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github-actions[bot] 33kk / DankChat Kotlin Don't you guys have phones? debug
github-actions[bot] AlonMaor14 / mlrun Python Machine Learning automation and tracking unstable Latest unstable release - Git sha 6cf6b1226b71615e7e664ab6344af692b275f870 - Updated at 2021-07-08T18:00:53+03:00
github-actions[bot] ELDEpendenci-Addons / ELDependenci-GUI Java Graphic UserInterface (Inventory) API for ELDependenci 0.0.1 (寫下你的更新)
github-actions[bot] Michaelliv / mlrun Python Machine Learning automation and tracking unstable Latest unstable release - Git sha a7189da2a8f044950e6df3fe0488291939abe83a - Updated at 2021-05-27T19:33:53+03:00
github-actions[bot] RekGRpth / git-clone-shell-action Shell git clone shell action v1
github-actions[bot] RobertoBochet / nc-notes TeX My notes for PoliMi course 'Nonlinear control' latest
github-actions[bot] andysan / openocd no-lang Spen's Official OpenOCD Read-Only Mirror (no pull requests) latest
github-actions[bot] aviaIguazio / mlrun Python Machine Learning automation and tracking unstable Latest unstable release - Git sha c42b16e1957e3d9dd054db127ba9fe4162dee9f2 - Updated at 2021-07-08T15:05:11+03:00
bonomat bonomat / hermes Rust CFDs on Bitcoin. preview
github-actions[bot] casey7083 / synthea Java Synthetic Patient Population Simulator master-branch-latest
github-actions[bot] hayesgb / mlrun Python Machine Learning automation and tracking unstable Latest unstable release - Git sha a49730f89a582231d22b3d898b6522c6a5c4dca0 - Updated at 2021-07-22T14:55:45+03:00
github-actions[bot] mavdryk / ui JavaScript MLRun UI unstable Latest unstable release - Git sha e7aa757ad9fa0bb07f468f7c82489bdd5ccf33fc - Updated at 2021-05-06T19:20:39+03:00
elmiko elmiko / BrowserQuest no-lang Continuing the development of Mozilla BrowserQuest v1.5.0 test release
ShakterNano ShakterNano / Imperishable-Items-Fabric Java Adds an enchantment that makes the item it's on last forever mc1.17.1-1.0.0 Initial release
71Zombie Manafia-Development / FactionCreepers Java Throwable Creeper eggs for Factions! 1.0-STABLE
ziming ziming / laravel-scrapingbee PHP A PHP Laravel Library for Scrapingbee Scraping API 0.10
Beakerboy Beakerboy / Docker_Images Dockerfile A collection of DOCKERFILEs for custom images 0.0.1 initial trial
hrsetyono hrsetyono / acf PHP Advanced Custom Fields
xiantuteng xiantuteng / cat Java CAT 作为服务端项目基础组件,提供了 Java, C/C++, Node.js, Python, Go 等多语言客户端,已经在美团点评的基础架构中间件框架(MVC框架,RPC框架,数据库框架,缓存框架等,消息队列,配置系统等)深度集成,为美团点评各业务线提供系统丰富的性能指标、健康状况、实时告警等。 v3.0.1
github-actions[bot] davideciarmiello / home-assistant-vimar Python Vimar platform integration into 2021.10.1 Add new impulse counter #27
vnbaaij vnbaaij / Baaijte.Optimizely.ImageSharp.Web C# Use SixLabors.ImageSharp.Web in Optimizely V1.0.2 Updated NuGet packages
djklim87 manticoresoftware / manticoresearch-helm PHP Helm chart for Manticore Search Optimize support
L0615T1C5-216AC-9437 L0615T1C5-216AC-9437 / WorldEdit Java A Mindustry Mod that allows the editing of map outside of the in-game editor. 1,2 better tools
ajeeth ajeeth / gophish Dockerfile Docker for Gophish 0.11.0
Xunzhuo Xunzhuo / apisix Lua The Cloud-Native API Gateway 2.10.2
Qronicle Qronicle / QExcel PHP Experimental extension of PHPExcel 1.0.0
Rene-Roscher Rene-Roscher / aws-sdk-php PHP Official repository of the AWS SDK for PHP (@awsforphp) 3.20.3
SMSadegh19 PersianHodHod / prisoners HTML Persian translation for "Incarceration in real numbers" v1.0.0 Almost complete! Hope you enjoy seeing this content and make us feel happy and satisfied! ❤️❤️With Love❤️❤️ Persian HodHod, Messenger of Peace and Love.
GewoonRoy Appmanschap / laravel-revisions PHP Create revisions for any Eloquent model along with its relationships 6.0.0
HarryBrown0 HarryBrown0 / Test no-lang yeahyeahyeah sdfsdfssf fghgsfhfgdhdfg
samhocevar dontnod / install-chocolatey C# User-friendly installer for Chocolatey and Chocolatey GUI 0.0.0
ZhaoSQ-CH CaiNiaoLab / Grassland C 基于事件型嵌入式驱动框架。 v0.0.1 - 具有GPIO drive,IIC drive。 - 具有基于LW_OOPC的传感器模型设计(使用TMP006为例子)。 - 具有简单的内部消息发送和订阅。 - 具有基于1ms定时器任务轮询
mikethewolf83 mikethewolf83 / mdlbol PHP Boletines de notas de Moodle CEEH 0.1.9 ## What's Changed * Update VERSION by @mikethewolf83 in * Cambiado a version 0.1.8 by @mikethewolf83 in
alexeyzimarev UbiquitousAS / autodevops C# GitLab AutoDevOps replacement with Pulumi 0.5.2 - Upgraded Kubernetes provider version - Fixed the Serilog console sink issue
egovedarov egovedarov / yii2-mandrill PHP Mandrill Integration for Yii2 1.8.2
crskycode crskycode / msLTBImporter C++ MilkShape 3D plugin for imports lithtech LTB models. 1.0
dmalec dmalec / wumpus-for-picosystem C++ Wumpus for the Pimoroni PicoSystem v0.0.1 ## First functional release An implementation of wumpus with movement, shooting, bats, pits, the wumpus, and win/lose states. **Full Changelog**:
evilpan evilpan / jni_helper C++ Find JNI function signatures in APK and apply to reverse tools. v0.2 - Refactor the signature.json output format. - Now we can extract JNI methods with `androguard` instead of Jadx, which is 5x faster.
github-actions[bot] losfair / bsync Rust Incremental, multi-version remote backup tool for block devices. v0.1.0
NotFlawffles NotFlawffles / xlang C a simple programming language 0.2 - [x] defining a variables - [x] printing to stdout #### Types - [x] string - [ ] number - [ ] boolean #### Functions - [x] function calls - [ ] defining a functio
m4niac-0x m4niac-0x / pangolang Go Personal Golang tips/code/anything collection. v0.1.0 **Full Changelog**:
squigjess squigjess / nextcord-pretty-help Python An embed-based version of the built in help command for Nextcord v1.3.3 ### Summary First release of the Nextcord-specific port of **[discord-pretty-help](**. The aim of this release is to bring `nextcord-pretty-help`
tanya-06 tanya-06 / AuthSDK no-lang Authentication with keycloak v1.0.2 Convert java files to Kotlin
a3ilson pfelk / ansible no-lang Ansible playbook automation for pfelk v21.10
A-Tabeshfard A-Tabeshfard / AT-NetCore-NotepadPlusPlus C# Notepad++ Editor is one of the most important programs on any computer that everyone uses every day. The most popular and popular editor in Windows operating systems is Notepad, which is definitely familiar to everyone. Release
arkaim92 arkaim92 / web3.php PHP A php interface for interacting with the Ethereum blockchain and ecosystem. Native ABI parsing and smart contract interactions. 0.1.4
buddy12847 buddy12847 / game HTML The official repository for the GarfunkoMedia website. v1.0 The GarfunkoMedia website as it was on P59-GY4 (10/20/2021). This release is for archival purposes.
Kleidukos Kleidukos / text-display Haskell A typeclass for user-facing output v0.0.1.0-rc v0.0.1.0 RC 1
sielaq eBayClassifiedsGroup / PanteraS Shell PanteraS - PaaS - Platform as a Service in a box v0.4.4 Update basic components
github-actions[bot] 752376710 / nanopi-openwrt Shell Openwrt for Nanopi R1S R2S R4S 香橙派 R1 Plus 固件编译 纯净版与大杂烩 2021-10-20
github-actions[bot] bwerquin / Stromae XProc Data collection services for XForms questionnaires powered by Orbeon 2.1.13-rc
antonisin antonisin / spirit-client PHP Spirit Client - Guzzle Abstract class v1.2.1-beta This release contain minor updates in composer.json file to extend minimal required version of guzzle.
saschal-j5int j5int / cordova-plugin-media no-lang Apache Cordova Plugin media 5.0.3-j5int.1 - This fixes the incompatibility with Android 11 and makes sure we only use internal storage for temp files.
NikolasMarkou NikolasMarkou / blind_image_denoising Python Implementing CVPR 2020 paper "ROBUST AND INTERPRETABLE BLIND IMAGE DENOISING VIA BIAS - FREE CONVOLUTIONAL NEURAL NETWORKS" v0.1.0 Working bfcnn model * Training resnet, sparse resnet, resnet with gates * Exporting * Loading * Pretrained resnet
tendomart openmrs / openmrs-core Java OpenMRS API and web application code 2.5.0-beta
SoKnight SoKnight / VanishAllPlayers Java VanishAllPlayers - A simple plugin that automatically vanishes all players. 1.1.0 Changes: - Added `api-version` tag (important for MC 1.13 and newer) - Small code refactoring
Alizter HoTT / HoTT Coq Homotopy type theory V8.14 Tag for Coq version 8.14
logwet logwet / no-spawnchunks Java Mod that prevents spawn chunks from staying loaded permanently - Useful for overworld pearl hanging. Mod by logwet, idea by k4 v1.0.0 This mod is pretty self-explanatory. Removes the permanently loaded spawn chunks mechanic so you can do cool stuff like pearl hanging. Compatible with all of the usual performance mods plus others su
Maddytec Maddytec / bora_praticar_kotlin_spring_boot Java Convertendo API Spring Boot Java em Spring Boot com Kotlin kotlin **Full Changelog**:
LeFl0w VHDLTool / VHDL_Handbook_STD VHDL Standard Rule for VHDL Handbook STD_V2.2b Handbook standard Release V2.2 update implemented status for rules checked by software. Added parameters for the software in the handbook Add new chapter implementation Add new rule STD_08000 :
github-actions[bot] kreuzwerker / envsec Go Encrypted environment variables via AWS KMS v1.2.0 ## Changelog 179e9b0 chore: update release process and to golang117 (#13)
NoYo25 fusion-jena / BiodivTab no-lang BiodivTab is a tabular data benchmark for semantic table annotation tasks latest
liuhengmao liuhengmao / Backend Swift Backend v1.0.0
haerk haerk / govaluate Go Arbitrary expression evaluation for golang v3.3.0 修复变量不能以 '_' 开头bug
rfehling-mittwald mittwald / node-kubernetes TypeScript Kubernetes client library for Node.JS v3.3.2 Fix npm pipeline :roll_eyes:
asheeeshh asheeeshh / Python API Wrapper in Python for WeebyAPI v0.0.2 ### Added Methods: - Json - Overlays - Image Effects - GIF
github-actions[bot] bulzed / amlogic-s9xxx-openwrt Shell OpenWrt for Amlogic S9xxx STB. Support STB are s905x3, s905x2, s905x, s905w, s905d, s922x, s912, etc. such as Phicomm-N1, Octopus-Planet, X96-Max+, HK1-Box, H96-Max-X3, Belink GT-King, Belink GT-King Pro, UGOOS AM6 Plus, HG680P, B860H, etc. openwrt_s9xxx_lede_2021.10.20.1946 This is OpenWrt firmware for Amlogic S9xxx STB * Firmware information Default IP: Default username: root Default password: password Default WIFI name: OpenWrt Default WIFI password: none I
tendomart openmrs / openmrs-distro-platform no-lang This project is used to package the core OpenMRS war file with bundled modules platform-2.5.0-alpha
jesperpedersen pgexporter / pgexporter_ext C PostgreSQL extension for pgexporter 0.1.0 The initial release of pgexporter_ext ## Features * Disk space usage
yhyzgn yhyzgn / android-aop Java Android aop 1.0.1
santisoler fatiando / harmonica Python Forward modeling, inversion, and processing gravity and magnetic data v0.3.0 *Released on: 2021/10/20* [![Digital Object Identifier for the Zenodo archive](]( Deprecations:
aws-cloudformation-publisher aws-samples / aws-cloudformation-publisher no-lang AWS CloudFormation Publisher packages your CloudFormation templates into an S3 bucket in every AWS region and creates "launch stack" links that you can use in your documentation so that your customers can easily launch stacks in their AWS accounts from your CloudFormation template. v5 See the commits for a list of features included in this release
noelmartinon updatengine-ng / updatengine-client Python updatengine client allow computer and server to be inventoried automatically on an updatengine server 4.1.3 - Fix inventory ending prematurely when fetching null values ​​on serial number or other attributes
rossdotparker GibbonEdu / module-IBDiploma PHP A Gibbon module to facilitate schools to run the IB Diploma programme. v1.1.04
open3 openStu / openBot no-lang A Discord Bot in Python programming language. vDev
dylanaraps DCVIII / sodium-fabric no-lang A Fabric mod designed to improve frame rates and reduce micro-stutter dyl
drlukas6 drlukas6 / gccmt Rust Git conventional commit v1.1-lw
BeycanDeveloper BeycanDeveloper / cryptopay-php PHP A library for payment and transfer transactions over blockchain networks. 1.0.0
Asur7550 Asur7550 / AsurVideoDownloader no-lang You can download website's videos by this application ExampleAsurV0.0.6 To get build [click here](
Yandrik Yandrik / UUlm-SoftwareEngineering-Anki no-lang Anki Deck for the Software Engineering lecture at Ulm University by Thomas Thüm, based on the book Software Engineering by Ian Sommerville v1.0 # SE-Deck The Software Engineering Anki card deck, as it was used to learn for the Software Engineering Exam at Ulm University at the end of SoSe 2021. ## How to use * Download the file * Open [
oguzhand95 oguzhand95 / compile-and-test-action Dockerfile to test github action capabilities v1
kooroshh kooroshh / SpotifyADBlocker Go Simple Proxy Server for Blocking Spotify ads 1.1 + upstream proxy
github-actions[bot] dafanasiev / sirula-builder no-lang CI build of v.24c715 CI Release
DeDmytro JustRaviga / laravel-pexels PHP Provides access to Pexels API for Laravel projects 0.1.3 Improve SearchOptions usage `SearchOptions::make()->setPage(2)->setColor('red')`
xpy xpy / actorata JavaScript Get actors rating based on the rating of the movies they played. v0.0.0
github-actions[bot] illallangi / toolbx Dockerfile A collection of utilities installed onto a debian base image v0.32.4
github-actions[bot] cbl-dart / cbl-dart Dart Couchbase Lite for Dart and Flutter libcblitedart-v1.0.0-beta.0
Kyome22 Kyome22 / iNotch Swift Add the Notch on the menubar like the new MacBook Pro. 1.0.0 Released the first version 🎉.
ValeriaVG ValeriaVG / tiny-jest TypeScript Minimalistic zero dependency Jest-like test library to run tests in browser, nodejs or deno v1.0.4 - Adds `expect(fn).toThrow()` - Allows matching error using RegExp: `expect(fn).toThrow(/^error/)`
coderpros coderpros / DirSize C# Powershell function that recursively returns directory sizes 1.5 Initial "official" release. No installer included. Requires .Net 5.0. Code is simple enough to easily downgrade to earlier versions of .Net with a few clicks (in Visual Studio). **Full
arthurits arthurits / SplashScreen Assembly A stand-alone splash screen written in MASM x86, MASM x64, and C++ v1.0 Download the zip file, which contains the following files: - SplashScreen launcher in 3 flavours (C++, MASM x64, and MASM x86). - _settings.txt_ with 3 lines: the splash image path, the executable p
Galaxy-Rigel Galaxy-Rigel / nuxt-test Vue nuxt的demo----测试自动化部署(CI/CD) v1
RobotFK RobotFK / Powershell-scripts PowerShell A collection of scripts i have created for my Job using powershell as a foundation.If you want to use them you might need to change some of the evaluation segments Current This rough piece of Software allows you to Scan an Indivual or List of Computers and Sniff out some info.
YahiroRyo YahiroRyo / save-text Python pythonでLinuxコマンドを作成 v1.3.0 --cpコマンドを追加
ManjuVenkatachalam ManjuVenkatachalam / TestChaincode Go Chaincode code tracking v1.0.1 ReigoCC August 2021
Kostov6 Kostov6 / scala Scala Scala 2 compiler and standard library. For bugs, see scala/bug v3 Test
jlucktay jlucktay / stack Go A support tool for use with Terraform stacks, Azure DevOps build pipelines, and GitHub projects/repos. v0.11.1 ## Changelog 13f1839 Add Dependabot auto-merge workflow. (#142) e2dc0f9 Add some test coverage (#16) ae79034 Bump from 0.11.10 to 0.11.11 (#116) 8fe00e8 Bump git
laragrad laragrad / largent PHP Money transfers beetween entities 0.1.0
pedrommcarrasco Doist / CLTokenInputView Objective-C A replica of iOS's native contact bubbles UI 2.5.0
Vesper-Works Vesper-Works / Outer-Wilds-ASCII-Overhaul C# Turns the universe into ASCII! (H to see how it's changed). 1.1.0
AnnatarHe clippingkk / cli Go a cli to parse or upload `My Clippings.txt` v0.0.3 ## Changelog 1cc714f fix(build): fix build script
hold3r hold3r / mgos-jsar-can C Mongoose OS library for the ESP32 CAN Bus 2.19.1
cadeleeuw cadeleeuw / lava-partitioning C++ Partitioning algorithm developed for LAVA v1.0.0
Enelg52 Enelg52 / Gofrette Go Gofrette is a reverse shell payload developed in Golang that bypasses Windows defender and many others anti-virus. v1.0 V1.0
Aghassi intuit / semantic-release-slack JavaScript A plugin for semantic-release that takes a Slack web hook and posts a message when a release is successful v1.0.4 ## [1.0.4]( (2021-10-20) ### Bug Fixes * **deps:** update dependency node-fetch to v2.6.5 ([#199](
github-actions[bot] pszklarska / FlutterPubVersionChecker Kotlin IntelliJ plugin for checking the latest Pub packages versions in pubspec.yaml v1.2.6 ### Added - Initial scaffold created from [IntelliJ Platform Plugin Template]( ### Fixed - Decrypting response from API that
xrotwang cldf-clts / clts JavaScript Cross-Linguistic Transcription Systems v2.2.0
github-actions[bot] advanced-rest-client / app JavaScript Advanced REST Client application sources. v0.0.1
PythonFZ zincware / ZnTrack Python Python object mapper for v0.1.2b Rename package in accordance to #90 ## What's Changed * Rename `py-track` to `ZnTrack` by @PythonFZ in * Create index.html by @PythonFZ in https:/
alyrow alyrow / frenchNaturalLanguage Java A dirty jetbrains plugin for adding syntax highlighting to natural french language v1.0.1 Add "ABR" element
kitchen-porter sous-chefs / docker Ruby Development repository for the docker cookbook 10.1.0 - Move the docker_image_prune library to a custom resource
volkanozsarac volkanozsarac / EzGM Python Toolbox for ground motion selection and processing v1.4.2
saghul jitsi / webrtc no-lang WebRTC mirror for building react-native-webrtc v94.0.0 WIP.
volkanozsarac volkanozsarac / ModalAnalysis-OpenSeesPy Python An example script used to perform modal analysis of an OpenSeespy model. v0.1.0
renssies renssies / SwiftyMarkdown Swift Converts Markdown files and strings into NSAttributedStrings with lots of customisation options. 1.2.4 Fixes: - Make MarkdownLineStyle public New: - Allow setting the characters between the list number/bullet and the text
dsl101 Knowinnovation / assets CSS assets for kistorm and other sites 1.0.1 Constrain images pasted into items
eru-vr eru-vr / modelview HTML model yes4
sockeye44 sockeye44 / terracognita Go Reads from existing Cloud Providers (reverse Terraform) and generates your infrastructure as code on Terraform configuration v0.7.4.1
VincentRPS alexyy802 / CrystalOrbBot Python Main source of barbot 0.6
0990 0990 / socks5 Go socks5 proxy,support tcp,udp v0.1.4 ## Changelog b140a0a Merge branch 'master' of into master a2b6005 add vs launch.json bcb4e47 add:server增加UDPAddr参数 a3770f7 chore:增加gorelease.bat发布
github-actions[bot] treeumcorp / chmigrate Python Clickhouse migration utils v0.1.0
github-actions[bot] bigbugcc / OpenWrts Shell OPENWRT 固件(Raspberry Pi4B/3B+,NanoPi R4S,Orange Pi R1Plus,x86) 依源码更新自动编译 2021.10.20-1828
sendmailo sendmailo / sendmailo-php PHP PHP Wrapper v1.0.0
UX3D-kanzler ux3d / USD C++ Universal Scene Description 2021-10-20-0
SebastianZug TUBAF-IfI-LiaScript / VL_ProzeduraleProgrammierung TeX Interaktive Einführung in die Informatik für Nichtinformatiker auf der Basis von C und C++ WiSe2020/21
mwjsanders PDOK / atom-generator Go ATOM Generator is a CLI application to generate ATOM feeds 0.3.0 Mogelijkheid toegevoegd om in de config een content proeprty mee te geven die de samenhang van meerdere downloadbestanden moet beschrijven
andreivaino andreivaino / vali-it-project-server Java Rest api, server side for #ValiIt final project. SpringBoot, Web, Rest, Security - JWT, Aop-AspectJ, MySql, Lombok test
volkanozsarac volkanozsarac / ModalAnalysis-OpenSeespy Python An example script used to perform modal analysis of an OpenSeespy model. v0.1.0-alpha First official release
Philiks Philiks / AWIT C AWIT (Algorithm Written In Tagalog). A programming language the focuses on algorithm analysis. v0.9.8 AWIT is finally a Turing-Complete language. You can now create [in theory] any program that you desire. Expand your imagination and knowledge using our language :smiley: @Markmella
bill-warner snowplow / looker-snowplow-web LookML A LookML block, that uses data from the Snowplow JavaScript tracker and Web Data Model derived tables and makes it available for exploration in Looker. 1.0.0 ## Summary This release introduces looker-snowplow-web v1, a block that makes the derived tables produced by the [Snowplow Web V1 model](
IOTACO sepordeh / sepordeh-woocommerce PHP Sepordeh Payment Gateway for WooCommerce 1.4.0
EnoxSoftware EnoxSoftware / ARFoundationWithOpenCVForUnityExample C# An example of converting an ARFoundation camera image to OpenCV's Mat format. v1.0.0
andreivaino andreivaino / actors-currency-task-server Java SpringBoot(Web, Jpa), Gradle, Lombok, ModelMapper, MySql demo
musangowope laws-africa / la-web-components HTML A library of stencil web components v0.0.1-beta ## Changelog ### 0.0.1-beta #### Created new components - la-akoma-ntoso - la-decorate-internal-refs: This is a behaviour element that decorates internal references within an <la-akoma-ntoso&
volkanozsarac volkanozsarac / OSW-6ICEES Jupyter Notebook OpenSees Workshop - 6th International Conference on Earthquake Engineering and Seismology (6ICEES) v1.0.0 First official release
github-actions[bot] mmiranda / markdown-index Go [Work in Progress] Generate a global index for multiple markdown files recursively v0.1.0-alpha ## Changelog 5df2262 Add goreleaser action 0dc1e36 Add initial index generator with draft summary output a6339d5 Adding Table of Contents on the final file b4209d6 Adding codecov integration on Githu
github-actions[bot] pysal / momepy Python Urban Morphology Measuring Toolkit v0.5.1
littlebtc otohime-site / web TypeScript The Otohime site web front-end, written in TypeScript / React. v20.10.2 * Redesign landing page. * Fix footer years and add help link. * Add internal level / rating help link.
Dimon-II Dimon-II / CardArrange Pascal Program for processing scanned card games - slipit and align. CardArrange
demv-system demvsystems / yup-ast TypeScript Rewrite of the original yup-ast due to licensing problems (with consent of the original author). v1.2.1 ## [1.2.1]( (2021-10-20) ### Bug Fixes * **GH-Actions:** change secret for github token ([c3a9eac](
mpaglia0 mpaglia0 / Z JavaScript A Pelican blog theme based on Clean Blog layout v1.0 First public stable release
jreisinger pan-net-security / kcount Go Count Kubernetes objects across clusters v0.1.1
AlvaroVega telefonicaid / fiware-keypass Java Keypass is a multitenant XACML Authorization Server (Access Control) with PAP (Policy Administration Point) and PDP (Policy Decision Point) capabilities used by IoT Platform. 1.8.0 ## What's Changed * add user/password db env var by @AlvaroVega in * Update Dockerfile to use centos 7.9 by @AlvaroVega in https://github
AlvaroVega telefonicaid / fiware-keystone-spassword Python Keystone SPASSWORD is an OpenStack Keystone extension that enables some extra security checks over user passwords, as force the usage of strong passwords, expiration time for a password, number of bad login attempts before user account became temporarily blocked, a recover procedure password, second factor authentication (2FA), etc. 1.11.0 ## What's Changed * upgrade to keystone stein version by @AlvaroVega in * Update keystone.smartcity.conf by @AlvaroVega in htt
duplooysy alexander-forbes / C# Provides email Where specifications. v2.0.0 **Full Changelog**:
hretim hretim / NXos-XP no-lang Это ОС создана на базе E2 в Gmod на сервере NxServ Expression2 NXos-XP Еще не закончена, ещё многое нужно добавить оптимизировать Мы ждем вашей помощи и будем рады новым идея
tbsgit tbsgit / christmaswreath TypeScript MakeCode Christmas Interactive Wreath v0.0.1
github-actions[bot] nabeo / mackerel-plugin-aws-transitgateway Go mackerel-plugin for AWS Transit Gateway v0.0.2
AlvaroVega telefonicaid / orchestrator Python Orchestrator groups all provision operations for IoT Platform that tipically implies several steps or several systems interaction. 3.4.0 ## What's Changed * Update Dockerfile to 7.7.1908 by @AlvaroVega in * Task/increase min length password by @AlvaroVega in
vasiliy-fofanov-stenn StennGroup / stenn-aspnetcore-versioning C# ASP.NET Core Api and OData 8.0+ versioning implementation 1.0.20 Initial release - Support versioning for ASP.NET Core without '{version}' placeholder in routing - Support versioning for OData 8.+ - Support Swagger generation for OData 8.+ - Support
weiztech weiztech / rust-swapi-client Rust Rust client for Star Wars API ( 0.0.3
mcdachpappe mcdachpappe / android_kernel_oneplus_sdm845 C mcd kernel for OnePlus6 and T - force pushes might happen r10 ### Two-in-One kernel image installer: The installer detects your current installed OS (OxygenOS 11 / custom ROM) and flashes the correct image file. ### Prerequisite: Your custom ROM must be up
tmfc tmfc / RebbVal-Python Python Python3 version of RebbVal 1.0.0 1.0.0 released
janikvonrotz Mint-System / Odoo-Apps-Project Python Collection of project model related modules. v14. v14.
github-actions[bot] saschazar21 / webassembly C++ A WebAssembly Monorepo @saschazar/wasm-avif@2.0.1 #### 🐛 Bug Fix - chore: updated node versions in Github workflow [#511]( ([@saschazar21]( - fix(avif): updated A
Raptor85 Raptor85 / proton-ge-custom-workarounds Scala Compatibility tool for Steam Play based on Wine and additional components proton-ge-cw-201021 Proton-6.19-GE-2 with workarounds for the following games in addition to the Proton-GE game fixes - Castlevania Advance Collection ([1552550](
lutskanu cutwise / php-graph-sdk PHP The Facebook SDK for PHP provides a native interface to the Graph API and Facebook Login. 5.8.1
mklemarczyk trogon / ketupa-predicates C# Parsing library to evaluate predicates v1.0.1 Backwards compatibility with .NET Framework Includes: Backwards compatibility #20
github-actions[bot] p12s / in-memory-cache Go My concurrency safe in-memory cache version v1.0.3 Created new package version
LEJOUI LEJOUI / light-entity-row JavaScript Fork: Entity row for lights with sliders for adjusting different values based on features v0.3.1b Test code improvement **Full Changelog**:
github-actions[bot] jgsu-acm / jgsuoj-frontend Vue A multiple pages app built for OnlineJudge 20211020T174518
Xunnamius Xunnamius / typescript-utils JavaScript Various generic utility types and typed functions for TypeScript projects all-types@1.0.1 ### [1.0.1]( (2021-10-20) #### 🪄 Fixes * **packages:** ensure import aliases are translated properly in di
github-actions[bot] runjiangufen / widgets-resources TypeScript Mono repository of Mendix Platform Supported Widgets atlasui-theme-files-2021-10-20
Pathum456 Pathum456 / Pathum456 no-lang Config files for my GitHub profile. pathum /** * @author : Pathum Kaleesha * @since : 0.1.0 **/
github-actions[bot] 1916956080 / OpenWrt_R7800_Stable no-lang 跟随LEDE主线更新。极致AP版和精简版,更新频率:跟随源码更新而更新 2021.10.20-1739
3mmaRand Cloud-SPAN / genomics03-using-the-command-line Python Using the Command Line Interface v0.1.0
github-actions[bot] yanorei32 / yr32-skinbuilder Shell A simple, lightweight, open-source osu! skin latest ## Commits - 3d6eac9: Update commit hash to a8f39e0 (Renovate Bot) [#5](
Greedy-Rishi Greedy-Rishi / ReleaseTest no-lang Documentation for the Unity Integration v0.0.3b
e-coders Educational-Websites / HTML Our Website 1.1.5 v1.1.5 is Out!! ### New Contributors Hargunbeer Singh Adatta1276 Aman Shetty
joowankim joowankim / DDD-Kurly-Clone-Order Java 코드숨 마켓컬리 Domain Driven Design 클론 코딩 스터디 주문팀 v0 asd
t-poeschl t-poeschl / laravel-instagram PHP A laravel wrapper to use instagram API and to cache posts v1.0.5
OlivierArgentieri ArtFXDev / silex-desktop JavaScript Silex desktop application v1.0.0
xuhanqiu1995 xuhanqiu1995 / tail Go Go package for reading from continously updated files (tail -f) v1.0.4
healkeiser healkeiser / Cioxo Python Cioxo pipeline v0.0.1-alpha **Full Changelog**:
yxwzaxns copha-project / copha JavaScript A general framework for running custom network tasks. 0.0.3
github-actions[bot] chaostoolkit / chaostoolkit-kubernetes Python Kubernetes driver extension of the Chaos Toolkit probes and actions API 0.26.0
github-actions[bot] aswifi / UA2F C Change User-agent to F-words on OpenWRT router to prevent being checked. 20211020T171700
arookas arookas / aradar no-lang Universal radar addon for GZDOOM v1.0 Initial release
nickliuaspose aspose-cells / Aspose.Cells-for-PHP-via-Java PHP Repository contains the project files of Aspose.Cells for PHP via Java & its dependencies. 21.10
kentwelcome InfuseAI / primehub-admission Python 🎟️ PrimeHub admission controller 20211020
cesarlr coopdevs / monitoring-role Jinja Ansible role to install exporter tools to monitor hosts remotely v0.4.0 ### Added - Added Postgresql Exporter #11
github-actions[bot] jimmy-yao / AutoBuild-Actions Shell 在线编译 Openwrt | 一键在线更新固件 | Dev AutoUpdate
anden3 anden3 / holodex-rs Rust Rust wrapper for the Holodex v2 API. v0.2.0
LegameMc SlowTomato / CMI-API Java Public API for CMI plugin
TAN-Gaming TAN-Gaming / FalloutNV-No-Registry-Patch C No-Registry Patch for Fallout New Vegas (GOG Version) v1.1.0 Removed malloc
github-actions[bot] Cyberdog52 / facilitator-backend Java Lambda Team Meeting Facilitator lambda-facilitator-0.1.1 A Helm chart for Kubernetes
tolgahanacar tolgahanacar / recycle PHP Recycle ... 1.0.2 - Added bootstrap support. - File configuration and included file paths have been adjusted. - Added SEO Tags. - Minor security fixes and improvements to some pages. - Improvements were made in gen
grandmasterdev grandmasterdev / github-action-aws-cdk-update TypeScript Github action to auto update aws-cdk modules latest **Full Changelog**:
github-actions[bot] simonecorsi / is-async-function JavaScript Simple package to check if a function is either an AsyncFunction or not 1.2.1 ### [1.2.1]( (2021-10-20) ### Bug Fixes * adds missing npm description ([9bd48fe](
leolikescoding daqnext / go_finance_client Go golang version client for finance server v0.0.2 v0.0.2
Johannestegner jitesoft / babel-preset-main JavaScript A babel preset used by the Jitesoft organization. 2.13.2
johnletey KYVENetwork / evm TypeScript ✅ The official KYVE EVM integration. v0.0.1 Minor release that uses `v0.0.5` of `@kyve/core`.
github-actions[bot] DanySK / workflows Ruby Ready-to-reuse GitHub actions workflows 0.1.0-dev0"
Krystallixxx Krystallixxx / MineSense-ResourcePack-1.12.2 no-lang This is a texture pack created for minecraft version 1.12.2, used in anarchy and has 2 versions at the moment.Created this package by Krystallixxx#0154 TexturePack
DaanV2 DaanV2 / action-commit-amount-last-release TypeScript Retrieves the amount of that have been made since the last release latest
bartvanbenthem bartvanbenthem / gofound-webapp Go A project template for creating an basic web application in Go, with example content. v0.9
epijim epijim / admiral R ADaM in R Asset Library v0.3.0-example This is an example of the validation gh-action being automatically triggered, and creating a validation PDF then uploading to this release. It is designed to run automatically whenever a release is
khizarhayat khizarhayat / MediaRecorder Kotlin A simple Media recorder button having recording and play / pause feature v1.0.1
respost respost / OmgTranslucentStatusBar Java Android沉浸式(透明)状态栏框架,支持安卓4.0以上版本,简单易用,一行代码即可让状态栏更加美观。 1.0 Android沉浸式(透明)状态栏框架,支持安卓4.0以上版本,简单易用,一行代码即可让状态栏更加美观。
JakubMatejka keboola / middy-error-logger JavaScript Error logger middleware for Middy 2.0.0 ## What's Changed * Upgrade to use Middy 2.x and migrate to Github Actions (PS-2665) by @JakubMatejka in **Full Changelog**: https://git
Hecate2 Hecate2 / AnyUpdate Python Update my contract to be yours, and use your contract without deploying it, like a flashLoan! (Though you can still run your contract with a bare NeoVM) 0.0.0 No guarantee for validity and correctness
Shillaker faasm / faabric C++ Messaging and state layer for distributed serverless applications v0.1.2 ## What's Changed * Remove unneeded build in format CI checks by @csegarragonz in * Change isContextShutdown type by @csegarragonz in
feuzeu jaxon-php / jaxon-symfony PHP Jaxon library integration for the Symfony framework v3.4.0 Changes: - Now using the session service or the request stack service to implement session feature. - Requirements upgraded to Symfony versions >=4.3 or 5.*.
sbsekiguchi sony / nnabla-rl Python Deep reinforcement learning library built on top of Neural Network Libraries v0.10.0 release-note-bugfix - [Fix interactive-demos used in colab]( and [Fix interactive-demos used in colab about gpu id](
zhangkaiser zhangkaiser / chromeos-shuangpin-ime TypeScript chromeos双拼输入法,基于google-input-tools开发,支持拼音加加、小鹤、微软等双拼解决方案。 0.04 提升部分推荐的候选词精准性。 提高连打或者盲打的精准度。
dreams-enterprise-bot getdreams / dreams-web-sdk JavaScript ☁️ Dreams Web SDK v0.1.4 ## [0.1.4]( (2021-10-20)
JeroGamingYT JeroGamingYT / NoAdvertisings PHP Block ads for other servers. 0.0.1 Test
penndev penndev / rtmp-go Go 基于rtmp协议开发的直播服务器,支持rtmp,http-flv播放 v0.0.2 add the http-flv play
francoischalifour algolia / react-instantsearch TypeScript ⚡️ Lightning-fast search for React and React Native applications, by Algolia. v6.11.0 # [6.11.0]( (2021-05-04) ### Features * **connectNumericMenu:** add support for floating point values ([#3047](https://
tquiviger saagie / mlflow Python Open source platform for the machine learning lifecycle v1.20.2
Liberatys renuo / sidekiq-limit_fetch Ruby Sidekiq strategy to support an advanced queue control – limiting, pausing, blocking, querying v3.4.1
DianQK DianQK / joplin TypeScript Joplin - an open source note taking and to-do application with synchronization capabilities for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS. Forum: v2.5.4-m1
FrankSchnicke eclipse-basyx / java-sdk Java java-sdk 1.0.1 For details, see [Release Plan 1.0.1 (Java)](
github-actions[bot] shu-go / wfw Go generates Windows Fiirewall (netsh advfirewall) commands from JSON rules v0.1.1 ## Changelog 58d9772 fix(cmd): localport when protocol is tcp or udp
philipmasser goodson-softwaresolutions-gmbh / Magento2-Category-Redirect PHP Magento 2 Menu to simply customize the menu with additional URLs: Create a category, enter the redirect, done 3.1.1
fsmosca fsmosca / BayesianElo C++ Bayesian Elo Rating estimator fork based on 0057.1.0 * Add addwld command to input win/loss/draw for the first player. ``` ./bayeselo ResultSet>addplayer A ResultSet>addplayer B ResultSet>players Num. Name games score 0
dsrkafuu dsrkafuu / dsr-index SCSS Index page of all DSR domains. v2.1.7
csbwlsr csbwlsr / btcd no-lang An alternative full node bitcoin implementation written in Go (golang) v0.25.0-beta
github-actions[bot] eifinger / hass-weenect Python Homeassistant integration for weenect v2.0.3 ## [2.0.3]( (2021-10-20) ### Bug Fixes * Define minimum HA version 2021.5.0 ([1506a1e](
MrNadimi MrNadimi / ClubHub Java Unofficial clubhouse for Android 1.2.10
F1nnM F1nnM / express-git-hook JavaScript A lightweight module for handling Github webhooks compatible with express and the default http server. 0.2.0
LilyAndres Southern-Cross-Plant-Science / cdno Makefile Compositional Dietary Nutrition Ontology 2.2 This new release includes the addition of 25 new terms that include vitamins according to the issue #57 and the addition of one term mentioned in issue #56 `‘methylmercury compound’`. I edited th
nezhar anexia-it / drf-simple-access-key Python A library that provides a simple token authorization for Django REST framework. 1.0.0 ### Added - Django REST framework permission class for simple access key authorization
vasiliy-fofanov-stenn StennGroup / stenn-msbuild-extensions no-lang MsBuild targets extensions 1.0.11 Initial release - Configure assembly version - Support nuget packages checks for single nuget versions' file solution structure - Restrict project reference check - Include SourceLink.GitHu
github-actions[bot] mob-sakai / UpmGitExtension C# This package extends the UI of Unity Package Manager (UPM) for the packages installed from git repository. 2.0.0-preview.1 # [2.0.0-preview.1]( (2021-10-20) ### Features * support Unity 2020.2 or later ([557d979](
github-actions[bot] doitintl / secrets-init Go minimalistic init system for containers with AWS/GCP secrets support 0.4.2 [Full Changelog]( **Merged pull requests:** - Decode AWS Secret manager Key/Value [\#18](
staugur staugur / ip Go 查询IP信息及提供RESTApi查询接口 v0.2.0
amirshnll amirshnll / BigDump PHP Staggered import of large and very large MySQL Dumps (like phpMyAdmin dumps) even through the web servers with hard runtime limit and those in safe mode. | Persian Translation Version 1.0 **BigDump Persian**
lmhfq lmhfq / payeco PHP 易联支付sdk 1.0.0
1259187996 1259187996 / demo Python python xxx1 xxx1
Cupidor njgnGroup / website_cdn no-lang 官网cdn 0.0.1t
github-actions[bot] gdg-berlin-android / ZeThree Kotlin ZeAppp v3, created by Android enthusiasts joining the Droidcon 2021 in Berlin, coming to the GDG Booth and writing code, 15 minutes at a time v0.0.10
github-actions[bot] madeinoz67 / omiocnc-x6-2200epl Makefile Documentation and repository for my OMIO CNC X6-2200EPL Router v0.0.10
ImaginalaticWizardry ImaginalaticWizardry / readme- no-lang Jao Right Forward to hearing from you and your family
m0nixga m0nixga / BestForME no-lang RECOMMANDED APP AND PROGRAM mod
burus86 burus86 / phpweb-cpd PHP Copy/Paste Detector (CPD) for PHP Web projects. Check CPD on PHP and Twig files v1.2.1
iChenLei wxmlfile / eslint-plugin-wxml JavaScript ESLint plugin for wxml v0.0.4 * basic eslint-plugin-wxml feature
LeonardoESousa LeonardoESousa / NEMO Python Absorption, fluorescence and phosphorescence spectrum simulations. Intersystem crossing (ISC) rate calculations. Förster radius and singlet exciton diffusion length estimates. Interfaces with QChem. v0.1.0 # Initial Version
RumstiBumsti RumstiBumsti / TcLibraryVersions C# Overview of all Twincat versions and corresponding libraries. You can clone the script and update the table if you see that it's incomplete. v1.0.0 download the zib-file and execute TcLibraryVersions.exe. Use the options -t -c. The repo will be cloned on your disk at C:\Temp\TcLibraryVersions Push the changes to your repo and create a pull requ
raidenkkj raidenkkj / Raiden-Tweaks Shell Repository for raiden tweaks, a tweaker kernel with various profiles you can choose according to your taste. 3.2.2 [**_RaidenTweaks - RX-7_**]( **_Stable version_** > **Changelog:** - **Changing icons in the app.** - **New
AdanAlonso Usabi / poormans_export Ruby Poorman's Export is a simple but powerful CSV and XLS exporter v0.2 - Adds custom headers
aheiland aheiland / Fregata PHP Fregata - a PHP database migrator v1.0.4
Bigfish8 Bigfish8 / esbuild-plugin-vue-next TypeScript an esbuild plugin for vue 3.x SFC v0.1.0
tomashibm IBM / varnish-operator Go Run and manage Varnish clusters on Kubernetes 0.28.0 * Upgrade the default Varnish version from `6.1.1` to `6.5.1`. See the [release notes]( for what's changed since `6.1.1`. One of the breaki
SamCool939 SamCool939 / KellyOS no-lang A cute mod for Progressbar95 Pre-release This is a pre-release version. Feel free to give some opinions and requests! Changelog: - Finishing wallpapers - Changing boot logo - First wave of logo changes - Add 'ChocoBar Classic
jrjohnson jrjohnson / in-string-list JavaScript Check if a string is in a list of strings v1.0.0 ## [v1.0.0]( [Full Changelog]( **Merged pull requests:** - Dogfood in
slhogle slhogle / hambiConsumerCompetition R Supporting data and code for: "Effects of phenotypic variation on consumer coexistence and prey community structure" v1.0.0 The purpose of this release is to generate a citeable Zenodo doi which is required for publication in Ecology Letters.
github-actions[bot] armosec / opa-utils Go Armo utils for opa scanning v0.0.11
ElRochito Soyhuce / laravel-docker PHP Interact with a Docker instance 1.5.4 ### Fixed - Correction composer.json
robberphex robberphex / sockfwd Go Forward between sockets v0.1.0
ravismula mlsquare / mlsquare Python A framework for democratizing AI v0.2.2 ## What's Changed * changes as per suggestions from PR#15 by @leoninekev in * irt models with nas by @leoninekev in
AJAYAJ AJAYAJ / testing Java testing for dependency creattion taken a dummy app from online and pushed here 1.0.1
koertho heimrichhannot / contao-twig-templates-bootstrap5-bundle Twig Bootstrap 5 extension for Twig Templates Bundle 0.1.11 0.1.11
aonwittawat aonwittawat / GreenNews CSS แผนที่ข่าวสิ่งแวดล้อม โดยสำนักข่าวสิ่งแวดล้อม | GreenNews ตัวอย่างระบบแผนที่ข่าวสิ่งแวดล้อม โดยสำนักข่าวสิ่งแวดล้อม |
github-actions[bot] Alliantum / odoo_serial_generator Python Odoo Addon for Serial Numbers automatic generation v13.
Hansin1997 dustlight-cn / storage Java Storage service for Spring Boot, Provides an easy-to-use storage service for the Spring Boot project, including local storage and cloud storage. Spring Boot 储存服务,包括本地储存和云储存(阿里云OSS、腾讯云COS) 0.0.6 * 支持 MinIO 。(通用 S3) * 生成预签名 URL 时,允许不设置过期时间。(无过期时间)
BlackIQ BlackIQ / UG-Search Python Search users in Github. Created with Flask, PipEnv, Heroku and free time. ugs-v-0.5.2 # UG Search | 0.5.2 **Merged pull requests:** - #1 by [Erfan Saberi]( - #2 by [Erfan Saberi]( - #3 by [Erfan Saberi](https://git
adhocore adhocore / please Shell please is semver release made easy, detects current version from API or tags and next version from commits, creates detailed changelogs that are configurable. v0.12.2 ### Bug Fixes - Junk semicolon (Jitendra Adhikari) [_247c08e_](
frznman frznman / yt-dlp-server Python Web / REST interface for downloading YouTube videos and saving them as MP3s v1.0.0
ZumiKua ZumiKua / libgdx-webp-loader C A webp loader for libGDX v0.1.0-alpha-2
simetrio simetrio / utf8-js-tools TypeScript Encode/Decode text in utf8 encoding 1.0.1 Encode/Decode text in utf8 encoding
jose-mayosoftware jose-mayosoftware / super-linter Shell Combination of multiple linters to install as a GitHub Action v4.8.1
MiranaZJXLSQ entertainment-venue / sarama no-lang Sarama is a Go library for Apache Kafka 0.8, and up. v1.30.1
mahmudur85 mahmudur85 / iperf-jni C++ An iperf3 android library v1.0.0 Published to mavenCentral v1.0.0
enthusiasticBoy enthusiasticBoy / learn-github C++ test repro to learn github v0.1.0 test release
maxill1 maxill1 / ialarm-mqtt JavaScript ialarm to mqtt bridge v0.9.2 - fixed triggered status - improved logging - disconnect on every tcp message received in attempt to fix [issue 23]( - optional configuration as yam
7eu7d7 7eu7d7 / sysu_report Python 中山大学自动每日健康打卡 v1
seiya0412 whill-labs / aws-iot-device-client-python Python The AWS IoT Device Client provides device-side functionality for AWS IoT services such as jobs, device shadow, and simple pubsub. v0.1.1 ## What's Changed * added by @seiya0412 in * throw class-specific exception instead of generic Exception by @se
gitscosh encominternational / HTML A mirror. v1.140.0 Update fork from upstream.
theojulienne theojulienne / rbspy no-lang Sampling profiler for Ruby hack-prerelease-3.0.3
Shishamou A2Workspace / laravel-jwt PHP 一個隨開即用的 API 認證服務。 v1.0.0
github-actions[bot] Cyclonekid / NanoPi-R4S-2021 Shell 基于 Lean&Lienol 源码的 NanoPi R4S 的 OpenWrt 固件。每天自动更新插件和内核,Fusion编译法 2021.10.20-Lean3 🔗 [Cowtransfer]( 🔗 [WeTransfer](
hzzheyang hzzheyang / strongR-frida-android no-lang An anti detection version frida-server for android. 14.2.1
rrwick rrwick / Polypolish-paper Python Supplementary figures, tables and scripts for the Polypolish paper v1.0 Making this release to get a Zenodo DOI for the Polypolish paper 😄
gabor-boros gabor-boros / minutes Go Sync worklogs between multiple time trackers, invoicing, and bookkeeping software. v0.1.0 ## Changelog 6391c0f build(goreleaser): add post build hook to call upx d25eab8 build(make): add initial Makefile 5911595 build: add coverage reporting 291bc75 build: add several Makefile improvement
huzx0608 dingodb / dingo Java A Hybrid Serving & Analytical Processing Database. dingov0.1.0 # DingoDB 0.1.0 Release Notes * Cluster 1. Distributed computing. Cluster nodes are classified into coordinator role and executor role. 1. Distributed meta data storage. Support creating
Shishamou A2Workspace / laravel-model-builder PHP 提供建立複雜資料的模型生成器 v1.0.0 自原本專案抽離
TrollFeed TrollFeed / autosub-ahk AutoHotkey A GUI for AutoSub, written in AutoHotkey v1.1.8
particularbot4 Particular / NServiceBus.Persistence.Sql C# Native SQL Persistence for NServiceBus 6.2.1 As part of this release we had [310 commits]( which resulted in [1 issue](
mrjameshamilton mrjameshamilton / klox Kotlin A Kotlin implementation of lox with a JVM backend built using ProGuardCORE v2.0 Adds a JVM backend based on ProGuardCORE.
nadeal nadeal / YakerKit Objective-C YakerKit远程仓库 0.1.1
ivbhatt ivbhatt / dashboard_netload_forecasting Jupyter Notebook This repository will house code for the data and result visualization dashboard for net load forecasting v1 This version should have most of the functionality. We want add more readability and support to the code base
dannysigalovich MapColonies / automation-discrete-kit Python This package provide multiple utilities for discrete manipulations and validation tools 0.0.1
github-actions[bot] doctolib / homebrew-tap Ruby Homebrew Third-Party repository libpq-11.5_1
oliverson tamtriluccom / DaoTaoSTNHD no-lang Cài đặt siêu trí nhớ học đường, bản Developer cho Đào Tạo Đối Tác v1.0.0
brandonmcconnell brandonmcconnell / scss-typewriter SCSS A fully functional and flexible typewriter mixin for SCSS, supporting multiple strings, multi-line strings, per-string styling options, animated caret (blinking insertion cursor), custom speed options for character typing/deleting/pausing. v0.1.0 This update brings out-of-the-box native support for pseudo-element alt text as well as several rendering improvements. Because pseudo-element alt-text is very bleeding at present, the alt text is
github-actions[bot] WuYoTing / SpringBoot-Rocketmq-PR Java A simple practice about SpringBoot+Rocketmq(PR) v0.1.0
ngeor ngeor / kafka-windows-service-wrapper C# A Windows service wrapper for Apache Kafka v1.1.0 Automatic release v1.1.0
manukj manukj / conscrypt Java Conscrypt is a Java Security Provider that implements parts of the Java Cryptography Extension and Java Secure Socket Extension. 2.5.3
zyyang-taosdata taosdata / DataX Java DataX是阿里云DataWorks数据集成的开源版本。 0.0.1-SNAPSHOT implement tdenginewriter, support migrate data from opentsdb
Woeler PathfinderMediaGroup / publisher-collective-ads-txt-wordpress PHP A Wordpress plugin for auto-updating the Publisher Collective ads.txt file. 1.0.0 Initial release.
jruels jruels / learn-terraform-modules HCL Companion module to the Advanced Modules track on tags/ec2-blank
losizm losizm / beetle Scala A lightweight service framework for Scala. 0.2.0 # What's New? Upgraded library dependencies: * little-config (2.0.0) * little-io (6.0.0) * little-json (9.0.0) * little-security (1.1.0) * little-sql (3.0.0) * little-time (2.0.0) * s
github-actions[bot] Niam5 / mangos-tbc C++ C(ontinued)-MaNGOS is about: -- Doing WoW-Emulation Right! latest ## Commits - 3df2481: Add Eluna Lua Engine Submodule (Ethan)
ololx ololx / mouse-twitch-timer no-lang This is a very simple a few lines off code app - for the twitching the mouse every n seconds v0.0.1-alpha This is a first initial pre-release for simple testing Just execute: ```java java -jar {path to jar} {timer in seconds} ``` For instance (when terminal promt open the jar dir) for the 14 min:
KuangGang csdn-mobile / RoundView Java 可以指定圆角的ViewGroup/View(可带边框)。A ViewGroup/View with rounded corners(and stroke). 1.2.0
partha51613 partha51613 / React_Unsplash_Pics HTML React Tutorial by Stephen Folder 7 first
Shegox cla-assistant / cla-assistant JavaScript Contributor License Agreement assistant (CLA assistant) v2.10.0 **See []( for release notes.**
sdoddler sdoddler / Altura-Dev-Tools C# Dev Tools to help Devs and Artists Modify their NFTs via the API. v.02 In this release I've added the Altura Property Changer, updated Icons and just cleaned up the Repo a bit.
github-actions[bot] ddu-connect / dduconnect_app JavaScript DDU Connect's Official Application 0981147 Changed dependencies
sqlcan sqlcan / AutoResEng PowerShell Restore automation engine for SQL Server (On-Prem) V3.00 Contains current working copy of the solution.
MisakaTAT MisakaTAT / Yuri-Kotlin Kotlin 一个基于Kotlin重构的人工智障.jpg v1.0.0
github-actions[bot] distributed-technologies / yggdrasil no-lang This is the repository for the cluster environment 2.0.0
MEEPofFaith MEEPofFaith / testing-utilities-java Java Just some small utilities for sandbox/modding v18 ![icon]( So anyways I ported Testing Utilities to Java. This'll make it easier for me to wor
slfx77 slfx77 / psx_texture_extractor Python Written in Python 3. Requires pyqt5 to run. v0.6 Implemented code from [Raw]( in order to support the 0x10x and 0xd0x palettes. Also cleaned up the code a bit and made the io_thps_scene code call the extract_p
datamapsvotes datamapsvotes / rsElections JavaScript An R package to map election results by polling booth v0.1.0 Initial release
JSamuelM JSamuelM / vue-journal-vuex Vue Codigo fuente de diarios con Vue.js & Vuex v1.0.0 #Descripcion * Vuex configurado * Journal hecho
moreavy moreavy / employee-manager-m Jinja A place to store data of employees 1.0.1
jrjohnson jrjohnson / dartajax-music JavaScript Tool for discovering things about the San Francisco music legend DartAjax v0.0.3 ## [v0.0.3]( [Full Changelog]( \* *These notes were automatically crea
blogchik blogchik / telegram-bot PHP PHP Source - Telegram Bot - Standart Method telegram-bot
asifamingov qld-gov-au / web-template-release HTML The Queensland Government Web template released assets v4.0.10 Description of change | Images | Styles | Scripts | Includes | Template -- | -- | -- | -- | -- | -- [QOL-7345] Mobile breadcrumb fix - On mobile, a [Previous page] breadcrumb that has a long charac
ciellos-dev ciellos-dev / d365fo-lcs-environment-start PowerShell Start a specified environment through LCS. v0.1.1
ciellos-dev ciellos-dev / d365fo-lcs-environment-stop PowerShell Stop a specified environment through LCS. v0.1.1
cquiroz typelevel / spire Scala Powerful new number types and numeric abstractions for Scala. v0.18.0-M1 This is the first milestone (pre-)release of 0.18.0. It is not binary compatible with 0.17.0 and may not be binary compatible with 0.18.0 final. It is published for Scala 2.13 and 3.1, as well as Scal
AlexV525 fluttercandies / flutter_photo_manager Dart A Flutter plugin that provides assets abstraction management APIs without UI integration, you can get assets (image/video/audio) on Android, iOS and macOS. 1.3.9 ## What's Changed * 🚑️ Fix `presentLimited` issue on iOS 14 real devices by @AlexV525 in **Full Changelog**: https://gi
github-actions[bot] ptarmiganlabs / butler-cw JavaScript Cache warming for Qlik Sense. Proactively load Sense apps into memory in order to minimise load time and maximise user experience butler-cw-v3.0.0 ### ⚠ BREAKING CHANGES * Align release process to Butler tools. All Butler tools will soon share the same low-maintenance - yet more powerful - release process. This will slightly cha
neha-mishraa jfbetapipeorg / templates no-lang Test repo for JFrog Pipelines templates shippable/A_Templates_6971_003@1.0.0
sandywang mike-haobo / DicomAnonymizer no-lang DicomAnonymizer alpha Dicom Anonymizer for Win10, Ubuntu and Mac OS Unzip and click "DicomAnonymizer" for tesing
zachbryant zachbryant / appmold Shell A template for cloning starters and running client and/or server code concurrently. 0.0.3 Updated preference towards single-concern repositories. No more node_modules.
Kemsekov Kemsekov / GraphSharp C# GraphSharp is a node based graph implementation GraphSharp
jcarrill0 jcarrill0 / curso-node-restserver JavaScript Create REST API in NodeJs v1.0.0 #RestServer + WebServer Configuraciones iniciales listas
Meodinger Meodinger / LabelPlusFX Kotlin A JavaFX LabelPlus for version [1,0] v2.1.0 阶段性发布,增加了好多细节设置,没有写Change Log
eclarityhealthsolutions eclarityhealthsolutions / Downloads no-lang This repository contains the Installers and Updates for eClarity eclarity
ikenfin ikenfin / vite-plugin-sentry TypeScript Vite plugin acting as an interface to SentryCLI v1.0.10 **Full Changelog**:
MatthewRalston MatthewRalston / kmerdb Python Python bioinformatics CLI for k-mer count distribution and transition probabilities. v0.0.10 The true alpha release. Bugfixes #46, makes everything fully pipeable by standardizing on `nargs="*"` instead of `nargs="+"` to permit implicit STDIN reading: ```bash #
lin557 lin557 / vue-video-monitor Vue vue dvr monitor v1.0.7 1. 增加自定义右键菜单功能 2. 增加顶部自定义信息显示 3. 顶部栏显示时录像图标位置调整 4. 播放flv时支持网速显示
JanST123 gridscale / gsclient-js TypeScript The official gridscale API client written in TypeScript / JavaScript v.1.2.4 Fix missing build
github-actions[bot] devprojx / vue-document-builder JavaScript A drag and drop html document builder based on the GrapesJS web builder framework. v1.0.1 ## [1.0.1]( (2021-10-20) ### Bug Fixes * **vue-document-builder:** remove dependent files ([5665a45](
japerry acquia / perz-api-php PHP Public api to connect Personalization sites with the Acquia Perz API 0.1.2
github-actions[bot] philip-gai / repost TypeScript (repo)st - A 🤖 for posting new GitHub discussions using pull requests 📬 v0.2.0
yialexlee yialexlee / LiveTVAPP Java LiveTV is a web app and an android webview app that allow user free to watch TV online apk
liran liran / concurrency Go A concurrency tool v1.0.2
whoami213 whoami213 / laravel-bootstrap-notify PHP This will ease to show notification to a user on form submission v1.0.0 Initial Release
thamara thamara / improved-bga-game-info-extension JavaScript See more information about a game in its page on BGA. v1.0.0 Be able to see more information from a game in Board Game Arena using Board Game Geek information. This is a browser extension that will display more information about a given game when visiting its
JamStudiosCorporation JamStudiosCorporation / dynamic-client no-lang A Client with all in one Dynamic Experience. curseforge This is a Curseforge, Forge ModLoader for 1.16.5 that can be launched within the Curseforge App. - 1.16.5 - v1.9.2 - Forge - MC 1.16.5 - Curseforge | Downlaod - v1.9.1 - Forge - MC 1.16.5 - Cu
feliperomero3 feliperomero3 / MoneySmart C# A very simple modern Web Application to capture personal everyday income and expenses. v0.1.0-preview First preview release ever.
lacakp lacakp / Project-Fruit-Image-Classification Jupyter Notebook Digital Image Processing - Fruit Classification - Color Detection v1.0
guilryder guilryder / clavier-plus C++ Clavier+ keyboard shortcuts manager for Windows release11.1.1 * Added support for "\\" key on RT-102 keyboards. * Fixed minor UI issues. * Refreshed URLs.
ajaxjiang96 tuxmart / xeokit-gltf-to-xkt JavaScript CLI tool to convert glTF to xeokit .XKT format v2.0.0 ## What's Changed * Add new option to export gltf2xkt-json file by @qs-wang in ## New Contributors * @qs-wang made their first contributi
github-actions[bot] ovrclk / helm-charts Mustache Helm Charts for Akash.Network akash-node-0.1.0 A Helm chart for Kubernetes
roberth1927 roberth1927 / restaurantAdministrator CSS Virtual restaurant manager - Angular v1.0.0 * Route implementation * Login page * Registration page
sheldonbrax pvtl / rfg-sso-snippet PHP RFG SSO Snippet 1.0.2
stephengust projectvain / vainOpenSource no-lang Project Vain (vainOpenSource) Open Source (Public) v0.0.0.0 The beginning... **Full Changelog**:
ignacioainol ignacioainol / counter-angular TypeScript basic counter angular 12 v0.1.0 #Notas Bases de Angular
github-actions[bot] DFlinmo / Actions-lede-UA2F Shell Actions-lede-UA2F 2021.10.20-1248
chriseaton appku / stashku JavaScript Stashku is a flat-data, format agnostic, platform for performing RESTful operations on data storage mediums such as databases, and files, and even APIs. v-0.3.28 Final 0.3.x release. - Support for all CRUD based RESTful methods (PUT, GET, POST, DELETE respectively). - Request <-> Response architecture. - Support for middleware plugins. - Configurab
HopSoy Free-World-Scripts / FWSspeedlimit Lua SpeedlimitUI FiveM V1.0 This is a speed limit UI, Simple enough Join the Discord for support: [Discord](
bschilder neurogenomics / orthogene HTML orthogene: Interspecies gene mapping latest Data release
seangwright wiredviews / xperience-page-builder-utilities C# This package provides an ASP.NET Core Tag Helper to help toggle the rendering of markup in a Razor View based on the Kentico Xperience Page Builder mode of the current request. v1.0.0 The original package [WiredViews.Xperience.PageBuilderModeTagHelper]( created from this repository has been replaced by 2
nesoto nesoto / JavaScriptEntrega1 HTML Entrega 1 Curso CODERHOUSE public Entrega 1 Nicolas Soto JavaScript
DixusSlim mx51 / spi-samples-java Java Java reference POS implementation. 2.9.0
dfCarvajal205 dfCarvajal205 / Ejercicio6Web-useEffect-RyM JavaScript Ejercicio 6 Web. useEffect. Rick and Morty Ejercicio4 Ejercicio 4 Web
jesserockz esphome / esphome-docs Python Source for documentation files. 2021.10.0b10
judithstpehbirdie judithstpehbirdie / super-fish TypeScript A MakeCode project v0.0.1
duplooysy alexander-forbes / notus C# Provides a notification object that collects errors and warnings. v1.0.0 **Full Changelog**:
Bismarck-GM Bismarck-GM / bmw-test-drive JavaScript React app that consumes from a Rails API. Users can create accounts, log-in, log-out, set up appointments to test drive BMWs in different dealerships, browse the catalogue and interact in a 360 view of all the cars. v1.0.0
magicdrive magicdrive / git-parallel Shell Run the command in parallel much to multiple repositories v0.1.1 **Full Changelog**:
Dev-hwang Dev-hwang / flutter_bloc_provider Dart This package provides tools to easily implement the bloc pattern. v1.1.0
HalfdanJ HalfdanJ / svelte-adapter-appengine JavaScript Utilise the Google Cloud App Engine infrastructure to host SvelteKit content. v0.0.1
MitchellGray100 MitchellGray100 / Connect4 Java JavaFX based Connect4 Game. v1.0 Solo Player Two Player GUI Backend Title Screen README
kazcw kazcw / jerbs Rust Command-line work-stealing scheduler. v0.1 Initial release; core functionality working.
AncientCatz AncientCatz / NetEase-Music-Downloader Java An application that identifies NetEase music / playlist links, and uses NetEase API to obtain data to play, download songs, display popular reviews of songs, or add songs to the playlist in the software. v1.0 Initial build
github-actions[bot] coolzoom / w1x-vmcore C++ Progressive Vanilla Core aimed at all versions from 1.2 to 1.12 latest ## Commits - 359aa95: Add coin loot to fishing trunks (#1196) (schell244) [#1196]( - 54366f6: Removed Theramore TBC spawns. (#1201) (GrenderG) [#1201](https:/
jordyamc jordyamc / UAGenerator Kotlin Generate random user agent 1.1
github-actions[bot] t7tran / directus TypeScript Open-Source Data Platform — Directus wraps your new or existing SQL database with a realtime GraphQL+REST API for developers, and an intuitive admin app for non-technical users. 🐰 v0.0.4 Directus refs/tags/v0.0.4
Will-Smith-007 Will-Smith-007 / AsyncWorldManager Java Ein asynchroner Manager deiner Welten. MC-Version: 1.17 Release-1.17.1 # Release AsyncWorldManager 1.0-SNAPSHOT ### Beschreibung Dies ist ein Welten Manager, der basierend auf der Asynchronen Programmierung entwickelt wurde. Um ein noch schnelleres Ergebnis zu erziel
rcshim04 dulldesk / covid-cashier Java Final project for ICS4U0 v1.0.1
github-actions[bot] smartforce-io / flutter-caching Dart The Data Caching for Flutter App v1.0.0+3
github-actions[bot] philippeitis / bookworm Rust Fast library management. v0.1.0
somePythonProgrammer TheWebCrafters / PyCraft Python A Minecraft clone written in python and pyglet. v0.0.1-pre ## What's Changed * Change methods not using its bound instance to staticmethods by @deepsource-autofix in * Change methods not using its bound
Nightkniyt Nightkniyt / FNI-Source C The source code of the Friday Night Incident mod! 1.6.1
mpustova stat545ubc-2021 / mpustova_data_analysis no-lang Mini-Data Analysis mini-data-analysis-2 This release contains answers to Milestone 2 of mini data analysis
drajin drajin / onlinetest PHP This Application represents small SPA quiz, with user and admin side PHP
uellenberg uellenberg / Logimat TypeScript A language for abusing mathematical functions and writing things with them that were never meant to be written. It provides an interface for performing logical comparisons (equal, less than, etc) and performing actions on them (if statements). 1.0.10 This release adds a new component of Logimat called templates. Templates allow you to give arguments to Javascript functions that output Logimat code, making it possible to build libraries above sets
gwaygenomics broadinstitute / lincs-profiling-complementarity HTML Analyzing and comparing signal found in different profiling technologies v1 All code, data, instructions, results, and figures required to reproduce the analysis for the paper titled: "Morphology and gene expression profiling provide complementary information for mapping
zhangkeba XiaoMi / galaxy-fds-sdk-cpp C++ C++ SDK for Xiaomi File Data Storage v1.0.0 first release, v1.0.0
booshja booshja / Painting-Joy-frontend JavaScript The Front End of Built with React and Styled Components. v1.0.0 Initial release of React App Front End.
jeacott1 datamine-ims / argocd-example-apps Jsonnet Example Apps to Demonstrate Argo CD staging test staging tag
ArmaghanSarvar stat545ubc-2021 / mda-ArmaghanSarvar HTML This Repo includes the Milestones of the Mini Data Analysis Project. m2 This release contains an exploration of the concept of tidy data and investigates further into the research questions defined in milestone 1.
github-actions[bot] RekGRpth / gost.docker Dockerfile A reference implementation of the Russian GOST crypto algorithms for OpenSSL 3.13
hhyasdf hhyasdf / image-syncer Go Docker image synchronization tool for Docker Registry V2 based services test test
github-actions[bot] VenaMaybe / Equanimity C++ Vena's first Vcv rack plugin experimentation and Luke's sighing as he makes things with her! latest
seeliang seeliang / project-lerna JavaScript molo repo demo @seeliang/dummy@1.1.13 ## [1.1.13]( (2021-10-20) ### Bug Fixes * test ([509e53c](
ao-apps ao-apps / ao-persistence Java Highly efficient persistent collections for Java. ao-persistence-2.0.1 ## Release Links * [Release Notes]( * [Maven Central Repository](
touki24 touki24 / otopost Kotlin Otopost App v1.0.0-alpha changelog: 1. added show all post 2. added show post detaill 3. added edit post 4. added create post 5. added delete post 6. added post cache 7. added dark mode
hqwlkj hqwlkj / flutter_custom_calendar Dart Flutter的一个日历控件 1.1.0 更新 `provider` 到 `^6.0.1`
github-actions[bot] mytting / os-packages no-lang Auto build yum/apt offline resources repo v0.1.0-rc.11
Preocts Preocts / pypiapi Python Pull project information from PyPI JSON API. 1.0.0 **Full Changelog**:
zer0Kerbal zer0Kerbal / SpaceY-Lifters no-lang Parts for large lifting rockets, 5m rocket parts and large SRBs, and matching decouplers for Kerbal Space Program.* ## Version - 2016-02-19 - The unintentionally quick update. - SRB 10R (radial) gimbal range reduced to 2 degrees (from 4). - Base (dry) cost of most SRBs (other than 3.75m models) increas
Nonetory Nonetory / Intergrated-bot Python Running on replit. 1.0 Invite intergrated bot here:
elliotstoner elliotstoner / xljsx-lite JavaScript Generate .xlsx files in the browser using JavaScript with a minimal footprint. v2.0.2 ## What's Changed * [Readme] Update readme with example and installation instructions by @lbittner-pdftron in * Bump ini from 1.3.5 to 1.3.8 by
booshja booshja / Painting-Joy-backend JavaScript This is the back end for It is built using Node, Express, and PostgreSQL. v1.0.0 Initial launch of back end for
dbsiavichay dbsiavichay / django-tracing Python Tracing is a Django app to trace changes in models. v1.0.6 * Fix bug on trace deletions
ao-apps ao-apps / aorepo Java Yum software repository of RPM packages supporting the AOServ Platform. aorepo-0.2.2 ## Release Links * [Release Notes]( * [Maven Repository]( * [GitHub](
zdzhaoyong zdzhaoyong / Svar C++ A Tiny Modern C++ Header Brings Unified Interface for Different Languages v0.2.2 Comparing to version 0.2.1, now v0.2.2 supporting * direct import modules with svar.import() * labmda functions are directly supported. Old version: ``` #include <Svar/Registry.h> a
u0x01 u0x01 / bluedhook Objective-C blued enhanced tweak for iOS publish + snap image intercept + recall message intercept
ao-apps ao-apps / javatator Java Multi-database admin tool. javatator-0.5.1 ## Release Links * [Maven Central Repository]( * [GitHub](
elmagnificogi elmagnificogi / diablo2_resurrected_filter Python diablo2 resurrected loot filter V2.0 2.0版本开始3个mod同步更新,分别适合开荒、中期、大佬玩家
epixinvites epixinvites / wayventure C++ A simple old-school dungeon adventure. 0.1.3 I'll be creating releases less and less frequently due to incompatible savefiles, I'll think of a solution to that in the future. Basically this release adds two things - A completed ver
github-actions[bot] lujjjh / v8-prebuilt Shell The latest prebuilt stable V8.
cybemachine cybemachine / dataselfieapp HTML thanks to daniel shiffman v0.0.1 inital relese
TheonlyIcebear TheonlyIcebear / KrnlCracked no-lang Version of krnl that doesn't require a key 1.2 Updated Ui And added installer option
sketchyboi14 sketchyboi14 / PhoneSploitGui Python A GUI version of the PhoneSpoit CLI tool. v1.1 This setup file will install the program to your Windows computer. **_Pmw seems to cause a lot of issues during compilation so I have it disabled in the exe version of the program. Basically, when yo
yarnie13 yarnie13 / ahk AutoHotkey Compilation of my common ahk scripts, some found on the internet, some made myself a
VictorBX VictorBX / Monke GDScript A short Jump King like game featuring a monkey alpha-v0.1 This early alpha includes: - Walking/Jumping - Collisions with walls/slopes - GUI test - Banana superjump
StephenHwang StephenHwang / UCSC Jupyter Notebook UCSC iGEM 2021 Modeling 1.0.0
LCiZY LCiZY / Puff-Android Java 基于Puff-Android的定制化修改版,适配了Android 11 v1.0
AaronFeickert cypherstack / haven-protocol-review TeX Technical note on Haven Protocol final The final version of the technical note.
github-actions[bot] SporeUI / spore-kit JavaScript 原子化工具函数库 v1.0.1 ## [1.0.1]( (2021-10-20) ### Bug Fixes * 解决 fx.flashAction 方法,未能调用结束回调的问题 ([cc32362](
github-actions[bot] grub4dos / grub2-filemanager Shell GRUB2-based file manager latest ## Commits - c134f54: Delete FUNDING.yml (A1ive) - e36599f: Delete sync_gitee.yml (A1ive) - cb04cb2: Update (A1ive)
JasonSia JasonSia / anchor Rust ⚓ Solana Sealevel Framework v0.17.1 release with clap dependency fix
Mokunoid Mokunoid / MokunoidMods no-lang Mods For Rimworld mod2 ![preview]( [[1.3] More Detailed](
andrewfeed andrewfeed / abusescripts no-lang abuse scripts v1.1 - Переработана структуры проекта - Обновлены сигнатуры - Добавлены скрипты на персонажей: Ursa (атака в крест)
nisheri-ascar nisheri-ascar / proot-distro Shell An utility for managing installations of the Linux distributions in Termux. v2.6.9
zorino zorino / kaamer Go kAAmer - protein identification based on amino acid kmers v0.5.1
RanxinStart RanxinStart / vuepress-plugin-typing JavaScript 一个基于typed.js 组成的vuepress插件. v1.0.0 fix:build error
jonathanni featherdex / featherdex TypeScript FeatherDeX Desktop Trading Application v0.0.3-alpha Fixed conf file selection in settings.
Jepson2k SystemsCyber / Software-Defined-Truck Python The Software Defined Truck project creates an interface between the CARLA driving simulator and a library of physical ECUs. v0.1-beta ## What's Changed * Ethernet carla by @Jepson2k in * Phase1 by @Jepson2k in
somethumb somethumb / slick JavaScript the last carousel you'll ever need v1.8.12
sweatybridge lawliet89 / vault-rs Rust HashiCorp Vault Client in Rust v0.3.0 ## What's Changed * Update base64 requirement from 0.11 to 0.12 by @dependabot-preview in * Migrate to Github Actions by @lawliet89 in https://gith
FabledWeb FabledWeb / shardblade JavaScript Shardblade is a simple, zero-dependency library for doing consistent sharding. It uses MurmurHash3 consistent hashing in order to distribute your keys evenly and consistently. v1.0.3 This release adds better typescript support by adding a DTS (.d.ts) file.
github-actions[bot] Gustavo6046 / MushMatch UnrealScript A social deduction gametype for classic Unreal Tournament. releases/v1.3.1 # 1.3.1 Changelog * Force zero frag limit, and warn if a different value is set in config * Fix the majority of settings; there was no way to set those through INI files * Have bot attitude always
github-actions[bot] akdev1l / mouse_m908 C++ Control various Redragon gaming mice from Linux, BSD and Haiku v3.2
ErickNavarroD stat545ubc-2021 / mda-ErickNavarroD no-lang mda-ErickNavarroD created by GitHub Classroom m2.0 Mini data analysis project updated with the milestone 2.
github-actions[bot] SUSTech-CRA / latex-talk-master TeX 南方科技大学研究生院LaTeX模板使用培训 dev-latest ## Commits - 27dc0cb: update readme (liziwl) - 1b55b39: fix path (liziwl)
crazytim237 crazytim237 / HTML-and-CSS HTML projects that i work on in HTML and CSS v1.1 **Full Changelog**:
yhyzgn yhyzgn / plugin-aspectj Java Some gradle plugins 1.0.0
fangjie-luoxi fangjie-luoxi / gorm-query Go gorm的查询封装 v1.0.3
yunnasiihe yunnasiihe / yunnasiihe no-lang Config files for my GitHub profile. v.1
suhulhu suhulhu / bitracer TypeScript BitRacer 的 MakeCode 擴充功能 v1.0.0
4zx16 4zx16 / boomboxes no-lang Get the releases of this GitHub, and learn more about what you're getting. Roblox
uzirthapa umed-jp / flutter_pw_validator Dart Flutter PW Validator package helps you to validate user entered password in your flutter app. 1.0.0
uglyog pact-foundation / pact-plugins Kotlin Architecture to support plugins with Pact csv-plugin-0.0.0 ## Pact CSV Plugin This is the first release of the CSV plugin. It supports testing interactions with Pact that contain CSV payloads. ## Installation The plugin binary (gz file) for you oper
DoomConquer DoomConquer / modv Go go module relationship visualization tool 0.1.3 add mod depedency graph filter or color function.
CallumWatkins ACWTechnologies / marsnote C# A note taking application designed for simplicity, speed and customisability. v1.0.1 #### Improved - Changed framework target to .NET 4.6.1 to improve performance.
github-actions[bot] 128na / simutrans C++ Mirror of Simutrans SVN Repository Nightly
Sy-Dante Sy-Dante / laravel-eloquent-with-not-overwritten PHP Add a method to Eloquent that does not overwrite the established relationship when relating 'with'. v1.0.0
fangzhengjin fangzhengjin / umi-plugin-panel-tabs Smarty umi-plugin-panel-tabs 0.0.11 增加 页签上限提示弹窗 增加 页签超出显示可点击右侧按钮滚动显示 增加 页签激活时, 如不在可见范围自动滚动到可见范围
Liam-s-c Liam-s-c / vscode-dark-theme no-lang My Visual Studio Code Theme | The Link Below Is Broken 0.1.4 **Full Changelog**:
nekomiya-hinata nekomiya-hinata / CXZX_Guyee JavaScript 创新中心应用服务器静态文件 v1.0 First create CXZX application server static file
koomie pecos / tps C++ Torch Plasma Simulator v1.0 * initial release with standalone compressible flow and EM solvers
kikd kikd / covid19-nagano-analyze MATLAB analyze data from covid19-nagano opendata v1.0.0 Version 1.0.0
SamMatthews1406 SamMatthews1406 / ChatBot-in-C-7.4 C# ChatBot is a program that attempts to have a basic conversation with the user. You might need Visual Studio installed on your machine to run it, but to be completely honest, I don't actually know, so let me know if I'm wrong. CBV7 This is ChatBot Version 7.4. Since idk how to update the source code in projects effectively (without completely removing all the code from the repo and then uploading the new one), the latest version
github-actions[bot] ryanwalters / taparoo TypeScript Simple touch handling React component v1.0.1 ## [1.0.1]( (2021-10-20) ### Bug Fixes * add `main` and `types` properties to package.json ([af7f725](
HaythamElshreif HaythamElshreif / Haytham-Elshreif no-lang Services provider The newest customs clearance instructions , procedures & regulations in egypt
ncrubin quantumlib / OpenFermion-FQE Python The Fermionic Quantum Emulator (FQE) is a fermionic simulation research tool specializing in quantum circuits emulating fermion dynamics. v0.2.0 ## What's Changed * Testing workflow by @ncrubin in * Add testing badge by @ncrubin in
github-actions[bot] wnbittle / praisenter Java Free Church Presentation Software Ubuntu-latest
cloudwafs cloudwafs / captcha-killer no-lang burp验证码识别接口调用插件 0.1.2
Pizzabroodje Pizzabroodje / rss-bridge PHP The RSS feed for websites missing it 2021-10-20
MehulCUB cu-ecen-aeld / assignment-5-MehulCUB Shell assignment-5-MehulCUB created by GitHub Classroom assignment-7-complete assignment-7-complete
paleite paleite / typeface-jetbrains-mono CSS JetBrains Mono font files and accompanying CSS. v2.0.1 - Update deps 4c84f58 - Adapt to missing woff-files f80c7ab - Merge pull request #13 from paleite/dependabot/npm_and_yarn/glob-parent-5.1.2 ef37da5 - Merge pull request #12 from paleite/dependab
github-actions[bot] MQU-HackMac / kctf no-lang kCTF is a Kubernetes-based infrastructure for CTF competitions. For documentation, see v1.3.4 for hack mac 2021
cero-t cero-t / sqltemplate Java Bootiful SQL Template - simple SQL template engine for Spring Boot Application bootiful-sqltemplate-2.0.0 - API redesigned.
mellemahp mellemahp / smithy-bazel-rules Starlark Bazel rules for building and using models defined in the AWS Smithy IDL 0.0.1 First release of the build rules to make them accessible to other projects as an http archive
tylerlong tylerlong / read-to-me-app no-lang Read to Me, read text to me. v0.1.0
mygit2014 mygit2014 / RMIDeserialize no-lang RMI 反序列化环境 一步步 1.1 test
jc21 jc21-rpm / procs Shell Builds for Centos 7/8 v0.11.10 This is an automated build and although assets are provided, it is recommended to use the [official Yum repository](
kazulagi kazulagi / plantFEM Fortran This is a plant/farming simulator based on Finite Element Method, which targets crops in fields. This software provides multi-physical simulations of agriculture for canopies, plants, and organs for farmers, breeders, and agronomists. Please try and give us feedback. This github-page is a mirror of the following gitlab-page. 21.10 Dear all, plantFEM 21.10 is released on 20th Oct. 2021, which is the first official release of this software. plantFEM 21.10 is a CLI-based software to create and operate cyber research fields f
itrTie itrTie / nhd HTML My 2021 National History Day project on the Freedom of the Press. v1.0.0 Download Process Paper and Annotated Bibliography.
github-actions[bot] AugustoCL / ClusterAnalysis.jl Julia Cluster Algorithms from Scratch with Julia Lang. (K-Means and DBSCAN) v0.1.0 ## ClusterAnalysis v0.1.0
kyle-chine-leismore leismore / shorterid-spec no-lang Leismore Shorter ID is a universally unique identifier based on [Nano ID]( This document describes its purpose, format, recommended comparison method, and other technical details. v1.0.0
oantolin oantolin / embark Emacs Lisp Emacs Mini-Buffer Actions Rooted in Keymaps 0.12 Many new features: cycling between multiple targets at point, target highlighting, pop up reminder of available actions.
markgoho ideacrew / enroll Ruby An ACA-compliant enrollment system for individual and SHOP markets, built on Ruby on Rails, with a Mongo database 21.10.19 ## What's Changed * enable pay now settings for development_21.10.18 by @jayreddy519 in * ref# 179807046: persist tobacco attribute on creation of n
fish0607 OperationsYU / is-organization-member JavaScript GitHub Action to check if someone is part of a GitHub organization. 1.1.0
GonzaCerv GonzaCerv / noah-docker Dockerfile Docker images for running development and emulation 0.2.1 Changes for this release: - Pass UID as an ARG to docker
Sheiss-Husnain Sheiss-Husnain / genre_classification Python final ML Pipeline 1.0.0 Created ML Pipeline
x0rcy5t x0rcy5t / Wyr Batchfile Bouncing ball game for C64 inspired by Within a Deep Forest v1 A 4k game made for the Reset Magazine Craptastic compo in 2020. See:
GarboMuffin TurboWarp / packager JavaScript Converts Scratch projects into HTML files, zip archives, or executable programs for Windows, macOS, and Linux. v0.1.0 This is the first stable release of the standalone HTML version. Loading projects from the Scratch website, and the Electron, NW.js, and WKWebView environments may require an internet connection. T
bigratenthusiast bigratenthusiast / juchifier JavaScript a chrome/firefox extension that replaces gregorian calendar years with juche calendar ones 1.1.0
muh-hassani pyiron / pyiron_continuum Jupyter Notebook pyiron_continuum - additional modules for the pyiron IDE supporting continuum dynamics pyiron_continuum-0.0.3 - addition of the Schroedinger job class - update of damask job - some bug fixes with Importalam
github-actions[bot] Misterio77 / wallpapers no-lang Some nice wallpapers i use ${GITHUB_SHA}
kulgan kulgan / pytest-psqlgraph Python psqlgraph pytest plugin 0.2.0-rc.3
silverwind silverwind / precompress JavaScript Generate pre-compressed .gz and .br files for static web servers 7.0.0 Module is now ESM, Node 12 or higher is required.
nyan-left nyan-left / runelite-grand-exchange-prices Shell real time grand exchange API wrapper (runelite). 0.0.0-rc.0 ## [0.0.0-rc.0] - 2021-10-20 - Initial release candidate.
hyunsik hyunsik / llvm-project no-lang The LLVM Project is a collection of modular and reusable compiler and toolchain technologies. Note: the repository does not accept github pull requests at this moment. Please submit your patches at onnx-mlir-0.2.0 This is the release for onnx-mlir master branch and based on the commit 829616c24119f000132913616a7cd4ad930ca84a described in Please check more details about on
EastonDev DigitalBeehivs / fanciful Java Fancy Bukkit message formatting test
Yuseon-Han nugu-developers / nugu-android Kotlin NUGU SDK for Android v.1.6.2
adavak adavak / Win_ISO_Patching_Scripts_zhCN Batchfile Win10_ISO_Patching_Scripts v4.4.1
rugyada rugyada / distro-release Roff Common distribution release files 4.50
Zaqttack UTSA-ACM / CodeQuantum CSS ACM-W Annual Hackathon v1.0.0 After some development and loads of back and forth, Code Quantum's website has been published for this year's first iteration! I am excited to have been working with the Team to get all of t
github-actions[bot] reecetech / version-increment Shell GitHub Action that increments semver or calver versions based on git repository tags 2021.10.1
GermanCoding GermanCoding / ZeroTierOne C++ A Smart Ethernet Switch for Earth 1.6.7
num0005 num0005 / h3-shader-compiler-fix C++ A small DLL that fixes tool's usage of the Halo 3 shader compiler. 1.0.4
lay295 lay295 / MagfestHotelAlarm C# MAGFest Super Hotel Availability Monitor 1.0
worraanong worraanong / BPMTool_Lab2 C# This repository is a part of Software Quality IDY0204 BPMTool_Lab2 v0.1.0-alpha
github-actions[bot] osilkin98 / microshift Go a small form factor OpenShift/Kubernetes optimized for edge computing nightly
thomasjaya thomasjaya / StatHat Java 1.8.9 forge mod for displaying hypixel duels stats above a player's head. 1.2.4 - Fixed issue where joining singleplayer then rejoining a multiplayer server will prevent render - Fixed blindness and invisibility bugs
facelessuser facelessuser / backrefs Python Wrapper around re or regex that adds additional back references 5.1 ## 5.1 - **NEW**: Add support for Python 3.10.
gbaman CausewayDigital / Minecraft-EE-MakeCode no-lang A collection of Microsoft MakeCode tutorials created by Causeway Digital 0.0.11
panayiotis TJU-CMC-Org / MINTmap HTML This is the code repository, to download MINTmap for basic usage please visit our website at v2.0-alpha Includes all codes & tables necessary to run MINTmap v2.0-alpha. This version is not yet fully tested as v2.0 is still in active development. Please visit for m
kyleskom kyleskom / NBA-Machine-Learning-Sports-Betting Python NBA sports betting using machine learning 2.0 Get ready for the 2021-2022 season! ## What's Changed * Add XGBoost Model by @kyleskom in * One Main for all Models by @k
Tomcli machine-learning-exchange / mlx Python Machine Learning eXchange (MLX). Data and AI Assets Catalog and Execution Engine v0.0.1-rc0
iCrawl iCrawl / tsubaki TypeScript 💮 Promisify with native promises v1.3.10 - chore: update dependencies
CoryKrol CoryKrol / miningpoolhub_py Python A Python wrapper for the Mining Pool Hub REST API 0.1.11 **Full Changelog**:

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