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nexus-ci WFCD / warframe-items Lua 📘 Get all Warframe items directly from Warframe's API. No more messy wikia scraping. v1.57.0 # [1.57.0]( (2018-09-26) ### Features * **items:** Add new items for September 26 2018. ([d0a6637](
HyperiumDeploy HyperiumClient / Hyperium Java Hyperium, Free Minecraft client with HUDs and Popular mods 1890
MenoData MenoData / Time4A Java Advanced Date and Time Library for Android v3.44.4-2018e See
Yuzeyang youzan / YouzanMobileSDK-iOS Objective-C 有赞云AppSDK是为移动端应用打造的电商交易系统,通过一个SDK便可以在APP内集成有赞提供的整个交易服务。 6.4.3 * bug fix 与性能优化 [下载Zip包](
lotime lotimeCode / demo Java lotime 1.0.0 just for test
clobber OpenEmu / Mupen64Plus-Core C OpenEmu Core plugin with Mupen64Plus to support N64 emulation v2.5.6
lunny go-xorm / cmd Go Command line tools for database operation written by Go v1.0
tryashtar tryashtar / image-map C# Converts image to maps for Minecraft Java and Bedrock. v1.7 # [Click here to download]( Unzip and run the executable. You'll need to keep `leveldb.dll` in the same folder if you w
nnadeau nnadeau / cv HTML Personal CV 20180926025527
githubze githubze / SKIntroductoryPagesHelper Objective-C 引导页封装 1.0.4 更新
gitenjar GITenberg / u-Progress-and-Poverty-Volume-I-of-2nAn-Inquiry-into-the-Cause-of-Industrial-Depressions-andn__55308 HTML Progress and Poverty, Volumea I and 2 An Inquiry into the Cause of Industrial Depressions and of Increase of Want with Increase of Wealth by Henry George is a Project Gutenberg book, now on Github. 0.1.3
ChoGGi ChoGGi / CuteButtons JavaScript Adds icons to buttons and/or menus (Firefox, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, Palemoon). v0.5.7 v0.5.7 (September 25, 2018) Added icons to Piigeon Broken list items in Thunderbird v52-4
circleci-deploy-bot CircleCI-Public / circleci-cli Go Use CircleCI from the command line. v0.1.2593 ## Changelog 70db755 Merge pull request #133 from CircleCI-Public/brew-deploy 338a0c3 Perform a homebrew deploy in 10 minutes
jjr675226856 jjr675226856 / BasicLibrary Java Android基础依赖 v3.0.0
xcheng1986 xcheng1986 / lbyCore PHP lby core v4.0.2 v4.0.2
elbakly baklysystems / Laravel-Countries-Cities PHP A Laravel package for using world's popular countries and cities. 0.2.2
mnhkahn mnhkahn / gogogo Go godoc v1.0.5
boceto1 boceto1 / Pagina-Boostrap4 HTML Proyecto para aprender conceptos de Boostrap 4 v0.1.0 #Información Hasta esta parte tenemos el estudio de las diferentes 13 reglas de Boostrap 4 1. Estructura de Columnas: Container --> Row --> Fila 1. Reglas de manejo columnas 1. Una fila
goweii goweii / RevealLayout Java 揭示效果布局,可以指定2个子布局,以圆形揭示效果切换选中状态 v1.0.1
parkjunhong parkjunhong / open-commons-core Java Open Commons Core 1.5.0
vsciotci Microsoft / vscode-iot-workbench TypeScript Azure IoT Workbench for Visual Studio Code v0.1.11-rc
jerralph jerralph / riscv-vip SystemVerilog For pre-silicon developers of RISC-V systems, riscv-vip is a SystemVerilog project that helps with pre-si verification and debug v0.2.0 Integrated register file monitoring and rs1/2 value association with instructions. Documentation updated accordingly and recommending that the instruction is tapped upon commit.
zhaojunlike zhaojunlike / weapp_wechat_miniapp_sdk PHP 一个封装了微信小程序服务端接口的SDK,进行了改版和重新维护 1.5
shxhzhxx shxhzhxx / AndroidSDK Java Basic develop tools for personal use. 1.3.9 AndroidSDK v1.3.9
backsapce node-honeycomb / honeycomb-server JavaScript the micro-app container server v1.0.9_4 release v1.0.9_4
meetrp meetrp / generic Shell All practice codes, algorithms and few miscellaneous attempts :) v1.0.0 ### configuration - support for eclipse KnR formatter - vim configuration with useful statusline, colors & smart-tab - emacs configuration (similar to vimrc) - bash configuration with useful p
inokappa inokappa / ec2ctrl Go Amazon EC2 の一覧を取得したり, 起動したり, 停止するコマンドラインツールでごわす v
odow odow / SDDP.jl Julia Stochastic Dual Dynamic Programming in Julia v0.0.2
sdeleuze spring-projects / spring-fu Kotlin Spring Fu is an incubator for new Spring features about Kotlin and functional bean registration. It introduces Kofu configuration for configuring Spring Boot in a functional way, Coroutines support, GraalVM native images support and various other features. v0.0.1 First release of Spring Fu with Kofu configuration (scope limited to WebFlux and MongoDB), draft Coroutines support for WebFlux functional APIs and MongoDB.
sr229 Sayo-nika / koizumi Ren'Py TBD - A Single Act, Open-Ended Mod with Sayonika! b1p Welcome! This is the first public demo for Doki Doki: Endless Adventures - the first crowdsourced, Open Source modification for Doki Doki Literature Club! While this is a public demo, this isn't
ibarraespinosa atmoschem / vein R R package to estimate bottom-up Vehicular Emissions INventories VEIN. V0.5.0
guangie88 guangie88 / rs-cider no-lang Dockerfile to build Rust + Cargo with useful formatting, linting and coverage tools in stable, beta and nightly v0.1.0
shang1219178163 shang1219178163 / EveryThing no-lang BIN公有库 1.1.0 EveryThing第2个正式版本,为了高效,快速而生.
maxxcrawford maxxcrawford / website CSS Maxx Crawford's Website wip-2017 WIP Point of No Return Before Temp Publishing
huichen2017 phpextend / chinaarea PHP 中国区域管理 v1.01 这个是版本1.01
Gofake1 Gofake1 / Nightlight Swift Browse the internet more comfortably at night v1.0.2 * Darken page before it finishes loading * (Fix) Embedded frames were not being darkened in v1.0.1
bitnami-bot bitnami / oraclelinux-runtimes Shell Dockerfiles for the base images used for Bitnami runtimes production images (Oracle Linux based) 7-r89 Update oraclelinux-runtimes base image
harshakokel starling-lab / HTML Development repository for the STARLinG Lab's webpage. Built wtih Jekyll, jQuery, and the minimal-mistakes Jekyll theme. v1.0.27
zhaojh329 zhaojh329 / libuwsc C A Lightweight and fully asynchronous WebSocket client library based on libev(一个轻量的全异步的基于libev的WebSocket客户端C库) v3.0.4 0512077 sha1: error on big endian platform
luozhaohui mvs-org / metaverse C++ The metaverse blockchain service and command-line tools in C++ 14 implementation v0.8.4 ## Tech&Bugfix Fix bugs or implement following issues: [311](, [322]( ## Download Wallet [Downl
hellt nuagenetworks / nuxctl Go NuageX CLI tool v0.3.1 `nuxctl 0.3.1`, see changelog at []( documentation portal
hdhmail2000 eostoken / wallet_service Java eostoken后台代码 1.0.5 #### 1、 OCT活动 #64 ; #### 2、相关job有空指针报错 #53 ; #### 3、节点仲裁中,出现节点不可用时,job报错 #54 ; #### 4、ET交易所增加开关配置 #56 ; ####
shxhzhxx shxhzhxx / ImageLoader Java Library for loading, caching and displaying images on Android. 1.1.0 ImageLoader v1.1.0
vvbv juanfoe / vagrant_project HTML PCGE: Tarea-1Vagrantfile-2WebServers 1.0.0
hughcube hughcube / cn-number PHP 大写数字 1.0
lincf0912 lincf0912 / LFMediaEditingController Objective-C Media Editor (图片编辑、视频编辑) 1.2.4
notkriswagner snowflakedb / libsnowflakeclient C Snowflake Connector for C/C++ v0.2.2 * Introduced a native timestamp type (SF_TIMESTAMP struct) so that a user can accurately use and manipulate Snowflake timestamps in the C API. See `include/snowflake/client.h` for SF_TIMESTAMP definit
rubikzube Constructor-io / constructorio-java Java A Java REST client for the API v4.5.0
mikedh mikedh / trimesh Python Python library for loading and using triangular meshes. 2.33.41
swar swar / nba_api Python An API Client package to access the APIs for v1.0.4 Release so I can update descriptions on PyPi
koliva8245 koliva8245 / HeroesMatchTracker C# Heroes of the Storm match tracker for personal statistics v2.10.2 ## Other - Added Year 2018 Season 4 ## Builds - Added 68509 and 68740
LegitSoulja LegitSoulja / CRequest C# Ultimate C# Request Library 1.0.0
spartucus OracleChain / EOSDevHelper C++ A desktop EOS wallet for developer. v1.3.0 * Fix table scope, not just account.
lincf0912 lincf0912 / LFImagePickerController Objective-C 一个支持多选图片和视频的图片选择器,同时有预览、编辑功能
opengappsbuildbot opengapps / x86 no-lang x86 sources and releases for opengapps 20180926 Automatically generated builds of 26 September 2018 These builds are provided by The Open GApps Project and are provided under the terms that they can be freely used for personal use only, and are not
RobRich999 RobRich999 / Chromium_Clang no-lang Chromium browser compiled with the Clang/LLVM compiler. v71.0.3562.0-r594123-win64 Chromium build and version details: Chromium 71.0.3562.0 (Official Build) (Windows 32-bit) - No Sync | WebRTC Enabled | No Widevine Revision 80f609f4454e27de263b644df98467100a80125c-refs/heads/mas
xCss xCss / Valine JavaScript A fast, simple & powerful comment system. v1.3.3 - `F` 修复可以自定义`CSS` 的Bug
tmt242001 tmt242001 / Plugin.LocalNotification C# The local notification plugin provides a way to show local notifications from Xamarin.Forms apps . v1.0.0 First Release.
MatthewGerber predictive-technology-laboratory / sensus C# A Cross-Platform System for Mobile Sensing Sensus-v1537928548 Release of Sensus version v1537928548.
watachan7 watachan7 / Ruby_LSP_GDY Ruby We are raising the source of the action game made with DXRuby. v1.0.1 exeのまま配布するのはナンセンスでした… Zip形式にしました。
b5 qri-io / frontend JavaScript qri electron & web frontend v0.4.0
calebcordry ampproject / amphtml JavaScript AMP HTML source code, samples, and documentation. See below for more info. 1809251804390 ## Version: 1809251804390 - Update amp-story french translations. (#18296) - :book: Fix typo for overlayed to overlaid (#18086) (#18305) - SSR template rendering #3 - re-format requests (#1
dmitry-fedyuk mage2pro / tbc-bank PHP TBC Bank integration with Magento 2 0.0.2
High-Fox High-Fox / Logan-Bot JavaScript Hamtaro Bot © HighFox 0.1.0
Loryhoof PeepoGames / Game2D C# Unity Projects, Games, Assets 0.02 des yes
damonge LSSTDESC / NaMaster C A unified pseudo-Cl framework v0.9 This release contains the code after the validation procedure that led to the article submitted to the arXiv. A v1.0 version will be released after the paper has been accepted by the journal.
BugSir BugSir / PermissionsUtil Java 简易权限申请封装 v1.0.0
brendonj wanduow / libwandevent C C API for writing event driven programs. v3.0.2-2 This release only modifies the packaging scripts, there are no changes to the libraries. ### Changes * Force using older gzip compression when building packages. * Run as part of t
roastduck oscourse-tsinghua / OS2018spring-projects-g05 VHDL v2.0-nscscc Dual-core version working on NSCSCC platform.
DenialAdams DenialAdams / ripclip Rust Simple windows clipboard replacement 0.4.0 Added option to reload the configuration, and a unique tray icon (thanks @CickDotBrodes)
JessYanCoding JessYanCoding / MVPArms-Module-Template FreeMarker 一键搭建 MVPArms 的官方架构, 让新手一秒即可开启 MVPArms 的世界, 免于项目繁琐配置的烦恼 AS-3.1.4
JessYanCoding JessYanCoding / ArmsComponent-Template FreeMarker 一键搭建 ArmsComponent 快速组件化方案的整体组件架构, 让新手也可以一秒开始组件化项目, 开发神器, 让您一秒起飞, 体验纯傻瓜式的组件化开发, 避免组件化从入门到放弃! AS-3.1.4
tlmiller tlmiller / disttrust Go certificate distribution bot v0.3.1 ## Changelog 79b2c18 Fix for wrong order in ca bundle
JessYanCoding JessYanCoding / MVPArmsTemplate FreeMarker A template for Android Studio to create MVPArms and MVPArt Page AS-3.1.4
arackaf arackaf / mongo-graphql-starter JavaScript Turns MongoDB metadata into GraphQL schemas and resolvers, with queries and mutations. Includes a robust middleware system. This project will create a good starting point that's fully extensible. 0.7.3 Fix some bugs around relationships with non-_id keyFields
benkutil benkutil / no-lang Bringing back a personal website, maybe. v4.2.0 Content updates that remove references to looking for a job or old things I no longer do.
hitobb BitzenyCoreDevelopers / bitzeny C++ [z2.0.x] BitZeny Core integration/staging tree created by the New Dev team z2.0.2 ## Info - It takes a lot of time to start up for the first time. This is to regenerate the cache of the hash value of the block header. Thank you for your understanding. - If you have used ```
ay-lab ay-lab / FitHiChIP R Statistically Significant loops from HiChIP data 5.1 This release corresponds to the BiorXiv version, with the following upgrades: 1) Creation of a summary .html file in the specified output directory. This summary file lists all the important outpu
stuartcampbell NSLS-II / bluesky Python a data collection interface v1.4.1 This release fixes a single regression introduced in v1.4.0. We recommend all users upgrade. ## Bug Fixes Fix a critical typo that made LiveGrid unusable.
bericp1 Carimus / pmpro-default-level PHP A WordPress plugin for setting the default PMPro membership level for new posts of any post type. v0.5 - Updated project license.
AWarmHug AWarmHug / androidWheelView Java 仿照iOS的滚轮控件,从请吃饭apk反编译出来的 1.0.0 在原项目基础上修改了字体
rapidbuildui rapid-build-ui / rb-icon JavaScript Rapid Build UI · Web Component <rb-icon> v0.0.9 ### Bug Fixes * **api options:** kind and source when dynamically setting ([0833d9e]( ### Features * **new api option:** vertical, for ver
acamilo oshwabadge2018 / ohs2018-badge-firmware C Firmware for the Open Hardware Summit 2018 badge 0.3.0
wenchaosong wenchaosong / Banner Java 轮播图控件,支持自定义布局,支持两端缩进,类似卡片,支持无限循环和多种主题,可以灵活设置轮播样式、动画、轮播和切换时间、位置、图片加载框架等! 2.2.0 优化 recyclerview 复用导致的 viewpager 动画效果消失
jhunt genesis-community / blacksmith-genesis-kit Shell A Genesis Kit for the Blacksmith On-Demand Service Broker v0.3.0 # Software Updates - Update to Blacksmith [v0.4.0][bs] (BOSH release [v1.0.0][bosh]) [bs]: [bosh]:
gtaban ibm-cloud-security / appid-serversdk-nodejs JavaScript Node.js SDK for the IBM Cloud App ID service 4.1.1
adambullmer adambullmer / sublime_docblockr_python Python Sublime Text DocBlockr for python. Simplifies writing docstring comments in Python. 1.6.1
toby1991 toby1991 / laravel-release Shell help people who's behind the wall to use laravel. 帮助没有网络自由的人使用Laravel 2018-09-26-10-00-01
nobody3u nobody3u / V2RayGCon C# V2ray-core GUI for windows. 适用于windows的v2ray-core图形界面。(.net 4.0) v1.0.30 []( 服务器信息框添加[分流国内]选项 (利用v2ray-core的geoip.date简单分流国内、外流量)
xtaci xtaci / kcp-go Go A Production-Grade Reliable-UDP Library for golang v4.3
jujube-framework jujube-framework / jujube-core Java Jujude核心,包含工具类和一些基础组件 v1.1
ram231 ram231 / Parola Dart Event Based attendance using Beacon Technology 0.8.0 Ready for testing. Will add few tweaks if there are any feedbacks
jujube-framework jujube-framework / jujube-jdbc Java 一款简洁的ORM框架,更接近原生SQL思维,融合了Mybatis、JPA的思维模型,简化了持久层的开发。 v1.2
opengappsbuildbot opengapps / arm64 no-lang arm64 sources and releases for opengapps 20180926 Automatically generated builds of 26 September 2018 These builds are provided by The Open GApps Project and are provided under the terms that they can be freely used for personal use only, and are not
handsome-feng ukui / ukui-greeter C++ The greeter for UKUI. v1.1.5
gitbergUpdates GITenberg / A-Valiant-Ignorance-vol-3-of-3-A-Novel-in-Three-Volumes_55550 HTML A Valiant Ignorance; vol. 3 of 3 A Novel in Three Volumes by Mary Angela Dickens is a Project Gutenberg book, now on Github. 0.1.1
mdhaman superdesk / superdesk-aap Python Superdesk AAP v1.25.4-RC2 # Superdesk Change log - Continue applying destination on StopDuplication error - Fetch AAP multimedia items by directly dragging the media items into feature media section. - (fix): Limiting broad
jspenguin2017 NanoAdblocker / NanoCore JavaScript An adblocker v1.0.0.69 - Pulled dependency updates
markstory markstory / rust-statsd Rust Statsd client implemented in Rust 0.12.0 * Allow `FnOnce` or `Fn` into `client.timer()`
RobLoach libretro / libretro-chailove C++ :video_game: 2D Game Framework with ChaiScript 0.27.0 ### Features - Live updating of core options - Mounts `/libretro/core` as the directory where the core was loaded from - Adds `love.filesystem.getSaveDirectory()` - Adds `love.filesystem.newFileDa
HansKindberg RegionOrebroLan / EPiServer-Initialization C# Custom EPiServer-initialization. v0.0.0-alpha Initial release.
pfifer awslabs / amazon-kinesis-client Java Client library for Amazon Kinesis v2.0.3-experimental-6 ### Experimental Release 2.0.3-experimental-6 * Upgraded to AWS SDK 2.0.4
AVVS microfleet / core JavaScript Microservice abstract class v10.11.0 # [10.11.0]( (2018-09-26) ### Features * update deps ([#285]( ([4a1cfe9](https://github
romjacket romjacket / skeletonKey AutoHotkey unified interface for ROMs, emulators and frontends. portable portable
rapidbuildui rapid-build-ui / form-control JavaScript Rapid Build UI · Web Components · Form Controls Mixin v0.0.3 ### Bug Fixes * **focus:** fix to focus first invalid element on form submit ([71882d5]( ### Dependencies * **bump:** dep rb-base v0.
electron-bot electron / i18n JavaScript 🌍 The home of Electron's translated documentation v1.481.0 # [1.481.0]( (2018-09-26) ### Features * update source content ([1dd1bea](
jspenguin2017 NanoAdblocker / NanoCore2 JavaScript Restarting fresh v1.0.0.69 Release notes and prebuilt packages can be found here:
dvfeinblum dvfeinblum / lexicount Python Calculates unique word counts v0.0.1 This is the starting point. And I'm a sucker for versioning.
alexandred alexandred / VoodooI2C C++ Intel I2C controller and slave device drivers for macOS v2.1.2 Since the last release there have been 14 commit(s). The descriptions for the first (at most) 10 of these are as follows - bump version to v2.1.2 - update VoodooI2CHID - update VoodooI2CFTE -
bblia bblia / DeepLinkDispatch Java A simple, annotation-based library for making deep link handling better on Android v3.2.0 3.2.0 test
kigkrazy kigkrazy / asf Java 一个安卓项目初始化框架 1.8.4 1. 调整框架接口 2. 修改log接口
joshbruce markedjs / marked JavaScript A markdown parser and compiler. Built for speed. v0.5.1 ## Security - Fix inline code regex and prevent REDOS #1337 - Use `@markedjs/html-differ` to prevent REDOS #1331 ## Bug Fixes - Fix typographic substitution in (pre|code|kbd|script) blocks
CarlosFdez gatheringhallstudios / MHWorldData Python Generate a SQLite file from MHW data V17
sinothk sinothk / CommUnit Java BaseUnit包含: 屏幕适配,工具类,常用图标,常用颜色,常用自定义按钮背景等 2.3.0926 CommUnit 2.3.0926
bencase bencase / revis TypeScript an alternate redis client v1.1
rapidbuildui rapid-build-ui / rb-base JavaScript Rapid Build UI · Base Class for all RB Web Components v0.0.4 ### Dependencies * **bump:** dep lit-html v0.11.4 ([609e299](
lwthatcher lwthatcher / stickers TypeScript The practical interface for interactive temporal data annotation used for my Thesis proposal. v2.2.0 # Stickers Release `2.2.0` This minor release introduces the **new feature** of being able to _rename label-streams_. This feature can be accessed through the drop-down menu in the label-streams too
hcray hcray / blog HTML this is my blog, see 0.0.1 Releases 0.0.1
justincely DecipherNow / releaser Go CLI tool written in GO to implement the Decipher release process 0.0.0
Temikus fog / fog-google Ruby Fog for Google Cloud Platform v1.8.0 ### User-facing #### Added - \#418 Reintroduce client options for proxy support, etc. [AlexanderZagaynov] #### Fixed - \#419 Locked down fog upstream dependencies to alleviate deprecation wa
kevindice cnap-cobre / synapse CSS Synapse is an open science gateway for research in the Psychological Sciences, funded by NIH grant P20 GM113109 for the Cognitive and Neurobiological Approaches to Plasticity Center at Kansas State University. 0.2.0 * (feat) Add 'New Folder' button - Closes #37 (2ab45fa) * Darken selected files on hover (6ba76eb) * Finish adapting file CRUD actions to new path format (2c0e93d) * Fix token renewal logic and remove
patternfly-build patternfly / patternfly-next HTML Working repo for PatternFly 4 v1.0.47 ## [1.0.47]( (2018-09-26) ### Bug Fixes * **gulp:** modify assets directory for distribution ([#763](
brettmc brettmc / capablue-stomp PHP resurrected deleted capablue/stomp repo v0.3.1 This release represents the last tagged version of the now-gone `capablue/stomp` fork of `react/stomp`.
jwagenaar Blackfynn / blackfynn-matlab Matlab MATLAB client for the Blackfynn Platform 0.0.2 - Adding functionality to create records - Added functionality to iteratively get records
kigkrazy kigkrazy / andrutil Java an android common utils 1.8.4 更新依赖
torleif otago / moodle PHP Moodle integration with SilverStripe v4.0.1
Haozi0456 Haozi0456 / mvp Java Android mvp简单架构 0.5 修改基类名称
kevcunnane Microsoft / sqltoolsservice C# SQL Tools API service that provides SQL Server data management capabilities. v1.5.0-alpha.36
Jerut Jerut / h2S R This app demonstrates how different parameters affect gain from selection. The application can be run via the web at: v1.0.0 This is the first version of a simple application to 1) show how different factors affect gain from selection per cycle and per unit time and 2) illustrate the outcome of population improvement for di
calvinjgs calvinjgs / rank-up Java Army list builder for the tabletop war game Kings of War v0.1 This is the initial release, but it is not quite "complete". With this release, packages can be created and edited. Packages can be selected and navigated through to create army lists which
preddy-newrelic newrelic / nri-port-monitor Go New Relic On Host Integration for Monitoring TCP/UDP ports 1.1 Fixed an issue with the discrepancy in binary name.
kerbybit ChatTriggers / ct.js Java A framework for Minecraft Forge that allows for client modifications to be scripted in JavaScript 0.17_pre4 This is a pre-release of 0.17 Things might be broken or changed from 0.16.x Change log will be available for full 0.17 release
lavdnone lavdnone / unionfs-fuse C separate read from write file system made from unionfs-fuse v1.0-io
jmdawson MidwestFurryFandom / mff-rams-plugin HTML The MFF-specific plugin for RAMS 2018-09.01 Adds support for artist management of art show pieces. Some small other fixes may also be included.
mitsutaka cybozu / neco-ubuntu Python Custom Ubuntu image build tools 20180926
jmdawson MidwestFurryFandom / art_show HTML A module for art_show management functions 2018-09.01 Artists can now manage their pieces!
jangler jangler / oos-randomizer Go Randomizer for Zelda: Oracle of Seasons 2.1.1 Changes since 2.1.0: - Fix logic for tower of summer - Fix vanilla bug of being to dig up star-shaped ore multiple times on first screen
evanminto CapsureIt / uppy-cloudinary JavaScript Upload to Cloudinary with Uppy v0.1.1
MaynardMiner MaynardMiner / SWARM PowerShell Hybrid Profit Switching Minining System For HiveOS/Unix & Windows- Coin or Algorithm. v1.5.1b 1.5.1b: -Fixed -Favor_Coin Value Error -Fixed Remote Update -Help File Changes
CaboGabo CaboGabo / curso-node-por-hacer JavaScript Aplicación de comandos en Node del curso v1.0.0 # Versión terminada de la aplicación -Crea notas -Actualiza notas -Elimina notas -Lista notas
jmdawson MidwestFurryFandom / rams JavaScript RAMS Core - the core Registration and Management code 2018-09.01 Adds support for artist management of art show pieces.
lost-illusion lost-illusion / ElvUI Lua ElvUI for World of Warcraft - Wrath of the Lich King (3.3.5a) 5.47
gitbergUpdates GITenberg / Index-of-the-Project-Gutenberg-Works-of-Don-Marquis_57714 HTML Index of the Project Gutenberg Works of Don Marquis by Don Marquis is a Project Gutenberg book, now on Github. 0.1.0
Artentus Artentus / ModMyFactory C# A Factorio mod manager v.1.7.1
gitbergUpdates GITenberg / The-Draughtsman-s-Handbook-of-Plan-and-Map-Drawing-Including-instructions-for-the-preparation__57290 HTML The Draughtsman's Handbook of Plan and Map Drawing Including instructions for the preparation of engineering, archictural, and mechanical drawings. by George G. André is a Project Gutenberg book, now on Github. 0.1.0
tfcollins analogdevicesinc / MathWorks_tools VHDL Scripts and tools created by ADI to be used with MATLAB and Simulink with ADI products v18.1.0
gitbergUpdates GITenberg / Robert-Fulton_57742 HTML Robert Fulton by Alice Crary Sutcliffe is a Project Gutenberg book, now on Github. 0.1.0
gitbergUpdates GITenberg / Se-oli-sallittu_57279 no-lang Se oli sallittu by Edvin Calamnius is a Project Gutenberg book, now on Github. 0.1.0
Forge-Media Forge-Media / Data_Mining_500px Processing A Processing 3 data mining utility for the website, the application can plot images to a map based on an initial location and radius. Now requires cached data-set!! 1.1 Requires the cached data-set to function! - Download cached data-set here: []( - Extract the archive into the data/cache folder. The directory should be
gitbergUpdates GITenberg / Kingsford-Quarter_57740 HTML Kingsford, Quarter by Ralph Henry Barbour is a Project Gutenberg book, now on Github. 0.1.0
gitbergUpdates GITenberg / A-Dreamer-s-Tales_57277 HTML A Dreamer's Tales by Lord Dunsany is a Project Gutenberg book, now on Github. 0.1.0
LMelaia LMelaia / Teeto-Bot4J Java Java port for the C# implementation of Teeto-Bot. Redesigned for execution on a linux server. 2.4 Small audio improvements. Added new audio file. Added new audio command (take).
gitbergUpdates GITenberg / The-Nether-Stone_57312 HTML The Nether Stone by Fred M. (Fred Merrick) White is a Project Gutenberg book, now on Github. 0.1.0
gitbergUpdates GITenberg / The-Great-War-of-189-_57707 HTML The Great War of 189- by P. Colomb et al. is a Project Gutenberg book, now on Github. 0.1.0
gitbergUpdates GITenberg / What-Outfit-Buddy_57271 HTML What Outfit Buddy? by T. Howard Kelly is a Project Gutenberg book, now on Github. 0.1.0
gitbergUpdates GITenberg / The-Boy-Inventors-and-the-Vanishing-Gun_57305 HTML The Boy Inventors and the Vanishing Gun by Richard Bonner is a Project Gutenberg book, now on Github. 0.1.0
gitbergUpdates GITenberg / Arkansasin-sissit-Seikkailuromaani-suurilta-ruoholakeuksilta_57727 no-lang Arkansasin sissit Seikkailuromaani suurilta ruoholakeuksilta by Gustave Aimard is a Project Gutenberg book, now on Github. 0.1.0
gitbergUpdates GITenberg / Kelion-Franklin-Peddicord-of-Quirk-s-Scouts-Morgan-s-Kentucky-Cavalry-C-S-A_57735 HTML Kelion Franklin Peddicord of Quirk's Scouts, Morgan's Kentucky Cavalry, C. S. A. by Mrs. India W. P. Logan is a Project Gutenberg book, now on Github. 0.1.0
gitbergUpdates GITenberg / Terra-Australis-Incognita-A-New-Southern-Discovery-containing-A-Fifth-Part-of-the-World_57269 HTML Terra Australis Incognita A New Southern Discovery, containing A Fifth Part of the World by Ferdinand de Quir is a Project Gutenberg book, now on Github. 0.1.0
gitbergUpdates GITenberg / Through-Unknown-Tibet_57646 HTML Through Unknown Tibet by M. S. Wellby is a Project Gutenberg book, now on Github. 0.1.0
poet-ci poetapp / node TypeScript The Node allows you to timestamp documents in a decentralized manner. v1.4.0 # [1.4.0]( (2018-09-26) ### Features * **deps:** update dependency [@po]( to v4 ([#470](
gitbergUpdates GITenberg / La-Divina-Comedia_57303 HTML La Divina Comedia by Dante Alighieri is a Project Gutenberg book, now on Github. 0.1.0
maur1th maur1th / task_diff Rust Create Terraform AWS Container Definition diffs v0.2.0 * Fix recursive diff for arrays in objects * Refactor diff_env into a generic feature * Fix escaping by using the [`unescape`]( crate
gitbergUpdates GITenberg / The-Luck-of-the-Dudley-Grahams-As-Related-in-Extracts-from-Elizabeth-Graham-s-Diary_57301 HTML The Luck of the Dudley Grahams As Related in Extracts from Elizabeth Graham's Diary by Alice Calhoun Haines is a Project Gutenberg book, now on Github. 0.1.0
apanicker-nflx Netflix / conductor Java Conductor is a microservices orchestration engine - v1.12.4-rc1
gitbergUpdates GITenberg / Under-Lock-and-Key-Volume-I-of-3-A-Story_57294 HTML Under Lock and Key, Volume I (of 3) A Story by T. W. (Thomas Wilkinson) Speight is a Project Gutenberg book, now on Github. 0.1.0
unional unional / jest-watch-suspend TypeScript Suspending jest watch mode v1.1.0 # [1.1.0]( (2018-09-26) ### Features * remove first run special treatment. ([#6](
gitbergUpdates GITenberg / Index-of-the-Project-Gutenberg-Works-of-Alfred-Henry-Lewis_57708 HTML Index of the Project Gutenberg Works of Alfred Henry Lewis by Alfred Henry Lewis is a Project Gutenberg book, now on Github. 0.1.0
radzom adorsys / jwe-codec JavaScript Simple Encrypting/Decrypting using JWE v1.0.0 # 1.0.0 (2018-09-26) ### Features * added algorithm 'A128CBC-HS256' resolves [#6]( ([bdbd732](
gitbergUpdates GITenberg / An-Universal-Dictionary-of-the-Marine-Or-a-Copious-Explanation-of-the-Technical-Terms-and-Phr__57705 HTML An Universal Dictionary of the Marine Or, a Copious Explanation of the Technical Terms and Phrases Employed in the Construction, Equipment, Furniture, Machinery, Movements, and Military Operations of a Ship. Illustrated With Variety of Original Designs of Shipping, in Different Situations; Together With Separate Views of Their Masts, Sails, Yards, and Rigging. to Which Is Annexed, a Translation of the French Sea-terms and Phrases, Collected from the Works of Mess. Du Hamel, Aubin, Saverien, &c. by William Falconer is a Project Gutenberg book, now on Github. 0.1.0
yitimo ext-studio / Kotlin iWallic native version for Android V1.1.0-09014 1. Basic components improve. 2. Support API28. 3. Transaction improve. 4. Fix known issues.
jpivarski scikit-hep / uproot Python Minimalist ROOT I/O in pure Python and Numpy. 3.1.1 Correct timestamps on TKeys and TDirectories. Fixes #133.
jvgeiger NASA-LIS / lis-test Fortran Test of new LIS repo v7.6.2 Merge LISF Public Release 7.5.2
gitbergUpdates GITenberg / Mrs-Gaskell_57627 HTML Mrs. Gaskell by Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell is a Project Gutenberg book, now on Github. 0.1.0
gitbergUpdates GITenberg / An-Account-of-the-Late-Improvements-in-Galvanism-With-a-Series-of-Curious-and-Interesting-Exp__57267 HTML An Account of the Late Improvements in Galvanism With a Series of Curious and Interesting Experiments Performed Before the Commissioners of the French National Institute and Rep by John Aldini is a Project Gutenberg book, now on Github. 0.1.0
xtk93x xtk93x / Leaflet.TileLayer.ColorFilter JavaScript A simple and lightweight Leaflet plugin to apply CSS filters on map tiles. 1.0
gitbergUpdates GITenberg / El-Doctor-Centeno-novela-completa_57261 HTML El Doctor Centeno (novela completa) by Benito Pérez Galdós is a Project Gutenberg book, now on Github. 0.1.0
gitbergUpdates GITenberg / George-Washington-or-Life-in-America-One-Hundred-Years-Ago_57585 HTML George Washington or Life in America One Hundred Years Ago. by John S. C. (John Stevens Cabot) Abbott is a Project Gutenberg book, now on Github. 0.1.0
gitbergUpdates GITenberg / Indians-of-the-Mesa-Verde_57288 HTML Indians of the Mesa Verde by Don Watson is a Project Gutenberg book, now on Github. 0.1.0
jonathanrlemos jonathanrlemos / simpletest C++ A simple testing framework for C++17 v0.1-beta The first release of simpletest. It may not work well, because it has not been thoroughly tested.
gitbergUpdates GITenberg / The-Fable-of-the-Bees-Or-Private-Vices-Public-Benefits_57260 HTML The Fable of the Bees Or, Private Vices Public Benefits by Bernard Mandeville (1670-1733) is a Project Gutenberg book, now on Github. 0.1.0
Amabel gitpulse / activities JavaScript v0.2.0
BrunoSupremo BrunoSupremo / archipelago_biome Lua Archipelago Biome mod for Stonehearth 1.0.5 **Bug fixes** * Memory leak fixed for failed fish creation * Fixed buildings leaving dock legs behind when destroyed **Changes** * Fish as a proper material/resource for recipes * Updated old
aaronstaves aaronstaves / home-assistant Dockerfile Personal home-assistant fork of docker image with newest openzwave installed 0.78.3
gitbergUpdates GITenberg / Lucian-s-Dialogues-prepared-for-schools_57629 no-lang Lucian's Dialogues prepared for schools by W. H. D. (William Henry Denham) Rouse is a Project Gutenberg book, now on Github. 0.1.0
gitbergUpdates GITenberg / Fran-vargtider-och-vallpojksar-En-samling-minnen-fran-forna-dagars-Ostra-Nyland_57622 HTML Från vargtider och vallpojksår En samling minnen från forna dagars Östra Nyland by Josefina Bengts is a Project Gutenberg book, now on Github. 0.1.0
gitbergUpdates GITenberg / El-Doctor-Centeno-Tomo-II_57264 HTML El Doctor Centeno (Tomo II) by Benito Pérez Galdós is a Project Gutenberg book, now on Github. 0.1.0
opengappsbuildbot opengapps / arm no-lang arm sources and releases for opengapps 20180926 Automatically generated builds of 26 September 2018 These builds are provided by The Open GApps Project and are provided under the terms that they can be freely used for personal use only, and are not
gitbergUpdates GITenberg / The-Battle-of-Tsu-shima-between-the-Japanese-and-Russian-fleets-fought-on-27th-May-1905_57324 HTML The Battle of Tsu-shima between the Japanese and Russian fleets, fought on 27th May 1905 by Vladimir Ivanovich Semenov is a Project Gutenberg book, now on Github. 0.1.0
gitbergUpdates GITenberg / The-Book-of-the-Native_57250 HTML The Book of the Native by Charles G. D. Roberts, Sir is a Project Gutenberg book, now on Github. 0.1.0
gitbergUpdates GITenberg / Targallyak_57256 HTML Targallyak by Mór Jókai is a Project Gutenberg book, now on Github. 0.1.0
kattrali bugsnag / bugsnag-cocoa Objective-C Bugsnag crash reporting for iOS, macOS, and tvOS apps v5.17.0 ### Enhancements * Capture trace of error reporting thread and identify with boolean flag [#303]( ### Bug Fixes * Prevent potential crash
The-Brickler The-Brickler / ScienceFairGame no-lang Development files v1-pre-alpha # (WINDOWS ONLY - MAC AND LINUX COMING SOON) Testing basic movement and jumping.
gitbergUpdates GITenberg / The-Treasure-of-the-San-Philipo-_57242 HTML The Treasure of the 'San Philipo' by Percy F. (Percy Francis) Westerman is a Project Gutenberg book, now on Github. 0.1.0
gitbergUpdates GITenberg / The-Feeding-of-School-Children_57313 HTML The Feeding of School Children by M. E. (Mildred Emily) Bulkley is a Project Gutenberg book, now on Github. 0.1.0
gitbergUpdates GITenberg / The-Mute-Stones-Speak-The-Story-of-Archaeology-in-Italy_57308 HTML The Mute Stones Speak The Story of Archaeology in Italy by Paul Lachlan MacKendrick is a Project Gutenberg book, now on Github. 0.1.0
Entroper FiendsOfTheElements / FF1Randomizer C# A randomizer for Final Fantasy 1 on the NES. 2.4.0 # Entrance Shuffle Release! As always, check out the [What's New]( page for detailed descriptions. Huge thanks to nitz for keeping this page up to dat
gitbergUpdates GITenberg / Hartmann-the-Anarchist-Or-The-Doom-of-the-Great-City_57323 HTML Hartmann, the Anarchist Or, The Doom of the Great City by E. Douglas (Edward Douglas) Fawcett is a Project Gutenberg book, now on Github. 0.1.0
gitbergUpdates GITenberg / Fighting-Germany-s-Spies_57307 HTML Fighting Germany's Spies by French Strother is a Project Gutenberg book, now on Github. 0.1.0
gitbergUpdates GITenberg / Under-Lock-and-Key-Volume-III-of-3-A-Story_57296 HTML Under Lock and Key, Volume III (of 3) A Story by T. W. (Thomas Wilkinson) Speight is a Project Gutenberg book, now on Github. 0.1.0
gitbergUpdates GITenberg / Keys-to-Fungi-on-Dung_57291 HTML Keys to Fungi on Dung by Mike Richardson and Roy Watling is a Project Gutenberg book, now on Github. 0.1.0
gitbergUpdates GITenberg / The-Juvenile-Scrap-book-for-1849-A-Christmas-and-New-Year-s-present-for-young-people_57275 HTML The Juvenile Scrap-book for 1849 A Christmas and New Year's present for young people by Various is a Project Gutenberg book, now on Github. 0.1.0
gitbergUpdates GITenberg / Under-Lock-and-Key-Volume-II-of-3-A-Story_57295 HTML Under Lock and Key, Volume II (of 3) A Story by T. W. (Thomas Wilkinson) Speight is a Project Gutenberg book, now on Github. 0.1.0
gitbergUpdates GITenberg / David-Cusicks-Sketches-of-Ancient-History-of-the-Six-Nations-Comprising-FirstA-Tale-of-the-Fo__57237 HTML David Cusick’s Sketches of Ancient History of the Six Nations Comprising First—A Tale of the Foundation of the Great Island, (Now North America), The Two Infants Born, and the Creation of the Universe. Second—A Real Account of the Early Settlers of north America, and Their Dissensions. Third—Origin of the Kingdom of the Five Nations, Which Was Called a Long House: the Wars, Fierce Animals, &c. by David Cusick is a Project Gutenberg book, now on Github. 0.1.0
gitbergUpdates GITenberg / My-Queen-A-Weekly-Journal-for-Young-Women-Issue-2-October-6-1900-Marion-Marlowe-s-Courage-or-__57274 HTML My Queen: A Weekly Journal for Young Women. Issue 2, October 6, 1900 Marion Marlowe's Courage; or, A Brave Girl's Struggle for Life and Honor by Lurana Waterhouse Sheldon is a Project Gutenberg book, now on Github. 0.1.0
gitbergUpdates GITenberg / Spirits-Do-Return_57302 HTML Spirits Do Return by Mrs. Ida Belle White is a Project Gutenberg book, now on Github. 0.1.0
gitbergUpdates GITenberg / Prospectus-of-the-Scots-New-Zealand-Land-Company_57235 HTML Prospectus of the Scots New Zealand Land Company by Scots New Zealand Land Company and Patrick Matthew is a Project Gutenberg book, now on Github. 0.1.0
gitbergUpdates GITenberg / The-Ramayana-Volume-One-Balakandam-and-Ayodhyakandam_57265 HTML The Rāmāyana Volume One Bālakāndam and Ayodhyākāndam by Valmiki is a Project Gutenberg book, now on Github. 0.1.0
RenanYudi RenanYudi / DiscordChatExporter-Unix C# Exports Discord chat logs to a file 2.7.2 [Changelog](
gitbergUpdates GITenberg / A-kis-kiralyok-2-resz-Regeny_57234 HTML A kis királyok (2. rész) Regény by Mór Jókai is a Project Gutenberg book, now on Github. 0.1.0
ajordens spinnaker / clouddriver Groovy read and write operations across cloud providers v2.85.2
starkandwayne-bot blacksmith-community / blacksmith Go Building production services v0.4.0 # Improvements - Blacksmith now keeps track of the date/time of service provisioning, and displays it in the management interface. - Some errors that were being ignored are now properly logged. #
tobyclemson b-social / terraform-provider-kafkaconnect Go Terraform provider for Kafka Connect 0.8.0 ## Changelog f693559 Preparing release 7 [ci skip]
divy4 divy4 / danivyit-com-web-app TypeScript A react app for v1.0.1 # Change Log - Minor bug fixes
qrac qrac / ie-buster HTML Save web creators with Chrome link popup for IE. 1.0.3 - document.getElementsByTagName("body")[0]がunderfined #15 - クォーテーション修正 #14
Pancongwen hellstein / community-doc-template Makefile Documentation template for open source community 0.0.8
autopp autopp / objecheck Ruby Ruby object validtor v0.3.0
tortorse ladybirdDEV / ui-nuclear-mobile Vue A configurable Mobile UI based on Antd Mobile and Vue v0.0.24
janis91 janis91 / ocr PHP Nextcloud OCR (optical character recoginition) processing for images and PDF with tesseract-ocr, OCRmyPDF and message queueing for asynchronous purpose. 3.3.58
nexial-bot nexiality / nexial-core Java test automation for everyone! nexial-core-v1.6_0227 Release nexial-core-v1.6_0227 on 2018/09/25 - [Release Notes](
Nightsd01 OneSignal / OneSignal-iOS-SDK Objective-C OneSignal is a free push notification service for mobile apps. This plugin makes it easy to integrate your native iOS app with OneSignal. 2.8.9 • This release fixes an issue where the SDK was not properly handling HTTP request re-attempts. This would have resulted in an issue where calling `sendTags()` (for example) while a user had no netw
Asandru Asandru / TIC19 C# TrinityCore Item Creator for 3.3.5 19.0.7
minio-trusted minio / mc Go Minio Client is a replacement for ls, cp, mkdir, diff and rsync commands for filesystems and object storage. RELEASE.2018-09-26T00-42-43Z
gmlewis google / go-github Go Go library for accessing the GitHub API v18.2.0 This minor release is to fix issues #1014 and #1015 reported to us by the GitHub API Development team.
antonkomarev cybercog / laravel-sense PHP Application profiling. That makes sense. 0.2.1 ### Changed - Publishable migrations tag renamed to `sense-migrations` [View the changes from 0.2.0 to 0.2.1](
airplanefood airplanefood / minica Go minica is a small, simple CA intended for use in situations where the CA operator also operates each host where a certificate will be used. v0.1.5
heajuenhwang d3sw / conductor Java Conductor is a microservices orchestration engine - v1.7.6-deluxe1.30
Dinokin Dinokin / APRipper C# Alphapolis mango ripper 1.0 There's nothing related to bowsette here Unless if you find a bowsette mango on alphapolis ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
xaksis xaksis / vue-good-table Vue An easy to use powerful data table for vuejs with advanced customizations including sorting, column filtering, pagination, grouping etc v2.14.2 ### Patches - Version upgrade: c7d7cceeb275f8ed533441e94e8539adb09244e6 - Import only needed functions from date-fns: #408 - Fixing sidebar typo: #407 - Fixes #412: #413 ### Credits Huge
RussellJoyce RTSYork / nvme-microblaze C NVMe driver for MicroBlaze on Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC v1.0.0
djbe SwiftGen / StencilSwiftKit Swift A framework bringing additional nodes & filters to Stencil dedicated to Swift code generation 2.7.0 ### New Features * Updated Stencil to the latest version (0.13). [David Jennes]( [#103]( ### Internal Changes
joneit fin-hypergrid / core JavaScript A canvas-based super high performant grid renderer API v3.0.3 This patch release [`v3.0.3`]( * Reflects: * `core` repo: PR #754 * `build` repo: For item # 2 below, all direct [commits](https://
iggy iggy / scurvy Go File synchronization... of sorts 201809260036
Autre31415 glyphr-studio / Glyphr-Studio-Desktop JavaScript A desktop client for Glyphr Studio built in electron v0.4.4 - Updated glyphr-studio to v1.11.01 - Updated Electron to v3.0.0 - Updated archiver to v.3.0.0 - Updated electron-packager to v12.1.2 - Updated standard to v12.0.1 - Fixed newly introduced lint
ibithub ibithub / ibithub C++ iBitHub Cryptocurrency Project (IBH) v1.11.4
deliahu deliahu / spark-on-k8s-operator Go Kubernetes CRD operator for specifying and running Apache Spark applications idiomatically on Kubernetes. my-tag2
RainbowMiner RainbowMiner / RainbowMiner PowerShell GPU/CPU Mining script with intelligent profit-switching between miningpools, algorithms, miners, using all possible combinations of devices (NVIDIA, AMD, CPU). Features: actively maintained, uses the top actual miner programs (Bminer, Ccminer, Claymore, Dstm, EnemyZ, Sgminer, T-rex and more) easy setup wizard, webinterface, auto update. v3.8.7.7 Update and maintenance release: - update miner JceminerAmd to v0.32q - update miner Trex to v0.6.10 - update core / optimizations As usual: press [U] to update, or exit RainbowMiner and start &q
ronek22 ronek22 / TodoApp Dart First project in Flutter, to track daily basis tasks. v0.1 Working features: * Viewing list of *todos* * Create *todo* with title, content and priority * Possibility of editing every task * Remove *todo* from edit screen and from home screen by swiping ca
liederivative liederivative / pandam-sym no-lang SyM Pandam Software v0.2.5 fixed workplace_phone and length of passport
lmariscal lmariscal / nimgl Nim NimGL is a Nim library that offers bindings for native APIs, useful in graphics programming. 0.1
mattfidler nlmixrdevelopment / nlmixr R nlmixr: an R package for population PKPD modeling v1.0.0-7
jaredpdesigns jaredpdesigns / CSS A mini-site for my daughter to help document her life, “I’m Already an Artist”. 1.0
vorghahn smoothstreams / sskodi-v3 Python SmoothStreams Kodi Addon v3 3.4.0 Timezone Order correction. Addition of Logos to EPG view. Addition of Alternate EPG source. Addition of EPG type to footer. Change from HD/nonHD to HD/HQ/LQ. Correct decoding of Program Names Ti
jaredpdesigns jaredpdesigns / CSS A mini-site for my son to help document his life, “Look Daddy, I Big Boy”. 1.0
BigZ wizardstechnologies / rest-api-bundle PHP A bundle create beautiful REST APIs 0.5.4
davidanthoff queryverse / IterableTables.jl Julia A common table interface for julia v0.9.0
shuheiktgw shuheiktgw / go-travis Go Go library for accessing the Travis CI API V3 v0.0.6 - Add support for the installation endpoint 🎉 - Add support for the preference/preferences endpoint 🎉
mars heroku / heroku-kong Lua 🐒 Kong API gateway as a Heroku app v6.0.0 🚨 **Potentially breaking change** for existing heroku-kong apps. See [UPGRADING]( A pre-compiled archive o
unio-lss unio-lss / tutorial-sf4vue PHP はじめてのSymfony4 + Vue.js section7 「7. Vueで作る電卓アプリ」までのコード
akshaisarma bullet-db / bullet-core Java The core reusable library to build a query engine for streaming Big Data without needing to store it bullet-core-0.5.1 This release changes the Order By post aggregation to not allow multiple order bys in post aggregations and allows you to specify just one. Instead of a list of string field names and a singular ascen
ghys ghys / habot Java A chatbot for openHAB using machine-learning natural language processing from OpenNLP
RainbowMiner RainbowMiner / miner-binaries no-lang Releases of miners. All releases are the unmodified zip files from their original source, hosted here to allow for automated downloading. v0.6.10-trex - Speed improvements: x16r/s, x17, c11, bitcore, bcd, sonoa - 1-2% - Add functionality for setting failover pools in cmd line by specifying -o, -u and -p arguments multiple times. - New cmd line arg
soloman1124 intellihr / aws-parameter-store-plugin Java Jenkins AWS Parameter Store Plugin name-filter Add support for `namePrefixes` option to filter parameter names by prefixes
michhar PythonWorkshop / intro-to-nlp-with-pytorch Jupyter Notebook Introduction to NLP with PyTorch Workshop Project v1.0 Speakers from: SV Python Workshops and Women in Machine Learning and Data Science Location: Microsoft Reactor SF, San Francisco, CA Date: Sept. 22, 2018 Notes: * Pilot run * Full day worksho
KirillOsenkov KirillOsenkov / MSBuildStructuredLog C# A logger for MSBuild that records a structured representation of executed targets, tasks, property and item values. v2.0.13
caiyonglong caiyonglong / MusicLake Java 音乐播放器,可播放本地音乐,百度音乐,qq音乐,虾米音乐,网易云音乐 v4.1.6.bata
chipxsd layerhq / releases-ios Objective-C Release packages for iOS products from Layer v4.1.0-pre3 #### Bug Fixes * Fixes an issue where the client raises an exception with an unprocessable `LYRMessagePart` mutation. [IOS-3450] ## 4.1.0-pre2 #### Bug fixes * Fixes an issue where the `message.r
boorbret boorbret / sql_joins no-lang Thinkful sql drill on joins and CTEs CTEs
elijah-schow elijah-schow / ziggymailer JavaScript Automate e-mail postings for an online debate tournament. v2.0.0 *Features:* - *Feedback* - show feedback when sending emails succeeds or fails - *Copy and paste* - add context menus which allow copy and pasting into input fields - *HTML* - add markdown editor w
Krinkle Krinkle / mediawiki PHP The collaborative editing software that runs Wikipedia. This is a mirror from See for contributing. 1.27.2 Example release notes.
actionless themix-project / oomox Python Graphical application for generating different color variations of a Oomox (Numix-based), Materia and Arc themes (GTK2, GTK3), Gnome-Colors and Archdroid icons and terminal
mars heroku / heroku-buildpack-kong Shell Run Kong on Heroku v6.0.0 Provides rapid deployments using a pre-compiled Kong binary. This should not break existing Kong 0.14 deployments, but may effect apps that explicitly use the `/app/.heroku/` prefix. See: [UPGRADING](
RussellJoyce RTSYork / unvme-zynq C User Space NVMe Driver (modified for Zynq MPSoC) v1.0.0
commgdog simplusoft / dynamicsuite PHP A modular web application framework 1.1.4 Added: Plugin installer to DSCMD Changed: DS upgrade option 7 moved to option 8 in DSCMD
JasonBarnabe tigrish / devise-i18n Ruby Translations for the devise gem v1.6.5 - Added pap-AW and pap-CW translations. - Updated az, es, ko, lv, pl, uk, vi, zh-CN, and zh-TW translations.
callFEELD callFEELD / Python A discord bot showing your recent logs, profile page and team matches SelfHost-Edition This marks the selfhost, single server edition, that will no longer be developed.
torleif otago / ebs PHP EBS-SilverStripe webservice v4.0
renovate-bot renovatebot / renovate JavaScript Multi-language dependency update automation. Flexible, so you don't need to be. 13.82.1 ## [13.82.1]( (2018-09-26)
tm-github-bot ticketmaster / aurora JavaScript Shared UI Library for Ticketmaster v3.17.1 ## [3.17.1]( (2018-09-26) ### Bug Fixes * **Button:** set display block for a StyledButtonLink ([#199](
timorunge timorunge / ansible-sssd Shell Custom SSSD installation and configuration including patch management for the SSSD source. 0.5.2
tripodsan adobe / parcel-plugin-htl JavaScript HTL/Sightly support for Parcel v0.9.0 Changes --------- - Update Parcel to 1.10.0 (#36 )
michaeljohnbarr michaeljohnbarr / django-timezone-utils Python Time zone utilities for Django models. 0.13 Fixed PyPi distribution to support Python 2 *__and__* 3. No code changes aside from version bump.
damky damky / WEOML no-lang HTML syntax supercharged to recognize WEO keys in Sublime Text 3 1.2.9 added ghost text settings to open in weoml syntax from weo1 and 2
alanorth alanorth / dspace-statistics-api Python A quick and dirty REST API to expose Solr view and download statistics for items in a DSpace repository. v0.4.0 ### Fixed - Invalid OnCalendar syntax in `dspace-statistics-indexer.timer` - Major logic error in ``
kivikakk github / cmark C GitHub's fork of cmark, a CommonMark parsing and rendering library and program in C 0.28.3.gfm.17 Changes since last release ( * Allow extension to provide opaque allocation function (Nicolás Ojeda Bär, #89). * Upstrea
marlonacademi Focus599Dev / sped-gnre PHP :octocat: API para emissão de guias GNRE para a SEFAZ 1.0.1
iwillhappy1314 iwillhappy1314 / wenprise-elementor PHP wenprise add on for wordpress elementor page builder 0.1.1
nuc1e4r5n4k3 nuc1e4r5n4k3 / garlicoin-core C++ Garlicoin source tree v0.16.0.3 This release contains a backport of the fix for [CVE-2018-17144]( (DoS and unbound inflation bug) in the form of [Bitcoin Core PR #14247](https://github
schnie astronomerio / Makefile Helm charts for the Astronomer Platform v0.6.0-rc.8
ChHarding ChHarding / TouchTerrain_for_CAGEO Python Touch Terrain v1.22 If a file called GoogleMapsKey.txt in the serve folder contains a valid google maps key, it will be inlined into index.html which should result in a proper Google Map. Not having this file will result
schnie astronomerio / houston-api JavaScript GraphQL API for Astronomer v0.6.0-rc.8
schnie astronomerio / orbit-ui JavaScript React UI for Astronomer v0.6.0-rc.8
schnie astronomerio / db-bootstrapper Python Utility to initialize databases and create Kubernetes secrets v0.6.0-rc.8
schnie astronomerio / default-backend HTML The default backend for the Astronomer Platform v0.6.0-rc.8
schnie astronomerio / commander Go Provisioning service for the Astronomer Platform. v0.6.0-rc.8
hajonsoft alialiayman / onResizer C# This library and test program will resize a photo stripping its metadata. The unique thing about this resizer is it accepts a parameter for the size on desk. Not just width and height resize, It will also make sure the size on desk is within the specififed range otherwise it will adjust the width and hight within another specified range to maintain size on desk range. 1.0 First release
belemaire electrode-io / electrode-native TypeScript A platform for integrating React Native apps in existing mobile applications v0.24.4 This release only contains a light alteration to the Cauldron API to properly support some transformer use case. It does not contain any new feature, improvement or bug fix to `ern` CLI.
chummer5a chummer5a / chummer5a C# Character generator for Shadowrun 5th edition Nightly-v5.202.47
oleavr frida / frida Makefile Clone this repo to build Frida 12.2.6 See for details.
JoryHogeveen JoryHogeveen / view-admin-as PHP View the WordPress admin as a different role, switch between users, temporarily change your capabilities, set default screen settings for roles, manage your roles and capabilities. 1.8.2 * **Enhancement/Fix:** Support AJAX search in the Role Defaults module. [#100]( * **Enhancement:** Add support for `X-Redirect-By` header sinc
seek-oss-ci seek-oss / sku JavaScript Front-end development toolkit, powered by Webpack, Babel, CSS Modules, Less, ESLint and Jest. v5.7.0 <a name="5.7.0"></a> # [5.7.0]( (2018-09-25) ### Features * **webpack:** Use webpack-node-externals on render build ([#
fdiebel EMRL / deploy HTML Designed to speed up, integrate, and automate deployment of Wordpress websites. v3.7.2 ### Added - Project dashboards have been redesigned to include more analytics charts and information - Digest emails can now include a chart showing the week's analytics ### Changed - Improved HT
rtfpessoa rtfpessoa / dependency_spy Ruby Find known vulnerabilities in your dependencies v0.1.3
fangpenlin envoy / JSONAPIModel Swift Simple JSONAPI parser / serializer and data model v1.0.1
jahirfiquitiva jahirfiquitiva / Blueprint Kotlin Free, feature-rich, easily customizable Android dashboard for icon packs 1.2.9 This is a really quick/urgent update. You can now define a privacy policy and/or terms and conditions link, so your users can access such info and you avoid issues with Play Store. You can gener
prime31 prime31 / Nez C# Nez is a free 2D focused framework that works with MonoGame and FNA 0.9.1 All changes since a *long* time ago are in this release which will be available on NuGet if the CI job works as expected ;)
16hands Laybuy / WooCommerce-Laybuy PHP Laybuy Payment Module for WooCommerce 3.2.6 Added new Laybuy Branding and reviewed all currency output
BigZ wizardstechnologies / php-rest-api PHP A set of services to help you create beautiful REST APIs 0.5.2
tkf tkf / Kwonly.jl Julia Macro to generate keyword-only version of a function v0.1.0
faf Mibew / auto-reply-plugin PHP A plugin for Mibew Messenger that provides an ability to automatically reply a visitor in a queue v0.1.0
heindl heindl / wikivents Go Fetch events, participants and contextual information from within an epoch. 0.0.2
gwlucastrig gwlucastrig / Tinfour Java Delaunay and Constrained Delaunay Triangulations in Java, providing high-performance utilities for modeling surfaces with support for Lidar LAS files, Digital Elevation Models (DEM), finite element analysis, path planning, and other applications of Triangulated Irregular Networks (TIN) v0.1.0 This release includes source code and binaries for the Tinfour project. It is primarily intended to support developers who do not wish to build their own binaries.
rtfpessoa rtfpessoa / yavdb Ruby Yet Another Vulnerability Database v0.1.1
aporeto-bot aporeto-inc / trireme-lib Go Simple, scalable and secure application segmentation v10.60.1 v10.60.1
sanjanarajan openpgpjs / openpgpjs JavaScript OpenPGP implementation for JavaScript v4.1.0 Bug fixes: - Fixed #762 by always considering the *valid* signature rather than just their last signature - Fixed #765 by disregarding non-self revocation signatures and by returning an error when p
bernadinm dcos-terraform / terraform-template-dcos-core Shell A Terraform module to install, upgrade, and modify nodes for DC/OS clusters in an automated fashion. 0.0.8
arlac77 arlac77 / npm-template-sync JavaScript Keep npm package in sync with its template v7.8.5 ## [7.8.5]( (2018-09-25) ### Bug Fixes * **travis:** remove none functiong email handling - will be replaced by a general "
disrani-px libopenstorage / stork Go Stork - Storage Orchestration Runtime for Kubernetes v1.2.0 # New Features * Support for taking application consistent snapshots using pre and post snapshot hooks. Documentation on creating rules and using them in snapshots can be found [here](https://github.
djaboxx HappyPathway / terraform-k8s-spring-transit HCL Spring Vault Transit Demo for k8s 1.3.0
thausler786 thausler786 / pal-tracker-distributed Java Pal Tracker Distributed Tutorial release-6
shreddedbacon shreddedbacon / nginx-boshrelease Shell This is a simple nginx boshrelease v1.2.7 Release nginx BOSH Release v1.2.7 ### Deployment ```yaml releases: - name: nginx version: 1.2.7 sha1: 88745bf9f99adf78e0f11211c9e5b75e098087b6 ```
klayveR klayveR / xenontrade JavaScript Path of Exile trading app for price checking and whisper management v0.4.1 ###### Changed in this version: - The league is now displayed when updating price data - When no price data is available, the flashing icon in the menu bar is now yellow. Unsupported items will stil
mymindstorm Authenticator-Extension / Authenticator TypeScript Authenticator generates 2-Step Verification codes in your browser. v5.2.1 Fixed the import backup page.
2600hz-gitswitch 2600hz / kazoo Erlang The core of an open-source, distributed, highly scalable platform designed to provide robust telecom services 4.3.4 # kazoo Changes Changes to 4.3 after version 4.3.3 ## Resolved Tickets ### [KAZOO-5940]( * Summary - crossbar returns 201 instead of 202 when resp
andre-filho andre-filho / commit-helper Python A python script that helps you write commits following commit conventions 1.2.1 ## Hotfix Some machines could not run the script, because of an error of the deprecated (for py3) function _raw_input_. That has been fixed.
markussitzmann chembience / chembience Python A Docker-based, cloudable platform for the development of chemoinformatics-centric web applications and microservices. v0.2.4 SSL certificate registration with Let's Encrypt, Jupyter notebook update to 5.7.0, project improvements
smeechos smeechos / laravel-task-scheduler PHP Task Scheduler UI for Laravel. v1.0.2 Updating in attempt to make this most recent release.
tskisner hpc4cmb / tidas C TIDAS (TImestream DAta Storage) 0.3.1 Add some small features so that parallel metadata writing avoids lock contention. Other small changes to build system files.
Revolt64 Revolt64 / steam-update-manager C# A simple command line utility to handle your Steam games update settings 0.1 This is the initial release of Steam Update Manager [](
pinfort line-school2018summer / kyoto-a-client Kotlin repository for client by kyoto-a team v1.0.0 This is our first release
trevordevore trevordevore / levurehelper-app_updater Objective-C Levure helper that provides auto updates for desktop applications on Mac and Windows v0.6.0 The helper has been completely rewritten to use an LCB wrapper around Sparkle 1.20 on macOS and WinSparkle 0.6.0 on Windows. This means one appcast.xml file and downloading of the update is handled ou
jamorham NightscoutFoundation / xDrip Java Nightscout version of xDrip+ 2018.09.25 Automated nightly build
jessep workflowy / desktop-development no-lang Daily builds of WorkFlowy Desktop v1.1.3-development.1076
NarutoUA NarutoUA / resamp-client no-lang ReSA:MP Client 816-beta # Version: 816-beta ## **Fixed**: * [Crash on pressing "Spawn" button (server-specific)]( * [Crash on some textdraws](https://github.c
woodruffw trailofbits / winchecksec C++ Checksec, but for Windows 1.0.0 Initial public, stable release.
AO-StreetArt AO-StreetArt / AOSharedServiceLibrary C++ A C++ Library for Microservice Application Configuration v2.4.3 Major performance improvements to service discovery routine in NetworkApplicationProfile
mspielberg mspielberg / factorio-miniloader Lua UPS-friendly 1x1 psuedo-loaders for Factorio v1.6.1
shawnmclean auth0-extensions / auth0-delegated-administration-extension JavaScript This extension allows non-dashboard administrators to manage (a subset of) users. v3.2.0 - Display list of enabled multifactor authentications. #113 - Vulnerability fixes, update to `webtask-tools`. #112 - Ability to read claims from `idToken` instead of `user.roles`. #116 - Hide ch
AbirRazzak AbirRazzak / android_messages_on_mac HTML Nativefier app building Android Messages Client application for MacOS v1.0 Android Messages (or Messages for Android, take your pick) for MacOS. Supports notifications. Check out the on how to install into Applications folder if you don't know how.
tinesoft tinesoft / ngx-scrollreveal JavaScript Angular directives for ScrollReveal : a JavaScript library for easily animating elements as they enter/leave the viewport. v3.0.0 ### Chores * **core:** rename the project into `ngx-scrollreveal` ([f4c4d1a]( ### Features * **core:** migrate to ScrollReveal `v4.x.
moyitpro Atelier-Shiori / Shukofukurou-iOS Objective-C Kitsu, and AniList Tracker for iOS written in Objective-C 1.0-build-20180925 # New Features * Add editing of other entry fields (Advanced Edit) * Add Custom Lists Management (AniList) * Add Streaming Site links. # Bug Fixes and Enhancements * Modified Search View
nickdodd25 nickdodd25 / SKY C++ SKY - Slice's fork of kurta999's fork of YSF 0.1.2 Linux version only tested on Centos 7
PenguinSnail triplestrange / StrangeScout TypeScript The free software FRC scouting system. v0.3.0 ### Changes - Service worker for automatic updates - Scouter ID for basic user tracking (uses a cookie) - Some general cleaning up This version will be used at the 2018 THOR off-season event, an
neotvapp neotvapp / fonix no-lang fonix repository production New Release
nitxiodev nitxiodev / jupyter-plusplus JavaScript Just an (mini) enhanced version from jupyter. v0.4.1-beta ## Features - ctrl + k to make a multiple selection. - bug fixed with ctrl+k and multidownload add-on. - Image viewer. - CSV viewer with scrollX.
wenbostar wenbostar / Customprodbj Java Customized protein database construction v1.1.0 Fixed a bug for parameter -ref; Updated output message
mattfidler nlmixrdevelopment / RxODE C RxODE is an R package that facilitates easy simulations in R v0.8.0-8 - Fix the Solaris issues IDed by Prof. Ripley - Add ability to output `TAD` as `tad = t-tlast`
bdolor BCcampus / bc-validate PHP Provides a mechanism to validate whether a user's email address is part of the BC Post-Secondary system 1.01 - initial release
yramocan couturelane1 / MXSegmentedControl Swift Simple Segmented Control 0.1.2
SrKomodo SrKomodo / shadowfox-updater Go An auto-updater for ShadowFox v1.7.8
belemaire electrode-io / ern-container-transformer-git-patch TypeScript Electrode Native Git Patch Container Transformer v1.0.1 - Clone Cauldron to temporary directory to avoid collision with Electrode Native CLI
calinalexandru calinalexandru / chord-illustrator-js JavaScript SVG based library which illustrates finger positions of a guitar chord on a fretboard. v1.1.0 - moved width & height to viewBox attribute for svg container, which allows the fields to be used as input - added/changed new methods: **setContainer**, **setHeight**, **make**
pathunstrom ppb / pursuedpybear Python A python game engine. v0.4.0rc1 Subsystems, BaseSprite, CI Important thinks to acknowledge: * New subsystem architecture. Allows extension and modification of the run time without subclassing `GameEngine`. * BaseSprites are r
mllumiquinga194 mllumiquinga194 / cms_mvc-Backend PHP Backend - Desarrollo de un CMS Desarrollando aplicación con el Patrón Model, Vista Controlador, POO, Ajax. v1.0.1 Puede conseguir la base de datos en la carpeta DB. Recuerde habilitar el envío y recepción de correos localmente en xampp
jciolek webnicer / d3actor JavaScript A library for creating D3 components, inspired by React. v0.0.7 ## [0.0.7]( (2018-09-25) ### Bug Fixes * **travis:** second attempt at fixing deployment ([4c22e71](
mengqiy kubernetes-sigs / controller-runtime Go Repo for the controller-runtime subproject of kubebuilder (sig-apimachinery) v0.1.4
ggreg prestodb / presto-python-client Python Python DB-API client for Presto 0.5.1 3ab5b69 Unpin requirements ba42a3d Use same transaction and HTTP session within a connection e9519d1 Force Presto version to 0.202 to circumvent coordinator startup issue (workaround) f33f8fd Add t
gajus gajus / youtube-player JavaScript YouTube iframe API abstraction. v5.5.1 <a name"5.5.1"></a> ### 5.5.1 (2018-09-25) #### Bug Fixes * conditionally loading iframe_api (#73) ([97bdd364](
yuripourre Harium / keel Java A pure java Image Processing Library made from scratch v1.5.0 Added some Catalano Effects
arruko arruko / logstash no-lang Ansible role for Logstash installation 0.0.3
JustinBeckwith googleapis / nodejs-dataproc JavaScript Google Cloud Dataproc is a managed Apache Spark and Apache Hadoop service that lets you take advantage of open source data tools for batch processing, querying, streaming, and machine learning. v0.3.0 ### Breaking changes - fix: drop support for node.js 4.x and 9.x ([#38]( ### Dependencies - fix(deps): update dependency google-gax to ^0.20.0 (
mickaelpham zendesk / iron_bank Ruby An opinionated Ruby interface to the Zuora REST API v1.0.0 We are proud to release IronBank, our [Zuora]( Ruby client, used in production here at [Zendesk](
sd-buildbot screwdriver-cd / executor-k8s-vm JavaScript Kubernetes VM Executor for Screwdriver v2.7.2 <a name="2.7.2"></a> ## [2.7.2]( (2018-09-25) ### Bug Fixes * add turbo cpu/ram config ([08b3ed5](htt
mllumiquinga194 mllumiquinga194 / cms_mvc-Frontend CSS Frontend - Desarrollo de un CMS Desarrollando aplicación con el Patrón Model, Vista Controlador, POO, Ajax. v1.0.1 Puede conseguir la base de datos en la carpeta DB. Recuerde habilitar el envío y recepción de correos localmente en xampp
kiooeht kiooeht / Hubris Java Expansion mod for Slay the Spire. v0.4.1 Hotfix to fix a crash with Tin Flute. Requires StSLib (
rpalcolea nebula-plugins / nebula-plugin-plugin Groovy Plugin for plugins, heavily opinionated about nebula-plugins v8.1.3 Apply nebula-test 7.+ by default
evandixon projectpokemon / Ditto C# Bot for IRC and Discord to sync chat between the two 1.0.1 * Uses a better way of keeping the console open to put significantly less strain on your CPU * Use the `noprompt` option to disable all logging to the console
ben-laufer hyeyeon-hwang / bismark-file-converter Python This script converts a Bismark format file to Permeth (percent methylation) and DSS format files. v1.0
brussens brussens / yii2-trumbowyg PHP Trumbowyg extension for YiiFramework 2.x.x 1.0.0 Initial release
Kranysys ESGI-Ideal / Ideal-MobileApp Java Android part v6
ess ess / ogun Go the deployer v0.0.4
ben-laufer ben-laufer / DM.R R A workflow for the statistical analysis and visualization of differentially methylated regions (DMRs) from a CpG count matrix v1.0
tom--lee tom--lee / Cookbook.jl Julia A Julia package for automating data analysis v0.2.0
MCOfficer-jenkins ES-Builds / endless-sky-osx C++ This Repo provides OSX Binaries for Endless Sky, built with Travis CI 145
mpilquist functional-streams-for-scala / fs2 Scala Compositional, streaming I/O library for Scala v1.0.0-RC1 This is the first release candidate of FS2 1.0.0. There are a substantial number of changes from 0.10 to 1.0. Primarily, the release provides interoperability with cats-effect 1.0.0. The [migration gu
ben-laufer ben-laufer / CpG_Me Shell A whole-genome bisulfite sequencing (WGBS) pipeline for the analysis and QC of DNA methylation that goes from from raw reads to a CpG count matrix v1.0
electrostat mapbox / mapbox-events-android Java Mapbox telemetry and core libraries for Android. telem-3.2.1 ## Mapbox Android Telemetry v3.2.1 - StopTelemetryService obtainBoundInstances bug fix - [#221]( - Telemetry proguard configuration - [#218
westlicht westlicht / performer C per|former eurorack sequencer untagged-f089070954ce9332ded5
schnie astronomerio / incubator-airflow Python Apache Airflow (Incubating) 1.9.0
Tayx94 Tayx94 / graphy C# Graphy is the ultimate, easy to use, feature packed stats monitor and debugger for your Unity project. 1.4.1 - Introduced plenty of safety checks to avoid some null reference errors. - Possibly fixed the graphs bug when the Editor is defocused and focused back. - Code cleanup and refactoring.
khalwat nystudio107 / craft-imageoptimize PHP Automatically create & optimize responsive image transforms, using either native Craft transforms or a service like Imgix, with zero template changes. 1.4.39 ### Changed * Added a try/catch around ColorThief, to catch errors thrown due to empty/transparent images * Fix a regression that could cause Optimized Images to not be generated correctly * Modern
adrianbj adrianbj / TracyDebugger PHP The ultimate debugging and development tool for ProcessWire 4.11.43
NothersInGame FabricaJS / FabricaEngine JavaScript A rewrite of the threejs editor / gui 0.0.2 - Refactored Material editor - Added Particle editor - Minor changes - Fixed bugs - Downgraded NWJS to a lighter version - Changes in material
ahwm ahwm / Cardknox-API-Wrapper C# API Wrapper for Cardknox Payment Processor written in C#, using .NET Standard 2.0. v0.1.2 # In this release * **[Breaking Change]** Renamed class names * **[Breaking Change]** Renamed namespace * **Added Operations** * cc:authonly * cc:capture * cc:credit * cc:void Al
yramocan couturelane1 / FAPanels Swift FAPanels - Swift 0.5.1 Update to Swift 4.2
2m lightbend / paradox Scala Markdown documentation v0.4.3
ebshimizu ebshimizu / stats-of-the-storm JavaScript A Heroes of the Storm replay parsing and stat tracking application v2.4.1 Parser: Support for patch 2.38.0 #243 The app can update the database from a downloaded zip #244 Bugfix: Fixed display issue in Collection: Heroes - Hero Details #245 Bugfix: Fixed display issue in
prg318 prg318 / revolution-irc Java Pure black night mode patch for revolution IRC 0.4.1-black 0.4.1 with night mode changed to pure black
kduffie GuildNetwork / guild-web JavaScript Web client for guild network v0.7.17
jaaler jaaler / adminpro CSS primer proyecto angular adv v1.2.0 #Temas Agregados 1. Diseño de la pagina acaunt settings 2. Carga de css de forma dinamica 3. Uso de vanilla javaScript para el manejo de clases y atributos 4. Módulos en servicio 5. Indice de
kwonoj kwonoj / oxid TypeScript rxjs observable based isomorphic http request module. v0.0.4 <a name="0.0.4"></a> ## [0.0.4]( (2018-09-25) ### Bug Fixes * **isstandardbrowserenv:** short curcuit for node ([d
rochdev DataDog / dd-trace-js JavaScript JavaScript APM Tracer v0.6.0 ### Bug Fixes * **core:** fix distributed tracing compatibility of generated IDs (#279) * **core:** fix already flushed traces being reused (#277) * **core:** fix client sampling resulting in inc
williamjameshandley williamjameshandley / primordial Python python code for solving cosmological inflation 0.0.2
shilman storybooks / storybook JavaScript Interactive UI component dev & test: React, React Native, Vue, Angular v4.0.0-alpha.23 2018-September-25 #### Features - Angular build time optimization [#4118]( - Pass Jest done callback to testMethod [#3853](https://github.c
xcesco xcesco / kripton Java A Java library for Android platform, to manage bean's persistence in SQLite, SharedPreferences, JSON, XML, Properties, Yaml, CBOR. v5.0.0 Release Notes - Kripton Persistence Library - Version 5.0.0 <h2> Bug </h2> <ul> <li>[<a href='http://xsvn:8080/jira/browse/KRIPTON-276'>KRI
ITHitBuild ITHit / WebDAVServerSamples C# WebDAV, CalDAV & CardDAV server examples in C# and VB based on IT Hit WebDAV Server Engine for .NET v7.0.4450-Beta
chrisrichards yellowfeather / DbfDataReader C# DbfDataReader is a small fast .Net Core library for reading dBase, xBase, Clipper and FoxPro database files 0.5.0 Adds DbfDataReaderOptions allowing skipping of deleted records and settings the encoding e.g. var options = new DbfDataReaderOptions { SkipDeletedRecords = true, Encoding
koliva8245 koliva8245 / HeroesDataParser C# Extracts Heroes of the Storm game data into XML and JSON format v2.4.0 ## What's New - #11 Added new values for the `Extract (-e|--extract)` option ## Fixes - Fixed incorrect portraits for Gazlowe and Sonya
priondevelopment priondevelopment / error PHP Return API Errors consistently throughout an application. 0.1-alpha.2
heindl heindl / goethe Go Statically generate a github flavored from a Go module. 0.0.3
lfroms lfroms / messenger JavaScript Elegant Facebook Messenger desktop app v2.20.0 * Touch Bar fixes
scavarda scavarda / WebApiClientGenerator C# WebApi Client Generator from swagger.json file to NetStandard 2.0, PHP, Java, TypeScript-Angular 1.0.0 - C# Client generation (only .NET Standard 2.0 dependencies) - Nuget package generation (only .NET Standard 2.0 dependencies)
jlobos jlobos / rut.js JavaScript :chile: Sencilla y pequeña librería para validar y dar formato al RUT v1.0.1
johanw666 johanw666 / Signal-Android Java Fork from a private messenger for Android with full backup and (partial, ony text) xml backup of messages. Restore can happen at any time, not only after a fresh install. Added passphrase protection in addition to the Android screenlock. Added more conversation colors. Added encrypted and plaintext backup / restore. Re-added import SMS database. Removed apk expire. Added the choice between passphrase protection and the Android screenlock. Added more conversation col
djbe stencilproject / Stencil Swift Stencil is a simple and powerful template language for Swift. 0.13.0 ### Breaking - Now requires Swift 4.1 or newer. [Yonas Kolb]( [#228]( - You can now use parentheses in boole
rbw rbw / nawano Python Nanocurrency for nerds 0.1.4 - Adds install instructions for MacOS and Windows - Fixes: - issue #1 - issue #2 - issue #3
ahamilton55 dollarshaveclub / psst Go A secret sharing tool v0.2.0 # Version 2: Moves team secrets to dedicated spaces - Updates team secrets to now use dedicates spaces instead of providing secrets to each team member individually. This allows secrets to persist if
steven-xie steven-xie / docker-platform HCL Automated infrastructure for a secure Docker host platform. v0.1.0 `docker-platform` has been tested locally on my macOS development machine, and seems to be relatively stable.
geolessel geolessel / trello-cli Crystal It's Trello, but snappy! v0.2.1 Little quality of life changes: * Only ask the Trello API for open boards when populating the boards list * Change the following keyboard commands when viewing a card's detail screen: Action
torleif otago / tiles PHP Tiled CMS Field for SilverStripe v4.0.1
dwinston materialsproject / gbml C Gradient Boosting Machine-Locfit: A GBM framework using local regresssion via Locfit. v1.1.0 Make it easier to make a prediction directly for structures not in Materials Project. Backward-compatible. Thanks @mkhorton
tjfryan facebook / nuclide JavaScript An open IDE for web and native mobile development, built on top of Atom v0.351.0
arruko arruko / elasticsearch no-lang Ansible Galaxy role for Elasticsearch cluster 0.0.1
makepost makepost / upmark JavaScript Discussion markup parser. Code, quote, spoiler, url. Returns AST v1.0.0 - Code, heading, link, newline, quote, spoiler, url - Parse input and return AST
JustinBeckwith googleapis / nodejs-language JavaScript Node.js client for Google Cloud Natural Language: Derive insights from unstructured text using Google machine learning. v2.0.0 ### Breaking changes - fix: drop support for node.js 4.x and 9.x ([#73]( ### New Features ### Dependencies - fix(deps): update dependency googl
seperman wearefair / fast-autocomplete Python Fast Autocomplete: When Elastcsearch suggestions are not fast and flexible enough 0.1.1
dempseyatgithub dempseyatgithub / BuildSettingExtractor Objective-C Extracts the build settings of an Xcode project into xcconfig build configuration files. v1.3 – Added Dark Mode support. – Built with Xcode 10.0 on macOS 10.14 Mojave.
techknowlogick drone-plugins / drone-matrix Go Drone plugin for sending Matrix notifications v1.2.1
jonrober sul-dlss / terraform-module-aws-ecs HCL AWS ECS module for Terraform v9
Mikheull Mikheull / WebDirectory CSS Interface web de dossiers d'un server 1.1
DanBuild yarnpkg / yarn JavaScript 📦🐈 Fast, reliable, and secure dependency management. v1.11.0
TheAssassin linuxdeploy / linuxdeploy C++ AppDir creation and maintenance tool. Featuring flexible plugin system. continuous Travis CI build log:
priondevelopment priondevelopment / setting PHP Create and Manage Settings v0.1-alpha.3
frenck hassio-addons / addon-airsonos Dockerfile AirSonos - Community Add-on for Home Assistant v1.1.0 [Full Changelog][changelog] ### Changed - Upgrades Ubuntu Base image to 2.2.0 - Adds Hassio API security role [changelog]:
new-release[bot] tunnckoCore / eslint-config-esmc JavaScript Shareable and the default @eslint config for the `esmc` compiler: v1.0.7 ## [v1.0.7]( (2018-09-25) ### :bug: Bug Fixes - **deps:** update dependency babel-eslint to v10 ([a3d6bbd](
Wilhelman Wilhelman / Tabula-Rasa-Engine C++ A 3D game engine made with c++ v0.2.5 Changes.
ibrahima gradescope / gradescope-utils Python Python package for interacting with Gradescope v0.2.8
rodaine lyft / protoc-gen-star Go protoc plugin library for efficient proto-based code generation v0.4.2
ivanborges ivanborges / furiza-base-core C# Base packages for core layers (domain and application). 1.0.0 Teste
kmcgill88 kmcgill88 / McPicker-iOS Swift McPicker is a customizable, closure driven UIPickerView drop-in solution with animations that is rotation ready. 2.0.0 # New - Support Swift 4.2. Thanks @jadsalhani!
shkhisti Azure / fluentd-plugin-mdsd C++ Azure Linux monitoring agent (mdsd) output plugin for fluentd 0.1.8
slodki moneymanagerex / moneymanagerex C Money Manager Ex is an easy to use, money management application built with wxWidgets nightly release created by AppVeyor CI
someblu fang2hou / ElvUI_WindTools Lua Enhanced Features for ElvUI 1.3.4 功能更新: * 修复信息职业染色时的错误 * 修复装备预览不显示艾泽利特特质的问题 * 修复已学配方染色的错误
DarkGhostHunter DarkGhostHunter / JSON-ORM PHP Consuming remote resources through JSON APIs doesn't have to be a pain! 0.5 As it says. You should read the though. Next step I think will be making Tests.
jessebrennan DataBiosphere / cgp-dss-data-loader Python Simple data loader for CGP HCA Data Store v1.1.0 This release adds support for a whitelisted DSS and various clean up / bug fixes. - #34 - #36 - #37
GarkGarcia GarkGarcia / Briansweeper C# An open source C# recreation of the game Briansweeper 1.0 The first official release.
3D-I phpBB-Studio / DateTopicStarterTemplate PHP If you are running a board that is using events, in any way what so ever, this the extension for you. This extension provides all you will need for a successful events forum. Let your users become hosts and organise their very own events. All sorts of details can be filled in, such as location(s), date, host, age range and much more. Once there are a few events created on your board, users can use filters to find an event they are interested in. If they have found one, they can send in an application to the host of the event. Apply, cancel, withdraw. The possibilites are unlimited. Filters, notifications, private messages, automated post replies. This extension has got it all and provides endless possibilities. This extensions helps you create an exceptional event everytime. v2.0.0-b2
bannik AbsenceDevelopment / AbsenceWallet JavaScript A beautiful looking wallet for Ethereum and ERC20 tokens. v0.1.2
kufii kufii / Sublime-ESLint-Fix Python Sublime Text plugin to run eslint --fix on the current file 1.1.0 Simplify settings to just use a single path to check for executables
new-release[bot] tunnckoCore / esmc JavaScript :fire: Modern JavaScript, today. :sparkles: Blazingly fast zero-config compiler/language built on @babel and @eslint, with optional support for @flowtype v0.8.6 ## [v0.8.6]( (2018-09-25) ### :bug: Bug Fixes - **deps:** update dependency babel-eslint to v10 ([e344abc](
arruko arruko / ansible-logstash no-lang Ansible role for Logstash installation 0.0.2
rgelb rgelb / ElasticSearch-Manager C# ElasticSearch Manager for Windows 0.4 Added support for getting index metadata.
randytarampi randytarampi / me HTML Everything about `me` in a single repo v0.40.5
adammoody hpc / mpifileutils C File utilities designed for scalability and performance. v0.8.1 Bug fixes: - fix lseek positioning when overwriting an existing file with data from a newer source file when using dsync --contents md5sum: acbd5b5c15919a67392509614bb7871e
iamed2 invenia / CloudWatchLogs.jl Julia AWS CloudWatch Logs integration for Julia using Memento.jl v0.2.0 * empty tag dict bugfix * retry every AWS operation, and MbedExceptions * support Julia 0.6, 0.7, and 1.0
bfillmer bfillmer / greenfield JavaScript Simple React boilerplate. 3.0.0 Pulled out redux-as-baseline, along with sagas. Simplified the directory structure and replaced curi with Reach. Updated some dependencies too, just for fun.
jupp0r jupp0r / prometheus-cpp C++ Prometheus Client Library for Modern C++ v0.5.0 * Add method to serialize metrics to ostream (thanks Patrick Gansterer <>) * Fix summary text format (thanks Brian Hong <>) * Add gzip compress
kurasu kurasu / surge C++ Synthesizer plug-in (previously released as Vember Audio Surge) v1.6.0b2
jdalrymple jdalrymple / node-gitlab TypeScript 🤖 GitLab API NodeJS library with full support of all the Gitlab API services. 4.1.1 ## [4.1.1]( (2018-09-25) ### Bug Fixes * Updating ApplicationSettings test ([0d345b7](
dannydulai RoonLabs / node-roon-api JavaScript Javascript Roon API 1.2.0 RoonApi.connect_to_host() was renamed to ws_connect() and its arguments were changed into a single options object argument. The tcp_port option was removed, and the http_port option was renamed port.
corbindavenport corbindavenport / tootbot Python Python tool for mirroring Reddit posts to Twitter and Mastodon 2.4 **IMPORTANT:** If you currently operate a Twitter bot, you have to apply for a Developer account or you will eventually lose API access. It's free and doesn't take much time. Full instructions are [he
HHogg HHogg / preshape JavaScript A minimal design system and library of composable React components, primarily for my personal projects. v1.3.0 # [1.3.0]( (2018-09-25) ### Bug Fixes * **Toolbar:** Arrow positioning overflow ([d745b2b](
iamed2 invenia / DeferredFutures.jl Julia Julia Futures which are initialized when written to v0.6.0
giordano JuliaPhysics / Measurements.jl Julia Error propagation calculator and library for physical measurements. It supports real and complex numbers with uncertainty, arbitrary precision calculations, operations with arrays, and numerical integration. v1.0.2 ### Bug Fixes * Fix conversion of a `Measurement` object to an `Int`. This fixes also power of complex measurements. * Ensure that `Measurement{T}(x)` returns a `Measurement{T}` ([#24](https://gi
leemeador leemeador / centos-6.9-plus Dockerfile Centos 6.9 plus yum installs v1.0.1
jungshadow jungshadow / yfpp JavaScript A foul-mouthed election information application. v1.9.4 ## Version 1.9.4 - Added voter registration link
punker76 MahApps / MahApps.Metro C# A framework that allows developers to cobble together a Metro or Modern UI for their own WPF applications with minimal effort. 2.0.0-alpha.83 As part of this release we had [43 issues]( closed. __Breaking Changes__ - [__#3339__](
alexeagle bazelbuild / rules_typescript Python Build TypeScript code with Bazel 0.18.0 Breaking Changes: `ts_library` and `ts_web_test_suite` rules attributes now default to use bazel managed deps downstream and depend on a user installing `@bazel/typescript` and `@bazel/karma` deps
try0 try0 / wicket-toastr Java Apache Wicket utilities for using toastr. v1.0.0
marito008 marito008 / backend-server-adminGastro JavaScript Bakend server para frontend AdminGastro v1.1.0
jperelli jperelli / Redmine-Periodic-Task Ruby A redmine plugin that lets you schedule an issue to fire every x days/weeks/months v3.3.1 - Fix for plugin checklist LITE version
gentilkiwi gentilkiwi / mimikatz C A little tool to play with Windows security 2.1.1-20180925 ![lsa](
doganoo doganoo / simple-rbac PHP Simple leightweight PHP Role Based Access Control library 1.2.3
gopinathnelluri gopinathnelluri / CDA-Evidence JavaScript Google Chrome Extension to capture evidence for CDA v1.0
jsirois pantsbuild / pex Python A library and tool for generating .pex (Python EXecutable) files v1.4.7 --- ## 1.4.7 * Fixup `PEX.demote_bootstrap`: fully unimport. (#554)
marito008 marito008 / admingastro CSS Administracion Gastro-Norte v2.4.0 Servicio menu Error - 404 not found
yogiraj07 aws / aws-xray-sdk-go Go AWS X-Ray SDK for the Go programming language. v1.0.0-rc.6 Please refer changelog : [Link](
zhblue zhblue / hustoj JavaScript HUSTOJ open source online judge, an Online Judge System for ACM/ICPC and NOIP training, with easy installation. 开源OJ系统 18.09.26 judge routing efficiency improvement
typcn typcn / CrGuard C Prevent chrome run software report tool and check for incompatible applications 1.1 Add 32bit support
fusion-bot[bot] fusionjs / fusion-react JavaScript Fusion.js for React v1.3.0-0 v1.3.0-0
Nekotekina RPCS3 / rpcs3-binaries-win no-lang Repository for Windows binaries build-8e268aedc72536dbcd78468cf1261096832edb5d BF4480C251BFD286D7EC27A57A42B65C6159C223AA0794016DB2468B0F6F0234;15.9157257080078MB
ThaFog ThaFog / Safetify TypeScript Value type safing utility v2.7.1 ### Bugs - Fixed returning `null` value for advanced object resolvers with nullable flag set when input was correct except one or more properties / items
wltjr Obsidian-StudiosInc / jem C Universal *nix Java Environment Manager - port of Gentoo's python java-config in C v0.2.6
shopglobal electronero / electronero C++ Electronero: the secure, private, mobile based cryptocurrency 12.3.4 ETNX BitcoinTalk: ETNXP BitcoinTalk: Update to harden the core. ⛏ Dig with us ⛏ Server Loc
alexander-akhmetov alexander-akhmetov / python-shortcuts Python Create Siri Shortcuts with Python 0.8.1 * Save shortcut from URL without deserializing if output format is plist
minio-trusted minio / minio Go Minio is an open source object storage server compatible with Amazon S3 APIs RELEASE.2018-09-25T21-34-43Z ## Highlights - Bugfixes to GetObject and CopyObject APIs to avoid race conditions when concurrent object operations are performed. - <b>Breaking Change:</b> Config entries for Domain
longkey1 longkey1 / diary-bin no-lang Mirrored from v0.4.6
zerodiv zynga / zynga-hhvm-phpunit PHP HHVM support for the PHP Unit Testing framework v1.9.4
ai postcss / postcss JavaScript Transforming styles with JS plugins 7.0.3 * Fix tokenizer extendability (by @shellscape).
TysonAndre phan / phan PHP Phan is a static analyzer for PHP. Phan prefers to avoid false-positives and attempts to prove incorrectness rather than correctness. 1.0.6 The Phan 1.x releases support analysis of php 7.0-7.2, and can be executed with php 7.0+. See the file []( for what has changed in this versio
gregorgebhardt gregorgebhardt / cluster_work Python A framework to run experiments on an computing cluster. v0.2.5 Changes in the job_stream pipeline: * The use of frames has been discarded, since they did non work reliably * All repetitions of all experiments are emitted as work item from the init function * A
pq dart-lang / linter Dart Linter for Dart. 0.1.64 # 0.1.64 * fixes to better support mixins
Fusion86 Fusion86 / Cirilla C# Library + GUI to view/modify Monster Hunter World files v0.6 **Changes** - Add very basic save editor - Add search function when editing a GMD **Version** Cirilla v0.6.0.0 Cirilla.Core v0.6.1.0
marcjwilliams1 marcjwilliams1 / ApproxBayes.jl Julia Approximate Bayesian Computation (ABC) algorithms for likelihood free inference in julia v0.2.0 ABCSMC and ABCRejection algorithms can be run in parallel using multithreading. Invoked using parallel keyword argument in runabc function. Plots dependency removed and replaced with plot recipes.
githubot-nearmap nearmap / react-entry-loader JavaScript Use webpack entry modules as templates for generating HTML assets. v2.2.3 ## [2.2.3]( (2018-09-25) ### Bug Fixes * **template:** Un-escape single quotes for CSP meta tags. ([9bf8281](
chrisbra vim / vim-win32-installer Batchfile Vim Win32 Installer v8.1.0436 Nightly Vim Windows build snapshots ([more information]( ### Changes: * [8.1.0436]( can get the t
ahmedelgabri ahmedelgabri / dotfiles Shell ~ 🍭 ~ 7.0.0 New folder structure, easier for `stow` to handle & resembles `$HOME`
LeeCheneler LeeCheneler / mr-yarn TypeScript Yarn Workspaces mono repo utility 1.0.0-alpha.5
jrsaruo jrsaruo / SafeDefaultsKit Swift Pure-Swift library for safe access to UserDefaults v1.0.3 Xcode 10 and Swift 4.2 Update
e-nikolov unchainio / pkg Go Opensource go packages from v0.7.1
chrisbra vim / vim-appimage Shell AppImage for gVim v8.1.0436
tpendragon samvera-labs / valkyrie Ruby A Data Mapper library to enable multiple backends for storage of files and metadata in Samvera v1.2.1 # Changes since last release * Fix solr persister to pass through exceptions on timeout [hackmastera]( * Fix generated specs to work with shared_specs expectation
Matthias-Schartner TUW-VieVS / VieSchedppGUI C++ VLBI scheduling software GUI v0.1.0 # Initial VieSched++ release Code is moved from our private GitLab repository to a public GitHub repository. Happy scheduling and do not forget to report bugs.
yubo yubo / doc HTML document v1
johnhomelan johnhomelan / viewdata PHP PHP Class for reading Viewdata, Teletext, BBC Mode 7 Graphics, and producing jpeg, png, gif images from that data. v1.0.1
tkoolen tkoolen / TypeSortedCollections.jl Julia Type-stable operations on type-heterogeneous collections v1.0.0 Add `any` and `all` (thanks @schmrlng). TypeSortedCollections will adhere to semantic versioning from now on.
Crowes Gallink / Rhapsody JavaScript MySQL wrapper for Joints. 1.0.0 Functional object-relationship mapper for MySQL and Gallink's database.
nevim42 Foxer-360 / server TypeScript The main server for this system. It's written in NestJS and uses Prisma to access DB. v0.1.0 ## Release 0.1.0 This is the first release of **Server** for **Foxer360** ecosystem.
vchuravy JuliaParallel / MPI.jl Julia MPI wrappers for Julia v0.7.1 - fix precompilation of modules depending on MPI.jl
Matthias-Schartner TUW-VieVS / VieSchedpp C++ VLBI scheduling software v0.1.0 # Initial VieSched++ release Code is moved from our private GitLab repository to a public GitHub repository. Happy scheduling and do not forget to report bugs.
nshahan dart-lang / angular_components Dart The official Material Design components for AngularDart. Used at Google in production apps. v0.9.2 ### Component Updates #### Material Auto Suggest Input * Implement `HasDisabled`. * Allow `selection` input to take selected value for single selection in addition to `SelectionModel`. * Expo
zendesk-deploy zendesk / samson Ruby Web interface for deployments v2440
laurenyu aws / sagemaker-containers Python This support code is used for making machine learning frameworks (e.g. MXNet, TensorFlow) run on Amazon SageMaker. v2.2.1 * bug-fix: Use regional endpoint for S3 clients
JustinBeckwith googleapis / nodejs-dns TypeScript Node.js client for Google Cloud DNS: Reliable, resilient, low-latency DNS serving from Google’s worldwide network. v0.8.0 **THIS RELEASE HAS BREAKING CHANGES**. It also has a few new great features like TypeScript support. Enjoy 🎉 #### Support for node.js 4.x and 9.x has ended Please upgrade to an LTS version of no
mtliendo mtliendo / slack-link-surfer JavaScript Easily scrape links from a Slack channel v1.3.0 # [1.3.0]( (2018-09-25) ### Bug Fixes * correct content type spelling ([9366887](
Skycoder42 Skycoder42 / deployment QMake Meta-Repo containing various scripts and files fo generic deployment brew-1
johnhomelan johnhomelan / acorn-disk PHP PHP classes to read disk images (Dfs, Adfs) for the 8-bit Acorn machines v1.0.1
deploy-code-org code-dot-org / code-dot-org JavaScript The code powering and v2018-09-25.0 - [DTS (Levelbuilder > Staging) [robo-dts]]( - [Add GDPR checkbox to finish_sign_up form if necessary](
punker76 ControlzEx / ControlzEx C# Shared Controlz for WPF and ... more 4.0.0-alpha.176 As part of this release we had [14 issues]( closed. #36 Convert WindowChrome, WindowChromeWorker and WindowChromeBehavior
pr0crustes pr0crustes / ColorBook Logos A mobilesubstrate tweak to change the boring blue facebook color inside the app. v1.0.0 Beta release, just a tweak that changes facebook color.

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