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github-actions[bot] 33kk / DankChat Kotlin Don't you guys have phones? debug
github-actions[bot] AlonMaor14 / mlrun Python Machine Learning automation and tracking unstable Latest unstable release - Git sha 6cf6b1226b71615e7e664ab6344af692b275f870 - Updated at 2021-07-08T18:00:53+03:00
github-actions[bot] ELDEpendenci-Addons / ELDependenci-GUI Java Graphic UserInterface (Inventory) API for ELDependenci 0.0.1 (寫下你的更新)
github-actions[bot] Michaelliv / mlrun Python Machine Learning automation and tracking unstable Latest unstable release - Git sha a7189da2a8f044950e6df3fe0488291939abe83a - Updated at 2021-05-27T19:33:53+03:00
github-actions[bot] RobertoBochet / nc-notes TeX My notes for PoliMi course 'Nonlinear control' latest
github-actions[bot] aviaIguazio / mlrun Python Machine Learning automation and tracking unstable Latest unstable release - Git sha c42b16e1957e3d9dd054db127ba9fe4162dee9f2 - Updated at 2021-07-08T15:05:11+03:00
github-actions[bot] casey7083 / synthea Java Synthetic Patient Population Simulator master-branch-latest
github-actions[bot] hayesgb / mlrun Python Machine Learning automation and tracking unstable Latest unstable release - Git sha a49730f89a582231d22b3d898b6522c6a5c4dca0 - Updated at 2021-07-22T14:55:45+03:00
github-actions[bot] mavdryk / ui JavaScript MLRun UI unstable Latest unstable release - Git sha e7aa757ad9fa0bb07f468f7c82489bdd5ccf33fc - Updated at 2021-05-06T19:20:39+03:00
github-actions[bot] pljones / jamulus C The Jamulus software enables musicians to perform real-time jam sessions over the internet. r3_8_0 - The term "Central server" has been replaced with "Directory server" (#1407, #1715, #1629). Note that the program will still accept the --centralserver option for backward c
mhewedy mhewedy / spring-data-jpa-mongodb-expressions Java Allows you to use the MongoDB query syntax to query your relational database. v0.0.3 Adding new enhancements and bugfixes #23 Add public api in the Expression object to accept boolean parameters #21 fix issue of is null of many-to-one associations #17 support enum $in and $nin op
Xjph Xjph / ObservatoryFramework C# Foundational Framework for ObservatoryCore and its plugins - Fix too small Ship ID datatype in several locations - Added missing "recon" drone type - Handle change in fleet carrier distance travelled value datatype in startup event - Changes to h
soerenmartius mineiros-io / terraform-aws-iam-group HCL A Terraform module to create an Identity and Access Management (IAM) Group on Amazon Web Services (AWS). v0.5.0 # Changelog ## Added - Add support for Terraform `v1.x`
github-actions[bot] NullVoxPopuli / ember-array-map-resource TypeScript, but as a Resource that prevents unneeded memory thrashing v1.0.0 # 1.0.0 (2021-07-25) ### Features * initial implementation ([dd30d91]( ### BREAKING CHAN
Elshaden Elshaden / laravel-invoices PHP Laravel package to generate PDF invoices from various customizable parameters 1.0.0 Beta
github-actions[bot] kevholditch / terraform-provider-kong Go kong provider for terraform v6.0.2
EdwinRamirez19 EdwinRamirez19 / chat-message CSS Chat básico con node y socket io v1.0.0 - HTML -JQUERY -FRONT END
aymanochko aymanochko / test-rest Java REST Service for user management v1.0 A stable implementation of users management API with Spring Boot and MongoDB
desertkun the-channels / channels C ZX Spectrum client for imageboards v0.2-alpha The Hub no longer requires SDL library to do it's image processing, and the img2spec functionality has been statically linked into the main app, having all UI rendering excluded. - `channels-h
Richard-2094 Richard-2094 / R-Project-01-Sem-2-2021 JavaScript LTC - Project 01 - Semester_02 - 2021 0.01 First release
Drawethree Drawethree / UltraPrisonCore-Expansion Java Expansion for PlaceholderAPI 1.4.2-BETA Updated to be up-to-date with UltraPrisonCore 1.4.2-BETA.
github-actions[bot] trallnag / ansible-role-awscli no-lang Ansible role that installs AWS CLI with the official installer on Ubuntu and Debian 1.0.0 * Initial release. ## Unreleased * Nothing.
maximedegreve maximedegreve / TinyFaces-Sketch-Plugin JavaScript Fill selected layers in Sketch with free stock avatars v0.4.0 Update to work with the new backend API
raen1978 raen1978 / Civ6-Portugal-By-Raen Lua Source Code for interested in modding and get latest release of Civ 6 PORTUGAL to install in MODS directory. v2.5 No more Porto, Farol and etc. Found solution for Great Explorers only for Portugal. Revised ships upgrades, and other minor tweaks.
Willena Willena / pool-monitoring-webapp Vue A webapp writen in VueJs to be used with an ESP8266 to manage a swimming pool 1.0.0
tensign1444 tensign1444 / ImmortalCheatsHubFinal no-lang Hub v1.0.0.0_x64 This is the Immortal Cheats Hub exe.
github-actions[bot] diaasami / wx-config-win C++ Windows port of the wx-config utility This Repo is no longer being supported refs/heads/codeblocks
Buldugmaster99 H3rmts-in-Dark / Communication-Server Kotlin secure communication over network 0.2 Finished Client Frame
github-actions[bot] honey11155 / Actions-OpenWrt Shell A template for building OpenWrt with GitHub Actions | 使用 GitHub Actions 云编译 OpenWrt 2021.07.26-0537 🔗 [Cowtransfer]()
Firespindash Firespindash / dotfiles CSS My personal desktop customization and backup. 1.0
iromero91 python-zwoasi / python-zwoasi Python Python binding for the ZWO ASI library. Control ZWO ASI cameras from python. v0.1.0.1 Last release before maintainer change.
Juliaaan2502 Juliaaan2502 / browserAndroid Java A simple Web Browser for Android Devices v1.5.0 # Android Browser 1.5.0 Offical Release ## Changes - Italian translation added - Limburgan/Netherlands translation added - French translation added - Japanese translation added **If you want
RotmgPlayer RotmgPlayer / calculator Java simple calculator v1.0 my first project :P
github-actions[bot] mdeous / gredit Go Interactive text search and edition tool dev
beastmatser beastmatser / CoderDojo-Bot Python Code van CoderDojo discord bot v3 - discord-py-slash-command vervangen door de officiële v2 versie - `sqlite` vervangen door `asqlite` (source: - `requests` vervangen door `aiohttp` (de
asanetargoss asanetargoss / Keyboard-Wizard Java A simple Minecraft mod that makes finding and fixing key conflicts easier. (1.10 maintenance branch) v1.5.0.hca.1 This mod is based on the 1.5 release of Keyboard Wizard. * Fix regex crash when typing certain keys in the search bar
bertmelis marvinroger / async-mqtt-client C++ 📶 An Arduino for ESP8266 asynchronous MQTT client implementation v0.9.0 ## :sparkles: Enhancements * Enqueue outgoing messages * optional debug logging * disconnect reason passed to user * updated docs ## :bug: Bugfixes * various bugfixes
HypeVoidSoul HypeVoidSoul / Xeronoid Python 𝘛𝘦𝘭𝘦𝘨𝘳𝘢𝘮 𝘷𝘰𝘪𝘤𝘦 𝘤𝘩𝘢𝘵 𝘮𝘶𝘴𝘪𝘤 𝘱𝘭𝘢𝘺𝘦𝘳 𝘶𝘴𝘦𝘳𝘣𝘰𝘵 𝘵𝘩𝘢𝘵 𝘩𝘢𝘴 𝘣𝘦𝘦𝘯 𝘤𝘰𝘥𝘦𝘥 𝘵𝘰 𝘸𝘰𝘳𝘬 𝘪𝘯 𝘢𝘯𝘺 𝘨𝘳𝘰𝘶𝘱 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘪𝘴 𝘷𝘦𝘳𝘺 𝘮𝘰𝘥𝘶𝘭𝘢𝘳 2
github-actions[bot] g-yui / dopamine TypeScript The audio player that keeps it simple Test # Dopamine change log All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file. The format is based on [Keep a Changelog](, and this project adhe
femboy-tech femboy-tech / dart-vkio Dart VK API SDK is a Dart package allows you to access to all VK API methods such as Messages, Groups, Utils, etc. 1.3.3-nullsafe-1
felixdulfer felixdulfer / s3-upload JavaScript Simple S3 Upload script. v1.0.1 - add env vars 837c385 - fix cwd 3e1221d - add cli 415290e
sjmulder sjmulder / dated C Add a timestamp to every line of a stream 1.0.3 - New: 'make check' target. - Fix: explicit permissions in 'make install', prevents man page from being executable on certain environments. - Change: switch from Travis CI
fernandolopez fernandolopez / xremotebot-tesina TeX Tesina del año 2015 - Facultad de Informática UNLP presentada
ingarabr ingarabr / http4s-cloud-functions Scala Use http4s with Google Cloud Functions. It's a simple wrapper around the http4s-dsl. v0.0.1 Initial release. Available on `bintry`.
lamplightdev lamplightdev / wafer JavaScript A simple and lightweight base library for building Web Components for use in the browser and on the server v1.0.0
bur4kcoders Bur4k1226 / bur4k Batchfile see you 1.1 1226
Sam839 Sam839 / RenJack C++ Renard Injector (PE section injector) v1.0.0.0 First release
niels-nijens nijens / openapi-bundle PHP Helps you create a REST API from your OpenAPI specification. 1.1.0 ### Added * PHP 8.x support. (#46) ### Removed * PHP 7.1 support. (#48) * Symfony 3.4 support. (#48) ### Fixed * `Throwable` error resulting in a type error in the `JsonResponseExceptionSubs
geosjobby geosjobby / HTML repository for webpage 1.0 website release 1.0
psav psav / sfizz C++ SFZ parser and synth c++ library, providing AU / LV2 / VST3 plugins and JACK standalone client 1.1.0.b
inzlain inzlain / MacroExorcist C# Proof of concept tool to deliberately set an invalid VBA project version value in Word documents 1
dabreegster a-b-street / abstreet Rust A traffic simulation game exploring how small changes to roads affect cyclists, transit users, pedestrians, and drivers. 0.2.53 - new intersection consolidation algorithm, applied around Seattle and Tempe with really great results! - Seattle fixes: deduplicating cycletracks, connecting Arboretum bike paths - add new lane typ
min0rglytch min0rglytch / sleepy-econ no-lang Very basic economy addon. Adds silver Coins, obtainable through many different options. v0.1.1 [==== v 0.1.1 ====] -> fixed bug where coin texture is transparent [](
optix2000 optix2000 / totsugeki Go Guilty Gear Strive Proxy for faster loading v0.0.1
kathirvalavan kathirvalavan / grpc_serializer Ruby A simple library to encode nested hash to grpc object and vice versa v1.0
roalyr roalyr / GDTLancer GDScript A space shooter arcade inspired by Freelancer. Developed in Godot 3. v0.1-pre-alpha
bioinformer bioinformer / GC123e Shell Random Sampling of Triplet Codon Block Entropy in terms of GC(1,2,3)% Harmonically Averages approximating to Napier's Constant: a Comprehensive Survey across 1118 Species v2.718 Random Sampling of Triplet Codon Block Entropy in terms of GC(1,2,3)% Harmonically Averages approximating to Napier's Constant: a Comprehensive Survey across 1118 Species https://mathworld.wol
Grandboy46 Grandboy46 / eclipsa no-lang Checkm8 PoC tool for A8, A8X and A9 devices that allows you to boot untrusted images (macOS only, credits: checkra1n team). v1.0
filipe1309 filipe1309 / skeleton-courses Shell This project aims to be a skeleton for course projects deployed on GitHub 💀 0.1.0
Dakuro Dakuro / Arkhesys Java Arkhesys is a Minecraft Mod. It is in some kind of early access for testing, so there is not a lot of features. v0.1.0-alpha First Alpha pre-release of Arkhesys.
FoxPopBR FoxPopBR / Moriquendi Python Software in Python / guild control MF_vs_1.0.1 ### [>> Organograma Moriquendi INI <<] **My first study version of Python. By. ( FoxPop / FabioCesar )** ``` Versionamentos Prontos --> MF_vs_1.0.1 data 07/24/2021
frapa frapa / sampan Rust Fix panorama pictures from Samsung phones v1.0.0 Initial release, program is functional.
yoeo yoeo / guesslang Python Detect the programming language of a source code v2.2.0
dalvangriebler GMAP / NPB-GPU Cuda NAS Parallel Benchmarks for GPU with CUDA NPB-GPU-CUDA This version includes also the pseudo applications and license updates.
tucotuco tdwg / dwc Jupyter Notebook Darwin Core 2020-08-20 This release marks the successful amendments to make the Darwin Core standard ( comply with the Standards Documentation Specification (
michaelleerilee SpatioTemporal / pystareplotlib Python A simple plotting package using Cartopy, meant for exploring how STARE can be used. 1.0.0 Basic visualization for pystare and the STARE project. Includes contributions from M. Rilee, N. Griessbaum, and M. Bauer. Depends on STARE and pystare versions 1 or more.
r-teller r-teller / terraform-google-firewall-rules HCL Terraform module that provides an simplified approach for creating firewall rules in GCP v0.2-alpha
ArcticRaven Arctic-Gaming-LLC / MagicDice Java Arctics Magic Dice Machine 1.3 Initial release of Magic Dice
username1565 Armor-Network / armor-blockchain-backup no-lang Backups of armor blockchain. Backup-109740 First 109740 blocks of `ArmorNetwork (AMX)`. Blocks 0-109739, including 0-th block. Usage - here:
github-actions[bot] kcctl / kcctl Java A command line client for Kafka Connect 1.0.0-early-access ## Changelog d5dd74d 🩹 Fix early-access release workflow b34d3e6 💫 #15 Misc. clean-up 910f80d 👣 #15 Implementing patch logger and get logger commands
gaugustini gaugustini / carddo Kotlin A simple app to manage business cards. v1.0.0
fdenzer fdenzer / todorewritethisseleniumapi Python based on 1.1 Add exemplary data.
antonioCoco antonioCoco / RemotePotato0 C Just another "Won't Fix" Windows Privilege Escalation from User to Domain Admin. 1.1 ## Added - Cross session activation to activate a COM object in an arbitrary session. No more session 0 constraints needed. Session can be specified with the -s flag. Credits for the discovery to [@t
OlimilO1402 OlimilO1402 / Syst_Snapshot VBA Lists all dependencies, child-processes, dll, ocx, threads and heap-lists a process has v1.0.04 latest stable version
ElectBitcoin ElectBitcoin / action-create-issue TypeScript 📔 GitHub Action to create an issue v1.1
nioc nioc / netatmo-nodejs-api JavaScript Node.js API wrapper for Netatmo API 1.0.0
LeonBlade LeonBlade / BDTHPlugin C# A plugin for FFXIVQuickLauncher to help with manipulating housing items. 1.3.10 * Disabled the model update as it's causing crashes for other people.
yupferris logicomacorp / WaveSabre C# Official WaveSabre repository v0.1.0 It's about time we started pinning down official release versions, so that we can allow ourselves to continue to improve WaveSabre, but in potentially backwards-incompatible ways. Not only should
joesunley joesunley / CourseGenerator C# Orienteering Course Generator for Purple Pen 0.2.0-alpha **Visual Update** - Added a dialog for choosing the file to create courses from - Added a dialog for saving the generated courses **Form** <img src="
Samq64 Samq64 / blissboard HTML Bliss Board for CARE v1.0.0 The .sb3 file requires loading the Fetch Scratch extension from [here]( before it can be loaded. The easiest way to open it is by using this URL: https://turbowarp.o
captainburple captainburple / BurpleLauncher Batchfile This is a minecraft windows 10 edition launcher. All you need for this to work is trial version of minecraft. 0.1 This is first release of BurpleLauncher! THIS ISNT FINAL RELEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Expect this release to have bugs and/or might not work correctly, I found only one bug and in file i st
Abderrahman-byte Abderrahman-byte / express-formidable-v2 JavaScript A Folk of express-formidable An Express middleware of Formidable that just works. 2.1.0
topser9 topser9 / kernel_samsung_universal9610 C Kernel source for the Samsung Galaxy A50 ,A50s & M30s(Exynos) ONEUI3 V1 Samsung securities disabled. ONEUI :SElinux enforcing -GSI :SElinux permissive -MTP -Enable zram -Default compressor as LZ4 -update LZ4 decompressor modul Compiled with clang-4639204
MichalBures MichalBures / obsidian-file-path-to-uri TypeScript Convert file path to uri for easier use of links to local files outside of Obsidian 1.3.0 Add command to paste converted file path from clipboard as file uri link. `C:\temp -> [C:\temp](file:///C:/temp)`
yidinghe yidinghe / anko no-lang Pleasant Android application development 0.10.8
austinmroczek craigjmidwinter / total-connect-client Python Python Client for TotalConnect based alarm systems 2021.07 Adds multi-partition support. See for details.
michaelleerilee SpatioTemporal / pystare Python The Python interface for the SpatioTemporal Adaptive Resolution Encoding (STARE), a unified indexing for geolocated data. 0.7.0-alpha Added temporal baseline functions. Based on STARE 1.0.0-beta. This release should instruct pystare 1.0.0.
benjamindkilleen arcadelab / deepdrr Python Code for "DeepDRR: A Catalyst for Machine Learning in Fluoroscopy-guided Procedures". v1.1.0-alpha.2 This pre-release includes initial support for fast multi-volume rendering.
sjmulder sjmulder / nostt C Command line NOS Teletekst reader 1.2.1 - New: Dutch translation of - Fixed: interactive prompt not printed with musl libc. - Fixed: typos in - Change: migrated builds from Travis to
sjmulder sjmulder / cycle C Repeat a file or stream forever 1.0.1 - Fix: acutally install man page with 'make install'. - Change: switch from AGPL to 2-clause BSD license. - Change: switch from Travis CI to
SCadilhac netfishers-onl / Netshot Java Network Configuration and Compliance Management v0.16.3 * React to HUP signal to reload logging and authentication configuration * Add device.textDownload to download text via SCP from device * FortiOS driver 5.0 now tries to use SCP to download the conf
FishOfPitt116 FishOfPitt116 / WTSummerBoatPassScript Python Using the google sheets API, wrote a script to automatically gather boat pass information for patrons at my summer job, at a boathouse which rented out boats by the hour. 0.1 Pre-release of my winding trails summer boat pass script.
dmwilson1990 dmwilson1990 / docker-baseimage-gui-cac JavaScript A minimal docker baseimage to ease creation of X graphical application containers v3.6.0
github-actions[bot] moxon6 / PHP Wordpress Theme Repository for 6.0.1 Wordpress Theme for Version 6.0.1
cgytrus cgytrus / MCFunctionExtensions C# Some extensions to the vanilla Minecraft functions syntax v1.0.0 available features: self namespaces, inline functions, else statements
topser9 topser9 / kernel_samsung_Exynos9611 C Kernel source for the Samsung Galaxy A51/M21/M21s/M31/M31s (Exynos9611) ONEUI3 V1 -Samsung securities disabled. - ONEUI :SElinux enforcing -GSI :SElinux permissive -MTP -Enable zram -Default compressor as LZ4 -update LZ4 decompressor modul - Compiled with clang-4639204
timskovjacobsen timskovjacobsen / steelprofiles_api Python API for requesting steel profile data 0.1.0
FlowArg FlowArg / OpenLauncherLib Java A simple modern java launching library with minecraft support v3.2.0 * Moved to Java NIO * Added a good CD * Added a support for java 16 (and 1.17) * Removed '.' at the start of the messages * Other Fixes
bendera bendera / vscode-webview-elements HTML Web component library for developing Visual Studio Code extensions v0.6.0 - Icon: - added proper theme variables - added action icon pressed style - added focus border style - Collapsible: - keyboard support - icon visibility mimics the VSCode behavior: it
thoo0224 thoo0224 / Gifski.Net C# Gifski wrapper for .NET 5 1.0.0 * initial release
Consek Consek / devops-example-application TypeScript Example DevOps application with three services v1.0.0
github-actions[bot] zed0 / tomb-helper Rust A speedrun helper for the Tomb Raider reboot series v1.6.0
gpailler gpailler / NSIS-Tool C# Original NSIS binaries packed in a Nuget package v3.0.7
topser9 topser9 / twrp_device_samsung_a50 Makefile For building TWRP for Samsung Galaxy A50 (Exynos) only 3.5.2 magiskboot -repacktools -resetprop -lipresetprop If installing for the first time you should wipe user data out after that flash this multidisabler-samsung and Disable_Dm-Verity_ForceEncrypt sho
humfras Legacy-of-Sylvanaar / prat-3-0 Lua Prat-3.0 is a chat enhancement addon for world of warcraft 3.9.2
AppleMac1976 AppleMac1976 / VideoGameCollection Swift An iOS application that will allow users to sort, track, and collect their favorite video games, and video game collectibles v0.1-alpha This is an alpha build of the app "Game Collect." From the time of this release, the app will be published to App Store Connect and distributed to test users.
AleksdemSA AleksdemSA / calibrebot Go Telegram bot для Calibre v.0.0.3
topser9 topser9 / Twrp_device_samsung_a50s Makefile For building TWRP for Samsung Galaxy A50s (Exynos) only 3.5.2 -magiskboot -repacktools -resetprop -lipresetprop If installing for the first time you should wipe user data out after that flash this multidisabler-samsung and Disable_Dm-Verity_ForceEncrypt sh
Swejzi Swejzi / QRPlatba PHP Knihovna pro generování QR plateb v PHP v1.1.1
abdullateefv abdullateefv / MessagingApplication Java A desktop messaging application v1.1 This release allows for messaging between multiple clients running on multiple computers. Launch Instructions: 1. Run MessagingApplication.jar (double-click) 2. Enter username: Guest123 and pa
toamz toamz / GameEngine C++ My own basic game engine 1.0.0
victor-savinov code4charity / YouTube-Extension JavaScript YouTube Extension 🎧80+Features🧰Please⭐document, code or donate📌Tidy📌Longest-standing©️2012. Users👨‍👩‍👧‍👧380,000+ ⚙️⋮⏯️🎞️☕🎛️🔴🎬🔊🎨🧩🧪📈Player: Repeat Screenshot Rotate; Hide related video distraction. Always expand video Description. Playback speed. Video Quality bandwidth H.264 electricity. Player Size Full Window. Themes Customization. Statistics. Playlist Reverse YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube Youtube enhancer YouTube app YouTube video YouTube YouTube YouTube api v3 YouTube playback YouTube player VP8 VP9 AV1 vidIQ tubebuddy download adblocker adblock ads sponsorblock addon youtube music ⭐ youtube premium css css4 html5 ytdl youtube-dl invidious iridium ParticleCore youtube+ youtube++ youtube-plus maia-yt youtube nonstop youtube control center vlogger vlog h264ify h264 youtube mobile youtube studio ⭐ kids Vanced gaming youtubecenter freetube lite-youtube-embed newpipe youtube-dl-gui mps-youtube nuclear pytube awesome youtubers youtube downloader 8k 4k 60fps 30fps youtubeexplode vidgear k-lite tubebuddy adobe apple ios iphone design simplify ffmpeg premiere designer annoyance youtube upload v3.350 ### Settings: - [x] Improved search - [x] Fixed export settings - [x] Improved "Active features" - [x] Minor improvements for "About" section - [x] Fixed extension "Optio
BohdanRyba BohdanRyba / liqpay-magento2 no-lang LiqPay integration extension for Magento 2 1.3
karmaral karmaral / quick-properties Python A quick way to navigate property panels by using hotkeys 0.1
lgavino lgavino / angular-basicos TypeScript Esta es la introduccion a Angular v0.1.0 #Notas Puras bases de angular
crockett1981 crockett1981 / go-tdlib Go Golang Telegram TdLib JSON bindings 1.0.0
iSaluki iSaluki / Software-Launcher GAP A simple software launcher made in Godot. 0.1 Basic functionality - early prototype version.
theSm1th theSm1th / resin-reminder Python A reminder for Genshin Impact resin regeneration using win10toast to notify the user after a set amount has regenerated. 1.0.0 Initial release. Resin-Reminder.exe is a pyinstaller --onefile build. is a pyinstaller --onedir build.
nusenu nusenu / ansible-relayor HTML An Ansible Role for Tor Relay Operators v21.0.1 changes since relayor v21.0.0 * install the gpg package by default on debian based systems (patch by @ anadahz) * reload tor when the tor-exit-notice html file is changed (patch by @ anadahz)
garybake garybake / playwithfastapi Python Basic structure for fastapi project 1.0.0 It's usable
github-actions[bot] pikarpov-LANL / Sapsan Python ML-based turbulence modeling for astrophysics v0.2.10 ## Changes There are no new features in this update, but numerous quality of life improvements and bug fixes. #### Data Loader - fixed multi-checkpoint loading for hdf5 module - they are
Moh-Azril Moh-Azril / maticgator no-lang Automatic Egg Incubator based on Arduino 0.0.0 Add Arduino Code for Maticgator with features: - Sensor DHT (Temperature and Humidity) series - LCD I2C 16x2 for display - Temperature Control using Lamp and DC Fan - Humidity Control using mist
zackjones11 zackjones11 / react-hook-datepicker TypeScript 📆 A set of react hooks to help build date pickers v1.0.1
michaelleerilee SpatioTemporal / STARE C SpatioTemporal Adaptive Resolution Encoding, a unifying index for geo-located data. 1.0.0-beta A basic temporal API has been completed, meaning that both spatial and temporal encodings are now available. Performance related updates are being planned. Documentation is still spotty, but examples
nzvorn voluntarily / vly2 JavaScript The Voluntarily Platform - an open source platform for organising volunteers to do cool things beta-2021-07-26 This is to test the release process and to make some security/access changes to the app so we have a tighter UX for volunteers to focus back onto schools only. New website with information about vol
libanasuperfuds Superfuds / secrets-swap Shell Github Action to get secrets from S3 on EKS deployments v2
CheongYeeMing CheongYeeMing / Neontera C# A 2D platformer with a role-playing interactive storyline which aims to train the reaction time of players. V1.1 ### **Neontera V1.1** A 2D platformer with a role-playing interactive storyline that aims to train the reaction time of players. ![Neontera BGBGBGBG](
Neengash Neengash / DarkSpace-Shooter ShaderLab Small shooter game made with Unity v1.0 Download and extract to play the game. Runs on Windows. (Alt + Tab, and then close window to exit. It doesn't have a menu)
iqqmuT iqqmuT / civ6-cheat JavaScript Cheat Tool for Civ6 Save Files v1.1.4
MatthewMerritt MatthewMerritt / SFSymbolsFinder Swift Set of available SF Symbols 3.0.1
corgifist corgifist / amethyst-lang Python Amethyst is a programming language built on top of the Python Interpreter. 0,1 **You can find documentation on**
patoarvizu patoarvizu / streamtheworld-recorder HCL Script to play and record streamtheworld streams, personalized to also record some other personal favorite stations v0.3.2 * Fix issue with `pubDate` on generated file.
MatheusSilver MatheusSilver / WiiFunkin-Animado Haxe É... Apenas uma ideia muito loka de novo. v1.0 Sim, é secreto
novus-alex novus-alex / SerialIO C Python support for serial I/O 1.0.0 First release, this is a first view of the module. Feel free to add comments and tell me if you find any upgrades I can do
bernawastaken bernawastaken / scripts AutoHotkey Various scripts in AHK, batch, etc... 1.1.0 EXE to open Windows Terminal with the Ctrl + Alt + T key combination ### What's New: - The terminal will now start in the C:\ folder rather than in the folder where the exe is stored for better
zakiyfadhilmuhsin zakiyfadhilmuhsin / fia-ads-wordpress-plugin PHP Facebook Instant Articles (Custom Ads) Wordpress Plugin 0.0.1 Plugin untuk mengenerate xml yang bisa menaruh custom ads untuk kebutuhan facebook instant articles. dan yang bisa anda tambahkan antara lain: - Custom Ads di tengah konten - Custom Ads di tengah
argo2445 argo2445 / simhubFritzDECT200 C# SimHub FRITZ!DECT 200 Plugin 1.0
DevPrionTeam DevPrionTeam / Simple-TurnBased-RPG-Battle C# A very simple turn based RPG Battle system made in C# by us. V0.1 Very first compilation of the repository.
ZumoDev GamBit-Development / GamBit JavaScript GamBit is an advanced bot with different type of commands, like Moderation, RPG, Utility, and more! stable ## Changelog: ### Added: - _settings_ command! ### Fixed: - _stop, skip_ not replying ### Improved: - _math_ command (Added checkers and embed) ### Removed: - _antieveryone, antiraid_
thechayed thechayed / CCDK-Unity C# Chad Creates Development Kit Unity is a powerful Backend for developing large scale games easily with Unity, aimed at users ranging from Beginners to Experts. 0.0.1 This is simply the first Release of the CCDK. Doesn't have a whole lot of features yet. Download this to start playing with this early release.
Domochip Domochip / dayinfo2mqtt PHP allows to get some day infos pushed through MQTT (school / public holidays, moon state, etc ...) 1.0.0
ErmolaevID Ermolaev-Inc / react-project TypeScript ☄️ Bootstrap your react project 2.0.0-beta.0 ### Core Changes - Setup prettier - New format script - noImplicitOverride flag in tsconfig - New file structure - Remove erck - npm audit ### README Changes - Remove outdate information -
anicoweb anicoweb / securityquestions PHP با استفاده از این افزونه میتوانید سوال های امنیتی موقع ثبت نام را به دلخواه خود ترجمه کنید securityquestions
justinkambic justinkambic / libraw.js C++ Node.js bindings for the popular LibRaw framework. 2.2.1 libraw.js 2.2.1
github-actions[bot] knah / ML-UniversalMods C# Universal (non-game-specific) mods for MelonLoader made by me updates-2021-07-25 Changes: * All mods: updated to MelonLoader 0.3.0+ * CoreLimiter: changed settings to make a bit more sense
github-actions[bot] OpsLevel / helm-charts Smarty Official Helm charts for OpsLevel products. kubernetes-sync-0.3.2 An agent for syncronizing Kubernetes data with OpsLevel
TempestTristen TempestTristen / custom-default-scoreboard CSS I'm tired of the default FiveM scoreboard and decided to just say fuck it and make it a bit better in my eyes and remove some unnecessary stuff to it. v1 Literally a release about the scoreboard.
fpjnijweide fpjnijweide / autoencoder-pdb-cleaning Jupyter Notebook This is the source code for the paper "Autoencoder-based cleaning in probabilistic databases". v2.0 This is an updated version of the source code for the experiments and results shown in the paper "Autoencoder-based cleaning in probabilistic databases". The reason for the update is that we
5CYTH3 5CYTH3 / scythe_ess Go A Golang CLI for me to make my work faster v1.0 First version of cli-scythe, a CLI that allow you to create projects easily and fast. You can init a git repository in your project by adding the flagg "--git" to the command. I will provi
bloomcake project-tampah / django-multi-domains Python This Django App sets specific URL Confs for configured domains. 0.0.1 This is the first version of the Multi Domains App.
enocom GoogleCloudPlatform / gcping Go Like but a command line tool v0.0.5 * Restore missing gcping-release bucket for CLI * Use the same endpoints as
TerThesz TerThesz / tb-http TypeScript Simple http server made for fun. 1.1.1
GeorgeFitzpatrick GeorgeFitzpatrick / abstract-http-client Java Java library to wrap existing http clients providing a consistent api should you wish to switch between clients. v0.0.1
dantheta dantheta / norm Python Not an ORM - a CRUD helper for python v0.9.4
vitogiu1 vitogiu1 / Dream-Games CSS Uma simples Game Publisher v1.0.0
github-actions[bot] tgagor / docker-centos Dockerfile Waiting for proper CentOS stream image variant, I'd like to have something to test compatibility v1.2.2 ## [1.2.2]( (2021-07-25)
cloudmencloud cloudmencloud / JSONtk Python Python tools for quick design prototype v1.0 ### **VERSION 1.0** Initial release ### Changelog - Released JSONtk
t0mer t0mer / telegram-download-daemon Python A simple script to automate telegram download of big files 1.0.0
jkanales jkanales / Mappia_Example no-lang Sharing my spatial data on an online platform. Map_Download Map_Download
h0rn3t h0rn3t / postorm Python Small postgres ORM (Django like orm) for Python 0.1.3
aubreypwd aubreypwd / chat-with-aubreypwd-mac no-lang for Mac v1.0.0 First version, download the DMG here and install per normal or [install via homebrew](
alankpatel alankpatel / circleci-sandbox Shell A sandbox to mess around with circleci beta-main-0.1.1
progaurab progaurab / apache-cordova-training TypeScript This is the repository for the Course "Apache Cordova -Build Mobile App using HTML CSS & JavaScript". 1.0
github-actions[bot] galenguyer / plostcard Python "that's terrifying you should do it" 2021-07-25_12-50
MattHackenbrook MattHackenbrook / JazzaGameJam C# Open source #JazzaGameJam 1.1 Added energy system. You can now run with left trigger (shift) and get directions to chests using B (ctrl). This uses energy which is replenished when collecting chests. Movement fixes have also been
PaulBreugnot pixled / pixled-lib C++ The C++ Arduino compatible pixled library. v1.0 # :rainbow: :sheep: The first stable version of the Pixled library! See the [README](, the [pixled wiki](
madsroskar madsroskar / trymify JavaScript 🥔 v1.1.1 I'm using this to try out automatic publishing to npm with a github workflow.
Sonic-Amiga Sonic-Amiga / org.openhab.binding.devireg Java DeviReg binding for OpenHAB 2.1-pre2-oh3.1 Rebuild for OpenHAB v3.1; mostly dependency fixes
xyonico xyonico / RealisticBleeding C# A Blade & Sorcery mod that adds simulated bleeding physics, similar to Overgrowth v0.4.0 - Significantly improved performance. _If you stopped using the mod because of performance issues, try this version._ - Added visible blood dripping off of characters and splashing onto the environme
Szago Szago / KEKtimizer Batchfile Registry optimization tool with gaming as a main focus First release
shayypy shayypy / realmerge-cws JavaScript Mini version of Realmerge for Chromium-based browsers (Chrome Web Store) v1.0
narcisodev narcisodev / drag-and-drop JavaScript Projeto de estudo da funcionalidade Drag and Drop em páginas web com JavaScript 1.0
ofedoren Apipie / apipie-rails Ruby Ruby on Rails API documentation tool 0.5.19 * Add rel-eng notebook (Oleh Fedorenko) * Correct the word parâmentros for brazilian portuguese [#687]( (Diego Noronha) * Fix depreciated file.exists
dejaypiii dejaypiii / powershell-localnugethelper PowerShell LocalNuGetHelper is a powershell module that supports you with a seamless development workflow for your .NET NuGet packages. v0.2.0 ### Added - README documentation - Requirements check of an available dotnet CLI - Detailed verbose log outputs ### Changed - Replace hard coded values with function parameters for feed nam
Adainish Adainish / ClientTimeChanger Java 1.12.2 Port of the TimeChanger Mod by fyu 1.0-Client This a 1.12.2 port of the TimeChanger mod made by cinque <> Per request of twitter user @The0riginalAce
Pixelpunker Pixelpunker / Pico-Host no-lang PICO-8 Fantasy Console Installer for the Waveshare GPM280 and other handhelds 0.1 First pre-release for the installer for Batocera
javaveryhot javaveryhot / sockergroda Java A free tool that lets you share free-text that is encrypted into a key, which can be decrypted by the recipient with a password prod Initial release
stijojoseph stijojoseph / DS3231_LIBRARY_STM32 C Complete library for Ds3231 for interacting with Stm32 over I2C(HAL LIBRARY) 1.1
OttawaSTEM OttawaSTEM / scratch-arduino-link JavaScript Scratch local socket server. Provide hardware connection to scratch-vm. 1.0.1
wassimbj wassimbj / simpleq Go simple redis-based queue written in go (built for learning only) v0.0.2
MarkOSullivan94 fluttercommunity / flutter_launcher_icons Dart Flutter Launcher Icons - A package which simplifies the task of updating your Flutter app's launcher icon. Fully flexible, allowing you to choose what platform you wish to update the launcher icon for and if you want, the option to keep your old launcher icon in case you want to revert back sometime in the future. Maintainer: @MarkOSullivan94 v0.9.1
sgaunet sgaunet / ssftp Go sftp client tool 0.1-beta1 ## Changelog 8e9ea17 Add comments 2617789 Add comments e5fd631 Add option to specify port b0a763a Add vscode file to debug program fe8cdb0 Complete README c9e49fd Complete TU f017dc8 Complete functio
TerribleCoding TerribleCoding / AnySection HTML A powerful web tool for calculating phisical and mechanical properties of standard geometry profiles v1.3 Footer has been changed in a sidebar on the right Added equations page showing formulas and symbols used in the tool Bugs can be reported via Github or Google modules, from the "Credits" p
notscuffed notscuffed / BnsLauncher C# Custom BNS Launcher v0.2.0-alpha - Updated sample bnspatch.xml (Removes xml patch that was breaking F button) - Set client working directory when startin game
tmarenko tmarenko / GenshinImpact_PaimonShutUp Python Automatically mutes Paimon when she speaks 0.1.0 Automatically mutes Paimon when she speaks Extract archive and run `start.bat`
Stratium Stratium / Google-Drive-for-Desktop-Integration no-lang Enables Google Drive for Desktop to show in Windows file explorer in the same way that OneDrive or DropBox does. 1.0.0 Added support for Google Drive for Desktop based upon Installation instructions in the readme, but essentially you need to edit GoogleDrive.r
ck3mp3r ck3mp3r / ansible-role-spacevim no-lang Some of my personal Ansible roles v20210725 Initial version of Ansible SpaceVim role.
orchetect orchetect / SwiftRadix Swift Easily convert integers to binary/hex/octal strings and back again with clean functional syntax. 1.0.2 - Formatting and cleanup
KB1RD KB1RD / ssft-web JavaScript Stupid Simple File Transfer - Transfer files from one browser to another 0.1.0
ElberPardo ElberPardo / modelosavanzados1 Jupyter Notebook Modelos Avanzados 1 P2_Modelos Proyecto 2 - API
barijaona barijaona / UniversalMailer no-lang Universal Mailer plugin for v/3.0.1 - Compatibility with up to macOS 11.5 - Modernized architecture build **Installation:** 1. Run the installer (UniversalMailer.pkg) 2. Run the following two commands in Terminal: ```` sudo s
hdlozanor hdlozanor / moodle no-lang Moodle - the world's open source learning platform v3.8
rodriada000 rodriada000 / SessionMapSwitcher C# Desktop App to easily switch Session maps while running the game, without having to restart every time. v2.10.0 No more having to uninstall RMS Toolsuite to use SMM :) They are now compatible with each other. ### Updates * Texture Replacer is officially now the Mod Importer and you can install various mods
BomberFish BomberFish / Versa3Rickroll JavaScript A Versa 3/Sense app which displays a QR code that you can use to rickroll your friends. v1.0
mar7in91 alexdiazmolina / admestudio SCSS ADM WEBSITE 1.0
khufkens bluegreen-labs / phenor R A phenology modelling framework in R v1.3 First release after major refactoring of function names. These puts function names inline with rOpenSci conventions. Includes behind the scenes changes to work towards these standards as well.
berabulut berabulut / sls-fgen JavaScript Function generator for serverless framework. 0.0.2
MMShep97 MMShep97 / blog Vue Collecting my thoughts... sharing what I learn in my career v0.1 Redesigned UI in Figma... keeping this here as a historical point
jjd-uk jjd-uk / skin.mangrove no-lang A skin that uses Estuary as it's base but re-imagined 0.2
ksdfg ksdfg / workgroup Go A small utility to manage the lifetime of a set of related goroutines v1.0 Initial release with all planned functionality implemented
christallinqq christallinqq / ChunkLimit Java prevents dupe stashes by limiting the amount of shulkers and chests that can be inna chunk v1.0.0 sexy
kajjagtenberg eventflowdb / eventflowdb Go Database made with Event Sourcing in mind v0.10.0 # Changelog ## 0.10.0 - Renamed the following commands: - Get to GetStream - GetAll to GetGlobalStream - Add to AppendToStream - Added multi-tenancy - Default data folder is now /var/
prodigy803 prodigy803 / Automate_Your_Invoice Python It is a Python Library / Framework that aims to simplify the process of extracting information from invoices and other forms of structured PDFs. The main goal of the library is to make the entire process of automation of information extraction as accessible as possible. While the project may seem like a extension of Invoice2Data, the idea is to make it more beginner friendly and make the idea of "Automation" accessible to everyone. v1.0 I am happy to state that the initial prototype of the Automate-your-invoice is ready for release. While this is my first ever open source project, I hope the project is used by many people and it allo
Sosasees Sosasees / .bash_aliases Shell My personal ~/.bash_aliases file on my Debian Linux system 2021.07.16
CMD-God CMD-God / prettycards JavaScript Make Undercards Pretty! 2.0.0 - Overrides the Pack Opening screen to add brand new fancy animations! (Check Underscript settings > Plugins for some customization options.) - Multi pack opening and buying! (Thanks to Underscrip
mounten1 mounten1 / DLL-API-Updater C# Updates dll api exploits for roblox v1.0
Sosasees Sosasees / resizing-touchbutton-solution-for-godot no-lang A solution for scaling TouchScreenButtons according to GUI nodes in Godot Engine 3.2. 1
freemanjp gantsign / ansible_role_kompose Shell Ansible role for installing the Kompose command line tool for Kubernetes 1.3.0 Enhancement: * #30: Updated Kompose to 1.23.0 Other changes: * #11: Updated Molecule to 2.20.1 * #12: Removed duplicate Dockerfiles * #13: Updated Molecule to 2.20.2 * #14: Increased upper
Onmyoujin Onmyoujin / combined-girl-mod Makefile SDV Content Patcher content pack v1.6.4 - Added French and Portuguese translations. - Added compatibility patch for NPC Map Locations. - Added custom callsign for Harvey in his 8-heart event.
lorsi96 lorsi96 / Named-Fifo-Example C A simple example with a writer/reader showcasing Unix's named FIFOs and Signal handling. v.1.0
BlenderClassroom BlenderClassroom / DDSRigUI Python A User Interface to make rigging easier. v1.0
github-actions[bot] LeakyAbstractions / result-assertj Java Assertions for Result Changes in this release: - Release
Alan-Lomax Alan-Lomax / Alan-Lomax no-lang Config files for my GitHub profile. 0.0 Just Setting Up shop for my Arduino Classes
shuvava shuvava / go-enrichable-client Go Retryable http client v0.1 first release of library * added base functionality * added retry middleware
blessqasm blessqasm / VCM C++ for 1.0 Debug release
mlavkin mlavkin / vm-bhyve-nixadmin Shell Shell based, minimal dependency bhyve manager 1.4
philhag RUB-Informatik-im-Bauwesen / bcom HTML The Building Concrete Monitoring Ontology (BCOM) is defined for capturing information of concrete work, concrete curing and testing of concrete properties. v0.3 Published documentation here:
AllCustoms AllCustoms / Simple_5e_LMOP no-lang Starting out using Map tools as a DM, I needed a premade Campaign to get the hang of due to the complexity of creating your own campaign. So I thought that using this Base which includes a campaign and a built-in 5e framework would be smooth sailing but it was all but smooth sailing due to its complicated nature. So I thought that to create a simple easy to use campaign I would have to port it over to a Simpler Framework like Melek's Simple 5e Framework. v1.0 This is the first release of Simple_5e_LMOP a simple and straightforward first campaign file for playing the 5th edition D&D campaign Lost Mines of Phandelver in MapTools.
ELC ELC / control-theory-with-matlab Jupyter Notebook Jupyter-based open source book about how to get started in Control Theory with Matlab 0.1
JoK3rLeE JoK3rLeE / Fenvi-BCM94352Z-Driver no-lang Fenvi BCM94352Z Windows 10 Driver win10 Source from fenvi web.
github-actions[bot] alexandermendes / jest-page-tester JavaScript Extends Jest with functionality for loading real pages into jsdom. v1.1.1 ## [1.1.1]( (2021-07-25) ### Bug Fixes * catch errors when running async scripts ([15299cd](
aladharafiq aladharafiq / cekresiaja JavaScript Cek Resi Aja, Merupakan Dashboard cek resi sederhana yang dikembangkan dengan api dari binderbyte. 1.0.0
kashparty kashparty / KeyAI C# Typing tutor with "intelligent learning capabilities" v0.1 This is the first release of KeyAI. Basic features are included. If you want to download the executable, choose the appropriate file below based on your operating system and whether you need a self-co
EusthEnoptEron EusthEnoptEron / AsyncTextures C# Enables loading (and uploading to GPU) textures asynchronously using compute shaders. v0.1.0 Initial release.
sambacha manifoldfinance / pki Makefile Security and PKI/PGP 2021.07 Rotate Keys
ricardobusta ricardobusta / udemy-mirror-course C# Learning how to make multiplayer RTS v1.0.0 First release (And maybe only one) of the game. Currently build only available for Windows x64. Since the purpose was to learn Mirror, I did not spent too much time polishing the game.
JWhist JWhist / mysite Ruby Personal portfolio page 0.1 Portfolio Page
CamoMano CamoMano / Z-Bot Python A simple discord bot written in Python. 4.1 - transitioned to slash commands
kevin13598 kevin13598 / node-restserver JavaScript Rest server basado en el curso node js impartido por Fernando Herrera v1.0.0 Configuraciones iniciales
ebertmota ebertmota / tracking-corona JavaScript React native app to show number of cases ,suspects, and deaths by coronavirus in Brazil. 1.0.2 * Melhorias na listagem por estado * Correções de Layout na Home * Lidando com a navigation bar do android
Bean0of Bean0of / DeathSoundRandomizer C A slightly improved version of the mega hack v5 death sound randomizer. v1.0 First release with only mega hack v6 support. - Added a toggle to enable or disable it.
scardwell15 Iridescens / ExtraSystemReloaded Java A "Extra System" mod (originally by Originem) reloaded for StarSector 0.9.1a. Permission to continue his work was granted on 23.10.17. 0.7.0 changes since 0.6.2: - can buy upgrades with credits. the cost scales exponentially higher for each level of upgrade, which eventually dwarfs the price of going to get the resources yourself. - add
nguyenthaihuu mydiscovery / chaonhalam HTML CHAO Nha Lam 0.0.1
coderuk coderuk / DarkRP Lua DarkRP 1.0 finally release push
StelinUwU StelinUwU / rest-server JavaScript Rest-server-básico v1.0.0 # RestServer + Webserver
Stratium Stratium / Google-Drive-Integration no-lang Enables Google Drive for Desktop to show in Windows file explorer in the same way that OneDrive or DropBox does. v2.0.0 Updated original registry fix from to enable Google Drive for Desktop support. Installation instructions in readme
Aelto Aelto / tw3-increased-materials-requirement no-lang A mod for The Witcher 3 that increases the amount of materials needed to craft stuff. Gives a purpose to crafting materials while also balancing the economy a little bit v1.0
NatiAris NatiAris / obsidian-random-todo TypeScript Pick a random todo item or a file with todo items 0.1.1
SummitStudiosDev SummitStudiosDev / Hacktable-2021 HTML Hacktable 2021 1.0.0 This is the first (and probably last) release of the Trakido Game where you try to collect all the food across the map. To use, download the zip, extract it, and run it! (Its safe I promise) Shou
Exortions Exortions / dotenv Java dotenv is a Java library that allows you to access and connect to .env files to store data like tokens, etc. without someone viewing your main class and seeing them. v1.0.0-RELEASE
phumjaisim phumjaisim / Buildbox-GameEngine no-lang Buildbox the 2d game engine 0.1 **(PRE-ALPHA) 0.1** - Release pre-alpha version
galaxyexp galaxyexp / gasboard JavaScript good test proj v1.0.0 - 1. with all good features - 2. with extra efficient print
strfireblue strfireblue / StrawHatTextAdventureEngine C# Simple Text Adventure Game/Engine 0.1-alpha A very simple version that shows the main functionality.
Osmodium Osmodium / LoLTimersV2 C# A lightweight simple manual timer for summoner cooldowns. V.0.8 There's currently no configuration of anything, this is subject to change later.
peterbartha peterbartha / deno-playground TypeScript The unofficial Deno Playground 0.7.0
MinerCoffee MinerCoffee / Miner-Expansion no-lang This will be the repository for the Miner's Expansion. Contact me @MinerCoffee on twitter or here. Copyright you are not allowed to republished this code. 1.0 **Welcome to Miner's Expansion first release!** It includes tools such as a pickaxe, a shovel, a crossbow, and a sword that makes it gameplay for fun for the survival/mods aspect. The recipes are
flowd1337 flowd1337 / champion-name-converter Python Python Package to convert League of Legends champions name to ID 1.0.0
github-actions[bot] ssomers / micronucleus C ATTiny usb bootloader with a strong emphasis on bootloader compactness. master-LATEST Fix relative links
zhaowb zhaowb / nz-bank-validate Python Validates account numbers for New Zealand banks v1.0.0 Version 1.0.0, ready for production use. Published in [pypi]( Install: `pip install nz-bank-validate==1.0.0`
blakebyrnes ulixee / commons TypeScript A shared set of libraries used across ulixee repos v1.5.4 ### Features * added code from hero ([e2d9d8d]( * moved code to lib folder + added prettier/lint/etc ([3401a8
akillcool akillcool / lego Go Let's Encrypt client and ACME library written in Go v3.5.0.koi
Miguelmalaj Miguelmalaj / node-restserver-curso JavaScript App RestServer v0.0.1 ## Fin sección 8 Aquí esta todo el código tal cual lo dejamos en la sección 8
github-actions[bot] pcrandall / insect HTML Nord themed client for insect scientific calculator app-vundefined
appotry appotry / cloudimg no-lang web pic server 1
Aelto Aelto / tw3-automatic-dialog-picker no-lang This mod for The Witcher 3 automatically picks the dialog choice that makes the most sense but still lets you pick in important situations. This allows for smooth conversations without cuts when user input should not be required. It also plays all optional dialogues v1.0
homeassistant348 homeassistant348 / DeskPiPro Shell DeskPi Pro Fan Control add-on for Home Assistant v1.0 DeskPiPro Fan Control v1.0 first release of this add-on.
simonw simonw / datasette-publish-vercel Python Datasette plugin for publishing data using Vercel 0.10 - New `--scope` option for publishing to a different Vercel scope, for example a different team. [#47](
akillcool akillcool / traefik Go The Cloud Native Edge Router 2.1.7.koi
flexingAndy flexingAndy / KeksVanityMod C# A Terraria Mod about adding a lot of Vanity Items/Sets v1.1.12 Mod Browser Autorelease built on tModLoader v0.11.8.4
ocarlsen ocarlsen / slf4j-log-level Java Log Level implementation for SLF4J v1.0.0 # Release Notes This is the first release.
jonbodner jonbodner / posix_time Go Map the Posix date time symbols to Go's v0.1.0 First release
bakoserge bakoserge / react-native-web no-lang React Native Components and APIs for the Web 0.9.9-v2 Remove injectEventPluginsByName
github-actions[bot] modlfo / vult OCaml Vult is a transcompiler well suited to write high-performance DSP code latest
choiman1559 choiman1559 / KGunCalc Java 에어소프트건 해외 직구 계산기 1.2.2 Fixed an issue where items were not visible in the currency selection menu
akshaytw akshaytw / talisman Go By hooking into the pre-push hook provided by Git, Talisman validates the outgoing changeset for things that look suspicious - such as authorization tokens and private keys. v1.30.0
jecrell Rim-Of-Madness-Team / Call-of-Cthulhu---Factions C# While the lingering fear of Cthulhu is most unnerving, you are not alone. The Agency and coastal fishing villages have appeared in the overworld. Includes the 1.2 and 1.3 RimWorld updates provided by mlie (emipa606) in my absence. Adds Combat Extended and Royalty support.
Leonidariogamer Leonidariogamer / The-Trusty-Bot-Source-Code JavaScript The Trusty Discord Bot Source Code v1.0 Added some optional commads to the bot i will someday update the bot so you can use the code on repl 24/7 for free
freemanjp gantsign / ansible_role_sdkman Shell Ansible role for downloading and installing SDKMAN 1.4.0 Enhancement: * #37: Updated SDKMAN to 5.12.2
yous yous / vim-open-color Vim script Vim color scheme using Open Color v2.8.0 - Add support for vim-signify
upupming PicGo / vs-picgo TypeScript A VSCode plugin of PicGo v2.1.2 ## :tada: 2.1.2 (2021-07-25) > Note: smms 已经取消了 token 限制,现在 vs-picgo 可以不需要任何设置,开箱即用。 ### :bug: Bug Fixes * **dep:** bundle picgo-core to d
Sundev79 Sundev79 / OpenLauncherLib Java A simple modern java launching library with minecraft support 3.1.1-BETA ## BETA Release : 3.1.1-BETA - Updated Dependencies. - Fixes and Improvements.
changeweb changeweb / Unifiedtransform PHP A school management Software v1.5 This release contains patch for issues of Docker installation of Unifiedtransform and some security updates.
sswellington codinginbrazil / reactjs JavaScript ReactJS é a biblioteca JavaScript declarativa, eficiente e flexível para criar interfaces com o usuário. v0.1.0
mrava87 DIG-Kaust / pymarchenko Jupyter Notebook A bag of Marchenko algorithms implemented on top of PyLops v0.0.0 First official release of PyMarchenko
jiyinyiyong Respo / respo-ui.calcit Cirru Calcit version of respo-ui 0.4.2
shahyar shahyar / session JavaScript Simple session middleware for Express 1.17.3-sg.1
HenryFabio HenryFabio / configuration-injector Java Injete valores de configuração facilmente em seus plugins. 1.0.2
NicolasCARPi elabftw / elabapy Python Python package to interact with eLabFTW's API 0.8.0 # Version 0.8.0 * Add proxies option (#25 by Jean-Luc Parouty) * Add experiments templates endpoint (#19 by @m6121)
github-actions[bot] neihobatho / gedoor-Build Shell 在线编译你自己的阅读APP,自动构建,自动发布 legadoX-3.21.072522 **2021/07/26** 1. 修复bug 2. web使用api获取封面,不会再出现没有封面的情况 3. 阅读亮度手动调节分别记住白天和夜间模式 4. legado://import/auto?src={url}, 自动
gautambaghel blackducksoftware / github-action JavaScript Synopsys Detect integration with Github Actions 2.1 Added support detect v7
zinzinx8 izisoft / izi-framework PHP PHP MVC Framework v1.0.0 Inital release
jiyinyiyong Respo / respo-router.calcit Cirru respo-router for calcit-js 0.5.5 also fixed building scripts
shadowlaw shadowlaw / auto-mailer Python A python script that sends a predefined email once a file has been added to a specified location v2.2.0 # Changelog # Feadures - Email body file name placeholder - Email body date placeholder - Auto-generate files on first run ### Docker - Allow Timezone to be set as environment variable # Fi
Eldeeqq Eldeeqq / plable Python Unofficial timetable planner for FIT CTU 1.0.0
pbklink pbklink / golden-layout JavaScript A multi window layout manager for webapps v2.3.0
BinChengZhao BinChengZhao / delicate Rust A lightweight and distributed task scheduling platform written in rust. (一个轻量的分布式的任务调度平台通过rust编写) V1.0.0 Waiting to be added.
yannickgloster IrishChallengerLeague / ICL-CSGO-Hud TypeScript ICL Hud forked from the Lexogrine HUD Manager system 0.0.4
fransflippo fransflippo / sfdx-ci-plugin TypeScript SFDX plugin to set up a connected app usable for continuous integration with "one click" v1.0.1 - Handling existing permission set errors better 3cf7e82
ayanovskiy ayanovskiy / docker-ubuntu-php no-lang Dockerfile for PHP 1.0.0-rc1 Added PHP 8.0.8 and Composer 2.4.1
ryanwiemer ryanwiemer / rw JavaScript Ryan Wiemer's Digital Portfolio v2.2.0 * Updates required for `gatsby-plugin-image` * Other updates for packages/dependencies
jwodder jwodder / read_version Python Extract your project's __version__ variable v0.3.2 - Support Python 3.9 - Drop support for Python 2.7 and 3.5 - Declare the project inactive and no longer supported
ssc1729 ssc1729 / ipmitool-mock Python Mock functionality of ipmitool commands. v1.0-beta2 # ipmitool-mock [![Build Status](](
CristoferK CristoferK / Neumorphism-UI-Template CSS Hi! I just started learning how to use Neumorphism! And this is some UI templates what I made! Hope you enjoy! Please Subscribe to my YouTube channel for programming tutorials! 1
darkwizard242 darkwizard242 / ansible-role-onepassword Python Ansible role for 1password. Available on Ansible Galaxy. 1.0.0 ## Initial setup of Ansible role for 1Password * Installs 1Password on Debain and EL Family systems. * Performs code quality check. * Runs TestInfra instrastructure test cases. * Publishes to An
dasauser dasauser / BaseDockerConfiguration Dockerfile docker-local v2
GabiBrawl GabiBrawl / Bat-Chat Batchfile Simple Chat program between various computers. V4.1.2_LITE
spielhoelle spielhoelle / youtube-bot JavaScript Puppeteer script for generating more youtube watch time 1.0.0
gpizzorno gpizzorno / tree-sitter-chunk-grammar C Tree-sitter parser for NLTK chunking grammars. 0.1.3
pwnedgod pwnedgod / zombie-looting-persistence Java Prevents persistance (not despawning) when a zombie picks up an item. 1.0.0
PaulBreugnot pixled / esp-pixled-driver C++ A generic esp-idf component to drive RGB / RGBW led strips. v1.0 # ESP Pixled Driver 1.0 :rainbow: :sheep: The first release of a modern and generic C++ esp-idf component to drive RGB and RGBW led strips. Even if the component has been developed in the conte
ImKynet ImKynet / SpawnPlus Java SpawnPlus is minecraft's mod. v1.0.0 add MobSpawner's recipe.
fsbayer fsbayer / phondler Python Python library for working with phonemes v0.0.3-alpha PyPI build to make dependencies work. Not in a usable state yet.
shaunsun1 shaunsun1 / particlesjs no-lang Particles.js for Shiny apps & rmarkdown in-use-july-2021
shaunsun1 shaunsun1 / shinycookie no-lang Cookies in Shiny in-use-july-2021
rsokl rsokl / custom_inherit Python A Python package that provides tools for inheriting docstrings in customizable ways. v2.3.2 [Fixes a bug]( to ensure that `DocInheritMeta` returns a distinct metaclass instead of mutating it.
wyxos wyxos / downloader-release no-lang An app to browse and download images from specific service v0.1.40-alpha.1
cm-360 cm-360 / ReAuth no-lang A Mod to Re-Login to Mojang while Minecraft is still running v3.9.3-PRE Unofficial update to 1.17.x until PR is accepted
github-actions[bot] keleustes / argo-helm Mustache ArgoProj Helm Charts argo-cd-3.10.0 A Helm chart for ArgoCD, a declarative, GitOps continuous delivery tool for Kubernetes.
Velfi Velfi / Rust-Vector-Field-Visualization Rust An interactive visualization of a random vector fields v0.1.0
josetom josetom / go-chain Go A simple blockchain on go built with inspiration from geth v0.0.1-beta.2
acdcnow acdcnow / crowipmodule Python Home Assistant Crow Runner IP Module Access API 2.8 This is the latest update to HA Version 2021.7.4. Adjusted some Texts
github-actions[bot] JollyChristopher / JollyPacks mcfunction I'll be making Minecraft datapacks, and figure that a lot of process will be the same so they'll all be in here. bloomin_town-v2.0.0
hoechenberger hoechenberger / mne-installers no-lang Installers for MNE-Python. v2021.1-pre.1
sanketplus sanketplus / go-mysql-lock Go MySQL Backed Locking Primitive v0.0.6
KoushikSahu KoushikSahu / portfolio-website TypeScript Portfolio website made with react and typescript 1.0 [Portfolio Website](
qstevo qstevo / v2rayDocker Dockerfile 一键v2ray ws + tls 方便就完事了 bin
extremeblackliu extremeblackliu / TinyInjector Assembly A Tiny Size LoadLibrary Injector 0.0.1 Tiny Injector Exeutable File VT Link:
crustySenpai crustySenpai / Fresh-Windows-Install-Helper-WIP- Batchfile Helps Installing Programs and Driver on an new Windows Installation v1.0 First Release
IvanBrazza IvanBrazza / FreeTAKServer-Docker Dockerfile Official Docker Image for FreeTAKServer 1.9.0
charsunny charsunny / wechatpay-go Go 微信支付 APIv3 的 Go Library v0.2.5 merge master 0.2.5
tteixeira47 Pixie-EJ / pixie-performance PHP Sistema de pontução "Pixie Performance" 1.0.0 Sistema de gestão de pontuação com as features: - Gerenciamento de Eventos - Tela de lançamento de pontos
developer-ken MicrostormSoft / DisplaySharp C# Minimal display lib for C# based on libdrm beta_v1.0
xslczx xslczx / Lifecycle Java Activity、Fragment生命周期相关 1.0.0 1.0.0正式版发布
Jolonte Jolonte / bmi-calculator Visual Basic .NET A simple BMI calculator made on exe Final version of the program. NOTE: It is in Brazilian Portuguese.
sardapv sardapv / angular-material-starter-template TypeScript 🍄 Angular 12 boilerplate that comes with Material-UI, Tailwind, Purgecss, Jest & Cypress Support, Optimal project structure & Interceptor inspired from popular blogs, source map analyzer tools, husky, all pre-configured and much more... 1.0.7 Removal - * lighthouse addition (since browser inspect> light house is much better than local mode)
Sebastian-Roth FOGProject / fos Shell FOG Operating System 20210717
Arun007coder Arun007coder / VHWSL C# A port of my web server to linux systems v1.0.0 First release Ported web server to linux Changelog : *Removed port forward option Port forward is removed because it uses natupnplib which is a COM reference . COM reference is not supported by
zgrybus zgrybus / slideToggle TypeScript Small library that replaces the so-loved jQuery function v3.0.1
jyrkioraskari jyrkioraskari / bSDD_OpenAPI_OWL_demo Java Demo for bSDD Hackathon 1.0 v 1.0
amalfra amalfra / supportbee PHP A PHP wrapper for the SupportBee REST API v2.0.0 * From this release onwards support for legacy PHP versions are dropped. Now version 7.4+ is required. * Uses psr-4 autoloading standards * Updates the namespace to more standard one * Uses Github
halitsever halitsever / Python Packages needed to install minecraft server on v1 **Minecraft Server on** Read this if you don't know how to setup in your repl: Dir problem solved in h
jharrilim rehooks / local-storage TypeScript React hook which syncs localStorage[key] with the comp. v2.4.2 - Add CustomEvent polyfill - Update CI Node versions
shahriaarrr shahriaarrr / django-sample-blog Python coming soon.... v0.0.0 ```py if blog.version() == "Zero": print("This is Zero version of our blog project") ```
2sweetheart2 2sweetheart2 / HomeMaster Java Simple sethome/home plugin 1.0
GlmAndresMau09 GlmAndresMau09 / Software_Libre no-lang ProyectoSL 1.0 ## Andres Topon ##Gabriela Lasluisa ##Martin Martinez | <img src="" width="250
techav-homebrew techav-homebrew / SE-VGA SystemVerilog Mirror the Mac SE video over VGA v0.1.0 ## Initial release Initial release supporting Mac SE PDS only, and displaying 1:1 letterboxed in a 640x480 frame
rafapaezbas rafapaezbas / octaedre JavaScript Transform your Novation Launchpad into a circular, flexible sequencer. untagged-02866e1a3e5ea00e9e66
uinnn uinnn / serializer-framework Kotlin a kotlin serializer framework for spigot or standalone use 1.3.1 This is just a jar access to the framework
github-actions[bot] tvanbolderen / homelab Smarty Helm charts / TrueNAS SCALE catalog common-0.1.0 Common library for Helm Charts
linuxpham miczone / gorush Go A push notification server written in Go (Golang). v1.14.1
aperezm85 aperezm85 / streamdeck-tado-plugin JavaScript Basic Stream Deck plugin for manage Tado thermostat 1
crustySenpai crustySenpai / CPU-Stresser Batchfile Simple Script that spams another Script to get the CPU to 100% v1.0 First Release
LauriitaPP LauriitaPP / Repaso4Modulo1 TypeScript Retos parte 4 de repaso del primer módulo v0.0.0
eyasliu eyasliu / eeproxy TypeScript MITM Proxy,中间人代理,致力解决开发环境的网络问题 1.0.0 首次发布
github-actions[bot] gebn / plexbackup Starlark Backs up Plex's database to S3 v1.5.0
composingcap composingcap / grainflow Max grainflow is a set of granular synthesis tools built in Max MSP 0.2 Grainflow now supports multiple buffer channels and has utilities designed to make granulating things in 3D much easier!
slow-codex slow-codex / calculator-js CSS Simple Calculator using JavaScript 1.0
lvkessel Nebula-simulator / cstool Python Cross section tool for the Nebula simulator v1.0.5 ## Summary This is a minor update. A physics issue has been corrected. This will significantly impact the results for insulators, slightly impact semiconductors, and leave metals unaffected. ###
mbelitz mbelitz / InsectDuration HTML Code used to generate results and figures used "Climate drivers of adult insect activity are conditioned by life history traits" manuscript 2.0
github-actions[bot] zhou-xingjun / amlogic-s9xxx-openwrt Shell OpenWrt for Amlogic S9xxx STB. Support STB are S905x3, S905x2, S922x, S905x, S905d, s912, etc. such as Phicomm-N1, Octopus-Planet, X96-Max+, HK1-Box, H96-Max-X3, Belink GT-King, Belink GT-King Pro, UGOOS AM6 Plus, HG680P, B860H, etc. openwrt_s9xxx_lede_2021.07.26.0107 This is OpenWrt firmware for Amlogic S9xxx STB * Firmware information Default IP: Default username: root Default password: password Default WIFI name: OpenWrt Default WIFI password: none I
zodiacon zodiacon / RegExp C++ Registry Explorer - enhanced Registry editor/viewer v0.7 import/export single instance option replace regedit option "lightweight" dark mode load/unload hives bug fixes
luinungom luinungom / Genlogic Java A light tool for molecular biology written in Java. It finds cleavage sites for restriction endonucleases in FASTA or multi-FASTA DNA sequence files. v1.0.2 Major refactor in the analysis method to make it easier to read/understand.
benedekrozemberczki benedekrozemberczki / awesome-decision-tree-papers Python A collection of research papers on decision, classification and regression trees with implementations. v_00002 The papers are added from: - AAAI 2021 - ICML 2021 - ICLR 2021
carmelsa carmelsa / xk6_redis Go k6 extension for redis 1.0.0
CourtesyDev CourtesyDev / Courtesy-Dark CSS The best simple discord dark theme that is easy on the eyes! 1.0.12 Changelogs: - Fixed Discord Invite Link. - Fixed updateUrl. - Added User/Server Settings Popout. - Fixed Scrollbar so it's not hard to see. (Sorry about that.)
fbdtemme fbdtemme / torrenttools C++ Commandline tool for inspecting, creating and editing BitTorrent metafiles. v0.5.0 ## [v0.5.0] - 2021-07-25 ### Added * Add support for windows and macOS. * Add support for create and edit profiles. * Add missing show subcommands and info entries for dht-nodes and web-seeds. *
eightgran litlifesoftware / RemainingLifetime Dart Remaining Lifetime allows you to visualize your entire life and motivates you to make every month count. v2.0.0 WHAT'S NEW? - Experience a new design. - View your stats on the new Profile Screen. Thank you for using the 'Remaining Lifetime' app.
johmanx10 johmanx10 / transaction PHP Handles operations with rollback mechanisms. 2.0.0-RC1 This version is the first release candidate. The code base is complete, documented and tested.
AllieHexley AllieHexley / photoSim MATLAB Simulator of photoreceptor responses in the real world preprint Release of code associated with bioRxiv preprint:
blabs-dev blabs-dev / fidelynet-sdk-php PHP A php wrapper for FNET3 API v0.1 ## Features * Service Factory * Session Persistance * Raw Configuration Manager ## Supported Api Actions * Get Campaign Info * Get Card Info * Customer registration with and without opt in (f
h4ckitt h4ckitt / gomon Go gomon is a tiny tool that runs a go program/project and watches for changes on it. v1.0.0
securechicken securechicken / pihole-checklogs Shell An helper script to check Pi-hole logs for given network IOCs (domains/FQDNs, or IPs) v1.1.0 - Fixed: FQDNs/domains from input file can now be internationalized names (punnycode: xn--...); - Changed: the script can now check more than 1000 domains at once (it will take a huge time though) -
excalamus excalamus / plover-emacs no-lang Emacs Plover dictionary v1.0 - Explanation of theory - Control modifier - Alt/Meta modifier - Shift modifier - C-S, M-S, C-M-S combinations - Escape - Function keys
justinp scalawag / sarong Scala Scala string template with smart multiline blocks release/0.1.0
hakrac gympapsc / gpmt-rasa Python Gymnasium Papenburg Miktionstagebuch Chatbot 0.2.0 # Adds Support for questionnaire
pauljeandel pauljeandel / msalmScript Shell Script Mon sport à la maison 1.1
makotom makotom / cfspeed Go Unofficial CLI-based implementation of 0.1.2-fc8f97c
hacara hacara / DDReminder C A simple tool that can monitoring bilibili UPs live-stream room status in real time and remind user when they start doing live-stream or close live-stream 0.1.0
dharmesh17 dharmesh17 / MovieSearchEngine CSS Movies search Engine Beta
xM4hmoud xM4hmoud / url-shortener EJS A simple url shortener with cool UI built using nodejs. v1.0
DraimCiDo DraimCiDo / DraimCreative Java Ограниченный креатив от DraimGooSe v1.7.9.3
Leomotors Leomotors / Salim-Bot JavaScript Discord Bot for anyone who wants mental illness from Artificial Salim. Made for use in own server but source code is for anyone! 1.10.200 # Update 1.10 to Salim Bot (Build 200) New features includes: ## request -> fetch * Request (Deprecated boi) has been changed to node-fetch * Fetching Salim Quote now fetch directly from its &l
freemanjp gantsign / maven-parent-poms Java Parent Maven POMs with best practice configuration 2.12.0 Changes: * #295: Bump jacoco-maven-plugin from 0.8.6 to 0.8.7 * #296: Bump mockito.version from 3.9.0 to 3.10.0 * #297: Bump maven-gpg-plugin from 1.6 to 3.0.1 * #298: Bump error_prone_core from
joaopalmeiro joaopalmeiro / vvifi Python A Python CLI to quickly check your Wi-Fi network password. v0.1.0
asapach asapach / peerflix-server JavaScript Streaming torrent client for Node.js with web ui. v0.6.0 Added download ETA display, thanks to @rare-magma
corewallet corewallet / bittex no-lang Bittex Core integration staging tree 0.19.0 Bittex Core 0.19.0 is now available from: <a href="">bittex-core-0.19.0-win64-setup.exe</a> For the release not
Ein-Tim Ein-Tim / Ein-Tim no-lang Repository for my Profils README 1
topdarkstar topdarkstar / xmrig C++ RandomX, CryptoNight, AstroBWT and Argon2 CPU/GPU miner 6.13.1 XMRIG 6.13.1 - Compiled with 0 Dev Fee XMRIG Cuda 6.12.0 - Cuda version 11.3
salarmehr salarmehr / cosmopolitan PHP 🌐 Super efficient app internationalization 1.1
thiagodnf thiagodnf / ofbtex TeX Modelo em Latex para o Observatório do Federalismo Brasileiro (OFB) v0.0.3
gitntel gitntel / blizzget no-lang Blizzard CDN downloader 1.1
benedekrozemberczki benedekrozemberczki / awesome-monte-carlo-tree-search-papers Python A curated list of Monte Carlo tree search papers with implementations. v_00002 Added papers from the following venues: - AAAI 2021 - ICLR 2021 - ICML 2021
jsalojar jsalojar / PiNSiR R Pi_N and Pi_S estimation from NGS data using R v0.1 Contains the basic functionality to calculate Pi_N and Pi_S from site-wise pi values from ANGSD.
ITR13 ITR13 / ITR-sMelonCameras C# Allows you to spawn multiple cameras to view with through a json file v1.4.0 Added option to debug. Added option to constantly update position and rotation. Added option to ignore scale when setting position. Added option to use camera index to select parent. Added option
ProklUng ProklUng / bitrix.symfony.router.module PHP Модуль для Битрикса, обеспечивающий работу с роутером Symfony и нативными битриксовыми маршрутами 1.0.0
yidinghe yidinghe / Compressor no-lang An android image compression library. 2.1.0
th-schwarz th-schwarz / DDAuto Java Dynamic DNS with AutoDNS 0.1.0-SNAPSHOT It's the first stable and full-featured pre-release.
n1c00o n1c00o / deno-json-rpc TypeScript Deno implemenation of JSON-RPC v1.0.0 # Changelog ## v1.0.0 - 2021/07/25 > Added - `JSON-RPC 2.0` support, with types and tests - VSCode-like implementation of JSON-RPC I/O, with tests
kantholtz lavis-nlp / irt Python Open World KGC - IRT Dataset 1.2 This release fixes an error that was introduced during refactoring in `irt.graph.split.Splitter.create` where the `retained` triples (i.e. triples where both entities are concept entities) were not ad
xh4528 xh4528 / Padavan-build no-lang Padavan 自动编译 v0.0.1
github-actions[bot] bachya / aioambient Python 🌤 A clean, async-friendly library for interacting with the Ambient Weather API 1.2.5 ## 🧰 Maintenance - Update library to use strict typing (#86) - Switch to poetry-core (#85) - Update websockets requirement from ^8.1 to >=8.1,<10.0 (#84) - Upgrade to GitHub-native Depe
edmondsql edmondsql / edmyadmin PHP mysql web based admin tool with php (alternative to phpmyadmin) 3.15.7
thomasherbertoh thomasherbertoh / minecraft-plugins Java Collection of Minecraft plugins written by me v1.0 Contains PowerfulMobs, FallingBlocks, and FallingBlocksNoise.
DanChitwood DanChitwood / PlantsAndPython Jupyter Notebook Course material for the Foundation in Computational Plant Science course at Michigan State University v1.0.0
angusgyoung angusgyoung / waiter Go Waiter is a cli for automating tasks, with support for retries, batching and templating. v0.1 Doesn't really do much yet, more to test release pipeline
meganetaaan meganetaaan / stack-chan TypeScript A JavaScript-driven M5Stack-embedded super-kawaii robot. v0.1.0 The first release of stack-chan. Kind of this-works-on-my-environment version. Making trials are welcome! * basic feature including setting gaze, following target, changing faces * defining stab
github-actions[bot] tinfoiltophat / Cataclysm-DDA C++ Cataclysm - Dark Days Ahead. A turn-based survival game set in a post-apocalyptic world. cdda-experimental-2021-07-25-1629 These are the outputs for the experimental build of commit [ebb21f38fa5625a551d786e82b2c6464b76921a1](
mrprogrammer2938 mrprogrammer2938 / Cryptography Python Cryptography Tool ! 1.3.0 Cryptograph Version: 1.3.0
papachefcool papachefcool / Faithful-PBR-AutoGen no-lang Autogenerated PBR materials for Faithful 32x RP 1.2 - manually fixed metallic textures - manually fixed some smoothness values - manually added most emissives - manually fixed some normals - manually added some scattering and porosity
weary weary / construct Python nickserv/chanserv replacement 1.0
nazaretrogue nazaretrogue / Android-Shield Java Trabajo de Fin de Grado en la Universidad de Granada. Aplicación android que detecta los permisos de cada app instalada y busca malware relacionado con el acceso a ciertas partes del dispositivo 1.0 Documentación de la aplicación del TFG
LinkOFF7 LinkOFF7 / txbTool C# Gravity Rush TXB text parser for PS4 and PS Vita v.0.2
athaser athaser / ckan Python v2.9.1 2.9.1
HappyBavarian07 HappyBavarian07 / Admin-Panel Java Source Code of the Admin Panel Plugin on 3.0 Test Release für Maven und Gradle API
MC-dusk MC-dusk / SimpleCode Python Some simple code v1.0 日历打印器
github-actions[bot] JuliaArrays / AxisArrays.jl Julia Performant arrays where each dimension can have a named axis with values v0.4.4 ## AxisArrays v0.4.4 [Diff since v0.4.3]( **Closed issues:** - seg_fault precompiling AxisArrays v0.4.3 on julia-1.4.2 (#183) -
Mikusch Mikusch / deathrun SourcePawn Team Fortress 2 deathrun with minimal weapon restrictions 1.6.0 ### Changelog * Added advanced entprop configuration support * Added support to target the client instead of the item (by specifying either `weapon` or `player` in the `target` config key) * Ad
queil demystifyfp / FsConfig F# FsConfig is a F# library for reading configuration data from environment variables and AppSettings with type safety. v3.1.0
yidinghe yidinghe / SmartRefreshLayout no-lang 🔥下拉刷新、上拉加载、二级刷新、淘宝二楼、RefreshLayout、OverScroll,Android智能下拉刷新框架,支持越界回弹、越界拖动,具有极强的扩展性,集成了几十种炫酷的Header和 Footer。 2.0.3
ObsComp ObsComp / 7dtd-Discordian-Windows no-lang A Discord bot designed to integrate with ServerTools server manager for 7 Days to Die dedicated servers on windows OS 19.5.0 A Discord bot designed to integrate with ServerTools server manager for 7 Days to Die dedicated servers on Windows operating systems Setup instructions are included in the .zip file Download the f
github-actions[bot] vovkos / llvm-package-windows Batchfile Provides LLVM binary packages for an (almost) complete Windows build matrix. Built and packaged by GitHub Actions. clang-8.0.1
micer micer / clipboard-service Kotlin A simple Android service that accepts the string and saves it to clipboard. v1.1 Updated project to use Android SDK 30, clean up.
morgart872 morgart872 / heroes_of_envell JavaScript игра v0.3 переписываю на питон
Protazer Protazer / React-Markdown JavaScript Markdown editor made with react v1 First release of Markdown Project with only html style and structure
alexshcer alexshcer / lavaplayer-natives-extra no-lang lavaplayer-native-extra dependency Executable JAR for IntelliJ IDEA 1.3.13
github-actions[bot] trallnag / ansible-role-pipx no-lang Ansible role that installs Pipx on Linux 1.0.0 * Intial release. ## Unreleased * Nothing.
github-actions[bot] gunnarmorling / kcetcd Java An example source connector for Kafka Connect, ingesting data from etcd 1.0.0-early-access ## Changelog 20aef3c Making test more descriptive 16e9ca1 🚀 Add JReleaser configuration d5bccdf Adding CI set-up 95cdfcf Using string converter 09bc52f Docs 0738999 Docs efbdb26 Logging be250f7 Te
github-actions[bot] NeuroCode-io / istio-global-ratelimiter Smarty Global ratelimiting in kubernetes with istio ratelimiter-app-0.0.1 A Helm chart for Kubernetes
github-actions[bot] nossebro / MultiCurrency Python Add more currencies with (Streamlabs-like) commands and listening for events to add or remove currency. v0.1.6
lucasasselli lucasasselli / zero Java Zero is an Android live wallpaper app that displays beautiful 3D parallax photos and artworks on your home screen. 2.0.5
luckyxhu krossjs / kross TypeScript Kross micro-services platform kross@0.0.2-alpha.0 Just for test
774848686 tut-templates / multiple-pages Roff a multiple-pages template 1.0 test
pipe01 MouseHatGames / blackfriday no-lang Blackfriday: a markdown processor for Go v2.2.0
SLink-Protocol SLink-Protocol / S-Link Verilog An Open Source Link Protocol and Controller v1.1
TylerS1066 APDevTeam / Movecraft-WorldGuard Java Movecraft & WorldGuard integration 1.a.1 This is merely an update to support the new package name of Movecraft-Combat in v2.a.10+. For those not running Movecraft-Combat this is functionally the same as v1.a.0, and for those running Movecra
RGG200 RGG200 / McRpgDatapack mcfunction A datapack That introduces a leveling system with stats v0.1.1b | Datapacks Reloaded McRpgDatpack | | Beta Version 0.1 Revision 1 | | Description | - This datapack features a leveling system and stats system | My Website | https://rgg200.github.i
Raisess Raisess / discbot-factory TypeScript Discord chat bot pre-builded core. 1.0.0
MinegamesAdministrationTool MinegamesAdministrationTool / MinegamesCrackMe C++ Crack Me Project contains so many anti-debugging features and other stuff. MinegamesCracMe Fixed a possible buffer overflow while getting the user text in the console window.
mdyzma mdyzma / phd_thesis TeX Modelowanie oscylacji stężeń jonów wapniowych w komórkach eukariotycznych z~uwzględnieniem obszarów bezpośredniego kontaktu pomiędzy mitochondriami a~retikulum endoplazmatycznym. 1.0.0 PhD final version relese (2016)
joaopalmeiro joaopalmeiro / wipy Python A Python CLI to quickly check your Wi-Fi network password. v0.1.0
lemire RoaringBitmap / CRoaring C Roaring bitmaps in C (and C++) v0.3.3 Patch release: fixing a bug that might affect legacy x64 processor when checking the equality between bitmaps.
TechnicJelle TechnicJelle / DiscordInviter Java A Minecraft Paper plugin that invites players to your Discord server if they haven't done so yet v1.1-BETA You can now customize the join message to your heart's content!
MisnikovRoman MisnikovRoman / ExpandableTextTabBar Swift Library with custom implementation of expandable tab bar iOS component. 1.0.0
NGLSG NGLSG / rom_attack C++ A simple spoof program 测试
drhino drhino / git-dl PHP Clone a Github repository with PHP & ZipArchive. Without using Git or exec() 1.0.2
targing targing / Adobe-Photoshop-and-Animate no-lang The free files of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Animate v.2020 version of 2020
esselfe esselfe / codybot-blinkenshell Shell IRC bot adapted for Blinkenshell/BlinkenIRC codybot-blinkenshell-0.3.7b Minor changes.
aoindustries aoindustries / pragmatickm-website Java The website. website-1.10.0 ## Release Links * [WAR File]( * [Maven Central Repository](
sadew451 sadew451 / Account-Generator Go SDBOTs Inifinity Account Generator ⚙️ SD SDBOTs Inifinity Account Generator
strcode-yabu strcode-yabu / blog SCSS S.Yabunaka [strCode] blog. 0.1 Released the first version of S.Yabunaka [strCode] blog. 2021.7.26 S.Yabunaka [strCode]
MurasakiNX MurasakiNX / DayBreak-Converter JavaScript DayBreak Converter is a program that allows you to make Nintendo Switch firmware files compatible with DayBreak 1.0.0 # 📦 DayBreak Converter DayBreak-Converter is a program that allows you to make Nintendo Switch firmware files compatible with DayBreak # ❓ How can I use the program ? - Download the latest
reviakin-package reviakin-package / material_calendarview Kotlin Android material calendar 1.0
rzfury rzfury / no-glow-squid-datapack mcfunction A Minecraft Datapack that kills glow squid and the dropped glow ink sac immediately when spawning. They are disturbing my axolotl farm, so I made this. 1.0.0
LudovicRousseau LudovicRousseau / CCID C CCID driver 1.4.35 1.4.35 - 25 July 2021, Ludovic Rousseau - Add support of - ArkSigner Connect2Sign - Circle CCR7115 ICC - Circle CCR7315 - Circle CIR215 CL - Circle CIR215 PICC
github-actions[bot] ScerIO / musl-cross-make Makefile Simple makefile-based build for musl cross compiler v1.1-dev
Potherca potherca-blog / Google-Doodle-Champion-Island JavaScript The source-code and assets for the 2021 Google Doodle Champion Island v0.1.0
GuiltyWorks GuiltyWorks / VRCClock JavaScript 住んでいる地域の現在時刻をVRChat上でアナログ時計に表示します。 v1.0.4 Change the way to decode time Change URL
7doger ArisLauncher / ArisLauncher_CN CSS Aris-终端桌面,中文官网。 v1.0_cn
shuebner20 DAVISOL-GmbH / typedoc-plugin-devops-sourcefile TypeScript typedoc plugin to set source file URL links to a Git repo hosted at Azure DevOps 1.0.20 ## Changes: * 01754ec58adf7a8144e834c091f771d786b1f35b make GitHub releases effective * 796ee5f16f4c06c9b16343194d47fe482196f6d7 Bump version to 1.0.19 [skip ci] * 9e6a10ed74e8ca7f8e79ce8acfe8459bf
rgdzh1 rgdzh1 / RecordButtonY Java 视频录制按钮, 可以设置最短录制时间和最长录制时间. 0.1.7
perNyfelt perNyfelt / exec-renjin-maven-plugin Java Run a Renjin R analysis project from maven v1.0.0 Initial, fully working release, see [readme](../main/ for details.
adamsol adamsol / vue-component-store JavaScript Plugin for keeping the state of Vue.js-based application inside components. 1.0.0 First release.
HRex39 HRex39 / python-pcl no-lang Python bindings to the pointcloud library (pcl) v0.3.0rc1
deddyromnan deddyromnan / SimplePOS C# Simple point of sales software built using Windows Form on NET framework. v0.8.1
hokutokkc sushitronix / sushi-banner no-lang Multi-purpose CLI screen saver. Originally for shared workstations in an organization. v0.0.0 Initial version
alexshcer alexshcer / maven-shade-plugin no-lang maven-shade-plugin Executable JAR for IntelliJ IDEA 3.2.4
Doctacosa Doctacosa / IOLogger Java Log all chat and commands from a Minecraft server 1.0 This is the initial, stable release of this plugin.
feraleyebrows feraleyebrows / NextBracket Python A simple plugin for Sublime Text that allows you to move the caret position to the next or previous line with a bracket. v0.0.1 Initial Release
Doctacosa Doctacosa / IOServerMonitor Java Actively monitor the status of a Minecraft server 1.2 This update standardizes the MySQL configuration of my plugins to use the same option names everywhere; plus, the port of the database can now be configured. Previous configuration files will still
Iamnewhand Iamnewhand / RecyclerDelegateAdapter Java RecyclerView 的多itemAdapter v2.0.1 支持ViewHolder回调 attach、detach window
Doctacosa Doctacosa / IOTrails Java Allow Minecraft players to have fancy particle trails 1.1 This update standardizes the MySQL configuration of my plugins to use the same option names everywhere. Previous configuration files will still work as-is.
github-actions[bot] SmartDogHouse / pandoc-uikit JavaScript A template for pandoc, using uikit, to convert from .tex to .html v10.0.10
PronetAI PronetAI / ANN-Alpha C++ This is a neural network running on an Arduino 2.0 We have created a Neural network that now runs on microcontrollers! This can be customized per your settings, such as input and output nodes, as well as the acceleration of the learning and the error
Doctacosa Doctacosa / IOBattleStats Java Record various gameplay stats on a Minecraft server 1.0 This is the initial, stable release of this plugin.
nguyenhongphat0 nguyenhongphat0 / prestashop-zalopay PHP Module thanh toán trực tuyến qua Cổng ZaloPay cho PrestaShop 1.0
r94ever r94ever / Keyword-Analytics PHP Analyze keywords in the content and make diagnostics to improve the seo score of the content. 1.1.4
hungdq1988 hungdq1988 / WebAPI_27Jul C# study basic knowledge and api ver01 hi this is first release
sadew451 sadew451 / YTDownloaderBot Python SDBOTs Youtube Downloader 📥 SD SDBOTs Inifinity Youtube Downloader
peopu peopu / aku JavaScript discord.js bot v0.1-alpha
Ydalirsson Ydalirsson / gw2-Chatlogger Python With this application it is possible to log and save chat histories. In particular, it can be used to log the happenings of RP events, store them and read them again later. This application is written in Python3 and uses Tesseract, Google's OCR engine, to convert chat messages into text. Beta After first steps and some bug fixes the beta version is here! * fix a bug which needs too much cpu resources * fix a bug which stopps logging * fix a bug which shows sometimes windows bar --- +
github-actions[bot] tankery / CircularSeekBar Java Custom circular SeekBar (Circle, Semi-circle, and Ellipse) for Android v1.3.1
github-actions[bot] cunidev / linux C Linux kernel with experimental patches for Tegra grate-clang
github-actions[bot] Hymore246 / Cataclysm-DDA C++ Cataclysm - Dark Days Ahead. A turn-based survival game set in a post-apocalyptic world. cdda-experimental-2021-07-25-1542 These are the outputs for the experimental build of commit [ebb21f38fa5625a551d786e82b2c6464b76921a1](
dmedeiros204 dmedeiros204 / terraform-azurerm-automation HCL Azure Automation Module v0.1.0
black-sheep-dev black-sheep-dev / harbour-porthole QML Porthole is a Sailfish OS application to control a Pi-hole server. 0.1.0-1 Initial release
johirulshaky johirulshaky / python-small-projects Python download code: 1.0 autoLike, starDrow, heartDrow
GrzegorzWziatek GrzegorzWziatek / strava-stats TypeScript This is app that uses strava v3 api that generates html report with basic activity stats 1.0.0 Basic app version. Use it in your terminal or cmd app. Otherwise report will be saved to your home directory.
johnmelodyme johnmelodyme / Browser Java The Most Simple Browser That Don't Collect User Data. 1.0
Tetraslam Tetraslam / CodeX-exe HTML CodeX.exe is your all-in-one developer workspace. Built for Explore Hacks 2021! 1.0
Doctacosa Doctacosa / IOSync Java Synchronize a player's data across multiple Minecraft server instances 1.3 This is the initial public release, previous versions were used internally only.
khhipparagi philips-labs / terraform-hsdp-dicom HCL Terraform module to onboard to HSDP DICOM services 0.1.2 Fixed CDR offboarding. Added missing permissions. Fixed
HoelShare HoelShare / BirthdayRule JavaScript Shopware 6 - Rule if the Customer has Birthday Today 1.0.0 Add a rule to check if a customer has Birthday today.
l89669 l89669 / NonUpdate Java Block network connection for forge mods beta1.1.0
Hossein-M98 MahdaSystem / TDMS C Library for generating NI TDMS file format. V1.0
HL344 HL344 / kcauto Python kcauto, the successor to kancolle-auto, a Kantai Collection (Kancolle) bot/automation tool 3.13
Jstar49 Jstar49 / cdn no-lang Deliver图床 v1.6.2 2d-roguelike-room-generator
Ankitgupta2 digipodium / git-github-fundamentals-Ankitgupta2 no-lang git-github-fundamentals-Ankitgupta2 created by GitHub Classroom v1.0
xCuri0 xCuri0 / MouseToVjoyAndroid Java Android app for MouseToVjoy touchpad 1.0 * Set background image by setting **TouchpadApp** to 2 in MouseToVjoy * Automatic prompt to enable USB Tethering which is used for USB communication * Supports Android 4.1 and newer
Catz1301 Catz1301 / CruiseControl C# A script for GTAIV providing cruise control functionality v1.0 The first release of CruiseControl! ## Known Issues + Crashing can sometimes cause issues, such as flying vehicles, until crash detection timer maxes out. + If a wheel goes off the ground (say
Pineapple840 Pineapple840 / copypasta-list Python This is not supposed to be good or useful v1.0 The first release [](
freemanjp gantsign / ansible-role-visual-studio-code-extensions Shell Ansible role for installing Visual Studio Code extensions 2.4.0 Enhancement: * #98: Added VS Code OSS support * Thanks to @C0rn3j for the PR (#95) Other changes: * #96: Updated test dependencies * #97: Reduced build matrix
sony-mathew sony-mathew / JavaScript Personal blog. 1.0.0 First release
t-mw t-mw / throne-playground JavaScript Web-based editor for the throne programming language. v0.2.1
auxibee auxibee / starwars JavaScript get star wars names 1.0.0 This is my first release
Nikox3003 Nikox3003 / LiteBansAdditions Java Additions for LiteBans. v1.0.0
miyoosan miyoosan / funny Vue Begin app 0.0.1 0.0.1

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