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MohabMohie MohabMohie / SHAFT_ENGINE Java SHAFT_ENGINE is a Test Automation Engine that provides a unified high-level interface to any of the underlying test automation frameworks. 2.6.20190822 . Minimizing package size and removing bundled allure binary files . Enhancing report styling for attached JSON, CSV, and XML files . Bug fixes for Verifications Library and Discrete Logging . Lint
Kikobeats Kikobeats / tom JavaScript Tom creates customers, subscriptions plans & send notifications. v2.5.8
gorhill gorhill / uBlock JavaScript uBlock Origin - An efficient blocker for Chromium and Firefox. Fast and lean. 1.21.9b5
syampillai syampillai / SODevelopment Java Skeleton files for SO development. 1.0.25
zedwick zedwick / VillagerItemCollector mcfunction A Minecraft datapack which allows villagers to pick up items when the gamerule mobGriefing is set to false. v1.1 - Sort villagers randomly;prevents the same villager throwing and picking up food before other villagers can grab it - Performance optimisation; Run every other tick, and wait 1 second before restart
JustinBeckwith JustinBeckwith / gcx TypeScript An API and CLI for deploying Google Cloud Functions in Node.js. v0.2.5 ## [0.2.5]( (2019-08-24) ### Bug Fixes * **deps:** update dependency googleapis to v42 ([#45](
matarillo matarillo / dot-gimei C# .NET port of gimei v0.1.5
sentialx sentialx / electron-global C++ One Electron instance for multiple apps v0.0.2 # Fixes - Fixed `commander` installing only as `devDependency` - Fixed packaging electron-global binaries as zip on macOS and Linux (#5)
crnlskn crnlskn / ButtplACT C# A plugin for Advanced Combat Tracker utilizing the framework v0.1.3 Migrated to latest, verified it still works, and did a tiny bit of reworking of the code to be more comprehensible.
ahkohd ahkohd / switch-desktop TypeScript Switch between your favourite apps lightning fast (Windows, MacOS) v1.0.6-alpha - *New Feature* Dock placement. Users can now place dock to the left or right.
mkargus mkargus / PartToTerrain Lua Roblox plugin that allows parts to turn into terrain. 1.3.1
stageleft stageleft / jinrou-wakamete-analyzer JavaScript Sidebar Plugins for Mozilla Firefox : Auto Log Collector and Analyzer of Jinrou Wakamete Server ( v1.0
railwaycat railwaycat / homebrew-emacsmacport Ruby Emacs mac port formulae for the Homebrew package manager emacs-26.3-rc1-mac-7.7 Here are the SHA256 checksums for all zipballs: 632c7ec089432c4d5c3d458d21d5c37e037b786a4663cdd66cce06012b0498bc 8deba6f1426ec6d2fa8d5c9af0a5c0fd
lloydoad lloydoad / feast-server JavaScript Backend for classifying, grouping, and improving queries from feast mobile app 🍝🍛🍔 0.0.2 Move hosting to firebase and switch routes to functions.
Gigas002 Gigas002 / OmniSharpOfflinePackager C# Simple app to create omnisharp-vscode offline package. v1.0.0-preview1
jguffey jguffey / SwiftyCam Swift A Snapchat Inspired iOS Camera Framework written in Swift 3.0.0 v3.0.0 - Orientation class split from main VC - Support for Swift5
trickl trickl / assertj-json Java An Assertj style wrapper around the wonderful Skyscreamer JSON comparison library. 0.2.10
xiaoxx970 xiaoxx970 / mipay-extract Shell Extract Mi Pay from MIUI China Rom 9.8.22
egoist saberland / saber-theme-tailsaw Vue A Saber theme for blogging, based on Jigsaw's Blog Template. v1.3.3 ## [1.3.3]( (2019-08-24) ### Bug Fixes * submit button color ([3abc316](
Ali-Doustkani Ali-Doustkani / richtext JavaScript A configurable rich text editor 📄✏ v1.0.26 - bug fix: only allowed <p> elements when setting source HTML
mohamedosama914 CreateBrowser / AutoGetFeaturesCefSharpBrowserDesktopPC C# :1st_place_medal: :new: :zap: :+1: :cn: Chinese + :egypt: Egypt | Example Custom Windows Desktop PC for Project Supported C# ( CefSharp Web Browser ) More CefSharp Version Auto Get Fast Chromium Web Browser ( v75.1.141 ``Get CefSharp Version: 75.1.141 (75.0.3770.100)`` ``(64-bit X 32-bit) Chromium Browser Desktop PC`` ``Get Chromium Browser Desktop PC CefSharp Release Version: 75.1.141 (75.0.3770.100)`` >
Rodrigo54 Rodrigo54 / EsoBR Lua An unofficial portuguese translation for the The Elder Scrolls Online. We are in a "alpha" version, around 102,531 out of 304,384 strings are translated (almost 35%). 1.3.1 ## Changes: * f05cad7ded0d3618111f7b781a63250ccf756379 Merge branch 'release/1.3.1' * dd9c4c15d35144b47b28c8ae77d1349deedfb2b4 update with Update 23 (Scalebreaker) * 4f518de434adb4da96e5656bf3e334c
scrthq scrthq / VaporShell PowerShell A PowerShell module for building, packaging and deploying AWS CloudFormation templates v2.8.1 # Changelog ## 2.8.1 - 2019-08-24 * Miscellaneous * Updated Package name casing on the PowerShell Gallery from `Vaporshell` to `VaporShell` to fix module importing on Linux. * Brought Resource T
dmtrKovalenko mui-org / material-ui-pickers TypeScript Date & Time pickers, built with ❤️ for @material-ui/core v3.2.4 ### Release with regression fixes * Fix typescript compilations issues * Fix usage of libInstance prop * [docs] Fix formik example
pronovic cedarsolutions / santa-exchange Java (Unmaintained) Demo GWT application to run a Secret Santa exchange GITHUB_MIGRATION
dangeredwolf dangeredwolf / ModernDeck CSS An app/browser extension to make TweetDeck look amazing. v7.4.0-beta -New build system that removes unnecessary files and minifies (js only currently) markup/script code. -Moved from electron 5.x to 6.x (6.0.4) -Various internal changes, componentisation -implemente
Nelson-numerical-software Nelson-numerical-software / nelson-docker Dockerfile Docker image for Nelson v0.3.8
cstria0106 cstria0106 / KPS JavaScript 초당 키보드 입력 횟수를 측정하는 프로그램입니다 1.0
thekid xp-forge / redis PHP Redis Protocol v0.2.0 * Merged PR #2: Redis CLI - @thekid * Fixed zero-length reads - @thekid * Merged PR #1: Pub/Sub - @thekid
MRvillager MRvillager / XYMusicTagger Python Retag your music using the Vorbis standards Automated release from Travis CI
jackdp jackdp / Free-Color-Picker Pascal An advanced color picker, screen magnifier and color palette manager v1.0 Release 1.0 Date: 2019.08.16
onerzafer onerzafer / rdxgen JavaScript Redux reducer and actions boilerplate generator CLI v1.0.4 generate js or typescript redux boilerplates
cuba cuba / PiuPiu Swift A swift framework for easily making network calls and serializing them to objects 1.4.1
muzea muzea / portfwd Go A low performance port forwarding implementation v0.0.6
scrthq scrthq / PEMEncrypt PowerShell PEMEncrypt is a cross-platform PowerShell module handling string encryption and decryption using RSA keys only. v0.2.1 # Changelog ## 0.2.1 - 2019-08-24 * [Issue #5]( * Added: Missing path creation to `New-RSAKeyPair` if the parent folder does not yet exist. * Miscella
dgreif dgreif / ring TypeScript Unofficial API for Ring Doorbells, Cameras, Alarm System, and Smart Lighting v5.6.1 ### Bug Fixes * **homebridge:** keep `refreshToken` up to date in config.json ([6719e4a](, closes [#109]( *
bravo-kernel alt3 / sequelize-to-json-schemas JavaScript Convert Sequelize models into various JSON Schema variants (using the Strategy Pattern) 0.1.4 ### Changelog All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file. Dates are displayed in UTC. Generated by [`auto-changelog`]( #### [Unr
Orycterope sunriseos / SunriseOS Rust Horizon/NX kernel reimplementation kfs3 test to see if releasing an old tag works
Nelson-numerical-software Nelson-numerical-software / nelson-thirdparty-macosx C++ Nelson third party macos x v0.3.8
Nelson-numerical-software Nelson-numerical-software / nelson-thirdparty-linux32 C++ Nelson third party linux 32 bits v0.3.8
mikebronner GeneaLabs / laravel-tawk PHP Easily and quickly integrate LiveChat into your laravel app in under 5 minutes! 1.0.0 ### Added - initial release.
Nelson-numerical-software Nelson-numerical-software / nelson-thirdparty-linux64 C++ Nelson third party linux 64 v0.3.8
Nelson-numerical-software Nelson-numerical-software / nelson-thirdparty-win32 C++ Nelson third party windows 32 bits v0.3.8
Nelson-numerical-software Nelson-numerical-software / nelson-thirdparty-x64 C++ Nelson third party windows 64 bits v0.3.8
Nelson-numerical-software Nelson-numerical-software / nelson-gitbook no-lang Nelson gitbook v0.3.8
eduardofraga fameconsultoria / glpi Shell Migrado para fametec/glpi v9.4.3
Nelson-numerical-software Nelson-numerical-software / nelson-website HTML nelson website v0.3.8
myl7 myl7 / ssrcli Python SSR client with shell interface and using Docker to deploy v2.0.0-beta
RWalkling RWalkling / funcy TypeScript Some TypeScript utilities for working with lazy values as represented by a simple function v0.2.2 - Only publish lib folder be9ce8a - Only publish lib folder 34052f5 - Use local np instead of global 7d7f7c0
mackerelbot mackerelio / mackerel-agent-plugins Go Plugins for mackerel-agent staging - [jvm] fix jinfo command timed out error is not logged #560 - Build with Go 1.12 #558 - [plugin-jvm] added CGC and CGCT metrics and fixed parsing problem on them #557
phR0ze phR0ze / n Go Collection of missing Go helper functions v2.0.56
trimox trimox / angular-mdc-web TypeScript Material Web Components for Angular v3.1.1 ### Bug Fixes * *
GeekyEggo GeekyEggo / SharpDeck C# A .NET wrapper for the official Elgato Stream Deck SDK. 4.0.1 ## Changes * Updated NuGet deployment.
metagento metagento / magento-2-discount-for-subscriber PHP Magento 2 extension gives discount to subscribers ( with or without coupon code ) v1.3.0
dbuteau dbuteau / wishitch Python Host your own online wishlist, and add gift to it with a Firefox Extension 0.1.0 First release of the xpi
tulshidas tulshidas / softwares no-lang necessary softwares v1.0.6
insightindustry insightindustry / sqlathanor Python Serialization / De-serialization support for the SQLAlchemy Declarative ORM v.0.5.0 New Features ----------------- * #68: Replaced serialization to ``dict`` with serialization to ``OrderedDict`` to preserve key ordering when serializing to JSON and YAML. The interface and interac
Deltik Deltik / python-steemfeed Python Simple Python price feed updater for Steem witnesses v0.1.2 Updated dependencies: * Python 3.6.3 → 3.6.8 * pip 10.0.1 → 19.2.2 * steem 1.0.0 → 1.0.1 * requests 2.18.4 → 2.22.0
Pierre-Lannoy Pierre-Lannoy / wp-oembed-manager PHP A WordPress plugin to manage oEmbed capabilities of your website and to take a new step in the GDPR compliance of your embedded content. 1.2.8 Development workflow now based on GitHub repository.
iwburns iwburns / slab-tree Rust A vec-backed tree structure with tree-specific generational indexes. v0.2.0 This release re-works the way all node-removal methods work. These methods now require a `RemoveBehavior` and will now either `DropChildren` or `OrphanChildren` depending on the behavior provided.
Alatyami GrowthcraftCE / Growthcraft-1.12 Java Growthcraft is a low-tech brewing, farming, and cooking Minecraft Mod. 4.1.0
Gigas002 Gigas002 / DoujinDownloader C# Simple app on .NET Core 3.0 to create and support your local doujins repo. v1.0.0-preview1
bioudi bioudi / laravel-meta-weather-api PHP 🌦 Simple laravel package Consume the MetaWeather API. v0.1.2-alpha
Franco7773 Franco7773 / adminpro CSS Este es un proyecto personal en el que le doy funcionalidad a un template Adminpro utilizando el framework de Angular-Typescript v2.2.0 # Changelog: - _Componente-usuarios_ - _buscador_ de **usuarios** - **botón** para **borrar usuarios** - _modificar_ el **role** de cualquier **usuario** menos el propio - _modificar imágenes
yangsanning yangsanning / RoundRectView Java 可点击的圆角矩形 v1.0.1 [ +] 增加RoundRectView
meeDamian meeDamian / sync-readme Shell Github Action to sync from Github to Docker Hub v1.0.0 Everything's new 🤷🏻‍♂️. See `` 🧐
CMiksche CMiksche / gitea-auto-update Python A script which can update gitea via crontab automatically to a new version. v1.0.0 The current code is used in production and should work.
JazzBrown1 JazzBrown1 / sss-mongo-redis JavaScript Scaler for the Super Scaled Sockets Lib v0.1.1 - updated package.json e00a417 - updated readme e8f2228 - added readme 1f1daa3 Initia
Ephemerality Ephemerality / xray-builder.gui C# A .Net application that processes e-books to create X-Ray files for the Amazon Kindle (Paperwhite, Voyage, Fire). X-Rays are built complete with chapter locations and excerpts. 2.1.75
Nelson-numerical-software Nelson-numerical-software / nelson C++ Nelson numerical interpreter v0.3.8 # 0.3.8 (2019-08-24) Features: --------- * RESTfull API webservice for Nelson: - weboptions function: Set parameters for RESTful API web service. - websave builtin: Save content
HeShaobo HeShaobo / sock-cuppa Shell a tcp proxy for forwarding your owner data v0.1 这个执行包只用于Linux amd64架构
hawkeye64 quasarframework / app-extension-qiconpicker JavaScript QIconPicker - Quasar App Extension v1.0.2 - Update to latest fonts - Some icons don't display properly (originator's issue) and therefore will not be used
jingyu9575 jingyu9575 / multithreaded-download-manager JavaScript Download manager extension for Firefox with multithreading support v2.0b5
octokitbot octokit / graphql-schema JavaScript GitHub’s GraphQL Schema with validation. Automatically updated. v6.31.1 ## [6.31.1]( (2019-08-24) ### Bug Fixes * description update, replace emoji with `:emoji:` tags ([#200](
pronovic cedarsolutions / cedar-build Java (Unmaintained) Gradle plugins and other functionality for use in a standardized build process GITHUB_MIGRATION
hazae41 hazae41 / sweet-ipfs Kotlin InterPlanetary File System for Android & ChromeOS 38
atc1441 atc1441 / D6-arduino-nRF5 C D6 Fitness Tracker Arduino Core for Nordic Semiconductor nRF5 based boards 0.6.9
yangsanning yangsanning / ColorPickerView Java 颜色取色 v1.0.0 [ +] 增加ColorPickerView
ecgan ecgan / leetcode JavaScript My JavaScript solutions for LeetCode problems. Tests with 100% code coverage. 1.9.0 This release contains two solutions for the LeetCode [Biweekly Contest 7]( - #1165 [Single-Row Keyboard](
textbrowser textbrowser / 10001 Shell The project includes Bash and Bourne Shell utility scripts. Manual pages accompany some of the scripts. The goal of the project is to provide at least 10,001 useful scripts. 08.24.2019 Version 08.24.2019.
kangco-de kangco-de / arch-release-repo Shell A try of having a repo using Github releases untagged-aff37f697039a4c42b5c
cherryleafroad cherryleafroad / Android-ImageMagick7 C Fully featured, latest build of imagemagick 7 for Android. Featuring a full build of very many libraries (delegates) 7.0.8-62 Remember to follow the instructions in the README. Also, the jmagick build is DEBUG. If you want a release version, you'll have to build it yourself.
MikkCZ MikkCZ / pontoon-tools JavaScript Tools for Pontoon and its integration into the browser. v3.4.6
fedorovmixail fedorovmixail / piping PHP piping data between files 1.0.2
syampillai syampillai / SOCommon Java Common utility classes in Java (Used for SO development) 1.0.9
Tarakant-seth Tarakant-seth / weatherapp Python This is a small weather forecast application v this is initial release of weather app v1
phillipsj cake-contrib / Cake.AppPackager C# Cake Addin for creating UWP packages. 0.12.0 As part of this release we had [1 issue]( closed. Upgrading all dependencies. __Improvement__ - [__#10__](
taniman taniman / profit-trailer Shell We trail the trends! 2.3.16 ### Please make sure to backup your data before upgrading. ## Change log * **Fixes** - Fix DCA log crash - Small fixes ## Check the wiki for the full list of available features and sett
adrai locize / locize-cli JavaScript locize cli to import / export locales, add / edit / remove sync segments v6.0.2 - offer binaries for linux, macos and windows
Martin1887 Martin1887 / oxigen Rust Fast, parallel, extensible and adaptable genetic algorithm library written in Rust 1.5.0 Multipoint and uniform cross functions.
danielebart danielebart / ShoppingList Dart Personal shopping list and flutter playground app 20190824171228-e240b1f
pronovic pronovic / cursed-car-home Java (Unmaintained) Work Around for Android Phones "Cursed" By a phantom Car Home GITHUB_MIGRATION
rfetick rfetick / Kalman C++ Implements Kalman filter for your Arduino projects 1.0.0
SudharakaP python-sinhala-education-society / OpenLearnr Java Open Source Course Management Platform v1.2.1 * [#74]( Added user search function on User Management Page _Release notes by [Stamp](
Pantonshire Pantonshire / SmolBotBot Python A Twitter chatbot for looking up Small Robots robots. v2.1.0 This update focuses on preventing spam to users accidentally mentioning the bot, as well as some changes to the structure of the code to make it more maintainable. The changes are as follows: - Th
lequanglam lequanglam / c3c JavaScript A bot that can be customized using plugins. 0.2.6
kivutar libretro / ludo Go A libretro frontend written in golang v0.8.1 * Improve audio on some psx games
dingo-d dingo-d / wordpress-docker Makefile A blueprint Docker config used for WordPress development on Docker 1.0 This is the initial release of the WordPress Docker startup repository. It contains an easy way to get started up with the local WordPress development for your projects. For more information che
imantung typical-go / typical-rest-server Go Example of Typical REST Server v0.6.6_master_488b2a6 488b2a6 add version, withGitBranch, withLatestGitCommit to release + add flag -force and -no-github for release + tidy up af88c50 remove DockerCompose from context
ekoranda ekoranda / biocompace-request HTML Workflow service for managing Biocompace requests. 1.0.1-alpha1
calcq calcq / DangeonSeeker C# ConsoleGame v0.1-alpha3 In this release has added some usefull functions. Now player's camera will follow him. Player can open doors. Now you can create your own behaviour of map's objects. In another release game will get s
Daniel-Abrecht Daniel-Abrecht / fuse-nfs-crossbuild-scripts Shell fuse-nfs for windows using dokany libnfs=master_fuse-nfs=master_dokany=master 2019-08-24 17:00:06 UTC libnfs repo= ref=master commit=ca939ba918160bdb365134e9453112a4e111555a fuse-nfs repo= ref=master
ruizdiego ruizdiego / framelord C# Dedalord Unity extension framework v1.0.1 Removed warnings
ucirello cirello-io / pglock Go [Mirror] PostgreSQL Lock Client for Go v1.4.1
NiHoel NiHoel / Anno1800Calculator JavaScript Calculator for the production and consumption of goods in the computer game Anno 1800 v2.1 Settings: Enter island name which is displayed as the name of the tab. Clicking the download button, one can do the following: * Import / Export configuration (allows handling multiple islands)
eliseomartelli eliseomartelli / search-card JavaScript Quickly search for entities from a Lovelace card. 0.0.1
pronovic cedarsolutions / cedar-dependencies Groovy (Unmaintained) Repackaged library code deployed to Maven Central under com.googlecode.cedar-common GITHUB_MIGRATION
Lucotecia Lucotecia / Quick_Number_Place C++ a simple number place application v1.0 This is the first public release for Windows. I will keep improving this app.
malbit arqma / arqma-gui QML Newest Arqma-Network GUI Wallet v0.5
felixrieseberg felixrieseberg / windows95 TypeScript 💩🚀 Windows 95 in Electron. Runs on macOS, Linux, and Windows. v2.2.0 I've fixed bugs, upgraded components, and built a snazzy new user interface. ## Downloads for macOS 📦[Standalone](
veecue veecue / pacman-smartmirror Go An easy to use smart mirror server for pacman that will automatically download packages on the fly when requested, cache them and auto-update cached packages. Perfect for LAN usage on an inexpensive Raspberry Pi. v0.1.0 First release with basic features
dhilt dhilt / ngx-ui-scroll TypeScript Infinite/virtual scroll for Angular v1.1.1
StormACE StormACE / Popotte Rich Text Format Logiciel de gestion de recettes Ajouté un moyen pour imprimer le menu de la semaine. Ajouté un bouton pour tout effacer le menu de la semaine ------------------------------------------------------------------- Add a way to prin
P1tt187 ILSCeV / Lara PHP A calender with personnel scheduling for club management, built on top of Laravel 5 v4.1.0rc6
isears fortitudoinc / patientlist2.6 Java patientlist for refapp 2.6 untagged-a237794cd28973e5dbab
JustTalDevelops JustTalDevelops / VPNGuard PHP PMMP UPDATED PLUGIN: VPNGuard will prevent players from joining your server behind any type of anonymizer. 2.0.1 - Fixed outdated "logging" issue with old config
deankarn go-playground / webhooks Go :fishing_pole_and_fish: Webhook receiver for GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, Gogs v5.13.0 ## What's new? - Added support for GitHub event integration_installation_repositories, thanks @BlizzTom for the [PR]( - Added `Installation` to th
Massfice Massfice / storage PHP Coming soon 1.0.1
phith0n phith0n / chip PHP a simple tool to detect potential security threat in php code v1.3.0 ## v.1.3.0 20190824 - Change output object API - remove `is_callable` from callable function table - Fix errors in PHAR archive - fix a regex parser bug
tbennun spcl / dace Python DaCe - Data Centric Parallel Programming v0.8.1 Initial release of DaCe.
ruddell ruddell / ignite-jhipster JavaScript A React Native boilerplate for JHipster apps v3.2.0 Bigger Changes: - [Storybook]( now works out-of-the-box Commits: - upgrade dependencies 68b8f01 - add jest mock for storybook 165710d - update storybook and add ins
PiotrX1 PiotrX1 / BulkDirIcaclsGenerator C# Aplikacja do szybszego nadawania uprawnień do katalogów
Calatrava83 Calatrava83 / node-restserver-curso JavaScript Aplicacion restserver del curso de Node v1.0.0 # Notas # Versión lista para producción, subida de archivos y protección de las mismas imágenes
BroeckelJL BroeckelJL / PersonalProgramManager Java not ready. v1.0.0
BetimBeja albanian-xrm / Early-Bound C# Albanian Early Bound plugin for XrmToolBox v1.2019.8.4 Added the option to generate OptionSet Enum Properties.
Luis-Fernando-Molina Superalgos / DesktopApp no-lang Find here the main documentation and releases to download. v.0.2.5-alpha Quick Start: 1. Delete all your current Superalgos folders except Data-Storage. 2. Unzip in your Superalgos folder. 3. Open your Console / Terminal and go to AAWeb directory. 4. Run the followin
RodriP RodriP / busco_casa Swift Swift App v2.0.0 # Secciones de la app ## Pantalla de Registro En esta pantalla podemos ver las opciones que tenemos para iniciar sesión en la app o registrarnos: - Flujo de registro con cuenta nueva - Flujo de
alexeyshockov alexeyshockov / guzzle-psalm-plugin PHP Stubs to let Psalm understand Guzzle better v0.2.0
andreformento andreformento / linux-local-configs Shell Just my own configurations on Linux zsh
ArturB ArturB / Shell Certificate Authority 0.1 Certyfikat Centrum Certyfikacji, w formacie, PEM, gotowy do zainstalowania w przeglądarce.
adriantodt arudiscord / psi Kotlin Catnip-based Bot Framework in Kotlin. v1.5
Retucex Retucex / ArgCommander C# ArgCommander is a small .NET library for eliminating some of the boilerplate when building a CLI. v1.0.0 Initial release of ArgCommander.
d1vanov d1vanov / quentier C++ Cross-platform desktop Evernote client continuous-development AppVeyor CI build log:
nataliemall nataliemall / crop_acreages_from_DPR_reports Python The files for downloading and processing the Pesticide Use Reporting data v1.0.0 Supplementary code for submission to Environmental Research Letters
BiosBoy BiosBoy / react-picture-webp TypeScript :trophy: Awesome React-Based :heart: <picture /> Generator with Intelligent :muscle: WebP Support included! v.1.1.9
grondag grondag / darkness Java Hardcore darkness for Fabric mod loader v1
kiccer kiccer / Soldier76 Lua PUBG - 罗技鼠标宏 | 兴趣使然的项目,完虐收费宏!点个Star支持一下作者![PUBG - Logitech mouse macro | Support 12 kinds of guns without recoil!] v4.2.2 * 取消结果取整 * `startControl = "G_bind" 时`,使用设备背景色判断启动状态(测试中) * 使用 `pubg.changeIsStart` 方法统一处理 `isStart` 状态
timdeschryver timdeschryver / ngrx-tslint-rules TypeScript TSLint rules for NgRx v1.4.2 ## [1.4.2]( (2019-08-24) ### Bug Fixes * **ngrx-selector-for-select:** only apply rule on select functions ([3d11e90](http
he110 he110 / communication-tools PHP Tools set for messenger managing. Allows you to send any content via Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp, VK and so on. v0.1.1 Instructions updated
JanMosigItemis JanMosigItemis / dodo Java A somehwat generic download helper / verifier based on JavaFX dodo-snapshot-build-20190824184559
marcohern marcohern / slugifier PHP Simple Slugifier for laravel 1.0.2
ricknout ricknout / rugby-ranker Kotlin An Android app for viewing and predicting the latest World Rugby rankings 🏉 v1.6.0 - Adds a news feed of the latest international rugby news from World Rugby - A few optimizations to the way matches are fetched and refreshed - Updates to Kotlin, Coroutines and AndroidX libraries
williambj1 williambj1 / Hackintosh-EFI-Lenovo-Yoga-720-12IKB no-lang An Initial Hackintosh EFI for Lenovo Yoga 720-12IKB v1.0
fastrgv fastrgv / RufasSok Ada RufasSok is a minimalistic version of the Sokoban puzzle game for Windows, Mac OS-X and GNU-Linux. v2.3.5 **ver 2.3.5 -- 25aug19** * Updated embedded autosolvers. In particular, the alternate solver is faster but the solutions are non-optimal. * Fixed embedded solver failures and improved interface b
silicium-one silicium-one / MetroSPB Rich Text Format Связующее звено между SAP Ramax и Docvision. Заказчик - метрополитен Санкт-Петербурга. 0.22 rfcConnectorServiceSetup_*.msi - Вариант со службой Windows rfcSystem_*.msi - Вариант с приложением (автозапуск из реестра)
molingyu molingyu / Rosetta C# A graceful Unity I18N plugin.Support for the creation and loading of pot/po files. v0.4.0
xcv58 xcv58 / Tab-Manager-v2 TypeScript Quickly and conveniently manage your open tabs v0.21.8
cbuschka cbuschka / jmxtool Java jmxtool - Command line tool to easily access jmx information jmxtool-1.0.0
baagee baagee / php-params-validator PHP PHP Params Validator Library v0.0.6
ardalanamini foxifyjs / fresh TypeScript HTTP request freshness testing v1.1.0 - :zap: Added benchmarks - :star2: Improved performance
jcs090218 jcs090218 / jcs-emacs-init Emacs Lisp An Emacs configuration bundle. 5.8.1 2019-08-25 * Update buffer menu list when navigating through windows. (jcs-emacs-init) 2019-08-24 * Installed new package => `helm-flx`. (jcs-emacs-init) 2019-08-23 * Implemented horizonta
dukeofharen dukeofharen / httplaceholder C# A very flexible cross platform HTTP stub application. v2019.8.24.141 - Added stub generation based on request. - Refactored build procedure. - Added "pretty print" for posted form values. - Several bug fixes. - Added response variable parsers for local an
avdosev avdosev / async-library-arduino C++ async library for arduino 1.0.2
release-drafter[bot] neuenarrative / nn-website Vue Neue Narrative website v1.0.2 ### What's Changed 🍱 Add CNAME file to static assets #78
Slivo-fr Slivo-fr / elinor-reloaded C# Trading tool for Eve Online 1.8.0 - Updating calculations for new taxes Thanks to for the work !
vially vially / capacitor TypeScript Build cross-platform Native Progressive Web Apps for iOS, Android, and the web ⚡️ 1.1.2-0
KilledByAPixel KilledByAPixel / ZzFX HTML Zuper Zmall Zeeded Zound Zynth 1.0 ZzFX Features - Micro synth engine with 9 controllable parameters. - Tiny code footprint (<1k) for the minified version. - Smaller ZzFXmicro version provided without seeds. - Can produce a wi
DarkVessel DarkVessel / Joni-Bot-discord.js JavaScript Бот для Дискорда который ставит реакции 👍 👎 и выдаёт роль. v1.0 Ничего особенного, бот на Node.JS. Модули: discord.js. - Ставит реакции на сообщения в определённом канале. - Выдаёт ро
laoduandian laoduandian / LotusFrame Java LotusFrame v1.64 v1.64
omegion omegion / vue-blog-placeholders JavaScript Vue plugin package for a placeholder of your content to a demonstration before content loads. v0.1.4 ### Added * Colour support is available for both background and gradient.
phantomVK phantomVK / SlideBack Java SlideBack for Android to finish an activity with slide gesture and translucent animation. 0.2.1
mongodb-ansible-roles-bot mongodb-ansible-roles / ansible-role-golang-toolchain Ruby Ansible role for installing the MongoDB Go toolchain v1.1.0 # [1.1.0]( (2019-08-24) ### Bug Fixes * added destination to molecule playbook ([c35efc3](https://gith
pablgonz pablgonz / ltximg TeX LaTeX environment contents to image format v1.7 - Added support for scontents package - Update of recursive regex in source code - Documentation maintenance
beccabunny beccabunny / Beccas-Endless-Expansion no-lang New weapons, outfits and ships for many factions of the game Endless Sky, all with new sprites similar to the vanilla ones! 0.7.2 This release features one new Hai ship and a new Hai afterburner, plus some bugfixes and corrections. This takes the total to one Unfettered ship, two Unfettered weapons, two Unfettered cooling oufit
zero-24 zero-24 / wbb-antispam-extended PHP [WBB] Anti-Spam Extended 1.0.1 This is the first patch release of the wbb-antispam-extended Plugin. ## Changelog - Code Cleanup - Remove ThreadAction listener that is not working than expected - Make sure we run very late i
klazuka klazuka / intellij-elm Kotlin Elm language support for IntelliJ, WebStorm, PhpStorm and PyCharm (JetBrains) v3.4.1 Bugfix release: - fixed various bugs related to record field rename (#477, #478, #484) - fixed a bug in Elm 0.18 projects related to `elm-stuff` directory (#481)
CMiSSioN BattletechModders / CustomLocalization C# CustomLocalization 0.0.1
engstk engstk / op7 C blu_spark kernel for OnePlus 7/Pro r38 custom md5: 7985E0B7B25D5795BB8D17E678C3307E oos md5: F15C2F0CE2799D95CBBD278DC585B0B9
mcer12 mcer12 / Hugo-ESP8266 C++ Official repository of the Hugo wifi remote 1.3b NEW FEATURES (MQTT sketch): 1) Auto discovery feature in home assistant (push&hold button 2+4 for discovery) 2) Each remote has unique identifier now 3) Battery topic added + battery value whil
houphp houphp / framework PHP HouPHP框架 v2.0.0
kgiroux kgiroux / ClintPack mcfunction Data pack for minecraft 1.14 with Clintwood v1.1.9
cbsanjaya cbsanjaya / madinlib Pascal Tool Mini untuk Perpus Madin v0.2-attend - the connection file use full path. - Guest Code use `PPMD` prefix.
FIL1994 FIL1994 / svg-to-font JavaScript converts svg files to a ttf font v1
jaywcjlove uiwjs / react-md-editor TypeScript A simple markdown editor with preview, implemented with React.js and TypeScript. v1.8.0
2505harold 2505harold / node-rest-server JavaScript node rest sever v7.0.0 # NOtas Subida de archivos
M66B M66B / FairEmail Java Open source, privacy friendly email app for Android 1.678 * Small improvements and minor bug fixes * Updated translations * All changes: This version will be available in the Play store as test ver
TcM1911 goretk / libgore Go Libgore v0.2.0 This release adds support for Darwin (macOS). Libgore can now be cross compiled for Darwin using the docker container build method. It is now also possible to "force" a specific Go versio
xvw RMEx / AlmostHeroic Ruby Participation to Ludum Dare #33 : You are the monster v1.0.0 The historical version of Almost Heroic
AtoxSplash AtoxSplash / Meth-manager Lua Payday 2 BLT mod for cook off 0.5.2 Added Chinese
Geertvdc Geertvdc / setup-hub JavaScript Github Action to set up hub CLI v1.0.0 This is the initial release of the Setup Hub Action. Use this action to install hub cli into your Github Actions runner so you can use hub in further steps of your workflow
gagelarsen Aquaveo / xmsgrid C++ Aquaveo xmsgrid support library 4.1.0
Perska Perska / keepInventoryPlus mcfunction A datapack for Minecraft Java Edition that aims to make using keepInventory just a bit less care free. v1.0-rev2 With this release, if the amount of levels to be removed exceeds 100, the level number scrolls down faster.
Ansuel Ansuel / tch-nginx-gui Lua Modified file to apply to a stock technicolor GUI 9.4.5
ptibogxiv ptibogxiv / doliconnect JavaScript Sync Dolibarr with Wordpress via Doliconnect 3.8.2
JazzBrown1 JazzBrown1 / jazzy-utility JavaScript Util Lib for Super Scaled Sockets v0.1.2 Pushed release with no changes due to updating release process
robert-allan-frank robert-allan-frank / ember-string-helpers JavaScript This addon provides string helpers for Ember templates and components. v1.0.0 **New Features** - #1 Initial Helpers Implementation - string-ends-with - string-includes - string-index-of - string-last-index-of - string-pad-end - string-pad-start - string-re
CataJenkins CleverRaven / Cataclysm-DDA C++ Cataclysm - Dark Days Ahead. A turn-based survival game set in a post-apocalyptic world. cdda-jenkins-b9539 These are the artifacts from build 9539 of **Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead** experimentals. \ Check <> for details.
robert-allan-frank robert-allan-frank / ember-math-helpers JavaScript This addon provides math helpers for Ember templates and components. v1.0.0 **New Features** - #1 Initial Helpers Implementation - math-abs - math-add - math-ceil - math-divide - math-floor - math-max - math-min - math-multiply - math-pow - math
Armitage35 Armitage35 / fuzzy-roadmap JavaScript A fuzzy roadmap tool V0.1 This version removes the boilerplate and replaces it with a running version of a demo of this project
cyplo cyplo / genpass Rust A simple password generator in Rust vv0.3.3
AtiLion AtiLion / VRCMenuUtils C# A mod library that makes integrating into the VRChat menu system easier 0.3.1 # VRCMenuUtils A mod library that makes integrating into the VRChat menu system easier! # Changelog > - Temporary removed feature that was causing issues # Note The mod does not do anythin
gagelarsen Aquaveo / xmscore C++ Support library for XMS products 3.1.0
polaris1119 polaris1119 / golangweekly no-lang Go语言爱好者周刊,每周日发布 issue-5 docs: release issue 5
TimCarmanGitHub TimCarmanGitHub / JavaScript-Projects HTML Javascript practice v3.0.0 Getting better! Add JS Voice and others
Hundeklemmen drupijs / discordAddon Java A discord addon for Drupi 1.1
robert-allan-frank robert-allan-frank / ember-number-helpers JavaScript This addon provides number helpers for Ember templates and components. v1.0.0 **New Features** - #1 Initial Helpers Implementation - number-format - number-is-even - number-is-nan - number-is-odd - number-parse-float - number-parse-int - number-to-fixed
maxzheng maxzheng / great-life-guide no-lang A guide to live a great life. v3.4
huangziye huangziye / MediaSelector Kotlin 仿微信图片选择器。 1.0.6 功能优化。
Speedwagon-Chan Speedwagon-Chan / EasyITems C# My first Terraria Mod v0.1.2.2 Mod Browser Autorelease built on tModLoader v0.11.4
marcin-golebiowski SpiceSharp / SpiceSharpParser C# SPICE netlists parser for .NET 1.2.0 # Use Spice# 2.8.0 # Use Spice#.Behavioral
the1812 the1812 / Bilibili-Evolved JavaScript 强大的哔哩哔哩增强脚本: 下载视频, 音乐, 封面, 弹幕 / 自定义播放器画质, 模式, 布局 / 自定义顶栏, 删除广告, 夜间模式 / 触屏设备支持 v1.8.17-preview - 导出 aria2 RPC 时, 支持设定限速. (`max-download-limit`) (#164) - 删除`恢复失效视频信息`的选项. (#159) - 顶栏的`订阅`新增弹窗. (#160) > ⚠ 更新后的`订阅`
sffxzzp sffxzzp / Starbound-Chinese Lua Starbound汉化mod UTC-190824-1611 None
xuliangzhan xuliangzhan / vxe-table JavaScript 🐬 一个简单实用的 Vue 表组件,与任意组件库兼容 2.3.8 * vxe-table * 增加 menus 快捷菜单注册器 *** * vxe-table * addmenus context menu register
koustav-pal koustav-pal / HiCBricks R HiCBricks offers user-friendly and efficient solutions for handling large high-resolution Hi-C datasets. The package provides a R/Bioconductor framework with the bricks to build more complex data analysis pipelines and algorithms. v1.4.0 With this release of HiCBricks, the objective was to - Decrease I/O time overheads associated with storing large square matrices. - Allow the storage of resolutions. - To streamline the entire w
PonasKovas PonasKovas / snake Rust A simple light-weight multiplatform terminal snake game 0.2.0 better memory management
Mombuyish Mombuyish / Laravel-GoogleSpreadSheet PHP Google spreadsheet transforms to json and storing to file with laravel. 1.0.0 * json * feed * storeAs
jtnelson cinchapi / runway Java The official ORM (Object-Record Mapping) framework for Concourse v1.4.0 * Added a `DeferredReference` type that can be used to wrap a `Record` link within another `Record`. When a `DeferredReference` is used, the linked `Record` isn't loaded from the database until it is
M66B M66B / NetGuard Java A simple way to block access to the internet per application 2.262 * Rewritten DNS server address handling * Small improvements and minor bug fixes * Updated build tools * Updated translations All changes:
bkkaggle bkkaggle / pytorch_zoo Python A collection of useful modules and utilities helpful when kaggling not available in pytorch v1.2.1 - Remove iou metric - Add dice loss
rsoika imixs / imixs-archive Java Imixs-Archive Service imixs-archive-2.0.1 ## Enhancements * Attachments: synchronize $created $modified with $lasteventdate #67 * Upgrade Workfow Version 5.0.4 #66 ## Bugfixes * Archive: fixed - custom attributes get lost in case t
Luxocracy Luxocracy / NeatPlates Lua Neat Plates is a continuation of the original Tidy Plates in an attempt to keep it update date in the absence of its authors. - Fixed a bug with target as statustext - Updated Locale
gumil gumil / Kaskade Kotlin Unidirectional state container for Android and Kotlin 0.3.7 - Update AGP to 3.5.0 - Update Kotlin 1.3.50 - Update Coroutines 1.3.0
pavel-mazhuga pavel-mazhuga / lit-popup TypeScript A modern popup module with no dependencies. v0.0.3 - refactor f66bf9c - fix tests a6c2cc5 - add css 334f528 - prettier formatting b09eaee - css e48bd1e - fix types 50ffc82 - clean up 21aa58c - update README 5448ae3 - add prettier f1cc
lmdu lmdu / pyfastx C a python module for fast random access to sequences from plain and gzipped FASTA file 0.2.4 - Fixed fasta iter error after building new index
khanna91 khanna91 / generator-astro-sls JavaScript Yeoman generator for Serverless Node Application v1.1.1 * Updated the file structure * Made Middleware as optional in handler
Bebzakoh9 Bebzakoh9 / bot1 no-lang Bot1 Bot1 Bot1
Andre601 botblock / JavaBotBlockAPI Java Java Wrapper for the BotBlock API [Java - maintained by @Andre601] v2.3.0 This version implements caching for the different get methods (e.g. `getBotlists(String)`. This is used as a sort of ratelimit prevention as the requested data is kept in cache and used for 2 minutes
shine1594 marpple / FxJS JavaScript Functional Extensions Library for JavaScript v0.12.5 - once함수 수정 2286a9e - juxt함수 여러 개 인자 받도록 수정 2cc7de1
4eb0da 4eb0da / war3-model TypeScript TypeScript-based mdl/mdx (Warcraft 3 model formats) converter/renderer v1.2.0 * `renderer` folder was missing
dreadct CocoaTypograf / CocoaTypograf Swift A macOS/iOS framework for interacting with the Typograf web service made by Yandex. 1.0.3 Cocoa Typograf v1.0.3
zandalartribe zandalartribe / zandalartribe PHP Website for v1.6.1 Renamed repository to enable automatic updates via GitHub tags.
szakes1 szakes1 / MakdolanNative Kotlin Wygeneruj kupon dla darmowego żarcia! 2.0 Najnowsza wersja Makdolana! Zmiany: + dodano widok jak z gmaila.
Timer zeit / next.js JavaScript The React Framework v9.0.5-canary.3 ### Patches - Remove extension from link: #8500 - Add config for diffing fetched pages: #8492 - Add version property to Next.js instance: #8499 ### Credits Huge thanks to @ijjk and
SychO9 SychO9 / license-detector PHP A license information detector v1.0.0
Lukc Lukc / build.zsh Shell A simple Makefiles generator, meant for small projects and beautiful Makefiles. 0.3.0
zandalartribe zandalartribe / PHP Website for v1.6
southbanksoftwaredeveloper SouthbankSoftware / dbkoda JavaScript State of the art MongoDB IDE 24-08-2019 dbKoda Nightly Build
ThibHlln ThibHlln / smartpy Python Python implementation of the rainfall-runoff model SMART v0.2.1 * Algorithm Enhancements: * checks for the duration of the warm-up period against the simulation period (to avoid the former being greater than the latter) * Bug fixes: * changes the test on th
grsdev7 grsdev7 / FocusTimer Java Productivity tool for timer management and focused work 1.7 - migrated to java 11 - removed bugs - improved design
cl3dson cl3dson / mercury TypeScript Mercury Message Bus vv1.0.15 - Merge branch 'master' of b14c268 - added cicleci pipeline eefd21d
trmurakami trmurakami / Bibliolight PHP Software livre para gestão de acervos bibliográficos v0.9-beta Versão Beta 0.9 do Bibliolight.
logaretm baianat / vee-validate JavaScript ✔ Template Based Validation Framework for Vue.js 3.0.1 #### Enhancements - **TS**: Added typings for `vee-validate/dist/rules`. #2224 - **docs**: Added note on importing JSON locale files. #### 🐛 Fixed - fix `skipIfEmpty` prop being ignored w
michaelphines michaelphines / scale-filter-midi-effect-device Ruby This is a script that generate Ableton MIDI Effect Devices that allow you to filter the piano roll v0.2-alpha - Adds a "general" minor scale that includes the scale degrees of the harmonic and melodic "scales" to the aeolian scale.
Zalexanninev15 Zalexanninev15 / Yandex-Translate-Lite no-lang Неофициальный клиент переводчика от Яндекс для Windows. 0.3 ## Файлы * ### Setup.exe - установщик приложения * ### - портативная версия приложения (работает без установки)
OffLuffy OffLuffy / SmoothSleep Java Plugin to speed up night (to a configurable extent) based on the ratio of players sleeping and not sleeping. 2.6.0 - Can now modify gamerule randomTickSpeed to allow faster crop growth, leaf decay, etc while sleeping. - min/max night multiplier calculations now work a little differently ---> One player slee
noter eforce / elasticsearch-analysis-morfologik Java Morfologik Polish Lemmatizer plugin for Elasticsearch 7.3.1 add support for es 7.3.1
h-r-k-matsumoto h-r-k-matsumoto / kubernetes-pod-watch Dockerfile Send a message to slack for pod events. 1.0.0
ony3000 ony3000 / vuex-viewport JavaScript Vuex extension that allows making window size as computed property. v1.1.4
ucchyocean ucchyocean / LunaChat Java Channel Chat Plugin for CraftBukkit v2.8.11 下記の3つのissueに対応しました。 * #153 hideしたいプレイヤーの名前と同名のチャンネルが存在するときプレイヤーをhideできない 従来の `/ch hide (Pl
gocom gocom / pinceau JavaScript Personal Firefox userChrome and preference customizations 0.1.2 Changes: Enable user stylesheets by default on Firefox >= 69.
willb335 willb335 / chessboardjsx JavaScript :black_square_button: Chessboard built for React v2.4.1 ## [2.4.1]( (2019-08-24) ### Bug Fixes * **chessboard:** update types ([d911ac6](
arshadkazmi42 arshadkazmi42 / namifylink JavaScript Generate filename using url domain v1.0.1 - Complete library - Tests
Inno97 Inno97 / duke Java Duke, Software Engineering Monstrosity 1.8 Level 8. Dates and Times Teach Duke to understand dates and times. For example, if the command is deadline return book /by 2/12/2019 1800, Duke understands 2/12/2019 1800 as 2nd of December 2019, 6pm
RhetTbull RhetTbull / osxphotos Python Provides read-only access to Apple's Photos app library on Mac OS X. Includes command line tool for querying the Photos database. v0.12.3 Release to PyPI for version 0.12.3
robertmonjo robertmonjo / drought R Climatic classification of drought typologies V1.0.0 This is the first release of our code.
DuncteBot-AutoRelease DuncteBot / SkyBot Java SkyBot is a JDA discord bot with music and mod commands v3.88.0_388871cb 388871cb Refractor 9fe856a0 Use reflection magic for the help embed b7222dd3 Clean helpembeds 6b406511 Update to JDA v4 (#221) 44d2a988 Update lavaplayer 5e5ff328 Reduce duplicated emb
CryptoGnome CryptoGnome / Bybit-TraidingView-Trader no-lang This a free bot that scraped your gmail for emails for tradingview alerts and makes trades in via the Bybit API. v1.0.6 PLEASE NOTE THIS BOT IS FREE OF USE HOWEVER REQUIRES A AUTH KEY. YOU CAN OBTAIN THIS BY CREATING A NEW ACCOUNT TO USE WITH THIS BOT, WE CHECK BYBIT UID TO OUR AFFILIATE ACCOUNT TO AUTHORIZE THE USE.
NastuzziSamy simde-utc / payutc-mobile JavaScript PayUTC Mobile Application v1.1.0 # Changelog ## News - Add a PIN code management for PayUTC sellers - Add a semester filter ## Changes - Show a message when (un)locking a badge ## Fixed bugs - Show the right name in welc
Hologos Hologos / tpcp Shell A tool to remotely work with SAP import queue and transports. v1.0-rc5 **Changelog** - logger level is now determined with environment variable TPCP_LOGGER_LEVEL - all background processes get killed when main program is killed - new chapter SSH in - logg
moshie moshie / teamwork-api JavaScript A wrapper around teamwork api making it easier to perform requests. v1.2.0 # [1.2.0](http://git+https/ (2019-08-24) ### Features * **trashcan & clocking endpoints:** Added missing endpoints for the trashcan and th
rex706 rex706 / SAM C# Steam Account Manager v1.3.1.1 * Fix account data not properly encrypting with the user's provided application password when adding accounts on first use.
perewall perewall / touchresume Python Tool for automatically update your CV on some job boards v1.1.1 - Add broken SemVer & GitPython requirements
tkgstrator tkgstrator / Salmonia Python Download JSON from Nintendo and Upload SalmonStats automatically. 0.3b Apply generating iksm_session.
samuel21119 samuel21119 / Photo-Viewer JavaScript Only for special use v1.0.4
sandrolovnicki sandrolovnicki / pLam Haskell command line interpreter for learning and exploring pure λ-calculus v2.0.0 This major version brings the syntactic sugar for lists, among other fixes, improvements and some major changes in std library.
JamesQMurphy JamesQMurphy / www-jamesqmurphy-com C# The public website v0.2.2
shyuep materialsproject / custodian Roff A simple, robust and flexible just-in-time job management framework in Python. v2019.8.24 See changes at
mkurnikov typeddjango / django-stubs Python PEP-484 stubs for Django 1.1.0 * `QuerySet[MyModel]` annotation should be supported by the Pycharm IDE now * Bunch of stability fixes and improvements to stubs
rbri SeleniumHQ / htmlunit-driver JavaScript WebDriver compatible driver for HtmlUnit headless browser. 2.36.0 * use HtmlUnit 2.36.0
NoNameForGithub NoNameForGithub / CoinKiller C++ NSMB2 level editor! b1.0.0 download from here
Swajeetg768 Swajeetg768 / HB3.0 no-lang HIGHBoX 3.0 The ultimate guard of your android device. v3.0-16
vody105 contributte / gosms PHP :speech_balloon: HTTP client for Nette v0.2 Yeah! 👍 Diff: [v0.1...v0.2]( Changes: - support Nette 3 - drop session and introduce saving access tokens to cache
Fusion86 Fusion86 / MHWAppearanceEditor C# Monster Hunter World - Appearance Import/Export v1.1.0
falsy loafjs / loaf-dom JavaScript A light and fast DOM script library for front-end development v0.4.4 * Fix error when entering 0 value * Unset default px units * Add styles method
Ameliaaaaaa Ameliaaaaaa / EasyCheat C# EasyCheat is a collection of tools to make game cheating easier. v0.1-alpha This build only launches the program. It currently does not have anything implemented apart from a message box that shows on launch and a purple page.
timdeschryver testing-library / angular-testing-library TypeScript 🦔 Simple and complete Angular testing utilities that encourage good testing practices v7.2.0 # [7.2.0]( (2019-08-24) ### Features * add type function ([#37](
f4exb f4exb / sdrangel C++ SDR Rx/Tx software for Airspy, Airspy HF+, BladeRF, HackRF, LimeSDR, PlutoSDR, RTL-SDR, SDRplay RSP1 and FunCube v4.11.7 <h2>DSD demod fixes</h2> Use DSDcc v1.8.6 that fixes issues when switching from 2.4 to 4.8 kBaud rate back and forth. This caused segmentation fault and it could not sync to a new mode
shw2018 shw2018 / cdn JavaScript jsdelivr cdn repo 1.2
jordiprats NTTCom-MS / eyp-named Puppet named management 0.3.2
Tpelaaja Tpelaaja / 3x3 JavaScript 3x3 Is An multipurpose discord bot. 1.3 Added These Commands: 3x3.creeper & 3x3.announce Bug Fixes
cokelaer bioconvert / bioconvert Python Bioconvert is a collaborative project to facilitate the interconversion of life science data from one format to another. 0.4.3 synchronised on pypi
Jikoo Jikoo / Regionerator Java A Bukkit plugin for gradually deleting unused area. 1.5.7 * Updated Lands hook for API changes
OOPMan OOPMan / C++ XBox One Fight Sticks for Windows v0.4-alpha1 Alpha 1 of v0.4a: * Initial addition of Qt5 GUI. GUI does nothing but device functionality remains as normal
tyea tyea / slender PHP A PHP front controller for RESTful APIs 1.5.0
endel colyseus / colyseus TypeScript ⚔ Multiplayer Game Server for Node.js 0.11.2 - Add `pingCountMax` option (, thanks @GDdark ❤️ ) - Regression: deny connections if `onAuth` has returned a falsy value (https://discuss.colyse
agustin-wamboldt agustin-wamboldt / anomaly-launcher Python S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Anomaly's launcher source code 1.1 Added AVX Support and Delete Shaders Cache options. shaders_cache folder can be deleted by pressing F5, or by launching the game with said option toggled. Removed some unused images. Added icon to
plus3-releasebot plus3it / terraform-aws-tardigrade-iam-principals HCL Terraform module to create IAM users/roles 0.0.0 * [terraform-aws-tardigrade-iam-principals v0.0.0 CHANGELOG](
pwn20wndstuff pwn20wndstuff / Undecimus C unc0ver jailbreak for iOS 11.0 - 12.4 v3.5.6 ### ⚠️ Support development with: PayPal - Patreon ⚠️ Last updated at: 08/24/2019 08/24/2019 - v3.5.6 was released for pro
philippebeck animadio / animadio CSS Animadio CSS Framework v0.7.7 - Refactoring gap classes & helpers to prevent about name conflicts
abeisgoat abeisgoat / firebase-tools-release-playground no-lang Test repo for automated releasing v7.2.3 Done
plus3-releasebot plus3it / terraform-aws-tardigrade-guardduty Makefile Terraform module to setup GuardDuty 0.0.0 * [terraform-aws-tardigrade-guardduty v0.0.0 CHANGELOG](
mesemus oarepo / invenio-explicit-acls Python Declarative ACLs for Invenio v3 4.4.0
tjbo helpscout / proxypack JavaScript 🎭ProxyPack: Proxy Local Webpack Assets to your Production Domain v0.2.3 1 - this adds nested routes to localMappings in ProxyPack. This makes it possible to easily map a nested folder structure. 2 - this also adds a simple cache to reduce reads from local filesystem
plus3-releasebot plus3it / terraform-aws-tardigrade-pcx HCL Terraform module to create a peering connection 0.0.0 * [terraform-aws-tardigrade-pcx v0.0.0 CHANGELOG](
nmantani nmantani / FileInsight-plugins Python FileInsight-plugins: a decoding toolbox of McAfee FileInsight hex editor for malware analysis v1.4.2 ## Bug fix - Add workarounds to avoid crash of FileInsight on closing on Windows 7 (reported by You Nakatsuru (@you0708)). ## Enhancement - Show a file selection dialog when a selected program
AiEson AiEson / AnimeSubtitleRenamer Java A tool of renaming Anime's Subtitles 0.3 第一次上传,暂无更新信息,详情请看
TranceGeniK TranceGeniK / bybit-tools JavaScript Desktop app to place scaled orders on bybit 0.1.7-alpha Add single limit/market order
plus3-releasebot plus3it / terraform-aws-tardigrade-ram-principal-association Makefile Terraform module to manage a resource share 0.0.0 * [terraform-aws-tardigrade-ram-principal-association v0.0.0 CHANGELOG](
raulk libp2p / go-libp2p-blankhost Go The thinnest possible host implementation. v0.1.4 * Upgrades go-libp2p-core and go-eventbus dependencies to fix a panic on duplicate `host.Close()` (now idempotent).
bobdenotter bolt / core PHP 🧿 Bolt 4 core 4.0.0-beta.2.7
thiagorossener thiagorossener / jekflix-template HTML A Jekyll template inspired by Netflix. 🎬 v2.0.0 - Added optional [sidebar]( - Added optional [Featured post](
plus3-releasebot plus3it / terraform-aws-tardigrade-route53-rr-association Makefile Terraform module to associate route53 resolver rules 0.0.0 * [terraform-aws-tardigrade-route53-rr-association v0.0.0 CHANGELOG](
raulk libp2p / go-libp2p Go libp2p implementation in Go v0.3.1 * Upgrades go-libp2p-core and go-eventbus dependencies to fix a panic on duplicate `host.Close()` (now idempotent). * Makes the `NoSecurity` option use the new [`plaintext/2.0.0` secure channel](http
plus3-releasebot plus3it / terraform-aws-tardigrade-keystore Makefile Terraform module to create a keystore within S3/SSM 0.0.0 * [terraform-aws-tardigrade-keystore v0.0.0 CHANGELOG](
bo-blog bo-blog / bw PHP Bo-blog Wind Version v1.7.0 - 修复:某些情况下Tag保存和打开异常。 - 改进:社交链接增加GitHub。 - 新增:第三方评论现在支持GitTalk, Gitment。 - 改进:在编辑草稿时,在为草稿
skydoves skydoves / Rainbow Kotlin 🌈 An easy way to apply gradations and tinting for Android. 1.0.1 Released version `1.0.1`. - We can apply gradations using `View.rainbow()` extension directly. ```kotlin cardView0.rainbow().palette { +contextColor(R.color.skyBlue) +contextColor(R.col
antho-b antho-b / toolbox PHP My personal and custom toolbox v1.2.0
Martchus Martchus / tageditor C++ A tag editor with Qt GUI and command-line interface supporting MP4/M4A/AAC (iTunes), ID3, Vorbis, Opus, FLAC and Matroska v3.3.0 v3.3.0
Martchus Martchus / passwordfile C++ C++ library to read/write passwords from/to encrypted files v5.0.0 v5.0.0
Martchus Martchus / tagparser C++ C++ library for reading and writing MP4/M4A/AAC (iTunes), ID3, Vorbis, Opus, FLAC and Matroska tags v9.0.0 v9.0.0
vue-styleguidist-bot vue-styleguidist / vue-styleguidist TypeScript Created from react styleguidist for Vue Components with a living style guide v3.22.2 ## [3.22.2]( (2019-08-24) ### Bug Fixes * Fix bad links to docs ([a5a8978](
exequielrafaela binbashar / public-docker-images Makefile Public docker images v0.0.6 v0.0.6 - 2019-08-24T15:23:26Z - 4a54dad Updating via make changelog-patch for v0.0.6 - b247993 Merge pull request #15 from binbashar/BBL-101-mysql-client-base-image-update - 8a08806 BB
galeksandrp galeksandrp / au-packages PowerShell Template repository for Chocolatey Automatic Package Updater Module twitch-bandwidth-tester-1.520 twitch-bandwidth-tester was updated from version 1.510 to 1.520
Martchus Martchus / qtutilities C++ Common Qt related C++ classes and routines used by my applications such as dialogs, widgets and models v6.0.0 v6.0.0
Martchus Martchus / reflective-rapidjson C++ Code generator for serializing/deserializing C++ objects to/from JSON using Clang and RapidJSON v0.0.9 v0.0.9
Martchus Martchus / cpp-utilities C++ Common C++ classes and routines used by my applications such as argument parser, IO and conversion utilities v5.0.0 v5.0.0
Martchus Martchus / passwordmanager C++ A simple password manager v4.1.0 v4.1.0
Luzifer Luzifer / wasm-openssl HTML WASM wrapper around go-openssl to be used in Javascript projects v0.3.0 * Add some frontend for testing instead of hardcoded console * Migrate to Go1.12 & go-openssl.v3 * Switch vendoring to go modules
Martchus Martchus / videodownloader C++ A video downloader with Qt GUI (currently only YouTube and Vimeo are maintained) v1.3.4 v1.3.4
Martchus Martchus / dbus-soundrecorder C++ Records sound from Pulse Audio with ffmpeg while watching D-Bus to determine tracks and meta information v1.2.3 v1.2.3
Martchus Martchus / syncthingtray C++ Tray application and Dolphin/Plasma integration for Syncthing v0.10.0 v0.10.0
mihirpathak97 mihirpathak97 / rainbow Python :notes: A (very) tiny Python module for audio fingerprinting and ID3 embedding v1.1.0-deploy
sharkwouter sharkwouter / frzr Shell A deployment and automatic update mechanism for operating systems 0.5.1 This should fix the creation of the initrd
andrenarchy satoshipay / docker-stellar-horizon Shell Fully configurable docker image for Stellar Horizon 0.20.0 New upstream release
codemanki codemanki / cloudscraper JavaScript Node.js library to bypass cloudflare's anti-ddos page 4.1.4 Optimize header checks
jiangkang jiangkang / KBox FreeMarker 一款 Halo 的主题,来自 Typecho。 v1.8
nnamm nnamm / TQ_CircularArray Python Addon that duplicate object on circumference for Blender 2.8 2019.08.25 Initial release.
varunsridharan varunsridharan / action-wp-org-deploy Shell Github Action To Publish Plugin's Update 1.0 1.0
MohamedWael MohamedWael / BaseProject Java Android Base project based on MVVM architectural pattern 1.0.3
gurpreet- libly / resource-loader Java Getting files out of a JAR or loading a shared library is difficult. We made it easy. 1.1.3 This is the initial release. * Cleaned the `*` files. * Documented the methods. * Added tests.
GibbsConsulting GibbsConsulting / jupyter-plotly-dash Python Jupyter notebook wrapper for plotly dash applications v0.3.0 Update link suppression
Poulpinou dodo-game-tools / DGTools-StateMachine C# Provides a simple overridable state machine system for Unity. v0.0.3
IndrajeetPatil IndrajeetPatil / statsExpressions R Expressions with statistical details 📉 📜🔣✅ 0.1.0
taiki-e taiki-e / auto_enums Rust A library for to allow multiple return types by automatically generated enum in Rust. v0.6.0-alpha.1 * Renamed `#[rec]` to `#[nested]`. * [Removed `never` option in argument position in favor of `#[enum_derive]` attribute.][48] * Improved compile time. * Added `"ops"` crate feature
ChrisMichaelPerezSantiago ChrisMichaelPerezSantiago / ryuanime Vue A free anime streaming , using the jkanime content by scraping the jkanime website. v2.0-Beta 🎉 Ryuanime App 🎉 This Beta release fixes some problems related to the UI, especially for mobile versions. Each layout has been adjusted to work flexibly; for mobile, desktop, and from any bro
vzwingma vzwingma / gestion-budget-ihm Java Module Front de l'application de Gestion budget v7.2.2
didimitrie speckleworks / SpeckleCore C# .NET base for the speckle api 1.6.1
NitriKx cloudrig / CloudRIG JavaScript Stream your applications with Parsec and AWS on the cheap. v0.0.1 We've moved to a new Github repo and organisation 🎉 For this inaugural release here is the first changes: * Display the running hours on the Play view (#2) * Add some documentation about
vzwingma vzwingma / gestion-budget-services Java Module Services de l'application Gestion de budget v7.3.1
weiweishi ualbertalib / avalon Ruby University of Alberta's Media Repository based on Avalon v6.4.3.20190821.uofa Fix: - Fix the authentication configuration in staging and production environment to use SAML as default.
tomatau tomatau / type-to-reducer JavaScript Create reducer functions based on an object keyed by action types v1.2.0 A bunch of dependency updates. Some internal changes so it's easier for someone to read and pick up. No API changes.
imdeepmind imdeepmind / AmazonReview-LanguageGenerationDataset Python Processed Amazon Review Dataset for Language Generation (Character Level) v1.0 The first version of this dataset, the Language Generation Dataset, contains 200M samples. It can be used for generating text.
joowani joowani / dtags Python Directory Tags for Lazy Programmers 3.2.4 - Removed usage of outdated fish command "math". - Python 3.7 is now officially supported.
clarkalms travel-bug / server JavaScript The API for our travel bug client 1.0.0 Basic app functionality up and running.
jordiprats jordiprats / eyp-haproxy Puppet HAproxy: setup and configutation management 0.2.2
amerlescucodez amerlescucodez / faye-service-gem Ruby Faye PubSub WebSockets Push Notifications Helper Service Gem for Ruby on Rails v1.0.0 Use this gem in production by using ``` gem 'faye_service', '~> 1.0' ``` Or ``` gem install faye_service ```
chrisbra vim / vim-appimage Shell AppImage for gVim v8.1.1919 ![Github Downloads (by Release)](<br><br>Version Information:<br>**GVim: v8.1.1919** - Vim git commit: [4
bradleyjkemp bradleyjkemp / grpc-tools Go A suite of gRPC debugging tools. Like Fiddler/Charles but for gRPC. v0.2.2 ## Changelog 0e508ab Gracefully fall back to original descriptor if unknown_message fails (#51) a96d409 Add release pipeline job (#42) 58e21bc Bump from 0.10.0 to 0
MohamedWael MohamedWael / UtilsLibrary Java Common android utils 1.0.0
lyz05 lyz05 / github-eclipse-repo Java 2019年4月课堂《软件工程导论》实训 V1.0 完成导学手册第一阶段任务
ocpu ocpu / Boxlin Kotlin A mod that provides a Language Adapter for Kotlin Minecraft mods with extra utilities. 3.0.0
IzzelAliz IzzelAliz / AmberShop Java A player trade plugin for Sponge. 1.1.3
jopiortiz ao-libre / ao-cliente Visual Basic Client for Argentum Online v0.13.11.1 * 20/08/2019: Fix - Error al apretar muchas veces el boton "Conectar" o "Crear Personaje", te cerraba la conexion. * 20/08/2019: Fix - Al crear un personaje, te cierra el cliente.
igoynawamreh blogger-starter / bloggerable CSS A starter theme for Blogger with superpowers. f4e462a T
0x4754 0x4754 / Everwing-Hacks-Reloaded-Extension no-lang Hacks extension for the everwing game [reloaded] v2.2.5 ┐(─_─)┌
amg0 amg0 / ALTUI JavaScript Enhancement Interface for VERA home automation system 2526 'update zw device DB', 'display Mode icon for scenes that are restricted to some modes', 'fix option screen for tag name edit and room background changes', 'migrate to jquery 3.4.1'
ForgottenArbiter ForgottenArbiter / spirecomm Python A package for interfacing with Slay the Spire through Communication Mod, plus a simple AI v0.6.0 Changes: * Fixed "for_transform" field in card select screens * Added act boss information from Communication Mod 0.6.0 * Added new power fields from Communication Mod 0.7.0 * Added &q
jjv360 jjv360 / QuickHAB Kotlin A system tray app to quickly send a command to OpenHAB Items. 1.0.0 First release of QuickHAB. **Features:** - List all Items and select which to appear in the menu - Enter OpenHAB server address - Send ON command to selected Items **Broken:** - Saving serve
deRightDirection deRightDirection / BikeTouringGIS C# tool to work with GPX-data which can help by planning a bike/hiking trip 1.2.0
flappygod flappygod / flappyIM_ios Objective-C flappyIM ios sdk 0.2.6 FlappyIM_ios 0.2.6
RaidMax RaidMax / IW4M-Admin C# Administration tool for IW4x, T6M, and most Call of Duty® dedicated servers 2.3-prerelease8r1 **IW4MAdmin** &mdash; 2.3-prerelease8r1
BleachDrinker420 BleachDrinker420 / bleachhack-1.14 Java block game hacks that makes you a cool kid B7.1 Will try to keep bleachhack updated for every snapshot. Better nametags, flight and a lot of fixes. **Might Need To Delete .minecraft/bleach/settings.txt To Avoid Crashes**
dlford dlford / Casper-Dark CSS The default personal blogging theme for Ghost - Modified for Dark Mode 2.10.7-dark.0.0.2 Merge with TryGhost/Casper 2.10.7
clarkalms travel-bug / client JavaScript Front end react app 1.0.0 This release includes most of the app's basic functionality.
KevinAst KevinAst / eatery-nod-w JavaScript A Date Night Restaurant Selector v2.3.0 [GitHub Content]( &bull; [GitHub Release]( &bull; [Diff](
vreaxe vreaxe / travel-expense-manager JavaScript A travel expense manager made with Django, GraphQL, Next.js and Tailwind CSS v0.3.0-alpha ## Features - Added new FAB
Jakiboy floatphp / kernel PHP Framework Kernel Component 1.0.0
bnomei bnomei / kirby3-handlebars PHP Kirby 3 Component, Snippet and Page Method for semantic templates with Handlebars and Mustache v3.0.0
Nxt3 Nxt3 / just1minute Java WearOS watch face inspired by 3TTMM 2.0.1 * Fixed the notification count using the wrong text * Added a leading zero to the orbiting hour
peteroupc peteroupc / CBOR C# A C# implementation of Concise Binary Object Representation (RFC 7049). v4.0.0-beta2 Version 4.0.0-beta2: The features in this version include: The CBOR library no longer stores numbers in a special form beyond the CBOR data model, which represents all "65-bit" sig
efureev efureev / socialite PHP Laravel socialite, customize v0.3.14
gaelfoppolo Backelite / sonar-swift Java Open source Swift plugin for SonarQube (also supports Objective-C) 0.4.5 #### Breaking * None. #### Experimental * None. #### Enhancements - Add SwiftLint 0.31.0 support. [Allan Vialatte]( [#218](
skx skx / deployr Go A simple golang application to automate the deployment of software releases. release-0.8 This release features a couple more minor code-cleanups, as discovered via linting tools. There are zero functional changes.
antoinechalifour antoinechalifour / memento TypeScript Memento is a development-only tool that caches HTTP calls once they have been executed. 1.2.0-beta.0 # [1.2.0-beta.0]( (2019-08-24) ### Features * cache non textual resources ([827435c](
lukscasanova lukscasanova / vtec C++ Standalone C++ libraries from VisioTec Research group v2.0.0 ## Changelog ## * Adding unified FB/IB homography estimation. ## Installation ## 1. Download using one of the links above 2. Extract with either ``` tar -xzvf vtec-2.0.0.tar.gz ``` or
raushel raushel / smt_dashboard no-lang PowerBI dashboard for calculating different power plans against historical SmartMeterTexas consumption/generation v1.0 Initial Release
bobdenotter bobdenotter / bolt-tufte-theme HTML A theme for Bolt, based on Edward Tufte's style/typography 1.0.0
revvv revvv / RetroArchWiiRetrode C RetroArch with Retrode 2 and XBOX360 controller support on Wii 0.4 NOTE: USB mass storage devices are not supported!
netromdk netromdk / vermin Python Concurrently detect the minimum Python versions needed to run code v0.6.1 Thanks to @ngtvspc, it was spotted (#14) that the path detection order wasn't deterministic, i.e. the order would vary on occasion. That got fixed so the results are always the same for each successiv
TGLTClutch TGLTClutch / snappy C++ A fast compressor/decompressor 2.0
duochen duochen / PartsUnlimitedE2E JavaScript Code for the Parts Unlimited - VSE2017 Demo v1.1 Great release!
pacoorozco gphotosuploader / gphotos-uploader-cli Go Command line tool to mass upload media folders to your google photos account(s) (Mac OS / Linux) v0.8.0 ## Changelog 37ddf96 Add TestConfig_ResumableUploadsDBDir test case 7458bcf Clear curUploadURL in case of error 37a7e00 Implement resumable uploads 86198c0 Release v0.8.0 10c25f1 Remove superfluous \
ShakatarYT ShakatarYT / just-js-static JavaScript Just js static for projets and bots 1.02
endjin-github corvus-dotnet / Corvus.Extensions C# Useful C# extension methods and utilities 0.5.0 ## Changes: * 03cc884e0e6a4c0a101bb7526c8ac37bbb4ded1d Refactor build & release to use external, reusable templates. (#23) * 2c9c66e31a1b377788c3ae1863545f4a87b12702 Use standardised pipeline s
Jikoo Jikoo / ChunkSpawnerLimiter Java Simple plugin to enforce spawner limits per chunk. 4.0.0 * Updated to Minecraft 1.14 * Now requires Java 8 Due to the change to Java 8 and privatizing a couple methods, I've bumped the version to 4.0.0.
PoH98 PoH98 / Valkyrie-Crusade-Bot C# Valkyrie Crusade Bot v0.0.3.0 # v0.0.3.0版本更新 * 修复了部分bug * 用户可选Adb截图模式(慢但稳定)或者WinApi截图模式(快但不稳定) * 挂机隐藏或者最小化后自动设置成Adb截图模
XiangRongLin XiangRongLin / HowTheyWrite Kotlin Android App to pratice writing chinese characters v1.1.2 Characters can now be edited.
seht seht / volumenotification Java Android 4.1+ themed notification / quick settings to control audio volume @ Google Play store v1.0.4-beta2 - Added sanitizing to volume controls in storage that should prevent updates from legacy versions from crashing.
kayukin kayukin / arduino-proxy Java Connect to arduino by serial port and pass sensors data to server 0.1.1
conventional-release-bot[bot] mikeyangyo / droneio-flask-test Python a flask project with drone ci v0.0.1 ## v0.0.1 (2019-08-24) ### :bug: Bug Fixes - fix route test 4 to /test4 ( by Mike Yang [0.0.0...v0.
xiangshu233 xiangshu233 / cdn JavaScript 国内加载github的资源比较慢,需要使用CDN加速来优化网站打开速度,于是使用jsDeliver+github搭建免费的cdn。 2.6
robmcguinness glennjones / hapi-swagger JavaScript A Swagger interface for HAPI v10.1.0 ### Feature * #597 add support for additional properties in object schemas when Joi object is created with `unknown(false)` * #605 add `documentationRoutePlugins` option that allows other plugin o
jamesvan2019 Qitmeer / qitmeer-miner Go The miner of Qitmeer v0.0.6 # This is release for qitmeer 0.5 or later ### - Support OS: - Windows10 - mac - Ubuntu ### - Fix features: - fix dependance of qitmeer-lib - fix coinbase struct ### Download link s
yremp yremp / yremp-js JavaScript js of website 1.7
mygithubthrowaway mygithubthrowaway / aurutilsci Shell Use Travis CI for building and packaging aurutils AUR package repository
KSKNico KSKNico / TicTacToe-with-SFML C++ A simple TicTacToe game with configureable dimensions and win conditions. 1.0 First release
dima-f1 dima-f1 / range-array JavaScript Create an array with configurable range and optional callback invocation on each entry v1.1.1 - fix(babel): Fix babel configuration to correctly transpile generator functions daeec2a
danpashin danpashin / VKPlus Objective-C Preferences for VK App 3.0 - 5.6.1 v0.28
diotto AmazMod / AmazMod Java Phone/Watch app that provides a new notification system along with other features for Amazfit Pace/Stratos/Verge watches v1.1.8-217-1904 FIX: fixed some crashes when notification attives New: custom notification sounds (for verge only) (BETA)
lizzus lizzus / homekit-air-quality-sensor C A homekit firmware for air quality sensor. This use a MQ135 sensor for check value. This uses an over the air (OTA) mechanism create by @HomeACcessoryKid 0.0.8
lukscasanova lukscasanova / vtec_ros C++ ROS packages from the VisioTec group v2.0.0 * Adding the unified FB/IB visual tracker.
vookimedlo vookimedlo / antlr-swift-framework Swift ANTLR Swift Runtime - generated from official ANTLR releases. 4.7.2 - based on the [ANTLR 4.7.2][1] [1]:
ForgottenArbiter ForgottenArbiter / CommunicationMod Java Slay the Spire mod that provides a protocol for allowing another process to control the game v0.7.0 Changes: * Added Limbo to the game state, which contains the cards currently being played * Added a number of new fields to specific powers which did not have all of their state captured
fahrirusliyadi fahrirusliyadi / fr-address-book-for-woocommerce PHP Allow customers to save multiple addresses that they frequently use when placing an order. 1.2.0 - Add option to give each addresses a name.
omerakgoz34 omerakgoz34 / youtube-downloader Shell YouTube Content Download Tools v3 * Fix env.
hanneskod byrokrat / autogiro2xml PHP Command line utility for converting autogiro files to XML. 1.0.5
upodroid borg-land / build-image Dockerfile Custom CI Image with gcloud SDK + Hashicorp Tools + Kubectl tf-0.12.7
jhaynie pinpt / integration-sdk Go The Integration SDK and generic data model 0.0.412 Update data model to version 0.0.412
mehrshaddarzi mehrshaddarzi / wp-parsaspace PHP اتصال کتابخانه رسانه های وردپرس به هاست دانلود پارسااسپیس v2.2.0
BFDZ BFDZ / PT-Gen Python 根据豆瓣、IMDb、Bangumi、Steam链接自动生成简介 0.4.9 修复一个小错误
diogobernardino diogobernardino / WilliamChart Kotlin Android Library to rapidly develop attractive and insightful charts in android applications. 3.0.0 WilliamChart v3 has been completely re-written from scratch in Kotlin. It does not guarantee any API/features compatibility with previous versions.
adeschamps soartech / soar-language-server Java Language Server for the Soar Language 0.9.10
robstoll robstoll / niok Kotlin Kotlin idiomatic API for java.nio.file v0.3.1 This should fix issues for jdk9 projects in conjunction with module-info.class which was previously compiled with jdk11 (and jdk9 is not compatible, unfortunately)
ilpersi ilpersi / BHBot Java A bot that automates a game called Bit Heroes v42.2 - Fixed Worldboss tier selection.
dhis2-bot dhis2 / cli JavaScript A unified CLI for DHIS2 development workflows. v2.1.0 # [2.1.0]( (2019-08-24) ### Features * add `cluster list` command ([#118]( ([b3b1e6d](
i-amdroid i-amdroid / sshfs-mount-tool PHP CLI tool for manage and mount SSH connections as file system volumes 2.3.0 Added settings for iTerm.
dennybaa dennybaa / hello-app Go Golang sample hello REST application v0.1.1
dglent dglent / meteo-qt Python System tray application for weather status information v1.3 - Fix crash when the wind direction is not available
saluzi saluzi / electron-updater-example JavaScript A complete example showing how to use `electron-updater` v0.7.2 用于测试的版本
suzuki-shunsuke suzuki-shunsuke / cmdx Go Task runner. It provides useful help messages and supports interactive prompts v0.9.0 ## Changelog bbcecb3 build: update version to v0.9.0
dkarandana WisdomPathLK / Webpack-v4 JavaScript Webpack for ES6 and ES7 Development webpack-dev-server
dcaslin dcaslin / d2-checklist TypeScript Source for, written in Angular and using the Bungie API 8.0.7 Tagging before I commit clan changes... just in case
igdianov introproventures / graphql-jpa-query JavaScript Generate GraphQL Query Api for your JPA Entity Models 0.3.28 # Release Notes ## New Features * feat: support transient field modifier with class hierarchy introspection (#168) [81a6a19](
SergiuToporjinschi SergiuToporjinschi / settingsmanager C++ Saving, reading and changing settings from Json file on SPIFFS 2.0.9 * Delay after writing settings.
laoshanxi laoshanxi / app-manager C++ Application Manager is a daemon application to manage different types of sub-applications(process), each application can be a specific jobs, the app-manager will make sure all defined applications running on-time with defined behavior. provide REST APIs for integrate with outside app, provide command-line to start/stop and register new app easily. Also can be a JWT server. v1.3 1. waitrun now use async run in backend 2. fix TimerHandler deadlock
gsantner gsantner / markor Java Text editor - Notes & ToDo (for Android). Supporting Markdown and todo.txt v2.0.7 v2.0.7
amirchev amirchev / EZPROM C++ EZPROM allows for easy manipulation of EEPROM memory. v1.1.2
jvassev vmware / kube-fluentd-operator Go Auto-configuration of Fluentd daemon-set based on Kubernetes metadata v1.10.0 * Fluentd: Upgrade to 1.5.2 * Fluentd: Use libjemalloc from base image improving multi-platform build (@james-crowley) * Plugins: Add `fluent-plugin-datadog` (@chirauki) * Plugins: Add `fluen
Keiwen Keiwen / workload-macro-planner JavaScript Quick tool comparing resources and tasks workloads 1.0 First version with resources/tasks, multiple project support and PWA support
AliMatias AliMatias / SIAMM C# Simulación Interactiva de Átomos, Moléculas y Materiales v0.6.0 # Incluye - Sugerencias de combinaciones - Rediseño UI (paneles + tooltips) - Distribución de electrones según diagrama de diagonales - Escalamiento de Canvas según resolución de pantalla
mackerelbot mackerelio / go-check-plugins Go Check Plugins for monitoring written in golang staging - Build with Go 1.12 #292
chanan chanan / BlazorPrettyCode C# Blazor Code Component for Documentation Sites v1.0.0-preview8-06 Fixes minor issues with CSS highlighting
rodlukas rodlukas / UP-admin JavaScript ÚPadmin – webová aplikace pro projekt Úspěšný prvňáček 0.13.4 * **[js] zarovnani tlacitka pro rychle pridani lekce** * [ci] pouziti node 10 se semver * aktualizace js deps
bloha bloha / javascript-buffer-builder JavaScript ArrayBuffer builder based on DataView v1.0.0
MRXY001 MRXY001 / WriterFly Lex [Qt/C++] 写作天下,为作家创造世界而生,执云作笔,诉尽平生意。 v1.2 - 新增账户登录与云同步 - 新增尝试定位到大纲 - 新增后面添加章节 - 新增简繁转换 - 新增敏感词消除 - 优化平滑滚动细节,包括光标移动动画 - 默
lovyan03 lovyan03 / LovyanLauncher-firmware no-lang M5Stack firmware for M5Burner v0.1.9
mackerelbot mackerelio / mkr Go Command Line Tool for Mackerel staging - Implement anomaly detection monitor #212 - Bump from 0.59.3 to 0.60.0 #213 - add fakeroot to build dependencies #211 - upgrade builder image and enable go module
rwynn rwynn / route81 Go A bi-directional sync daemon for MongoDB and Kafka v1.1.0 * Upgrade MongoDB driver to 1.0.4 *
BenMorris BenMorris / NetArchTest C# A fluent API for .Net that can enforce architectural rules in unit tests. v1.2.2 You can now distinguish between nested public and nested private classes. BeNestedPublic() and BeNestedPrivate() have been added as predicates and conditions. BeNested() will continue to select nested
rcjackson openradar / PyDDA Jupyter Notebook Pythonic multiple doppler code based off the 3D variational tecnnique v0.4.1 This fixes bugs in the calculation of the weights from the grid mask and also fixes the functionality behind throwing a warning for missing cartopy package.
nicolonsky nicolonsky / IntuneDriveMapping C# intune-drive-mapping-generator 1.0.7175.29447 Added support to: * Upload existing drive-mapping PowerShell scripts to make changes without PowerShell code modifications * Update the client side PowerShell script while keeping your existing conf
BIG-RAT jamf / JamfMigrator Swift A tool to migrate data granularly between Jamf Pro servers current Added the ability to migrate objects (groups, policies, and configuration profiles) to a particular site, either on the source server or another server (issue #15). Re-added button to bring up prefer
jenkins-x-bot jenkins-x / jenkins-x-platform Makefile Helm umbrella repo containing the helm charts for the Jenkins-X platform on Kubernetes v2.0.983
rultor uklimaschewski / EvalEx Java EvalEx is a handy expression evaluator for Java, that allows to evaluate simple mathematical and boolean expressions. 2.3
Ghost-chu Ghost-chu / QuickShop-Reremake Java QuickShop is a shop plugin, that allows players to sell items from a chest with no commands. It allows players to purchase any number of items easily. In fact, this plugin doesn't even have any commands that a player would ever need! Minecraft SunnySide Community continue update this plugin now! v2.3.9.4
mattab matomo-org / matomo PHP Liberating Web Analytics. Star us on Github? +1. Matomo is the leading open alternative to Google Analytics that gives you full control over your data. Matomo lets you easily collect data from websites, apps & the IoT and visualise this data and extract insights. Privacy is built-in. We love Pull Requests! 3.12.0-b2
Manuel-777 Manuel-777 / MTG-Arena-Tool JavaScript An MTG Arena deck and statistics manager v2.9.1
chanan chanan / CSHTMLTokenizer C# CSHTMLTokenizer tokenizes CSHTML into tokens. v0.8.1 Fixes to CSS parsing
jenkins-x-bot jenkins-x-charts / environment-controller Makefile kubernetes controller for environments, handles deployments via gitops webhook events v0.0.232 ## Changes ### Chores * deps: bump from 0.1.671 to 0.1.672
jenkins-x-bot jenkins-x / jx-docs HTML the source code used to build the documentation and website for Jenkins X v0.0.803 ## Changes ### Documentation * fix typo * update link
szymor szymor / hydracastlelabyrinth C A port to Linux (and OpenPandora / DragonBox Pyra / ODroid / PocketCHIP / GameShell / AmigaOS4 / MorphOS) of Hydra Castle Labyrinth (a "metroidvania" kind of game). Status: Working. bittboy-r1 Bittboy port of HCL.
Dejauxvue Dejauxvue / AnnoCalculatorServer C++ Utility for Anno1800Calculator to automatically read poplutation numbers using image recognition v1.1.3
Jakiboy floatphp / Exceptions PHP Exceptions Component 1.0.0
gdebrauwer gdebrauwer / laravel-hateoas PHP Expose the authorization logic of your REST API using HATEOAS links 1.1.0 # 1.1.0 - Customize formatting of links using callback ([#10]( - Customize HATEOAS class discovery using callback ([#8](
adriancable chrisjshull / homebridge-nest JavaScript Nest plugin for HomeBridge v3.4.1 (1) Removed Google API key from source. (2) Improvements to error handling.
Jakiboy floatphp / Interfaces PHP Interfaces Components 1.0.0
jwortmann jwortmann / brackets-color-scheme no-lang Color scheme for Sublime Text inspired by Adobe Brackets v2.3.0 * Adjusted the `line_highlight` color for the active line background (only used if `highlight_line` is set to `true` in your preferences) to have 50% opacity. This means that the color will blend agai
gmmcal gmmcal / CSS My personal website code, playground and learning lab v2.11.1 ### Changed - Configuration to force `https` in production
KABBOUCHI KABBOUCHI / vue-tippy JavaScript VueJS Tooltip powered by Tippy.js 4.0.3 fixes #101
sergeykolbasov haskell-linnet / linnet Haskell Lightweight Haskell library to build HTTP API - Add linnet-aeson package - Relax pvp-bounds to have only lower bounds on dependencies
khalwat nystudio107 / craft-templatecomments PHP Adds a HTML comment with performance timings to demarcate `{% block %}`s and each Twig template that is included or extended. 1.1.1 ### Changed * Don't install event listeners for AJAX requests
mishaelnuh speckleworks / SpeckleManager Vue Manages installations and accounts v1.1.4 Changelog: - Add accounts control - Notify users with native notification system on outdated components - Add system tray icon - UI improvements
mi2428 SINDAN / sindan-docker Shell Ready-to-run Docker images containing server-side @SINDAN suite v1.3.0 # Changelog ## 1.3.0 (2019-08-24) ### Update - This version of sindan/fluentd and sindan/visualization can be deployed on kubernetes **with Helm** ## 1.2.0 (2019-08-15) ### Update - Add argume
Aureate-Sunshine Aureate-Sunshine / TidyMark CSS MarkEditor using monaco-editor and electron 1.0
b-mueller b-mueller / sabre JavaScript Experimental client for MythX, the premier smart contract security analysis service v0.8.1 - Fixed tests - Added axios (npm, GitHub) as dependency to "promisify" compiler.loadSolcVersion() properly. - Refactored lib/client.js as we now need different data, depending on API inter
hudaokeji skylarknode / skynode-fs JavaScript A powerful web file system library made with nodejs 20190101
mogoson mogoson / MGS-Camera C# Unity plugin for control camera in scene. 1.0.0 # Release For Optimize # Modify - Compile scripts to Dll.
simeneilevstjonn simeneilevstjonn / FerieCountdown JavaScript Countdown to school holidays in Sandnes, Norway v1.4-beta1 Major UI improvements - Using bootstrap form css - Change all radio buttons for select - Much bigger type select - Using rounded corners for buttons - Using Bootstrap list-group for saved Countdo
panva panva / node-openid-client JavaScript OpenID Certified™ Relying Party (RP, Client) implementation for Node.js. Wide feature coverage including optional specifications and passport strategy is included. v3.6.0 ### Features * add RFC8628 - OAuth 2.0 Device Authorization Grant (Device Flow) support ([adb4b76]( * allow multiple resource parameters
ruibaby halo-dev / halo-comment Vue 💬 Comment component for Halo only. v1.0.7 # Enhanced 1. 优化整体样式
AnandChowdhary AnandChowdhary / analytics-icons TypeScript 📈 Icons for browsers, OSes, devices, flags, and more 5.4.0
Subtixx Subtixx / source-rcon-library C# A source RCON ( server library v1.3.1 Fixed "Not listening." Error from Unit Tests Fixed ObjectDisposedException Merge pull request #2 from TWaalen/fix-unit-tests
hectorm hectorm / hblock Shell Improve your security and privacy by blocking ads, tracking and malware domains. v2.1.0
Darkness4 Darkness4 / minitel-app Dart Application de Minitel 0.5.1 # Public Beta Release :tada: ## Changelog ### Portail - Portail: Work in Progress, waiting for WebView to be able to set cookies - Portail: Cookies are now using "Cookie" object f
orandin konnectors / fortuneo JavaScript Imports your Fortuneo bank accounts and transactions into your cozy cloud 1.2.1 # Changelog ### Bug Fixes - **Fix**: Document doesn't have a registered cozy client ( ### Features - U
DenysVuika DenysVuika / preact-translate TypeScript Minimalistic translate (i18n) library for Preact v.0.1.1 Initial release
kalesh13 kalesh13 / z-auth PHP Simple authentication library for Laravel v1.0 Zauth is a Laravel authentication package created for simple token based authentication on both web and api routes. Necessary migrations, middlewares and commands are packaged in the ZauthServicePr
ekingery ekingery / cli Go A Go based command line tool for v3.0.16 ## Changelog 712ceda removed homebrew from goreleaser config, bumped rev again The changelog is auto-generated, and can be edited manually before the release draft if published.
ytconvertermp3 ytconvertermp3 / updates-windows no-lang Update's youtube-muziek-downloaden v1.0.7 * Fixed error
speed-sonic constanze-standard / router PHP The constanze standard php router. 1.0.0 collector, dispatcher, code coverage 100%.
dipu-bd dipu-bd / lightnovel-crawler Python Downloads lightnovels from various online sources and generates ebooks in many formats. v2.14.0 - [display] Add linux bundle link on `new_version_news` - Fix jinja2 template loader path (cover image generator) - Add source: - [console bot] Add a back button in nov
alchaplinsky swiftyapp / swifty JavaScript Modern, Lightweight, Fast and Free Password Manager v0.2.0-beta.2 - Move non-renderer logic to preload - Misc fixes for Windows and Linux
jstaerk ZUGFeRD / mustangproject Java Open Source Java ZUGFeRD library v1.7.4 This version should * Work with Java 11 (#132) and * encodes XML entities in ZF2 (#102) correctly. Additionally * addAddtionaldata was corrected to addAdditionalFile * zugferdimporte
bojand malijs / jwt JavaScript Mali JWT authentication middleware v0.3.0 - Update dependencies ec472a9 - Merge pull request #16 from admons/patch-1 4615448 - [skip ci] fix typo 1bb13dc - [skip ci] fix readme link 8f0003d
jenkins-x-bot jenkins-x / jenkins-x-builders-ml Dockerfile Machine learning builders for Jenkins X v0.1.630 ## Changes ### Chores * deps: bump from 2.0.626 to 2.0.628 * deps: bump from 2.0.626 to 2.0.627
chhylp123 chhylp123 / BitMapperBS C BitMapperBS: a fast and accurate read aligner for whole-genome bisulfite sequencing v1.0.2.1 1. Add support of BitMapperBS to output MAPQ like Bowtie2. 2. Recalculate alignment with large or complex gaps. 3. For the '--mapstats' option, the output file name can be defined by users. 4. Add
jakes2255 jakes2255 / PyFunctions Python Use of Functions in Python: Python 3 version v1.0
eliasdaler eliasdaler / imgui-sfml C++ ImGui binding for use with SFML v2.1 * Can now use ImGui-SFML without sf::RenderTarget * Add Conanfile for packaging (thanks, @barsoosayque) * Fix clipboard for unicode strings (thanks, @Lomadriel) * Add horizonal wheel support (thank
SowingFiber SowingFiber / GeckoENgineExample Java Uses the 'GeckoView' and 'GeckoEngine' to display a web page using Mozilla Android Components 1.00 First pre-release of the android app. The app uses Mozilla Android Components - GeckoView - GeckoEngine #### App does not employ a toolbar to enter URI > This Source Code Form
Jikoo Jikoo / EnchantableBlocks Java A Bukkit plugin adding effects for enchantments on blocks. 2.0.4 * Cache recipes to greatly reduce server load Known issues: * Silk touch does not work properly * Due to a Spigot bug, you must shift-click the block to enchant into the enchanting table last. Yo
TaohongMaxwell TaohongMaxwell / Digital-Signal-Processing MATLAB A computer method by MATLAB Experience7 Raw Experience 7
github-actions[bot] swinton / bearflow Shell An Alfred workflow for working with Bear v0.0.3
nalbam opspresso / jx Shell Docker Image - jenkins-x/jx v2.0.628
FaultLessDroid DroidsOnRoids / FoQA Kotlin Container for Quality Assurance utilities to be included in QA/testing variants of Android apps. v0.1.4 <sup><sup>*Release notes were automatically generated by [Shipkit](*</sup></sup> #### 0.1.4 - 2019-08-24 - [3 commits](
lovasoa lovasoa / dezoomify-rs Rust Zoomable image downloader for Google Arts & Culture, Zoomify, IIIF, and others v1.5.1
Jaid Jaid / github-release-writer JavaScript Generates and inserts changelogs into GitHub releases for Node packages. v0.2.1 ### Changelog <table> <tr> <th>Type</th> <th>Note</th> </tr> <tr> <td> :gift: Feature </td> <td>Added more logging</td&
bojand malijs / mali JavaScript A minimalistic gRPC microservice framework for Node.js v0.18.0 - Update dependencies f19c30e - Merge pull request #120 from EduardoRFS/proto-loader c0ad82d - Merge pull request #121 from malijs/dependabot/npm_and_yarn/ava-2.3.0 b4eef49 - Bump ava from 2.2.0
Naktibalda Codeception / Verify PHP BDD Assertions for PHPUnit and Codeception 1.2.0 * equalsCanonicalizing * notEqualsCanonicalizing * equalsIgnoringCase * notEqualsIgnoringCase * equalsWithDelta * notEqualsWithDelta
balrogsxt balrogsxt / XtPlayer JavaScript 支持弹幕、字幕的HTML5 播放器(dev) 1.2.1 参考文档: Js引用: Css引用:
john-deng hidevopsio / hiboot Go hiboot is a high performance web and cli application framework with dependency injection support v1.2.1 # Release notes * Refactored annotation, all annotation now inherit from at.Annotation e.g. at.RestController inherit from at.Annotation ```go // RestController is the annotation that declar
yinLiangDream yinLiangDream / mp-colorui CSS MP-COLORUI 是基于 Taro框架的组件库,文档请看这里→ 0.4.1 FEATURE ICON 组件支持第三方组件库
chemickypes chemickypes / BPCollage Kotlin App to make very Ugly Pic Collage 0.7 Eraser Functionality
ericbsd ghostbsd / ghostbsd-installed-common-settings JavaScript Common settings for all ghostbsd flavours 4.6
SenHeng thelegendofcode / ThemeOfTheAncients HTML 🧚‍♀️🗿 Theme of the Ancients is a Hugo theme for Legend of Code v0.0.1 # Scaffolding Contains contents for the following blog post, [Creating a Hugo theme from scratch, part 1]. The new theme is newly scaffolded and `hugo server` will create start and load a blank
FANminiworld FANminiworld / FANQIANGSSRWEB no-lang 翻墙网站集锦(科学上网)(ssr)(v2ray)(ss)(谷歌)(YOUTUBE)(奈飞)(Netflix)(原生ip)(专线)(iplc)(内网中转) 0.0 gittab或gitee下载地址
antkaz antkaz / yii2-ajax JavaScript Yii2 Ajax Modal Extension v2 Updated bootstrap to version 4
kmc7468 kmc7468 / talkheui C 새로운 아희 인터프리터 1.1.0 여러분들께 더 강력해진 톡희를 소개합니다. 이번 버전에서는 첫 버전에서 발견된 버그를 수정하고 더 강력한 아희 인터프리팅을 위한 기능들을 추가
Lightningcash-dev Lightningcash-dev / lightningcash-gold C++ What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Friedrich Nietzsche v5.0.0 This is a mandatory wallet upgrade. There will be a hard fork at block #617777. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Changes after the fork : - Th
BamLubi BamLubi / NjtechBus JavaScript My first self - developed WeChat applet. v1.0.2.alpha 引入vant组件; 优化班车逻辑;
bendemboski adopted-ember-addons / ember-electron JavaScript :zap: Build, test, compile and package desktop apps with Ember and Electron v2.10.1 ## [2.10.1]( (2019-08-24) ### Bug Fixes * apply included function with arguments instead of app ([07d5989](https

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