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github-actions[bot] Chatterino / chatterino2 C++ Chat client for github-actions-nightly 1 2 913193f8b56730be5071c24b26a402f8c6f459df 3 refs/heads/master 4 Build 5 pajladacreate-release 6 pajlada
sk1p LiberTEM / LiberTEM Jupyter Notebook Open pixelated STEM framework continuous Travis CI build log:
rscplus-buddy RSCPlus / rscplus Java RuneScape Classic client mod & preservation platform Latest
bengtmartensson bengtmartensson / IrScrutinizer Java This project contains IrScrutinizer: a program for IR signal analysis, generation etc. ci-build WARNING: This is a snapshot of the current development stand. It may have different issues, and possibly does not work at all. If this is not what you want, use the latest official release instead.
d1vanov d1vanov / QEverCloud C++ Unofficial Evernote Cloud API for Qt 5. continuous-development AppVeyor CI build log:
d1vanov d1vanov / quentier C++ Cross-platform desktop Evernote client continuous-development AppVeyor CI build log:
github-actions[bot] leon-richardt / chatterino2 C++ Chat client for github-actions-nightly 1 2 7eabba959b0374abb16ebf2dbeba157901cb3303 3 refs/heads/master 4 Build 5 pajladacreate-release 6 leon-richardt
nvpopov nvpopov / qppcad C++ molecule and crystal editor written in c++ continuous Travis CI build log:
github-actions[bot] radareorg / radare2 C UNIX-like reverse engineering framework and command-line toolset continuous Continuous build d74ecd12b7697c557d343bcb8a3dc13e7f564099
sei-eschwartz sei-eschwartz / pharos C++ Automated static analysis tools for binary programs ghidra-master
sithlord48 sithlord48 / ff7tk C++ Toolkit for making tools to edit Final Fantasy 7 continuous Travis CI build log:
theRealKLH theRealKLH / xbvr Go Tool to organize and stream your VR porn library 000.unofficial This release will fix broken scraper for VRPorn sites (incl VRPassion,VRTrans,VRGay)
rogerclarkmelbourne rogerclarkmelbourne / OpenGD77 C Firmware for DMR transceivers using the NXP MK22 MCU, AT1846S RF chip and HR-C6000 DMR chipset. Including the Radioddiy GD-77, Baofeng DM-1801 and Baofeng RD-5R. R2020.09.30 Changes since the last Stable release Changes since the last stable release * Update to Spanish language text. (EA5SW). * Improvements to voice prompts when editing Channel details. (VK7JS). * F
carmayna covid19-apptracker / covid19-apptracker JavaScript Tracking new COVID-19 related apps on Google Play Store. v0.0.217 Release new data
periwinkle-bf BishopFox / cyberdic no-lang An auxiliary spellcheck dictionary that corresponds with the Bishop Fox Cybersecurity Style Guide v1.0 This is the initial launch version of the cyber.dic, in line with the Cybersecurity Style Guide V1.1. - The Microsoft Word version of cyber.dic has 1314 terms. The exclusion file has 96 terms. -
conda-forge-daemon regro / repodata Python repodata for conda-forge 2020.
BabyMedley BabyMedley / encrypter-decrypter Python All-in-one Encrypter and Decrypter 1.0 Simple All-in-one encrypter and decrypter. First release.
ladybugbot ladybug-tools / lbt-grasshopper Python :green_book: Collection of all Ladybug Tools [+] plugins for Grasshopper v0.3.90 ## [0.3.90]( (2020-09-29) ### Bug Fixes * **deps:** bump honeybee-grasshopper-radiance from 1.3.5 to 1.3.6 ([8329f37](http
yuzubot yuzu-emu / yuzu-nightly C++ THIS IS A STAGING REPO FOR OUR NIGHTLY RELEASES ONLY. For development see our main repo at nightly-3280
TravisEz13 PowerShell / PowerShell C# PowerShell for every system! v7.1.0-rc.1 ## [7.1.0-rc.1] - 2020-09-29 ### Known Issues This release of PowerShell is impacted by a few known regressions and a by-design breaking change in .NET 5.0.0-rc.1. **Given the impact of these r
p1t1ch p1t1ch / TypeScript 👨‍💻 My personal website with blog and stuff v1.0.1 ### Bug fixes - Change baseUrl for new domain ### Deprecations - Disable Google Analytics support
pich pich / LiipImagineSerializationBundle PHP Provides integration between LiipImagineBundle and JMSSerializerBundle 3.0.2
or-else tinode / chat Go Instant messaging platform. Backend in Go. Clients: Swift iOS, Java Android, JS webapp, scriptable command line; chatbots v0.16.8-rc1 * A few bugs fixed. * Memory consumption improved in cluster mode. * A basic integration test added.
kipcole9 elixir-cldr / cldr_utils Elixir Map, Math, String, Calendar utility functions for ex_cldr v2.13.0 ### Enhancements * Add `Cldr.Decimal.parse/1` as a compatibility layer for Decimal 1.x and 2.x
github-actions[bot] urbanairship / titanium-module Objective-C Urban Airship Titanium module 8.0.0 Major release for iOS Airship SDK 14.1.2 and Android SDK 14.0.1. The major changes include iOS 14 support and bug fixes for In-App Automation.
CubitSpeed CubitSpeed / rtmp-rtsp-stream-client-java Java Library to stream in rtmp and rtsp for Android. All code in Java 4.0.6 fix bug
CrossEye ramda / repl JavaScript The Ramda REPL 1.2.0
andjiev andjiev / mega-mall-server C# E-commerce aggregator v1.4 - Added more pages for crawling - New writer project responsible for writing/updating data - New details endpoint
Luis-Roque Luis-Roque / flutter-socket-io-server JavaScript Servidor básico de Sockets con express v1.6.0 Votos actualizada
hmlendea hmlendea / more-cultural-names Shell Mod for various strategy games, that adds new province names based on their culture/faction v20.274.0 - `Crusader Kings 3`'s compatibility updated for CK3 version 1.1.1 - Added many more names and languages - Added many more links to `Crusader Kings 2` titles - Added many more links to `Crusade
mvgorcum mvgorcum / Sessile.drop.analysis Python Python script to analyse sessile drops by measuring contact angle, drop volume and contact line speed v0.0.1alpha-hotfix
pmishev sineflow / clamav PHP ClamAV PHP client v1.0.2
VSC-Service-Account Azure-Samples / digital-twins-samples C# Azure Digital Twins building scenario sample code 202459
Tojaso Tojaso / Raven Lua Raven add-on for World of Warcraft r526 Fix missing cooldowns in classic
TheHeadmaster TheHeadmaster / Quartz C# An Integrated Development Environment for creating Battler-Based RPGs and Dungeon Crawler games. v1.2.1-alpha <a name="1.2.1-alpha"></a> ## 1.2.1-alpha (2020-09-28) ### Optimization - ♻️ Change synchronous RelayCommands to asynchronous ReactiveCommands [[f69858d](https://githu
arafatamim arafatamim / tally-counter Vue Simple tally counter which you can save as a PWA 1.2.0 Changelog - Added new info panel - Minor UI tweaks
memellis memellis / SlotPuzzle HTML A game which is a combination of a Fruit/Slot Machine and a Puzzle game where matching patterns is required. v978
Shchvova coronalabs / corona C++ Solar2D Game Engine main repository (ex Corona SDK) 3620 Changes since previous build: * tvOS: initial metal support (#165) (a5283a0) * macOS: preliminary Xcode 12.2 and Apple Silicon support (#164) (b8eedd0) * macOS/Simulator: fixed broken Live Builds for
CreativiTICs CreativiTICs / flutter-djnames-socket Dart DJ Names App v0.0.2 # Notas: Diseño de la App
whscullin looker-open-source / embed-sdk TypeScript The Looker browser embedding SDK 1.3.0 * Add missing types and export more types.
azemoh feracommerce / magento2_extension PHP Magento 2 Extension v0.0.3 Add store section detection.
jonathassk jonathassk / ritchie-formulas Go This repository contains the community formulas that can be executed through Ritchie CLI once imported. This tool is an open source product that allows you to create, store and share any kind of automations, executing them through command lines, to run operations or start workflows ⚙️ 🖥 💡 2.8.2
x0rium x0rium / guk-krasnodar TypeScript Отправка показаний водомеров в ГУК Краснодар v1.1.9 - fixed 6f81ebe
alallier alallier / reload JavaScript node module to reload your browser when your code changes 3.1.1 3.1.1 / 2020-09-29 ------------------ * Updated mocha from 7.1.2 to 8.1.3 - See: * Updated codecov from 3.7.0 to 3.7.2 - See:
eallion eallion / openwrt Shell 202009300648 Openwrt x86-64 generic squashfs combined image
chrischristakis chrischristakis / swing-gameoflife Java An older project made in 2017 based on Conway's Game of life using Java swing for rendering v1.0 First and final release of this program.
AhmedElywa paljs / prisma-tools TypeScript Prisma tools to help you generate CRUD system for GraphQL servers v2.0.1 Fix #133 There are many changes in Prisma `dmmf` in version 2.8.0 we tested everything and update our package to work with prisma v2.8.0
jakevossen5 jakevossen5 / resume TeX Resume, written in LaTeX based off Aweseme-CV 44
kaulketh kaulketh / ledpibot Python Raspberry PI - Control WS2812B neopixel RGB LED stripe via Telegram bot API using telepot or telegram framework. v5.2
emostov paritytech / txwrapper TypeScript Helper funtions for offline transaction generation. v3.9.0 ## [3.9.0]( (2020-09-29) ### Features * **types:** Add support for new treasury types so latest metadata decorates correctly ([#
pete0emerson standard-ai / cog Go A tool that facilitates SSHing to your infrastructure v1.2.1
buzzclue buzzclue / laravel-vue-i18n-generator PHP Generates a vue-i18n compatible include file from your Laravel translations 1.0.47
dr-dimitru VeliovGroup / Mail-Time JavaScript 📮 Bulletproof email queue on top of NodeMailer with support of multiple clusters and servers setup 1.2.5 - ☄️ Meteor: `v2.3.5`; - 📦 NPM: `v1.2.5`; ### Changes - ☄️ Compatibility with `meteor@1.11.1`; - 🤝 Compatibility with `nodemailer@6.4.11`; - 👨‍💻 Minor codebase refactori
yuzubot yuzu-emu / yuzu-canary C++ THIS IS A STAGING REPO FOR OUR CANARY RELEASES ONLY. For development see our main repo at canary-3711
loduis myabakus / colombia-factura-electronica no-lang Contiene los binarios de la aplicacion que permite autorizar facturas electronicas en colombia como software propietario v2.0.7
laukhin laukhin / asyncpgx Python Extensions for asyncpg 1.0.5 Support for the python 3.6 and 3.7
dfinkel vimeo / go-retry Go A small package for doing comprehensive retries. v1.3.1 If the next backoff would involve sleeping beyond the deadline in the context passed to `Retry()`, it's nice to return an error early and save some resources.
jtvberg jtvberg / Moby JavaScript Off-line Electron-based Kanban board v0.9.7 Consolidated service stack alerts into warning glyph Added visual cue for moving tasks Updated deprecated code
symbiflow-robot google / verible C++ Verible provides a SystemVerilog parser, style-linter, and formatter. v0.0-641-g4d325ff
julianandrews julianandrews / sgf-parse Rust SGF parsing library for Rust. v1.0.0 This release doesn't change functionality, but adds some tests, CI, and does a bunch of automated fixes and style improvements. Since the package seems to be in working order, and I've dotted and c
github-actions[bot] taymyr / lagom-extensions Kotlin Utilities for Lagom framework v0.7.0 # :mega: Lagom Extensions 0.7.0 released! We are pleased to announce the release of Extensions module for [Lagom]( framework. ## :green_book: What’s Changed
ashare80 ashare80 / SPIR Swift Lifecycle managed mobile architecture framework. 0.2.0
cedricziel cedricziel / idea-php-typo3-plugin Java TYPO3 CMS Plugins for IntelliJ IDEA / PhpStorm v0.5.6
wiz wiz / bisq Java The decentralized bitcoin exchange network v1.3.9-statsnode
drunot drunot / Windows-Photo-Viewer-Wrapper C++ Windows Photo Viewer Wrapper V1.1 An executeble for opening Windows Photo Viewer. Required dlls for Windows Photo Viewer and the rundll32 is therefore needed. Fetures added: - The app can now register it self as a possible de
sobychacko spring-cloud / stream-applications Java Functions and Spring Cloud Stream Applications for data driven microservices v2020.0.0-M3 `2020.0.0-M3` release for Spring Cloud Stream applications and their corresponding functions (wherever applicable). See below for details. README -
breedx-nr newrelic / newrelic-telemetry-sdk-java Java Java library for sending telemetry data to New Relic v0.8.0 - CRITICAL: Fix default ingest URI for event data. Upgrade strongly recommended. - Size of `MetricBuffer` [is now exposed via `size()` method](
GabrielTavernini GabrielTavernini / Covid19Stats Dart A simple mobile app developed with Flutter to visualize Covid19 statistics 🦠 v2.1.0 # 📦 ADDED - Number separators to charts' tooltips text (b4ed17198843f296d064c9688d60470cbf0fb328) # 🐛 FIX - Fixed the app freezing on not available charts | Issue
josa42 josa42 / coc-go TypeScript Go language server extension using gopls for coc.nvim. v0.12.0 - Remove node@14 c3d3924 - Fix fix tools/goBinPath for non Windows 8e36edb - Reset TMPDIR properly for gopls 5b41e9a - Merge pull request #102 from wsw0108/fix-exe 2931916 - Fix update options
Rhystic1 Rhystic1 / Rocksmith2014_ToggleExclusiveMode C# A very simple tool that allows you to switch Exclusive Mode on or off in Rocksmith 2014 in order to enable streaming or return to optimal latency settings. v2.0 - The game will now launch via Steam game ID, which will solve issues such as custom songs not appearing. - Lots of UI changes including: - The program's border has been removed. - A backgr
SlyBouhafs SlyBouhafs / sn-theme-dracula SCSS 🧛🏻‍♂️ Dark theme for Standard Notes 1.2.5
ladybugbot ladybug-tools / honeybee-grasshopper-radiance Python :honeybee: :green_book: ⚡️ Honeybee Radiance plugin for Grasshopper v1.3.6 ## [1.3.6]( (2020-09-29) ### Bug Fixes * **recipe:** Remove Direct Daylight for now ([3140c6c](https://github.
atvfool atvfool / AxisAndAlliesHelper Java Simple Andoird app that helps you pick out what you're going to buy for your turn in Axis and Allies 1914 {|} 1.0 The bare bones release here. Only has 1914 IPCs cost.
echatav morphismtech / squeal Haskell Squeal, a deep embedding of SQL in Haskell ### Version 0.7 Thanks to Samuel Schlesinger, Adam Wespiser, Cullin Poreski and Mark Wotton for tons of contributions. Version 0.7 of Squeal makes many changes. **Inter-schema Foreign Key Bug**
TheAnachronism TheAnachronism / StarCitizenAPIWrapper C# C# Wrapper around the StarCitizen API v1.5.0 ## Species and Affiliations Complete parsing of single or multiple species or affiliations ### NuGet page
datchannin datchannin / Brothers-WoW Squirrel This repository is used for private mod Battle Brothers game. Play Battle Brothers with new characters from WoW, any of them has unique Perk Tree and abilities. 8.04 Compatibility DLC: Battle Brothers - Blazing Deserts. Compatibility Version:
thijstriemstra collab-project / videojs-wavesurfer JavaScript video.js plugin that adds a navigable waveform for audio and video files 3.3.1 - Doc fixes and updated dependencies
IslenautsGK IslenautsGK / AnotherCommonBugFix Java 通过添加修复包的方法修复Minecraft部分Mod的bug 1.2.0 ACBF-1.2.0
dengshiwei dengshiwei / asm-module Kotlin ASM 4 教程中的示例代码,用于 ASM 学习 v1.1 - 完善部分代码 - 新增相关文档资料,比如 `UML` 图和基础介绍文章
victorqchile victorqchile / flutter-bandname-socket Dart BandNamesAPP mi primer curso avanzado v0.0.2 Diseño de la app
wesleimp wesleimp / github-mergetime Go Lists the time it took a pull request to merge v0.1.0 ## Changelog 4047954 Add goreleaser 5f6e0fd Initial commit ## Docker images - `docker pull wesleimp/github-mergetime:latest` - `docker pull wesleimp/github-mergetime:v0.1.0`
thisisaaronland go-iiif / go-iiif Go Go package to implement the IIIF Image API. v4.1.4 * Add optional `-tiles-prefix` flag to `cmd/iiif-process-and-tile`. * Update vendor deps.
RobertLucian cortexlabs / cortex Go Model serving for developers v0.20.0 # v0.20.0 **New features** * Add `cortex cluster export` command to export all APIs running in a cluster ([docs]( https://githu
ecommerceUXdesign AlaskaAirlines / auro-avatar JavaScript Custom web component for the purpose of displaying an avatar image. v1.0.0 # 1.0.0 (2020-09-29) ### Features * build new auro-avatar component ([177c3bd](
donaldoakes ply-ct / vscode-ply TypeScript API Automated Testing v0.8.8
sirdeggen sirdeggen / roundesk-client JavaScript Accessing Roundesk Profiles quickly from the browser. v0.1.7 - try thios ea3e4cb - woreks 5f9e83b
MrAnZa MrAnZa / sockets-fundamentos JavaScript Una pequeña aplicación para explicar sockets v1.0.0 #Notas: -Comunicación servidor-cliente -Comunicación cliente-servidor -Comunicación cliente-clientes
dorny dorny / paths-filter TypeScript Conditionally run actions based on files modified by PR, feature branch or pushed commits v2.4.0 - [Support pushes of tags or when tag is used as base]( - [Use git log to detect changes from PRs merge commit if token is not available](https://github.
louwrentius louwrentius / showtools Python Shows detailed disk or network device information v1.0.0
github-actions[bot] podium-lib / podlet JavaScript Module for building podlet servers. A podlet server serves page fragments. v4.4.6 ## [4.4.6]( (2020-09-29) ### Bug Fixes * **deps:** update dependency @podium/proxy to v4.2.4 ([4a87242](
lmiq m3g / packmol Fortran Packmol 20.1 - Changed version file to 20.2 - changed release file - implemented reading and writting of the CONECT field of PDB files - indicates the home-page more readily - updated github page
Theta-Dev Theta-Dev / ConstructionWand Java Minecraft Mod - Construction Wands make building easier! 1.16.2-1.5 **ConstructionWand 1.5** Added config option to open wand GUI on CTRL+Shift+Click instead of SHIFT+Click (recommended when playing skyblock, otherwise you might fall off the edge while sneaking). Ad
janicduplessis th3rdwave / web-image TypeScript <Image /> component for react-native-web @th3rdwave/web-image@0.1.6 ## [0.1.6]( (2020-09-29) **Note:** Version bump only for package
Darkflame72 Obsidion-dev / mcsrvstats Python Wrapper for fetching player stats from popular Minecraft networks v0.1.2 Fix issue in wyncraft
erjanmx erjanmx / laravel-migrate-check PHP An artisan command to check for pending migrations with proper exit code v2.1.0 Add Laravel 8 support
github-actions[bot] Loyalsoldier / surge-rules no-lang 🦄 🎃 👻 Surge 规则集(DOMAIN-SET 和 RULE-SET)。 202009292233
jaredhendrickson13 jaredhendrickson13 / pfsense-api PHP The missing REST API package for pfSense v1.0.0 # pfSense API v1.0.0 Initial production ready release. Some key changes from beta releases are: ## Added - Documentation tool embedded within API page of pfSense webConfigurator - System tunable
ladybugbot ladybug-tools / lbt-dragonfly Python :dragon: :dragon: :dragon: Collection of all Dragonfly core Python libraries v0.4.244 ## [0.4.244]( (2020-09-29) ### Bug Fixes * **deps:** bump lbt-honeybee from 0.2.177 to 0.2.178 ([a36eeb1](https://github.c
jake73-lab jake73-lab / bleakwind-buffet C# This is the starter for the semester-long CIS 400 Fall 2020 project. v0.1.5 changes made for a rough point of sale
Kikobeats teslahunt / tesla-inventory JavaScript Retrieve real-time data from Tesla Inventory. v1.0.6
josh- josh- / CloudyTabs Objective-C CloudyTabs is a simple menu bar application that lists your iCloud Tabs. v2.0 - Export tabs from each device to CSV - Maintain the position of tabs for each device - Directs users to enable Full Disk Access when required - Improved compatibility with macOS Catalina and Big S
jaimeteb jaimeteb / templatext Python Text preprocessing template for NLP. v0.0.2 Add preprocessing pipeline (only english supported for now). Python versions supported: * 3.5 * 3.6 * 3.7 * 3.8
b00nwin boonwin / BoonwinsBattlegroundsTracker C# A HDT Plugin to track your ranks and mmr change of the day and show it on stream. 0.008 Added 2nd banned tribe and elementals Changed the Images for Banned tribes, those are only beta right now, might be changed again it the future
hhslepicka slaclab / pydm Python Python Display Manager v1.10.5 # PyDM 1.10.5 Release Notes This release is a minor bug fix release. ## Bug Fixes - FIX: Move Qt Designer related styling in PyDMEmbeddedDisplay to init_for_designer #698 (Thanks @ivany4) -
github-actions[bot] pinterest / gestalt JavaScript A set of React UI components that supports Pinterest’s design language v14.5.1 ## 14.5.1 (Sep 29, 2020) ### Patch - Doc: update Text size example (#1237)
nickbabcock nickbabcock / boxcars Rust Rocket League Replay parser in Rust v0.8.3 * Support latest rocket league patch (1.82) for Epic IDs
github-actions[bot] Loyalsoldier / clash-rules no-lang 🦄️ 🎃 👻 Clash Premium 规则集(RULE-SET)。 202009292230
ladybugbot ladybug-tools / dragonfly-grasshopper Python :dragon: :green_book: Dragonfly plugin for Grasshopper (aka. dragonfly[+]). v1.14.1 ## [1.14.1]( (2020-09-29) ### Bug Fixes * **alt_weather:** Bug fix to components that handle alternate weather ([f3e
aak-amd RadeonOpenCompute / ROCm_Documentation CSS ROCm Software Platform Documentation rocm-3.8.0
cassidylaidlaw cassidylaidlaw / ReColorAdv Python ReColorAdv attack from "Functional Adversarial Attacks" 0.0.1
cassiofb-dev cassiofb-dev / cassiofernando JavaScript Simple Gatsby porftolio. v1.1.0 - Improved Blog - Fixed redirect issue - Fixed Hydratation issue - Added SEO component - Added Social Cards
crash1115 crash1115 / 5e-training JavaScript A module for Foundry VTT that allows users to keep track of downtime activities, quest progress and... Well, pretty much anything you can track with a loading bar and a %. v0.4.5 Compatibility patch for 0.7.1+ Modifies the way flags are updated to prevent data loss when using Foundry core versions higher than 0.7.0
radek-ziemniewicz quillstack / benchmark PHP Bash/PHP script to benchmark HTTP requests and command-line scripts 1.0.7 Fixed path issue with symlink in bin directory.
elseano elseano / rundown Go Rundown runs Markdown files, making them powerful and pretty console applications 0.1.1 Added error handling blocks and restructured CLI arguments to work better with shebang scripts.
hn24 hn24 / 677f3b017d3c no-lang 677f3b017d3c vsuiaeimniutvtul Libero voluptatem rerum odit hic necessitatibus molestias sit. Voluptatum tempora beatae. Quis iusto neque nihil suscipit quos ullam. Illo temporibus ut rerum reiciendis sed molestiae hic. Soluta ex v
github-actions[bot] psr7-sessions / storageless PHP :mailbox_with_mail: storage-less PSR-7 session support 7.2.0 Release [7.2.0]( 7.2.0 ===== - Total issues resolved: **0** - Total pull requests resolved: **1** - Total contributors: **1** dependencie
jonathanlermitage jonathanlermitage / intellij-extra-icons-plugin Java :jigsaw: IntelliJ IDEA (and other JetBrains products) plugin that registers some extra icons for common files like travis.yml, appveyor.yml, editorconfig, gitlab-ci, jenkinsfile, etc. v1.38 ## 1.38.0 (2020/09/30) * rework `` files. * support `` files. * provide some alternative icons for `AUTHORS` files. * support `netlify.toml` files. * rework Cassa
kuman21 kuman21 / node-restserver-curso JavaScript Servidor rest creado en el curso de nodejs impartido por Fernando Herrera v0.1.2 # Información * Se crearon CRUDs para productos y categorías * Se realizó una búsqueda por término en los productos
russorat influxdata / influxdb Go Scalable datastore for metrics, events, and real-time analytics v2.0.0-rc.0 ## v2.0.0-rc.0 [2020-09-29] ## Docker `docker pull` ## Packages Platform | Package --- | --- Mac OS X | [influxdb_2.0.0-rc.0_darwin_amd64.tar.gz](https://d
cengelha cengelha / NomNom no-lang NomNom is a savegame editor but also shows additional information around the data you're about to change. You can also easily look up each item individually to examine its attributes, independently of a savegame, or get other useful information that are not related to a specific savegame (but enhanced if one is loaded). After some, for this release, unplanned changes, a little break and other delaying circumstances, the new release is now ready. This time with the new stuff added in Desolation and support for the re
sand4rt sand4rt / ftp-deployer JavaScript Fast nodejs ftp deployment with github actions v1.0
Walthzer Walthzer / RID Python RID: Realistic IED Defusal v0.2.2 - Fixed not loading of Zeus Enhanced Modules.
a1xd a1xd / rawaccel C# kernel mode mouse accel v1.0.0 Initial signed release
versx WatWowMap / MapJS JavaScript Drop in NodeJS replacement to RealDeviceMap UI map. 1.6.8 - Fix issue with areas dropdown not hiding if no areas configured - Fix global search icon paths for Nests/Quests - Add selective Pokemon timers via popup markers (click `[Show Timer]`) - Add verif
VSC-Service-Account Azure-Samples / digital-twins-explorer C# A code sample for visualizing Azure Digital Twins graphs as a web application to create, edit, view, and diagnose digital twins, models, and relationships. 202449
dwhieb dwhieb / ling-ref JavaScript A JavaScript library that converts a Mendeley document to an HTML citation following the Unified Stylesheet for Linguistics v1.0.7 This is a patch release to trigger deployment.
DetectiveSquirrel nymann / Tradie C# Quick overview of what a trade in PoE using PoeHud contains. HomePage 3.12.2
juanmrad Medology / karma-selenium-grid-launcher JavaScript Launcher for Remote WebDriver instances on a Selenium Grid; forked from karma-webdriver-launcher. 0.2.1
t-davies t-davies / next-stitch JavaScript Stitches together multiple different Next.js applications 0.1.0-prerelease - Initial version of `prepare`, to prepare child applications for stitching. - Initial version of `stitch`, to stitch applications together.
bluemellophone WildbookOrg / wbia-utool HTML Useful Utility Tools For You! v3.3.1
hubblec4 hubblec4 / hSplit Pascal hSplit is a small command-line tool that lets you split and join files bit by bit very quickly. rev0.02 change hSplit added & fixed * improved # changed % rev0.02 - 01.10.2020 * hSplit not working if the root parameter file (params.txt) is not present and no parameter file was
guyacosta microsoft / ApplicationInspector C# A source code analyzer built for surfacing features of interest and other characteristics to answer the question 'what's in it' using static analysis with a json based rules engine. Ideal for scanning components before use or detecting feature level changes. v1.2.79 ## Changes: * 0bf1b01474fe3a43be77a09bcc7e801babf122fa Merge b05dd8b9e1847edcacc361ca06814f2f15c8cf3a into a8de9ba208ffaf0410ce2eac920e49341dca0b96 * b05dd8b9e1847edcacc361ca06814f2f15c8cf3a Tag an
greboid greboid / irc Go Plugin based IRC library for Go v3.0.0
CEYRO-DIST CEYRO-DIST / MAIN Shell CEYRO/KLinux Non-Profit - GNU/GPL v2+ StartUp The Preview-Images in States
troyibm IBM / tririga-assistant-teamsbot JavaScript Microsoft Team bot for TRIRIGA Assistant v1.0.5
SimplestStudio SimplestStudio / simplest-studio Makefile Program for audio encoding and optimization 1.1
github-actions[bot] dprint / dprint-plugin-json Rust JSON code formatting plugin for dprint. 0.7.2 ## Install [Install]( and [setup]( dprint. Then in your project's *.dprintrc.json*: 1. Specify the plugin url in the `"plugins"
github-actions[bot] eduk8s / conda-environment Dockerfile Workshop base image which includes Anaconda Python and Jupyter. 200929.221706.034604d Pull image from the command line: ``` docker pull ``` Use as base image in DockerFile: ``` FROM
bp2008 bp2008 / biupdatehelper C# A Windows service which helps manage Blue Iris updates 1.10 ### BiUpdateHelper 1.7 and newer is for Blue Iris 5. If you still run Blue Iris 4, you should use BiUpdateHelper version ## Version 1.10 * Reorganized the application code and ceased bund
github-actions[bot] eduk8s / jdk11-environment Dockerfile Workshop base image which includes Java development tools. 200929.221834.de74218 Pull image from the command line: ``` docker pull ``` Use as base image in DockerFile: ``` FROM
gearama microsoft / Application-Insights-K8s-Codeless-Attach TypeScript Solution for onboarding Kubernetes/AKS workloads onto Application Insights monitoring. 0.9.2 Kubernetes 1.16 support Please ensure you have Container Monitoring Enabled
github-actions[bot] TonyAble / v2ray-rules no-lang Forked from 202009292219
jaspervriends v17development / flarum-seo PHP Perfect SEO for your Flarum forum 1.3.1 ### Update 1.3.1 - Fixing the update Okay, so let's explain what happened in the previous update. I tried (a bit on a hacky way) to process all the SEO properties as last function before rendering th
jasonbarry featurepeek / marketing-website JavaScript Source code for v1.1.5-b
github-actions[bot] eduk8s / jdk8-environment Dockerfile Workshop base image which includes Java development tools. 200929.221805.70a52ef Pull image from the command line: ``` docker pull ``` Use as base image in DockerFile: ``` FROM
klevu klevu / klevu-smart-search-M2 no-lang Klevu Smart Search plugin for Magento 2 2.3.7 Logging Improvements Improvements relating to sync of child products with multiple parents Improved orders of grouped products Order sync improvements relating to group products Added new command
dvershinin dvershinin / fds Python The go-to FirewallD CLI app. v0.0.4 Workaround for old requests lib in CentOS 7
klevu klevu / categorynavigation PHP Klevu Smart Search - Category navigation plugin for Magento 2 2.2.7 Logging Improvements Added Smart Category Navigation preview Improved loading of category data for Category Navigation
radek-ziemniewicz quillstack / di PHP DI Container based on PSR-11 1.3.0 Added creating objects based on class properties.
github-actions[bot] sqylabs / charts Smarty Helm charts for SQYLABS. nexus-0.1.1 A Helm chart for Sonatype Nexus
TheMysteriousVincent eisengrind / docker-altv-voice-server Shell A Docker image providing the alt:V voice server. dev-1.0-dev21
TheMysteriousVincent eisengrind / docker-altv-server Shell The unofficial alt:V server Docker image. dev-1.0-dev21
disrani-px libopenstorage / stork Go Stork - Storage Orchestration Runtime for Kubernetes v2.5.0 # New Features * Added support for specifying `*` as a wildcard to select all namespaces in the `ApplicationBackup` and `ApplicationBackupSchedule` specs (#693). * Added support for specifying which
halfzebra halfzebra / create-elm-app JavaScript 🍃 Create Elm apps with zero configuration v4.5.0 # [4.5.0]( (2020-09-29) ### Features * **package.json:** Update dependency html-webpack-plugin to v4.5.0 ([935d7c0](https://githu
horgh maxmind / GeoIP2-node TypeScript Node.js API for GeoIP2 webservice client and database reader v1.6.0 * Add the `isResidentialProxy` property to `AnonymousIP` and `TraitsRecord` for use with the Anonymous I
mnastalski mnastalski / baselinker-php PHP PHP library for BaseLinker API v0.0.1
lmarini clowder-framework / clowder JavaScript A data management system that allows users to share, annotate, organize and analyze large collections of datasets. It provides support for extensible metadata annotation using JSON-LD and a distribute analytics event bus for automatic curation of uploaded data. v1.11.1 ## 1.11.1 - 2020-09-29 ### Added - Added healtz endpoint that is cheap and quick to return, useful for kubernetes live/ready checks. ### Fixed - Fixed health check script when using custom pat
github-actions[bot] omarabid / front-root JavaScript Something that works? live Latest build
arlina-espinoza apigee / apigee-edge-drupal PHP The Apigee Edge module enables you to integrate a Drupal 8 with Apigee Edge. 8.x-1.16 Github milestone: [8.x-1.16]( ### Changelog - #329: Added team invitation functionality. Team administrators can invite users b
polewskm NCodeGroup / NCode.ProjectSettings.Scaffold C# Contains common settings, scripts, and files to scaffold C# projects for NCodeGroup. v1.0.9 [NU5048]: Deprecating `PackageIconUrl` in favor of `PackageIcon` (see [NU5048])
ladybugbot ladybug-tools / lbt-honeybee Python 🐝 🐝 🐝 Collection of all Honeybee Python libraries v0.2.178 ## [0.2.178]( (2020-09-29) ### Bug Fixes * **deps:** bump honeybee-energy-standards from 2.0.2 to 2.0.3 ([fa1eaf9](https://
Carlgo11 Carlgo11 / Teamspeak-docker Shell Minimal TeamSpeak3 server in a docker container v0.4 This version fixes some issues related to the `files/` directory and it's permissions.
SerKnight XeroAPI / xero-ruby Ruby Xero Ruby SDK for OAuth 2.0 generated from XeroAPI/Xero-OpenAPI 2.2.4 * Fix tracking category option length going from 50 -> 100 > Fixes #80 Build from OAS: > XeroAPI/Xero-OpenAPI#290
victorhqc victorhqc / photo-studio Rust Photography management & display. v0.2.0 Remove title & description from pictures.
vbsantos vbsantos / desktop-app-condominio JavaScript Condominium Manager made with React.js and Electron.js v0.22.2
github-actions[bot] EzrealCdev / v2ray-rules-dat no-lang V2Ray 规则文件加强版,可代替官方规则文件。Enhanced edition of V2Ray rules dat files. 202009292212
theowenyoung actionsflow / webhook2github TypeScript Forward webhook to github repository_dispatch event v1.0.0 * chore: version to init (8006ee7) * feat: initial commit (77c4e40)
Fenny gofiber / template Go 🧬 Template engine middleware for Fiber v1.6.3 Fix clone error for partials
N1ebieski N1ebieski / install.idir PHP iDir Installer - application for creating complex web/company directories v1.1.1
CrankySupertoon KoalaDevs / KoalaLauncher JavaScript Koala Launcher is a simple, yet powerful Minecraft custom launcher with a strong focus on the user experience v1.0.1
adoptopenjdk-github-bot AdoptOpenJDK / openjdk11-dragonwell-binaries no-lang Alibaba Dragonwell11 builds jdk11u-2020-09-29-21-55 Nightly Build of jdk11u-2020-09-29-21-55
CEBracco cientopolis / transcriptor-web TypeScript Frontend desarrollado en Angular para el proyecto Transcriptor v1.2
github-actions[bot] MirrorNG / MirrorNG C# A community replacement for Unity's abandoned UNET Networking System. v45.0.0 # [45.0.0]( (2020-09-29) * Renamed ReadMessage -> Reader ([1bb89f2](
Applelo principalstudio / html-webpack-inject-preload TypeScript A html webpack plugin for injecting <link rel='preload'> 1.1.0 - Improve by using HtmlWebpackPlugin tags system #3 - Improve test - Update readme - Update dependencies
mchaloupka mchaloupka / Slp.Fsm F# Finite state machine implementation in F# v0.1.3 ## [0.1.3] - 2020-09-29 [0.1.3]: ### Added - Support for deterministic finite state machine represented as graph of nodes
CEBracco cientopolis / transcriptor-backend Ruby FromThePage is a wiki-like application for crowdsourcing transcription of handwritten documents. v1.0
brightspace-bot BrightspaceUI / core JavaScript A collection of accessible, free, open-source web components for building Brightspace applications. v1.83.1 ## [1.83.1]( (2020-09-29) ### Bug Fixes * Update on language change ([#876]( ([24c3
danbleile washingtonstateuniversity / wsuwp-theme-web-design-system PHP Theme to implement the WSUWP Design System ## Hotfix - 545309f Hotfix | Add label to mobile menu
ellieyhcheng ellieyhcheng / dice-vs-code no-lang Dice Language Support for VS Code v1.0.1 Fixed over eager parentheses highlighting and added highlighting of parameters in function definitions.
madhephaestus WPIRoboticsEngineering / RBE1001Lib C++ A library to support introduction to robotics engineering. 0.9.2
github-actions[bot] TonyAble / v2ray-rules-dat no-lang V2Ray 规则文件加强版,可代替官方规则文件。Enhanced edition of V2Ray rules dat files. 202009292207
github-actions[bot] amaumene / xiaomi_redmi-router-ac2100_openwrt_mesh no-lang My OpenWrt image build with wpad-mesh for Xiaomi Redmi AC2100 r14607-3fab4ace57 This release is based on r14607-3fab4ace57 OpenWrt build with these packages luci -luci-proto-ppp wpad-wolfssl iperf3 ethtool mtr iwinfo kmod-tcp-bbr kmod-mtd-rw libustream-wolfssl ca-bundle -ppp -ppp
chrisbra vim / vim-win32-installer Batchfile Vim Win32 Installer v8.2.1775 [![v8.2.1775](]( Nightly Vim Windows build snapsho
github-actions[bot] cdlaimin / v2ray-rules-dat no-lang 🦄 🎃 👻 V2Ray 路由规则文件加强版,可代替官方 geoip.dat 和 geosite.dat 规则文件,兼容 Trojan-go。Enhanced edition of V2Ray rules dat files, compatible with trojan-go. 202009292207
Bionus Bionus / imgbrd-grabber C++ Very customizable imageboard/booru downloader with powerful filenaming features. nightly Nightly automated builds from the develop branch. Automatically uploaded by AppVeyor, **use at your own risk**! **Head:** e0f498180ccc117b9cfdf3d234d63896de645dfb **Date:** 2020-09-29T16:20:52.000000
noahhusby noahhusby / sledgehammer-map Java A map visualizer with warps for the sledgehammer system v1.2 **Sledgehammer Map 1.2** - Increased max/min zoom
troyeguo troyeguo / koodo-reader JavaScript 📚 跨平台的 Epub 阅读器,支持Windows,macOS,Linux 和网页版,所有的数据都可以导入导出和实现多端同步。基于 React、Redux、TypeScript、Electron、i18n v1.1.6 <h1>修复</h1> 解除之前的书籍大小和数量限制 修复书签页崩溃的问题 修复触控模式下的一些bug,点击边缘唤出菜单,再点击图书,退出菜单
JulioEstrada JulioEstrada / Programs Java Base code for program assignments in Software Development (C S 371). v2.0 Added functionality to Web Server, created new directory from which the server is ran out of
dim-release-bot DestinyItemManager / DIM TypeScript Destiny Item Manager v6.32.2 * Actually fixed "Store" buttons not showing for items in Postmaster. * Fix wishlists not highlighting the right rolls.
olamothe coveo / search-ui TypeScript Coveo Search UI framework 2.9856.6-beta
github-actions[bot] bigfoxtail / v2ray-rules-dat no-lang V2Ray 规则文件加强版,可代替官方规则文件。Enhanced edition of V2Ray rules dat files. Fork Loyalsoldier 202009292206
MChorfa MChorfa / porter-helm3 Go porter-helm3 v0.1.8 # Updates - Bump Default Helm3 Client Version to v3.3.4 - Update Helm3 Client Version Configuration doc # Fixes - Remove single quotes from k8s outputs
ebauman ebauman / protoc-gen-validate Go protoc plugin to generate polyglot message validators v0.4.2
SchrodingersGat inventree / InvenTree Python Open Source Inventory Management System v0.1.3 ## New Features - Major improvements to BOM import wizard - - Display multi-level BOM as a "tree-grid" -
raydac raydac / zxpoly Java ZX-Poly platform info page and its emulator. It is a multi-CPU ZXSpectrum clone. 2.1.2-S __2.1.2-SNAPSHOT__ - added `Black & White` video filter - refactoring
Updownquark Updownquark / OGame-ROI Java Simple Economy Build Sequence Calculator for OGame v0.9.8 Mostly bugfixes, but also got a good ways into an ROI sequence generator
jobveldhuis jobveldhuis / python-mediaserver-processor Python Image processor for mediaservers that receive items that have to be resized or reformatted to be used in a source set. 0.0.4 # Changes - All f-strings have been replaced with more Pythonic, friendlier .format()
Kaizhe sysdiglabs / kube-psp-advisor Go Help building an adaptive and fine-grained pod security policy v1.9.1 Update release process
jecos kids-first / kf-portal-etl-task-service Java :white_check_mark: A template for a microservice written in Java and a resource server under Ego with JWT authorization 1.2.0
ebraminio persian-calendar / DroidPersianCalendar Kotlin Android Persian Calendar / تقویم فارسی اندروید v6.3.0 Updates for 1400 به‌روزرسانی برای سال ۱۴۰۰
tiagomichaelsousa tiagomichaelsousa / LaravelResources PHP Speed Up package development for Laravel Apps with API's v2.0 Add L8 support
github-actions[bot] Loyalsoldier / v2ray-rules-dat no-lang 🦄 🎃 👻 V2Ray 路由规则文件加强版,可代替官方 geoip.dat 和 geosite.dat 规则文件,兼容 Trojan-go。Enhanced edition of V2Ray rules dat files, compatible with trojan-go. 202009292203
tgilcrest PublicMapping / districtbuilder TypeScript DistrictBuilder is web-based, open source software for collaborative redistricting. 1.0.0 ### Added - Support menu on landing and project page [#435]( - Allow for selecting partially locked districts [#420](
brandon-leapyear LeapYear / aeson-schemas Haskell Easily consume JSON data on-demand with type-safety v1.3.2 Performance: * Optimized including other schemas in a schema, which previously caused a huge slowdown, and possibly even out-of-memory errors.
codieradical codieradical / MineOnline Java Launch old versions of minecraft just as you remembered them, only without a browser. 2.5.0-pre3 - Removed the "javaCommand" setting. - The launcher will not use whatever JRE it was started with instead. - Fixed a bug where the launcher failed to start without libraries on the class
ngilotti ngilotti / admin-pro-backend JavaScript Repositorio del curso de Angular Avanzado - Backend v0.4.1 # Notas * Corrección sobre el controlador de usuario, para no poder cambiar el correo de un usuario registrado desde google
github-actions[bot] CliMA / Oceananigans.jl Julia 🌊 Fast and friendly fluid dynamics on CPUs and GPUs v0.39.0 ## Oceananigans v0.39.0 [Diff since v0.38.0]( * Overhauled interface for forcing functions. Instead of calling `ModelForcing` to se
luisDanielRoviraContreras lusaxweb / vuesax-next Vue Vuesax v4: framework components for Vuejs 4.0.1-alpha.25 ## Fix - Multi-line radio labels cause the radio buttons to distort #95 - Buttons initial render bug #86 - (Tooltip not getting destroyed upon page change #82) - [sidebar] Not opening the group he
jbmchuck tableau / altimeter Python Graph AWS resources in Neptune 2.0.4 Fixes an issue where account scans should fail fast rather than return a partially scanned account. In the future this case needs to be handled gracefully by graphing the account as an UnscannedAcco
github-actions[bot] BioniCosmos / v2ray-rules-dat no-lang V2Ray 规则文件加强版,可代替官方规则文件。Enhanced edition of V2Ray rules dat files. 202009292201
github-actions[bot] LekaMika / v2ray-rules-dat no-lang 🦄 🎃 👻 V2Ray 路由规则文件加强版,可代替官方规则文件。Enhanced edition of V2Ray routing rules dat files. 202009292200
namboy94 namboy94 / bundesliga-tippspiel Python A Bundesliga Tippspiel Website 1.9.3 # Changelog Version ```1.9.3```: * Now uses jerrycan instead of puffotter.flask * Fixed issues with leaderboard tendency and charts * Now allows login using email address
pierregaimard pierregaimard / climb PHP Php framework v0.1.4 Add new features and fix bugs. Need to test packaged version.
mitchellkrogza mitchellkrogza / nginx-ultimate-bad-bot-blocker Shell Nginx Block Bad Bots, Spam Referrer Blocker, Vulnerability Scanners, User-Agents, Malware, Adware, Ransomware, Malicious Sites, with anti-DDOS, Wordpress Theme Detector Blocking and Fail2Ban Jail for Repeat Offenders V4.2020.09.2145
github-actions[bot] softwareventures / webpack-config TypeScript Standard webpack configuration for Software Ventures Limited v3.0.0-alpha.4 # [3.0.0-alpha.4]( (2020-09-29) ### Features * **webpack-dev-server:** serve only webpack output, not stat
github-actions[bot] udondan / iam-floyd TypeScript AWS IAM policy statement generator with fluent interface v0.72.0 **New actions:** - ebs:CompleteSnapshot - ebs:PutSnapshotBlock - ebs:StartSnapshot - ssm:GetCalendarState **New conditions:** - ebs:Description - ebs:ParentSnapshot - ebs:VolumeSize - batch:AWSLogs
michaelstaib ChilliCream / hotchocolate C# Welcome to the home of the Hot Chocolate GraphQL server for .NET, the Strawberry Shake GraphQL client for .NET and Banana Cake Pop the awesome Monaco based GraphQL IDE. 11.0.0-preview.147
iamwilson iamwilson / Coretta TypeScript React feature playground v1.0.234 ## Changes: * 0beb0dfa20a42b7a3a7036a2be002ba3f1a294d7 :zap: updated npm modules * 58808bf4833e077ba98229367715f4f0cb452ba3 :zap: updated webpack * 40e63a98e8a8002802fa4322ae626c9fd81f161d :zap: ad
adoptopenjdk-github-bot AdoptOpenJDK / openjdk11-binaries no-lang The new home for releases and nightlies for all OpenJDK11 variants and platforms jdk11u-2020-09-29-21-55 Nightly Build of jdk11u-2020-09-29-21-55
spotlessmind1975 spotlessmind1975 / midres C Portable midres library for retrocomputers v1.41 NEW FEATURES - Atari platform (`atari` and `ataricol`): autorun using `atrautorun` and disabled BASIC. BUG FIXING - Game "Air Attack!" (`game=airattack`) fixed for `atari` and `ataric
github-actions[bot] probil / JavaScript :v::zap: bindings for Vue.js and Vuex (inspired by v4.0.5 ## [4.0.5]( (2020-09-29) ### Bug Fixes * **deps:** update dependency @types/ to v1.4.34 ([6d4fe36](https://g
YungSamzy YungSamzy / dadbotpublic JavaScript Discord Meet Dad! v0.1 This is just the beginning
CodyEngel CodyEngel / fakek Kotlin A faker library for Kotlin. 0.3 Added support for three additional fakes which are accessible via `FakeContext` or `fakek { ... }`. * `FakeColor` adds support for fake hex code colors:
headlessme cobrowseio / cobrowse-sdk-ios-binary Objective-C - iOS Native SDK v2.8.5 v2.8.5
ashe540 ashe540 / inbound JavaScript A url and referrer parsing library for node. v1.0.7 - Moved away from callback approach, since process is synchronous and was experiencing issues waiting for process.nextTick - Added eslint to codebase - Refactored codebase to match new style
bwp91 bwp91 / homebridge-govee JavaScript Homebridge plugin to control Govee devices that are supported by the official Govee API. v1.2.0 ### 🎉 1.2.0 🎉 --- ### Device Control Improvements * The plugin will now check to see if it can query the current state of your Govee device, and if it can't it will skip the query to av
BaslerSupportUSA BaslerSupportUSA / CQT no-lang CameraQuickTester: Diagnostic tool for sytems using Basler cameras & Pylon software. v20.10-01 ------------------------------------------------ v20.10-01 ------------------------------------------------ ENHANCEMENT: Improved detection and display of NIC connected to GigE camera. ENHANCEMENT
ladybugbot ladybug-tools / honeybee-energy-standards Python 🐝 :fire: :books: Honeybee-energy extension for standards, codes, and templates. v2.0.3 ## [2.0.3]( (2020-09-29) ### Bug Fixes * **docs:** Trigger release of new pacakge ([9c4a571](
wolfsea89 wolfsea89 / Ansible.Role.Docker.AnsibleAWX HTML Ansible Role - deploy Ansible AWX in docker v1.0.0
drferreira ccem-dev / outcomes-service TypeScript Otus Platform - Outcomes Service 1.5.0
github-actions[bot] crowbartools / Firebot JavaScript A powerful all-in-one bot for Twitch streamers v5.19.1 ### v5.19.1 Update Notes - Added the Viewer List back to the Chat Feed - Fixed a bug that caused bonus payouts to sometimes not be applied ## v5.19.0 Update Notes - New Cooldown Command effect
horgh maxmind / GeoIP2-java Java Java API for GeoIP2 webservice client and database reader v2.15.0-rc1 * The HTTP client now allows up to 20 connections to be active at once. Previously the limit was 2. * Update `maxmind-db` dependency to a new version that no longer uses Jackson. This improves
mluisbrown trading-point / reactiveswift-composable-architecture Swift A library for building applications in a consistent and understandable way, with composition, testing, and ergonomics in mind. 0.8.0 Changes from the upstream [0.8.0]( release: * Improved: better error messaging around testing uncompleted effects: it
paizzj fchwallet / fchwalet-android Java Android SPV Freecash wallet 1.0 fchwallet
camsaul metabase / second-date Clojure Helpful java.time utility functions for Clojure 1.0 Initial release
github-actions[bot] mike182uk / alfred-set-audio-device Shell An Alfred workflow for setting the input / output audio device 0.0.1
bmorecm wildskymedia / react-jw-player no-lang A React Component API for JW Player 1.20.0
YahiaAngelo YahiaAngelo / MarkdownEditText Kotlin A native Rich Text Editor with Markdown export option. 1.1.0 - Added tasks lists - Fixed styles within lists issues - Cleaned Markdown convert functions - Updated dependencies
theusaf theusaf / kahoot-winner HTML The source code for Kahoot Winner (app) 3.1.2 Bug fixes, small improvements
tbsexton usnistgov / nestor Python Quantifying tacit knowledge for investigatory analysis v0.4.2 Many changes, mostly outlined by commits. - Modular! For UI, see [`nestor-qt`]( in its own repo. Similarly, [`nestor-web`](
erwincoumans erwincoumans / rbdl C++ RBDL is a C++ library that contains some essential and efficient rigid body dynamics algorithms such as the Articulated Body Algorithm (ABA) for forward dynamics, Recursive Newton-Euler Algorithm (RNEA) for inverse dynamics, the Composite Rigid Body Algorithm (CRBA) for the efficient computation of the joint space inertia matrix and is also able to compute forward dynamics with external contact constraints and collision impulses. Furthermore it has some basic support for forward and inverse kinematics. pyrbdl_0.2 pip install pyrbdl ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ import pyrbdl as rbdl import time print(dir(rbdl)) import numpy as np model = rbdl.Model() body_a = rbdl.Body (1., [1., 0., 0.], [1., 1., 1.]) joi
dfahlander dfahlander / Dexie.js JavaScript A Minimalistic Wrapper for IndexedDB v3.0.3-rc.1 # Release Candidate Please help me test this release candidate that contains various fixes and improvements. It's released with the "next" tag on npm. Will release it with the "lates
github-actions[bot] taymyr / lagom-openapi Java OpenAPI/Swagger module for Lagom v1.2.1 # :mega: Lagom OpenAPI 1.2.1 released! We are pleased to announce the release of OpenAPI module for [Lagom]( framework. ## :green_book: What’s Changed All th
plus3-releasebot plus3it / terraform-aws-tardigrade-iam-principals HCL Terraform module to create IAM users/roles 9.0.1
DonFlymoor DonFlymoor / voxTalkz Python Python library for transforming play-like-script to an audio drama. v1.2.7 Bumped to 1.2.7
dapixcasey fioprotocol / fio.contracts C++ Smart contracts that provide some of the basic functions of the FIO blockchain v2.1.0-rc2
haugenj aws / aws-node-termination-handler Go A Kubernetes Daemonset to gracefully handle EC2 instance shutdown v1.8.0 # Features: 1. Support for webhook templates (#253 thanks to @supasteev0 ) 1. Improved logs - Better support of JSON logging - Log all pods when a node is cordoned (#257 thanks to @wanwenli
tomaszwostal tomaszwostal / multipass_k3s no-lang k3s in multipass virtual machines v0.2-alpha Role can successfully imported and used
byronbytes byronbytes / Toolkit Visual Basic .NET An application filled with tech essentials. v1.6 ## Additions - Added Check For Network in Internet - Added Check For Connection in Internet - Maximizing and Minimizing - Live Notifications now work! ## Removals - Removed the Check Connectio
vuryanh imgix / imgix-url-params no-lang Organized, machine-friendly documentation of imgix's URL parameters 11.9.1 ``` available_in: - url ``` Added to the .yaml files for these parameters: * Border-bottom * Border-left * Border-right * Border-top * Grid-colors * Grid-size * Pad-bottom * Pad-left * Pa
mbousq mbousq / MSinco R MSinco 0.1
michaloo michaloo / dockerpresso Shell Docker Compose configuration generator for fast Wordpress Theme or plugin development. v2.0.1 Hotfix for broken comment.
github-actions[bot] mrgoodbytes8667 / obsmessage CSS Send a custom message to OBS via the OBS Websocket plugin v0.1.1 Initial release ### Install To install, download the file [live.goodbytes.obsmessage.streamDeckPlugin](
antony-jr antony-jr / AppImageUpdater C++ :rocket: A Unofficial AppImage Updater written using AppImageUpdaterBridge , Written :black_nib: in C++ using Qt5. A Simple updater for humans :heart:. continuous-cli Travis CI build log:
sindresorhus sindresorhus / gulp-nunjucks JavaScript Precompile Nunjucks templates v5.1.0 - Add support for async filters (#37) e145d97
kevinold cypress-io / cypress-realworld-app TypeScript A payment application to demonstrate real-world usage of Cypress testing methods, patterns, and workflows. v1.0.8
ndebuhr xebialabs-community / xld-powercenter-plugin FreeMarker Integration between XLD and PowerCenter v1.3.1
github-actions[bot] arlac77 / svelte-guard-history-router JavaScript svelte guarded history router v2.26.1 ## [2.26.1]( (2020-09-29) ### Bug Fixes * always reflect subscriptions after push ([6a7ba3b](
jtvberg jtvberg / Temporal JavaScript Transient Note Taking v1.3.0 Updated deprecated code Added a header bar when in max mode Various minor improvements
cmelgarejo LoopContext / graphql-orm Go Golang GraphQL API generator using gqlgen and gorm 1.0.9 - gqlgen 0.13.0 - Federation using gqlgen 0.13.0 - Dockerfiles for dev and prod environments - Many fixes on templates and generator naming and comments
Z3R0-cmd Z3R0-cmd / VRVex-Base no-lang A base template for (8354801) v1.3.7 Added Debug command that allows you to make sure the base is working. Also moved the function blocks farther out so you don't accidentally mess anything up.
dzou GoogleCloudPlatform / google-cloud-spanner-hibernate Java The official Google Cloud Spanner Dialect for Hibernate ORM 1.4.0 This release adds important bug fixes to improve the Cloud Spanner Hibernate Dialect support. * You can now use the Spanner Dialect with other dialects without needing to setup a Maven profile. (Fi
cf-pe-bot pivotal / cloud-service-broker Go OSBAPI service broker that uses Terraform to provision and bind services. Derived from sb-0.2.0-rc.1-azure-0.1.0-rc.5
Movinghead333 Movinghead333 / DaylyDinner C# App for keeping track of what you have been eating in the past v0.2 - fixed typos - changed font colors to be more uniform - deleted recipes now stay deleted and are persistently stored on the device
jarrodparkes jarrodparkes / Habanero Swift A visual components library. 0.4.6 ## What's New - bleed `Footer` background to edge of screen
stla stla / shinyMonacoEditor JavaScript Monaco editor in a Shiny app. v1.0.0
johnkrovitch larriereguichet / AdminBundle PHP Generic Admin for Symfony v1.1 - Update for Symfony 5 - Improve configuration management - Improve the list filters and fix display and translations bugs (#170) - Remove useless command in Travis CI - Update dependencies for Sy
sindresorhus sindresorhus / linkify-urls JavaScript Linkify URLs in a string v3.1.1 - Fix `*` and `$` not being linkified (#36) 842bf80
lambdaxymox lambdaxymox / cglinalg Rust A low-dimensional linear algebra library for real-time computer graphics. 0.9.0
alex-miller-0 GridPlus / gridplus-sdk JavaScript SDK for communicating with the agent's remote signing functionality v0.6.1 **Changelog:** * #102
toddnguyen47 toddnguyen47 / SavedGames C++ Source Control for Saved Games 1.1.0 - Add Staff Critical Animations and SFX to the following classes: - Sage (M & F) - Mage Knight (M & F) - Druid (M & F) - Valkyrie - Add a delay for Cleric & Priest after t
Luis-Roque Luis-Roque / flutter-unis-socket Dart UniApp de mi curso avanzado de flutter v1.0.0 Con gráfica y sockets
DuckDivers DuckDivers / DuckDiverFramework PHP Parent Theme for Duck Diver Themes
JoeFwd Tyler-IN / MnB2-Bannerlord-CommunityPatch C# This is going to be a mod that just fixes up some things in Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord before the Devs & QA team can get to them. They have priorities and a process. v.0.1.2-rc1 ## v.0.1.2-rc1 ### e1.5.2 Compatibility - Fixes all api issues caused by 1.5.0 - 1.5.1 updates (#407). - Disables Throwing, Bow and Crossbow perk patches due to Taleworlds' perk revamp. - Disables
rohrbecka rohrbecka / PhotovoltaicUI Swift SwiftUI-based user interface elements for visualising powerflow in photovoltaic grids 0.0.1 The initial release as a SwiftPackage
dicarlomagnus gopangea / sdk-raas-android Kotlin Android SDK for use with Pangea Remittance as a Service (RaaS) API. 0.1.3
DBodrov DBodrov / neutrino-ui TypeScript react components library v1.0.1
VSC-Service-Account Azure-Samples / streaming-at-scale Shell How to implement a streaming at scale solution in Azure 202441
plumbis CumulusNetworks / docs HTML Cumulus Networks docs repo v1.5.269 Auto commit of release note update [skip ci]
CyberFlameGO CyberFlameGO / Herbs Java Minecraft plugin for a server I’m working on. Herbs-v0.0.1-SNAPSHOT Herbs initial binary release
mattes mattes / perform_every Ruby Cron jobs for Rails v0.1.3
ricky-davis ricky-davis / AstroLauncher Python An easy to use Astroneer Dedicated Server launcher v1.7.5 Version 1.7.5 of the Astroneer Dedicated Server Launcher! ## Usage 1. Move the AstroLauncher executable to the server files directory alongside AstroServer.exe 2. Run AstroLauncher.exe If the La
WesleyBranton mozillabrasil / sumo_live_helper JavaScript Helper Add-on for SUMO forum contributors v1.5.4 Added marker next to unread questions Added question count to sidebar title Fixed issues with old questions appearing momentarily while loading new questions Performance improvements
icaruszhu icaruszhu / student-gh-page-template SCSS This template is made to assist my personal tutees at UoB to build a simple static personal page hosted on github. 0.8.0 First beta release
yoshi-automation googleapis / gax-java Java Google API Extensions for Java - shared runtime for clients generated by googleapis/gapic-generator v1.59.0 ## [1.59.0]( (2020-09-28) ### Features * Allow user-agents to be specified by both internal headers and user headers ([#1190](ht
rickb777 rickb777 / runtemplate Go Provides a way of doing template execution from standard Go templates from the command line. Also includes a bundle of collection templates for strongly-typed lists, sets and maps. v3.7.1
StrawberryMilsc StrawberryMilsc / ScytheAI Java A prototype Java implementation of an algorithm designed to play Scythe. v1.0 Prototype Scythe AI. Keeps track of all personal amounts. Movement not yet implemented. Gets a decent score with a concession. (Allowing multiple structures on same tiles).
ateucher bcgov / rems R An R package to access data from British Columbia's Environmental Monitoring System v0.5.2 # rems 0.5.2 * removed internal use of `filter_` to avoid dplyr deprecation warnings. (#48)
github-actions[bot] Alorel / preact-shadow-root JavaScript Render a component in a v1 ShadowRoot 1.0.2 ## [1.0.2]( (2020-09-29) ### Bug Fixes * **main:** Internal sheetToString function no longer exported ([07f3d43](
theowenyoung actionsflow / setup-act TypeScript Setup act for github action v1.3.0 * ci: use release-it (ee2ae70) * ci: use release-it (650f723) * chore: add build (e14772f) * ci: use release-it (5bf9d67)
sevaa sevaa / dwex Python DWARF Explorer - a GUI utility for navigating the DWARF debug information 0.62 Friendly register names in operation parser (eax instead of reg0), with an off switch
github-actions[bot] sentrei / sentrei TypeScript Bond. Focus. Work. v1.99.1 ## [1.99.1]( (2020-09-29) ### Performance Improvements * ⚡️ ini chromatic gha ([6924b92](
Elikill58 Elikill58 / Negativity Java Github of Negativity, a Minecraft AntiCheat. 1.9.5 Minor update of free version of Negativity
Vencorr Vencorr / Worlds-LinuxScript Shell A simple bash script for Linux users to enjoy Worlds 092920
ebraminio persian-calendar / calendar Java Calendar converter 1.0.1 Updates for 1400
lightyearvpn lightyearvpn / LightyearVPN Shell 光年VPN - 科学上网,翻墙,梯子,VPN下载,加速器,外网,代理,路由,防火墙,GFW。免费VPN试用,全球Shadowsocks节点。免费SS节点,SSR节点和V2ray节点。 v1.8.8 Fix and improve sort function. Use tcp ping instead of icmp ping.
brentp brentp / mosdepth Nim fast BAM/CRAM depth calculation for WGS, exome, or targeted sequencing v0.3.1 + fix bug with regions and d4 that would cause error even when --d4 was not used.
github-actions[bot] sullivtr / terraform-provider-graphql Go Terraform GraphQL plugin to automate the full life-cycle of graphql api resources. v1.4.5 ## Changelog a34c1e9 Merge pull request #22 from sullivtr/add-computed-read-variables 1bda83f feat: add computed read operation variables
lachioma lachioma / glmnet_matlab Fortran glmnet compiled for MATLAB R2020, Windows 10 64-bit R2020a [Glmnet]( compiled for MATLAB R2020a, Windows 10 64-bit. N.B. The only file being affected by the compilation is `glmnetMex.mexw64`.
minoveaz minoveaz / backend-game-ecommerce TypeScript Backend of Ecommerce created with Node, Typescript and GraphQL v0.1.0 API Development with the following functions: * User register * List users * Login * Token Authentication
MikeSilvis square / SquarePointOfSaleSDK-iOS Objective-C A simple library for letting Point of Sale take in-store payments for your app using the Point of Sale API. 3.4.1 This release resolves an issue around Xcode 12 incorrectly building open URLS
codekandis codekandis / authentication PHP This library provides authentication adaptors for various authentication methods. 0.2.0 ### Added * authorization header parser
leBluem leBluem / io_import_accsv Python Blender addon to import AssettoCorsa CSV or AI files 0.9 fixes and additions
hearthstone-deck-tracker HearthSim / Hearthstone-Deck-Tracker C# A deck tracker and deck manager for Hearthstone on Windows v1.13.6 ## Download here: ## **Release v1.13.6 - 2020-09-29** **Updated for Hearthstone**
blueboxd blueboxd / chromium-legacy no-lang Latest Chromium for Mac OS X 10.7/10.8 811830 Chromium: 87.0.4278.0 (Official Build) (64-bit) Revision: 2db090d23d7c265338c6a20a7545f7e8c39c6ce4-refs/heads/master@{#811830}
github-actions[bot] AutoModality / action-package-debian-ros Shell ROS project packaging in Debian format ready for installation. v5.0.0 # [5.0.0]( (2020-09-29) ### Features * building from latest amros ([79a0036](
github-actions[bot] relaycorp / relaynet-core-js TypeScript JavaScript library for the core of Relaynet v1.35.0 # [1.35.0]( (2020-09-29) ### Features * Implement ParcelDelivery control message ([#168](
github-actions[bot] codenamephp / chef.cookbook.localmail Ruby Cookbook that installs a local mailserver and mail client for local only mail used during development 3.2.0 ## What’s Changed * Updated build (#18) @bastianschwarz
mboomer mboomer / maries-meals PHP Recipe Database and Meal Planner v1.05 Modified Meal Plan menu to display the shopping list menu option
domoritz vega / vega-lite TypeScript A concise grammar of interactive graphics, built on Vega. v4.16.8 ### Bug Fixes * include missing files for cli ([#6915]( ([07b9caa](
ruialexrib ruialexrib / SAFTReader.PT C# O software SAFT READER permite visualizar, validar e analisar os dados do Ficheiro SAF-T PT, no formato 1.04_01 (Portaria n.º 302/2016, de 2 de dezembro), criado a partir de qualquer programa, relativos a documentos de venda, tabelas de impostos, clientes e produtos. 1_1_0_16
alteh-union alteh-union / org-helper JavaScript A Discord bot with MongoDB backend to help organizing guilds 1.1 feat(images): initial release of image manipulating by templates feat(moderation): Add flexible moderation, part 1 feat(#12): Use ISO date string in logs test(e2e core): Add E2E test system fix(#5
devx-sauce-bot saucelabs / saucectl Go A command line interface to run testrunner tests v0.12.1 ## Changelog c4c5f0f Add dynamic test matching (#66) 25d0fa2 Add function to list files based on regexp patterns (#64) 313794d Add pre exec stage (#73) 939b707 Don't flatten the hierarchy when copy
gferraro TheCacophonyProject / thermal-recorder Go Thermal video recording software with motion detection v2.8.0 Restart lepton when first pixel is 0
rosariopfernandes rosariopfernandes / firecoil Kotlin 🔥🖼 Display images stored in Cloud Storage for Firebase using Coil 0.3.0 ## Breaking Changes These changes come from [Coil 0.12.0]( - `LoadRequest` and `GetRequest` have been replaced with `I
surfacebot linux-surface / linux-surface Shell Linux Kernel for Surface Devices fedora-33-5.8.12-1
znicholasbrown PrefectHQ / ui Vue The home of the Prefect UI 2020-09-29 ## 2020-09-29 ### Features and Improvements - Add unit tests for the flow navigation guard [#248]( ### Bugfixes - Hide label affinity warning in se
lachioma lachioma / glmnet_matlab_R2020a Fortran glmnet compiled for MATLAB R2020, Windows 10 64-bit R2020b [Glmnet]( compiled for MATLAB R2020b, Windows 10 64-bit. N.B. The only file being affected by the compilation is `glmnetMex.mexw64`.
hihain hihain / UnigramMobile C# A Telegram Messenger client made for Windows 10 Mobile. v20.9 * Set a profile video (up to 9 seconds) instead of a static picture. * See what media is in a message thanks to new mini-thumbnails in the chat list, message search and notifications. * More statist
bbonev bbonev / yascreen C Yet Another Screen Library (curses replacement for daemons and embedded apps) v1.82 - implemented symbol versioning - fixed bug with error handling in out (negative result from write would cause OOB access) - fixed undefined behaviour with void pointer arithmetic
davesag davesag / sequelize-test-helpers JavaScript A collection of utilities to help with unit-testing Sequelize models 1.3.1
github-actions[bot] SocialGouv / fiches-travail-data HTML Json formated data from from set of page of travail-emploi website v3.216.0 # [3.216.0]( (2020-09-29) ### Features * **data:** 20200929_2137 update ([c62183b](
TheAssassin TheAssassin / AppImageLauncher C++ Helper application for Linux distributions serving as a kind of "entry point" for running and integrating AppImages v2.2.0 Travis CI build log:
dabitdev atmcoin / cash-ui-android Kotlin Modularize UI changes 3.0.0 - second version of the support pages now the support pages are generated from a json, it will help with the translations and later one the file could be downloaded from the cloud, the file will look
kukhariev kukhariev / node-uploadx TypeScript Node.js middleware for handling resumable uploads v4.1.6 ### Bug Fixes * expose `options` response headers ([8b4c2ff](
tristanlatr mfesiem / msiem Python McAfee SIEM Command Line Interface. Most of the core msiempy features accessible with CLI. 0.3.3 Ensure What's printed is parsable JSON when using `msiem api`, `msiem config --print` and `msiem esm` Replace passwd by '***' when using `msiem config --print` Setup a few tests Better docs
github-actions[bot] ruby / truffleruby-dev-builder Shell TruffleRuby Dev Builds for GitHub Actions builds-20200929-210806 oracle/truffleruby@a62355434dfa30b8ce6e6fbfc8b34046544188b1
pipobscure pipobscure / otp TypeScript A simple OneTimePassword library compatible with GoogleAuthenticator v1.0.0
nando820 nando820 / Media-Mover-Setup no-lang Setup for File mover v1.0 Initial Release of Media Mover
OmTheTurtle kir-dev / tanulo-next TypeScript :books: Közös tanuláshoz partnerkeresést segítő alkalmazás 1.0.1 Some day-1 patches for the site that include: - Bump bulma-tagsinput version to 1.0.3 - Use esbuild for faster build times - Fix check when the user joins a group
surge-build-bot surge-synthesizer / releases no-lang Releases for Synthesizer NIGHTLY Release NIGHTLY-2020-09-29-1c31169
scottdear scottdear / Flask-AWSCognito Python Extension for Flask that adds support for AWSCognito into your application 1.2-b Added scope support for custom scopes
github-actions[bot] podium-lib / layout JavaScript Module for building a Podium layout server. A layout server composes multiple podlets into a layout resulting in a complete webpage. v4.6.7 ## [4.6.7]( (2020-09-29) ### Bug Fixes * **deps:** update dependency @podium/proxy to v4.2.4 ([426f376](
ryanrousseau OctopusDeployLabs / octopus.local Shell Configure a local instance of Octopus Deploy using Docker Compose, systemd, and Nginx. 0.0.3
OliverNocon OliverNocon / piper-integration no-lang Repo used for project "Piper" integration tests 20200929213531
github-actions[bot] mulesoft-labs / data-weave-native Scala DataWeave CLI and Native Library v1.0.8
MichaelZaporozhets MichaelZaporozhets / abstractconnect JavaScript A Design Token extractor for teams using Abstract & Javascript 1.2.2
sacarney isubit / iastate_theme Twig Drupal 8 Theme for Iowa State 1.6.8 ## Release Notes Very small release. - We'll now be using a `main` branch instead of `master` branch. - A helpful class has been added to block templates `isu-block-content` (7ec09d1) - You can no
github-actions[bot] modernweb-dev / web JavaScript Guides, tools and libraries for modern web development. @web/test-runner@0.7.36 ### Patch Changes - d15ffee: serve iframe page with HTML content-type - Updated dependencies [d15ffee] - @web/test-runner-core@0.7.20
eliep eliep / truesay JavaScript A cowsay alternative for terminal with true color v1.1.0 - Add 'colors' value to the box style option (-b) - Add 'none' value to the box style option (-b) - Fix margin default values - Fix trailing pixels in high resolution
tazzben tazzben / Assessment-Disaggregation JavaScript Using nearly any exam format, this software can calculate value-added learning scores adjusting for guessing. v0.5.0 Add R and RZero in output. Update dependencies.
vitreo12 vitreo12 / omnicollider C++ SuperCollider wrapper for omni. 0.2.0 Second alpha release!
github-actions[bot] matthiaskoenig / sbmlutils HTML Python utilities for SBML 0.4.3 # Release notes for sbmlutils 0.4.2 * bugfix image in README * updated and cleanup of documentation
xchwarze xchwarze / ckeditor-phpbb JavaScript CKEditor integration for phpBB v1.1.1 Fix paul999 mentions plugin integration
github-actions[bot] rzumer / rav1e Assembly The fastest and safest AV1 encoder. p20200929
vitreo12 vitreo12 / omnimax Nim Max wrapper for omni. 0.2.0 Second alpha release!
DottBott ridedott / merge-me-action TypeScript Automatically merges Pull Requests. v1.7.2 ## [1.7.2]( (2020-09-29) ### Chores * **deps-dev:** bump @ridedott/eslint-config from 2.3.14 to 2.3.16 ([b878f33](https://github.
Luminous9 telus / pm-kit JavaScript Public Mobile design system + component library @pm-kit/radio@1.0.1 ## [1.0.1]( (2020-09-29) ### Bug Fixes * **other:** updated package-lock files ([#107](
github-actions[bot] ycho / rav1e Assembly The fastest and safest AV1 encoder. p20200929
Malachov Malachov / mydatapreprocessing Python Load data (json, csv, parquet) web link or local file, consolidate it, do preprocessing like resampling, replacing nans, standardize etc. based on configuration. v1.0.2
patschwork patschwork / meta_grid_install_update Python Install- and Update-Tool for meta#grid 1.1 [](
adoptopenjdk-github-bot AdoptOpenJDK / openjdk16-binaries no-lang The home for releases and nightlies for all AdoptOpenJDK16 variants and platforms jdk-2020-09-29-21-29 Nightly Build of jdk-2020-09-29-21-29
codemicro codemicro / fiber-cache Go Simple and easy to use response caching middleware for the Fiber web framework v2.1.2 Add deprecation notice.
DottBott ridedott / eslint-plugin TypeScript Custom rules for Dott v1.4.56 ## [1.4.56]( (2020-09-29) ### Chores * **deps-dev:** bump @ridedott/eslint-config from 2.3.14 to 2.3.16 ([1079d69](https://github
vitreo12 vitreo12 / omni Nim DSL for low-level audio programming. 0.2.0
dqn dqn / pritube Go YouTube private API wrapper v0.1.1
duzzifelipe duzzifelipe / ex_bovespa Elixir Yet another crawler for retrieving B3's stock list v0.6.0 ### Changed - refactor: broker code as integer (#12)
wolfsea89 wolfsea89 / Ansible.Role.Docker.Portainer HTML Ansible Role - deploy portainer v1.1.1
oliver-zehentleitner oliver-zehentleitner / unicorn-binance-websocket-api Python An unofficial Python API to use the Binance Websocket API`s (com+testnet, com-margin+testnet, com-isolated_margin+testnet, com-futures+testnet, jersey, us, jex, dex/chain+testnet) in a easy, fast, flexible, robust and fully-featured way. 1.20.0 ### Added - `dict` to [`create_stream(output='dict')`](
TheDutchMC TheDutchMC / SkinFixer Java SkinFixer aims to make skins possible for Offline-mode servers, and allow for users to change their skin in-game. 1.1 # SkinFixer v1.1 ### THIS UPDATE IS REQUIRED FOR THE PLUGIN TO FUNCTION IN THE FUTURE ## Changes - Added GatewayIntents ## Compatible versions - 1.16.1 - 1.16.2 - 1.16.3
wjgilmore dreamfactorysoftware / dreamfactory Shell DreamFactory API Management Platform 4.3.2 This minor release includes improvements to copy and contact information.
JMartinez7 JMartinez7 / JavaScript Servidor básico de Sockets con node v1.0.0 # Notas Servidor de sockets configurado sin lógica de negocio
wolfsea89 wolfsea89 / Ansible.Role.Docker.Traefik HTML Ansible Role deploy Traefik in docker v1.2.0
JonathonReinhart JonathonReinhart / staticx C Create static executable from dynamic executable v0.8.1 This is a patch release. ### Changed - Changed `` to respect `BOOTLOADER_CC`, to simplify `.travis.yml` and ensure that released wheels are always built with musl-libc. https://pypi.
kishannareshpal kishannareshpal / BottomListSheet Kotlin A quick and easy way to implement a selectable list (single/multiple) on a bottom sheet. v1.0-beta02 added colorPrimary to the themes, mainly because of overcroll effect tint.
ToledoEM ToledoEM / msigdf R Molecular Signatures Database (MSigDB) in a data frame v7.2
dgkanatsios PlayFab / LocalMultiplayerAgent no-lang An executable that mimics PlayFab Multiplayer (Thunderhead) operations to aid in local debugging. v0.9.6 Minor updates
stencila-ci stencila / thema TypeScript 🎨 Semantic themes for executable documents v2.19.0 # [2.19.0]( (2020-09-29) ### Features * **Giga:** Adds a theme for GigaScience and GigaByte ([3784dab](
jasonbcox Bitcoin-ABC / bitcoin-abc C++ This a mirror of the official Bitcoin-ABC repository. Please see v0.22.3 Bitcoin ABC version 0.22.3 is now available from: <> This release includes the following features and fixes: - Minor error handling and logging im
mei23 mei23 / misskey TypeScript めいすきー 10.102.321-m544 - Streaming接続/切断イベントをログに出すように #1664
Chandher05 Chandher05 / Concept-Form-Builder-React JavaScript Created with CodeSandbox v0.1-aplha Code concept for dynamically creating components from a JSON object in React.
github-actions[bot] jamrial / rav1e Assembly The fastest and safest AV1 encoder. p20200929
maksimKorzh maksimKorzh / bbc C Bit Board Chess (BBC) - The easiest to understand bitboard chess engine by Code Monkey King 1.1 # BBC 1.1 - added dynamic hash memory allocation - added tapered evaluation - added PST from PeSTO engine by Ronald Friederich - temporary removed all the eval by PST - empty PV bug fixed
github-actions[bot] RasaHQ / rasa Python 💬 Open source machine learning framework to automate text- and voice-based conversations: NLU, dialogue management, connect to Slack, Facebook, and more - Create chatbots and voice assistants 2.0.0rc3 _Pre-release version_
gordcurrie bold-commerce / go-shopify Go Go client for the Shopify API v3.8.0 Added support for the unstable api version See Thank you for your cont
juancarloscp52 juancarloscp52 / BedrockIfy Java A Minecraft mod that implements some Minecraft Bedrock features into Java edition. 0.1.4-1.16.2+ BedrockIfy 0.1.4 comes with a new settings GUI, bedrock Crafting recipes and much more! ## Changes in BedrockIfy 0.1.4: **NEW:** BedrockIfy Settings now uses Cloth Config API. Lots of new settings
julianxhokaxhiu julianxhokaxhiu / FFNx C++ Next generation driver for Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII ( with native Steam 2013 release support! ) canary This is a canary build. Please be aware it may be prone to crashing and is NOT tested by anyone. Use this build AT YOUR OWN RISK! ## Changes: * 6beb039c52026c33afc7ecb9d3f4e8cc5bc310b0 FF7: Add SFX
vroncevic vroncevic / gen_gtk_pro Shell Generate GTK C Project v1.0.0
gonzunigad TransbankDevelopers / transbank-pos-sdk-web-agent TypeScript SDK Web Agent built on Node.js 0.2.0 Se incluye la opción de ver los logs dentro del agente, y se mejora la estabilidad de la conexión serial y autoconexión.
mjsteinbaugh acidgenomics / basejump R Base functions for bioinformatics and R package development. v0.12.16
CamDavidsonPilon CamDavidsonPilon / autograd-gamma Python NotImplementedError: VJP of gammainc wrt argnum 0 not defined v0.4.3 (there was no v0.4.2) Bump for PyPI
gablau gablau / node-red-contrib-blynk-ws JavaScript Blynk library implementation for Node-RED using WebSockets 1.0.4 ### Changed - Updated dependencies for security reasons ### Fixed - Node - *Table* - Table ndex not reset on "clear" command - See [Issue #25](
sadnessOjisan sadnessOjisan / HelloWorldEnterpriseEdition JavaScript ただ Hello World! したいだけなのに・・・ v0.0.5
sandain MinecraftServerControl / mscs Shell Powerful command-line control for UNIX and Linux powered Minecraft servers v.20.09.00 It has been over a year since I have created a release. Here is the changelog since the last release: 906ba61 - Merge pull request #260 from broskisworld/backupsWithExcludableDirs (Jason M. Wood)
davesag davesag / api-server-boilerplate JavaScript My own API Server Boilerplate codebase 1.2.0
bjguillot amzn / amazon-pay-api-sdk-java Java Amazon Pay API SDK (Java) 2.2.2 #### Version 2.2.2 - September 2020 * Fix issue causing SDK to fail for Java 12 and higher * Restructure file
dantiel dantiel / arc-studio-theme CSS A flat theme with transparent elements v0.1
github-actions[bot] jpoehnelt / in-solidarity-bot TypeScript A GitHub Bot built with Probot that checks for inclusive language. v1.4.2 ## [1.4.2]( (2020-09-29) ### Bug Fixes * include doc link ([99c9ec6](
yaichenbaum files-community / Files C# A modern file explorer that pushes the boundaries of the platform. v0.15.4 _Please note, updates are rolled out in stages for quality control purposes. Join the Files UWP insider program [here](
PXshadow PXshadow / OpenLife Haxe OpenLife is a client in the OneLife eco system v0.0.3 - put lix in dev dependencies, npm prepare f06ad41a
fbennett Juris-M / assets no-lang An area for Juris-M release assets client/beta/5.0.90m4-beta.12+af6bf28cb
blackbelt-oss BlackBeltTechnology / judo-meta-psm Java Judo Platform Specific Model **Branch:** feature/JNG-1657_Access_principal **P2 Update Site:**
jonassiewertsen jonassiewertsen / statamic-butik PHP "Butik" is a Scandinavian term for a small and medium-sized shop. Exactly what this Statamic addon has been crafted for. v3.0.0-beta.4 - [fix] We will clear the cart after a successful checkout - [fix] The product reduce stock has been fixed - [fix] The sold out state will be shown correctly on products - [fix] A non existing prod
Sinnerboy89 Sinnerboy89 / DFE C++ Coding challenge involving Diffuse Field Equalisation of HRTF databases v0.01-alpha This marks the point at which the executable runs fine on my machine with the correct dependencies, but will likely require further work to run on anyone else's! Windows x64 only.
k-anderson 2600hz / monster-ui-accounts JavaScript Monster UI Application: Manage multi-tenant account hierarchy and configuration 5.0.4
hn24 hn24 / e3b948f883cc no-lang e3b948f883cc viduqoqsovesotab Quia doloribus non aut fuga commodi exercitationem. Voluptatibus quo at sequi corrupti laudantium possimus nobis. Est neque quo harum. Consequuntur enim perspiciatis harum reiciendis exercitationem l
github-actions[bot] devMint / react-regions TypeScript Small Javascript package for managing regions on template using "regions" or "blocks". Idea is copied from template engines like Twig or Handlebars. v1.6.3 #### 1.6.3 (2020-09-29)
agocs DataDog / datadog-lambda-java Java The Datadog AWS Lambda package for Java v0.0.6
VSC-Service-Account Azure-Samples / service-fabric-cluster-templates PowerShell Service Fabric cluster creation template samples 202430
henryreed the-aerospace-corporation / counter-reconnaissance-program Python Proof-of-concept cyber deception utility emulating Samba and LibSSH v1.0.1 ## Changes * The options --smbD and --sshD now disable Samba and SSH deception, respectively. * Removed -a and --all options as these were made redundant by the earlier change. * Updated
lucaslorentz lucaslorentz / caddy-docker-proxy Go Caddy as a reverse proxy for Docker v2.3.1 Fixes: - Correctly merge php_fast_cgi directives - Improved container id extraction from cgroups logic
BRutan BRutan / DynamicETLDashboard Python Processing data and converting into ETL pipelines. v_1.0.0
ericmehl hypothetical-inc / GafferDeadline Python Deadline Dispatcher for Gaffer This is a small bugfix release taking care of some issues that came up after the release of - support multiple environment variables properly - don't store the IECORE_LOG_LEVEL in the user
github-actions[bot] farin / JCloisterZone-Client Vue JCloisterZone client application (UI) v5.0.9
namboy94 namboy94 / puffotter Python Convenience library for python 0.17.0 # Changelog Version ```0.17.0```: * Removed flask and created new project 'jerrycan'
twharmon twharmon / goweb Go Lightweight web framework based on net/http. v2.0.0 - Removed websocket support - Removed auto tls support
Misha12 Misha12 / GrillBot C# Discord bot with random features primarily for VUT FIT discord guild. 1.5.1 - Fixed bug with getting BANs from discord API. API/Discord.NET returns exception instead of null if ban not found.
jsnoble terascope / teraslice TypeScript Scalable data processing pipelines in JavaScript v0.71.0 This entails a rearrangement on how the schema on a execution calls its validation. This ensures that any apis that get injected by operations have the validations called and properly connect their ap
FalconOscuro FalconOscuro / Master-Mind C++ An algorithm that generates a random code, like in the board game Mastermind, and then attempts to guess the code using an algorithm based off of Donal Knuth's 5-guess algorithm. v1.0
gunjandatta gunjandatta / sprest-bs TypeScript SharePoint components utilizing bootstrap. 5.9.4 This release updates to components to use Bootstrap v5alpha2 library.
KirillOsenkov KirillOsenkov / MSBuildStructuredLog C# A logger for MSBuild that records a structured representation of executed targets, tasks, property and item values. v2.1.208
dubpixel dubpixel / DPX_ARTNET_TO_LTC Max simple 1 or 2 stream artnet to SMPTE LTC converter. see readme for channel map v1dot8
kHRISl33t kHRISl33t / runtime-env-cra JavaScript Runtime environment handler for create-react-apps v0.1.1 - modified README ecd0176 - added examples 65d3118 - cleanup &amp; refactor e71c4a0 - added LICENSE 4b9baff - added example and modified readme c926921
KenWilliamson Ulbora / six910-mysql Go MySQL database module for Six910 Shopping Cart and E-commerce System v1.0.27 v1.0.27
dandruff dandruff / xCT Lua A light weight scrolling combat text implementation. 4.5.0-PreRelease ## Version 4.5.0 PreRelease * **Added:** Added Spells IDs for Death Knights, Warlocks, Priests, Mages and Hunters * **Added:** Racial Spells (new section) * _Other small fixes._ Thank you Zn
naman1996 naman1996 / arrow-build no-lang Helper repo for doing Arrow Crossbow builds nightly-759-travis-gandiva-jar-xenial
Ben7337 Ben7337 / GroupRogueLikeGame C# Group project for our Software Engineering class v1.0 Our final release file to play the game. Unzip this file and run Group_Rouge_Like.exe to play.
cyberium cmangos / mangos-wotlk C++ C(ontinued)-MaNGOS is about: -- Doing WoW-Emulation Right! Last_mangos-wotlk_PreBuild Binaries of commit f0e2d74e4323e5ffee1438fe3e0feeec024ed386 Battleground: Code refactoring - stage 3 Snapshot v0.18.1990
Bojo38 Bojo38 / tourma HTML Blood bowl tournament software v0.9.0 Addition of formula evaluation and cup display 2 files: TourMa.jar: standard version TourMa_obf.jar obfuscated version. Theorically identical to the other one, but which needs many tests.
desto-git desto-git / sdv-mods C# Mods for Stardew Valley gd_1.0.1 - Fix: Multiplayer support - Fix: error when gifting a bad gift to an NPC if friendship is already 0 [#1]
gunjandatta gunjandatta / gd-bs TypeScript Bootstrap JavaScript, TypeScript and Web Components library. 3.5.5
finnole12 finnole12 / OBS-Supporter C# alpha - not stable - wip - extends obs with some automation features 0.11
BabyPuncher BabyPuncher / native-redirect Shell Compatibility tool for running native versions of titles that only have Windows versions available on Steam 0.1
pariterre pyomeca / bioviz Python Biorbd visualization toolkit Release_2.0.0 The bio suite is getting more and more mature. With that, old stupid choices come back to hunt you! We have decided that enough is enough! Get rid of this ridiculous previous name :D Welcome to
schrauger schrauger / acf-relationship-multisite PHP Get post, pages and custom post types from another site of your WordPress Multisite installation with ACF V5 1.2.0
PedroHenriques PedroHenriques / dbfixtures JavaScript A NodeJS equivalent to DbUnit. v2.1.0 ### Added - Link to the DynamoDb driver in the README file - New versions of NPM dev dependencies - Updated NodeJS supported versions information in README file
knative-prow-releaser-robot knative-sandbox / net-kourier Go Purpose-built Knative Ingress implementation using just Envoy with no additional CRDs v0.18.0 [add release notes here]
github-actions[bot] a4k-openproject / a4kScrapers Python a4kScrapers (Provider for Seren) a4kScrapers-2.28.1
brunordias brunordias / terraform-null-ansible-playbook HCL Terraform module which run a Ansible Playbook v1.1.0 Add ansible-playbook command path
github-actions[bot] spinnaker / kork Java Kork provides some basic service building blocks for Spinnaker. v7.73.0 968a9b7 fix(dependencies): Remove explicit version for logging interceptor and remove obsolete service provider impl (#792) 2ae7a52 chore(dependencies): Autobump spinnakerGradleVersion (#791)
antony-jr antony-jr / AppImageUpdaterBridge C++ Qt5 library and plugin for updating AppImages. :heart: v1.1.9 # Change Log * Added routines to get the actual AppImage in case if the user uses AppImage Launcher.
ewanhowell5195 ewanhowell5195 / HTML My website v1 A program to convert 1.14 chest textures to the 1.15 format. To use, simply drag and drop the desired textures onto the exe file.
sunilpaulmathew sunilpaulmathew / Translator Java An android application to help translate other apps v0.2 ### Rebuild from nearly scratch. ### Added German (credits @FiestaLake), Portuguese (Brazilian) (credits @Lennoard) and German (credits @elea11) transactions. ### A bunch of bug fixes and improvemen
github-actions[bot] anchore / grype-vscode TypeScript Grype vulnerability check plugin for Visual Studio Code v0.1.0
vroncevic vroncevic / gen_py_tool Python Generate Python Tool v1.0.0
StanBarrows codebar-ag / authy-php PHP A PHP client for Authy v3.1.0
paketo-bot paketo-buildpacks / rackup Go A Cloud Native Buildpack that provides start command for rack-compliant applications v0.0.47 ## Paketo Rackup Buildpack 0.0.47 **ID:** `paketo-buildpacks/rackup` **Digest:** `sha256:80939fbb3eb2d82ca44b1f98de7d7101e88c6c0db553904fe6464df33c593b35` #### Supported Stacks: - io.buildpa
paketo-bot paketo-buildpacks / unicorn Go A Cloud Native Buildpack that provides start command for applications that uses Unicorn web server v0.0.43 ## Paketo Unicorn Buildpack 0.0.43 **ID:** `paketo-buildpacks/unicorn` **Digest:** `sha256:ad2ee47165f05c2f41637b6ec9637303484e1e1a960273b1c666e8a338c2f3f2` #### Supported Stacks: -
pboyd04 pboyd04 / goxmldsig Go Pure Go implementation of XML Digital Signatures v1.3.0 See
smeedijzer-internet smeedijzer-internet / outline.js TypeScript Removes CSS outlines in an accessible manner 2.0.0-beta.5
StanBarrows codebar-ag / zammad-api-client-php PHP PHP API client for Zammad Helpdesk/Support system v1.6
namboy94 namboy94 / jerrycan Python A python library that contains commonly used routes, database models and functions for flask applications 0.1.0 # Changelog Version ```0.1.0```: * Extracted flask utilities from puffotter * Added login support for email addresses
paketo-bot paketo-buildpacks / thin Go A Cloud Native Buildpack that provides start command for applications that uses Thin web server v0.0.45 ## Paketo Thin Buildpack 0.0.45 **ID:** `paketo-buildpacks/thin` **Digest:** `sha256:d8e6694674f694b50b999f34b861ee5cdf30498326753ca3000079a63e7d3598` #### Supported Stacks: - io.buildpacks.
dthomas550 dthomas550 / slime_server Python Control Minecraft server within Discord. v2.3 asyncio.sleep() update. changed time.sleep() functions to await asyncio.sleep(). Because time.sleep() pauses the whole bot and you couldn't send more commands to it until it was over. My bad, kind of
nwasiq BlockIo / block_io-go Go Go Library for's API v1.0.1 Stabilization release - Improved structure of signing functions - Updated examples to be more concise - Expanded tests to include signing functions - Improved error handling - Update dependencie
paketo-bot paketo-buildpacks / bundle-install Go A Cloud Native Buildpack to install gems from a Gemfile v0.0.59 ## Paketo Bundle Install Buildpack 0.0.59 **ID:** `paketo-buildpacks/bundle-install` **Digest:** `sha256:17e2b7f713a37d6d2f1a38409d765801092174e1e6b4930c81dfd87f1e502c16` #### Supported Stack
akrantz01 akrantz01 / link-shortener Rust A custom URL shortener for my personal use v0.1.0 Here are some pre-compile binaries for Windows MSVC and Linux GNU.
tomeshnet-bot tomeshnet / node-list Python The list of all Toronto Community Network nodes 373-0.1.0
ahaessly broadinstitute / variantstore wdl A scalable and efficient solution to storing and accessing genomic variants v0.1-092820 for AoU testing
github-actions[bot] FixedEffects / InteractiveFixedEffectModels.jl Julia Interactive Fixed Effect Models — Bai (2009) v1.0.1 ## InteractiveFixedEffectModels v1.0.1 [Diff since v1.0.0]( **Merged pull requests:** - Update requirements
izzytwosheds linkedin / LiTr Java Lightweight hardware accelerated video/audio transcoder for Android. v1.4.3 - Added Local Binary Pattern (LBP) filter
fabrix76 fabrix76 / COVID19-Italy-forecast Jupyter Notebook Neuralnet to forecast how many new positive in Italy in next 7 days 1
lcobucci lcobucci / di-builder PHP A library that makes easier the creation of compiled containers using Symfony DI 6.1.0 [![Build Status]]( This ships some minor improvements and ensures compatibility with the develop
github-actions[bot] textileio / js-powergate-client TypeScript Typescript/Javascript client for Textile's Powergate v2.0.1 ## Changes - Test combining deps @asutula (#140) ## 🐛 Bug Fixes - Send chunked data in stage @asutula (#139) ## 🧰 Maintenance - Couple more deps @asutula (#142) - Upgrade deps @a
fahlmant openshift / operator-custom-metrics Go Go library for adding metrics to operators v0.4.0 - Removes operator-sdk dependency (#34) - Allow namespace to be specified (since operator-sdk doesn't provide it anymore) (#34) - Add `WithRegistry() to specify Prometheus registry (#32) - Handle e
dmccoystephenson DansPlugins / Medieval-Economy Java An open source plugin for simulating an economy in minecraft. Includes a virtual coinpurse and a physical currency item. v1.1-alpha **Changes** - UUID Overhaul - Fixed players dropping 1 coin on death if they have no coins in their coinpurse. - Fixed players having extra coins despawn when they try to take out more coins than t
jeremycook123 cloudacademy / istio-lab no-lang Service Mesh Istio Lab release-1.0.2 release 1.0.2
VSC-Service-Account Azure-Samples / azure-intelligent-edge-patterns JavaScript Samples for Intelligent Edge Patterns 202423
drferreira ccem-dev / otus-app TypeScript Otus Platform - Participante APP 1.7.0
klapaudius klapaudius / FOSOAuthServerBundle PHP A server side OAuth2 Bundle for Symfony4 2.0.0 This version works on Symfony 5
Bo-Yuan-Huang Bo-Yuan-Huang / ILAng C++ A Modeling and Verification Platform for SoCs using ILAs v1.1.4 - Renaming `Absknob` to `absknob` - Ilator bug fix
GingerAdonis Limetric / OpenRCT2-binaries no-lang Development binaries for OpenRCT2 project. v0.3.1-754f6b3 `754f6b3e057da902799a3312af59747b4ad7fb8d`;`develop`
vlasakm vlasakm / mmtex Shell A minimal modern (Lua)TeX distribution v20200929 Fix application of luaotfload patch.
dannydamsky Coffee-PHP / Util PHP Provides Utility PHP Classes. 1.0.3
rocksdanister rocksdanister / lively C# Animated Wallpapers: Turn Videos, Web pages, Games, Emulators into windows wallpapers. v1.1.2.0 Lively v1.0 onwards REQUIRE windows 10 version 1903 or above. - Set simple picture (*.jpg, *.jpeg, *.png, *.bmp, *.tif, *.tiff) wallpaper; now you can organize all your wallpapers within lively! - P
gogolok anynines / a9sharvest Go a9sharvest is a CLI tool for v1.8.0 - Specify output format `text` or `csv` via cmd line argument `-o`
rjagerman rjagerman / pytorchltr Python Learning to Rank in PyTorch v0.2.1 * Fixes compatibility for python 3.5
nodebb-misty NodeBB / NodeBB JavaScript Node.js based forum software built for the modern web v1.15.0-beta.27 Prerelease build of NodeBB @ 2020-09-29T21:02:30.609Z -- Not meant for production usage
github-actions[bot] AbstractMachinesLab / caramel OCaml :candy: An Erlang backend to the OCaml compiler v0.0.3 What's new: * compilation should have much nicer errors when dealing with unsupported features and expression at the value and type level * new command for type-checking erlang: `caramelc check`
gkasprow sinara-hw / Fastino AGS Script Fast 32-channel, 3MS/s per channel, 16bit DAC EEM card compatible with Zotino v1.2rc2 pdf schematics are without variants to limit the page count and the file size.
paulgrenwood paulgrenwood / gwd-divi-child SCSS Basic Divi Child Theme Reset 0.9.9
github-actions[bot] MexsonFernandes / 100DaysOfCode no-lang A take over to 100 days of code challenge. 2020.09.29
bilbao-6 hguzman / Restaurante-El-Rincon-Del-Sabor CSS Restaurante El Rincón Del Sabor v1.17.1-beta # Description En este nuevo release se añadió el manejo de sesiones para cada usuario,se arreglo el bug en el apartado de cerrar sesión y se configuro el envío de correos en segundo plano.
TheDutchMC TheDutchMC / ReactionToRoleDiscordBot Java This plugin/bot gives the user a role when they react with an emoji to a specified message. 1.1 # ReactionToRoleDiscordBot v1.1 ### THIS UPDATE IS REQUIRED FOR THE PLUGIN TO KEEP WORKING IN THE FUTURE ## Changes - Added GatewayIntents
range-of-motion range-of-motion / budget PHP Get a grip on your finances. v0.8.0 * #241 - Fix start of date picker(s) * #243 - Provide Russian translations * #238 - Fix layout issues on smaller screens * #236 - Add Asian currencies * #239 - Create setting for default transacti
cameronsutter Plotinator / pltr JavaScript Everything to manage Plottr's file type v2.1.1
multimokia multimokia / MAS-Submod-Auto-Outfit-Change Ren'Py This submod allows Monika to change her outfits and hairstyles in the morning and evening, taking into account various different factors AOC_3.0.2 ## Fixes: - Crash when internet drops and the hairup/down label runs ## Additions: - More ex_props: - Bracelet ex_props to mark them as `dark` or `light` - Pajamas ex_prop, to mark an outfi
michalsrutek leonx98 / Swift-ISO8601-DurationParser Swift Swift ISO8601 Parser 0.9.0 - Add SPM support - Made resulting `DateComponents` optional
github-actions[bot] keilerkonzept / aws-secretsmanager-env Go injects AWS Secrets Manager secrets as environment variables. single binary, no dependencies. osx & linux & windows. #aws #golang #cli 1.1.67
j00bar RedHatInsights / haberdasher Go Haberdasher is a PID1 wrapper that provides flexible log message handling v0.1-pre ## Changelog a30fcb8 Add ECS core fields. 2315946 Add Setup method. d57abd2 Add more message fields. 2200cc7 Better comments/docs. f4435a6 Change Kafka library to pure Go. db237d9 Initial commit 97
alivx alivx / smart-traffic-monitoring-system Python Yolo TensorFlow OpenCV CCTV monitoring and alerting system based on object detection V0.2
tcmitchell SynBioDex / pySBOL3 Python Native python implementation of SBOL 3.0 specification v1.0a1 An early alpha release of pySBOL3. This release should cover the SBOL 3.0 data model.
EmilePerron EmilePerron / magic-cache PHP An easy to use caching library that uses Symfony's FilesystemAdapter under the hood. v1.0
basnijholt basnijholt / adaptive-scheduler Python Run many functions (adaptively) on many cores (>10k) using mpi4py.futures, ipyparallel, or dask-mpi. :tada: v0.9.4 Fix bug with old_logs folder and out files, see 7a6b7bc
mkleon2020 mkleon2020 / admin-pro JavaScript administrador csm con MEAN v1.1.2 # Nota Perfil de usuario listo hasta este punto el admin lleva , Registro, login, login con google y perfil de usuario, un admin basico para iniciar cualquier tipo de proyecto
dlurton partiql / partiql-lang-kotlin Kotlin A implementation of PartiQL written in Kotlin. v0.2.2 Improvements to `LIKE` pattern compilation performance.
pascalgn pascalgn / automerge-action JavaScript GitHub action to automatically merge pull requests that are ready v0.11.0 - Handle workflow_dispatch as intended (#109) - Update dependencies
RakSrinaNa RakSrinaNa / FallingTree Java Minecraft mod to make the trees fall in one cut FallingTree-Forge-1.16.3-2.5.0 * Add option (activated by default) to break nether tree warts (leaves)
srikanthkumbham oracle / oci-powershell-modules C# Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Modules for PowerShell v1.6.0 ### Added - Support for specifying custom content dispositions when downloading objects in the Object Storage service - Support for the “bring your own IP address” feature in the Virtual
gonzunigad TransbankDevelopers / transbank-pos-sdk-web-js JavaScript SDK WEB Javascript para POS. Permite conectar un punto de venta web con un terminal POS físico 2.1.0
freekmurze spatie / laravel-schedule-monitor PHP Monitor scheduled tasks in a Laravel app 2.0.0 - add support for timezones
TheDutchMC TheDutchMC / libAuthDiscord Java A library for other plugins to hook into. Also allows to whitelist your Minecraft server based on Discord roles in a Guild 1.2 # LibDiscordAuth v1.2 ### THIS UPDATE IS REQUIRED! If you don't update, the plugin will soon stop working because of a Discord policy change! ## Changes - Added GatewayIntents. This is require
github-actions[bot] linkedin / bluepill Objective-C Bluepill is a reliable iOS testing tool that runs UI tests using multiple simulators on a single machine v5.5.0
th0th th0th / rancher-redeploy-workload Python Docker image that redeploys a kubernetes workload using Rancher's API. v0.4
manuth manuth / TypeScriptLanguageServiceTester TypeScript Provides components for testing the typescript language-server and language-services. v1.0.1 ## TypeScriptLanguageServiceTester v1.0.1 ### Added - Missing exports [Show differences](
knative-prow-releaser-robot knative-sandbox / net-istio Go A Knative ingress controller for Istio. v0.18.0 [add release notes here]
TomPohys openmaptiles / openmaptiles-tools Python Tools to turn the schema into other formats v5.3.0 ## Main features 1) A script to generate vector tiles from PostGIS' `ST_AsMVT` using tilelive-pgquery (thanks @nyurik) - Thanks @lazaa32 for implement #317 and @smellman, @zstadler and @nyurik for th
github-actions[bot] nestdotland / hatcher TypeScript 🐣 Registries toolbox & update notifications for your CLI 0.9.2 ## CHANGELOG - #34 (bug) Update `lastUpdateCheck` after check (@oganexon) ### Install **Using Deno** ```sh deno install -Afq ```
lorenzobruni CSOIreland / Client-API-Library CSS Library of methods to handle API requests on the Client side. 4.0.3 Support for **Boostrap v4.5.2** added
agtokty netcadlabs / thingsboard-gateway Python Open-source IoT Gateway - integrates devices connected to legacy and third-party systems with ThingsBoard IoT Platform using Modbus, CAN bus, BACnet, BLE, OPC-UA, MQTT, ODBC and REST protocols v2.5.1 # this is a test release by netcadlabs

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