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MicheleCioccarelli MicheleCioccarelli / Dama C++ FTW against nonno v1.2 Now you can play a hopefully bugless dama game between 2 people Included is an Ubuntu 21.04 executable
github-actions[bot] MumetNgoding / itlwm C Intel Wi-Fi Drivers for macOS v2.2.0-alpha ### Disclaimer: ***This alpha version is for testing only.*** It is not ready for daily use and we do not guarantee its usability. If you discovered an issue and you do not have debugging skills, plea
MachineUserPTV PTV-Group / clients-data-api C# Clients for the Data API 1.3 Release of clients-data-api 1.3
MachineUserPTV PTV-Group / clients-sequence-optimization-api C# Clients for the Sequence Optimization API 1.5 Release of clients-sequence-optimization-api 1.5
Sid220 Sid220 / Accent-Copier HTML The days of remembering long ALT codes are over with Accent Copier. Copy Anything. v2.0 Accent Copier 2.0 ### It's BIG, it's BOLD, it's Accent Copier v2.0 ## Install ### Regular People Way: 1. Via Chrome Web Store (Chrome/Chromium): [
carlosthe19916 carlosthe19916 / windup-maven-plugin Java Maven plugin for JBoss Windup 5.4.0.Final ## Changelog - 9600f41 🏁 Releasing version 5.4.0.Final - bdad33e Preparing for release ## Contributors We'd like to thank the following people for their contributions: carlosthe19916
github-actions[bot] euaaron / itlwm C Intel Wi-Fi Drivers for macOS - Forked to release unstable alpha build v2.2.0-alpha ### Disclaimer: ***This alpha version is for testing only.*** It is not ready for daily use and we do not guarantee its usability. If you discovered an issue and you do not have debugging skills, plea
tcbegley facultyai / dash-bootstrap-components JavaScript Bootstrap components for Plotly Dash 1.0.3 This is a patch release that fixes a few bugs. Please continue to report any bugs on our [issue tracker](! ### Fixed - Set `cursor:
github-actions[bot] geoid-org / geoid-whitepaper TeX Geoid Whitepaper v0.0.0-wip This is a test release
github-actions[bot] kartoza / charts Smarty Kartoza Helm charts for Kubernetes common-1.1.0 Common library for ops
kodless kodless / leek TypeScript Celery Tasks Monitoring Tool 0.5.4 ## What's Changed * Bulk Filtered Tasks Retry by @kodless in **Full Changelog**:
github-actions[bot] longanw / itlwm C Intel Wi-Fi Drivers for macOS v2.2.0-alpha ### Disclaimer: ***This alpha version is for testing only.*** It is not ready for daily use and we do not guarantee its usability. If you discovered an issue and you do not have debugging skills, plea
github-actions[bot] madlib-lang / madmarkdown-parser no-lang Markdown parser for madlib v0.0.3
github-actions[bot] nodegui / nodegui C++ A library for building cross-platform native desktop applications with Node.js and CSS 🚀. React NodeGui : and Vue NodeGui: v0.0.0-latest-master Latest auto release corresponding to commit 9f9e61289bd9ef334e9f0263758fdc594d1c3beb 🔥. To install do: `yarn install
kodie-artner kodie-artner / AR-RViz C# Unity Project for visualization and control of ROS systems in augmented reality 0.2 First functional release
BlckDragonXabhi BlckDragonXabhi / positiVITi1.2 Kotlin CodeChef ViT Hackathon Project v1.2
alexpado alexpado / camera-viewer-app JavaScript View video input directly from this app allowing to easily screenshare it ! Optimized for the Switch v2.2.0 # What's new ? - Discord Rich Presence compatibility (please refer to this repository's wiki to learn how to configure it) # Misc - Code rewrite to make things easier in the future
ryuuta0217 ryuuta0217 / exportinventorycontents Java Export player's inventory contents as text file. 1.0
JorgeNachtigall JorgeNachtigall / the-sims-far-file-extractor Python A tool for extracting data from FAR files extension of The Sims 1 game 0.1 - Added support for extracting files from a manifest. - Implemented functionality to retrieve manifest entries by file name. - Extracted files are saved to the specified output path. - Improved err
Aermoss Aermoss / Moss Python A game engine written in Python using OpenGL. V0.0.2
jimm98y jimm98y / SharpMp4Parser C# A C# API to read, write and create MP4 files. No native dependencies, portable netstandard2.0. Supports H264/H265 for video and AAC for audio. Ported into C# from Java mp4parser. v0.0.1-alpha Initial release
matswuuu matswuuu / Discord-AutoPost-CristalixModded Python Программа для автоматической отправки сообщений в Discord-сервер CristalixModded с проверкой на упоминание варпа. v0.1.0 - Добавлен графический интерфейс
iplai iplai / pynodes Python Programmatical nodes for blender including geometry nodes, shader nodes, compositor nodes, light nodes, world nodes etc. v0.0.1-alpha Download the zip file, then install it as you would intall a normal **addon** in blender.
alemontejolp sia-information-system / sia-desktop-app Python Sistema de Información Ambiental (SIA) - Desktop App v1.1.0 # Changes * Migration from .exe installer and executable to a package distributed by PyPI. * Errors in extraction tool fixed. * Performance improvements. Version in PyPI:
Tcharl OsgiliathEnterprise / servicemesh Python Instanciate Istio on top of Kubernetes v2.0
Tcharl OsgiliathEnterprise / orchestration_csi Python implements csi on top of kubernetes v2.0
Tcharl OsgiliathEnterprise / etchost_append Python Append entries to /etc/hosts file v2.0
Tcharl OsgiliathEnterprise / bind9 Jinja setup and configures a bind 9 server v2.0
maxlandon reeflective / readline Go Shell library with powerful and modern UI, features and `.inputrc` support v0.1.4 ## What's Changed * Fixes and updates by @maxlandon in **Full Changelog**:
Tcharl OsgiliathEnterprise / reverse_proxy Python Nginx acting as a reverse proxy + let's encrypt v2.0
Ignaciocl Ignaciocl / tp1SisdisCommons Go this repo has the purpose of being the common code for the tp1 of sd v0.4.8
Tcharl OsgiliathEnterprise / nfs_server Python expose an NFS endpoint using freeipa v2.0
Tcharl OsgiliathEnterprise / nfs_client Python Relies on freeipa capabilities to setup automount v2.0
Tcharl OsgiliathEnterprise / ansible-orchestration-cli Python Installs helm, dict for kubectl apply v2.0
Tcharl OsgiliathEnterprise / ansible-orchestration Python Configures orchestration engine for the platform v2.0
Tcharl OsgiliathEnterprise / ansible-volumes Python Wrapper cookbook around [The well known ansible manage]( that adds some more capabilities v2.0
jackiezxt vertpipe / tk-multi-publish2 no-lang Toolkit Publishing v2.6.6
Tcharl OsgiliathEnterprise / ansible-users Python This is a wrapper role over robertdebock.users in order to use it within the overall platform v2.0
Tcharl OsgiliathEnterprise / ansible-securehost Python fail2ban and friends v2.0
Tcharl OsgiliathEnterprise / ansible-containerization Python This role enriches the original geerlinguy docker role and use the Ansible volumes role in order to add overlayfs driver support configuration on docker v2.0
XalyLodak XalyLodak / Steve-s-Galaxy-Legacy-1.4.5-Patched-for-compatibility--Server-Version-1.4.5-73.0-2023-3 Shell A patched version run-ready of Steve's Galaxy Legacy in 2023 1.4.5-73 Patched Release for Linux and Windows (start scripts only writed for Batch or Bash/SH/z$h, nobody's use MacOS for full-baremetal servers, but i will make an update for this hell OS, be patient an
UnitedPenguin UnitedPenguin / Total-Traffic-Viewer Python quickly and easily view total combined views and clones of all your repos! v1.0 GitHub Repository Traffic is a Python-based tool designed to fetch and aggregate the view and clone counts for all repositories of a specified GitHub user.
devin7821 devin7821 / CFBDynasty C# Mobile College Football Sim Game V1.0 This is the first version of the CFB Dynasty game.
Elijah629 rustutil / rustutil Rust Rustutil is a utility package manager for rust applications. v0.1.4 ## Breaking Changes - Experiments are now build features ## Fixes - URL validation has been removed - Optimized cargo settings to make the smallest binary possible Enable features by building
Kasherpete Kasherpete / iGrade-web-scraper Python An unofficial wrapper/web scraper for iGradePlus Student Managing Systems, or iGrade. v2.5.2 [Release 2.5.2](
mclaysen mclaysen / 433DoorSensor C Alternative firmware for wireless 433MHz door/window reed sensors triggered by magnetic contacts. v0.1.0-alpha Initial test release
AVGVSTVS96 AVGVSTVS96 / reactGPT JavaScript reactGPT is a simple, high performance GPT chat application built with FastAPI, React, and OpenAI's API. v1.1.0 ## What's Changed * Organized Code, separated files, fixed plaintext code blocks, added smooth autoScroll by @AVGVSTVS96 in * renamed `gpt4` route
saifazmi saifazmi / CSS My personal website v1.0 Current Job: Cutover
gu4re gu4re / ProjectManagement-GitFlow Java A university project to learn the basis of GitFlow management v0.2.0 ## New - ~~Long book descriptions~~ → Shortened book descriptions over 950 characters ## Notes <p align="justify">A new functionality has been implemented to shorten the boo
github-actions[bot] 01walid / cdktf-gke-auth TypeScript A pure CDK for Terraform construct to authenticate against Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) without the need of any Terraform module v0.0.0 ## 0.0.0 (2023-06-03) ### Features * implement GKEAuth, the actual construct with tests ([e451f65](
kwitsch kwitsch / ziggoimg Dockerfile Docker Image to create Golang applications with Zig as CC 0.10.1
ss-o ss-o / trunk-configs no-lang 🟣 configs v0.0.2-draft **Full Changelog**:
github-actions[bot] 42CrMo4 / P009_USB_Pump_Switch no-lang Home Assistant controlled ESP32-c3 USB Switch for "dump" USB Pumps for smale scale gardening. v1.0-rc1 | Font | Back | | ------------- | ------------- | |![PCB Top design](
github-actions[bot] yuriqpaiva / ignite-ui TypeScript Monorepo Design System for Ignite @yuri-ignite-ui/react@2.0.1 ### Patch Changes - Add option to pass reference to TextInput and adjust some styles
kuking kuking / obs-StreamFX C++ StreamFX is a plugin for OBS® Studio which adds many new effects, filters, sources, transitions and encoders! Be it 3D Transform, Blur, complex Masking, or even custom shaders, you'll find it all here. 0.12.0b299-ed
adranwit viant / structology Go State tracker for golang struct v0.1.0
Szam0siBarnabas Szam0siBarnabas / TextureBackport C# Backport minecraft resource packs between 1.8x and 1.19.x to Beta 1.7.3 TextureBackport-net-runtime-included-v1.0.1
mab05k mab05k / oanda-client PHP PHP Client Library for interacting with the Oanda REST-V20 API. This Client is designed with flexibility in mind, and supports using multiple Oanda Accounts. v0.5.0
github-actions[bot] maxime1992 / dev-to-git TypeScript Publish a blog post (markdown file) to from your command line or from CI with this CLI v1.4.10 ## [1.4.10]( (2023-06-03) ### Bug Fixes * publish articles one by one instead of all at the same time ([e34dfaf](
Nitepone Nitepone / flipper-intervalometer C flipvalo, an intervalometer for sony cameras v0.1.0 MVP for Sony Camera Intervalometer
BadMagic100 BadMagic100 / Blasphemous-PrieWarp C# A Blasphemous mod which allows easily warping between unlocked Prie Dieus with mnemonic hotkeys. v1.0.0
stuajnht CSSS-Games / CSSS C# CyberSecurity Scoring System Version-0.3 ### Breaking Changes * When running with the `--prepare` switch, CSSS needs to be run with administrative privileges * Issue files are encrypted when the image is prepared, to prevent competitors di
JianLiu1994 BioinfoMachineLearning / MULTICOM3 Python The software system of improving AlphaFold2- and AlphaFold-Multimer-based protein tertiary & quaternary structure prediction. It was developed by the Bioinformatics and Machine Learning Lab at the University of Missouri. It was blindly tested in CASP15 and ranked among the best server predictors in 2022. It improves AlphaFold's accuracy by 5-10%. v1.0.0 This is the first official version of MULTICOM3. MULTICOM3 is an addon package to improve AlphaFold2- and AlphaFold-Multimer-based prediction of protein tertiary and quaternary structures by diverse m
hoemotion hoemotion / Karuma Python Karuma is a Discord Bot including Nukes, Raids, Mass DM and other features. Only for educational purposes 🥱🚀 v.1.8.1
zweiler2 zweiler2 / HoloISO_Nvidia Shell SteamOS 3 (Holo) archiso configuration v4.1 ### Initial Build v4.1 **In this release i made no changes. I just built the upstream stable ISO.** Download:
TheLastochka TheLastochka / vkcloud-vision Go Vk Cloud Vision API for Golang v0.0.1 Complete vision/persons API
Leo-Aqua Leo-Aqua / Dynamite.exe C++ My first bigger c++ project. A gdi Trojan. v1.0.0 The very first version of Dynamite.exe
AJ6CU AJ6CU / KD8CEC-V2.0-for-uBITX C++ KD8CEC V2.0 - A processor independent with enhanced functionality update to the original KD8CEC V1.2 V2.0-beta1 This is the beta 1 release of CEC V2.0. This release is targeted at supporting the OEM Raduinos. The format of the files is: CECV2_uBITXMotherboardRevision_display_type CECV2_R34_Nextion.hex:
ushakrishnan ushakrishnan / SearchWithOpenAI Python Index multiple documents in a repository using HuggingFace embeddings. Save them in Chroma and / or FAISS for recall. Choose OpenAI or Azure OpenAI APIs to get answers to your questions - Q&A with OpenAI and Azure OpenAI. v0.9.0 OpenAI + Azure OpenAI - extended with FAISS, Chroma. Selection of API will remove option to be able to use the other - temporary to handle bug (LangChain shares OpenAI variables)
razvanrux razvanrux / DiscordMaterialYou_GameActivity CSS a Repository for a small modification I did to an existing Discord theme 1.0
rthapa84 som-shahlab / femr Python FEMR (Framework for Electronic Medical Records) provides tooling for large-scale, self-supervised learning using electronic health records 0.0.19
mcaacm mcaacm / On-the-Mechanisms-of-Polaritonic-Rate-Suppression-from-Quantum-Transition-Paths Fortran Code and data to accompany “On the Mechanism of Polaritonic Rate Suppression from Quantum Transition Paths” by Michelle C. Anderson, Esmae J. Woods, Thomas P. Fay, David J. Wales, and David T. Limmer v1.0.0 The repository contains data and code to accompany the paper “On the Mechanism of Polaritonic Rate Suppression from Quantum Transition Paths” by Michelle C. Anderson, Esmae J. Woods, Thomas P. Fay
github-actions[bot] ngshiheng / worker-auth HTML To demonstrate and implement a PoC to protect your site against XSS & CSRF attacks v1.0.2 ## [1.0.2]( (2023-06-03) ### Bug Fixes * **deps:** update dependency @tsndr/cloudflare-worker-jwt to v2.2.1 ([1d9eb57](https://githu
victordalosto victordalosto / unit-conversion Java A measurement conversion library of engineer units, made in JAVA - Spring v3.1.0 Stable version for release
finnmayhew finnmayhew / Finns-Minecraft-Maze-Generator Python Finn's Minecraft PvP Maze Minigame v1.0
maicorheinheimer maicorheinheimer / duck Pascal The Duck is a migration framework for database versioning v0.1.0 Release for Lazarus
incognitte incognitte / isDcc C Installshield decompiler. It supports all versions of installshield up to v5.5 (as far as I know) 1.22 ### Usage: To use it, type: ` isdcc scriptfile.ins` The decompiled script will be output on stdout, so you can redirect it, for example: `isdcc setup.ins > setup.rul` -----------------
StarCpt StarCpt / FileDateChanger-gui C# small project to learn avaloniaui v1.0
emilio-kariuki emilio-kariuki / Status-Saver Dart Status Saver is a mobile application built with Flutter and the Provider state management package. It enables users to easily save and manage statuses from popular social media platforms (whatsapp for now) v0.1.0-beta The first beta version of the application
giovannicoppola giovannicoppola / alfred-outlookSuite Python A suite of tools to interact with Microsoft Outlook via Alfred v0.9 Complete rewrite. Added email snooze, save, and draft.
FreeMasen rusty-ecma / RESW Rust A writer for RESSA AST parts v0.7.0-alpha.1 This release updates the parsers to use the new smaller ast from resast. # Changes - RESAST updates - [alpha.2]( - [alpha.3
equinox0815 spreadspace / OledPiUI Go Simple UI for RaspberryPI based on an OLED screen and a rotary encoder 0.0.1-alpha Testing release workflow
Hamid-ibk AMS-3D / paypal Shell paypalrepo paypal-v1.0.2 second release
outpaddling outpaddling / npmount Makefile Non-privileged mount/unmount UI 0.1.0 Successful test on USB stick
dwhall dwhall / prandtl-fa no-lang Document only. One page instructions to build a foam core flying wing glider. v1.1 Minor edits to text for clarity.
diogoefl diogoefl / cmake_c_project_template C C-based Project template using CMake as buildsystem v0.0.1
github-actions[bot] fooooooooooooooo / replugged-supabase-theme CSS Supabase theme for Replugged v2.0.0
FreeMasen rusty-ecma / RESSA Rust Rusty EcmaScript Syntax Analyzer v0.9.0-alpha.1 This release updates the parsers to use the new smaller ast from resast. # Changes - RESAST updates - [alpha.2]( - [alpha.3
luisFilipePT luisFilipePT / code-scope TypeScript ✨ AI-powered code analysis. Analyse your code and unlock its potential. v0.1.0-alpha **Full Changelog**:
sean-rowe Sean-Rowe-Consulting-LLC / chrome-extension-starter TypeScript Chrome Extension starter using Nx workspace and Angular. Always the latest version. 16.3.2 Nx 16.3.2 and Angular 16.0.4
Sraik25 Sraik25 / toolkit Go basic tools in golang v1.0.0 Feature complete
A-Herzog A-Herzog / Distributions NSIS Distributions is a web service for showing graphs of different probability distributions. 1.0.0 ### Windows offline version of this webapp This is a Neutralinojs exe package of the webapp code. Technically it is just a zip package of all html and js files with an exe header launching the code
ganavijayaram ganavijayaram / skills-release-based-workflow JavaScript My clone repository v0.9
github-actions[bot] HDest-Community / reusable-ammoboxes ZenScript An addon for Hideous Destructor that brings back the re-usable ammo boxes from Ugly as Sin, now with HDBulletLib support!! v1.1.0
OfficiallyM OfficiallyM / SpawnerTLD C# The Long Drive (TLD) spawner v1.1.0 Now renamed to SpawnerTLD for backwards compatibility. Changes in this version: - Added UFO spawner - Added item thumbnails [](
Peter-The-Great Peter-The-Great / qrcode-cmd Rust A command-line interface that can generate qr codes in rust. v0.5 My first release of the software. Still trying to make sure the size of the file is compressed.
Rayan-El-Manssouri Rayan-El-Manssouri / ExpertMaths CSS Tester vos capaciter mental a l'êxtreme ! v0.1.0 ### Version 0.1.0 : - Ajout des modes de jeu : Addition, Soustraction, Multiplication et Division.. - Temps imparti pour répondre à chaque exercice. - Résultats instantanés pour une rétroact
sj-i sj-i / phpdoc-type-reader PHP A library for reading types from phpdoc. v0.1.2 # Changes - Update dependencies
demyanovs demyanovs / php-highlight PHP A PHP library for highlighting code syntax. 2.0.0 - Completely redesigned project structure - Updated syntaxes to PHP 8.1 - Updated examples
tatsumoto-ren Ajatt-Tools / nhk_2016_pronunciations_index no-lang NHK 2016 pronunciations index v1.1 A zipped release.
eed3si9n sbt / sbt-github-actions Scala An sbt plugin which makes it easier to build with GitHub Actions v0.15.0 ## about sbt-github-actions sbt-github-actions is an sbt plugin, originally developed by Daniel Spiewak (@djspiewak) in 2020, to generate GitHub Actions YAML from `build.sbt` file. Using sbt 1.9
krafairus krafairus / flathub-store-ui Python version web de flathub instalable en deepin os o otra distribucion GNU/Linux. v1.0 Ya logre crear el primer deb, inicia como 1.0, espero agregar mas cambios :) Nota: funciona en debian, bases debian y ubuntu(no probado en ubuntu pero no deberia aver problema), próximamente para
VictorTrustyDev EscanBE / house-keeper Go House Keeper does multiple tasks v0.3.0 ## House Keeper #### A tool to manage Escan > go install -v ### Commands: #### Listing files > hkd files list --help > hkd files lis
github-actions[bot] shgysk8zer0 / npm-utils JavaScript A collection of helpful functions for npm packages. v1.0.0 See [Changelog](
onysd128 onysd128 / OnysdVehicleMod Java Adds in working vehicles into Minecraft **Full Changelog**:
ExcaliburZero ExcaliburZero / cassette_beasts_black_shuck_changes GDScript A mod for the game Cassette Beasts that makes some changes to the Black Shuck encounter. v1.0.0 ### Added - Map icon for Black Shuck's location. - Increased spawn chance for Black Shuck. - Increased chase/battle chance for Black Shuck.
d1nnan d1nnan / ToDo Python Программа TODO представляет собой консольное приложение (инструмент) для организации и планирования задач v1.0.0 Этот релиз включает в себя: - .gitignore; -; -; - документация.
Lake292 Lake292 / opentherm-web-api Python WebAPI connector for OpenThermWeb v0.0.1 Initial release
github-actions[bot] jimmyGALLAND / arpl-addons Shell arpl project addon repository 23.6.0
ArchLeaders NX-Editor / NX-Editor C# General purpose editor for Tears of the Kingdom 0.3.5-alpha ## Features * Msbt editing support ## Fixes * Fix unsaved changes prompt showing when no changes were made ## Changes * Rename project name to NX-Editor **Full Changelog**: https://g
GP-Smith GP-Smith / laravel-encryptable PHP A Laravel package with an encryptable trait to manage encrypting database table fields v0.1.2
ArKaNeMaN ArKaNeMaN / amxx-VipModular-pub Pawn Modular privileges system for AmxModX 5.0.0-beta.10 - Исправлена некоторая ошибка, связанная с чтением конфигов - Исправлен и обновлён счётчик предметов в меню
nigelochola Nano-Group-INC / paypal no-lang paypalrepo paypal-v1.0.2
fstark fstark / macflim C MacFlim flim player source code and utilities v2.0.10 Pre-release of MacFlim 2.0 Fixes since 2.0.9: Fixed leak in 'playflim' HyperCard XCMD. Format: 800K dsk file
github-actions[bot] lucasvmx / WarTelemetry Go WarTelemetry is a library to provide WarThunder telemetry data v0.1.1 ## Features - implements method to check if the specified object is a enemyfighter ([Lucas Vieira]( ## Bug Fi
handbob handbob / japp Java Java command-line tool that creates an empty file. v1.0.0
stiebels stiebels / sagemaker-rightline Python A Python package that eases validation of properties of a SageMaker Pipeline object. v0.1.0
github-actions[bot] escapingnetwork / atomcam_tools C atomcam_tools fork to work with telear_campan v0.0.1 ### [0.0.1]( (2023-06-03)
Ronef DivanDesign / EvolutionCMS.snippets.ddColumnBuilder PHP Выводит элементы (например, результаты ddGetDucuments, ddGetMultipleField, Ditto и т. п.) в несколько колонок, стараясь равномерно распределить количество. v3.0 * \* The snippets has been renamed as `ddGetColumnData`. * \* Parameters → The following have been renamed: * \* `countColoumns` → `columnsNumber`. * \* `coloumnRowTpl` → `columnTpl`. *
traderpedroso ejtraderLabs / ejtraderIA MQL5 Power by Bitcoin Nano Artificial Intelligence 0.1
Zickles Zickles / FiendMod C# a mod for hollow knight requested by PhoelynFabulous#1947 FD1131817F2F6FF7ED4FF46CA51176DA1D6E896B4BE93BF32C42E0C7E679964E
AndyTempel AndyTempel / postal-arm Ruby ✉️ A fully featured open source mail delivery platform for incoming & outgoing e-mail 2.1.4 ARM Support
bean-frog bean-frog / PVA JavaScript PVA - Personal Verbal Abuser 1.0.0 probably works maybe
ewilliams0305 ewilliams0305 / WebLogger C# Websocket server designed to provide an accessible console application to a Crestron VC4 program instance v.1.1.2 ## What's Changed * Source Generators by @ewilliams0305 in ## New Contributors * @ewilliams0305 made their first contribution in https://gi
Phil91 Phil91 / jihub C# Command Tool to help exporting Issues from Jira and import them as GitHub Issues v0.1.0-alpha ## What's Changed * feat!: add base functionallity by @Phil91 in * chore: update readme by @Phil91 in * feat: add
antony-jekov go-lean / response Go Simple http response implementation for non-void route handlers in GoLang v1.0.0 Initial release containing most common response types.
imerr imerr / imgur_id7 Rust Fast tool to scan for valid 7-long imgur ids for the ArchiveTeam imgur efforts (not affiliated or endorsed) v0.1.11 Integrated some changes from @signalhunter (thanks!): - Higher concurrency default/limit for non-proxy users - Uses chrome UA instead of firefox - Some output formatting improvements/tweaks - Envi
Monitor144hz Monitor144hz / Skyrim-Teleport-Bug-Fix no-lang Behavior patch that fixes a vanilla bug where starting certain interaction animations in first person teleports you to the start of the cell you were in. Clean, compatible, and lightweight. v1.0.0 Initial release. Run Nemesis, tick patch.
manyids2 manyids2 / hmm.nvim Lua h-m-m for neovim v1.0 ## What's Changed * viewport by @manyids2 in * config by @manyids2 in * app refactor by @manyids2 in https:
jposada202020 jposada202020 / CircuitPython_H3LIS200DL Python CircuitPython Driver for the ST H3LIS200DL Accelerometer 0.1.0
leolabs leolabs / stream-xml TypeScript XML Stream parser v0.1.0 This is the initial release. Things might still be unstable, but feel free to try it out!
jhassan8 jhassan8 / crunchyroll-tizen JavaScript Crunchyroll unofficial app for Smart TV Samsung Tizen OS that currently doesnt exist in appstore, requires crunchyrrol account. v1.0
Gavatron66 Gavatron66 / roster-builder C# A Roster Builder for tabletop games. Primarily Warhammer 40k. v0.1
EuwHusky EuwHusky / SSF C A State Flow Switcher Based on C Language v2.0.0
jcapona jcapona / mount-image-partition-action no-lang Action that mounts an image partition v0.1
sharkdp sharkdp / hyperfine Rust A command-line benchmarking tool v0.17.0 ## Features - Add new `--sort` option to control the order in the rel. speed comparison and in markup export formats, see #601, #614, #655 (@sharkdp) - Parameters which are unused in the command l
turt2live t2bot / go-singleflight-streams Go Go library to return a dedicated reader to each singleflight consumer. Useful for reading a source once, but sharing the result with many consumers. v0.0.1 **Full Changelog**:
golden-guy golden-guy / ckpool-solo C Cloned from plus configurable donation settings v0.9.7 Built on Debian Buster 11.5
HughP HughP / Supporting-Evidence-for-OLAC-DCMIType-PhysicalObject HTML OLAC Records with the DCMIType Physical Object v0.9-alpha This is an initial pre-conference drop of the data. 16 records and different views of them.
Chopper1337 Chopper1337 / csgo-mm-server-picker no-lang 🌐 The new server picker for CS:GO matchmaking - Available on Windows & Linux v1.2.1
poky1084 poky1084 / HTML count my clients Done my first JS and HTML Stake original Crash bot with script support! Enjoy and share scripts!
salehhashemi1992 salehhashemi1992 / laravel-intelli-graphql PHP Boost your Laravel projects with AI-powered, effortless GraphQL generation using the Laravel IntelliGraphQL package! v0.1.0 initial release of ai:graphql command **Full Changelog**:
github-actions[bot] kenany / chemical-formula JavaScript Parse a chemical formula to get a count of each element in a compound 3.0.0 ## [3.0.0]( (2023-06-03) ### ⚠ BREAKING CHANGES * Node.js v14 is no longer supported. * Node.js v12 is no longer supported. * **ci
DiveaLism Crimson-Creative-Studios / Crimson JavaScript About Crimson is a Discord bot designed to be as modular as possible v0.2.5 Repo changes
DvaMishkiLapa DvaMishkiLapa / vita-baremetal-loader C PSVita bare-metal payload loader v0.1.0-alpha
dstarizny dstarizny / MasonryMarvels Java add slabs walls and stairs to concrete and terracotta blocks in minecraft 0.0.1-1.18.2 works on 1.18.2 stairs, slabs, and walls for all colors of concrete, terracotta, and glazed_terracotta
dark-thirty dark-thirty / Jade C Jade hardware wallet 0.1.48-10 Minor change in GUI configuration to fit 2.8" TFT display **Full Changelog**:
ErikBavenstrand ErikBavenstrand / mleko Python MLEKO is a Python library for building development pipelines for machine learning projects. It is designed to be simple, modular, and extensible. v0.4.0 ### Feature * **feature selection:** ✨ Add that filters out invariant features. ([`798c261`]( * **feature
Wilfred Wilfred / tree-sitter-elisp C tree-sitter grammar for emacs lisp 1.3.0 Fixes: Don't error on quoted forms that look like function definitions (such as `'(defun foo)`).
fhunleth nerves-time / nerves_time_rtc_nxp Elixir NervesTime.RTC implementaitons for common NXP chips v0.2.0 * Changes * Add NXP.PCF8563 implementation (Thanks @pojiro) * Drop support for Elixir versions before 1.12. These are no longer tested.
manyids2 manyids2 / htmlgui.nvim Lua Create html + css + lua apps with neovim as 'browser' v1.0 **Full Changelog**:
Hampfh Hampfh / Portfolio Astro My portfolio page v1.0 This is the version v1 of the page, used up until 2023 june <img width="1483" alt="image" src="
TheEE145 MindustryExtended13 / MaterialEnergy Java a mod that add meterial energy network (ME) and can make better storage when conveyours v1.0 Possible bugs with liquids in export bus
LensPlaysGames LensPlaysGames / ltx-highlight-code C++ LaTeX package and program to format and highlight source code v0.0.1 I currently am having trouble getting new enough compilers to support C++23 library features, but I am able to use `MSYS2` `MINGW64` environment to compile a Windows executable; I thought I'd sha
SBoudrias SBoudrias / Inquirer.js JavaScript A collection of common interactive command line user interfaces. @inquirer/confirm@2.0.0 Now includes a stricter answer parser. Prior to this change, the prompt would default to `Yes` on almost any input.
yakisova41 yakisova41 / kiite-cafe-plus TypeScript Kiite Cafe のバックグラウンド再生、連続再生をするユーザースクリプト (iPhone 対応) 0.1.0
github-actions[bot] Macleykun / OpenLRR C++ An open source re-implementation of LEGO Rock Raiders 🪨⛏ v0.8.0.15 tadaaaa
ahmadBatsh ahmadBatsh / branching no-lang test branching v1.0 this is vergen 1.1
RSS1102 RSS1102 / cherry-markdown JavaScript ✨ A Markdown Editor 0.8.19
pdeans pdeans / miva-provision PHP Miva Remote Provision PHP Library v2.1.3
github-actions[bot] AchaeaBashingScript / Bashing Lua A Mudlet Bashing system for the MUD Achaea 1.9-pre-04b3227-master Release of version 1.9-pre-04b3227-master
ArcherPer ArcherPer / xcbkeys C Small library written on top of xcb that provides access to converting keycodes into keysyms and vice versa. 1.0.0 Initial release of xcbkeys. Documentation can be found in README.
shogo4405 shogo4405 / HaishinKit.dart Dart Camera and Microphone streaming library via RTMP for Flutter. 0.10.0 ## What's Changed * Feature: add setCaptureSettings by @tian-zhihui in * Bump up HaishinKit.kt to 0.10.0 by @shogo4405 in
kechinvv kechinvv / KtLibMiner Kotlin Static analysis of library usage 1.3
groovyghoul groovyghoul / sqeletor.vscode TypeScript Opinionated SQL templates for VS Code v0.0.3-alpha This release is mostly for development purposes.
lenny-intel edgexfoundry / app-functions-sdk-go Go Owner: Applications WG v3.0.0 TBD
TheEE145 MindustryExtended13 / Me13Core Java a core that maded for Me13 mods, but can be used in other mods 1.3y
taravannheng taravannheng / marketsquare JavaScript A full stack, fully responsive e-commerce website. v2.0.0 # Marketsquare ## Release 2.0.0 ### Features and Improvements #### Frontend - Update APIs to match new routes on backend - Update product card by replacing descriptions with ratings - Ch
DvaMishkiLapa DvaMishkiLapa / vita_plugin_linux_loader C Plugin Linux loader for PSVita v0.1.0-alpha
todbot todbot / CircuitPython_PS2Controller Python CircuitPython library to read Sony PS2 game controllers 1.0.0 Verified to work with official Sony PS2 controller with digital buttons and analog sticks. Not tested: - pressure buttons - rumble motors - non-standard controllers like Guitar Hero
AstroAguirre AstroAguirre / subtractAirglow Python Subtract H I Lyman-alpha and O I airglow emission from HST-COS G130M spectra and reconstruct stellar emission profiles. v0.0.1 Initial release of the subtractAirglow module
gispos gispos / AvsPmod Python An AviSynth script editor 2,7.4.8
bluesentinelsec bluesentinelsec / docker-hijack Go Docker-hijack demonstrates how an adversary could hijack the docker build process to embed malware in container images. v1.0.0
PalmerAL minbrowser / min JavaScript A fast, minimal browser that protects your privacy 1.28.0-beta * Support for opening multiple windows * Bug fixes Please report any issues you find:
jradwan jradwan / Piwigo-physical_photo_move PHP Piwigo extension to move a photo, video, or album from one physical album to another, preserving all metadata. v2.21 Bug fixes: * error when moving an empty folder (see issue #31; thanks @judecooks!)
github-actions[bot] prestodb / presto-helm-charts no-lang Presto Helm Charts presto-0.1.0 The official Helm chart for Presto
thiagomajesk thiagomajesk / dropkick Elixir Easy file uploads for Elixir/Phoenix v0.0.1
pdeans pdeans / utilities-miva PHP A collection of helpful utility methods and functions for interacting with the Miva Merchant platform. v1.0.2 - Fixed psr12 issues and added method/function type hints - Updated php version requirements - Git attributes and ignore list updates
abdennour ElmCompany / docker-nexus Dockerfile A container image for Sonatype Nexus Repository Manager OSS, based on Alpine Linux. 3.54.1-01
udamir udamir / api-ref-bundler TypeScript Bundle all external $ref in Json based API document into single document 0.3.0 + refMapRules + parallelCrawl [experimental] + bugfix
alegoru portermetrics / temporalio-helm-charts no-lang Temporal Helm charts 0.0.1
davidslusser davidslusser / actions_python_pytest no-lang A Github action for running unittests with pytest v1.0.0 initial release
TheAlexDev23 TheAlexDev23 / libpel C C Photo Editing Library v1.0.0 Basic functioning release: - PNG creation - Circle empty/full drawing
genegr genegr / community.vmware Python Ansible Collection for VMware v0.0.1
github-actions[bot] kkirkfield / sqlite no-lang 64-bit SQLite shell (CLI) builds 3.42.0
github-actions[bot] kenany / icao JavaScript ICAO airport codes 2.0.0 ## [2.0.0]( (2023-06-03) ### ⚠ BREAKING CHANGES * Node.js v14 is no longer supported. * Node.js v12 is no longer supported. ### Features * d
GP-Smith GP-Smith / laravel-crm PHP Open Source Laravel CRM Package v0.19.0
lfcarrega lfcarrega / AHK_CheckSum_Utility AutoHotkey Simple checksum utility. 0.2.0-alpha
joshuaportero joshuaportero / amazon-job-scraper Java [Personal Project] This warehouse Amazon job scraper is a Java project designed to help individuals find job opportunities at v0.8.3
stripedew stripedew / ig-unfollow-checker Python Crude IG Unfollow Checker v1.0 Initial release
HFT-turnet HFT-turnet / ui5-portal JavaScript A portal / app template structure for API based open UI5 suites. v0.1.0-beta1
github-actions[bot] M-Kush / IQEngine TypeScript A web-based SDR toolkit for analyzing, processing, and sharing RF recordings 202306032021.0.0-pre-202306032021 ## This is a pre-release version of IQEngine ## Changes * No changes
CryptooFun CryptooFun / cryptoofun JavaScript Trading Simulator for newbies. v1.0.0 ## Release 1.0.0 ### This release is the first version of the application.
manusoft manusoft / IPTVDB C# IPTV Database v0.0.1-alpha ## What's Changed * Update ReadMe by @manusoft in **Full Changelog**:
CherryPill CherryPill / crypto_md5 C MD5 hash generation tool using CryptoAPI v1.2 Add automatic copy of generated hash to clipboard on successful generation
memfrag apparata / mkfont Swift Tool for generating a Swift package for a particular font given the font files. v1.0.0
ali77gh ali77gh / ProjectAnalyzer Python this script can analyze your project (count your files and how mach line of code you write) 1.0.0
carloserick87 carloserick87 / liga-justicia no-lang Este es el repositorio de mis planes con la liga de la justicia v0.1.0 ### Version Beta No usar!
pdeans pdeans / utilities-vardumpers PHP A collection of helpful var dumper methods and functions. v1.0.1 - Bumped dependency versions - Added function documentation - Various clean up tasks
klpx ebpfdev / explorer Dockerfile eBPF explorer lets you see all the maps and programs in eBPF subsystem v0.0.2
github-actions[bot] dcjulian29 / docker-bind Go A Docker Container and execution tool for BIND. 9.18.14 ## Changelog * 0071d5a Updated container image to 9.18.14-r0
verbosemode verbosemode / syslog-message OCaml OCaml parser for RFC 3164 Syslog messages 1.2.0 CHANGES: * remove dependency on astring (#28, @hannesm) * use OCaml-CI (#27, @Leonidas-from-XIV, @verbosemode) * bump required dune version to 2.0 * raise lower bound to ocaml 4.08.0; remove rresult
herpaderpaldent seatplus / tribe PHP Base package for any connector that supports syncing of control groups to tribes 1.0.0 **Full Changelog**:
RITEKROUNAK RITEKROUNAK / CraveEats Dart CraveEats: Satisfy your cravings with a seamless food ordering experience. v1.0 # CraveEats: Satisfy your cravings with a seamless food ordering experience. This section contains the release APKs for the project. How to Install To install the APK on your Android device, fo
github-actions[bot] dnskr / fork-presto-helm-charts no-lang Presto Helm Charts presto-0.1.0 The official Helm chart for Presto
JeremyEffinger JeremyEffinger / BonsaiTrees Java A Minecraft mod adding a block that grows small trees ### Release Notes for Bonsai Trees 3 - BYP Edition v3.1.0.1 Overview We're excited to announce Bonsai Trees 3 - BYP Edition v3.1.0.1. This mod, a fork of the popular Bonsai Trees 3 mod by t
FraGag FraGag / feeds-to-pocket Rust Sends entries from RSS and Atom feeds to Pocket ( v0.1.7 - Fix incorrect instructions in (PR [#5]( - Update dependencies - General code cleanup
github-actions[bot] baliestri / aspnet-core-template-7.0 C# ASP.NET 7.0 WebAPI Template v1.0.0
nhab nhab / Focus JavaScript A replacement of CSS and even html coding) Its Javascript classes are using the DOM object to create and manipulate html elements and their color, position, dimension and etc. v0.1 The old version doesn't use modules and runs only old web browsers unless you allow cross-origin communions
github-actions[bot] ToshihitoKon / codename-generator Go generate codename from text v0.0.1 ## Changelog * da9b33c update workflow 2
github-actions[bot] dcjulian29 / docker-openssl Go A Docker Container and execution tool for OpenSSL 3.1.1 ## Changelog * ed58be7 Instead of mounting PWD, map host filesystem into container so relative paths work as expected. * 8417186 Linked the docker image with the tool. * 92cbe89 Updated container imag
queil queil / rooz Rust Work in containers v0.29.0
github-actions[bot] PrismarineJS / node-mojangson JavaScript A mojangson parser written in node.js 2.0.3 2.0.3
Peozh Peozh / DrawFractal_double C++ double precision calculation using CUDA library v1.0.0 for windows & nvidia gpu
lotyp wayofdev / laravel-request-query-builder PHP RQL - Resource Query Language for Laravel. v1.0.0 ## 1.0.0 (2023-06-03) ### Features * first implementation ([7a99fbc]( ### Bug Fixes * *
klpx ebpfdev / dev-agent Go eBPF remote debug agent v0.0.2 * (feature) eBPF metrics prometheus exporter: * progs statistics (run_time, run_count) * maps statistics * number of entries (if configured, see [README](./ * value of entrie
github-actions[bot] tjx666 / vite-plugin-print-info TypeScript print some help info like vite builtin v0.0.1 ###    🚀 Features - Basic implementation  -  by @tjx666 [<samp>(61dd5)</samp>]( #####  &n
blesswinsamuel blesswinsamuel / pretty-json-log Go Parses JSON logs and shows them in a pretty format with colors easier to read v0.0.1
DigitalBox98 DigitalBox98 / SimpleExtJSApp Shell Simple ExtJS Application for Synology DSM v0.6 Add documentation to API.Store constructor
baks-dev baks-dev / delivery-transport PHP Модуль парка транспорта доставки заказов v6.2.0 v6.2.0
danilopolani mailcarrierapp / app PHP Skeleton app with Docker support v1.0.0
kokkekpek kokkekpek / vendee-example TypeScript Vendee contract example v0.0.1
github-actions[bot] lvce-editor / language-features-typescript JavaScript Typescript integration for Lvce Editor v0.1.0
JhoamMolina JhoamMolina / jm-product-card TypeScript NPM project testing a deploy to NPM v0.0.1
lukaswrz lukaswrz / mpdpoke Go A daemon that shows desktop notifications for tracks played by MPD 🎶 v1.0.0 Initial release.
alexandrecvieira alexandrecvieira / html-password-manager HTML HTML Password Manager hpm_1.0 * Master Password reset removed * Multiple language support * Keep Session feature
Alireza-nemati Alireza-nemati / Hiss-Chat C# Chat App 1.0
Minus345 Minus345 / sAcn-ArtNet-to-EnttecDmxUsbPro Python sAcn / ArtNet to EnttecDmxUsbPro phyton script 1.0 Added GUI for configuration
danenders danenders / pokeclassic C PokeClassic is a romhack inspired by Pokemon Yellow, using the Pokemon Emerald Engine. v1.0 Version 1 is released. This contains all the features intended to be included in PokeClassic.
AspyMui AspyMui / canvas-cake TypeScript Simple canvas layering system v1.0.1
georgemandis georgemandis / bubo-rss TypeScript An irrationally minimalist, static feed reader (RSS, Atom, JSON) you can instantly deploy on Netlify, Glitch or your own server. v2.0.2 - Fixed a bug that could cause Bubo to hang if it failed to fetch one of your feeds - Updated packages to latest versions
SourcePot SourcePot / ops PHP Open Patent Service add-on v0.1.1
Geada734 Geada734 / stegonosaurus Python Formalizing my steganography machine into a python package 1.2.0 First public release for stegonosaurus.
rares45 2-5-perceivers / hangman Rust Jocul spanzuratoarea in romana facut in Rust cu raylib v1.0 Romanian Hangman written in Rust and raylib. I wrote this version in a few hours.
cbontems cbontems / starwars-names JavaScript Sandbox Project - Get a random Star Wars name. 1.0.0 This is an awesome library! ❇️
assitburn assitburn / Color-theme JavaScript Example Photoshop Plugin to change Color-Themes 1.0.7 New Version checked if plugin is shown and reload info if it is shown again
pasindu-sandaruwan pasindu-sandaruwan / image-processing-app JavaScript A node.js application to fetch 2 images and merge them and save in a storage v1.0.0 ## What's Changed * Refactoring of the function into a node.js application. * Created a new service layer to handle the API calls from the app and reuse the API calling functions * Decomposed
github-actions[bot] jqkj123 / Pake Rust 🤱🏻 Turn any webpage into a desktop app with Rust. 🤱🏻 很简单的用 Rust 打包网页生成很小的桌面 App V0.0.1
mdimovich mdimovich / rusty_md5 Rust md5 implementation using rust v0.1.0 Executable binary for rusty_md5 command line utility. ### To Run: ```bash ./rusty_md5 <string_to_hash> ``` **Full Changelog**:
github-actions[bot] lvce-editor / git JavaScript Git integration for Lvce editor v0.4.0
linuxgemini linuxgemini / lua-resty-maxminddb Lua A Lua library for reading MaxMind's Geolocation database v1.3.4
TahaAbdulrahmman TahaAbdulrahmman / Taha-Abdulrahmman HTML Portfolio 1.1
auguzsto auguzsto / openkaraoke C++ Fui escrevendo e deu nisso, um modesto Karaoke. beta0.1 # Features - Run music by id. - Dynamic configure folder music. - Points classifications when music is end.
github-actions[bot] hegerdes / demo-app-flask-nuxt Vue Demo App: Build with Python Flask & VUE - Build and Packaged with Docker and Helm demo-app-0.3.0 A Helm chart for Kubernetes
MichaelFraser99 MichaelFraser99 / terraform-provider-discord-application Go A terraform provider enabling the tracking of registered discord bot commands through the use of IaC v0.1.0 Initial Release Features: - command resource: this resources enables the management of Discord Application commands via IaC
kgaughan kgaughan / bigip_exporter Go Prometheus exporter for BIG-IP metrics v1.1.0 This is my initial fork of bigip_exporter that moves to Go modules and attempts to make some minor improvements to the internals. **Full Changelog**:
ikevin92 ikevin92 / adminpro-backend-mean-app JavaScript backend app con express para mean app angular avanzado v1.0.0
azzy9 azzy9 / Python A Kodi plugin for accessing LBRY & Odysee content v0.3.0
urbit-pilled urbit-pilled / tree-sitter-hoon C Tree-sitter grammar for urbit language hoon 0.0.1 Webassembly binary built using `tree-sitter build-wasm`
kpr0th kpr0th / qlcplus C++ Q Light Controller Plus (QLC+) - kpr0th edits kpr0th-2023-06-03|4.12.8-git|5.0.0-beta3 Installers for kpr0th's customizations of mcallegari's qlcplus project. This release includes all changes from the upstream codebase as of 2023-06-03, plus the following changes that I
Alireza-nemati Alireza-nemati / v2ray-sub PHP v2ray sub 1.0
Pablo-Contreras-Rosado Pablo-Contreras-Rosado / windows-cleanup-BAT-script Batchfile This BAT script deletes a series of folders in Windows that store cache and other temporary files in order to save disk space. v1.1.0 Added some new directories to delete, and implemented a way to remove Firefox cache.
Flex4Reddit Flex4Reddit / lemmy-android-client Kotlin Moshi & Retrofit bindings for Lemmy API 0.0.1
MicroCBer BetterQQNT / BetterQQNT no-lang A plugin loader for the universe. 0.1.2 1. 添加防撤回开关 2. 优化 UI 3. 修复 Koishi Bot 多例
chonton chonton / podman-maven-plugin Java Use podman to build an image 0.0.1 **Full Changelog**:
clebert clebert / state-guard TypeScript Type-safe, deterministic state management with state machines and automatic snapshot invalidation. v1.0.0
zlangbert zlangbert / ha-daikinone Python Home Assistant integration for Daikin One HVAC systems v0.1.0 Initial integration release **Full Changelog**:
bain3 bain3 / pronotepy Python A python API wrapper for pronote v2.10.0 ## What's Changed * Attempt to fix ENTs by @lucas-luchack in (educonnect CAS) * fix Punishment class parsing; closes #225 by @bain3 in https://github
TurtIeSocks TurtIeSocks / discord-mitro-bot TypeScript Discord bot to help manage microservices that involve API checks V0.2.0 ## What's Changed * Initial release, since I forgot 0.1.0 * Refine sponsahs by @Mygod in * Fix testEndpoint by @Mygod in https://github.
admir4l admir4l / matrix-keypad-freertos C A library for reading matrix keypads using FreeRTOS v1.0.0 # Release v1.0.0 - Initial Release ## Description This release marks the initial version of the project. It includes all the features and improvements developed in the `dev` branch. The code has u
brunochanrio brunochanrio / RetroWMP JavaScript A Skin for Windows Media Player that mimics the appearance of Windows Media Player 6.2 and 6.4 0.1 Initial release
TK11235 TK11235 / udonarium TypeScript WebRTCを使ってブラウザ間通信を行うオンセツール v.1.15.2 ### 修正 - selectタグ要素が空白表示になる問題 e1d7b3bec3a2d0a3bdf13d8e3eb70b36a7fde939 - 範囲選択操作中のグリッド表示を改善 - コードリファクタリング
Beliar83 Beliar83 / godex C++ Godex is a Godot Engine ECS library. 4.0.3-stable
pdeans pdeans / xml-builder PHP Easy XML Builder v1.0.3 - Added git attributes and updated git ignore list - Fixed PSR-12 issues
hassegawa hassegawa / monero HTML Monero docker image V1.19.3 V6.19.3
sponsor21ghc sponsor21ghc / answermethis HTML Page V1.0.0 Page
albertprz albertprz / purescript-bookhound PureScript Simple Parser Combinators library v0.1.0
yonimn2000 yonimn2000 / stock-combinations-generator C# A simple tool to get the best combinations of stocks such that the least amount of change is left from the trade. v2.0
dnx100 dnx100 / AirdropHunter-AirdropBot-Automated-Blockchain-Transactions C# Automated coin transfers, token swaps, token transfers and logical transaction routes. Ultimate solution for EVM chains. v1.1
moritzebeling moritzebeling / kirby-meta PHP Kirby plugin to simplify html meta v0.9.9
martonlente martonlente / wordpress-require-plugins PHP A drop-in WordPress library, that requires plugin dependencies for custom themes as bespoke admin notices v0.1.0 - Create .gitignore - Initial commit
herpaderpaldent seatplus / connector PHP Base package for tribes and notifications packages 1.0.0 Initial Release
MateusPitura MateusPitura / app-calculadora-imc TypeScript :chart_with_upwards_trend: O Meu IMC é um aplicativo desenvolvido para ajudar as pessoas a calcular seu Índice de Massa Corporal (IMC) e fornecer informações sobre a faixa de peso ideal v0.1.0 Initial release
jeankassio jeankassio / VideoToGif PHP A simple video to gif converter that uses FFMPEG and simplifies the whole process for you. 0.5.8
kgaughan kgaughan / socketmap-sql Python A postfix socketmap script wrapping an SQL database. v0.2.0 v0.2.0 modernises socketmap-sql quite a bit. It's now typesafe internally and the daemon can now limit itself to servicing a fixed number of requests before exiting to prevent memory leaks. It ca
myTerminal myTerminal / dotfiles Shell The "replicable" heart of my personal computers v2.0.0
TMarccci TMarccci / naplo Dart Nem hivatalos e-napló alkalmazás az eKRÉTA rendszerhez 4.0.2 **4.0.2** - macOS .app Move to the Application folder - iOS .ipa [TestFlight link]( - Android .apk Install
RealHinome Gravitalia / Spinoza Go lilliput-based image resizer and uploader 1.0.0 ## What's Changed * First upload by @RealHinome in ## New Contributors * @RealHinome made their first contribution in
MaestroError MaestroError / heif-converter-image Go heif-converter is a versatile command-line application, along with a Docker image, that offers an easy and efficient way to convert HEIC (and AVIF) images to other common formats like JPEG and PNG, and vice versa. It leverages the go-libheif module, a GoLang wrapper for the libheif library. 0.1
HuoHuas001 HuoHuas001 / HeadShowRemake C++ HeadShowRemake 1.19.83-1 RT
FergusonSean FergusonSean / express-director TypeScript Official repo for the express-director npm package 0.10.0
CrossScarMC CrossScarMC / cshacks Java Basic Minecraft Hack Client. 1.0.0 # v1.0.0+1.19.4 ### Changelog - First Version! - Add Full Bright, Fly, and XRay Hacks - Add Movement and Reneder Categories - Basic Setup and Boilerplate
Mond1c Mond1c / LinAlg Java This library can parse and evaluate some math operations v0.1.0 Features: - Matrices and operations with matrices. - Tensors and operatoins with tensors (without multiplication). - Expression parser - Differentiation (simple functions) - Some math functions
edward-martyr edward-martyr / rime-yahwe_zaonhe no-lang 吳語協會式上海話輸入法/吴语协会式上海话输入法:以吳語協會式拼音爲基礎的 Rime 上海話輸入方案。 2022.07.05
awxkee awxkee / fb2book Swift Package for easy handle fb2 in swift 1.0.1 Fix invalid readable flag
HuoHuas001 HuoHuas001 / Auto-Catch-BDS-Version JavaScript Auto-Catch-BDS-Version Action v1.1.3 RT
Doprez Doprez / Doprez.Stride C# A bundle of Stride related libraries 2.0 ## What's Changed This is a breaking change from 1.0! - [Removed FSM is now in Doprez.Stride.AI](
asimpletune asimpletune / HTML Just an alternative to path to home ownership through organizing many people together and sharing the rewards v1.0.2
PyFlat-Studios-JR PyFlat-Studios-JR / PTB-Map-Builder Python A Map-Builder to create maps for Plant-The-Bomb v1.2.0 Release v1.2.0 of the PTB-Map-Builder
OverNodes-net OverNodes-net / Overactyl CSS ⚠️ Overactyl is not ready for production ⚠️ 0.0.1 ⚠️ Overactyl is not ready for production ⚠️
ImOrientalFlavored Patrick-Tamondong-Personal-Website / puppy-bowl JavaScript FS workshop 23.A site using the FSA API to build web cards from the player(puppy) roster. v.05.0-beta
m1ga m1ga / com.miga.downloadmanager Java Use the Android DownloadManager in Titanium 3.0 * update for Android 12+ * custom folder `target`: downloads, podcasts, documents
cuynu cuynu / src-integrations Java Vanced+ integration source code 1.0-cuynu initial
github-actions[bot] MReP1 / LittleGooseOffice Kotlin An APP that includes Notepad, schedule, memorial, and account records that follow Android development best practices. v1.2.0 **Full Changelog**:
littledot littledot / hello-jitpack Kotlin Example Android library that builds on 0.1
bohdan-prokopenko bohdan-prokopenko / dotnet-templates C# This project template provides a starting point for creating web applications using the Minimal API approach in .NET. It leverages the dotnet new command to generate a basic project structure with minimal configuration and ceremony. 1.0.0
MrEtmAr Orrslab / ViewShedR R a set of function for calculation, analysis and presentation of viewshed v1.0.0
github-actions[bot] Dschungelabenteuer / markdown-it-variables TypeScript Use text/link/abbreviations variables in your markdown files v1.0.1 ### Patch Changes - a168d5e: Fixed exported types path
deadlyunicorn deadlyunicorn / AstralEscape Python A python game of a rocket evading meteors v1.0.0-linux First release of the game.
mediaexplorer74 mediaexplorer74 / trippit C# An experimental Windows 10 (Mobile) Helsinki DigiTransit client v1.2.7 Trippit v1.2.7 ARM; x86 Min. Win. SDK Build: 15063
sidorikvd sidorikvd / check-in-for-the-flight-system C# A simple project aimed at registering users for a flight check-in-flight-system-v1.0.0 <p align="center"> <img src="" width="726"> </p> <p align="center"> <img src="https
ZoltePudeleczko ZoltePudeleczko / Kodi-GeForceNOW Python Kodi Addon for launching NVIDIA GeForce NOW app v2.0 v.2.0 - Assure support with latest Kodi versions (bump xbmc.python libary) - Add Polish language translation :poland: - Clean-up addon information, update repository url
github-actions[bot] AuxXxilium / synology-wireguard Shell WireGuard support for some Synology NAS drives WireGuard-7.1-DSM7.1 **Use at your own risk. We are not responsible if this breaks your NAS. Realistically it should not result in data loss, but it could render your NAS inaccessible if something goes wrong.** **Espec
Jensenator360 Jensenator360 / foundryvtt-german no-lang My foundryvtt german translation 1.0 Inital release
lelgenio lelgenio / wl-crosshair Rust A crosshair overlay for wlroots compositor 0.1.0
SivarajRathinam SivarajRathinam / react-utility HTML This is project, that provides utility needed for the react application 1.0.3
github-actions[bot] sharpjs / Subatomix.PowerShell.TaskHost C# A PowerShell PSHost wrapper to improve the clarity of output from parallel tasks release/1.0.0 Initial release.
1499maxawergy 1499maxawergy / MiniGPT Java Desktop ChatGPT Application v1.3 Добавлен установщик для MacOS 64 bit
JerryALT JerryALT / iw3sp_mod C++ Single Player client modification for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (IW3) v1.1.0 - Added achievements progress menu - Added German localization support - Fixed some HUD elements for non-english localizations - Increased memory of the .exe file (Maximum 4GB)
sheerlox insurgent-lab / commitlint-config JavaScript commitlint config for @insurgentlab/conventional-changelog-preset v18.0.0 ## [18.0.0]( (2023-06-03) ### ⚠ Breaking changes * change preset to `@insurgentlab/conventional-changelog-preset` * re
neittien0110 neittien0110 / siotcore_sdk_v2 C++ for ESP32 2.0.0
dbelob JugruGroup / guess-game Java Find, See, Guess the Speakers v2.10.0 * New attributes of talks.
aaroniscode awslabs / eksdemo Go The easy button for learning, testing and demoing Amazon EKS v0.8.0 ## Changelog * fbd6866 Add go build ci workflow (#4) * 4debf98 Add go report card banner to README (#10) * 11f857b Bump from 1.6.15 to 1.6.18 * cdf470a Bump
ahmadawais ahmadawais / vercel-no-comments JavaScript Prevents the Vercel for GitHub integration from adding comments to pull requests and commits 1.0.0
miguelaristy miguelaristy / ngx-gauge TypeScript A highly customizable Gauge component for Angular apps and dashboards 0.0.4
scpedicini scpedicini / midjourney-manager JavaScript Tools related to managing MJ (aggregating images, tagging, bulk downloading, etc) v1.0.3
grandizzy ajna-finance / ajna-grants Solidity Ajna Grant Coordination Fund v0.10.0-rc5 ## What's Changed Bug fixes from CodeArena and Quantstamp: * verify contracts, update README with funding instructions by @EdNoepel in
ecshreve ecshreve / slomad Go go project to deploy nomad jobs v0.0.1
github-actions[bot] plebbit / plebbit-react JavaScript A GUI for plebbit v0.1.20 Progressive web app mirrors: - - - (insecure, no subdomain isolation) CLI client: - https://git
tengjuilin tengjuilin / video-notes HTML Notes and slides created for video of STEM concept walkthroughs. Topics include surface and colloid science, chemical reaction engineering, process dynamics and control, and process design. v1.0.0 Release for Zenodo DOI.
chonton chonton / license-maven-plugin Java Maven plugin to check dependencies' licenses for compliance 0.0.3 **Full Changelog**:
teddius teddius / sipclients3 no-lang Command line SIP clients based SIP SIMPLE SDK 2.0.0
mwaqar666 mwaqar666 / iocc TypeScript Simple dependency injection library for Typescript 2.1.1 Updated keywords in package.json
akshnova akshnova / thermostat C++ application to simulate thermostat v1.0 Note: This is a Linux executable.
bnaydenov bnaydenov / ssmbrowse Go Simple and elegant AWS SSM parameter browser for console. v0.2.2 ## Changelog * 41b3689 0.2.2 - Fix cgo enabled (#6)
teddius teddius / python3-sipsimple Python SIP SIMPLE SDK written in Python 2.0.0
tengjuilin tengjuilin / equation-sheets HTML Equation sheets of STEM courses at the University of Washington (UW). Topics include chemistry, physics, calculus, applied mathematics, and chemical engineering. v1.0.0 Release for Zenodo DOI.
tengjuilin tengjuilin / course-notes no-lang Course notes of STEM courses at the University of Washington (UW). Topics include chemical engineering, chemistry, and applied mathematics. v1.0.0 Release for Zenodo DOI.
tengjuilin tengjuilin / intro-sci-computing Jupyter Notebook UW AMATH 301. Scientific computing and numerical methods for physical, biological, and engineering problems. Topics include root-finding, optimization, curve fitting, solving linear systems, singular value decomposition (SVD, PCA), numerical differentiation and integration, solving first-order and higher order ODEs, stability and stiffness of ODEs, phase portraits, chaotic systems, and Fourier transform. v1.0.0 Release for Zenodo DOI.
tengjuilin tengjuilin / cheme-sci-computing Jupyter Notebook UW CHEME 375 and applications in CHEME 310, 326. Chemical engineering scientific computing and numerical methods. Topics include curve fitting, balancing chemical equations, solving VLE problems, plotting VLE x/y and Txy diagrams, determining Antoine's coefficients, chemical kinetics, and time-dependent and -independent heat transfer. v1.0.0 Release for Zenodo DOI.
KenanHanke KenanHanke / website-checker Kotlin A native Android app for website maintainers that periodically checks if specified websites are down v1.0.0
github-actions[bot] artikus11 / art-elements PHP Light-версия Elements от Kadence Pro 1.0.0
JLopes2021 JLopes2021 / portfolio- JavaScript Esse será um pequeno site para acesso de meus trabalhos atuais 1.01 Versão 1 - O site está em funcionamento com os conteúdos básicos
github-actions[bot] qojulia / WaveguideQED.jl Julia Library for simulating time binned photons in Waveguide Quantum Electrodynamics v0.2.0 ## WaveguideQED v0.2.0 **Closed issues:** - Authorship and license (#1) - overly specific type signatures (#2) - Basis type (#3) - some allocations in `timestep!` (#4) - a few explicit calls to `co
github-actions[bot] mikestopcontinues / supabase-js-sans-realtime TypeScript [SANS REALTIME] An isomorphic Javascript client for Supabase. v1.0.0 # 1.0.0 (2023-06-03) ### Bug Fixes * [#153]( add src to distribution ([22e8468](
goenning aptabase / aptabase-js TypeScript JavaScript SDK for Aptabase: Open Source, Privacy-First and Simple Analytics for Mobile, Desktop and Web Apps 0.1.3 Add automatic session timeout after 1 hour of inactivity
netskillzgh netskillzgh / Rollo-Unity C# C# client for unity 0.1.1
bijaykumarpun bijaykumarpun / JavaScript Personal Blog created using Jekyll & al-folio theme v1.3.0 - Add feature to add certification
FabioBatSilva FabioBatSilva / ArduinoFake C++ Arduino mocking made easy 0.4.0 ## What's Changed * Add missing Wire.h header for WireFake.h by @M4a1x in * Create LICENSE by @FabioBatSilva in
KumarJayanti KumarJayanti / vasisbeats C++ vasis beats app Release1.0 A tag for the current version of code in public appstore release.
grandizzy ajna-finance / ajna-core Solidity Ajna Protocol core contracts v0.10.0-rc5 ## v0.10.0 Release Candidate 5 ### Audit fixes #### **PROTOTECH** - **PROTOTECH-12** (Pool): cap deposit fee rate at 10% (
AndyBarcia AndyBarcia / stock-bar Java Aplicación nativa de Android para gestión de inventario, con sincronización automática utilizando Firebase Database v1.2.0
jinshulumengchuang jinshulumengchuang / ZmediaAll Batchfile Compress videos,musics,images with very small quality lose by recode them to AV1 and Opus formart. 0.9
scastria scastria / terraform-provider-konnect Go Kong Konnect Terraform provider v0.1.0
2897087026 2897087026 / BurpToXray Java Java 实现的将 Burp 流量异步转发到 Xray 的 Burp 插件 v0.2
rahulkj rahulkj / app-info Go App Information cf plugin v2.0.0 Provides a better means to capture all the required information from the TAS environment in CSV, JSON or YAML (Application Manifests).
zuo CERT-Polska / n6 Python Automated handling of data feeds for security teams v4.0.0 **This release is a big milestone.** Among others: - the *n6 Portal* gained support for OpenID-Connect-based *single sign-on* (SSO) authentication; - the *n6 Stream API* (STOMP-based) now
dawhite dawhite / MCTK IDL The MODIS Conversion Toolkit plugin for ENVI v2.1.12 Added support for MCD18A2; Improved handling of dataset scale and offset values that are out of compliance with the HDF standard.
EsyArda EsyArda / ChatNotif Lua A simple LOTRO plugin to display chat messages. 1.5.0 - Updated links to the GitHub repository - Updated planned features in the README - Removed the startup message and replaced it with an label in the options panel - Added an option to save and load
Ch3shireDev Ch3shireDev / Hirundo Java Program do wybierania z bazy danych rekordów zdarzeń schwytania ptaków w czasie migracji. 1.0.1
rensjaspers rensjaspers / ngx-load-with TypeScript Angular directive that simplifies the process of displaying loading and error states for asynchronous operations. 1.0.7 ## What's Changed * docs: Update comments in NgxLoadWithDirective by @rensjaspers in **Full Changelog**:
ianozie IOA23 / Paypal Java Paypalrepo paypal-v1.0.2 second release
Kynoq Kynoq / NautilusSentry Java A player feedback management plugin that allows staff members to leave feedback associated with each player, making it easier to track and communicate within staff. 1.19.4 First release
mfdeveloper mfdeveloper / UnityAccessibilityPlugin no-lang The UI Accessibility Plugin (UAP) allows you to make your UI accessible to blind and visually impaired players on Windows, Android, iOS, Mac and WebGL. 0.0.1-unity-localization Created a new package as a "_monorepo_" strategy, with the changes below: - `UnityLocalizationStrategy` that implements `LocalizationStrategy` from **com.metalpopgames.uiaccessibility**.
dzuypadora92 dzuypadora92 / YT-Pre-Lite-v1 Java YT-Pre-Lite: Block ADS,Playbackground.....! v18.22.35 <img src="" alt="2280" width="1080" /> 📢 YT-PREMIUM LITE
zgornel zgornel / Caching.jl Julia Memoization mechanism v0.2.1

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