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MicheleCioccarelli MicheleCioccarelli / Dama C++ FTW against nonno v1.2 Now you can play a hopefully bugless dama game between 2 people Included is an Ubuntu 21.04 executable
github-actions[bot] MumetNgoding / itlwm C Intel Wi-Fi Drivers for macOS v2.2.0-alpha ### Disclaimer: ***This alpha version is for testing only.*** It is not ready for daily use and we do not guarantee its usability. If you discovered an issue and you do not have debugging skills, plea
Sid220 Sid220 / Accent-Copier HTML The days of remembering long ALT codes are over with Accent Copier. Copy Anything. v2.0 Accent Copier 2.0 ### It's BIG, it's BOLD, it's Accent Copier v2.0 ## Install ### Regular People Way: 1. Via Chrome Web Store (Chrome/Chromium): [
tcbegley facultyai / dash-bootstrap-components JavaScript Bootstrap components for Plotly Dash 1.0.3 This is a patch release that fixes a few bugs. Please continue to report any bugs on our [issue tracker](! ### Fixed - Set `cursor:
github-actions[bot] kartoza / charts Smarty Kartoza Helm charts for Kubernetes common-1.1.0 Common library for ops
kodless kodless / leek TypeScript Celery Tasks Monitoring Tool 0.5.4 ## What's Changed * Bulk Filtered Tasks Retry by @kodless in **Full Changelog**:
github-actions[bot] longanw / itlwm C Intel Wi-Fi Drivers for macOS v2.2.0-alpha ### Disclaimer: ***This alpha version is for testing only.*** It is not ready for daily use and we do not guarantee its usability. If you discovered an issue and you do not have debugging skills, plea
github-actions[bot] madlib-lang / madmarkdown-parser no-lang Markdown parser for madlib v0.0.3
github-actions[bot] nodegui / nodegui C++ A library for building cross-platform native desktop applications with Node.js and CSS 🚀. React NodeGui : and Vue NodeGui: v0.0.0-latest-master Latest auto release corresponding to commit 9f9e61289bd9ef334e9f0263758fdc594d1c3beb 🔥. To install do: `yarn install
ryanbrandt ryanbrandt / react-testing-utils TypeScript Common test utilities for React/RTL/Jest v0.2.0 Initial public release to NPM - `JestUtilities` for TS mock assertions - `MockFunctionComponentWrapper` for easier function component mocking/assertions - `MockClassComponentWrapper` for easier c
NarpyNarwhal NarpyNarwhal / components no-lang Component infrastructure and Material Design components for Angular 12.2.9
seanpm2001 seanpm2001 / SeansLifeArchive_Images_ThePlayForge_Tree-World_2022_V4 Elm The module for my life story project that contains my images of gameplay of the mobile game Tree World. This is volume 4, spanning from 2022 April 1st to 2022 April 30th. M5V1.0A *** # Milestone 5 Version 1.0A - 2022 May 18th ## M5V1.0A ### About This is the first release for my volume 4 Tree World image repository. It is coming over half a month late (on 2022, W
Limbocan Limbocan / cyanery-menu TypeScript vue menu component v1.0.0 v1.0.0
330132662 BusinessTask / FileSafety JavaScript 文件保险箱 v1.0.0 客户提供的版本 v1.0.0
RuurdBijlsma RuurdBijlsma / tm-alternative-actionkeys AngelScript Plugin to demonstrate an alternative way of doing action keys 0.1.0 install instructions: 1. Install vjoy 2. Put the .op file in C:/Users/Name/OpenplanetNext/Plugins 3. restart game, or load the pl
samkenxstream samkenxstream / turnkey-triumph-326606_javascript-algorithms no-lang 📝 Algorithms and data structures implemented in JavaScript with explanations and links to further readings v1.1.1
TJM TJM / yaml-updater no-lang Yaml configuration merge tool v1.4.1-2 Test Release - 2
github-actions[bot] afresh-technologies / terraform-provider-onepassword Go Terraform provider for 1Password v1.0.0
carloschininin carloschininin / api-search-person PHP Api search person in reniec and sunat 0.0.2
github-actions[bot] Wes0617 / SecuroSurf Python A GTA Online PC Firewall. v0.0.5
groundnuty groundnuty / k8s-wait-for Shell A simple script that allows to wait for a k8s service, job or pods to enter a desired state v1.6 When your small bash script docker container gets a pull request featuring arm support and people start complaining on docker hub limits, you start to realize that someone really uses it in the world!
RaphaelO-Melo RaphaelO-Melo / Alura-Studies TypeScript Project to study React with Typescript v1.0 This version was obtained after completing the "Intro to React with Typescript" course.
iTanken iTanken / go-figure Go Prints ASCII art from text. v0.0.1
simon300000 dd-center / DDatHome-nodejs JavaScript DD@Home in nodejs v1.10.0
TopiSenpai disgoorg / disgo-butler Go Disgo Server Help & Utility Bot v2.0.0 **Full Changelog**:
pelikhan pelikhan / pxt-bluesio TypeScript A MakeCode project v0.0.1
zhengmz zhengmz / delete-workflow-runs no-lang An action to delete workflow runs in a repository. v2.0.2 add new input `delete_workflow_pattern` to filter workflows
RealTaCo201 RealTaCo201 / Dynamic-Lights-For-Minecraft mcfunction Dynamic lights for Minecraft 1.18.2 V0.8-beta This is the beginning
github-actions[bot] igordanchenko / yet-another-react-lightbox TypeScript Modern lightbox component for React v1.0.0 # 1.0.0 (2022-05-19) ### Features * initial release ([9a5683c](
ijzm ijzm / RespriteHero C# A Backpack Hero mod for easily changing the game's textures 0.1.0 Initial Release
etremblay kronostechnologies / oauth2-microsoft-graph PHP Microsoft Graph OAuth2 provider for league/oauth2-client v0.3.0 ## What's Changed * Update dependencies by @etremblay in ## New Contributors * @etremblay made their first contribution in
jadarve jadarve / rules_lua Starlark Bazel rules for the Lua programming language v0.0.1 Available targets: * Interpreter: `@rules_lua//toolchains:lua` * Lua compiler: `@rules_lua//toolchains:luac` * Lua C library: `@rules_lua//cc:lua_cc_library`
RJDennis RJDennis / ChebyshevApprox.jl Julia Julia code to approximate continuous functions using Chebyshev polynomials v0.1.15
Kartstig Kartstig / sqlalchemy_ext Python Extensions to the SQLAlchemy ORM 0.1.1 - First release
github-actions[bot] voltbuilder / openssl-wasm Shell OpenSSL compiled for WASM v1.1.1o
runeb runeb / sanity-plugin-save-revision TypeScript A plugin for saving named document revisions like save games and later restoring from them 1.0.0 First release. See README
github-actions[bot] PepperDash / epi-lighting-denton-cor-tap PowerShell Plugin for Denton-Cor-Tap 0.0.1-alpha-14
vlopes11 FuelLabs / fuel-storage Rust Storage traits for Fuel storage-backed data structures. v0.2.0 ## What's Changed * Remove cargo git fetch from CI by @adlerjohn in * added auto_impl by @rakita in
jvandres247 jvandres247 / javc-product-card TypeScript Proyecto de npm de pruebas de react 0.0.2
beeth0ven LoveCommunity / disposal.dart Dart Disposable interfaces used for managing resource disposal. 0.1.0-alpha.1 * add `Disposablle` * add `SingleAssignmentDisposable`
meftunca meftunca / reflex TypeScript Reflex-ui v0.2.8 **Full Changelog**:
Volday Volday / gitextensions no-lang Git Extensions is a standalone UI tool for managing git repositories. It also integrates with Windows Explorer and Microsoft Visual Studio (2015/2017/2019). v3.5.4.1 Megame version of GitExtensions v3.5.4 with "Reset And Retry" option for merge processes
Fr0st3h Fr0st3h / Puffco-Firmware-Tool Python A tool that lets you install Firmwares W and X to your Puffco. v1.3 - Increased upload sleep (Uploads slower for more success)
faiare faiare / react-native-can-make-payments Java Simply iOS SKPaymentQueue.canMakePayments API Library. v0.0.2 ## 0.0.2 (2022-05-19)
CarsonBurke CarsonBurke / The-International-Screeps-Bot TypeScript An automated bot for the coding game 2.0.0 ## Intro ### Collaborators **Pieter Brandsen** has joined me to work on this project! ### Media ![image](
ktmitton ktmitton / azure-devops-feature-flag-manager TypeScript An extension used to manage feature flags through azure devops 1.0.181
nursyah21 nursyah21 / BetterSleep Java make your sleep better v0.0.1-alpha tested application
Jam-R-ri Jam-R-ri / jams-tools no-lang [To run it extract the zip file and run tools.exe] Jam tools combines some of my tools into one program v1.1 **To run it extract the zip file and run tools.exe** added a check for updates and a version number as well as a title
3dgiordano Blazemeter / CitrixPlugin Java A repository for the Citrix Plugin for JMeter 0.7.5 Release 0.7.5 **Enhancements:** * New configuration GUI in Citrix Recorder * New Template structure, with improvements in the initial configuration * New popup oriented GUI always visible at t
github-actions[bot] sacloud / webaccel-api-go Go Go言語向け ウェブアクセラレータ APIライブラリ v1.0.0 ## Changelog * 55dc00b v1.0 * d9d9445 docs: クライアントコードの例 (#7) * 90398c3 iaas-api-goからの移植 (#5) * d34db1a 初期プロジェクト構造 (#3) * d3bded7 first commit
github-actions[bot] opencb / jsorolla JavaScript JSorolla is a JavaScript Library for biological and genomic data visualization v2.2.1 ## What's Changed * Issue 461 by @antonioaltamura in * Issue 463 by @antonioaltamura in * TASK-608 - Fix js
ylinyang ylinyang / kubectl-x Go Show the relationship between deployment server and ingress v0.0.1 ## Changelog * 4411265 1 * e8e28b5 1 * 2fb8a1b 1 * d97c205 add goreleaser * 6044e78 add hx.yaml * 758f165 init
madetunj stjude / SICER2 Python sicer2 1.1.1 temp
VarasMD VarasMD / angular-adv-adminpro JavaScript Repositorio de curso de Angular de Udemy V1.0.0 #Template listo *Rutas *Angular implementado *Rutas hijas
github-actions[bot] biggyspender / ts-immutable-edit TypeScript Created with StackBlitz ⚡️ v1.0.1 ## [1.0.1]( (2022-05-19) ### Bug Fixes * spurious change to trigger CI ([f36ecb1](
someguy9 MightyShare / mightyshare-wordpress-plugin PHP Official MightyShare WordPress plugin v1.0.0 Initial release
samkenxstream samkenxstream / turnkey-triumph-326606_bootstrap-icons no-lang Official open source SVG icon library for Bootstrap. v2.0.0
jdiverp UWIT-IAM / uw-saml-python Python uw-saml python package for UW-specific SAML operations. 1.1.2 Cascadia IdP requires cert rotation every year. Replaced cert. Removed IdP classes (servers) we no longer use.
samkenxstream samkenxstream / turnkey-triumph-326606_bootstrap-release no-lang Bootstrap Release Working Group v6.0.0
HazzyGG HazzyGG / ThunderPacker no-lang Automated manifest, readme, and mod packer for Thunderstore. v1.0.0 Very basic release. The program includes a way to move your mods, make and edit a readme file and make and edit a manifest file, all within a console application. ![Packer-removebg-preview](https://u
minjs1cn minjs1cn / eslint-config JavaScript ESLint Config v0.0.10 body_v0.0.10
Alligator023 Alligator023 / VEX-Robotics-Competition-Scoring-Program Java A Java project deisgned to auto-score VEX Robotics Competition matches from Tipping Point onwards. v0.1.0-alpha This is my first release of the code. Let's get to testing!
mirfeder oslabs-beta / Jugglr TypeScript Jugglr is a test data management tool that enables reliable testing with a Docker containerized database v1.0
github-actions[bot] functionless / projen TypeScript Projen template for building Functionless applications v0.0.1 ### 0.0.1 (2022-05-19) ### Features * create FunctionlessProject and Functionless Component for existing applications ([49493cc](
mward-sudo mward-sudo / better-switch-deno TypeScript A simple alternative to the switch statement for matching strings and returning values v1.0.0 **Full Changelog**:
manerajona alkemyTech / OT210-server Java ONG java v0.1-rc0 **Full Changelog**:
samkenxstream samkenxstream / turnkey-triumph-326606_bootstrap no-lang The most popular HTML, CSS, and JavaScript framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web. v6.0.0
ABigPickle ABigPickle / RavenM C# The RavenM Multiplayer Mod 0.0.2 Changelog: - Fixed the bugs from 0.0.1. - The driver now controls vehicle health. - Fixed bug where you would get stuck in menu when pressing "custom maps". - Added 3D markers (press the
seizu seizu / IMDB-DVBViewer-EventGhost-Script Python EventGhost Python script for DVBViewer plugin. Attempts to determine the IMDB rating of the EPG title. v1.1.4
baigal628 baigal628 / MAESTRO C Single-cell Transcriptome and Regulome Analysis Pipeline v1.5.9 test release v1.5.9: Update package dependencies.
Kyria Kyria / LazyBlacksmith JavaScript EVE Online Industry app written in python (flask) for backend, html / css / js for frontend 1.0.6 - Add table sorter in almost all tables in the app (#105 @EmInterference) - Fix SDE import from latest change (#105 @EmInterference) - Fix some ESI operations to avoid deprecated warning - Fix sm
AnthonyChablov AnthonyChablov / Chuck-Norris-Jokes-Web-App-UI CSS A Chuck Norris Joke web application user interface that fetches jokes asynchronously using AJAX to make HTTP requests to an external API and displays it in the DOM. Made with Vanilla JS and CSS. 1.01 Draft Version 1: A finalized version with new animations for buttons and elements inserted into the DOM when making http requests via ajax. Added new functionality and styling.
khalwat nystudio107 / schemagen PHP Generates PHP models representing JSON-LD types 1.0.0 ### Added * Initial release
saladavid0110 saladavid0110 / JavaScript Servidor basico de sockets con Express v1.0.0 ### Notas Servidor de sockets configurado sin lógica de negocio
ErikPshat ErikPshat / PS3DumpChecker C# A PS3 NOR/NAND Dump Checker/Verifier 1.0.502 ## Changes * Изменено: Патч CoreOS 4.88 заменено на 4.89 от Evilnat 4.89. * Добавлено: OFW и Патченные 4.89 ROS хэши. * Улучшено нескол
kaboussi kaboussi / stream-cli Python 🎥 Stream your favorite movie from the terminal! 0.2
qwweerdf qwweerdf / Visa-Slot-Checker Python US Visa Slot Alert in UK 英国美签slot查询 v1.0 v1.0
thisisaaronland aaronland / go-http-rewrite Go Go package for creating net/http middleware handlers to alter the contents of other (net/http) handlers. v1.0.0 * Bump to v1.0.0 * Improved docs * Improved tests
MoAlyousef MoAlyousef / sysinfo-gui Rust A lightweight cross-platform system-monitoring fltk gui application based on sysinfo 0.1.10 - Add mount point to disk info. - Fix kill process in light mode. - Update shape of HalfDial.
PabloBotOfficial PabloBotOfficial / PabloBot no-lang PabloBotRewritten - The universal bot that does it all! 1.5 **ALL PLUGINS WILL BREAK, YOU MUST UPDATE TO ACCOMODATE NEW API VERSION AND METHODS** Things Included In This Update: - Add Update Checker Hourly Option in Configuration - Remove Update Checker
angrypin angrypin / trepel PHP Peduli Diri trepel-v3.0
github-actions[bot] apache / camel-k Go Apache Camel K is a lightweight integration platform, born on Kubernetes, with serverless superpowers 1.10.0-nightly Apache Camel K 1.10.0-nightly build for testing (unstable). This nightly release is using an **unsupported** operator image published as `` To test it, dow
chendelin1982 Websoft9 / docker-alfresco Shell Docker Compose to deploy Alfresco-community in production V7.2.0-1 ## Release Alfresco 2022-05-19 #4 #2 #1
hosseinmoghani hosseinmoghani / hm-shop HTML This is an online shop project with React. v1.3.1
wzalazar wzalazar / algorithms JavaScript Algorithms v1.0.0 # 1.0.0 (2022-05-18) ### Features * Two number sum ([#1]( ([472e71a](
Kerney666 todxx / teamredminer no-lang AMD GPU Optimized Cryptocurrency Miner v0.10.0 ### Team Red Miner v0.10.0 ### **R-mode public release bringing significant efficiency improvements on a range of AMD GPUs!** Please read the Ethash R-mode tuning guide for more information and bef
github-actions[bot] microwalk-project / Microwalk C# A microarchitectural leakage detection framework using dynamic instrumentation. v3.0.0 ### Running Microwalk ``` unzip -d Microwalk dotnet Microwalk/Microwalk.dll <configuration file> ``` ### Running Pin ``` pin -t -o /path/to/output/file --
DoctorSoup143 DoctorSoup143 / The-Tarkov-Handbook HTML The most official-unofficial all in one guide for Escape From Tarkov. Built for your second monitor. v1.0.1 ### Changes - Fixed <head> description issues. - Changed link of code icon on the home page. - Spelling and grammar fixes. - General fixes and improvements. - Fixed some padding issues on p
Thinato Thinato / pygame-typing Python A typing game made with pygame 1.0 Quaisquer problemas com o código, reporte na página [issues](
ibarrond ibarrond / Pyfhel Cython PYthon For Homomorphic Encryption Libraries, perform encrypted computations such as sum, mult, scalar product or matrix multiplication in Python, with NumPy compatibility. Uses SEAL/PALISADE as backends, implemented using Cython. v2.3.1 Last version of Pyfhel v2
DennisFDD DennisFDD / paytester1 HCL Paytester version 1 v1.0.0 Paytester v1
snorrsi GameWorkstore / no-lang Wrapper over original package distribution. This repository replicates the licence terms of his original distribution location. For more information check and 8.10.1
snorrsi GameWorkstore / no-lang Wrapper over original package distribution. This repository replicates the licence terms of his original distribution location. For more information check and 8.10.1
snorrsi GameWorkstore / no-lang Wrapper over original package distribution. This repository replicates the licence terms of his original distribution location. For more information check and 8.10.1
github-actions[bot] myhelix / multi-convention-namer TypeScript Do you suffer from multiple naming convention sclerosis? Let namer help you with that. v0.1.12 ### [0.1.12]( (2022-05-18) ### Bug Fixes * use a more robust type guard ([#18](
hertyxyz hertyxyz / afetch C Fork of afetch to use fish emojis... You know, because that's important 🐟 2.2.0-fish Use at your own risk, I'm not a C programmer :) Something is a little `fish`-y 🐟
jjlock jjlock / bank Go A simple bank web app. v1.0
DJ0002 DJ0002 / AbilityStoneCalculator C++ A GUI Calculator for making optimal decisions for Ability Stones in the game Lost Ark v1.0 [Ability Stone Calculator Windows 64](
snorrsi GameWorkstore / no-lang Wrapper over original package distribution. This repository replicates the licence terms of his original distribution location. For more information check and 8.10.1
skydiver skydiver / nextjs-semantic JavaScript Next.js + Fomantic-UI + Styled Components 6.0.0
elementaryBot elementary / switchboard-plug-security-privacy Vala Switchboard Security & Privacy Plug 2.4.0 <p>New features:</p> <ul> <li>Option to forbid new USB devices while locked</li> </ul> <p>Minor updates:</p> <ul> <li>Translation updates<
snorrsi GameWorkstore / no-lang Wrapper over original package distribution. This repository replicates the licence terms of his original distribution location. For more information check and 8.10.1
rgonsalk-oracle rgonsalk-oracle / oracle_infinity_quickstart no-lang Quick Start for Oracle Infinity v0.1 Initial release allowing CX Tag Endpoint configuration.
pgmesa pgmesa-packages / upm_oct_dataset_utils Python Dataset utility package for UPM OCT/OCTA study (MS, NMO and RIS) v-1.0 [](
snorrsi GameWorkstore / no-lang Wrapper over original package distribution. This repository replicates the licence terms of his original distribution location. For more information check and 8.10.1
slamko slamko / sldm C Suckless Display Manager for X 1.0.1 ** First stable release: - Now using ncurses - Fixed show and list commands - Fixed user input errors printing
Lootyhoof Lootyhoof / phoenity-rebirth CSS Phoenity theme for Pale Moon v2.8.0 **Full Changelog**:
Lootyhoof Lootyhoof / pastmodern-revisited CSS Netscape Modern-style theme for Pale Moon v2.10.0 **Full Changelog**:
HectorSaldes ThePandaDevs / ExamenUnidad1-Hector Kotlin Examen para la materia de aplicaciones v1.0.0 We are gods
Lootyhoof Lootyhoof / noiamoon CSS Noia theme for Pale Moon v2.5.0 **Full Changelog**:
github-actions[bot] bradymholt / cRonstrue TypeScript JavaScript library that converts CRON expressions into human readable descriptions v2.7.0 ## Commits - 006b75e: Update publish.yml (Brady Holt) - c4aa7f0: Version 2.7.0 [build-skip] (bradymholt)
Cajun-data Cajun-data / nanoSPLITS HTML Github repository for nanoSPLITS manuscript data and R scripts v1.0 This is repository release corresponding to publication of the bioRxiv preprint on 05/18/22 (
nathanjstratusadv stratusadv / django-glue Python Django Backend to Frontend Tool v0.0.1 Pre Release
es3n1n es3n1n / ida-wakatime-py Python WakaTime integration for IDA Pro v1.0 - Release
ngrezzi ngrezzi / avengers no-lang Parte de mi curso de GIT + GitHUB v0.0.1 # Notas Proyecto inicializado
Soldy Soldy / levelrunnerrc JavaScript multi level task runner 0.0.2
github-actions[bot] broofa / runmd JavaScript Executable markdown files v1.3.4 ### [1.3.4]( (2022-05-18) ### Bug Fixes * use https for logo link ([0526806](
github-actions[bot] jsx-eslint / eslint-plugin-react JavaScript React-specific linting rules for ESLint v7.30.0 ### Added * [`destructuring-assignment`]: add option `destructureInSignature` ([#3235][] @golopot) * [`no-unknown-property`]: Allow crossOrigin on image tag (SVG) ([#3251][] @zpao) * [`jsx-tag-spacin
github-actions[bot] ndaba1 / cmder Rust A simple, lightweight and extensible command line argument parser for rust codebases v0.6.0
Snouzy Snouzy / cavamie Liquid (freelance) custom e-commerce website v1.0.0 This version include all the development and the setup in the shop (binding the collections, metafields, names....)
osholt osholt / kicad-test-plugin Python A simple test plugin for KiCad v0.0.4 This was auto-generated.
agudys refresh-bio / FAMSA C++ Algorithm for ultra-scale multiple sequence alignments (3M protein sequences in 5 minutes and 24 GB of RAM) v.2.0.1
3xKEsGJQsmEQLAfuMv9QikF8i9y7Bf1D6NjguXg 3xKEsGJQsmEQLAfuMv9QikF8i9y7Bf1D6NjguXg / spacious-start-menu C# application launcher v1.0.0.0
harig00 csdms-contrib / slepian_delta MATLAB Spatiospectral localization of data from the GRACE mission using Slepian functions v1.2.1 I am making some changes to the IO of core functions GRACE2PLMT.m and GRACE2SLEPT.m to handle more available products. These changes will likely break some existing scripts, however they should be eas
TaiAurori revoltchat / rvmob JavaScript (Community-led Project) React Native Revolt client. v0.5.0 - fix them permission problems - update app to look closer to desktop revolt - probably other stuff i forgot
Danejw DominiqueTV / MentalHealthGameJam no-lang Name to be decided later! v0.1.0 Here's a packaged and branded release of Fireside A Social Virtual Campfire!
ph-il ph-il / PhilMoneyBundle PHP This bundle is used to integrate the Money library from mathiasverraes ( into a Symfony 6 project. This library is based on Fowler's Money pattern ( v6.0.0 Update to PHP 8.1 and Symfony 6.0
kevinccbsg BRIKEV / express-jsdoc-swagger JavaScript Swagger OpenAPI 3.x generator v1.6.8 This release contains: ## Bugfixes - chore(deps): Bump async from 2.6.3 to 2.6.4 in /examples (#217) - fix: examples security updates ## Codeclimate - None ## Features - Add support for n
codemonkey-jack codemonkey-jack / gutenberg-forms-mailpoet PHP MailPoet add-on for Gutenberg Forms 2.1.1 - WordPress 5.9 compatibility - GitHub action for deploy
fosskers fosskers / totp-lite Rust A simple, correct TOTP library. v1.1.0 #### Changed - Bump cryptography dependencies. This technically alters the user-facing API, but not in way that should affect anyone since it only added a few extra trait contraints.
github-actions[bot] wayofdev / ansible-role-tpl Makefile Ansible template for wayofdev roles. v2.1.0 ## [2.1.0]( (2022-05-18) ### Miscellaneous Chores * release 2.0.0 ([a0168c3](
whmoorejr whmoorejr / My-People Python This is a state only plugin that his human-centric for organizing people data 2.0.02 Added logging menu under plugin config.
ao-apps ao-apps / semanticcms-core-theme-base Java Base SemanticCMS theme to simplify the implementation of other themes. semanticcms-core-theme-base-1.6.1 ## Release Links * [Release Notes]( * [Maven Central Repository](
github-actions[bot] awchisholm / superset TypeScript Apache Superset is a Data Visualization and Data Exploration Platform superset-helm-chart-0.6.1 Apache Superset is a modern, enterprise-ready business intelligence web application
typhonrt typhonjs-fvtt-lib / svelte-standard Svelte Provides a standard Svelte component library for the TyphonJS Runtime Library. 0.0.0 ## Release 0.0.0 - Initial alpha release - Initial support for add on Svelte components and resources.
github-actions[bot] SAP / guided-answers-extension TypeScript Enable community collaboration to jointly promote, develop and consume a VSCode extension which provides a simple interactive way to show the developers how to troubleshoot issues, navigate processes and guide through tasks via the content published to SAP's Guided Answers ( sap-guided-answers-extension@0.0.3 # sap-guided-answer-extension ## 0.0.3 ### Patch Changes - 724622d: Fixed extension name and visibility (now private: false), remove unused scripts, documentation update with developer guide for
striezel striezel / thermos C++ Tools to get thermal sensor data of a system. v0.5.1 __Changes since 0.5.0:__ On Linux systems, the information about thermal readings does now contain values from both `/sys/devices/virtual/thermal` and `/sys/class/hwmon`, not just one of them. _
molikuner molikuner / sqldelight-simple-jvm-driver Kotlin a simple wrapper around the driver implementation for the jvm to simplify the usage of migrations etc. 1.5.3 Update SQLDelight to 1.5.3 Removed Bintray/JCenter Added tests Added downgradeHandler
msiegenthaler linkyard / hasura-metric-adapter no-lang Prometheus adapter for metrics from hasura v0.2.0-pre1 **Full Changelog**:
github-actions[bot] insomnimus / plmidi Rust A command line MIDI player, written in rust. v0.10.0 ## [v0.10.0]( (2022-05-19) ### Bug Fixes * added the missing -t --transpose flag and updated dependencies
Darkw1nged Darkw1nged / Peligon-Plugins Java A group of plugins to help server owners. PeligonEconomyV1.1 ### **Changelog** ProtocolLib is no longer a dependency, If not installed specifically withdraw/deposit won't work. Added a death penalty Added Daily Item Added Sell GUI
devpelux devpelux / vault C# Portable wpf password manager open source and completely offline. 1.0.0-pre.1 First pre-release.
Henryws rollingrhinoremix / rhino-deinst Shell Desktop Environment Installer 1.0.0 ## What's Changed * add: `ubuntu-unity-desktop` by @X4X5 in * add: Sway WM and Unity Tweak Tool by @X4X5 in
giansalex giansalex / keplr-extension TypeScript Keplr is a browser extension wallet for the Inter blockchain ecosystem. v0.10.2-gno
P-Philipp P-Philipp / ClutchDMA Python ClutchDMA Master Repo ClutchDMAv2.06 - Added Autoupdate and Autodownload - Removed special squirrel flash selector as both are the same pid and lambda just bamboozled us.
gary261863 gary261863 / curso-node-restserver JavaScript Curso de Node - Rest Server Básico v1.0.0 # RestServer + WebServer Configuraciones iniciales listas
xificurk nepada / file-upload-control PHP File upload control for Nette forms: multi-file AJAX upload via blueimp-file-upload, Bootstrap 4 template. v1.3.0 - Explicitly restrict maximum supported PHP version in composer.json - Latte 3.x compatibility
BobDotCom Pycord-Development / pycord Python Pycord, a maintained fork of, is a python wrapper for the Discord API v1.7.3 **Full Changelog**:
I5UCC I5UCC / Mousemeeter AutoHotkey A relatively simple Autohotkey script binding the side buttons of your mouse to do Voicemeeter Potato commands. v1.3 Optimized script and added Voicemeeter fix
Pixelguru26 Pixelguru26 / Java-Turtle Java A turtle implementation for Java. v0.1 Initial functioning release of Turtle. Documentation is included as javadoc comments for now.
r-bin r-bin / everscript Python Compiler for SNES scripts (Secret of Evermore) release/v1.0.0 - `everscript` executable - Basic keywords: - `#memory()`, `#import()` - `fun`, `enum` - `if`, `while` - `=`, `+`, `==`, etc. - Examples: - `hello_world.evs` - Makes the first gourd t
mathieukaelin monolithicpower / MagVector-Arduino-Library C++ Arduino library for the MPS MagVector 3D magnetic sensor. 1.0.0 Initial Version
sgillies planetlabs / planet-client-python Python Python client for Planet APIs 1.4.10 - Fix: restore compatibility with click versions >= 8.1.0. - Fix: handle FeedSource array in analytics API.
rmjarvis LSSTDESC / Coord Python A Python module for handling angles and celestial coordinates. Documentation: v1.2.3 Documentation: Changelog:
mertz1999 mertz1999 / OpenTrade Python Open-Trade: Algo-Trading python with implementation some strategy (Classic and AI) v1.0.0 This Is Fist release of OpenTrade library
mdmathias mdmathias / GoogleSignIn-iOS no-lang Enables iOS apps to sign in with Google. 6.2.0
github-actions[bot] dental-intel / clearent-api-transactions PHP 0.3 This release tracks the latest 0.3 minor release (0.3.x).
jporter-dev jporter-dev / nestjs-opensearch TypeScript NestJS Opensearch module based on the @nestjs/elasticsearch and @opensearch-project/opensearch-js packages v1.0.0 # 1.0.0 (2022-05-18) ### Bug Fixes * add files key to package.json ([8e2189f]( * add missing deps (
github-actions[bot] dental-intel / clearent-api-integrations PHP 0.3 This release tracks the latest 0.3 minor release (0.3.x).
chz160 chz160 / 2browsers1bus TypeScript A simple browser window service bus 1.0.2
morellexf26 morellexf26 / electron-tuto JavaScript ⚛️ The electron version of tuto is here. Start creating your macOS and Windows apps right now! v0.0.1 ## ⚙️ Configurations - Added Electron v18.x dependency.
Shivix Shivix / prefix Rust A CLI pretty printer for FIX messages v1.0.1 ## What's Changed * 1.0.1: Add more translations to value option by @Shivix in **Full Changelog**:
gershnik gershnik / SimpleJNI C++ A powerful lighweight C++ wrapper for JNI 3.6 Refresh update. * GCC 12 compiler is now supported * Samples updated with latest Android/Kotlin/Gradle dependencies
dsabdrashitov dsabdrashitov / lua-win-pipe C Lua wrapper for windows named pipes. v.1.0
github-actions[bot] gregorwolf / sap-support-message-reporting JavaScript SAP Support Message Reporting v1.0.0
the-argus the-argus / rpmc-config Python modpack configuration for me and my friends v0.0.2-alpha Updated ZAWA mostly, polished some configurations. Should be compatible with previous version but maybe I broke something idk
ecmatthee ecmatthee / rillo Rust Rillo is library to simplify the building of TUI's. v0.3.0 **Full Changelog**:
zmvictor zmvictor / frameworkcontroller no-lang General-Purpose Kubernetes Pod Controller v1.0.1
enriqueedelberto enriqueedelberto / poc-ngrx-effects TypeScript POC to test Ngrx effects. v0.1.0 This is the base app without ngrx Effects.
ppaulis baywa-re-lusy / file-storage PHP BayWa r.e. File Storage Tools 1.0.0 **Full Changelog**:
bcoe googleapis / nodejs-phishing-protection TypeScript Node.js client for Phishing Protection: Protect your users from phishing sites. v3.0.0 ## [3.0.0]( (2022-05-17) ### ⚠ BREAKING CHANGES * update library to use Node 12 (#386) ### Build System * update
TheMatjaz TheMatjaz / HazelnetConfig Python Generate Hazelnet configurations from a JSON file v1.0.0
Karthz appfolio / react-native-upload Objective-C Upload files in your React Native app even while it's backgrounded. Supports Android and iOS, including camera roll assets. v6.7.0 # [6.7.0]( (2022-05-18) ### Features * **core:** prepare to publish ([2091fda](
bopoh13 lugovoe / Cube3Editor no-lang Editor for CUBE3 and CUBEPRO files v0.9.7436.36270 **Full Changelog**: [](
rcc11 rcc11 / 4chan-sounds-player JavaScript 4chan sounds player 3.4.9 __[Install 3.4.9]( - a3ca7aa62440762851c0e936f25adf221ebe2e6c Fixed looping single webm videos. - f478ee7d
thearchitector thearchitector / just-jobs Python A lightweight asynchronous Python job executor backed by Redis. v1.1.0 ### Changed - Replaced `aioredis` with asyncio `redis-py` and `hiredis`. - Replaced `pdoc3` with `pdoc`. ### Removed - Extraneous `anyio` dependency. - Support for Python <3.7.
PycmShoma PycmShoma / RemoveLastMagiskModule Shell TWRP script for uninstalling the last installed Magisk module 2.0 Sorting fixed
orfoja orfoja / vim-java-main Vim script Vim plugin to run Java main v1.0.0
github-actions[bot] neinteractiveliterature / larp_library TypeScript A site for hosting free-to-run larps v0.1.0 ## Changes - Update typescript-eslint monorepo to v5.25.0 @renovate (#877) - Update dependency @apollo/client to v3.6.4 @renovate (#876) - Update babel monorepo to v7.17.12 @renovate (#875) - Up
jos-broers jos-broers / nextjs-skeleton TypeScript A simple and highly customizable skeleton build with Turborepo and Next.js. Featuring ESLint, Husky, Preact, Prettier, Sass, TypeScript and much more! v1.0.8 ## What's Changed * Added `$schema` to `turbo.json` * Removed patches folder * Changed directory structure and file names * Remove .vscode directory * Add script for updating versions * Fix
matheusalano matheusalano / reviewer-lottery TypeScript Github action to automatically assign reviewers to Pull Requests v2.0.1 **Full Changelog**:
github-actions[bot] Gil-ER / KeyKeeper Lua WoW addon to track mythic+ keys for our group 1.0.10
pkramp pkramp / RandomParadox C++ A C++ random scenario and worldmap generator for Paradox Interactive Games, also useable as a maptool for total conversions v0.1.0 Very first release of the binaries. While scenario generation is still bland, it can already be useful as a map tool.
BryceEakin ButterflyNetwork / onnx-tf-patched-memory-leak Python Tensorflow Backend for ONNX GA-v0.2 Namespace refactor - no logic changes
nireeshT hygieia / api-audit JavaScript Hygieia API to perform audit checks and provide status along with evidence V3.7.14
sbidoul sbidoul / manifestoo-core Python A library to reason about Odoo addons manifests. v0.5.0
vladciocoiu vladciocoiu / ciorap-bot C++ UCI-compatible chess engine v0.1 First official release, with no bugs hopefully.
CFGrote PaNOSC-ViNYL / ViNYL-project no-lang This repository keeps track of tasks, milestones, deliverables of workpackage 5 in panosc. M5.3-D5.3 This release reflects the state of documentation at the point of release of Deliverable D5.3 and Milestone M5.3 of PaNOSC.
ismailemrecntz CankayaUniversity / ceng-407-408-2021-2022-Artificial-Intelligence-Based-Cockpit-Symbology-Identification-System no-lang Artificial Intelligence Based Cockpit Symbology Identification System v1.0 Final Product 1st Release
vitor-ciandt vitor-ciandt / material no-lang Material design for AngularJS v1.0.9
apcarp JeffersonLab / rfdashboard Java A web-based dashboard for CEBAF RF v1.9.0 The release includes the following changes. - Support for additional CryoModule CED ModuleTypes (C50T, F100, Booster, C75) - Ported to run on accelerator WildFly Java Application Servers - Switch
bbertolani bbertolani / switchOrchestrator Shell Bash commands to interact with Enfocus Switch v0.1.0-alpha
MattiasBuelens MattiasBuelens / wasm-streams Rust Bridging between web streams and Rust streams using WebAssembly v0.2.3 * Replaced `futures` dependency with `futures-util` to improve compilation times ([#11](, [#12](
VortrexFTW VortrexFTW / mod_bell C++ Simple terminal bell for GTA Connected 1.0
thisisaaronland whosonfirst / go-whosonfirst-properties Go Go package for working with Who's On First properties v1.0.0 * Bump to v1.0.0 * Improved tests * Improved docs * Add `-exclude` and `-alternate` flags to the `cmd/index` tool * Update vendor deps
Abhito Abhito / Checkers GDScript Checkers made for a college project. 1.0 Download zip that matches your operating system. Then extract and run. These versions support online functions.
Frityet Frityet / ManagedC C Reference counter garbage collection for C v1.3.1
SvenWesterlaken SvenWesterlaken / vue-wavify JavaScript 🌊 Animated wave component for Vue (using svg & javascript to animate it) - tested with Nuxt. v1.2.1 ## [1.2.1]( (2022-05-18) ### Bug Fixes - attrs: use seperated attributes to prevent style prop warning ([4a92362](https://gith
CharlesVu CharlesVu / ForecastIO Swift A Swift library for the Dark Sky API 10.0.0 Moved to await/async
deknowny deknowny / raliguard Rust Lazy rate limit semaphore implementation for your asynchronous code frequency execution v0.1.0 First release of lazy rate limit semaphore implementation for your asynchronous code frequency execution! Check out [docs]( for more information
danbleile washingtonstateuniversity / WSUWP-Content-Syndicate-People PHP A WordPress plugin to retrieve and display people from 1.2.9 [Add profile class](
lolPants lolPants / exit TypeScript Dead simple exit hooking v0.1.0 **Full Changelog**:
alexander-akait webpack-contrib / coffee-loader JavaScript CoffeeScript Loader v4.0.0 ## [4.0.0]( (2022-05-18) ### ⚠ BREAKING CHANGES * minimum supported `Node.js` version is `14.15.0`
Satzzyboi Satzzyboi / Update no-lang erg v1.2.1 Honeslty this is just for updates
jreimersjg Nuvalence / zxing Java ZXing ("Zebra Crossing") barcode scanning library for Java, Android v3.5.0 ## What's Changed * Fork zxing and publish to Artifact Registry by @jreimersjg in * chore: add git user by @jreimersjg in
github-actions[bot] contentmunch / muncher-ui TypeScript Muncher UI components 2.0.0
github-actions[bot] martinlindhe / opn Go `open` command to simulate the MacOS `open` command, targeting Windows 0.1.0 ## Changelog * 1f381c7 README: Linux note + convert to unix line endings * 33c290e Update * 93c1e08 Update * 6bba3ac add github workflows * 8d7e0d1 add go mod, rename to opn and ad
rkoval rkoval / alfred-aws-console-services-workflow Go A powerful workflow for quickly opening up AWS Console Services in your browser or searching for entities within them. v5.0.1 ## Changes User-facing - Fixed Elasticsearch/OpenSearch URL in AWS
jyotiphy pcdshub / lcls-plc-rixs-optics Batchfile Production PLC project for mirror systems MR1K1, MR1K2, and Mono and the SL1K2-EXIT v1.5.0 New Release with changes to libraries, ads-ioc version
TJM TJM / websockets-test Smarty Simple Websockets Test Helm Chart v1.0.0 This is for testing, but the version is 1.0.0, because it is basically just a helm chart for the existing project's code.
hyhyhykw hyhyhykw / html-text Java Android RichText 富文本解析器,支持网络图片,图片和链接点击事件 1.0.0
Elektroplayer Elektroplayer / rhythmbox-discord-rich-presence Python Плагин для Rhythmbox, который отображает вашу музыку в статусе Discord. 1.1.0 - Оптимизация; - Исправление недочётов; - Улучшение читаемости кода; - Изменение имени плагина; - Исправление
markmckinnon markmckinnon / lLeapp Python Linux Logs Events Application Program Parser v1.0 Initial release of Tool
xificurk nepada / form-renderer HTML Latte template based form renderer for Nette forms with full support for Bootstrap 3 & 4. v1.10.0 - Latte 3.x compatibility
DD2XAlpha DD2XAlpha / PC_FBIServer Python Make your PC a server for cia installation over the WI-FI 3.0 V3.0 - New interface (material design) - Ability to choose between dark and light mode (WIP). - Now when selecting a folder for queue you can see the CIA size on the grid - Async download of the
celestemartinez openreview / openreview-py Python Official Python client library for the OpenReview API v1.2.4 Initial Release of the python library. Documentation of the python library can be found [here](
nishcheyk nishcheyk / tick-tak-toe-VB.NET-pc Visual Basic .NET it is pc program in which you can play tick tak toe with onther player as well as with computer 1.0.1 #finally my first release
lifehackerhansol YANBForwarder / GUI JavaScript Simple Web App GUI for YANBF Generator v1.0.6 ### What's new? - @spitzeqc: added custom path support
xElSebax xElSebax / liga-justicia no-lang Este es el repositorio de mis planes con la Liga de la Justicia v0.1.0 ### Versión Beta No usar
stygigoth stygigoth / Registry-Helper Java A simpler registry for fabricmc 0.0.1-1.19-pre1
martyr-binbex martyr-binbex / libecc C Library for elliptic curves cryptography v1.0 test
vtopc vtopc / epoch Go Contains primitives for marshaling/unmarshaling Unix timestamp/epoch to/from built-in time.Time type in JSON v1.4.0 ## What's Changed * Bumped Go to 1.17 **Full Changelog**:
djpohly djpohly / gpsaml Python OpenConnect helper script for Duo Web authentication flows (GlobalProtect/SAML) v1.0 Support for Duo Push and WebAuthn
yaansz Softawii / curupira Java curupira v0.1.0 Hello, It's the introduction of the first version of the library! Sorry, we don't have an introduction or documentation, but you can read the [Example](
dmitmel CCDirectLink / CCdiscord JavaScript Rich Presence for Discord v1.0.1 Fixed a bug with the play time being displayed incorrectly in thousands of days.
BerkieBb qbcore-framework / qb-target Lua A better interaction system for FiveM 5.3.9 ## What's Changed * `num` and slot can only be a number by @BerkieBb in * continue vehicle model ch
arikaim-repository arikaim / mailers-module PHP Mailer drivers for Arikaim CMS 1.1.1
sonyakun sonyakun / Zarc-V-Browser no-lang Zarc+V専用ブラウザです。 v0.0.1-pre1
Gorthian Gorthian / Roll20_Space1889_CharacterSheet HTML Roll20 CharacterSheet für Space 1889 V1.0 Community-Bogen für Space 1889 (Ubiquity)
pjlogan39 pjlogan39 / vallejo no-lang Search the seas for your lost treasure. 22.4.0 For one
github-actions[bot] Tek-Noir / helm-charts Mustache Prometheus community Helm charts alertmanager-0.18.0 The Alertmanager handles alerts sent by client applications such as the Prometheus server.
PeterEFinch PeterEFinch / safedown Go Safedown is for ensuring that an application shuts down gracefully even when termination or interruption signals are received. v0.2.0 This release contains some breaking changes, specifically, some of the post shutdown strategies have been renamed and had their behaviour changed. ## What's Changed * ✨ Improved post shutdo
InfiniteX95 InfiniteX95 / CGEN Java CGEN is a simple Java random char generator v0.1 First release containing basic functions like the option of using numbers/symbols or not. You can also select the saving path ! There might be another release in the future, if it's needed...
yanbuatois yanbuatois / urban-rivals-oauth JavaScript Urban Rivals OAuth node.js module v1.2.1
kiyoshi-brilliant Brilliant-Home-Technology-Public / cerbero Python Cerbero build system fork used to build the GStreamer SDK used by Brilliant Home Technology. Original Repo here: 1.20-BRL1 Initial build for Brilliant Home Technology usage.
louisgv PlasmoHQ / bpp TypeScript Browser Platform Publisher v2.4.0 ## What's Changed * Bump all dependencies * Migrate to PlasmoHQ **Full Changelog**:
AlexisBelangerLamarche AlexisBelangerLamarche / GunMonkey C# A tower mod for btd6 0.1.4 Fixed an infinite stall bug
andrewstech win11react / react-canvas-draw JavaScript React Component for drawing in canvas v1.0.0-alpha.11
matthxc matthxc / next-react-boilerplate TypeScript React Next.js Boilerplate and Starter Kit v1.0.1
tangzero tangzero / joao Go simple password recovery tool v0.0.1 ## Changelog * 661443c ready to crack * a758c60 rename GITHUB_SECRET env * 6e151af trying to fix the build
github-actions[bot] OnlyFart / Elib2Ebook C# Сохранения книг со следующих сайтов в форматах epub или fb2:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ранобэ.рф 1.0.0
r1cm3d r1cm3d / adpcli Go Nonofficial cli application to interacts with ADP Expert 1.0.0 **Full Changelog**:
Hope-IT-Works Hope-IT-Works / electerm-theme-termius no-lang theme for electerm in termius style v1.0 # Initial Release
github-actions[bot] Azure / static-web-apps-cli TypeScript Azure Static Web Apps CLI ✨ v1.0.0 ## Documentation - docs: add official SWA CLI docs website (#460) [d51b72f]( - docs: add API language
LemonCaramel LemonCaramel / Velocity Java The modern, next-generation Minecraft server proxy. (for Snapshot client) 1.19-pre1 **TEST BUILD** Don't use it for live servers.
lphilippo grindnu / magento2-digital-ocean-spaces PHP Module to allow AWS S3 to interact with DigitalOcean Spaces 1.1.0 Automated release
akrosis ZHAW-FS22-PM4 / Virtual-CT-Board TypeScript This project aims to emulate the cortex-m0 architecture on a ST board that is used in the CT1 course at ZHAW. 0.950
Dqu1J Additional-Mods / additionaladditions Java A Minecraft Fabric mod that that aims to add additional uses for Copper, Amethyst and Glow Ink Sacs as well as other useful additional additions to the game. 4.0.1 Changelog: ``` - Amethyst lamp mob despawn chance is now configurable in the config - Fixed a bug where boots enchanted with Speed didn't accept any other enchants - Fixed a bug where Wrench
apfelbox 21TORR / firefly TypeScript Build system which is used internally by 21TORR. 2.2.0 ## :gift: New Features * Add support for import aliasing. --- ## What's Changed * Add support for import aliasing by @apfelbox in **Full
github-actions[bot] sentriz / betanin Python beets based mitm of your torrent client and music player v0.3.36 ### Bug Fixes * log an error if beet not in $PATH ([7c33591](, closes [#65](
lphilippo grindnu / magento2-media JavaScript Replace fotorama 1.1.0 Automated release
djjudas21 djjudas21 / hammond Go Self hosted vehicle and expense management system. Like Clarkson, but better 0.0.1
github-actions[bot] Moelf / FHist.jl Julia A pure Julia 1D/2D histogram package that focus on speed and thread-safe. v0.7.1 ## FHist v0.7.1 [Diff since v0.7.0]( **Closed issues:** - implement Hist3D (#55) - FHist type-parameter (of eltype) is also used for the we
github-actions[bot] rwxd / helm-charts Smarty Helm Charts collection homer-0.1.0 A Helm chart for Kubernetes
lsetiawan cormorack / cava-metadata Python Home to the Interactive Oceans Metadata API Service 0.1.4-rc.1
fdjutant fdjutant / 6-DOF-Flagella Mathematica All data relevant to 6-DOF-Flagella publication v0.0.0 First release of codes for 3D time-series flagella analysis
kruumy kruumy / cod-aspect-ratio-tool C# Aspect Ratio Modifier for Most Call Of Duty Games 1.00 Added Support for iw4x, and iw3xo.
PaintYourDragon adafruit / Adafruit_SleepyDog C++ Arduino library to use the watchdog timer for system reset and low power sleep. 1.6.1
The-anonym-dev The-anonym-dev / windows-activation-script Batchfile A script for activate windows free and easy 1.1 **Full Changelog**:
GarisonLotus onicagroup / runway Python Simplify infrastructure/app testing/deployment v.2.6.2 ## What Changed ### 🐛 Bug Fixes - fix issue causing terraform installation to fail @ITProKyle (#1392)
Bridget-Godfrey xMBlades / CMSC447-SemesterProject HTML Group J Project for CMSC 447 MoWe 5:30 SP22 v0.1.1 This is the first mostly-working version of the webapp! Yay! **Full Changelog**:
Smisch-dev Smisch-dev / dark-hastebin JavaScript Dark version of hastebin v1.0
lucerojavier lucerojavier / liga-justicia no-lang Este es mi repositorio con la liga de la justicia v0.1.0 ### Versión Beta No Usar
wjm41 wjm41 / on2logic Jupyter Notebook Deep similarity searching of archive manuscripts v0.1.0 Initial code release as-is after conclusion of the CDH "(In)Accessible Archive(s)" hackathon.
svenmuellerssen svenmuellerssen / Neo4JQuery JavaScript Tool that handles cypher syntax as method calls v0.2.1 Installed newer packages of async (0.9.0 -> ^3.2.3) and underscore (1.6.0 -> ^1.13.3)
Skali14 Skali14 / ESPRIT-Bot Python A bot designed for monitoring and auto checkout products! v0.0.1 First release - Esprit Monitor - Esprit auto checkout when available - INI config file
abigger87 abigger87 / pilum TypeScript Lightweight, Modern Typescript Library for Multicall3 v1.3.0 Initial impl
chrystianCp chrystianCp / socket-chat CSS cada que haces un chat muere un michi v1.0.0 #Notas: -Html funcionando -jQuery
JacobGros dell / csi-volumegroup-snapshotter Go csi-volumegroup-snapshotter controller to support crash-consistent operations for snapshots of group of volumes v1.0.1 ### Changes - Fix idempotent case detection for VolumeGroupSnapshot - Remove line that causes crash - Increase the timeout on waiting for a snapshot- we discovered the external snapshotter is havin
androide0917 veryfi / veryfi-android Kotlin Android kotlin module for communicating with the Veryfi OCR API 1.0.2 ## What's Changed * upload document fixed up! by @androide0917 in * Feature/fix document upload by @androide0917 in
NHPatterson NHPatterson / napari-imsmicrolink Python napari plugin for IMS - Microscopy registration through laser ablation marks. v0.1.7 Release of IMS Microlink.
akobr akobr / C# My personal mono-repository with all my projects I worked, working or will work on. (: Games/Cetris/v.0.9.3 ### First stable pre-release - add game state store and restore + game logic fixes - movement and placement logic - add base drawing and same game logic
NHPatterson NHPatterson / napari-wsireg Python Whole slide image registration through wsireg in napari. v0.1.0 `napari-wsireg`: A `napari` plugin to perform registrations using `wsireg`.
luismrls luismrls / angular-basicos TypeScript Esta es la introduccion al curso de angular v0.1.0 # Notas Puras bases de angular
NHPatterson NHPatterson / wsireg Python multimodal whole slide image registration in a graph structure v0.3.5 Release supporting `napari-wsireg`, new features and code improvements to support GUI.
yantosca KineticPreProcessor / KPP Fortran The KPP kinetic preprocessor is a software tool that assists the computer simulation of chemical kinetic systems 2.4.0 Release date: 25 Apr 2022 ## Added - Brought updates from the MECCA branch into the main line of development: - new integrators: beuler.f90, rosenbrock_mz.f90, rosenbrock_posdef.f90,
mirioeggmann mirioeggmann / cloudflare-ddns Shell Simple solution to create a personal DDNS service with your own domain 0.1.0 Uses a bearer token.
jiridj jiridj / wm-apigw-config-sdk JavaScript An SDK that wraps administration and configuration APIs for webMethods API Gateway into a nodejs package. v0.1.10
hkristjan hkristjan / UpnGenerator PHP Upn Generator v2.0.3
RawBOT RawBOT / faq-to-vita-manual Python Converts HTML Guides to Vita Manuals v1.0 ## Description This program takes a URL to an online HTML guide and converts it into a format suitable to use as a Vita game's bubble manual. This can be used to replace the manual of any game
lnwor lnwor / virtuale-dl Shell Simple script to download every file of a course from v1.0.0 The script has been tested to work with the current version of Virtuale.
giovannicoppola giovannicoppola / zothero Python Rapidly search and cite Zotero entries from Alfred v1.99.1beta
sindresorhus sindresorhus / article-title-cli HTML Extract the article title of a HTML document or website v3.0.1 - Fix link d04354d
tamirkamara microsoft / AzureTRE Python An accelerator to help organizations build Trusted Research Environments on Azure. v0.3
aguinetqb quarkslab / mattermost-plugin-e2ee TypeScript End-to-end encryption plugin for Mattermost v0.9.0 Supported Mattermost Server Versions: **5.37.0+** ## Enhancements ## Fixes - 49542f5 Fix CI timeouts - acf9e3e Bump to 0.9.0 - c35a436 Update & clean dependencies - 82d7aaa Show "edited&quo
jixunmoe jixunmoe / parakeet C++ 解密音乐文件,桌面客户端。 v0.1.0-beta 文件取自 GitHub Actions。 - - ## What's Changed * Windows CI
corenting corenting / ParisTransportTraffic Kotlin Android app for subway/tramway... traffic in Paris v5.0 New design
github-actions[bot] detj / semverflation JavaScript Calculate frequency of semver major bumps over time v1.0.3 ### [1.0.3]( (2022-05-18) ### Bug Fixes * improve cli behavior ([c7d62a6](
sws2apps-admin sws2apps / react-sw-helper no-lang A pure react component library to handle service worker v1.0.0-alpha.3 # [1.0.0-alpha.3]( (2022-05-18) ### Bug Fixes * **package.json:** add publishConfig ([4c082ee](
edumucelli edumucelli / assistdog no-lang Utility functions for using with Gherkin specs v0.0.1
Tibi19 Tibi19 / isave-finances-apk Java iSave is a flexible application to manage your finances with a very powerful feature - the psychologically designed Budget Organizer. v1.0.0-beta Workable version, unpolished.
rajdashora WisconsinAutonomous / wa_simulator Python Simulator for the Wisconsin Autonomous student organization at the University of Wisconsin-Madison v2.3.7
willpassidomo mParticle / react-native-mparticle Java React Native module for mParticle v2.7.1 ### Bug Fixes Remove usages of `MPEvent`'s `info()` method; replace with `customAttributes()`. IMPORTANT: If you are experiencing runtime issues on `android-core` version 5.39.0 related to a
guustnieuwenhuis MasaCMS / MasaCMS ColdFusion MASA CMS is an Enterprise Content Management platform based on open source technology. 7.2.2 # Security Vulnerability Fix ## What was the issue ? We've been informed of a XSS security vulnerability in the Masa CMS administrator. ## What is fixed ? Additional protection against
justinrlee justinrlee / kafka-connect-storage-common Java Shared software among connectors that target distributed filesystems and cloud storage. v10.1.0-FAT
trumbitta trumbitta / nx-trumbitta TypeScript 💡An attempt to start collecting all of my Nx-related Open Source work in a mono-repo. v1.10.1 ### [1.10.1]( (2022-05-18) ### Bug Fixes * **nx-plugin-unused-deps:** consider @types/X to be depended on if X is depended on ([8
edno graphql-markdown / graphql-markdown JavaScript Flexible GraphQL Documentation Generator (Markdown) 1.10.0 ## What's Changed * 📦 npm(deps): Bump @graphql-tools/graphql-file-loader from 7.3.9 to 7.3.10 by @dependabot in * 📦 npm(deps)
thevanguardian thevanguardian / terraform-aws-generateEcrRepo HCL Generate an ECR repository and optionally add policies and permissions. v1.0.0 **Full Changelog**:
mapascual19 mapascual19 / midd_thesis Python Senior geology thesis at Middlebury College with adapted sediment model files v1.0.0 version of input and output scripts used for midd undergrad thesis
NathanWalker sitefinitysteve / nativescript-auth0 TypeScript Nativescript Auth0 social authentication plugin 4.1.0 ### Features * Ability to logout user with federated option: `logoutUser(federated?: boolean)` Repo was updated to latest versions for maintenance. Note: For v5, we will likely move this offici
ns-alexmueller NarrativeScience / pysaql Python Python SAQL query builder v0.10.0 ## What's Changed * LEXIO-38099: union operator by @ns-alexmueller in ## New Contributors * @ns-alexmueller made their first contribution i
l1m2e l1m2e / CSS test v1.0
bezhermoso square / laravel-hyrule PHP Object-oriented, composable, fluent API for writing validations in Laravel 1.1.0 ## What's Changed * See changes in This backports those for PHP 7.4. **Full Changelog**:
github-actions[bot] mikemckiernan / NVTabular Python NVTabular is a feature engineering and preprocessing library for tabular data designed to quickly and easily manipulate terabyte scale datasets used to train deep learning based recommender systems. v1.1.0
huner2 huner2 / react-tooltip JavaScript react tooltip component v4.2.22 Fix a runtime error with the super call in the constructor.
RafalWrzesniak RafalWrzesniak / MyMovieManager Java MyMovieManager is desktop application to manage your personal film library. It can download movie data from internet movie data base and display it. 1.1 Moves to new FilmwebClients
GilToombes GilToombes / Ion_Depletion_Accumulation MATLAB Octave/Matlab Functions to Evaluate Ion Accumulation/Depletion During Patch-Clamp Experiments v1.0.0 Initial release of functions.
cmembrez cmembrez / my-space-invaders Java A space-invaders like game developed in Java in the Object-Oriented Programming course from University of Fribourg Spring 2022. v1.0.0 ## Features - three base difficulty: beginner (default), normal, expert - enemies' speed increases at each new level
abhiramm7 OpenWaterAnalytics / Stormwater-Management-Model C Open Water Analytics Stormwater Management Model repository OWA_v5.1.14 Shout out to @bemason, @karosc, @michaeltryby, @jennwuu, and @bemcdonnell for all their effort on this release 🥳 🚀 In OWA_v5.1.14, we have added support for updating pollutants in links an
nickc01 nickc01 / Obsidian no-lang The Obsidian Theme for Visual Studio 2022. Based on "Obsidian" from Notepad++ v2.0 Completely Rebuilt the theme based on the latest version of the Visual Studio Dark Theme
moznion moznion / radius-rs Rust An async/await native implementation of the RADIUS server and client for Rust. v0.3.0 ## Change logs - Change the project license to MIT from MPL 2.0 #31
raqfc raqfc / material-calendarview Java A Material design back port of Android's CalendarView 2.0.2
Sudneo Sudneo / GOdaddy-ddns Go Simple Golang script to update DNS records in godaddy for home public IP v0.2.0 This is the first release that allows the support of multiple providers at the same time.
romanin-rf romanin-rf / Python Это две нейросети соединённые одним модулем. Одна для распознавания, другая для генерация голоса. v0.1.2 **Full Changelog**:
davnport davnport / terraform-azurerm-networking HCL Represents the Networking infrastructure of our 3-tier App. v0.13.0
github-actions[bot] BG6QWJ / Actions-OpenWrt-1 JavaScript 🚀Autobuild每天自动编译,x86、极路由B70、小米全家桶Mini、R4A、CR660X、AX6、AX6S、AC2100、AX3600、AX9000等固件,SSRPlus+、Passwall、SmartDNS、jd签到、openclash、AdGuardHome、Uhttpd、Socat等!自行研究! 5.15-AX3600 🚀 Autobuild | 自动编译 1、本固件为自动编译 2、发行版中只提供完整的固件 3、需要单独IPK请到分支下载 4、驱动:默认NSS加速和sfe加速 此版本是全能版
jyksnw DTSChurch / RockClient JavaScript Rock RMS JavaScript Client v1.0.0-alpha Initial alpha release of RockClient
jmstrupp-psjh jmstrupp-psjh / terraform-azurerm-networking HCL Represents the Networking infrastructure of our 3-tier App. v0.13.0 Updated Network Prefixes
bdpedigo neurodata / bgm Python bilateral graph matching manuscript v0.0.0-alpha
marcottedan marcottedan / saml2aws no-lang CLI tool which enables you to login and retrieve AWS temporary credentials using a SAML IDP v2.35.1 Add Entropy field in beginMfa response for Azure Active Directory
rmorse rmorse / babel-plugin-jsx-template-vars JavaScript A Babel transform for rendering a Handlebars template version of your React / Preact app. Useful for generating a pre-render for SSR. v0.0.4 v.0.0.4 - supports list vars and .map() in JSX expressions - supports flat arrays using primitives - fixes listvars + control vars when used together (list vars were not being wrapped in template t
ch0nx ch0nx / jgc-terraform-azurerm-networking HCL Represents the Networking infrastructure of our 3-tier App. v0.12.1
github-actions[bot] brdgm / rurik-solo-helper TypeScript Rurik: Dawn of Kiev Solo Helper 1.0.0
Lontronix bryx-inc / GeoJSON.swift Swift A GeoJSON model for Swift. 0.4.0 Adds SwiftPM Support
tautology0 tautology0 / UEFLoader Java UEF Loader for Ghidra 0.2.0 An initial release of the plugin in, copy it into %USERPROFILE%\ghidra_scripts or $USERDIR/ghidra_scripts depending on the OS you use and then File->Install Extensions within Ghidra to enable it.
gokiimax gokiimax / tsubasa JavaScript Simple Editor, with markdown preview 0.0.1 Its just a simple testing release
github-actions[bot] coldbox-modules / cbmarkdown ColdFusion A module that brings markdown parsing support to any ColdBox MVC application v3.5.0 ### Added * New module template updates * Add options for configuring code blocks and how they render thanks to @michaelborn * Migration to github actions
jrnn jrnn / full-stack-open-pokedex JavaScript This repository is used for the CI/CD module of the Full stack open course 0.0.0
MCshin00 MCshin00 / FirstWebSite no-lang 나의 첫 웹 사이트 V.0.0.1
Pakobbix Pakobbix / JDownloader-Autoenc-rename Shell Linux Skripte zum automatischen encode zu HEVC/AC3 und umbenennen via FileBot v0.0.2-alpha Da nun das Konfigurationsskript fertig ist und daher viele variablen zum Ändern für andere Hardware hinzugefügt wurden, denke ich, kann ich nun schonmal ein Release raushauen. Skripte werden ges
JamesBelchamber JamesBelchamber / flutter-toolbx Dockerfile A customised Toolbx image that includes everything necessary to develop with Flutter v0.1.0 First release 👀
lbergelson lbergelson / jenv Shell Manage your Java environment 0.5.5.lbergelson My own personal release to aim brew at.
cadburry6969 cadburry6969 / cad-drugsales Lua NPC Drug Sales for QBCore v1.0 This release may not work and is not maintained so please check version 2
frederikbosch moneyphp / money PHP PHP implementation of Fowler's Money pattern. v4.0.4 Improved PHP 8.1 support.
datMaffin datMaffin / monofoki Shell a programming typeface 3.0 **Full Changelog**: Major version was increased as (height) metric changed.
IngPleb IngPleb / qb-characterkill Lua Kill players character kill/delete in-game 1.0.0
harrydayexe harrydayexe / SongLinkr Swift A Simple app that takes a link to a song on one platform and fetches links to the same song on other platforms. Based on the api v2.0.2 * Added Translation Credits * Fixed Unknown platform and API provider issues
dlemire60 oasis-tcs / openc2-ap-pac no-lang OASIS OpenC2TC: This repository supports the work of the OpenC2 TC in developing an Actuator Profile for security Posture Attribute Collection. v1.0_WD01 Initial draft of Posture Attribute Collection (PAC) AP. Provides basic features for SBOM and operating system version collection as security posture attributes, in support of June 2, 2022 Cybersecurit
dcreado authlete / openapi-for-go Mustache This repository for the Authlete SDK for Golang v0.1 Authlete client generated from using openapi generator.
cooljeanius cooljeanius / The_War_of_Terrador no-lang A Wesnoth add-on 1.4.2 This is the first release of this add-on for the BfW 1.16 add-on server. Auto-generated release notes: **Full Changelog**:
datallurgy datallurgy / soccer-shiny-io_deploy R We used a data set consisting of 39 attributes from 11,158 players registered in Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 (PES 2019), an electronic soccer game. This app is an interactive tool that allows any user to choose a soccer player from the game and find the ten players most similar whith him. v1.0.0
github-actions[bot] jadolg / ShadowTest Go A service to test shadowsocks keys v1.2.1 ## Changelog * 6338149 Add github action for goreleaser * 49bd83b Add goreleaser manifest * 6158764 Correct logging issue
smokey5787 smokey5787 / EndeavourOS-KDE-Theme no-lang Theme for KDE Inspired by EndeavourOS Website v1.0 Color-Scheme for KDE Plasma inspired by the colours on the EndeavourOS Website and the Breeze Dark KDE Plasma Theme
github-actions[bot] kind2-mc / kind2 OCaml Multi-engine SMT-based automatic model checker for safety properties of Lustre programs v1.6.0 In addition to several improvements and bug fixes, this release includes a new implementation of Kind 2's language front-end with: - Support for forward references to nodes and modes in contract
umanekar-mcafee opendxl / opendxl-streaming-client-java Java opendxl-streaming-client-java 0.1.5
devngc pollination-apps / utci-heatmap Python An to visualize cutmizable utci heatmaps and exporting them in PDF format v0.0.0
Saeed-Khazaei Saeed-Khazaei / next.js no-lang The React Framework v9.5.2-canary.0
Aureliano90 Aureliano90 / TunaSwap Python A high level interface to interact with Terra(Luna) blockchain, including swapping, aggregating, limit order and Anchor monitoring v1.0.0
coolusaHD coolusaHD / portfolio TypeScript A personal portfolio website with react, mui and styled-components v1.0.0 # RELEASE v1.0.0 🚀 ## What's Changed * First publish on website by @coolusaHD in * New structure and upgrade to typescript by @coolusaHD in
csmig NUWCDIVNPT / stigman-watcher JavaScript A utility that watches a path for test result files on behalf of a STIG Manager Collection 1.2.2 - Minimum STIG Manager API version is updated from 1.1.0 => 1.2.7 - Adds support for the `resultEngine` property of Review - The serializers now attempt to fetch configuration options from `
mrustl KWB-R / urbanAnnualRunoff R R Package for Deriving Urban Surfaces for Storm Runoff Analysis v0.1.0 Used in Project [KEYS]( for generating inputs to runoff model [ABIMO]( for application in cities with da
github-actions[bot] OfficeDev / microsoft-teams-library-js TypeScript JavaScript library for use by Microsoft Teams apps v2.0.0 Fri, 13 May 2022 22:32:13 GMT The change log comments for v2.0.0 are a consolidated summary of the comments for each beta release to describe the changes made since v1. Detailed change log comments f
Nurul-GC ArtesGC / ImaGC Python images editor v0.9 * optimized the functions * refactored the layout * fixed minor bugs ## What's Changed * [ImgBot] Optimize images by @imgbot in **Full Changelog
github-actions[bot] Ameliaaaaaaa / yt-dlp Python A youtube-dl fork with additional features and fixes 2022.05.18.191202 #### [A description of the various files](( are in the README --- ### Changelog:
gtca scverse / mudata Python Multimodal Data (.h5mu) implementation for Python v0.1.2 - Enhanced [`zarr`]( support (#7). - There's [a new page]( in the documentation describing the
piccoloser machspec / maintenance_tracker Rust To-Do application for the Maintenance Department that stores several states and logs changes in a database. v1.0.3-alpha-windows
hansemro hansemro / GDClip C++ Text/Image clipboard Library for Godot 3.x v0.2 clip commit: - Marks stable release that works on Linux (X11), macOS, and Windows - Fixes array allocation for image dat
github-actions[bot] vmware / terraform-provider-vra7 Go Terraform VMware vRealize Automation 7 provider v3.0.5 # Release v3.0.5 (05/18/2022) ## Changelog * 65cf5da Upgrade golangci-lint to v1.46.2 * 78eeb92 Upgrade golangci-lint to v1.41.1 * 362cc1b Upgrade golangci-lint to v1.41 * 4eacfbe Bump hashicor
jpbandroid jpbandroid / appcompat Kotlin Some extensions to AppCompatActivity to help with in-app locale selection and dark mode 1.0.0 - Initial release - Includes `ThemeHelper` and `LocaleDelegate`
iaacornus iaacornus / scpterm Python View SCP Foundation's entry from your terminal! 0.1.0a0 This is an alpha release of `scpterm`, the build can be fetched here, or can be build by yourself. # `whl` build First is the `.whl` package that can be installed with `pip install scp*.whl`: **S
pcktbot g5search / g5-msr Vue G5 OpEx Managed Services Report v1.3.0 - Release Story:
timmwille opencultureagency / Open-Learning-Guide no-lang providing an accessible resource centre for creative learning and exploration v0.1.0 ## What's Changed * Renewed Repository for the Open Learning Guide by @timmwille in * updated links and description on README fil
kitsunegadget kitsunegadget / seed-map-with-history TypeScript Chrome Extensions to add history to random seeds created within Seed Map. v2.2.0 v2.2.0 All Chunk Base apps are supported.
ClementNerma ClementNerma / ytsync-cache-builder Rust A cache builder for 'ytsync'. Semi-private repository, aimed to be used in conjuction with v0.1.0 Initial release.
ExtremeElectronics ExtremeElectronics / RC2040 C Z80 emulation of RC2014 using the RP2040 processor c0.11-alpha Fixed GPIO 14/15 sound with speach
stevu236 gemidyne / microtf2 SourcePawn A custom gamemode for Team Fortress 2 - Players compete against each other to get the most points by playing a series of rapid fire microgames in order to win the round! v5.2.4 Version: v5.2.4 Type: Optional Changes in this release: - Fixed a missing token replacement call for some sounds played during the Typing Attack boss. #234 If updating from v5.2.3, you only n
jvoliveiraGN gerencianet / gn-api-woocommerce PHP Módulo WordPress para WooCommerce integrado a API Gerencianet. Este Plug-in está preparado para integração à API Pix e API Boletos da Gerencianet, que lhe permite a realização de cobranças Pix com QR Code e Pix Copia e Cola, boleto/Bolix, cartão de crédito e muito mais. 1.4.7 Compatibilidade com Wordpress 6.0
andreujuanc eldoradoio / branch-based-secrets TypeScript branch-based-secrets enables GitHub Actions to dynamically use different secrets depending on the current branch the action is currently running on. v1.1.0
yoshi-automation googleapis / gapic-generator-ruby Ruby Generate Ruby gRPC client libraries from Protocol Buffer definitions. gapic-common/v0.9.0 #### Features * add full grpc transcoding to gapic-common #### Bug Fixes * small fixes for combined libraries and testing
sandyherho sandyherho / kaliKupangDisch Python This repository contains codes, data, output, and figures associated with the A univariate extreme value analysis and change point detection of monthly discharge in Kali Kupang, Central Java, Indonesia manuscript 0.1
BTsykaniuk BTsykaniuk / go-netdicom Go DICOM network protocol library for golang v2.1
CMDQ8575 CMDQ8575 / LSPosed Java LSPosed Framework v1.8.3 Disabled Logd crush bugs.
dereckmartin dereckmartin / go-bigip Go A Go package that interacts with F5 BIG-IP systems using the REST API. v0.0.0-debug-0
Rem0o Rem0o / FanControl.DellPlugin C# Plugin for that provides support for Dell laptops using 1.0
armino-dev armino-dev / pizzahub PHP A sample Pizza online store v0.1.1 ## What's Changed * Bump composer/composer from 2.1.8 to 2.1.9 by @dependabot in * Update readme and add a changelog by @armino-dev in https://git
alexlyp decred / decred-binaries no-lang Binary archives for Decred releases. release-v1.7.3 ## Install To install Decrediton desktop wallet, download, uncompress, and run [Decrediton Linux AppImage](
aaronjc15128 aaronjc15128 / File-Manager Python A tool to easily sort out files by simple parameters v1.0.0 First Release
github-actions[bot] adobe / aio-cli-plugin-aem JavaScript AEM-related plugin commands for Adobe I/O CLI v1.0.0 # 1.0.0 (2022-05-18)
IIPEKOLICT BSUIR-IIPEKOLICT / weather TypeScript Task on subject "Mobile Systems Software" at BSUIR 1.0 Features: - weather page - ability to change city - random image for current city on home page - todos functionality - data stored on FireStore
0x-FADED 0x-FADED / GTA-V-fwBoxStreamerVariable-and-decals-limit-Patch C++ a patch for ymap load list extent limit for GTA 5 1.3 - works without scripthook requires asi loader - v1.3 - added support for user to define values
voelza voelza / elaine TypeScript just another frontend framework with a weird name but without virtual DOM v0.1.10 Router: - Added "unMounted" lifecycle to clean up current instance.
Tilation Tilation / Bulk-Ini-Analyzer C# Herramienta de validación de datos formateados en INI. Permite observar cabeceras, llaves y valores, únicos y repetidos, apuntar a archivos donde se encuentra la coincidencia seleccionada. release-22.05.1 ## Changes: * 071bf24db46f469e49763d90a751c70f09a3444e Set up CI with Azure Pipelines * 5894571f54b8f6ba8c4fae3557842468c39d3df2 Better support for numbered properties and headers * a3fbb88d18e898a
hellosamstuart Frank-Gu-Lab / disco-figures-template Jupyter Notebook Template repository for creating custom figures for a DISCO NMR paper from raw data. v1.0.0 Initial production release of the repository. **Full Changelog**:
alexJaeger11 alexJaeger11 / avengers-curso no-lang Parte de mi curso de Git + GitHub v0.0.1 # Notas Proyecto inicializado
jobosk jobosk / crudifier Java Quick and lightweight CRUD setup for any Spring Boot JPA project 1.5-SNAPSHOT
basepi elastic / ecs-logging-python Python Logging formatters for the Elastic Common Schema (ECS) in Python 2.0.0 - Remove python 2 support ([#78]( - Add global `extra` context fields to `StdLibFormatter` ([#65](
github-actions[bot] centrifuge / go-substrate-rpc-client Go Substrate RPC client for go aka GSRPC v4.0.1 ### Changelog - f6dea8ba → Add more types (#258) - 7855f9f3 → Bump from 1.10.16 to 1.10.17 (#250) - 519697f2 → Fix ecdsa signatures in extrinsics parsing (#2
roycefanproxy roycefanproxy / yaglox-ast-gen Go Tool to generate AST Expressions of yaglox v0.1
aardgoose aardgoose / CaveView.js JavaScript Web native 3d cave survey viewer 2.5.0 ## New features * Measure distance between stations. Hold down shift key, left click on first station, hover over other stations to show distance and x/y/z deltas. ![distance](https://user-images.
TwentyFiveSoftware TwentyFiveSoftware / hexagons C# Hexagons is a tiny experimental game with technical focus on map and path generation in hexagonal space. v0.1 Here is the executable game if you want to try it yourself.
ned1313 ned1313 / terraform-azurerm-networking HCL Represents the Networking infrastructure of our 3-tier App. v0.13.0
odan selective-php / archive-bomb-scanner PHP Archive bomb scanner 2.0.0 ## Breaking Changes * [Require 7.3+ or 8.0+]( * Drop support for PHP 7.2 ## Changed * [O
siggisim buildbuddy-io / buildbuddy Go BuildBuddy is an open source Bazel build event viewer, result store, remote caching, and remote build execution platform. v2.10.0 ## Commits - a80a72d: Bump version v2.9.19 -> v2.9.20 ( (#2006) (Lulu Zhang) [#2006]( - a5da5f7: Re-enable code spitting (#2003) (
timmywil timmywil / ColorPickerPlus Lua Color selection add-on for World of Warcraft 1.0.0 # ColorPickerPlus ## [1.0.0]( (2022-05-18) [Full Changelog]( [Previous Releas
nov0caina nov0caina / CheckmarxXmlReportToExcel C# Convert a Checkmarx report in XML format to a Excel report v1.0.0 This is the First release of CheckmarxXMLReportToExcel v1.0.0 If you got any issue related to this release please feel free to open a a new issue or reach me out anywhere to let me now and I'
PreciousChicken PreciousChicken / vim-groff-viewer Vim script A vim plugin for displaying Groff files in a document viewer. v1.0.0 Initial release.
surajsnanavare surajsnanavare / ifsc_finder JavaScript Get bank details by IFSC code. v1.1.5 Vulnerable package updates `axios@0.21.1` to `axios@0.21.3`
DMats oceanprotocol / Python 🦑 Ocean Protocol's Python library to privately & securely publish, exchange, and consume data. v0.8.6 ## What's Changed * Update by @akshay-ap in * Upgrade to 5.25.0 (v3) by @DMats in
ifenty ECCO-GROUP / ECCOv4-py Python A Python library with routines that support the loading, analysis, and plotting fields of the ECCO Version 4 Ocean and Sea-Ice State Estimate. The ecco_v4_py library builds on several valuable tools such as xmitgcm, gcm, xarray, and dask. v1.5.4
whes1015 ExpTechTW / TREM JavaScript Taiwan Real-time Earthquake Monitoring ( 台灣實時地震監測 ) 1.0.0-pre1 ## ⬆️ 更新日誌 ### 🌟 新增 - EEW 地震速報 功能 - 地震報告 震央 查看功能 - 近期地震報告顯示
Object417 Object417 / Asentus HTML A free landing for a small modern company. 1.0.2 Small bug fixes
ExterHD ExterHD / MasterFuzjaMC JavaScript ☀ Custom launcher for modded minecraft written in Electron and Node.js v1.0.0 Zapraszamy do pobierania naszego launchera do minecraft-a na modach. Mamy nadzieję że wszyscy będziecie się dobrze bawić!
GreffMASTER GreffMASTER / dapong Python A simple pong game, made using Python + Pygame 1.0.1 **This is a hotfix update for the compiled binaries.** - Fixed screenshots not saving
jiaxin96 Oh-My-Mechanical-Keyboard / HTML v1.0_bootloader_stm32
ergoz riftbit / promcolls Go Prometheus Collectors v0.1.0
richardpiazza richardpiazza / Perfect-SQLite Swift A stand-alone Swift wrapper around the SQLite 3 client library. 5.1.0 Platform Modernization: * Updated to `swift-tools-version:5.5` * Added additional Apple Platforms listings
KodinManiac KodinManiac / MHP-AuthService Java Authentication and Authorization Service v2.0.0 Facilitates Regional account registration and policy enforements, Brute Force Attack prevention and Profile picture upload for users.
snorrsi GameWorkstore / no-lang Wrapper over original package distribution. This repository replicates the licence terms of his original distribution location. For more information check and 8.10.1
github-actions[bot] dbradf / dotfiles Rust A simple tool for managing dot files v0.1.3
AhmedElshaf3i AhmedElshaf3i / react-mentions no-lang @mention people in a textarea v4.3.2
ecanuto ecanuto / terraform-oci-vcn HCL Terraform module to provision a Oracle Cloud Virtual Networks v0.1.0 First public release
matao1984 matao1984 / vec-map Python A tool to calculate the atomic displacement in some polarized materials with a distorted perovskite structure. v0.2 05/18/2022 VecMap0.2 [001] and [011] radio selection ABF couple with HAADF function to calculate O map Algorithm to calculate O map on [011] direction Bug fixes
ctamblyn ctamblyn / bit-iter Rust Rust crate to iterate forwards or backwards over the positions of set bits in a word. Useful for working with event flags, some bitboards etc. v1.1.1 * Add inline annotation to `len()`. * Document MSRV policy, and enforce in tests.
kmcclive astoundware / react-native-macos-dotnet C# A framework for building native macOS apps with React and .NET. v0.64.0 Initial release based on 0.64 of React Native
tanerkay tanerkay / php-kata PHP PHP skeleton for doing coding katas (PHPUnit, mockery, phpspec and prophecy) v1.0

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