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collab-ui-bot collab-ui / automatetest JavaScript Repo to test automated publishing of collab ui. v2.6.0 # [2.6.0]( (2018-06-22) ### Bug Fixes * **schedule:** fix time ([47d0738](
Okipa Okipa / laravel-bootstrap-components PHP Laravel bootstrap components generator. 0.3.3
athre0z zyantific / IDASkins Python Advanced skinning plugin for IDA Pro v2.0.1 - Fixed bug that caused theme loading issues when older versions of IDASkins had previously been used on the same machine
carbon-bot carbon-design-system / carbon-components-react JavaScript Carbon Components - in React! v6.6.3 <a name="6.6.3"></a> ## [6.6.3]( (2018-06-22) ### Bug Fixes * **DataTable:** add icon d
jackscobey jackscobey / psch-guide HTML A guide to ping spamming Collin Hughes untagged-5d0ab4359dbc006da151 [](
DimitriosBellos DimitriosBellos / UDNN Python A Convolutional Neural Network for fast upscaling of low-resolution sinograms in x-ray CT time-series 1.0
knrc openshift-istio / origin Go Enterprise Kubernetes for Developers istio-3.9-0.8.0-alpha3
lujqme lujqme / douyin HTML 抖音 (WIn/Linux/Mac OS) v0.1.0 实现浏览和下载功能
galthaus digitalrebar / provision-content Shell DigitalRebar Provision Content v1.9.0 # v1.9.0 - Bug fixes and OS updates ## Features * Update centos-7.4 to centos-7.5 * Switch sledgehammer DHCP management to systemd to reduce churn. * Add defaults for package-repositories * U
galthaus digitalrebar / provision JavaScript Digital Rebar Provision is a simple and powerful Golang executable that provides a complete API-driven DHCP/PXE/TFTP provisioning system. v3.9.0 # v3.9.0 - RBAC, Secure Params, and Simple HA DRP In this release, DRP grows RBAC through the Role and Tenant objects, the ability to store parameters securely and restrict access to them, and a si
JKHeadley JKHeadley / appy Vue A boilerplate web app. v0.1 The initial release of appy.
ecarreras gisce / poweremail Python Email module for PowERP v0.26.0
caru80 caru80 / pkg_protomenu PHP Package Protomenu untagged-802f2ef0f9eb0368ee62 Version 3.0.0
revelry-integrations revelrylabs / harmonium JavaScript An opinionated React component framework for teams that move fast. v4.0.3 ## [4.0.3]( (2018-06-22) ### Bug Fixes * Fix excess classes on row component ([#259](
polterguy polterguy / phosphorusfive C# A Full Stack RAD Web Application Development Framework v8.4 ## Phoenix release version 8.4 ![alt logo]( ## About this release -
zheng1 zheng1 / openpitrix Go Application Management Platform on Multi-Cloud Environment untagged-c6a0504c719cb1233bd4
HeladodePistacho HeladodePistacho / Engine C++ This repository contains a bunch of retro games made with a simple console game engine v.1.0 A snake game made in c++ :v
applanga-sroemer applanga / applanga-cli Python Applanga Command Line Interface 1.0.30 Release 1.0.30
Qarj Qarj / WebInject Perl A fast and free headless http level automated testing tool v.2.10.0 ### Version 2.10.0 - Jun 22, 2018 * support a simplified test format in addition to xml, once it is production proven the xml format will be deprecated and later removed * support Perl 5.26 (@INC no
jackscobey jackscobey / cydia-impactor HTML Cydia Impactor Tutorial untagged-090967e31b48bf236d03 The first bot release, will be updated
pkerpedjiev hms-dbmi / higlass JavaScript Fast contact matrix visualization for the web. v1.0.4
modulesio webmixedreality / exokit JavaScript Javascript AR/VR web browser 🦖 v0.0.362 Exokit git release
florianlenz Bit-Nation / panthalassa Go Bitnation's Jurisdiction p2p-network backend, plus utils. 4.0.1 - fixed bugs in chat initialisation
WulfMarius WulfMarius / Better-Placing C# Mod improving the way items are placed for The Long Dark 2.1.1 Fixed issue with falling through the world because the coordinates of a furniture's parent were modified
Next-ON Next-ON / NextON C++ NextON source code untagged-f05f19490e9b183e4fc0 Fixed installation for Windows 32-bit
sftblw sftblw / dropReplacer JavaScript Rename files with regex, when you drag-drop onto it. v0.1.4 - implemented history section persistance - #3 - updated electron to 2.0.3 - Dragging over section removed due to the restriction #5
wookay wookay / Millboard.jl Julia Displaying data in tables for Julia v0.2.0 Tag Millboard v0.2.0 Support Julia 0.7
dominiquehausser dominiquehausser / XyGrib C This is the place for translation update v1.1.0 Temporary solution, waiting a builds of proper DEB packages. This is a compiled version Ubuntu 17.10 64bit. May work on other version of Ubuntu and Debian. The compressed file content is to be c
KickVN KickVN / SaliensAuto Java Automate Steam's Saliens untagged-9750a65105be0bd05d80 A zip shipped with both jar file and an example .bat file
Awilum flextype-plugins / data-guard PHP Data Guard plugin protects your website from the content copying. v1.0.0 Initial release
tomleavy WickrInc / wickr-crypto-c C An implementation of the Wickr Secure Messaging Protocol in C 1.9.1 * Added support for a Java JNI wrapper via SWIG
stelar7 stelar7 / L4J8 Java J8 version of L4J V1.4.9
immesys BTrDB / smartgridstore Go Distribution of BTrDB and tools for kubernetes v4.11.1 Incorporates a bugfix for mr-plotter's tree and a fix for the maximum size of the etcd database. Also adds a new query for building CSV files.
chrisfilo INCF / bids-validator JavaScript Validator for the Brain Imaging Data Structure 0.26.15 Fix new line error reporting (
GavinPower747 GavinPower747 / pubg-dotnet C# Sync/async client library for the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Developer Api Pubg.Net-v1.6.1.117
ryx ryx / datalayerjs JavaScript An open-source datalayer, tagmanager and frontend middleware 0.0.4 - new [attribution extension]( - use webpack as build tool - greatly improved test landscape - many smaller fixes
charliebonza charliebonza / lightrouter JavaScript Ultra lightweight javascript router Problem when params[i] is a function. params[i].replace is not a function
emarsys-deployer emartech / suite-js-sdk JavaScript Simple Javascript wrapper for the Emarsys API v14.2.2 <a name"14.2.2"></a> ### 14.2.2 (2018-06-22) #### Bug Fixes * **package:** add package-lock.json ([04764cf0](
Draeken js-republic / intervals-fn TypeScript Manipulate intervals in a functional way v3.0.0 <a name="3.0.0"></a> # [3.0.0]( (2018-06-22) ### Bug Fixes * add ramda as dependency ([e34ba90](https://git
eea-jenkins eea / JavaScript plone 4 package for the corporate design of the EEA website 20.8 Release 20.8
sendtion sendtion / XRichText Java 一个Android富文本类库,支持图文混排,支持编辑和预览,支持插入和删除图片。 1.4 * 添加自定义属性,可以设置图片高度,相邻图片间隔,文字大小和颜色 * 修复没有实现图片删除接口导致的崩溃问题,开放图片删除接口 * 添加点击
kurtextrem kurtextrem / Improved-for-Instagram JavaScript A Google Chrome Extension which improves the Layout. 2.7.0 # Watching Users Exciting new feature: You can now add Users to your list of "Watched Posts" and/or "Watched Stories" (found on the options page on the 3-dots page)! - How
weilinzung weilinzung / fontawesome5-bower no-lang Bower Install the latest Font Awesome5 version(free) v5.1.0
alex720 alex720 / user-manager C++ User-manager Teamspeak 3 Client Plugin 4.3 -Added contactList -Possibility to set individual rights for each user
va-utils va-utils / stalkrss C# My RSS Reader untagged-bef0a5ec42499584d121 Исправление ошибок
arekkas ory / redux-saga-fetch JavaScript A simple wrapper that reduces boilerplate code when using redux-saga in combination with async backend calls. v0.0.13
ezebongiovi WeekendWars / mvp-core Java Like it's name release-1.0.0
jcbvm jcbvm / i18n-editor Java GUI for editing your i18n translation files untagged-d160f8bb6ba5366909e7 ### Changelog - [FEATURE] Redesigned the structure of the translation projects. Instead of always using directories to store translations, it is now possible to also use flat file structure. Made the
ChrisHIV ChrisHIV / shiver Python Sequences from HIV Easily Reconstructed v1.4 Critical bug fix for Mac OS: contaminant read removal was silently failing (due to seemingly erroneous behaviour of the Mac sort command with --unique --merge). Added some more useful tools scripts. T
andreacalia jmad / jmad-gui Java Swing GUI on top of JMad, the Java API for MadX v0.3.6
zj565061763 zj565061763 / dialoger Java android dialog extends 1.0.2-rc1 1.0.2-rc1
andrewjtait Sage / carbon-factory JavaScript CLI Toolkit for Carbon v4.2.2 ## Webpack Windows Support We have updated how paths are resolved to support multiple environments. For this reason you might have to update your config: 1) Any absolute paths should now be rela
mohlcyber mohlcyber / OpenDXL-ATD-MISP Python Automated threat intelligence collection with McAfee ATD, OpenDXL and MISP v1.1 Python3 support added ATD Report and ATD Sample upload to MISP
cnegre lanl / LATTE Fortran Developer repository for the LATTE code v1.2.0 Changes in latte_lib to incorporate the possibility of reseting the calculation when a new structure is passed from the hosting code
W4anD0eR96 W4anD0eR96 / WeChatHelper Objective-C WeChat Helper on Mac OS X untagged-aa1673ad6a2eb3fcd981
betandr bbc / connected-data-snowdrop Python Datalab Snowdrop v0.19 [Full Changelog]( ## Merged pull requests: - Make tests more resiliant \(so they are not affected if AMANITA\_HOST is set\) [
doozy TemplateInvaders / ti-woocommerce-wishlist PHP WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin 1.7.3 * Fixed WC_Cache method compatibility for WooCommerce prior to 3.2.0
Linux13524 Linux13524 / Youtube-List-Downloader C Multiplatform application for downloading Youtube content. v1.0.13
juanfra moderntribe / event-tickets PHP Standalone Tickets Framework 4.7.4 * Fix – Properly calculate existing stock for RSVPs. Thanks to @afplct, @jacob, @dimaginet and others for flagging this! * Fix – Properly update attendees transient when checkin/unchekin an atten
cschreib cschreib / egg C++ Tool to generate fake galaxy catalogs with realistic positions, morphologies and fluxes from the far-ultraviolet to the far-infrared. v1.1.0 This release contains a significant improvement to the treatment of IGM absorption, which has a critical effect on the rest-frame extreme-UV fluxes (<0.12um) of z>4 galaxies. In the previous ver
andreacalia jmad / jmad-modelpack-fx Java JavaFx GUI components for accessing the JMad model package service v0.2.2 * now there is a loading state for all the panels in the GUI
paulplayer xStorage / xS-js-multibase JavaScript xStorage implementation of ipfs js-multibase v0.1.9
hfgocd hellofresh / janus Go An API Gateway written in Go 3.7.1-rc.18
No3x No3x / wp-mail-logging PHP :envelope: Logs each email sent by WordPress. release/1.8.4 - Fix: transient bug - Fix: notice when attachments not set
Jesus Jesus / dropbox_api Ruby Ruby client library for Dropbox API v2 v0.1.11 * Added the following new endpoints: * `get_thumbnail_batch`, thanks to @kilgore5. * `file_requests/create_file_request`, thanks to @rossmeissl. * A new virtual endpoint `#upload_by_c
jaalonso jaalonso / Examenes_de_PF_con_Haskell Haskell Exámenes de programación funcional con Haskell v9.6 Exámenes de programación funcional con Haskell (Versión del 22 de junio de 2018) [Examenes_de_PF_con_Haskell.pdf](
nicksagona popphp / pop-code PHP Pop Code Component 3.1.0 ### UPDATED - Add environment tag support
stephen-soltesz m-lab / alertmanager-github-receiver Go Prometheus Alertmanager webhook receiver that creates GitHub issues from alerts v0.6 This release adds the ability to specify additional static labels that will be added to all new issues.
mhalushka mhalushka / miRge Python miRge - microRNA alignment software for small RNA-seq data, now at v2.0 miRge2.0.5 [miRge2.0.5.tar.gz](
krashkov krashkov / SteinerNet R Steiner Tree Approach for Graph Analysis v3.0.0
kingaa kingaa / pomp R R package for statistical inference using partially observed Markov processes Release of version
greengerong greengerong / rebirth-http TypeScript Java JPA like http lib for Angular v6.0.2 cli lib publish
yfpeng yfpeng / bioc Python Data structures and code to read/write BioC XML. v1.2.1 Support reading and writing BioC json and jsonl format.
tgirard12 tgirard12 / gradle-step-release-plugin Kotlin Gradle plugin to launch release steps in custom order v0.2.1
edmondac edmondac / nexus_scripts Python Scripts for making and manipulating NEXUS files, along with some for dealing with input databases (such as from the INTF in Münster). v1.0 First release with a DOI
amureki Thermondo / closeio Python A small API library to access CRM 1.1.1 - fix release error in Travis, causing one build always being failed
niekcandaele CatalysmsServerManager / 7-Days-to-Die-API-wrapper TypeScript 🌯 Interact with a 7DTD web API v1.0.8
binarywang Wechat-Group / weixin-java-tools Java 可能是目前最好最全的微信Java开发工具包,支持包括微信支付、开放平台、小程序、企业号和公众号等的开发 v3.1.0 本次版本更新主要修复了一些bug,各个模块增加了不少接口,比如开放平台模块增加小程序相关接口,小程序模块增加代码管理、成员管理、数据分析
NikhilShankar GreedyGame / unity-plugin C# A complete guide to integrate GreedyGame plugin within your Unity game. r8.8.9 Features --------- * GDPR support. * Enhanced capabilities on ad unit templates. Size Reduction --------------- * Reduced ~20% SDK binary size. * Reduced 27.4% Field count and 2% of Method coun
sinri sinri / aliyun-openapi-php-sdk PHP Alibaba Cloud SDK for PHP 2.1.2 Fix Aliyun Issue:
mts88 mts88 / mongogrid PHP Useful package to easly use Mongo GridFS in Laravel v1.0.4
errx errx / yesoreyeram-boomtable-panel HTML Boom Table Panel for Graphite & Grafana v0.3.1-test2
igoldyrev igoldyrev / gaross PHP Site of company Gaross, Perm v.2.0.2 ОБНОВЛЕНО: Обновлен файл описания репозитория, добавлена ссылка на сайт проекта ИСПРАВЛЕНО: Исправлено неск
tyanas intento / intento-nodejs JavaScript An adapter to query Intento API – a single API to Cognitive AI services from many vendors v0.1.1 - clarify error reporting for 4xx responses
phpbook-sources phpbook-sources / storage PHP PHP Storage Library 1.0.3
shawkinsl mtgatracker / mtgatracker HTML MTGATracker is an in-game overlay that shows real time info about your deck in MTGA, and can record & analyze your past matches to show best & worst color matchups, etc. untagged-97a86d90d910bd85aae1 # MTGATracker 3.4.0: Competitive Constructed + Fixes This release is on the auto-update server; if you already have MTGATracker, you don't need to do anything except run it. MTGATracker will update
SoSeductive UsabilityDynamics / lib-ui JavaScript Component for interfaces. 0.3.5 * Changed deprecated constant PLUGINDIR to WP_PLUGIN_DIR
gseidel xqweb / docker-symfony-capistrano Shell A docker container to deploy your symfony application on it 0.1
pasqLisena DOREMUS-ANR / isnimatcher Java Query ISNI api and retrieve id and URI for a given name. 1.1.1
jaebradley jaebradley / github-languages-client JavaScript 📖 NodeJS Client for GitHub Languages v1.0.14 <a name="1.0.14"></a> ## [1.0.14]( (2018-06-22) ### Bug Fixes * **languages:** update GitHub la
asebastian-r7 rapid7 / cps Go CPS - Centralized Property Service v0.3.1 - Fixes issue where consul services are not in output when no services are healthy.
gordonjcmp CMP-Studio / swidget-wordpress PHP A wordpress widget for the sw ecom system untagged-d6fff9028ec93b393d29 Add timed functions
SoSeductive UsabilityDynamics / lib-wp-bootstrap PHP Bootstrap library for WP plugins. 1.2.4 * Changed deprecated constant PLUGINDIR to WP_PLUGIN_DIR
bmcfee bmcfee / pumpp Python practically universal music pre-processor 0.3.3 Minor bug-fix release to explicitly catch sample-duration data errors.
kba OCR-D / core Python Collection of OCR-related python tools and wrappers from @OCR-D v0.4.1 Changed: * CLI: rename `workspace create` -> `workspace init` and align with clone syntax
stennie keystonejs / keystone JavaScript node.js cms and web app framework v4.0.0-rc.0 [Full Changelog]( **Bug fixes and improvements:** * Fix scrolling for modals in the Admin UI when content overflows (#41
madhav-bharadwaj HewlettPackard / simplivity-vra-plugin no-lang HPE SimpliVity plugin for VMware vRealize Automation v1.0.0 Version 1.0.0 See <a href="">CHANGELOG.MD</a> for the changes Also please note: vRA Move Ope
griffinmyers button / button-client-python Python python client for the Button Order API v2.7.0
Dids Dids / clover-builder Shell Automated, daily Clover builds. v2.4k_r4569 Remove include statements from .h files in clover-genconfig - zenith432
ynishi ynishi / python-docker Python simple python in docker 0.1.1 * separate requirements.txt * fix flake8 and prompt-toolkit
Truth0906 Truth0906 / PTTOTP Shell PTT One-Time Password 0.0.2dev [](
miaowing miaowing / nest-consul TypeScript A Consul module for Nest framework (node.js) 1.0.0
lexandr0s lexandr0s / fan_control Shell Automatic Control fan speed for Nvidia card (linux) v2.3
SonuRex SonuRex / soumyagourab HTML My Resume v1.0
gronke gronke / es6-express-api JavaScript Express API boilerplate written in EcmaScript 6 untagged-858f67f3d6e00ecaed58 - internally use the Express 4 [Router feature]( - enable param inheritance by defining in routes
insidesalesplaybooks InsideSalesOfficial / insidesales-components JavaScript UI components for products v1.40.2 <a name="1.40.2"></a> ## [1.40.2]( (2018-06-22) ### Bug Fixes * **FilterBar:** Add hove
jahraphael RaiderIO / raiderio-client-builds no-lang Builds of RaiderIO Client v0.5.6-alpha
wmhilton isomorphic-git / isomorphic-git JavaScript A pure JavaScript implementation of git for node and browsers! v0.19.4 ## [0.19.4]( (2018-06-22) ### Bug Fixes * **deps:** update dependency 'ignore' to v4 ([#288](
binhex binhex / arch-get-iplayer Shell Docker build script for Arch Linux base with get_iplayer v3.07-05
iamdanfox palantir / http-remoting-api Java The API components of the http-remoting RPC library 1.9.0 - ServiceConfiguration timeouts can now be configured with sub-second granularity (#75) - new `UnknownRemoteException` with status & body fields #91
doganoo doganoo / PHPAlgorithms PHP A collection of common algorithms implemented in PHP. The collection is based on "Cracking the Coding Interview" by Gayle Laakmann McDowell 0.0.3
citrabot citra-emu / citra-canary no-lang THIS IS A STAGING REPO FOR OUR CANARY RELEASES ONLY. For development see our main repo at canary-579
edwinvandeven openstudioproject / openstudio HTML Open source yoga studio software 2018.6.0 ## New features Memberships - Fixed rate teacher payments - Multiple images for events - Check-in customers using barcode scanner - Set other drop-in & trial class prices for customers wi
nuage-ps nuagenetworks / vspk-java Java A Java library for managing Nuage through its API r5.2.3 Java version of VSPK, built on top of Bambou (Java). Requires Java runtime (JRE) version 1.7 or higher.
eea-jenkins eea / eea.icons Python Font Awesome icons for Plone 3.1 Release 3.1
citrabot citra-emu / citra-nightly no-lang THIS IS A STAGING REPO FOR OUR NIGHTLY RELEAES ONLY. For development see our main repo at nightly-760
mihails-strasuns-sociomantic sociomantic-tsunami / ocean D General purpose, platform-dependant, high-performance library for D v4.2.0 Deprecations ------------ ### Deprecate UnixSocketExt.add/removeInteractiveHandler There's no need to separate addHandler/removeHa
jeffzmartin jeffzmartin / SalesforceSQLSchemaGenerator C# Generates SQL scripts for Microsoft SQL Server that match selected objects in a Salesforce org untagged-82c5d5c451710626833f Working build of schema generator with improved saving of settings, API 43.0 support, and more.
Torann Torann / localization-helpers PHP An artisan command package for easy translation management 1.5.5 - Code cleanup on missing command - Remove backup (git is a backup) - Add ability to only process only the system default locale
magicseb magicseb / CoreELEC Makefile A lightweight OS for KODI 1.0 CoreELEC with RetroArch and most emulators included. Go to the addons section and enable retroarch addon You may need to configure your joypad on retroarch.
nilsreiter nilsreiter / treeanno Java Tree Annotation tool v1.0.0 # Changelog - First release! # Requirements - Java 8 # Installation See the file in the main directory. # Downloads - TreeAnno-1.0.0.war: Package for use in a tomcat in
ivanhueso ivanhueso / empleonow HTML Empleo Now Website 1.2 - Themes folder uploaded to own repo - Change to Simple Form to manage contact forms
rducom LuccaSA / Lucca.Logs C# Lucca.Logs v0.3.7
SoSeductive UsabilityDynamics / lib-wp-list-table PHP Advanced Ajax List Table library for Wordpress 1.1.0 * Changed deprecated constant `PLUGINDIR` to `WP_PLUGIN_DIR`
Andi1974 Andi1974 / Forest-degradation-monitoring no-lang Repository for technical data dealing with (semi)-evergreen forest degradation monitoring v1.7 Modifications: - bug fix in exporting option (now spatial resolution is selected fitting to satellite sensor used) - adding of new (2017) dataset of Global Forest Cover
misund dbmedialab / shiny JavaScript Pretty, composable frontend components ✨ v0.6.1 Fixes: - Clean up color system (#565) Dependency updates: - storybook - greenkeeper-lockfile
jbedia SantanderMetGroup / calibratoR R An R package for statistical calibration of seasonal climate forecasts v0.1.0 # New in v0.1.0 * `calDebias` has been deprecated, and replaced by `calMVA`
JK3Y JK3Y / NPS-Browser-macOS Swift macOS version of NPS Browser v1.2.4 ### Added - The first row of the master view table is auto-selected ### Changed - Fixed bug that would make the app crash on startup - Fixed memory leaks - Fixed bug where bookmark changes weren'
tomaslin spinnaker / clouddriver Groovy read and write operations across cloud providers v2.57.9 * fix(titus): exponentially retry on submit job failures * perf(provider/gce): Reduce GCE image SSCANs in Redis. * fix(titus): only default zone balance soft constraint on services
yyc-git Wonder-Technology / Wonder.js OCaml :rocket:Functional, High performance 3D Webgl Engine v1.0.0-alpha.20 ### Add - convert gltf to wd - assemble wd - generate wd ### benchmark report ### Bug Fixes * **basicMaterial:** fix BasicMaterialA
pauldendulk BruTile / BruTile C# BruTile is a .NET library to access tile services like those of OpenStreetMap, MapBox or GeodanMaps. 2.0.1 - Added ConfigureAwait(false) on web calls
dcmouyard cfpb / teachers-digital-platform JavaScript Teacher's Digital Platform 0.5.23
tkashkin tkashkin / GameHub Vala All your games in one place 0.3.1 Humble Bundle authentication fix Humble Bundle game icons fix
kvasukib aws / aws-sdk-android Java Official mirror of version 2 of the AWS Mobile SDK for Android. For more information, see our web site: release_v2.6.23 Please visit [CHANGELOG]( for more information
barisatalay barisatalay / projectbase Java Infrastructure to be used in projects 1.5.4
zj565061763 zj565061763 / poper Java android popview library 1.0.64 ``` implementation 'com.github.zj565061763:viewtracker:1.0.9' ```
onechiporenko onechiporenko / ember-models-table JavaScript Table with pagination, sorting, filtering and much more v2.6.0 * Update ember-cli * Allow any model field to be set as parameter for routeName #310 (@DarrenDrumm) * Add sort function per column #308 (@sly7-7)
peteletroll peteletroll / DockRotate C# Kerbal Space Program lightweight robotics with docking ports v1.4.3.14 Recompiled for 1.4.3. Should work with any 1.4.* anyway. * Lots of refactoring. I apparently like moving code around a lot. * Better handling of going on rails while moving.
tomcsmith1990 tomcsmith1990 / unit4-automation C# Automate running RERX files in Unit 4 Business World test-release
mennolovink mennolovink / Mock-N-stub Swift Code completed Mocking and Stubbing for Swift protocols and classes. 4.0.0 [Closed Issues](
FrancescAlted PyTables / datasette-pytables Python Datasette connector for dealing with PyTables and pandas/HDF5 files v1.0.3 This new release of datasette-pytables fixes a compatibility problem with last versions of Mozilla SQL Parser, which is used by datasette-pytables for translating queries from SQL to PyTables synt
Sabbasth Sabbasth / workstations Shell Bootstrap workstations v0.1-dev this is a dev release
WebCommAuto NCIOCPL / wcms-cde-config C# Configuration files and build tools cde-2018-06-22-jenkins-test-blue-1 Automated build cde-2018-06-22-jenkins-test-blue-1
petrgrishin petrgrishin / array-map PHP PHP. The object oriented approach to working with arrays 1.4.0 Add slice and chunk
PiMaker PiMaker / MonikAI C# Monika from DDLC keeping you company on your desktop! 0.7-pre Thanks to the great work of KiRyX#4569 (Discord), Monika can now speak Russian! Keep in mind that not everything is translated yet, but most reponses should be available. Set the language in the setti
Danw33 Danw33 / go-build Go Multi-project multi-branch build tool, written in go! (MIT) 1.0.2 **v1.0.2 of go-build 🚀**, the open-source MIT-Licensed multi-project multi-branch build tool. The first issue (#1) has been resolved! `go-build` can now fetch, pull, and fast-forward through ch
WebCommAuto NCIOCPL / wcms-cde C# WCMS - Content Delivery Engine cde-2018-06-22-jenkins-test-blue-1 Automated build cde-2018-06-22-jenkins-test-blue-1
david-smith-ft Financial-Times / neoism Go Neo4j client for Golang 2.0.0 We brought it up to date.
kentcdodds paypal / downshift JavaScript 🏎 Primitive to build simple, flexible, WAI-ARIA compliant enhanced input React components v2.0.9 ## [2.0.9]( (2018-06-22) ### Bug Fixes * handle toggle button keyboard events properly ([#484](
alessandrocataldi alessandrocataldi / quadro CSS Un framework HTML/CSS/JS responsive. v0.1.11 ### Aggiornamenti - [079f750]( - Aggiunto messaggio di errore per gli input - [b4bb022](https://github.c
hagenw hagenw / sphinxcontrib-katex Python Sphinx extension using KaTeX to render math in HTML 0.2.0 * Remove katex_macros option * Document all configuration settings * Automatic setting of delimiters for KaTeX auto-renderer
dfranco bacula-web / bacula-web PHP Open source web based reporting and monitoring tool for Bacula v8.0.1 ### Changelog - Documentation - Fix issue with ReadTheDocs theme conflict ### Fixed bugs - 0000248 [documentation] Documentation issue
Hexer10 Hexer10 / HexVips SourcePawn Plugin for VIP menu & advantages 4.04
zj565061763 zj565061763 / viewtracker Java track view position 1.0.9 1.0.9
sandeep-krishnamurthy awslabs / keras-apache-mxnet Python Amazon Deep Learning's Keras with Apache MXNet support untagged-3e847e88cbed80676151 # Highlights 1. Update keras-apache-mxnet to keras-team/keras v2.2.0. Please read Keras [release notes]( for more details on core Keras change
toby1991 toby1991 / laravel-release Shell help people who's behind the wall to use laravel. 帮助没有网络自由的人使用Laravel 2018-06-22-23-00-01
mkearney mkearney / rtweet R 🐦 R client for interacting with Twitter's [stream and REST] APIs v0.6.7 rtweet CRAN release 2018-06-20
seanpierce seanpierce / passman Python 🗝 PassMan is a Python-based password management application v1.2.4 This release creates the app as an installable package via pip
churchers churchers / vm-bhyve Shell FreeBSD Bhyve VM Management v1.2.0 Initial v1.2 release Notable changes - - Support for up to 32 AHCI devices on a single controller - Reworked virtual switch code - Interactive mode when using tmux (start directly into tmux se
sem-soft OlegChulakovStudio / amocrm PHP Wrapper for working with AmoCRM RESTfull API v2 1.1.4
bernardodesousa alloy-city / student JavaScript Provides Student access level functionality to Alloy City clients. v0.9.1
BlitzkriegSoftware BlitzkriegSoftware / SqlHelper C# C# ADO.NET Helper 1.0.0 Working Library with Unit Tests and Sandcastle Documentation
sebk69 sebk69 / SebkSmallOrmBundle PHP Small ORM for symfony app 1.0.1 Add testUniqueWithDeterminant Update composer.json for type of project
regulator95 CBIIT / cananolab Java caNanoLab is a web-based portal designed to capture nanotechnology data. 2.3.4-it6 Fixes more issues with special characters
watson-github-bot watson-developer-cloud / spring-boot-starter Java Spring Boot support for Watson services v0.3.0
magne4000 getstation / station-canary no-lang Canary releases of Station 0.16.9 ### Added - Added support custom user agent override - Added last page put to sleep removal if is a duplicate - Added download folder location in settings - Added duplicate pages in excess removal
gallib gallib / macope PHP A package to manage your online finance 0.8.1 # Improvements - Better performances
904826559 904826559 / TP5.0- PHP 登录退出、多天免登录、数据增删查改、注册等。 TP5.0 TP框架5.0,练手
vlesierse howdio / terraform-aws-eks HCL Terraform module which creates EKS resources on AWS v0.1.1 ## Improvements * Add node_role_arn output (d0036e939dd94028d90aaa8db887f3fe231c92e2, 6d0e4f2ec2c0c5fa2263ff3020180456789e8a06) ## Fixes * Fix retrieval of the correct node role (b1ab46075f6d552b
markahrens ITS-UofIowa / PHP SiteNow custom service site 1.1.6
va-bot department-of-veterans-affairs / caseflow-monitor JavaScript A small application designed to monitor Caseflow dependencies. deployed/20180622_105652
ParadoxOrigins ParadoxalCorp / FelixBot JavaScript Felix V4, a powerful multi-purpose discord bot v4.0.1
ParadoxOrigins ParadoxalCorp / felix-production JavaScript Felix's bot actual source v4.0.1
tonyo tonyo / alpaga Python repo for test purposes v2.1 test
jblandry absolunet / nwayo CSS 🌰 A multi-theme, multi-site, multi-cms front-end framework 3.5.1 - Workflow rewritten from Gulp 3 to Gulp 4 - PubSub and `$.when()` replaced by pinki - Moved `app.lazyload` to newly created scope `toolbox` - Docs structure added - SublimeText removed as default
gfrans gfrans / Badge_2018 C Resources for the Cisco & Code@TACC Cybersecurity camp 2018 badge v1.0.0 Testing
protoEvangelion node-gh / gh JavaScript GitHub command line tools made with NodeJS v1.12.12 - Replace open with opn npm package
BlueBoxWare BlueBoxWare / LibGDXPlugin Kotlin An IntelliJ plugin for use with LibGDX 1.15.2 * Fix Settings pane (#14, #15) * Add setting to enable/disable color previews in Skins
Ocramius zendframework / zend-servicemanager PHP ServiceManager component from Zend Framework release-2.7.11 ## 2.7.11 - 2018-06-22 ### Added - Nothing. ### Changed - Nothing. ### Deprecated - Nothing. ### Removed - Nothing. ### Fixed - [#269](
HT2Bot HT2-Labs / react-components TypeScript A package of React components for use within HT2 Labs. v1.1.1 ## [1.1.1]( (2018-06-22) ### Bug Fixes * Fixes dist directory. ([9d99f5a](
Mikej81 Mikej81 / f5-samlreplay JavaScript Node.JS SAML Replay 0.1.1 fix timestamps, modified tcl.
Ilyaki Ilyaki / SplitScreen C# Stardew Valley mod that enables split screen multiplayer with multiple controllers. v3.0.5 Fixed crashing on SMAPI 2.6-beta.17
Chris-Pratt-Clystnet Clystnet / Vtiger PHP Use the Vtiger webservice API from within Laravel 1.4.6 * Added new array to hold the differenent types of errors * Altered the errors class to use this and did general code cleanup and made sure only the VtigerError is being produced
jonhue NativeGap / chrome HTML Chrome Extension wrapper 1.1.1 Enhancements: * Specify background color of extension window
KyleApfel CMSgov / qpp-file-upload-api-client JavaScript A set of functions to call the QPP Submissions API in common manner, such as for the file upload use case. v1.2.19 # Added * Snyk alert fix on growl.
jonhue NativeGap / windows HTML Windows wrapper 1.4.1 Bugfixes: * fixed custom error pages
edsilv edsilv / biiif-cli HTML A CLI to Build Static IIIF Collections v0.1.3
m-raab IntershopCommunicationsAG / scmversion-gradle-plugin Groovy This plugin provides project configuration and tasks for version handling based on the used SCM of the project. 3.5.0
aidenkeating aerogear / aerogear-ios-sdk Swift AeroGear Services Swift SDK 1.0.0-alpha.1 * Expose push configuration errors.
NorcuxOS NorcuxOS / sddm-theme QML The NorcuxOS SDDM Theme 0.1.1
edsilv edsilv / biiif JavaScript Organise your files according to a simple naming convention to generate IIIF json v0.3.6
erikap mu-semtech / mu-javascript-template JavaScript Template for running javascript/express microservices v1.3.0 * Add support for [mu-authorization]( * Add error handling middleware as a helper * Add hook for a custom `` script for child images during
snyksec snyk / ruby-semver JavaScript A semver parser that uses RubyGem's semantics with node-semver's api v1.3.4 <a name"1.3.4"></a> ### 1.3.4 (2018-06-22) #### Bug Fixes * Gemfile.lock & Gemfile to reduce vulnerabilities ([5e2d2a12](
joeycumines joeycumines / go-bigbuff Go Package bigbuff implements a one-many ordered queue producer-consumer pattern + utilities. v1.1.1 Avoid blocking on Buffer.Range if the buffer is empty.
bbrodriges edadeal / lepus Go Golang wrapper around AMQP client with synchronous operations 1.0.1
rberlind rberlind / test-external HCL test external data source with Sentinel policy v0.1 working version invoking bash
aleccrowell aleccrowell / LIMBR Python Applications of machine learning to proteomics data processing v0.2.9.1
sboulema sboulema / TGit C# Control TortoiseGit from within Visual Studio v4.9.36 - Add git svn support, #45
chmille4 frameshiftgenomics / mosdepth Nim fast BAM/CRAM depth calculation for WGS, exome, or targeted sequencing untagged-a97016301a42f1ee7f17 v0.2.3 of mosdepth with the addition of generating bamstatsalive output
gilbitron gilbitron / world-cup-2018 JavaScript Live World Cup 2018 scores in your menu bar 0.4.0 * [New] Display goals for the current game #18 * [Fixed] Fixed displaying old notifications on start #17 * [Fixed] Fixed app crashing when menu is open #16
maxlinke maxlinke / JavaWebFileTransfer Java A little web file transfer app. One person hosts a file, then tells the other person how to get it (IP, port). untagged-8f04adc2db4fe4c5ef12 A little application that lets you send files to your friends or whomever you want. The host selects the files they want to share, enter the port on which they want to be reached (make sure to open it
jakob1379 jakob1379 / FileMerge Python A simple tool to merge text files line wise into a single file Python A very simple to use python module to merge text file into a single one.
eea-jenkins eea / eea.plonebuildout.profile Python EEA Plone buildout profile 3.9 Release 3.9
EugeneManushkin EugeneManushkin / CtagsSourceNavigator C++ Reworked Ctags Source Navigator plugin based on source code v0.93 beta compatible with Far3 build_2.1.0.22 Fixed #11
zhangyongquanpt zhangyongquanpt / htmltest no-lang 个人 1.0 第一阶段告一段落
SergeySeroshtan VirgilSecurity / virgil-crypto C++ Virgil Crypto is a high-level cryptographic library that allows you to perform all necessary operations for secure storing and transferring data and everything required to become HIPAA and GDPR compliant. Crypto Library is written in C++, suitable for mobile and server platforms and supports bindings with: Swift, Obj-C, Java (Android), С#/.NET, JS, Python, Ruby, PHP, Go. v2.5.0-rc1 ## Features * [Lib] Add option to build library with use of additional RNG seed from file - CMake option: VIRGIL_CRYPTO_FEATURE_RNG_SEED_FILE - Library class: VirgilRandom
eea-jenkins eea / eea.workflow Python Enhancements for the default Plone workflow 10.1 Release 10.1
cecilemuller wildpeaks / package-webpack-config-web JavaScript Webpack config generator for Web projects v1.2.1
tomweber-sas sassoftware / saspy Jupyter Notebook A Python interface module to the SAS System. It works with Linux, Windows, and mainframe SAS. It supports the sas_kernel project (a Jupyter Notebook kernel for SAS) or can be used on its own. v2.2.5 This release has a number of fixes and enhancements from 2.2.4. There's a new PROC TABULATE implementation that was contributed. There's the ability to now specify the path to your
tst-nfarah google / earthenterprise JavaScript Google Earth Enterprise - Open Source 5.2.3-2.beta
robbykraft robbykraft / Origami JavaScript planar graph library for representing crease patterns and performing origami operations untagged-1fdecd22aca74a9d72a0 information at
TheAngryByrd TheAngryByrd / MiniScaffold F# F# Template for creating and publishing libraries targeting .NET Full (net461) and Core (netstandard1.6, netstandard2.0) 0.9.4 MINOR: fixup report generator invocations on non-windows machines (
geraldb openfootball / world-cup no-lang Free open public domain football data for the World Cup (incl. Russia 2018, Brazil 2014, etc.) and World Cup Quali(fiers) v2018.06.22 Incl. all world cups from Uruguay 1930 to Russia 2018
phpbook-sources phpbook-sources / environment PHP PHP Environment Library 1.0.3
phpbook-sources phpbook-sources / task PHP PHP Task Library 1.0.5
AntGrisha devicehive / devicehive-plugin-ethereum JavaScript Devicehive plugin for smart contracts 1.0.0 Initial release
eea-jenkins eea / eea.relations Python Redefines relations in Plone 10.5 Release 10.5
thany thany / gdpr-cookie JavaScript A jQuery plugin to manage cookie settings in compliance with EU law 0.3.0 Made several improvements, see [changelog](
ImMathanR GreedyGame / android-native-plugin Java A complete guide to integrate GreedyGame plugin within your native android game. r8.8.9 Features --------- * GDPR support. * Enhanced capabilities on ad unit templates. Size Reduction --------------- * Reduced ~20% SDK binary size. * Reduced 27.4% Field count and 2% of Method co
hungnguyenm samdware / openice-lite Java OpenICE-lite Core v0.1.3 Fixed log4j dependencies
kelleyma49 kelleyma49 / PSFzf PowerShell A PowerShell wrapper around the fuzzy finder fzf v1.1.16 Closes #18
mikf mikf / gallery-dl Python Command-line program to download image galleries and collections from pixiv, exhentai, danbooru and more v1.4.1 - Added an `ugoira` post-processor to convert `pixiv` animations to WebM - Added `--zip` and `--ugoira-conv` command-line options - Changed how ugoira frame information is handled - instead of b
litecoinz-project litecoinz-project / litecoinz C++ :lock: LitecoinZ source tree v1.0.17 ## Notable changes ### Reset difficulty After the soft-fork we discover difficulty was inaccurate. A resert is performed during the nPowAveragingWindow. ### Fix Sync issue This release fix a sync
samatrhea RHEAGROUP / CDP4-WebServices-Community-Edition C# The Concurrent Design Platform Web Services that are compliant with ECSS-E-TM-10-25 Annex A and Annex C 1.0.3 The CDP4 Web Services are published on [Docker hub]( The following issues have been fixed: - [Update] to **CDP4-SDK** version
h-bragg graze / console-diff-renderer PHP Only write minimal changes to the console 0.6.2 - Updates the dependencies, with: `symfony` up to v4
IamProgrammerlk Noomaa / GetStartedChromeExtension HTML Chrome extensions are small software programs that customize the browsing experience. They enable users to tailor Chrome functionality and behavior to individual needs or preferences. They are built on web technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. 'Get Started Chrome Extension' is a basic foundation boilerplate for create Chrome Extensions. v18.06.22.22 First Official Release.
natcl natcl / node-red-contrib-yaml-storage JavaScript A Node-RED storage plugin that store flows as YAML for readability 1.0.1 Fixed small typo in Readme.
d33d33 ovh / noderig Go Export OS stats as Sensision Metrics v2.3.1 fix(disk): consider first disk mountpoint fix: do not load default config if set on command line
JeffreyMFarley cfpb / ccdb5-api Python An API that provides an interface to search complaint data. v1.0.6 Handle a wider variety of error conditions and only provide details via logging
maxencedelattre etd-framework / grav-theme-etdsolutions CSS Grav starting theme 0.1.6 Release of version 0.1.6
AndyHEdwards AndyHEdwards / portfolio JavaScript My Portfolio v1.0
pelias-bot pelias / fuzzy-tester JavaScript A fuzzy testing library for geocoding v0.12.0 # [0.12.0]( (2018-06-22) ### Features * **dockerize:** add docker configuration ([0bbcccf](
kares jruby / jruby-openssl Java JRuby's OpenSSL gem v0.10.1 * loading JOpenSSL's native ext part the JRuby 9.2 (internal) way * avoid, once again, installing BC provider on boot (due OCSP support) * [feat] support OpenSSL::KDF as a (semi) OpenSSL::PKCS5 re
yuzubot yuzu-emu / yuzu-canary C++ THIS IS A STAGING REPO FOR OUR CANARY RELEASES ONLY. For development see our main repo at canary-385
kyle-west kyle-west / element-skeleton HTML Like a loading spinner, but visually more satisfying and dynamic 0.2.0 Exports the following files available for consumption: ``` element-skeleton.css 2380 Bytes element-skeleton.min.css 2069 Bytes element-skeleton.html 2152 Bytes ``` Als
mhandler-credi2 credi2 / plugins-magento-2 PHP The cashpresso shop system plugin for Magento 2.x v1.1.0
frost-concourse comicrelief / pattern-lab CSS CR Styleguide v7.44.2 <a name"7.44.2"></a> ### 7.44.2 (2018-06-22) #### Bug Fixes * added missing checkbox classname ([6017b309](
jpgfity QikDev / fluentpdo PHP FluentPDO is a smart SQL Builder for PHP - 1.2.3 Small fix for count() and orderBy()
derekadams sitewhere / sitewhere Java SiteWhere is an industrial strength open-source application enablement platform for the Internet of Things (IoT). It provides a multi-tenant microservice-based infrastructure that includes device/asset management, data ingestion, big-data storage, and integration through a modern, scalable architecture. SiteWhere provides REST APIs for all system functionality. SiteWhere provides SDKs for many common device platforms including Android, iOS, Arduino, and any Java-capable platform such as Raspberry Pi rapidly accelerating the speed of innovation. sitewhere-2.0.ea5 This is an early access (alpha quality) release of the upcoming SiteWhere 2.0 architecture. **It is not complete and is not intended for production use**. As of this release, SiteWhere runs on a Docke
ezrarieben ezrarieben / cookie-z JavaScript GDPR compliant cookie warning with automated language detection v1.0.0
phpmyadmin-bot phpmyadmin / docker PHP Docker container for phpMyAdmin 4.8.2 Released version 4.8.2
AndrewLeedham AndrewLeedham / wordpress-rest-api-extended PHP Extends WordPress' REST API, allowing the Content-Type header to be specified. 1.0
yuzubot yuzu-emu / yuzu-nightly C++ THIS IS A STAGING REPO FOR OUR NIGHTLY RELEASES ONLY. For development see our main repo at nightly-408
eSilverStrike Geeklog-Plugins / forum PHP Geeklog Forum Plugin (forum) v2.9.3 This plugin adds a native forum to your Geeklog installation. The minimum Geeklog version required is now v2.1.3. ## New Features & Updates: * Supports updated spam check of Geeklog v2.2.0 whi
M4tini MyParcelCOM / carrier-specification CSS carrier specification v0.4.0
edmondac edmondac / stripey Python Stripey is a Django application written during my PhD studies. Its purpose has been to explore the IGNTP's XML transcriptions of John's Gospel. v1.2
t4nz t4nz / mongoose-jsondiffpatch TypeScript Mongoose collections history using jsondiffpatch 1.2.0
Jcondori Jcondori / Sessions Java Clase de Sesiones version
filipp filipp / py-gsxws Python Python library for communicating with GSX Web Services API latest The latest version from the master branch
sprenks18 AncientGraffitiProject / AGP JavaScript The Ancient Graffiti Project is a website that provides a search engine for locating and studying graffiti of the early Roman empire from the cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum. v1.0.0 Code for the Ancient Graffiti Project, released in June 2017. Highlights: * image map of all of Herculaneum * image map of two insulae in Pompeii * elasticsearch used for quick filtering * fea
vivinsandar vivinsandar / AbsoluteBeginnersWin10 C# Video content can be found at 1.0
drazik cozy / cozy-client-js JavaScript Javascript library to write Cozy applications v0.11.0 # Changelog ### Added - intents: add a redirectFn parameter to redirect method
captn3m0 razorpay / razorpay-java Java Razorpay Java SDK v1.3.6 - Forces TLS1.1, 1.2 to be enabled
techspotbr techspotbr / Techspot_Brcustomer HTML O Módulo Tech Spot - BRCustomer para Magento 2 habilita o cadastro de clientes PF (Pessoa Física) e PJ(Pessoa Jurídica) no cadastro do cliente da sua aplicação Magento. 1.0.1 main news: - Include new field: document - Include new field: document_emitter - Enable config visible status of the field from admin > config > customer
cbroschinski OpenAPC / openapc-de Python Collect and disseminate information on fee-based Open Access publishing v3.33.0 The Couperin consortium has provided apc data for 5 more institutions.
foutaise foutaise / texttable Python Python module for creating simple ASCII tables v1.4.0 Add set_header_align() method (
gspinaci rash-framework / rash XSLT Research Articles in Simplified HTML (RASH) Framework includes a markup language defined as a subset of HTML+RDF for writing scientific articles, and related tools to convert it into different formats, to extract data from it, etc. 0.7.0 Finally we decided to show the annotations on RASH!
rapidbuildui rapid-build-ui / JavaScript Rapid Build UI · Web Components · Showcase Site v0.0.4 ### Bug Fixes * **safari support:** fix safari from crashing by updating @rapid-build-ui/rb-button dep ([0521e18]( * **fix icons:**
jfkominsky jfkominsky / PyHab Python Looking time and stimulus presentation system for PsychoPy. v0.5 A massive upgrade! - Multiple stimulus types! Images, audio, and more. - Changed how stimuli work in the builder. You now create an experiment-wide stimulus library and then assign files from that
lolxy lolxy / dvzz JavaScript dvzz untagged-0c70f8b46d99cbcb48f1 v1.0.1
ppalmes ppalmes / CombineML.jl Julia Create ensembles of machine learning models from scikit-learn, caret, and julia v0.9.8
pkopac chartmogul / chartmogul-ruby Ruby ChartMogul API Ruby Client v1.1.8
kincaidoneil interledgerjs / ilp-plugin-ethereum-asym-client JavaScript Ethereum payment channels client v1.2.0
Midnighter opencobra / memote HTML memote – the genome-scale metabolic model test suite 0.8.0 Please see for the full release notes.
bitnami-bot bitnami / bitnami-docker-discourse Shell Bitnami Docker Image for Discourse 2.0.2-r0 Update discourse to 2.0.2
kincaidoneil interledgerjs / ilp-plugin-ethereum-asym-server JavaScript Ethereum payment channels server v1.2.2
evansde77 evansde77 / cirrus Python python library build, test and devop like things assistant 0.2.31 Refactor of the cirrus qc command to be more plugin based, with support for pep8/pycodestyle, pyflakes, pylint and coverage in the qc command that can be used to verify code quality for the repo and u
ianhanniballake romannurik / muzei Kotlin Muzei Live Wallpaper for Android v2.6.0-beta2
pvhee comicrelief / storybook JavaScript Comic Relief Storybook for React components v1.9.0 <a name"1.9.0"></a> ## 1.9.0 (2018-06-22) #### Features * Add the ability to setBackgroundColor on checkbox element ([c7bd5582](
EricZimmerman EricZimmerman / MFTECmd C# Parses $MFT from NTFS file systems
kotofurumiya kotofurumiya / femtofiber TypeScript A lightweight immutable date library. v0.0.1 * Initial release with minimal APIs.
gerdemann avency / Sitegeist.Taxonomy PHP Manage vocabularies and taxonomies as separate node-hierarchy. 1.0.1
IvoPolonia casper2020 / casper-icons HTML Iconset for casper components v0.1.7
maier maier / cosi-server Go cosi-server (dev) v0.0.4 # v0.0.4 * add: api.FetchBroker * upd: switch templates to toml - simplified processing and json embedding * upd: slight optimization to config file loading error handling
mkouba weld / weld-junit Java Set of JUnit extensions to enhance the testing of CDI components. Supports Weld 2.4 and 3.0. 1.3.0.Final * JUnit5 extension now offers annotation based configuration - see the example bellow (#44 and #42) * Thanks @kdubb for contribution! * Fire `@Initialized` and `@Destroyed` lifecycle events for
andrenarchy paperhive / oai-pmh JavaScript OAI-PMH 2.0 harvester module for nodejs v2.0.1 * Add User-Agent header * Remove bluebird * Fix refactoring issue in executable * Fix resumptionToken handling if it has no attributes
ddarkr ddarkr / webfont CSS 자주 사용하는 웹폰트 모아놈 1.0 하핫!
sogaani sogaani / broadlink-adapter JavaScript Broadlink adapter add-on for Mozilla IoT Gateway 0.1.4 Experimental: Learn ir code with action.
sentry-probot[bot] getsentry / sentry-cli Rust A command line utility to work with Sentry. 1.33.0 * Add support for AppCenter CLI for codepush releases (#327) * Deprecate the codepush CLI command (#327) * Fix a bug where commands would fail with connection errors
catmullet catmullet / Raithe Go Lightweight Simple Messaging Queue 1.0 Tested and ready to go
coderaiser cloudcmd / app HTML Use Cloud Commander not only in browser but in node-webkit to. v10.3.0
eea-jenkins eea / eea.googlecharts JavaScript Data Visualization in Plone using Google Charts 18.3 Release 18.3
dwalintukan bodhiproject / bodhi-app no-lang Bodhi Prediction Market desktop application untagged-9d473f364b59dc6930ec # Release Notes - Updated Qtum client to mandatory update 0.15.2 - Added tooltip to withdraw detail page to explain the profit/loss
shyam92 ostmodern / ios-stomp-client Swift Simple STOMP Client library, Swift 3 compatible 1.1.11
ekorneechev ekorneechev / Connector Python Программа для удаленного подключения к компьютерным системам 1.6.0-rc1 - Added support SPICE (#25) Install:
tjg1 tjg1 / nori Java Open-source tag-based image hosting search engine for Android untagged-e64b5dd88f7a931f4e61 This release fixes the bug with images from Danbooru not displaying correctly, due to their API switching from returning relative URLs to absolute URLs. ## Changelog ## ``` Lesquivemeau (1):
SitecoreBot SitecoreSupport / Sitecore.Support.155149 no-lang MongoDB.Driver.MongoDuplicateKeyException occurs while using Mongo session state provider. ### Permanent link ### Description MongoDB.Driver.MongoDuplicateKeyException occurs while using Mongo session state provider. ###
BatMen Zefling / ng-walkthrough TypeScript A walkthrough for Angular v0.7.0
hungnguyenm samdware / openice-lite-iomt-masimo-rad8 Java OpenICE-lite IoMT Driver: Masimo Rad-8 Pulse Oximeters v0.1.3 Fixed log4j dependencies
yan-foto fraunhoferfokus / deckschrubber Go Deckschrubber inspects images of a Docker Registry and removes those older than a given age. :high_brightness::ship: v0.6.0 Basic authentication was added in this version.
ApollonMax ApollonMax / ApollonCore C++ PIVX untagged-ae12d647eb0d66db50f4
rapala61 DoSomething / gambit-conversations JavaScript :black_joker: The chatbot. 2.11.4
L3kant L3kant / BlockLog Java Block Log - report 1.0.0 blok log
pieterlange pieterlange / kube-openvpn Shell :closed_lock_with_key: Kubernetes native OpenVPN 0.4.4 Better metrics gathering using prometheus
torognes torognes / vsearch C++ Versatile open-source tool for metagenomics v2.8.1 Fixes for compilation warnings with GCC 8.
foresea foresea / Utils.js JavaScript 基于jquery的前端项目常用的工具方法 untagged-b3522ac67933f8649b74 UtilsJs start
bengourley bugsnag / bugsnag-node JavaScript Bugsnag error reporter for Node.js v2.4.3 ### Fixed - Add missing `app` properties to session payload (#150)
samattridge samattridge / aws-vsts-tools JavaScript AWS Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services 1.0.22 Added new AWSBash task based on the BashV3 task created by Microsoft. This incorporates the AWS Credentials allowing you to run complex Bash scripts using the AWS CLI while leveraging the AWS service
alnikyur instrumentisto / gitlab-builder-docker-image Makefile Docker image with minimal toolchain required by GitLab Runner to do builds. 0.4.2-docker18.05.0-compose1.21.2-kubectl1.10.5-helm2.9.1 Kubernetes CLI 1.10.5 release notes:
laraning laraning / flame PHP Laraning package from Feature-development driven applications 0.0.1-alpha
Vexxii Vexxii / WindowsPortScanner C++ Windows TCP/UDP Port Scanner using Winsocket. Currently WIP but is functional. untagged-cd639336abef59982f47 Huge update that will improve performance and fix bugs as well as improving the log file. Changelog v1.4 ~ ~ MAJORLY improved the code which will improve performance by one thousand. (No, really
edmondac edmondac / CBGM Python My implementation of the Coherence-Based Genealogical Method 2.2 This release is the first to have a DOI.
dbatiste BrightspaceUI / tabs HTML Polymer-based web components for tabs v0.2.3 * position fixes * max-to-show
djcomlab ISA-tools / isa-api Python ISA tools API v0.10.0 Various updates to the Create Mode for Metabolomics templating, found in `isatools.create.models`, and updates to address various general issues.
PonteIneptique lascivaroma / additional-texts HTML Additional texts that were easy to convert and that would benefit research 1.0.44
Skandalik Skandalik / maker-bundle PHP Symfony Maker Bundle v1.5.1
LaurentTreguier LaurentTreguier / dls D A D Language Server implementation v0.6.4 - Fixed compatibility with Sublime Text - Updated libraries: - `emsi_containers`: `0.8.0-alpha.7` => `0.8.0-alpha.9`
Sebelino Sebelino / SL-CLI Python Stockholms Lokaltrafik - Command Line Interface 3.2 Made third parameter `at` optional.
Mika-Westphal Mystixor / BotW-Save-Editor C++ This is a Save Editor for BotW (Wii U) written in C++. 1.1GUI Added missing DLL's. If the dll MSVCP140.dll is missing please install Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2017 (
komatr koma-im / koma Kotlin Modern, fast, open, secure chat app. Built on the Matrix. 0.7.3 * Upgrade to JavaFx 9 * Experimental support for infinite scroll on message list * Rewrite ListView to improve performance and reduce jar file size
divdavem ariatemplates / ariatemplates JavaScript Aria Templates client-side framework v2.3.0 * __fix/test #1801 OverlayOnResizeScrollRobotTestCase__ [divdavem]( - Fri Jun 22 2018 15:39:36 GMT+0200 (Romance Daylight Time) Adding a 1s delay (similar t
ThaNarie mediamonks / seng-generator JavaScript Generate stuff in your project v0.8.0
ptibogxiv ptibogxiv / adherentsplus PHP New adherent module for Dolibarr, comptible with my module Doliconnect for Wordpress/Dolibarr sync 7.0.3
NorcuxOS NorcuxOS / grub-theme Shell The NorcuxOS GRUB Bootloader Theme 0.1.2
u10int aerisweather / Aeris-iOS-Library Ruby Contains a demo project utilizing the AerisWeather SDK for iOS to help you get started with using our library. 3.0.2 Review the full changelog for this version at
rdp rdp / brew Ruby 🍺 The missing package manager for macOS untagged-8d885093fc421dc9c296 for use in installing os x snow leopard
hmrc-web-operations hmrc / play-health Scala A health monitor endpoint for Play applications v3.0.0 Release : play-health 3.0.0 Release candidate : play-health 2.2.0-2-gb6b7574 Last commit sha : b6b7574e3c08b31761afdff2e25f121bd471e915 Last commit author : GitHub Last commit time
vlovgr ovotech / ciris-kubernetes Scala Kubernetes secrets support for Ciris v0.6 ### Changes - Add `defaultApiClient` for creating a memoized `ApiClient`. ([#7][#7]) - Add `registerGcpAuthenticator` for memoized registration of authenticator. ([#7][#7]) - Add dependency on `cir
alexmx alexmx / Insider Objective-C Insider sets a backdoor into your app for testing tools like Appium, Calabash, Frank, etc. 1.0.1 * Patch `iOS-System-Services` dependency for simulator. Thanks to @zdavison
sonaye sonaye / qaf JavaScript Simple state management for React based on context. 0.0.2
lionnel-afan lionnel-afan / angular-ui-tour JavaScript Product tour using Angular UI Bootstrap Tooltips 0.9.3 Fixed steps modals not showing when hitting previous (display: block) issue for IE11.
emmetog emmetog / ansible-role-haproxy no-lang Ansible Role - HAProxy 2.0.7
cemolcay cemolcay / MusicTheory Swift Universal music theory library for iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS in Swift 1.0.0-pre Breaking Changes ---- - `Note` and `NoteType` structs removed. - You need to use `Key` instead of `NoteType` with a `KeyType` and `Accidental`. - You need to use `Pitch` instead of `Note` with
alphasoc-deploy alphasoc / nfr Go A lightweight tool to score network traffic and flag anomalies v1.5.2-edge Side release with support for reading BlueCat DNS Edge format.
rmclellanduhin UHIN / laravel-chunk-upload PHP Forked to provide support for a lumen project. The basic implementation for chunk upload with multiple providers support like jQuery-file-upload, pupload, DropZone and resumable.js v1.3.0
lukeyouell lukeyouell / craft-readtime PHP Calculate the estimated read time for content. 1.3.0 ### Added - Format the time as a `DateInterval` - Output the total seconds, minutes and hours ### Changed - Both the filter and function now return a `TimeModel`
AtulDwivedi allexamples / learn-springframework-annotation-way Java Learn spring framework using annoations v0.0.3 This release includes Spring MVC and Spring web Security example with custom login page.
zj565061763 zj565061763 / stream Java android event stream 1.0.1 1.0.1
lukebarnard1 matrix-org / matrix-content-scanner JavaScript A web service for scanning media hosted by a Matrix media repository v1.1.0 - Add various config options (see default) - Fix bug with wrong temporary directory - Fix race which lead to incomplete files downloaded
msaad1999 msaad1999 / Project---GREY Python Python powered indie 2D Game v1.0 Finalized initial fully-working version of the game. currently lacking game conclusion and level systems
eea-jenkins eea / eea.daviz Python The first semantic web data visualization tool for Zope/Plone 11.6 Release 11.6
yfl8910 yfl8910 / accountgo C# Accounting System built in ASP.NET MVC, ReactJS, MobX untagged-2dea0478f7e9b30074a6 123
jonesiscoding deviscoding / utility CSS Groups the StrapLess base, color, flexbox, and display components together for a minimal CSS utility package. v1.2.1
juliussohn juliussohn / sketch-textbox-fit-content JavaScript Set the height of a selected text layer or all text layers in a selected group to it's content's height. v1.4.0
nelsonpecora clay / amphora-search JavaScript Adding support for the page-list and sites Elastic Search indices v6.2.1 * update users index mappings for new elastic version (to match nymag-prod's hotfix) * add docs for sitemaps
Ullaakut Ullaakut / RTSPAllTheThings C++ RTSPATT - Multipurpose RTSP media server that can simulate RTSP cameras, broadcast RTSP streams and even create test videos or serve video files 1.3.2 - Fixes file input in Docker
jay-bricksoft bricksoft / telebotty JavaScript A universal framework utilising Express, Mongoose, Telegram, Irc and many more! Current Load Test Results: telebotty-v1.2.2-54_prepacked Automated build with dependencies
ivankravets platformio / platformio-atom-ide-terminal CoffeeScript A terminal package for Atom, complete with themes, API and more for PlatformIO IDE v2.8.3 - Add compatibility for Atom 1.28
VladimirAmiorkov NativeScript / nativescript-fresco TypeScript This repository holds the NativeScript plugin that exposes the functionality of the Fresco image library to NativeScript developers. v3.1.0 ### Updates in the plugin and demo. ---------------------------------------------- #### Features - Support resizing and downsampling
eea-jenkins eea / Python The core API for Data Visualization in Plone 11.9 Release 11.9
arthurkushman arthurkushman / php-wss PHP Web-socket server/client with multi-process and parse templates support on server and send/receive options on client 1.3.3
dvojtise eclipse / gemoc-studio-modeldebugging Java gemoc-studio-modeldebugging 3.0.0-rc4 *No changelog for this release.*
pan- ARMmbed / mbed-os-example-ble C++ BLE demos using mbed OS and mbed cli mbed-os-5.9.1
dvojtise eclipse / gemoc-studio Java gemoc-studio 3.0.0-rc4 #### Bug Fixes: - [**bug**] Fixes K3FSM example [#89]( - [**bug**] Change start option for java9 and gtk3 support [#69](
sundeep-co-in transtats / transtats Python Transtats Server 0.1.5 YML Jobs introduced. Transtats can now talk with koji build system.
NikhilDhyani NikhilDhyani / APKS no-lang All the apks v0.2
M4tini MyParcelCOM / api-specification CSS API specification based on the OpenAPI Specification v0.20.0 - Postal code is now required on all addresses.
wire-bot wireapp / wire-ios-sync-engine Swift iOS synchronization library for Wire 176.0.0 Release 176.0.0 Diff with previous: Commit | Details --------|------ f9592a8e | Remove Equatable conformance (moved to data
jonesiscoding deviscoding / buttons CSS Drop in replacement for Bootstrap buttons, featuring material design raised and flat varieties. Designed for the DevIsCoding Components, but usable as a standalone component. v1.1.2
elvetemedve inviqa / worldpay-api-client Gherkin Worldpay API client 0.16.0 Changelog - Add support to return card expiry information (year, month)
michal-raska h2oai / h2o-jenkins-pipeline-lib Groovy Library of different Jenkins pipeline building blocks. 1.3
TartaricAcid CFPAOrg / Minecraft-Mod-Language-Package Python Release Website 汉化资源包-Snapshot-20180622135642
maxpowersi maxpowersi / CamSploit C# Exploitation framework for IP cameras untagged-2824e27c162e710f85fb CamSploitv1.0.1
prsly prsly / Vector-Editor C# Простой векторный редактор. Форк забытого богом проекта stable
cyyber theQRL / QRL Python Quantum Resistant Ledger v0.99.5
devbucket shopgate / pwa JavaScript Shopgate Connect PWA library v5.5.0-beta.5
devbucket shopgate / theme-gmd JavaScript Shopgate's Google Material theme. v5.5.0-beta.5
devbucket shopgate / theme-ios11 JavaScript Shopgate's iOS11 theme. v5.5.0-beta.5
gabrielLefrancoisConstellio doculibre / constellio Java Constellio 5 8.0.2
devbucket shopgate / ext-product-reviews JavaScript Shopgate's product reviews extension. v5.5.0-beta.5
devbucket shopgate / tracking-ga-native JavaScript Shopgate's Google Analytics tracker. v5.5.0-beta.5
samstarling samstarling / finagle-prometheus Scala Provides a bridge between Finagle and Prometheus metrics v0.0.8 * #24: Fixes a race condition that happened when multiple threads created the same counter.
usox usox / harm Hack Active record/Table data gateway hybrid for hack strict mode v3.0.2
schrnz Project-ARTist / trace-codelib Java The codelib project corresponding to the ARTist trace-module. v0.0.1-beta
asaladino asaladino / site-broken-links JavaScript Checks a site for broken links. v1.4.0 Moving in memory links checked to sqlite database. On large sites, holding 30,000 to 40,000 links in memory can be too much.
lukaspustina lukaspustina / ceres Rust SRE Tool for CenterDevice v0.0.18 See the [Changelog]( for details.
clebert clebert / ts-config JavaScript Extendable, well-designed configurations for the latest versions of TSLint and TypeScript. v19.0.0 # [19.0.0]( (2018-06-22) ### Features * add missing tslint rules ans relax existing rules ([#92](
AleBles orange-games / phaser-cachebuster JavaScript Simple Phaser plugin for adding a query parameter to assets URL's so that they can be 'cache busted' v3.0.0 Now works with phaser 3!
Pejyuu Pejyuu / OppLANere PHP Site made originally for OppLANere. v0.5 Just releasing this random shizzzzz
demanasta demanasta / coulomb2gmt Shell bash scripts to plot coulomb results on gmt v1.0-rc1.1 add DOI to this code
freekmurze spatie / laravel-cookie-consent PHP Make your Laravel app comply with the crazy EU cookie law 2.4.0 - add turkish translations
laraning laraning / boost PHP Laravel Boost - Utilities package to help you speed up your development 0.0.1-alpha # Alpha 0.0.1 (2018-06-22) ### Added - view:hints command - File->makeDirectories macro - Str->matchLongest macro
SkydiveMarius Volantus / php-pigpio PHP PHP client for the pigpio daemon library 0.3.0 * Added full support for [sending PWM signals](
nxadm nxadm / rakudo-pkg Perl Pre-compiled OS packages for Rakudo v2018.06-01
lptr gradle / android-cache-fix-gradle-plugin Groovy Gradle plugin to fix Android caching problems 0.5.1 * Do not force Android 3.0.0 dependency (#71)
Frantz-B Frantz-B / Pay_Stub_Capture_ADP Python Using selenium framework to capture pdf statements from ADP web portal new-tag cool pull from adp via python
holgerd77 ethereumjs / ethereumjs-tx JavaScript A simple module for creating, manipulating and signing ethereum transactions v1.3.5 - Include signature by default in ``FakeTransaction.hash``, PR [#97]( - Fix ``FakeTransaction`` signature failure bug, PR [#94](
nilshoffmann nilshoffmann / jmzTab-m Java Reference implementation for mzTab 2.0 for metabolomics release-0.9.7 This is release 0.9.7 of the jmztab-m libraries that was published to Maven Central. It implements the draft of mzTab-m 2.0 at This release fixes issues with the
MasudaNaika MasudaNaika / OpenDolphin Java Open Source EHR Application untagged-addeadc366e2c5f62949 Masuda Naika版OpenDolphin-2.3.8mからLSC版OpenDolphin-2.7.0bへのバックポート。 ユーザーインターフェースや機能の改善を行っています。 公式Docker版サーバ
va-bot department-of-veterans-affairs / caseflow Ruby Caseflow is a web application that enables the tracking and processing of appealed claims at the Board of Veterans' Appeals. deployed/20180622_094943
alexander-myltsev GlobalNamesArchitecture / gnparser Scala Split scientific names to meaningful elements with meta information untagged-e3d28c833733076a5fbb - Fix #460: correctly preparse `<i>` tag - Fix #455, #435: correctly preparse `of` and `not` - minor bug fixes
StormTiberius StormTiberius / Carbondust-Engineering Java Minecraft 1.4.7 Mod Project v1.0.10 Back to Tropics
erikgaal scrnhq / laravel-journal PHP Very simple logger for monitoring the use of your application v1.0.0-alpha.1
mattvox mattvox / brickworks JavaScript Lightweight, dynamic, zero-dependency grid layouts for React v0.10.1-alpha This first release (or more accurately pre-release) is a stepping stone towards a more stable layout implementation. Breaking changes will only likely occur with how spacing (read gutters) are impleme
15331335 TheYelda / AppClient JavaScript the front-end dev of theYelda 2.0.0 加入了图像功能!
STM0x01 STM0x01 / stim-dev C++ Testnet for Stim v1.0.0.3 Primary budget params
schrnz Project-ARTist / template-codelib Java This small Java library is used in combination with ARTist to do application-instrumentation on Android devices. v0.0.1-beta
SitecoreBot SitecoreSupport / Sitecore.Support.224729.1 no-lang EmailAddressHistory already exists exception when trying to migrate the same data for the second time ### Permanent link ### Description EmailAddressHistory already exists exception when trying to migrate the same data for the second t
ptibogxiv ptibogxiv / ptibogxivtheme PHP Free wordpress starter theme with Bootstrap 4 and Fontawesome 5. Compatible with Doliconnect, Secupress, Polylang and other crazy modules 1.6.8
XavRsl PubPeerFoundation / PublicationDataExtractor PHP Extraction Research Publication data from any external API into a simple common structure 0.2.2 - Added dedicated Crossref updates resource - Added ProvidesTagsData interface so tags can be collected
michaelstaib ChilliCream / hotchocolate C# Hot Chocolate is a GraphQL Server for .net core and .net classic 1.0.0-preview-0022 - Introduces Ignore Fields on ObjectTypes - Basic Query Caching - Bug Fixes
adgad Financial-Times / n-test JavaScript A CLI tool and module for lightweight testing of web applications in browsers, designed for v1.7.0
opengappsbuildbot opengapps / x86_64 no-lang x86_64 sources and releases for opengapps 20180622 Automatically generated builds of 22 June 2018 These builds are provided by The Open GApps Project and are provided under the terms that they can be freely used for personal use only, and are not allo
miniwolf Unity-Technologies / vscode-unity-debug C# Unity debugging support for VS Code untagged-2e4d13696f793c84446c
jonesiscoding deviscoding / grid CSS Responsive grid classes utilizing CSS flexbox. Part of deviscoding/utility, but usable as a standalone component. v1.0.7
yyqqing yyqqing / wx-observer JavaScript Observer for WeChat MiniApp based on vue.js core v0.1.1
jnelson18 jnelson18 / TranspirationEstimationAlgorithm Jupyter Notebook A method of estimating transpiration directly from carbon, water, and energy fluxes, such as eddy covariance datasets v0.11 Fixes bug in PreProc.umolC_per_s_to_gC_per_d which was not converting correctly, causing the GPPday filter to be ineffective.
dotherightthing dotherightthing / generator-wpdtrt-plugin-boilerplate PHP Generate a best-practice boilerplate for WordPress plugin development. 0.7.21 * Remove `bash_profile` workaround * Run gulp tasks via yarn run * Lint package.json * Fix Slack build notifications * Replace scss-lint with sass-lint * Replace jshint with eslint * Target sc
IchHabRecht IchHabRecht / filefill PHP Find and fetch missing local files from different remotes 1.3.1 Bugfix: * Ensure file download if cURL is disabled For more information see ChangeLog.
msaad1999 msaad1999 / Project---LOST Java Java powered indie 2D Game v1.0 Initial release of the game, currently a netbeans project and hard-coded resolution of 1366x768. currently only one unfinished level.
mihirpathak97 mihirpathak97 / audius JavaScript A cross-platform app for downloading songs from YouTube and Spotify v1.2.1 ## What's New **NOTE** : This is just a minor upgrade * Remove unused dependencies [lesser app size] * NSIS installer will not ask for elevated permissions
sehogas sehogas / backend_mongodb JavaScript backend server con mongodb v.0.0.3 # Log 1. CRUD de Hospitales y médicos 2. Subida de archivos 3. Validación de imagenes 4. Obtener imágenes 5. Paginar resultados 6. Búsquedas 7. Entre otras cosas
prsly prsly / chess-check-figure C# Программа, которая проверяет возможность съесть фигуру stable Requied: * .NET Framework v4.6.1
msimonin BeyondTheClouds / enos Python Experimental eNvironment for OpenStack :monkey: 4.0.1 At a glance ========= EnOs version 4.0.1 (stable/queens) : - Release notes : - Pypi package :
prisamuel dotmesh-io / dotmesh Go dotmesh (dm) is like git for your data volumes (databases, files etc) in Docker and Kubernetes release-0.5.4 * [dotmesh#428]( - Support specifying custom dotmesh ports to connect to in dotmesh-server and client. * [dotmesh#449](
lorenzo cakephp / migrations PHP CakePHP 3.0 database migrations plugin 2.0.0 * Upgraded phinx to version 0.10.3 * Requires CakePHP >= 3.6 ## Important Since the new version of phinx is a breaking version, you are highly encouraged to take a snapshot of the database s
bernardodesousa alloy-city / teacher JavaScript A set of functionalities exclusive to Alloy City teachers. v0.9.0
RebBlumstein RebBlumstein / VirtualDesktopHelper C# Virtual Desktop Helper — Assists in using Virtual Desktops in Windows 10 1.0.0 It basically works! []( Have fun!
aaronbushnell trendyminds / pura JavaScript 💧 Pura is an opinionated, but lightweight project starter kit. Powered by ES2015, React, Node.js, Webpack and more! 5.1.0 - [x] 🎨 **Add Prettier**: [Prettier]( has been added to make our JS and CSS style more consistent without throwing linter errors repeatedly. For instance, Prettier will automati
FDYdarmstadt FDYdarmstadt / BoSSS C# BoSSS is a flexible framework for the development, evaluation & application of numerical discretization schemes based on the Discontinuous Galerkin method BoSSS-version178 This is an automatic release. All NUnit tests were successful.
Betree CaptainFact / captain-fact-frontend JavaScript 🔎 CaptainFact - Frontend. The one you see on v0.8.11 # Feature * Self sourcing ![Preview]( # Fixes * Fix a bug with missing actions for publi
avsej couchbase / libcouchbase C++ The couchbase client for C. 2.9.2 API documentation: * [CCBC-946]( Restore broken ABI in 360ea68ef7738d543bbd3feac3f2c3c6c8ff
AndyDune AndyDune / ConditionalExecution PHP It allows for conditional execution of code fragments more beautiful and testable. v1.9.0
Keats Keats / gutenberg Rust A fast static site generator in a single binary with everything built-in. v0.3.4
jonesiscoding deviscoding / flexbox CSS SASS mixins and CSS utility classes for working with flexbox. v1.1.2
i-like-robots Financial-Times / n-display-metadata JavaScript 🐼 This module encapsulates the editorially selected logic for deciding which metadata items to display in teasers and article toppers. v1.0.0-beta.5 ![](
mikeyhoward1977 mdjm / mobile-dj-manager PHP MDJM Event Management plugin for WordPress 1.5.6 **Friday, 22nd June 2018** **New**: The availability system has been revamped to allow more functionality flexibity, and faster lookups **New**: Full calendar view on the availability admin page.
SupriyaKalghatgi GeekyAnts / NativeBase JavaScript Essential cross-platform UI components for React Native v2.6.1 ### Upgraded Features * **Accordion:** Added `expanded` props to accordion. PR [#1970]( * **ActionSheet:** Fixed as per design guidelines. Com
bernardodesousa alloy-city / creator JavaScript A set of functionalities exclusive to Alloy City content creators. v0.9.0
jensW89 OpenIndy / OpenIndy C++ Open source software solution for industrial measurement (metrology, laser tracker, quality control) 0.14.0 release notes - OpenIndy - Version 0.14.0_23 <h2> Story </h2> <ul> <li> added additional column in the view to display if a feature is a nominal or an actu
OSB-cicd evoila / osb-rabbitmq Java Open Service Broker providing RabbitMQ Service Instances. Compatible with Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes Open Service Broker API implementations. 0.0.2
lsadam0 lsadam0 / vscode-react no-lang Contains the code snippets for Reactjs development in VS Code editor 0.2.16 * `rwwd` should not have a constructor, nor initialize state * `est` empty state type is now an exact type
salihciftci salihciftci / liman Go Web application for monitoring docker. Monitor docker inside the docker. v0.5 ### Enhancements * New Installation page * New root user. ### Fixes * Fix /containers page issue.
eblur eblur / ismdust Jupyter Notebook Contains calculations and fitting codes (ISIS table models and XSPEC models) from Corrales et. al. (2016) v1.0 This release bookmarks the version of ISMdust released with Corrales et al. (2016) --
KanzakiKino KanzakiKino / g4d D Graphics Library for dlang. v0.0.3-alpha
yesinteractive yesinteractive / fsl PHP Fresh Squeezed Limonade: A restful little PHP framework v0.11 Altered library names and removed submodules from repo.
ejaros compassmarketing / terraform-provider-restapi Go A terraform provider to manage objects in a RESTful API v0.0.1
256dpi 256dpi / gcode Go g-code parser and generator for go v0.2.0 - removed pointers
yifeih palantir / spark Scala Palantir Distribution of Apache Spark 2.4.0-palantir.7.3 # Bugfixes * Fix publishing on the 2.4.0-palantir.7.X branch (#385)
garysharp garysharp / EduHub.Data C# Provides strongly-typed object model for eduHub Data Sets v1.59.12 Minor release including two bug fixes: - The `UM` dataset was always recreated while performing a SQL Sync - CSV files are parsed with ANSI encoding (instead of UTF8)
rchernanko Busuu / ios-receipts-api PHP PHP IOS Receipt validation library 1.1.6
bernardodesousa alloy-city / coordinator JavaScript Exclusive functionalities to Alloy City coordinators. v0.9.0
Avantol13 uc-cdis / indexd Python Prototype index service server. 1.0.2
toggl-buildbot toggl / toggldesktop C++ Toggl Desktop app for Windows, Mac and Linux v7.4.189
f-roland applicaster / React-Native-Zapp-Bridge JavaScript A React Native package that include bridging from React Native to Applicaster Zapp Platform native framework. v2.4.0 <a name="2.4.0"></a> # [2.4.0]( (2018-06-22) ### Features * adds method for returning plugin co
schrnz Project-ARTist / codelib-gen Python This python tool generates a C++ class from the java source-code of a CodeLib. v0.0.1-beta
tristantheb tristantheb / Luna-French no-lang French translation for forums of Luna Group. Download your french translation for your Luna forum now ! 1.1-beta.1 ### Additions and changes **ADDED** : New translation string with French lines ### Content deletions **REMOVED** : 2 old strings is removed
nobody3u nobody3u / V2RayGCon C# V2Ray GUI for windows. V2Ray在windows下的图形界面。(.net 4.0) 1.0.4 []( 调整各个窗口界面 fix #3 修改设置系统代理逻辑
reddec reddec / monexec Go Light supervisor on Go (with optional Consul autoregistration) v0.1.6 ## Changelog 80140db Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' 917c31c update deps 71c60ef add SWAGGER doc about rest API 775fa9e add REST api e4d36df big internal rework. code cleanup and restruc
moltinbot moltin / js-sdk JavaScript JavaScript & Node.js SDKs for the Moltin eCommerce API v3.12.1 ## [3.12.1]( (2018-06-22) ### Bug Fixes * Remove pkg dependencies in rollup plugins ([#179](
dotherightthing dotherightthing / wpdtrt-plugin-boilerplate PHP Boilerplate for WordPress plugin development. 1.4.29 * Disable PHPDoc progress bar, as it masks any errors
piyushgupta1 piyushgupta1 / data-worker TypeScript JSON based Data Manipulation Library in Javascript v2.1.2 ## [2.1.2]( (2018-06-22) ### Bug Fixes * **Rollup:** Fixed failing build ([7915414](
schrnz Project-ARTist / dexterous Java Library and standalone CLI tool for apk/dex merging, repackaging and signing. Can also get used as a dex analyzer framework. v0.0.1-beta Artifact: Standalone jar.
ludovicMercier ludovicMercier / docker-pic Groovy Conteneurisation d'une plateforme jenkins 1.0.0-alpha.1
keillera AlisProject / frontend-application Vue 💮 ALIS Media - Frontend Application β0.13.2
OSB-cicd evoila / osb-redis Java Open Service Broker providing Redis Service Instances. Compatible with Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes Open Service Broker API implementations. 0.0.5
jsmorley rainmeter / rainmeter C++ Desktop customization tool for Windows v4.2.0.3097 June 22, 2018 beta release.
jankoenig jovotech / jovo-framework-nodejs JavaScript 🔈 Build cross-platform Voice Apps for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant v1.3 🎉 Jovo Framework `v1.3` is now available on npm: 🎉 This release comes with a big new update: The *Jovo Debugger* (beta) is a plugin that allows yo
charbull EcoStruxure / OLGA Java an Ontology SDK v0.0.3-beta Support for Code generation compatible with Trinity C# ORM library. Supported features: 1- Write to DB 2- LINQ to SPARQL Query transformation
jmbtutor jmbtutor / understanding-git-slides TeX "Understanding Git" presentation slide deck 2018-06-22
imago-storm electric-cloud / PluginWizardHelp Groovy Tool for building Plugin Wizard documentation v1.3-SNAPSHOT
Michiel-Idgis IDgis / geoide-admin JavaScript Geoide admin application using meteor.js 1.0.10 Update to meteor
Lelith gridsingularity / component-library JavaScript living styleguide v3.1.0 <a name="3.1.0"></a> # [3.1.0]( (2018-06-22) ### Features * **Button:** new button variant - icon
ivy-arus ivy-supplements / bpm-beans Java A collection of free Axon.ivy process extensions 7.2.0 Published Ethereum blockchain beans plugin. It is only compatible with Axon.Ivy 7.2.0-58791 or later.
vladak oracle / opengrok Java OpenGrok is a fast and usable source code search and cross reference engine, written in Java 1.1-rc30
dzubchik dzubchik / DoctrineEncryptBundle PHP Bundle allows you to create doctrine entities with fields that will be protected by an encryption algorithms v3.0.5
renedewaele flux-capacitor-io / flux-capacitor-client Java Client libraries to interface with Flux Capacitor 0.22 * Add ParameterResolver which enables a handler to get the current serialised message
mikasoukhov StockSharp / StockSharp C# Algorithmic trading and quantitative trading open source platform to develop trading robots (stock markets, forex, bitcoins and options). 4.4.12 [EN] **IMPORTANT**: On some systems, the content of the ZIP file is blocked and the unzipped references may fail to work in Visual Studio. Before extracting it, right click on the ZIP file, select **P
geeklok pili-engineering / PLShortVideoKit Objective-C PLShortVideoKit 是七牛推出的一款适用于 iOS 平台的短视频 SDK,提供了包括美颜、滤镜、水印、断点录制、分段回删、视频编辑、混音特效、视频剪辑、本地转码、视频上传在内的多种功能,支持高度定制以及二次开发。 v1.11.0 - 支持摄像头与素材视频合拍功能 - 支持多个视频进行任意布局的拼图合并 - 支持对图片、GIF 进行录制 - 支持图片旋转动画录制 - 支持视频录制阶段
morya morya / oktailer Go okex trade order tailer untagged-33193596256447bf01d5 linux-x64 binary [oktailer.tar.gz](
ville-j elmadev / recplayer-react JavaScript React component for recplayer. v1.1.0
cpanse protViz / protViz R Visualizing and Analyzing Mass Spectrometry Related Data in Proteomics 0.3.1 ```{sh} R CMD build --compact-vignettes="gs+qpdf" protViz --resave-data --md5 ```
matsumotory matsumotory / ngx_mruby C ngx_mruby - A Fast and Memory-Efficient Web Server Extension Mechanism Using Scripting Language mruby for nginx v2.0.4 - sub_request method supports hash option for request parameters #376 - Independent mruby-httprequest for usability #372 - Use string object for sub_request params in core for performance and usabil
sohkai aragon / aragon-apps JavaScript Aragon core team developed Aragon apps (smart contracts + webapps) 0.5.0 See
greenkeeperio-bot greenkeeperio / greenkeeper-lockfile JavaScript :lock: Your lockfile, up to date, all the time v2.2.0 <a name="2.2.0"></a> # [2.2.0]( (2018-06-22) ### Features * add AppVeyor CI ([850c55a](https://gi
mennolovink mennolovink / InjectableLoggers Swift A nice set of protocols that will help logger(s) at being loosely coupled, injectable and testable. 1.4.0 [Closed Issues](
doganmurat doganmurat / sequelize-ng-aggrid TypeScript An ag-grid & angular template for easy usage including sample pages & a sample test-server. untagged-f99296731730d7f1c62f
Molizo Molizo / ScheduleManager C# An application designed to easen scheduling problems. v1.1-Build-6
MrLetsplay2003 MrLetsplay2003 / MrCore Java An all-purpose library targeted mainly at easy program-user interaction 1.9.5 Release v1.9.5
gaithoben gaithoben / cloudhub-react-components JavaScript Various React Components v1.8.28 <a name="1.8.28"></a> ## [1.8.28]( (2018-06-22) ### Bug Fixes * **Select:** Allow disabled pro
flatcap neomutt / neomutt C :email: Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks -- IRC: #neomutt on neomutt-20180622 ## Notes Mostly tidying up this month, plus: - Stronger checks on PGP decryption - Tool 'pgpring' dropped -- It was only useful for 20-year-old versions of PGP - Add doxygen docs for more func
rioosdolphins rioadvancement / rioos no-lang Worlds only private cloud operating sytem 2.0.0-rc10 This release contains fixes and improvements for Rio OS CLI v2, Refer
ketan-gote meta-magic / CSS Amexio (Angular MetaMagic EXtensions for Inputs and Outputs) is a rich set of Angular 5 components powered by Responsive Web Design and Material Design. We provide a differnt module as an import for using our rich set of components/charts/dashboards/maps which can be easily configured and implemented in a project. Check out the Amexio UI Library Demo and API documentation. untagged-eb353ed31d0bab2bc871 Here's a new update of Amexio - "Amexio Moscow Release v5.0". Major highlights for this release is Angular Support, New Drag and Drop Category and New components based of developer communit
wire-bot wireapp / wire-ios-data-model Swift Core Data model and entity classes 111.1.1 Release 111.1.1 Diff with previous: Commit | Details --------|------ c096c3e | copy date formatter form wire-ios (#499)
kalitine coast-team / netflux TypeScript JavaScript client and server side transport API based on WebRTC & WebSocket v4.1.3 ## [4.1.3]( (2018-06-22) ### Bug Fixes * confusion with connection ids defined by Signaling and WebGroup ([0a502bf](
gisostallenberg gisostallenberg / pdo-clause-helper PHP Utility to create palceholder strings to use in WHERE ... IN () clauses 1.0.0 Initial release
Josema DistributedObjectProtocol / dop JavaScript JavaScript implementation for Distributed Object Protocol 0.27.0 - Bug fixed when unsubscribe and resubscribe same object - Allowing registrable Classes
mraineri DMTF / Redfish-Interface-Emulator Python The Redfish Interface Emulator can emulate a Redfish-based interface statically (GET) or dynamically (POST, PATCH, DELETE) 1.0.4 Changes since last release: ## [1.0.4] - 2018-06-22 - Fixed handling of PATCH on dynamic resources
Matin-A Matin-A / Name-Find-Replace Java A tiny Java application. It renames a directory files and replace a keyword with another. v1.0.2 ### Notable Changes * Bug Fixes
Shatur95 Shatur95 / QGitRelease C++ A library for Qt5 that uses the GitHub API to provide information about releases 1.0.0 Initial release
rickymoorhouse rickymoorhouse / hem Python HEM - HTTP Endpoint Monitor, tying up the loose ends. v0.8
LumpBloom7 LumpBloom7 / vrBoothTicketing C++ Ticketing system for CS VR Booth for the festival v0.2.0 Verification code generator and checker has been added to prevent fakers from claiming they have a seat. Also added an About screen to show developers and git details. Quite stable already, but ma
theyusufyildiz monetaverde / monetaverde C++ MonetaVerde (MCN) - Blockchain v1.0 v0.8.9 - JSON RPC v2.0 compatibility - JSON RPC over TCP added - Further optimizations
schrnz Project-ARTist / logtimization-module C++ A simplistic demo module for ARTist that prints some information about the compiled app's code to logcat at compile-time. v0.0.1-beta Initial beta release. Artifacts: logtimization-module for arm devices running Android 7 (sdk 24) logtimization-module for arm devices running Android 7.1 (sdk 25)
faizalsha faizalsha / hello-world Java testing v1.0.0
KoalaMango CRUKorg / cruk-pattern-library-api CSS Methods to return markup / styles / scripts for reusable patterns. 2.0.4
Gyvastis comsave / docker-gen Go Generate files from docker container meta-data 0.7.5
MikhailTatsky FancyGrid / FancyGrid JavaScript FancyGrid - JavaScript grid library with charts integration and server communication. v1.7.30 # Enhancements * Auto setting property `expander: true` if context menu has `export` property. * Context menu was updated. # Bug fixies * Params for submit do not overwrite form values. * Not p
Morphyum Morphyum / AdjustedMechSalvage C# Changes the rules that mech parts get generated. v0.5.2 Readded simgameconstants, your own mechs should get destroyed again
steeply steeply / gbot-web-panel no-lang Веб панель для Gbot Trader v.0.0.5 * Исправлены некоторые ошибки перерисовки данных в компонентах * Добавлена возможность редактирование цвет
andrewnester andrewnester / ts-heapq TypeScript Heap queue algorithm implementation for Typescript based on module from CPython 1.0.4
schrnz Project-ARTist / trace-module C++ A simple ARTist module that injects method tracing code so that each invoked method logs its name to logcat. v0.0.1-beta Initial beta release. Artifacts: - trace-module for arm devices running Android 7 (sdk 24) - trace-module for arm devices running Android 7.1 (sdk 25)
leominov leominov / prometheus-devops-linter Go High-level linter for Prometheus rules v1.1.0
mraineri DMTF / libredfish C libRedfish is a C client library that allows for Creation of Entities (POST), Read of Entities (GET), Update of Entities (PATCH), Deletion of Entities (DELETE), running Actions (POST), receiving events, and providing some basic query abilities. 1.0.3 Changes since last release: ## [1.0.3] - 2018-06-22 - Fixed bearer token support - Added debug print capabilities
cfhamlet cfhamlet / os-urlpattern Python Unsupervised URLs clustering,generate and match URL pattern. v0.1.7.6 Optimize memory useage.
olegtarapata olegtarapata / puzzle15 Java 15 Puzzle game ( 1.2 Improve terminal UI, stay on the same lines, reduce output
alexnaish Financial-Times / n-health JavaScript Makes it easy to add healthchecks to an app v2.3.3
arilivigni CentOS-PaaS-SIG / contra-env-setup Python This repo is for setting up the continuous-infra pipeline environment. v1.1.7 * Updated versions of minishift and minishift.iso - ** defaults changed to minishift v1.17.0, dkvm_version v0.10.0, minishift CentOS ISO
asand3r asand3r / zbx-hpmsa Python Zabbix script for monitor HPE MSA storages v0.5.1 # Version 0.5.1 - Corrected '--login-file' option. Code had mistake and fails if you tries to use the option in v0.5.

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