ### post-commit After the entire commit process is completed, the post-commit hook runs. It doesn’t take any parameters, but you can easily get the last commit by running git log -1 HEAD. General
kristjank ArkEcosystem / java-client Java A simple Java API client for the ARK Blockchain. 1.0.1 ### Added - Updated Dependencies - build.gradle updated and cleaned to be in order with latest release requirements - GitHub Actions For Release Automation On GitHub Packages
werrolf mapbender / fom PHP Friends Of Mapbender Bundles v3.2.13 - Fix user password self-editing for low-privilege users
xfhg xfhg / tcaut Go policy as code / ripgrep weaponised v2
SagarGhagare SagarGhagare / awesome-codepipeline-ci HCL an AWS CodePipeline, AWS CodeBuild, AWS APIGateway & AWS Lambda CI 1.0
scana scana / ok-gradle Java IntelliJ/Android Studio plugin for searching artifacts ids of popular Java libraries. v0.4.0 - New: support for AndroidX packages - Fix: correctly fetch version for every artifact from Google Repository
JustAMan jellyfin / JavascriptSubtitlesOctopus JavaScript Display Subtitles via JavaScript 3.0.3
re-autom8-ci alphagov / gsp Go GSP is a container platform and curated suite of components helping government deploy, run, observe and secure their services gsp-v1.1.521
a1543790715 a1543790715 / Tools-Parts no-lang 七日杀的小mod Tools-Parts 应该是正式版本
christopher-daniel LightForm-group / compression-dilatometer-analysis-ZrNb Jupyter Notebook A python script for plotting flow stress data from a compression dilatometer, for analysing the high temperature deformation behaviour of a Zr-2.5Nb alloy at different temperatures and strain rates. A tool for plotting and critically evaluating 'processing maps' is also included. v1.0.0 A python script for analysing compression dilatometer data, allowing the user to plot the stress-strain data and for generating 'processing maps' of a material. The script was used to analyse data rec
SagarGhagare SagarGhagare / UAF Java UAF - Universal Authentication Framework 1.0
PushwooshCI Pushwoosh / web-push-notifications TypeScript Web Push Notifications v3.15.1 "* Fix entry name in webpack config."
oderayi mojaloop / central-ledger JavaScript Central Ledger hosted by a scheme to record and settle transfers v9.2.0 **Changelog for this release** - Hotfix: Resolve audit issues (#599)
BenoitClaveau BenoitClaveau / lit-html-ui-components JavaScript UI components for React Native 0.0.8
aksakalli aksakalli / gtop JavaScript System monitoring dashboard for terminal v1.0.2
apfelbox Becklyn / mojave JavaScript A library of commonly used JavaScript tools and helpers by Becklyn 5.9.0 ## :gift: New Features * Added `toStringArray`. ## :bug: Bug Fixes * Add missing hook dependency. ## Commits - Merge pull request #258 from Becklyn/next a2f02f0 - Added `toStr
jbferet jbferet / biodivMapR R biodivMapR: an R package for α- and β-diversity mapping using remotely-sensed images 1.1.0 ## Fixes - fixed bug in Lib_MapSpectralSpecies: remove constant bands from Subset$DataSubset if needed - fix bug when continuum removal applied on pixels with constant values which were not filtered
Dr-Incognito Dr-Incognito / V2Ray-Desktop C++ A cross-platform GUI client for V2Ray and Shadowsocks. Built with Qt5 and QML2. 1.5.0 ## Change Log - Support checking for updates. - Support upgrading V2Ray Core. - Fix some bugs. ## TODO - Support upgrading the application itself.
paulandrieux Troopers / AlertifyBundle CSS Harmonize notifications in your Symfony app. 3.0.13
sumn20 sumn20 / FastBuild Java Self-use 1.3 增加文件上传功能
anhowe Azure / Avere Go Avere vFXT resources for an enterprise-scale NFS clustered file system built for the cloud. tfprovider_v0.1.0 # Summary This is the first preview release of the Terraform Avere vFXT Provider. To learn more, visit the [Avere vFXT provider page](
github-actions[bot] saagie / updatarium Kotlin Updatarium : Update everything 2.0.0
NastuzziSamy laramore / proxies PHP Define a proxy management v0.2.1 - Remove useless methods in contract
mrtc0 mrtc0 / wazuh-ruby-client Ruby Wazuh API client for Ruby v0.2.3
mpre AlgoLab / malva C++ genotyping by Mapping-free ALternate-allele detection of known VAriants 1.2.0 This release: * Adds a new flag to strip "chr" from sequences names (-p), set to false by default. Note that this version changes the default behavior of MALVA.
Clivern Clivern / Beaver Go 💨A real time messaging server to build a scalable in-app notifications, multiplayer games, chat apps in web and mobile apps. 1.2.1
stephan1827 br-automation-com / mappView-File-Explorer C This is a sample project for a file Explorer with mappView V1.2 - Fixed download not working when downloading the same file again - Fixed upload not working with large files > 1 MB
process-engine-ci process-engine / process_engine_core TypeScript The heart of the ProcessEngine. Responsible for executing ProcessModels. v12.16.0-beta.1 # Changelog v12.16.0-beta.1 (2020-02-18) This changelog covers the changes between [v12.15.0 and v12.16.0-beta.1](
MartlnS Touriva / TOUR C++ Touriva ~ A Peer-to-Peer Travel Club v1.1.1 Notable changes: - New wallet theme - Transparent overlay when wallet syncing fixed - support for higher resolution displays.
SimonFinney carbon-design-system / ibm-security JavaScript A Carbon experience framework built by IBM Security v2.2.0 # [2.2.0]( (2020-02-18) ### Bug Fixes * **accordion:** add alignment test, fix custom class addition ([#361](https://git
artemis-beta Railway-Op-Sim / ROSTimetableEditor C++ Qt based timetable editor for Railway Operation Simulator v0.1.2-alpha Additional spin box has been added to allow multiple trainsets (i.e. a multiplier for 4->8 carriages etc)
kimlukas webfactory-team / node-red-contrib-i4scada-connector TypeScript A node-red nodes library for communicate with webfactory i4SCADA 1.1.4 Changed: - Added some advanced status information and logging for write node
gyuho aws / aws-k8s-tester Go AWS Kubernetes tester, kubetest deployer implementation v0.6.2 Please check out [CHANGELOG]( for a full list of changes. Signing key can be found at [
renovate-release renovatebot / renovate JavaScript Universal dependency update tool that fits into your workflows. 19.139.1 ## [19.139.1]( (2020-02-18) ### Bug Fixes * **cdnurl:** Fix slashes for lookup names ([#5505](
vincent-herlemont vincent-herlemont / next-aws-lambda-webpack-plugin JavaScript Pack a compat layer between next.js serverless page and AWS Lambda. v0.0.6
github-actions[bot] gridap / Gridap.jl Julia Grid-based approximation of partial differential equations in Julia v0.7.1 ## Gridap v0.7.1 [Diff since v0.7.0]( **Closed issues:** - Apply is implemented now upto 6 CellValue arguments (#32) - Add way to compute
tonikelope tonikelope / megabasterd Java Yet another unofficial (and ugly) cross-platform MEGA downloader/uploader/streaming suite. v7.16
BlythMeister BlythMeister / PaketChain C# Tool To Chain Paket Commands v0.0.22 Release v0.0.22
njtheron mpr213 / lecture-notes Jupyter Notebook MPR213 Lecture Notes 2020rev1
jackz314 jackz314 / artifact-releases no-lang Releases of artifacts like executables, instructions, or anything knocknock-latest The latest release of KnocKnock
msouravkumar msouravkumar / pal-tracker Java pal-tracker release-3
peircej psychopy / psychopy Python For running psychology and neuroscience experiments 2020.1.1 For details of the many new features in 2020.1 see [changelog#2020.1]( FIXES in this patch release: - Several tweaks to the new Runner dia
divyadeep08 scheduleonce / oh-docker-tag-action TypeScript GitHub Action to tag images in a private registry with the PR number, latest, and previous 1.0.4 This action is used to get the current pull id and environment to create docker images with PR, latest and previous tags per environment
leeyifei leeyifei / yii2-wx PHP 这可能是yii2中最好用的微信SDK🔥🔥🔥 1.4.4
fcollonval NTNU-IHB / PythonFMU C++ A lightweight framework that enables the packaging of Python3.x code as co-simulation FMUs v0.4.0 New features: - Add rollback feature #41 - Add reset feature #47 - Support state serialization #55 Fixes: - FMUs generated handle multi-threaded application #61 - FMU could be used with FMPy #
MysteriumTeam mysteriumnetwork / node-builds no-lang Snapshot builds 0.20.3-1snapshot-20200218T1046-4fdf1928
Buizz Buizz / EUD-Editor-3 Visual Basic .NET StarCraft:Reamster UMS Make Tool
ramilaliyev007 ramilaliyev007 / WindowsFormMD5Encryptor C# Windows Form sade md5 sifreleyici proqram v1.0.0.0
aardgoose aardgoose / CaveView.js JavaScript Web native 3d cave survey viewer 2.0.1 # New features * Use of GPS requires configuration property useGPS: true. * Examples added to zip archive # Bug fixes * missing worker files from zip archive
thkukuk thkukuk / rpcsvc-proto C rpcsvc protocol definitions from glibc v1.4.1 * Add support for external libintl
gbacskai xshopper / done24bot no-lang Done24Bot Scripts v1.0.3
beta20x beta20x / twitch-plays-vgc Python A small bot made in python to turn the normal twitch account into a twitch plays bot 1.0.0 I hope you like the icon ;)
johnnychen94 JuliaImages / Julia Documentation For JuliaImages v0.22.0 ## Images v0.22.0 [Diff since v0.21.1]( **Merged pull requests:** - reexport ImageQualityIndexes (
valeros platformio / platform-atmelsam Python Atmel SAM: development platform for PlatformIO v4.1.0 TODO
PoulainMaxime PoulainMaxime / ps_checkout PHP Module for PrestaShop Payments v1.3.1
gijzelaerr gijzelaerr / pymonetdb Python The Python API for MonetDB 1.3.0 # 1.3.0 This is the last release to officially support Python < 3.5. changes since 1.2.1 - Change logger.warn to (#64) - Add IPv6 support enhancement (#58) - Type analysi
github-actions[bot] shunkakinoki / journal JavaScript My Personal Journal :blue_book::sunrise::dizzy: v2.0.6 ## [2.0.6]( (2020-02-18) ### Performance Improvements * **update:** auto journal pr ([77ae63f](
akx akx / django-i18nkit Python Some utilities to make Django internationalization a little easier. v0.0.6 No functional changes, just Django 2/3 compatibility.
mickeyouyou for-geeks / playgroud Python playgroud for geeks 0.1 Ready for first auto Teacher training @BUAA
TripleSpeeder TripleSpeeder / ens-updater JavaScript CLI tool to get/set Ethereum Name System records v1.9.0 # [1.9.0]( (2020-02-18) ### Bug Fixes * be less verbose in connection check phase ([dbbf885](
Mic92 Mic92 / nixpkgs-review Python Review pull-requests on 2.2.0 Fixing evaluation of disabled python packages - now print more update stats when locally evaluating - fix evaluation of disabled python packages
bedhub tutao / tutanota JavaScript Tutanota is an email client with a strong focus on security and privacy that lets you encrypt emails on all your devices. tutanota-release-3.67.5 # Bugfix - Fix windows desktop application crashing on startup #1825 - Fix for setting correct mail folder counters #1826 # Milestone
rhattersley informatics-lab / forest Python FOREST - Forecast and Observation Research and Evaluation Survey Tool v0.9.2 Fix missing update to version number
saromanov saromanov / golog Go Simple wrapper over log 1.0.0
YOU54F YOU54F / jest-pact TypeScript A Pact adaptor for to allow you to easily run tests with Jest v0.5.2
js51 js51 / SplitP Python Python package which implements split-based and rank-based phylogenetic tools and methods. v0.0.4 The final release before the tree implementation in SplitP is changed to use networkx. This release should be used to run the code used for the results in my thesis (in the 'examples' folder)
DGStefan codepress / admin-columns PHP Admin Columns 4.0.1 * [Fixed] Fatal error in Date helper that occurs in PHP 5.6 * [Improved] Re-added the hook `ac/column/custom_field/use_text_input` to use a text field for the custom field column setting
back-2-95 druidfi / omen PHP Read the clouds and detect Drupal environment 0.1.4 - Allow hash_salt and file paths to be taken from ENV or env.settings.php files before default values.
Nyholm Happyr / auth0-bundle PHP Symfony integration for Auth0 0.6.1 Removed use of deprecated code
spryker-release-bot spryker / sales PHP [READ ONLY] Subtree split of the Sales module. 11.4.2 Included commits: ### Bugfixes - Adjusted `/js/modules/logic.js` to remove duplication of code from Gui module, so now `Show history` butto
benbz matrix-org / docker-matomo Dockerfile A docker image we use internally for analytics. v3.13.2-1
travisbrown circe / circe-optics Scala Monocle lenses and other tools for working with JSON values v0.13.0 This release updates the Circe version to [0.13.0]( and Monocle to 2.0.1 (from 2.0.0).
mmacata mundialis / actinia_core Python Actinia Core is an open source REST API for scalable, distributed, high performance processing of geographical data that uses mainly GRASS GIS for computational tasks. 0.99.5 Includes all addons from CSV in alpine dockerimage
Gyvastis comsave / sdk PHP [In Development] Comsave API SDK (Software Development Kit) 0.1.3 add php 7.4 support
osher-sade Enigmatis / polaris-logs TypeScript A library that organizes logs for you (in node.js) v2.7.1 ## [2.7.1]( (2020-02-18) ### Bug Fixes * updated dependencies ([2c8631d](
DenysVolynets Payop / prestashop-plugin PHP PrestaShop PayOp Payment Gateway 1.0.0-beta
marble marble / dummyrepo CSS Temporary. Do some Github Action experiments v4.0.4
wtetsu wtetsu / gaze Go 👁️Executes commands for you v0.1.1 * Change the default settings(Add Rust, C++)
chengaoang chengaoang / The-Birds C# 演示webGl v0.1
alemar11 tinrobots / AdvancedOperation Swift AdvancedOperation 5.1.0 - Added `GroupOperation`. - Added `ResultOperation`. - Added `GeneratorOperation` protocol. - `FailableOperation` is now generic over its Error type. - Improved logs for operations conforming to `
jeromedecoster jeromedecoster / sharp-lambda-layer Shell Sharp for AWS Lambda v0.24.1 | Sharp | Built for Node.js | | :-- | :-- | | 0.24.1 | 12.x |
levy9527 FEMessage / create-nuxt-app Vue ⚡️Create deepexi style nuxt app in seconds v2.0.0
bayareawebpro bayareawebpro / searchable-resource PHP Searchable Resource Builder v1.0.6
lex111 facebook / docusaurus JavaScript Easy to maintain open source documentation websites. v2.0.0-alpha.43 ## 2.0.0-alpha.43 (2020-02-18) **HOTFIX for 2.0.0-alpha.41**. #### :bug: Bug Fix - `docusaurus-theme-classic` - [#2292]( chore(v2): update
christyram99 christyram99 / validation-checking JavaScript Checking whether value is undefined or null or object empty v1.3.3 - updated readme with importing module d0e86a7
kevinflou kevinflou / esendex-php-sdk PHP The Esendex PHP SDK is an easy to use client for our REST API that you can use to integrate SMS and Voice messaging into your PHP application. Also available via Packagist as esendex/sdk and PEAR. v2.1.7
wangwu59105 wangwu59105 / ImageSelector Java :foggy: Android 图片选择器。充分自由定制,极大程度简化使用,支持图库多选/图片预览/单选/照片裁剪/拍照/自定义图片加载方式/自定义色调/沉浸式状态栏 v2.0.7
blastercoil blastercoil / FeatherIcons-iconfont-lib Kotlin Feather iconfont wrapped in a library for convenience. Font sourced from 1.0.0
ripienaar nats-io / jetstream Go JetStream Utilities v0.0.8 ## Enhancements * Split `next` and `sub` into seperate commands, `next` is optimised for performance and `sub` for user friendlyness * Support editing streams using `jsm stream edit`
ker-an Financial-Times / n-internal-tool HTML Simple wrapper around n-express to create a simple, internal web based tool v4.0.0
pascalhorton terranum-ch / ToolMap C++ ToolMap is an open-source software dedicated for digitizing data and producing complex multi-layer GIS projects. v3.2.2348
aidvu Automattic / page-optimize PHP WordPress plugin to optimize pages for faster load and render in the browser v0.1.0 Bump to 0.1.0 before release.
aws-cdk-automation aws / jsii TypeScript jsii allows code in any language to naturally interact with JavaScript classes. It is the technology that enables the AWS Cloud Development Kit to deliver polyglot libraries from a single codebase! v1.0.0 ### Features * CDK Build Integration Test ([#1219]( ([e99d722](, closes [#1209](h
Hser2bio reecore-coin / Reex C++ Reex core v1.4.2.0 This release contains the following changes: [CODE]: avoid full resync in ungraceful shutdown [COSMETIC]: delete old references to PIVX [DEPS] : Deps updated to: Expat 2.2.7 Native CCache 3.4.1
peter-evans peter-evans / create-pull-request Python A GitHub action to create a pull request for changes to your repository in the actions workspace. v2.4.2 - Fixes an issue where the token passed to the action was not being used to push and it was defaulting to the token persisted by `actions/checkout`
christyram99 christyram99 / random-generator JavaScript Generate random number and float v1.1.2
GenLN GenLN / node_exporter Shell node exporter for Linux machines v1
brandoncjh brandoncjh / duke Java Starter code for the Duke project v1.0
miktam miktam / sizeof JavaScript Get size of a JavaScript object v1.5.3 Kudos to @jamesacres !
arzwa arzwa / Whale.jl Julia Amalgamated likelihood estimation with a DL + WGD model v0.3 Implemented a delayed-acceptance step, using (the simple factorization of the posterior as prior times likelihood). This will be the last v0.x version normally, as a substantially improved version is
trinisofttechnologies Countly / countly-sdk-js Objective-C Countly Product Analytics SDK for Icenium and Phonegap 19.8.0 Shifted from manual code to gradle and pod.
mraulim Spinoco / mediaserver Java MMS - Mobicents Multimedia Server for Real Time Cloud Communications 5.0.0.xqo12
Gyvastis comsave / salesforce-outbound-message-tower-bundle PHP Listen for Salesforce outbound messages tower broadcasts in development environment. 0.3.3 add php 7.4 support
lambdalisue fixpoint / azblob-download-artifact JavaScript Download artifacts from Azure Blob Storage v3
Gyvastis comsave / mythological-username-generator PHP Mythological Username Generator 0.1.4 add php 7.4 support
alex-krash ClickHouse / clickhouse-jdbc-bridge Java A JDBC proxy from ClickHouse to external databases release_1.0.1 Bumped dependency versions

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