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buddhi1980 buddhi1980 / mandelbulber2 C++ Official repository for Mandelbulber v2 continuous Travis CI build log:
velitasali genonbeta / TrebleShot Java An Open-Source Android application that allows you to send and receive files over available connections, and pause and resume transfer process even after something went wrong. continuous Travis CI build log:
github-actions[bot] jan-zajic / crystal Crystal The Crystal Programming Language latest
jrassa jrassa / EmulationStation C++ This is primarily a dev/working repo. All PRs should be submitted upstream. continuous-master AppVeyor CI build log:
sgsaenger sgsaenger / vipster C++ Visualization of various molecular structure files. continuous AppVeyor CI build log:
ukinoki ukinoki / Rufus TSQL Rufus est un logiciel open source publié sous licence GPLv3 de gestion d'activité en ophtalmologie et en orthoptie, conçu pour s'adapter à toutes les formes d'exercice : individuel, groupe, et travail multisite. Rufus est bâti sur un modèle client-serveur. Le code est compilable sous MacOSX et Linux. continuous Travis CI build log:
kreuzerk kreuzerk / svg-to-ts TypeScript Project that converts your SVG ts to a Typescript file v2.0.1 ## [2.0.1]( (2019-12-10) ### Bug Fixes * **conversion:** use camel case for variable names ([89acef3](
amorphous-1 project-sunbird / sunbird-content-editor JavaScript Repostiory hosting work done for Content Editor (V2 Authoring Tool as of 03-Nov-2016) release-2.5.0
DarkSkyT9A BSData / The-9th-Age Gosu Fantasy Battles: The 9th Age 2.2.4 *2.2 Version Update* * Completed for all regular army books *Shiny New Stuff* * Most books are on the improved enchantments level *Bug Fixes* * WDG Ominous Gateway * WDG Lord of the Damned
leslypetrimaux leslypetrimaux / bedrox-api PHP Projet vierge installable via Composer pour le Framework Bedrox. v0.6.1
xiaohulu blocklang / std-widget-web TypeScript 【web】BlockLang 标准库之 Dojo 版 UI 组件 v0.0.1
github-actions[bot] getgauge / gauge-python Python Python language runner for Gauge v0.3.7 ## Miscellaneous - Bump grpcio from 1.25.0 - Bump ptvsd from 4.3.2
brollet getyoti / yoti-doc-scan-ios Ruby Yoti Doc Scan iOS SDK v1.1.1 Yoti Doc Scan iOS SDK Version 1.1.1 Swift Version: 5.0 and above iOS Version: 11 and above Supported verification methods: - ID documents - Liveness
VSC-Service-Account Azure-Samples / iot-central-docs-samples Jupyter Notebook Samples referenced by IoT Central documentation 105307
mantrabrain mantrabrain / mantrabrain-starter-sites PHP Starter sites for Mantra Brain Themes 1.0.8
woothu coreui / coreui-vue-chartjs Vue CoreUI Vue Chart.js 1.0.1 chore: Readme file updated
ch-build companieshouse / Java Web application for payments 0.1.15
amorphous-1 project-sunbird / sunbird-content-plugins JavaScript Core features on interactive content editor release-2.5.0
vorakl vorakl / vbl Shell Vorakl's Bash Library: a collection of Bash modules for everyday use v2.0.0 # Modules * sys='v2.0.3' * str='v2.0.4' * matrix='v2.0.3' * exec='v2.0.2'
j0Shi82 j0Shi82 / last-war-manager JavaScript UI and Style Improvement for the Last War Browsergame v1.0.0 - Hovering over resource boxes now reveals percentage capacity numbers - The Manager now offers an option to show the planet image (default is false) - **GALAXY** - You can now select different g
jcwillox jcwillox / hass-auto-backup Python 🗃 Improved Backup Service for that can Automatically Remove Snapshots and Supports Generational Backup Schemes. 0.3.0 * Adds the ability to automatically copy backups to an alternative folder like a usb drive. * Adds `backup_path` parameter to `snapshot_full` and `snapshot_partial` services (closes #1). * Increase
limonte sweetalert2 / sweetalert2 JavaScript A beautiful, responsive, highly customizable and accessible (WAI-ARIA) replacement for JavaScript's popup boxes. Zero dependencies. v9.5.3 ## [9.5.3]( (2019-12-10) ### Bug Fixes * fire swalOpenAnimationFinished() only when popup's animation is finished ([#1845](https:/
Raven-L Raven-L / BluetoothTool Java A simple tool for connecting and using classic Bluetooth and BLE devices. 1.00 A simple tool for connecting and using classic Bluetooth and BLE devices.
Amadeus-ji Amadeus-ji / network-xilian no-lang 用网络模型系联《广韵》韵类 1.0
sevvaleygul0 Paraboly / pwc-color-picker TypeScript Fully customizable color-picker web component with StencilJS via Paraboly 0.0.7
curbengh hexojs / hexo-util JavaScript Utilities for Hexo. 1.7.0 ## Features - [`deepMerge()`]( utility (#141) * Based on [deepmerge]( library * target object
ryanspice ryanspice / csv-to-javascript JavaScript Node program to convert CSV to JavaScript Array or JSON. 1.0.2 filtering on the angular app, and css modifications
tuovinensanttu City-of-Helsinki / varaamo JavaScript Varaamo is the user interface for the City of Helsinki resource reservation service. v0.8.1 - Fixed bug in reservation details where under "Reservation must be made xx days in advance" actually displays data from "Reservations can be made a xxx in advance". - S
lkeegan lkeegan / spatial-model-editor C++ GUI spatial model editor 0.6.5
TripleSpeeder TripleSpeeder / ens-updater JavaScript CLI tool to get/set Ethereum Name System records v1.5.1 ## [1.5.1]( (2019-12-10) ### Bug Fixes * allow connecting to infura nodes ([68fa986](
andykirk NPEU / pkg_userinvites PHP Adds an 'invitation only' layer over Joomla's registration system. v2.0.10 Fixed pemissions
jackivanov jackivanov / cloud-regions Makefile Dynamically updated lists of regions and locations for most popular cloud providers 0.0.20191210-123
mytarget-bot myTargetSDK / mytarget-ios Objective-C ios myTarget sdk 5.4.4
Gildor17 Gildor17 / realbigForWP PHP plugin for wp 0.2.7 Фикс для версии 0.2.6
amorphous-1 project-sunbird / sunbird-utils Java Common java utilities used by other Sunbird components release-2.5.0
nmassey001 cedadev / django-jdma_control Python JASMIN Data Migration App (JDMA) django control app 0.2.26
zolia mysteriumnetwork / node Go Mysterium Node - VPN server and client for decentralized Mysterium Network 0.15.1 # Changelog ## [Unreleased]( [Full Changelog]( **Implemented enhancements:**
shihanng shihanng / gig Go Generate .gitignore files from your terminal (mostly) offline! v0.3.0 - Renamed from `gi` to `gig` (#41)
Hampusm Hampusm / Midnight-Discord CSS The Midnight Discord theme by Tropix126 without all the bullshit v1.0 The Midnight Discord theme by Tropix126 without all the bullshit
sysadmin-hola luminati-io / luminati-proxy JavaScript Luminati HTTP/HTTPS Proxy manager v1.164.400 release v1.164.400
amorphous-1 project-sunbird / sunbird-lms-service Java API services for Learning management system of sunbird release-2.5.0
vroyer strapdata / elassandra Java Elassandra = Elasticsearch + Apache Cassandra v6.2.3.22
romichandra pocket52 / poker-app-sdk-release no-lang Release repository for the poker core sdk alpha_0103906 Change log: - Sitout State changed - lobby buyin popup text sizes/alignment - Turn Timer color changed - Text length limited to 12 chars for Table Tab
chrisminett phlib / console-configuration PHP Symfony Console Configuration Helper 1.1.2 Add support for *Symfony\Console* v5 and *Symfony\Yaml* v5 See [Change Log]( for full details.
elect86 kotlin-graphics / kotlin-unsigned Kotlin unsigned support for Kotlin via boxed types and unsigned operators v3.2.3 - kotlin 1.3.61 - gradle 6.0.1 - kotlintest 3.4.2
VilleS1 fgci-org / ansible-role-lustre_client Shell Setup IB networks and mount Lustre v1.0.1
timomeh timomeh / react-native-material-bottom-navigation JavaScript 💅🔧👌 a beautiful, customizable and easy-to-use material design bottom navigation for react-native v1.0.5 - Rename unsafe lifecycle methods a2ed0b4 - Add react-navigation example 9c6b47b
Aloxaf Aloxaf / silicon Rust Create beautiful image of your source code. v0.3.0-beta.2
jiro4989 jiro4989 / websh Nim シェル芸botのWeb移植をNimで 1.2.5 * デプロイテスト
WebDocOfficial WebDocOfficial / WebdocDoctorSDK Java First Commit 1.8.6
acoulton ingenerator / tokenista PHP Simple signed and expiring token generator and validator for PHP v1.3.0 * [DEPRECATION] Deprecate the isExpired, isValid and isTampered methods on Tokenista itself in favour of using the new validate method to get a more fully -formed result. * Introduce new Tokenista::v
amorphous-1 project-sunbird / sunbird-lms-jobs Java Repository for background jobs in Sunbird LMS release-2.5.0
SuzukiHonoka SuzukiHonoka / Padavan-CI-Build C Using Github actions to build padavan firmware. 2019-12-10
bozorgzadeh sahabpardaz / kafka-parquet-writer Java This project provides a compenent that reads logs from Kafka and writes it as parquet file on HDFS. 1.4.0 upgrade parquet protobuf dependency to 1.10.1 upgrade smart commit Kafka consumer version to 1.2.0 make configurable time for final parquet file name one bug fixed (change order of closing things i
boundlessmaking boundlessmaking / UR_Playground Python Universal Robot Software meant to introduce students to the artistic and experimental aspects of working with robots. currently under developement. Alpha version will be ready on 2019.12.09 0.8.2 Beta version, use with caution! Minor improvements, bug fixes and fixed problems with the windows version.
ca-johnson ca-johnson / perforce-buildkite-plugin Python A buildkite plugin for checking out code from Perforce v3.7.0 * Improved performance of p4print_unshelve (creates 20x more connections to perforce when unshelving)
Arrim Arrim / http-api-mock Go HTTP API Mock is an HTTP mocking application for testing and fast prototyping v1.1.1
zhzz skbkontur / retail-ui TypeScript React controls to implement standards at retail-ui@1.6.7 ## [1.6.7]( (2019-12-10) ### Bug Fixes * **TokenInput:** fix module import ([440d199](
Gepro-TeusVerbeek Gepro-TeusVerbeek / hello-world no-lang A repository for testing purpose V0.0.3.9 V0.0.3.9
lasote conan-io / conan-package-tools Python Conan Package Tools. Helps with massive package creation and CI integration (Travis CI, Appveyor...) 0.30.4 - Feature: Conan 1.21 compatibility. (
katsyoshi reproio / repro-android-sdk no-lang Repro SDK for Android 4.3.0 Please see
georgeganea feenkcom / gtoolkit Smalltalk Glamorous Toolkit is the moldable development environment. v0.7.455
mpyw mpyw / scoped-auth PHP Apply specific scope for user authentication. v1.1.0 - [BC] [Feat: Remove useless null return by mpyw · Pull Request #1 · mpyw/scoped-auth](<br>Return type `?Builder` was changed to `Builder`
mcrossley cumulusmx / CumulusMX C# The CumulusMX weather program b3060 - Fix uncaught Web exceptions in Davis WLL - Fix Monthly Records editor not saving updated date/time stamps - Adds a log file for MonthlyAlltimeIni.txt file changes
guillaumekln OpenNMT / OpenNMT-tf Python Neural machine translation and sequence learning using TensorFlow v2.4.0 # OpenNMT-tf 2.4.0 ## New features * Transformer models with relative position representation: `TransformerRelative` and `TransformerBigRelative` ## Fixes and improvements * Fix invalid it
aaparmeggiani aaparmeggiani / pg_tail C ' tail -f ' your PostgreSQL tables. 0.6 start releases
hemebond hemebond / quakemash Python A level design project aiming to merge all Quake levels together into a singular map. v0.4 Collecting the runes/sigils will now raise the episode gates in the start area. Also lots of optimisations and fixes, and some improvements to level connections.
bastianallgeier getkirby / geo PHP Geo Plugin for Kirby 3 1.0.0 This is the first version of the Kirby 3 GEO plugin. It's a updated version of the old plugin for Kirby 2.
kleag aymara / lima C++ The Libre Multilingual Analyzer, a Natural Language Processing (NLP) C++ toolkit. 20191210121424-d49b8bbf
krunalp1993 krunalp1993 / Motion-Icons-Studio-Releases no-lang Releases for Motion Icons Studio Desktop project v0.0.2
hvge wultra / powerauth-mobile-sdk C++ Mobile SDK for PowerAuth Protocol (core, ios, watchos, android) 1.3.0 ## Important Notice - If you already using older versions of SDK, then please read our [Migration guide from 1.2.x to 1.3.x version](
salaboy salaboy / zeebe-operator Go Experimental Zeebe Operator v0.0.55 ## Changes * right env vars
fermaxvga fermaxvga / sockets-fundamentos JavaScript Una pequeña aplicación para explicar los sockets. v1.0.0 #Notas: -Comunicación servidor-cliente -Comunicación Cliente - servidor -Comunicación Clientes
sampaccoud cea-instn / instart CSS Instart Learning portal v1.0.1 ### Changed - Make french the default language and hide english from public site. ### Fixed - Upgrade `django-storages` to fix static manifest storage bakend and media files upload.
arnobaer hephy-dd / comet Python COMET - Control and Measurement Toolkit 0.2.2 Fixed set analog channel for CTS
charlieethan charlieethan / shadowsocks_install Shell Auto Install Shadowsocks Server for CentOS/Debian/Ubuntu V2.0 Combined Shadowsocks Client V4.1.8.0 and Simple-Obfs V0.0.5 together,for using them more convenient. Original address: Shadowsocks:
jason-shiao fsa-streamotion / conductor Java Conductor is a microservices orchestration engine v2019.0.37 ## Changes * increase resource for new conductor pod
pederpus navikt / veilarbmaofs TypeScript Oversikt for veiledere over en oppfølgingsbruker master_2019.12.10-12.40_d75cb88
CumpsD Informatievlaanderen / public-api C# Provide a common api across all registries. v2.41.0 # [2.41.0]( (2019-12-10) ### Features * make building/buildingunit/parcel visible ([e511406](
stmh factorial-io / phabalicious PHP A deployment system and general purpose helper 3.2.8 new version 3.2.8
blackout314 blackout314 / babo-btctalk-bar JavaScript greasemonkey utility bar for bitcointalk 1.0
github-actions[bot] cosmoscout / tasty.js TypeScript 🍰 A delicious Pie- and Marking-Menu Framework written in TypeScript. v1.0.1
wernerdweight wernerdweight / CORSBundle PHP Symfony bundle that handles cross-origin resource sharing headers. 1.1.2
huanghitoy huanghitoy / Actions-OpenWrt no-lang Build OpenWrt using GitHub Actions | 使用 GitHub Actions 编译 OpenWrt 0.1
CumpsD Informatievlaanderen / building-registry C# Authentic base registry containing all buildings of Flanders. v1.14.4 ## [1.14.4]( (2019-12-10) ### Bug Fixes * projection duplicate id check now in correct table ([c2c9450](https://g
sb6596 RMX1801 / android_device_oppo_RMX1801 C Device tree of Realme 2 Pro (RMX1801) v1.0 Initial Release
stachoj CleverMaps / clever-icons no-lang Adds several new icons to Font Awesome (v4) v1.11.0
balena-ci balena-io / etcher JavaScript Flash OS images to SD cards & USB drives, safely and easily. v1.5.69 1.5.69
enettong enettong / Actions-OpenWrt Shell Build OpenWrt using GitHub Actions | 使用 GitHub Actions 编译 OpenWrt 0.1
pederpus navikt / veilarbarena Java Arena ACL/QoL proxy for FO master.2019-12-10-1234.047948f
onnerby Intermezzon / asyncprocess PHP Execute multiple processes asynchronously 1.0.0 First release
cvzi cvzi / Bandcamp-script-deluxe-edition JavaScript A discography player for and manager for your played albums v.12
nicpottier nyaruka / phonenumbers Go GoLang port of Google's libphonenumber library v1.0.54 ## Changelog 0eaac60 Update for v1.0.54 82a1900 update metadata
CMiSSioN BattletechModders / CustomBundle HTML CAC + CAE + CU binaries 0.1.86 1. WARNING! CAC now not loading custom categories from CustomAmmoCategories.json 2. WARNING! CAC require ModTek to load Ammo Categories enums correctly 3. CAC: Now CAC handle ammo and weapo
enimaroah enimaroah / SB3Utility C# Modding tool for games from Illusion 20.0 - Changed platform: VS2017 for development, VC++2017 redist, WindowsSDK 10.0.17763.0, FbxSDK 2020.0.1 - Fixed crash dragging a mesh into the Blue Area without hierarchy in the imported workspace
hiro-nagami reproio / repro-ios-sdk Objective-C Repro iOS SDK 4.5.0
amtrack IPfolioDev / pmd-bin Shell Standalone PMD (static code analyzer) with its own JRE v1.4.0 # [1.4.0]( (2019-12-10) ### Features * update dependency pmd to 6.20.0 ([58637d8](
github-actions[bot] tlk / beoplay-macos-remote-gui Swift Remote control Beoplay loudspeakers v0.5
SquirrelMobile SquirrelMobile / Ti.storeproductView Objective-C tistoreproductview is a Titanium module that allows to display a modal window on iOS to retrieve the information of an application form with an appId 1.0 First Relase
evolvens Joomla-Ukraine / JUImage PHP JUImage - library for render thumbs 3.6.11
WinsonZhou WinsonZhou / ad-ui Java 自己收录的Android项目开发当中常用的一些自定义控件库 2.1.8
Vortexdata Teamspeak-Query-Plugin-Framework / tsq-plugin-framework Java A framework application hooking into a Teamspeak servers query, adding additional features using plugins. 2.0.0-rc-2 THe second release candidate of the TSQPF 2.0.
birdayz birdayz / kaf Go Modern CLI for Apache Kafka, written in Go. v0.1.25 ## Changelog 7373088 ActiveCluster now returns a pointer to a copy of the selected cluster. 911157f Add shell autocompletion e275e81 Make linter happy b355adc Merge pull request #80 from tetafro/auto
stakach crystal-community / jwt Crystal JWT implementation in Crystal v1.3.0 adds support for ECDSA (ES256, ES384, ES512) tokens
svw26 svw26 / MosaicSteward Python A package with mosaicking commands from montage, to be used by stimela. v0.0.3 Changing the name of this package from montage_mosaic to MosaicSteward
DariusKlein DariusKlein / MyKapper Java Schoolproject v0.1
milindrc milindrc / BackdropEasy Java A simple implementation of material design backdrop. v0.8
nleguillarme nleguillarme / pynomer Python A python wrapper for nomer 0.1.0
mjdrushton mjdrushton / cexprtk Python cexprtk is a cython wrapper around "C++ Mathematical Expression Toolkit Library (ExprTk)". Using cexprtk a powerful mathematical expression engine can be incorporated into your python project. 0.3.4 Fixes to remove deprecation warnings and to support python 3.8.
M66B M66B / FairEmail Java Fully featured, open source, privacy friendly email app for Android 1.840 * Added folder search * Removed connection wait * Improved connection management * Made server alerts more explicit * Small improvements and minor bug fixes * Updated libraries * Updated Android
XavRsl PubPeerFoundation / PublicationDataExtractor PHP Extraction Research Publication data from any external API into a simple common structure 0.2.19 Last upgrade needed: symfony/dom-crawler
prestigejo 2lenet / dashboard PHP Dashboard symfony2 bundle 1.2.8
sebastientromp Zero-to-Heroes / firestone TypeScript Hearthstone collection companion for Overwolf 4.0.5 ## Main updates * FEATURE: Add beta features! First one is the option to see your opponent's last known board state in Battlegrounds * BUG; Fix Death by a Thousand Cuts achievements to properly ta
mohamed-ibrahem mohamed-ibrahem / adminer CSS New Laravel admin panel v1.0.39
jeyroik jeyroik / extas-workflow-dashboard PHP Simple api-dashboard for extas-workflow package using 0.3.8 - fix transition.by_state_from.index - added schema expanding by transitions and entity template
Synchro PHPMailer / PHPMailer PHP The classic email sending library for PHP v6.1.4 The RFC2047 folding added in 6.1.0 was a little overenthusiastic; It will now only happen when header lines exceed 998 chars. * Clean up hostname handling * Avoid IDN error on older PHP versions,
Lucas-C voyages-sncf-technologies / hesperides-cli Python Command Line Interface for Hesperides v0.4.2 ### Fixed - `write-files --release/--working-copy`
graemerocher micronaut-projects / micronaut-openapi Groovy Generates OpenAPI / Swagger Documentation for Micronaut projects v1.3.3 * Allow Specifying Property naming strategy a compile time
malcommac malcommac / ScrollStackController Swift Create complex scrollable layout using UIViewControllers and simplify your code! 1.0.3 **Released on**: 2019-12-10 ## CHANGELOG - #2 Fix for `reloadContentFromStackView` delegate function which is called even at first setup. – #3 Add `setRows()` to setup rows directly by removin
taratatach cozy-labs / cozy-desktop JavaScript File Synchronisation for Cozy on Desktop and Laptop v3.17.0-beta.1 Improvements for all users: - Merging multiple changes at once often requires that they are in the correct order (i.e. the order in which they were made) or we might not be able to merge some
GP32 GP32 / WBD-eReader JavaScript Simple reader for web browsers. v1.1.1 WBD e-Reader v1.1.1 stable
agoqui kizeo / react-native-sketch-canvas Objective-C forked from terrylinla/react-native-sketch-canvas v1.1
romanfatchip FATCHIP-GmbH / plugin-shopware5-computop PHP Shopware 5 Computop Plugin v1.0.28 * Rebranding: updated Computop icons and images * Refactored: unneccessary code removed * Fixed: attribute address flush / by @rdss-zmehmedovic
CataJenkins CleverRaven / Cataclysm-DDA C++ Cataclysm - Dark Days Ahead. A turn-based survival game set in a post-apocalyptic world. cdda-jenkins-b9984 These are the artifacts from build 9984 of **Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead** experimentals. \ Check <> for details.
ozzzzz less-wrong / cobot-tools Haskell Tools for computational biology
0vercl0k 0vercl0k / CVE-2019-11708 JavaScript Full exploit chain (CVE-2019-11708 & CVE-2019-9810) against Firefox on Windows 64-bit. 1 This archive contains a packaged version of the Firefox 64-bit version I used for the exploit. This means that by downloading it, you should be able to run the exploit without any modifications as wel
icpmoviles icpmoviles / icp_commons Java ICP Commons
Suyanwar Suyanwar / SpeedView Kotlin Dynamic Speedometer and Gauge for Android. amazing, powerful, and multi shape :zap: 1.4.2
stakach stakach / openssl_ext Crystal Crystal bindings for OpenSSL RSA v1.2.0 adds support for obtaining the `group_degree` from `PKey::EC` keys
cedricziel cedricziel / idea-php-typo3-plugin Java TYPO3 CMS Plugins for IntelliJ IDEA / PhpStorm v0.4.2
marlof marlof / ScORCH Shell DevOps Orchestration for Obrar deploy and Ansible playbooks 2.8.5 This project explores the use of multi server use, from an NFS shared drive.
iamtartan iamtartan / php-gif PHP Easy generating (real-time) GIF images with PHP v1.0.2
PLDaily koa-next / ts-clean TypeScript A Tool For Cleaning Up JavaScript File Built By TypeScript v.1.0.3
pe-pan pe-pan / rpa-salesforce Slash RPA scripts to create an order in Salesforce 1.0.1 The previous UFT script was attached wrongly by mistake
chrisminett phlib / beanstalk PHP PHP beanstalk connection and connection pool library 1.0.15 Add support for *Symfony/Console* v5 See [Change Log]( for full details.
micschro yWorks / generator-yfiles-app JavaScript A yeoman generator that scaffolds a yFiles for HTML powered application. Requires local yFiles package ( v3.0.4 * Update npm dependencies * Use core-js and regenerator-runtime directly instead of the deprecated @babel/polyfill
PonteIneptique lascivaroma / additional-texts HTML Additional texts that were easy to convert and that would benefit research 1.0.85
NyanKiyoshi NyanKiyoshi / wrk C Modern HTTP benchmarking tool 4.1.0.j2
johnkrovitch johnkrovitch / media-bundle PHP Media Bundle for Cms v0.4 - Add tinymce media and gallery modal
liivur sportid / lhv-connect PHP LHV bank's CONNECT API usage 1.0.7
jjw24 jjw24 / Wox C# Launcher for Windows, an alternative to Alfred and Launchy. v1.3.524+JJW24.v1.xx.xx ## New features are coming!
actors315 TwinklePHP / ApolloClient PHP Apollo 客户端 v0.1.4
process-engine-ci process-engine / management_api_core TypeScript Service implementations for Management API components v6.3.0-beta.2 # Changelog v6.3.0-beta.2 (2019-12-10) This changelog covers the changes between [v6.2.0 and v6.3.0-beta.2]( For
process-engine-ci process-engine / management_api_contracts TypeScript Contains the interfaces for the Management API components v13.2.0-beta.2 # Changelog v13.2.0-beta.2 (2019-12-10) This changelog covers the changes between [v13.1.0 and v13.2.0-beta.2](
CumpsD Informatievlaanderen / organisation-registry C# Authentic base registry containing all organisations of Flanders. v1.3.4 ## [1.3.4]( (2019-12-10) ### Bug Fixes * add missing kboNumber form control ([53a81f2](
doubleZ0108 baiyanquan / 2019-XLab-KnowledgeReasoning Java A prototype of knowledge reasoning v1.0 Build the metadata layer.
github-learning-lab[bot] vtex-trainings / store-framework-es no-lang Learning how to build a store using the Store Framework blocks language, powered by VTEX IO v4.0.0 ### View Course [Store Framework - Español]( ### Steps 1. Configuraciones básicas 2. Store Framework 101 3. Funcionamiento del c
alexellis openfaas / faas Go OpenFaaS - Serverless Functions Made Simple 0.18.5
ddis treolabs / treodam JavaScript Digital asset management 1.1.3-rc50
KeisukeToyota KeisukeToyota / seahorse Rust A minimal CLI framework written in Rust v0.2.1
vishnunew Insight-Timer / flutter_exoplayer Java Amazing Flutter package for playing audio with a lot of features to offer. 0.021 This version will contain fix of offline audio play.
m-pilarczyk adshares / adserver PHP AdServer v1.4.6 ### Changed - Update advertiser statistics for hours affected by conversions - Export payments for cases valued zero
stakach spider-gazelle / bindata Crystal BinData - Parsing Binary Data in Crystal Lang v1.2.0 add support for large ASN.1 integers (many hundreds of bytes long etc) new function `ASN1::BER#get_integer_bytes`
edleeks87 Sage / carbon-factory JavaScript CLI Toolkit for Carbon v9.1.0 `plugin-proposal-function-bind` `v7.7.4` dependency added and babel config updated to include this plugin to replace "stage 0", other babel dependencies also bumped to latest.
mikey179 bovigo / callmap PHP Allows to stub and mock method calls by applying a callmap. v5.2.0 * added phpstan annotations so instances created with `bovigo\callmap\NewInstance::of()` and `bovigo\callmap\NewInstance::stub()` have the proper intersection type
hiulit hiulit / Godot-3-2D-Destructible-Objects GDScript A script that takes a sprite, divides it into blocks and makes them explode 💥! v1.2.0 ### Added * [Fake particles]( to simulate an explosion. * New parameter: `explosion_delay` - Adds a delay of before setting `
edison-hm ZhongAnTech / zarm TypeScript 基于React、React-Native 的移动端UI组件库 v2.0.0-alpha.62 ## Breaking Changes - Alert和Confirm组件的内容api由message换成了content - Alert和Confirm组件移除了jsx用法,需使用Modal.alert或Modal.confirm调用
andykirk NPEU / tpl_npeu6 CSS NPEU6 Template v1.19.0 Fixed map display.
kolessios dreamnettech / dreampower Python DeepNude with DreamNet improvements. v1.2.4
marjune163 mjpclab / go-http-file-server Go Simple command line based HTTP file server to share local file system v1.2.2 fix(archive): prevent lookup alias for request url self
tersmitten Oefenweb / ansible-keepalived Dockerfile Ansible role to set up keepalived in Debian-like systems v3.2.6 * `version_compare -> version`
romanstrobl wultra / powerauth-push-server Java PowerAuth Push Server repository 0.23.0 This release contains following improvements and bugfixes: - Fix of expiration of existing push tokens issued for the same device. - Multiple activations can be associated with a push token during d
pederpus navikt / veilarbmalverk Java Malverk innad i FO-domenet master.2019-12-10-1212.a8146c3
edoardottt edoardottt / multi-pdf-finder Shell Are you looking for a word in many pdf files? Do it one time. ⚡ v1.0 First release
paulvancoller-adeptadvisory GrindrodBank / A3S C# Enterprise ready Authentication, Authorisation & Accounting OAuth2 Identity Service. v1.0.2 This release brings a collection of new features, and some minor defect fixes: * #56 - Terms of Service * #60 - Create A3S Permission Enforcement Shared Library * #62 - Validate non-null CORS ori
aviks dmlc / XGBoost.jl Julia XGBoost Julia Package v0.4.2
Dr34mR Dr34mR / MisterDoctor C# WinFoms bot that automates responses to in-stream chat messages 1.0.7283.38022
ddvk ddvk / remarkable-hacks Shell remarkable tablet hacks 0.0.0 this some of the stuff i'm using tar xvf mystuff.tgz -C / systemctl enable touch systemctl start touch
kjerandp equinor / videx-wellog TypeScript Well log components 0.1.0-alpha - Converted to Typescript - Allow setting of options for plots from GraphTrack (setPlotOption) - Tracks can now be displayed horizontally through options - TrackGroup class was added, which contain
joaopauloschuler joaopauloschuler / neural-api Pascal CAI NEURAL API - Pascal based neural network API optimized for AVX, AVX2 and AVX512 instruction sets plus OpenCL capable devices including AMD, Intel and NVIDIA. v0.964 Some fixes were applied to neuralfit. We are approaching v1.0!
nimayneb hmmh / typo3-kickstarter no-lang Quickly kick to start the development with local PHP and Sqlite 1.1
Denis-Davidovich Denis-Davidovich / jQueryQueryBuilderBundle PHP from jQuery QueryBuilder to Doctrine QueryBuilder v1.0
watson-song watson-song / sshcrab Java SSH forward tool 1.0 First release of sshcrab
process-engine-ci process-engine / process_engine_core TypeScript The heart of the ProcessEngine. Responsible for executing ProcessModels. v12.13.1-beta.1 # Changelog v12.13.1-beta.1 (2019-12-10) This changelog covers the changes between [v12.13.0 and v12.13.1-beta.1](
keesiemeijer keesiemeijer / custom-post-type-date-archives PHP A WordPress plugin to add date archives to custom post types. 2.7.0 Introduce editor blocks for display of archives, calendars and recent posts
0ddlyoko 0ddlyoko / GrapheGrp8 Java Projet de Graphe 2019-2020 1.0 Implementation of Louvain's Method
EE-LiuYunhao ivanzou29 / MemoMe Java The group project for course COMP3330: Interactive Mobile Application Design and Programming v1.0 ## Basic functionalities implemented in this version 1. Create your own account; 1. Write something everyday and viewing others' words; 1. Send gifts to the favorite posts; 1. View your own gifts
process-engine-ci process-engine / persistence_api TypeScript Contains all layers and contracts that make up the Persistence API v1.3.0-beta.3 # Changelog v1.3.0-beta.3 (2019-12-10) This changelog covers the changes between [v1.2.0 and v1.3.0-beta.3]( For fur
process-engine-ci process-engine / iam TypeScript IAM implementation for IAM contracts v1.7.3-beta.1 # Changelog v1.7.3-beta.1 (2019-12-10) This changelog covers the changes between [v1.7.2 and v1.7.3-beta.1]( For further referen
process-engine-ci process-engine / process_engine_contracts TypeScript Contains the contracts for the ProcessEngine's Core components v46.1.0-beta.2 # Changelog v46.1.0-beta.2 (2019-12-10) This changelog covers the changes between [v46.0.3 and v46.1.0-beta.2](
ExtendReality-Bot ExtendRealityLtd / Tilia.Mutators.CollisionIgnorer.Unity no-lang Manages the collision states between a collection of GameObjects in the scene for the Unity software v1.1.0 ## [1.1.0]( (2019-12-10) #### Features * **HowToGuides:** add guide on collision ignorer ([6e4f140]
kontsevoye postufTeam / phone-number-bundle PHP Integrates libphonenumber into your Symfony2-Symfony4 application 1.3.4
lucienbertin LuccaSA / lucca-front TypeScript documentation 4.0.0-rc.2 - #921 ivy support - #926 #927 some polish for the datepicker
donmahallem donmahallem / TrapezeApiExpressRoute TypeScript Api Proxy for Trapeze Api with some Caching v1.8.5
julia-tagbot[bot] JuliaArrays / InfiniteArrays.jl Julia A Julia package for representing infinite-dimensional arrays v0.6.0 A changelog is being generated, please check back in a few minutes.
julia-tagbot[bot] mschauer / PointProcessInference.jl Julia Statistical inference for Poisson Processes v0.2.0 A changelog is being generated, please check back in a few minutes.
amakunin lca-imcb / dopseq Python Isolated chromosome sequencing analysis v2.0.0 Initial re-implementation of basic functionality in Snakemake: - region prediction tables and summary statistics - multiple sample processing enabled - analysis testing dataset Key missing parts
release-drafter[bot] fossasia / open-event-attendee-android Kotlin Open Event Attendee Android General App v0.9.0 ## Changes ## 🚀 Features - feat: Remove useless native binaries from paypal SDK (#2426) (#2427) - @aggarwalpulkit596 ## 🐛 Bug Fixes - fix: "Enter location" recyclerview bot
cdupont Waziup / waziup-gateway Shell Waziup LoRa Edge gateway V1.0 This is the first official release of the WaziGate. The features are: - Wifi Hotspot - Wifi client - Ethernet cable access - Setup Wizard - login management - Cloud registration - Remote config
devfaz devfaz / igmpproxy no-lang IGMP multicast routing daemon 0.2.1.fz
lasote conan-io / conan Python Conan - The open-source C/C++ package manager 1.21.0 - Feature: The generator `cmake_find_package_multi` generates a `PackageConfigVersion.cmake` file that allows using `find_package` with the `VERSION` argument. (
tersmitten Oefenweb / ansible-haproxy Dockerfile Ansible role to set up (the latest version of) HAProxy in Ubuntu systems v6.5.1 * `version_compare -> version`
spryker-release-bot spryker-eco / computop PHP Spryker Eco Computop module 2.0.1 Included commits: ### Bugfixes Adjusted composer.json to allow for new spryker/oms major "^11.0.0". Adjusted composer.json
VarIr VarIr / scikit-hubness Python A Python package for hubness analysis and high-dimensional data mining v0.21.1 This is a bugfix release due to the recent release of scikit-learn 0.22. For now, scikit-hubness specifically requires scikit-learn 0.21.3, until the necessary adaptions to v0.22 are completed.
szyhf szyhf / go-nacos-confd Go Nacos confd support Aliyun ACM cipher-aes-128 v0.21.0 kms: 接入aly.acm的aes128自动解密
zburke folio-org / stripes-components JavaScript A component library for Stripes v5.9.1 * Support `ref` in Modal via `forwardRef``. Refs ERM-620 * Hotfix for dropdowns: clicks to menu whitespace will not propagate to container. * include `header` in exceptions for focus-trapping.
kaelitokael CoreProc / paymaya-sdk-android Java Android Wrapper for PayMaya APIs v0.0.2
bmewburn bmewburn / vscode-intelephense TypeScript PHP intellisense for Visual Studio Code v1.3.3
alexellis openfaas / nats-queue-worker Go NATS Streaming integration for OpenFaaS 0.9.0
jamalalayq jamalalayq / ILocalizer Swift A localizations in application 1.1.2
github-actions[bot] ogis-miyamura / openam-ci no-lang Continuous integration for OpenAM openam-master-jdk8
oormicreations oormicreations / BlendShell Python A Blender plugin for making hollow models suitable for 3D printing. 0.1.0 Install BlendShell : 1 - Download the zip file 2 - Extract the zip file 3 - In Blender, go to Edit->Preferences->Addons 4 - Click Install and choose file The UI will appe
yu1441 yu1441 / YSerialPort Java YSerialPort 2.0.0 底层API更新到2.0
danil-lashin MinterTeam / minter-go-node Go 🚀 Official Minter Blockchain Implementation in Go v1.1.0-beta1
wa4-fearless-otter blue-tomato / use-retext JavaScript 🔐 React useReducer hook alternative by Blue Tomato. v1.2.6
zaparka hmcts / hwf-staffapp Ruby Help with Court Fees Staff Interface v1.3.2 # Feature * RST-1703 - filters for fi report * RST-2303 - accessibility improvements form labels
meehnia meehnia / mysqlhealthcheck JavaScript A small REST API to check if mysql/mariadb/aurora installations are running and connecting. 1.0.0 ### HOW TO USE 1. Your instance should have **nodejs**, **npm** and **forever**. 1. Simply checkout the code `git clone` 1. Then move to the ch
xial18 xial18 / RxFingerPrinter no-lang 用rxjava简单封装了指纹识别,并实现对生命周期的自动绑定,顺便撸了一个指纹控件 v1.0.0 发布finger
juanosarg juanosarg / AlphaAnimals C# Alpha Animals mod for RimWorld 1.0 v1.808 v1.808: - Added A Dog Said for latest animals
buildmachine-sou-jenkins2 UXAspects / UXAspects-2 TypeScript Temporary repository for UX Aspects 2.0 beta v2.0.0-82 UX Aspects 2.0.0 beta 5 is now available! Check out the beta documentation at []( #### Installation ````bash npm install @ux-as
nuxeo-platform-jx-bot nuxeo / jx-platform-env no-lang Jenkins X Configuration for the Platform Team v0.0.14 ## Changes ### Chores * deps: bump from 0.0.8 to 0.0.9 ### Dependency Updates | Dependency | Component | New Version | Old Version | | ---------- | ---
jackz314 jackz314 / artifact-releases no-lang Releases of artifacts like executables, instructions, or anything knocknock-latest The latest release of KnocKnock
shengshijie shengshijie / debug Kotlin 1.first commit v1.0.2
Joshua260403 Joshua260403 / lunaire C++ Reading and modelling data gathered from a water rocket v1.0 Takes input from .lun file and visualises it in 2D
ChenTanyi Azure / azure-libraries-for-net C# Azure libraries for .Net Fluent-v1.29.0 - Compute package 2019-07-01 update - Private DNS package 2019-08 update - Support fast failover setting (Traffic Manager) - Support virtual node in AKS (Container Service) - Support new sku (Stor
guuse guuse / fridget-platform PHP Fridget platform repository 0.3.2 ## Changes - Change the product endpoint to allow an array of products
alarocca130 yithemes / yith-woocommerce-wishlist PHP YITH WooCommerce Wishlist gives your users the possibility to create, fill, manage and share their wishlists allowing you to analyze their interests and needs to improve your marketing strategies. 3.0.0
varun-git28 varun-git28 / wesense-linux no-lang wesense-linux v1.0.4 1.0.4
appletomato SFBrand1981 / ChessFriend-Fire JavaScript Chess GUI and database 2019.12.10-cd731fd
wtetsu wtetsu / mouse-dictionary JavaScript A blazing fast dictionary for Chrome/Firefox v1.3.4 * Fix #31 * Minor improvements
esamattis valu-digital / wp-testing-tools PHP WordPress testing for everyone! 🤗 v0.4.0 - Ignore vendor ea40c8c - Move to single run script 510d7c8 - Add wptt-configure 781954d - Plugin entry doccing 5577978 All changes
debruine debruine / faux R R functions for simulating datasets The faux package provides functions to simulate data with a specified structure.
SciChartTeam ABTSoftware / PodSpecs3.x Ruby A Cocoapods Spec repo for SciChart.iOS v3.x pods v3.0.0.4906 v3.0.0.4906
m-pilarczyk adshares / adpanel TypeScript UI for our adserver module v1.4.4 ### Fixed - Account's balance check error
michi42 jmad / jmad-gui Java Swing GUI on top of JMad, the Java API for MadX v0.5.0 Updated depencencies for - better PTC support - support for new CERN acc-models repo
fcambus ansilove / ansilove C ANSI and ASCII art to PNG converter in C 4.0.6
arthurkushman arthurkushman / php-wss PHP Web-socket server/client with multi-process and parse templates support on server and send/receive options on client 1.5.1
moh3n9595 moh3n9595 / react-native-app-builder JavaScript 🏛️ Parameterized Build for React Native v0.6.0 - rm setting.json 42e81ba - better eslint c0651c7 - Update config.yml 217f085 - eslint added 9f88434 - Update 4a3ab96 - Create first config.yml 5779bcf
Sayorus Sayorus / eveonline-socialite PHP Eve Online provider for Laravel Socialite v0.6.1
Hagellach37 mapswipe / python-mapswipe-workers Python MapSwipe Back-End v2.1.6 support other imagery sources than Bing #243 #242
drupchen Esukhia / botok Python 🏷 བོད་ཏོག [pʰøtɔk̚] Tibetan word tokenizer in Python v0.7.0 ## [0.7.0]( - 20191210 ### Changed * All trie data previously in botok/resources/ is moved to the botok_data repo The files are automatically
4fury 4fury / pisilinux-default-settings-xfce Python Pisi Linux default settings for XFCE 2.0.3 source code structure improvement.
mikey179 bovigo / assert PHP Provides assertions for unit tests. v5.1.0 * Added reusable config for projects using bovigo/assert available in `src/main/resources/phpstan/bovigo-assert.neon`
nuxeo-platform-jx-bot nuxeo / jx-platform-jenkins Dockerfile Jenkins X Image for the Platform Team v0.0.9 ## Changes
StevenTCramer TimeWarpEngineering / blazor-state C# Manage client side state in Blazor using MediatR pipeline. v3.0.1+3.1.100 ## Changes: * 33292d505a877deec8c647e1235413bee57889a0 Merge pull request #202 from TimeWarpEngineering/Cramer/2019-12-10/UpdateDependencies * 27ba39c631c80a9e386e94055b5a6e7d992dd342 Update versio
andreapollastri andreapollastri / cipi PHP Cloud Control Panel | Laravel Based VPS manager 1.3.4 - LTS version - Bug fixing - Autoinstallation fixes
toggl-button-bot toggl / toggl-button JavaScript Toggl Button extension for Chrome and Firefox 1.51.1 ## [1.51.1]( (2019-12-10) ### Bug Fixes * **notion:** Fix Notion integration ([34c3a5c](
michi42 jmad / jmad-modelpack-fx Java JavaFx GUI components for accessing the JMad model package service v0.4.0 - use latest jmad-modelpack-service (v0.4.0)
tenntenn gcpug / zagane Go zagane is a static analysis tool which can find bugs in spanner's code v0.3.3
laudio-bot laudio / pyodbc Python Docker Image with python 3.7 and pyodbc 1.0.31
MertNYuksel Trendyol / StateLayout Kotlin StateLayout is a simple-use Android layout library which handles Loading, Content and Error states 1.4.3
htdangkhoa htdangkhoa / erb JavaScript :fire: Express react boilerplate 1.7.4 - Merge pull request #28 from htdangkhoa/develop dddeecf - Update 232a253
Alexandermclean Alexandermclean / cdn JavaScript jsDeliver Cdn 5.1
robcresswell robcresswell / vue-material-design-icons JavaScript Material Design Icons as Vue Single File Components 4.4.0 # [4.4.0]( (2019-12-10) ### Features * new icons ([3080d90](
DorothyBestGirl DorothyBestGirl / RaysBoosterPack no-lang boi v0.2 Mod Browser Autorelease built on tModLoader v0.11.5
pocmo mozilla-mobile / android-components Kotlin A collection of Android libraries to build browsers or browser-like applications. v25.0.0 * [Release notes]( * [Commits]( * [Milestone](
kresmes kresmes / Luame-Mo no-lang Luame-Mod-Organizer 69.420.2 A mod organizer software is able to keep your Mods organized for any illusion games. Our vision is to host thousands of mods and to make it easier to find and install them without any problems. With y
process-engine-ci process-engine / process_engine_runtime JavaScript Ready-to-use ProcessEngine Server application which can be installed and started globally. v9.3.0-alpha.2 # Changelog v9.3.0-alpha.2 (2019-12-10) This changelog covers the changes between [v9.2.1 and v9.3.0-alpha.2](
chinayin chinayin / thinkphp5 PHP composer require chinayin/thinkphp5 v5.0.24.24
shibi391 shibi391 / project-justapad Python justapad is an underdevelopment text editor for Windows. I'm learning Tkinter and this project is a result of that. justapad is in its early days but the more I'll learn the better it will get. Future updates are sure thing. v1.2 1) Now the focus is by default on text area. No need to click on it to start writing. 2) Added shortcut key bindings for "new file", "open...", "save", "undo",
mantrabrain mantrabrain / sikshya PHP Sikshya is free Learning management system for WordPress. It helps to create course, lessons, quizzes, questions and answers for your online course system. 0.0.6 = 0.0.6 | 2019/12/10 = * Fixed - Minor bug fixes * Added - Quiz and question cpt options
Novik Novik / rtorrent C++ rTorrent BitTorrent client v0.9.8.fixed
Keeper-of-the-Keys gpodder / gpodder-core Python gPodder 4 Core Library 4.9.0 - Major performance improvements for Soundcloud updates - Minor improvement in performance for initial adding of soundcloud podcast. - Also adds episode duration for soundcloud episodes - only for
jkotan ess-dmsc / h5cpp C++ C++ wrapper for the HDF5 C-library v0.3.0 - Direct chunk writing/reading added - ExternalFilter class added - Support for pkgconfig added - Fixes for compiler warnings and errors - Speed-up access to 2D data via std:vector
benjaminbnuz benjaminbnuz / Actions-OpenWrt HTML Build OpenWrt using GitHub Actions | 使用 GitHub Actions 编译 OpenWrt 1.1.2
stimka echoprotocol / echojs-lib JavaScript A javascript Echo library for node.js and browsers 🔊 1.9.9
psss psss / did Python What did you do last week, month, year? 0.16 - Convert smoke test into docs test, fix config file - Include a short summary in the help usage message - Enable simple smoke test in the testing farm - Add nitrate back into the package requires
chaoos imedias / glados PHP The exam server webinterface 1.0.6 **The lernstick-exam-client has to be updated as well to work properly with Glados 1.0.5 (see packages).** ---- * Fixed several bugs: - TODO * New Features: - TODO
overclokk ItalyStrap / html PHP HTML tag and attributes generator in PHP 1.1.1 Added is_HTML() to the API from helpers module
andrii-bodnar crowdin / crowdin-api-client-php PHP PHP client library for Crowdin API v2 1.2.3
zuban movetodigital / cookie-bar JavaScript Plain cookie bar v0.0.3
luboice abmes / RepositoryCommands Pascal An organizer for frequently issued commands to repositories v1.4.2
sebthom vegardit / haxe-strings Haxe A haxelib for consistent cross-platform UTF-8 string manipulation. v5.2.4 See
nkmanolovsumup sumup / hello Erlang Erlang RPC server framework 1.0.1
asafg6 veertuinc / packer-builder-veertu-anka Go 🚛 A packer builder for Veertu Anka v1.1.0 ## Changelog c887753 forgot to add playbook to examples 1bec977 added enable/disable hyper threading configuration options. CLOUD-390 #7 3681983 removed dir replace in upload, changed ansible examp
Alex-Levacher Alex-Levacher / Lumie JavaScript ✨ Make a dazzling node API 0.1.2 Now it's possible to use the `path` option it as shown below: controllers > index.js ```js module.exports = { path: '/', // note that you can set the path you want here in order to rename
mabar contributte / wordcha PHP :exclamation: Word based captcha (security) for Nette Framework \ Forms (@nette) v0.2.0 Diff: Changes: - Requires PHP 7.2, added native typehints
brunato sissaschool / elementpath Python XPath 1.0/2.0 parsers and selectors for ElementTree and lxml v1.3.2 This is the last release compatible with Python 2 (2.7). The next release will be the v1.4.0, a *"Python 3 only"* release (3.5+).
alfaro96 alfaro96 / docker-scikit-lr-experiments R Docker image to execute experiments for the scikit-lr Python package 0.1.0 Released 10 December 2019.
github-actions[bot] JosephDuffy / Shepherd Swift A Swift framework to aid with routing v0.3.1
molgenis-jenkins molgenis / molgenis-app-lifelines-webshop TypeScript App to explore and create data order for lifelines biobank v0.23.2 ## [0.23.2]( (2019-12-10) ### Bug Fixes * removed package-lock generated by npm ([3acc6aa](
jordiprats NTTCom-MS / eyp-docker Puppet docker service and container management 0.2.1
noelmace noelmace / slides-wof-conf HTML The Web is on 🔥 F.I.R.E. 🔥 - conference edition - slides v1.3.1
PhoenixxClaw PhoenixxClaw / SchulProjekt Java SchulProjekt AS - 3.JJ v0.3 Pre-Release v0.3 added: - RegalTab - Regal anlegen - Regal Bearbeiten - Regalinformationen
wintercounter wintercounter / mhy JavaScript 🧩 A zero-config, out-of-the-box, multi-purpose toolbox and development environment v2.18.9 * chore(dependencies): update 10/12/19 ([0898fa8]( * chore(release): 2.18.9 ([42063de]( * fix
alexellis alexellis / k3sup Go k3sup: from Zero to KUBECONFIG in < 1 min 0.6.9
julia-tagbot[bot] QuantumBFS / LuxurySparse.jl Julia A luxury sparse matrix package for Julia v0.5.2 A changelog is being generated, please check back in a few minutes.
julia-tagbot[bot] QuantumBFS / BitBasis.jl Julia Types and operations for basis represented by bits in linear algebra. v0.6.1 A changelog is being generated, please check back in a few minutes.
julia-tagbot[bot] QuantumBFS / YaoSym.jl Julia Symbolic Computation Extension for Yao v0.3.0 A changelog is being generated, please check back in a few minutes.
julia-tagbot[bot] JuliaGraphics / Luxor.jl Julia Simple drawings using vector graphics; Cairo "for tourists!" v1.9.0 A changelog is being generated, please check back in a few minutes.
bartosjiri bartosjiri / bartosjiri-portfolio JavaScript A personal portfolio v1.0.0 # Jiří Bartoš — Portfolio (v1) First iteration of my personal portfolio website. Built with [Gatsby]( and hosted on [Netlify]( ## Prev
Rat431 Rat431 / ColdAPI_Steam C++ A Steam offline emulator that allows you to play Steam games in SinglePlayer. v1.6 Added FileWriteStream functions emulation in RemoteStorage and fixed some few bugs.
dbu symfony-cmf / Routing PHP Routing component building on the Symfony2 Routing component 2.1.1 * Fix warning about `get_class` on `null` in PHP > 7.2
1c7 1c7 / Translate-Subtitle-File no-lang :robot: 字幕组机翻小助手(拖入 .srt/.ass 翻译整个字幕文件) - 新版 1.0.2 于 2019年12月10号发布,macOS 版可下载,Win版在打包。各家翻译服务商的 token 怎么拿我在补文档了 1.0.2
dti-deploy DigiThinkIT / awesome_cart Python Awesome cart is an extension to erpnext's Shopping cart. It adds guest management and a single page cart/checkout experience. v3.4.5 * fix: reference before assignment error * fix: guest users break coupon logic testing (#339) * feat(coupons): Adds stock test and ui to enable. Also fixes guest user triggering new coupon logic (#338
lonnylot lonnylot / crud-sugar PHP CRUD sugar for REST APIs v1.1.1
mawww mawww / kakoune C++ mawww's experiment for a better code editor v2019.12.10 * Arrow keys and `<home>`, `<end>` are not normal mode commands anymore but default key mappings. * `ModeChange` hook parameter now takes `push:` or `pop:` prefix, `InsertBegin`
poteirard zopaUK / react-components TypeScript Shared React components for the Zopa projects. v2.5.2 ## [2.5.2]( (2019-12-10) ### Bug Fixes * **global:** always type native HTML attributes ([1ec67e0](
MysteriumTeam mysteriumnetwork / node-builds no-lang Snapshot builds 0.15.0-1snapshot-20191210T1029-76c1af3f
kuitos umijs / umi-plugin-qiankun TypeScript Umi plugin for qiankun. v1.3.4 - :memo: 更新 example 3e63d24 - :sparkles: 支持将 localhost 切换成远程 ip 模式 (#45) c22b1fe - :sparkles: umi bundle script 自动添加 entry 标记 (#44) 80eb3ce - :recycle: 优化
OhmPopy OhmPopy / BinTrade no-lang Trade coin. Vendor :Binance, Bitfinex, KuCoin,... Multi indicator overlay, draw tool.
Keeper-of-the-Keys gpodder / gpodder-ui-qml QML gPodder 4 QML UI Reference Implementation 4.9.0 Adds duration to Episode list.
rakeshorbonix rakeshorbonix / orbocarelis JavaScript Orbocare Lis V3.1.6 On the patient registration page if doctor is added after the patient registration the patient list got crashed. this issue has been fixed in this version
pglombardo instana / ruby-sensor Ruby 💎 Ruby Distributed Tracing & Metrics Sensor for Instana 1.11.0 This minor release includes the following fixes & improvements: * Improved Announce Process #174 * Agent: Make http timeouts configurable (internally) #173 Available on Rubygems: https://r
Aniket-Engg ethereum / remix JavaScript Ethereum IDE and tools for the web v0.1.24 ## Change Log ### v0.1.24 (2019/12/10) - [#1356]( Publish 0.1.24 (@Aniket-Engg ) - [#1355]( bool type encod
sch00n sch00n / schoonsquare no-lang SchoonSquare pixel font 1.10
qingstor-robot qingstor / qsctl Go Advanced command line tool for QingStor Object Storage. v2.0.0-beta.2 ## [2.0.0-beta.2] - 2019-12-10 ### Added - cmd/mv: Implement feature mv (#171) - cmd/sync: Implement ignore existing while sync file (#172) - i18n: Add whole i18n support (#184) ### Changed
fastir-build SekoiaLab / fastir_artifacts Python Live forensic artifacts collector 20191210103848-6512138
mojocn mojocn / base64Captcha Go golang base64-captcha supports digits, numbers,alphabet, arithmetic, audio and digit-alphabet captcha v1.20
Tameki 5daytech / dex-app-android Kotlin Secure and Decentralized Exchange + Wallet for Ethereum ERC20 tokens 1.0.0 # v1.0.0 Highlights We are glad to introduce our first production version of the UDEX app! A lot of major and minor UI & UX improvements and bugs fixes.
jordiprats NTTCom-MS / eyp-audit HTML auditd management 0.2.8
kalvinpearce kalvinpearce / seorsum TypeScript Lightweight state management, designed to be used in conjunction with react but more separate than react-redux. v1.0.0 - Fix dep vulns b0314b0 - Increase type controlled path limit to 10 b3cabad - Fix subscribe path breaking past 2 b19bf2f - Merge pull request #3 from kalvinpearce/fix/deepEmit 6515e86 - Rework
artemlive artemlive / hpraid_exporter Go Prometheus exporter for the HP RAID utility 'ssacli' v0.3 Change the name of the hp utility
chandreshandroid chandreshandroid / MaterialProgressButton Kotlin Material Button With ProgressBar 1.7
michi42 jmad / jmad-modelpack-service Java Service to retrieve jmad model packages from different sources. v0.4.0 - add new CERN "acc-models" repository by default (old jmad-modelpacks-cern is still retained for the time being)
Paprikawurst Paprikawurst / contactbook C# contactbook application winter 2019 0.1 Working C# + SQLite Version
pizzamig pizzamig / minipot Shell Emulate a nomad-pot cluster on your machine 0.1.0 First production ready release of minipot The README provides the documentation on how to install and run it
apfelbox Becklyn / test-helpers PHP Common test helpers 1.1.2 ## :sparkles: Improvements * Support the Symfony 5 bundle structure out of the box in `NoMissingTranslationsTest`.
JacopoWolf JacopoWolf / PotatoChatProtocol Java chatting so simple it's potato-like Min.b.5 fixed: - #82
masx200 masx200 / markdown-reader JavaScript Lightweight Markdown Documentation System based 优化界面展示方式,使用媒体查询侧边栏可折叠的导航栏和响应式布局和cdn加载依赖包 2.3.1
linzhaoming logancloud / logan-app-operator Go Simple App Operator for Running Production Ready Statefulless Application in Kubernetes 0.8.0-RC4
bushjames mojaloop / sdk-scheme-adapter JavaScript A scheme adapter implementation that demonstrates use of the Mojaloop SDK Standard Components to interface a DFSP backend system to a Mojaloop API compliant system v8.6.1 Performance and scalability fix for pub/sub cache client connections
wintercounter wintercounter / use-breakpoint TypeScript React `useBreakpoint` hook to have different values for a variable based on a breakpoints. v1.1.1 * chore(release): 1.1.1 ([a655639]( * fix: cache `window.innerWidth` for better performance ([c849134](
schizo99 schizo99 / django-ajax-filtered-fields Python Fork of roddds project with added Django 1.10 compatibility v1.1 Add support for Django 2.x
Misplon siteorigin / siteorigin-corp CSS A modern business theme from SiteOrigin. Corp is versatile and quick to customize. Convert visitors to customers with effective layouts and beautifuly presented landing pages. Corp offers seamless integration with Page Builder by SiteOrigin, a custom WooCommerce design, five unique blog layouts and a stunning Jetpack Portfolio layout. 1.14.0 * Removed mobile menu `!important` rule. * Resolved Tag Cloud widget hover color issue. * Introduced a new setting at `Theme Settings > Pages > Featured Image` to control page featured image v
sudkumar tourepedia / tp-ui TypeScript UI Components for Tourepedia @tourepedia/ui@1.6.4 ## [1.6.4]( (2019-12-10) **Note:** Version bump only for package @tourepedia/ui
knative-prow-releaser-robot knative / serving Go Kubernetes-based, scale-to-zero, request-driven compute v0.10.1 # Meta ## Eliminated errors across dataplane-probe scenarios! With some of the work to improve the activator’s load balancing, the errors we would see with `containerConcurrency: 1` due to queuing h
Poltuu Poltuu / Harpoon C# Harpoon provides support for sending your own WebHooks 1.2.0
might5 might5 / lede C Lean's OpenWrt source 1
zuzheng zuzheng / YTKNetwork Objective-C YTKNetwork is a high level request util based on AFNetworking. 2.0.7 去除App version改变缓存失效判断。
mworrell zotonic / zotonic Erlang Zotonic - The Erlang Web Framework & CMS 0.53.0 Welcome to Zotonic 0.53.0, released on December 10, 2019. Main changes are: * jQuery updated to 3.4.1 * Fix a problem with handling email errors * Remove a problem with Erlang module name c
might5 might5 / OpenWrt-CI no-lang OpenWrt CI 在线集成自动编译环境 2.2
mabar contributte / neonizer PHP :wrench: Collection of useful scripts for manipulaton with NEON files. Support composer pre-install / post-install events. Set/get parameters, validate files. v0.4.1 Diff: Changes: - Empty template file don't cause failure
codecure skbkontur / django-rest-framework-bulk Python Django REST Framework bulk CRUD view mixins 0.3.6 Fixed requirements versions
MathiasRaoul vpp-quic / quicly C Our own QUIC implementation v0.0.8-vpp
daftspunk rainlab / pages-plugin PHP Adds static pages and menus v1.3.2 ### Fixes - Fixes a bug when creating a subpage and the parent page has no layout set - Fixes a bug that breaks all form widgets opening two or more new tabs, since they all share the same alias
gillmanjc gillmanjc / PDF-Marker JavaScript PDF- Marker code v1.0.2
bastianallgeier getkirby / kirby PHP Kirby's core application folder 3.3.2-rc.1 # New Features - PHP 7.4 support - Support for address names when sending email # Enhancements - Updated translations # Fixes - Fixed pattern vali
dimasdanz dimasdanz / gobag Go A simple utility to read json response dot notation style v1.1.0 Add `GetMapString` function. Fixes #1
dmitriy-t Neurotar / locomotion-tracking-software LabVIEW This repository contains the source code of the Neurotar's locomotion tracking software. For more information, contact us at ## Mobile HomeCage locomotion tracking software. **Current version** ### RELEASE NOTES #### New and updated features: * Major release. * New, improved user interface. * More informatio
rfgamaral rfgamaral / parcel-plugin-typings-for-css-modules JavaScript 📦 A plugin for the Parcel bundler to generate .d.ts files for your CSS Modules. v1.0.4 ## [1.0.4]( (2019-12-10) ### Bug Fixes * **asset:** update usage to cosmiconfig new API ([a52380d](https:/
github-actions[bot] robertrossmann / vscode-remedy JavaScript A dark theme with orange accents with roots in Base16 - Eighties colour theme 3.6.1 ## [3.6.1]( (2019-12-10) ### Bug Fixes * use theme colours for problem decorations in tree views 🤦‍♂️ ([4c209e6](https
stringbean stringbean / sttp-scribe Scala sttp backend for ScribeJava v1.5.1 Handle errors when response input stream closes unexpectedly (#7) - @fmcgough.
partamonov apiheat / harvestgraph Go CLI tools which is used to visualize Akamai Network list usage v0.0.2 ## Changelog 37d58d1 Merge pull request #2 from apiheat/fix-multi-inclusion-issue c697ea9 added comments and removed not required outputs ef497dc migrated from true/false flag to counter 26b99d3 Me
kyukyunyorituryo kyukyunyorituryo / AozoraEpub3 Java 青空文庫テキスト→ePub3変換 1.1.0b51Q - カクヨムの仮対応 - 端末設定の追加
ziaagikian ziaagikian / Vehicle-Simulator Java Java based multithreaded application to simulate real time vehicles connected with IoT Cloud v2.0
InsungMulumba justeat / fozzie CSS Web UI Base Library v1.78.0 v1.78.0 ------------------------------ *December 9, 2019* ### Changed - Fix OrderCard styling forYour Favourites Experiment
julia-tagbot[bot] gridap / SparseMatricesCSR.jl Julia Matrix types for storing sparse matrices v0.5.1 A changelog is being generated, please check back in a few minutes.
haeginh haeginh / POLY2TET C++ POLY2TET: A program to convert polygon mesh phantoms into tetrahedral mesh phantoms v1.0-beta
Flyer53 Flyer53 / jsPanel4 JavaScript A JavaScript library to create highly configurable floating panels, modals, tooltips, hints/notifiers/alerts or contextmenus for use in backend solutions and other web applications. v4.9.0 + **bugfix** in option `onwindowresize` + **bugfix** in `dragit.disableOnMaximized` + **bugfix** in `dragit.snap` feature + **bugfix** in option `resizeit` + **bugfix** in option `syncMargins` +
torakiki torakiki / pdfsam-visual-public no-lang Public releases for sejda-desktop and PDFsam Visual v2.1.2 * Handle # and % chars in filename * Fixed merge task in case of images input only * Handle bookmarks in non conforming PDF files generated by wkhtmltopdf * Better handling of problematic chars in
ovh-ux-cds ovh / manager JavaScript OVHcloud Control Panel tellurium-eel-2 # Release tellurium-eel-2 ## @ovh-ux/manager-cloud [8.1.0]( (2019-12-10) ### Bug Fixes * **cloud:**
remittor remittor / paxz.wcx C Packer plugin for Total Commander (PAX/LZ4/Zstd) v0.4 PAXZ - packer plugin for Total Commander [![Github Release](](
manuelwedler raiden-network / webui TypeScript Raiden's Web User Interface v0.10.4 ### Changed - #212 Fixes a bug that could cause the body parameters of API requests to be wrongly formatted.
jeremy379 BePark / socialite-azure-oauth PHP Socialite plugin for multi-connection to Azure AD v1.6
nicolonsky nicolonsky / Intune-PowerShell-SDK C# Native PowerShell support for invoking Microsoft Intune Graph API to enable IT Pro scenario automation. 1912 Supports authentication with a client certificate [](
paweldudek AirHelp / Mimus Swift Swift Mocking Library 1.1.5 * Adds support for Swift Package Manager
river0825 river0825 / gitlab-extension-for-chrome TypeScript some enhance for gitlab V1.0
omereleases IDR / CSS Source for the IDR static website. 2019.12.10 SHA256 ( = 3a435981e1fe6f66608293f5e99368867c3b1f2bf079b7180e46e0174081aadb
jsolam roi-up-agency / eav PHP Entity–attribute–value model (EAV) for Laravel Artisan 0.1.1
osxmidi osxmidi / LinVst3-X C++ Windows vst3 Linux Wrapper 1.7
simonbrent wtsi-web / Genoverse JavaScript HTML5 scrollable genome browser v3.0.2 * Fixed intron line when an exon begins with exactly one base of coding sequence, followed by some bases of non coding sequence * Updated dependencies, removed vulnerability
moisseev moisseev / rspamd-spamness JavaScript Thunderbird add-on for visualizing rspamd spam scores. 1.0.0 * Convert to Thunderbird 68 compatible add-on (by @RemcodM). This breaks compatibility with previous Thunderbird versions. + Add rules dialog auto-sizing.
strwase strwase / Imposter.Fiddler C# Fiddler Extension Version of Imposter 1.2.0
roxanemace ReachFive / identity-android-sdk Kotlin Reachfive Identity Android SDK v5.4.6 No change.
apiad apiad / auditorium JavaScript A Python-powered slideshow maker with steroids. v0.2.0
powli netresearch / dhl-module-shipping-m2 PHP This extension integrates the Deutsche Post DHL Group Business Customer Shipping API (GKP Versenden) into the Magento 2 order processing workflow. 0.11.0 ### Added - PHP 7.3 support (for Magento 2.3.3) ### Fixed - config import and export via CLI, see [Issue #63]( - uninstaller missi
jenshnielsen QCoDeS / Qcodes Python Modular data acquisition framework v0.9.0rc1 Release candidate for The December 2019 release of QCoDeS (0.9.0rc1) New: ____ * Call ``start_all_logging`` on qcodes import. See this example_ for more details on how this can be configured
clefebvre linuxmint / cinnamon JavaScript A Linux desktop featuring a traditional layout, built from modern technology and introducing brand new innovative features. master.mint19 Latest unstable packages
levy9527 FEMessage / create-nuxt-app Vue ⚡️Create deepexi style nuxt app in seconds v1.12.1
ehajo ehajo / WSEN-PADS C++ eHaJo absolute pressure addon 1.0.0 First release for our WSEN-PADS library
Slamdunk Slamdunk / php-errorhandler-legacy PHP Crappy class to manage errors and exceptions v3.3.0 1. Support PHP 7.4 1. Require PHP 7.3
sikelerd WollMux / WollMux Java letterhead, template, form, autotext, mail merge,... extension for OpenOffice and LibreOffice RELEASE_18.1.8
gillmanjc gillmanjc / electron-auto-update-example HTML Example auto-updating Electron app, built with electron-builder v1.0.2
Gyvastis comsave / salesforce-outbound-message-bundle PHP Catch & process Salesforce outbound messages in Symfony. 0.7.7
flakas mailpoet / mailpoet PHP A free newsletter plugin for WordPress 3.41.1 * Added: MailPoet can now deliver all of your site's emails if enabled in settings. * Fixed: incorrect DE Formal translation file name.
pun-ky Cognifide / gradle-aem-plugin Kotlin Swiss army knife for Adobe Experience Manager related automation. Environment setup & incremental AEM application build which takes seconds, not minutes. 9.2.0 # What's new TBD # Upgrade notes Nothing to do. # Contributions None.
DeviaVir DeviaVir / terraform-provider-customconfig Go terraform has gotchas. this provider catches them. v0.1.9 Adding a `debug` flag to Vault to learn more about the tokens we receive.
vikmeup trustwallet / wallet-core C++ Cross-platform, cross-blockchain wallet library. 0.12.30
WeiXuanChan WeiXuanChan / medImgProc Python MedImgProc is a Medical Image Processing module for viewing and editing. v2.2.3 MedImgProc is a Medical Image Processing module for viewing and editing.
pavel-github snyk / teamcity-snyk-security-plugin Java Allow TeamCity users to test their applications against the Snyk vulnerability database 2018.2-8 ### Features - Upgrade CLI to version 1.258.1 (#30)
laxersaz trivago / cucable-plugin Java Maven plugin that simplifies running Cucumber Scenarios in parallel. 1.6.0 ### Changed * Cucable is now more resilient when trying to deal with unparsable features - these are skipped instead of stopping the overall execution. ### Fixed * Utf-8 encoding error on lin
dvinfosys dvinfosys / CustomWidgets Java CustomWidgets is a library use Android UI controls such as TextView, Button, EditText, ChechBox, RadioButton, Switch, ToggleButton, CircleImageView, SeekBar, etc with Custom typefaces. 1.0.8 ## Add Widgets * StickerView * Inputcode * DAlert dialog * Seekbar * RecyclerResize * AutoSelect * ProgressView * Expanding Collection ## Remove Widgets * VPVideoPlayer ## Change Log *
prakash-cohesity prakash-cohesity / terraform-provider-vsphere Go Terraform VMware vSphere provider 1.13.9999 - Updated to support VM customisation - Added support for VM hardware compatibility in VM resource
rickvanoosten creative-ict / sendcloud PHP A Magento 2 module for Sendcloud 1.0.16 Free-shipping support. Magento 2.3.x support. JS fixes.
dti-deploy DigiThinkIT / frappe Python Rapid Application Development Framework in Python & JS. Used to build ERPNext v1.5.0 # [1.5.0]( (2019-12-10) ### Bug Fixes * add default role on sign up via SSO ([e4a42f6](
deeplook deeplook-wh / quote-fe JavaScript This frontend can be used as a widget in an <iframe> to show a quote along with the name of a sponsor. 0.1
dti-deploy DigiThinkIT / erpnext Python Open Source ERP built for the Web. Uses Python, MariaDB. v1.5.0 # [1.5.0]( (2019-12-10) ### Bug Fixes * add driver's preferred contact email in delivery trip ([#268](
deeplook deeplook-wh / quote-server JavaScript This server will serve a random attributed quote. 0.1
Karm eclipse / microprofile-starter Java MicroProfile project generator source code v0.9.6 # Highlights ## Features * Add support for MP 3.2 * API to generate no examples when no specs are selected * Log selected values early to identify issues * MP 3.0 Health annotations ## Bug f
juanosarg juanosarg / AlphaBiomes C# Alpha Biomes mod for RimWorld v1.407 v1.407: - Added Forsakens Fauna Module compatibility for the Forsaken Crags. - Reduced mushroom and Stikehr growth times considerably
mutt13y mutt13y / terraform_doc Python Generate terraform from inline docstrings v0.1 This is useable at the moment. Needs more testing, features, and some code beautifying
tripleabuilderbot triplea-game / triplea Java TripleA is a turn based strategy game and board game engine, similar to Axis & Allies or Risk. 2.0.17118
bigtongue5566 bigtongue5566 / twstockjs TypeScript :chart_with_upwards_trend: 台股資料 library v0.3.1 ## [0.3.1]( (2019-12-10) ### Bug Fixes * **realtime:** fix missing export ([cc7b936](
Kaplas80 Kaplas80 / ParManager C# Tools for Yakuza PAR archives v1.2.0 Added Drag&Drop mode.
ChadGoymer ChadGoymer / test-githapi R This repo is used to test the githapi R package bbb Created for testing: bbb
falzm exoscale / cli Go Command-line tool for everything at Exoscale: compute, storage, dns. v1.8.0 ## Changelog ### New * A new `exo sos show` command has been added to display object storage object properties (#204) * Add support for `exo instancepool` as a top-level entity instead of as a
surunzi liriliri / licia JavaScript Useful utility collection with zero dependencies v1.14.0 * add: notify * add: selector * add: css * add: sizeof
khopcus khopcus / traefik-certs_arm Go Traefik Certs working raspberry pi version v1.0.0 traefik-certs running under raspberry pi
maxxfrazer maxxfrazer / MultipeerHelper Swift A light swift wrapper around the iOS MultipeerConnectivity framework. Including an example project using RealityKit's MultipeerConnectivityService. v1.1.2 runWithOwnership lets you run a command if you have ownership or once ownership of an entity is obtained
NickETH NickETH / autopkg Python Automating packaging and software distribution on OS X. v1.3.1 The very first release of the AutoPkg for Windows installer. Read the install instructions carefully to set up all the prerequisites.
otfried otfried / ipe-tools Python Tools to use with the Ipe drawing editor v7.2.13.1
PiotrMachowski PiotrMachowski / lovelace-xiaomi-vacuum-map-card no-lang This card enables you to specify a target or start a zoned cleanup using live or static map, just like in Mi Home app. Additionally you can define a list of zones and choose the ones to be cleaned. v1.1.3 Added Dutch translations by @nbeernink
heeroluo polyv / utils JavaScript Utility functions of Polyv frontend development. v1.2.0 ## 兼容修改 - 优化 `cookie.set` 内部的类型判断逻辑。 ## 非兼容修改 - 修改 `string.cutStr` 的截取策略,保证截取后的字符串拼接上省略符后,不超长度
ayoublasri ayoublasri / Biomodelling.jl Julia Framework for stochastic modelling in systems biology v0.2.2 ## [v0.2.2]( (2019-12-10) [Diff since v0.2.1](
obdulia-losantos eHealthAfrica / aether-django-sdk-library Python A python library with helpful django tools for Aether 1.2.3 feat(storage): introduce `django-cleanup` (#40)
suciista09 suciista09 / malbec-cucumber-client Java java cucumber 2.3.3
liyuzero liyuzero / ExtendedRecyclerView Java Expandable RecyclerView 1.1.2
CleSmartwave GADORZA06 / KJExpandableTableTree Swift Provides a tableview cells expansion (expanding cell area - subcells'), you can expand cells up to level ∞-1. Use Dynamic JSON Tree structure to initialise, or use static initialisers - Indexing/Swifty Closures. 3.1.0 Add details property to Node with type: [String: Any]
julia-tagbot[bot] QuantumBFS / YaoBlocks.jl Julia Standard basic quantum circuit simulator building blocks. v0.8.0 A changelog is being generated, please check back in a few minutes.
201853910 201853910 / synology no-lang 黑群晖引导及镜像文件 synoboot
ufx ufx / SaintCoinach C# A .NET library written in C# for extracting game assets and reading game assets from Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Build-693
jskeet googleapis / google-cloud-dotnet C# Google Cloud Client Libraries for .NET Grafeas.V1-1.0.0
robertauer cloudogu / jenkins Groovy Jenkins Dogu for the Cloudogu EcoSystem v2.190.3-1 Upgrade to Jenkins 2.190.3 - Changed Jenkins version to 2.190.3 - Changed Java version to 8u222-1
Hser2bio reecore-coin / Reex C++ Reex core # Minor update [CODE] Fix OOM bug UTXO [CODE] Fix Overmint check [CODE] Fix memory access violation in merkeblock [CODE] Improve blockchain sync [QT] added algo to block explorer [QT] mov
kunjsharma kunjsharma / adapt-animation-hotspot JavaScript A component having hotspots over images that enables learner to display a popup on click. v2.1.1
dostaji4 dostaji4 / EnergyPlus-co-simulation-toolbox MATLAB Simulate runtime binded EnergyPlus models from Matlab/Simulink. v1.2.3 Bug fixes, docu fixes, EP version update
drainerlight drainerlight / drivelist no-lang List all connected drives in your computer, in all major operating systems v8.0.9
mmexvr mmexvr / corporate-ui no-lang The white label design system for implementing a coherent user interface on an enterprise level. 4.0.0-beta.4
Kevhann fir3porkkana / ohtuMiniParas Java Repositorio ohjelmistotuotannon miniprojektille 3.0
CRThu CRThu / PipelinedCPU Verilog carrot's simple 5 stages pipelined CPU -- CRT8008 v1.0 This is the initial release. CRT8008 v1.0 has basic structure and instructions.
hchauvin hchauvin / warp Go Yet another deployment wrapper 🚀 v0.1.0 ## Changelog 9727bb1 fix main 9c81cce Batch (#21) 6e44138 Update module hchauvin/name_manager to v0.2.2 (#16)
artem-bondar artem-bondar / system-operating-shell C A simple linux shell v1.0.1 Debian x64 executable.
bvdmitri antigenomics / vdjviz JavaScript A lightweight immune repertoire browser v1.0.4
bluebill1049 react-hook-form / react-hook-form-input TypeScript 📋 Wrapper component for controlled inputs eg: MUI, AntD and React-Select v1.1.6 close #25 on react-select clear
eamonnfaherty awslabs / aws-service-catalog-puppet Python This is a framework where you list your AWS accounts with tags and your AWS Service Catalog products with tags or target accounts. The framework works through your lists, dedupes and spots collisions and then provisions the products into your AWS accounts for you. It handles the Portfolio sharing, its acceptance and can provision products cross account and cross region. 0.59.0 Waiting for SSM Parameter Store parameter to be added before moving on (when using SSM outputs in your manifest file) - Issue #218
rratsun treolabs / treocore JavaScript TreoCore open source application 3.25.0-rc2 **Changes:** * #658 Core refactoring
ChenTanyi Azure / azure-libraries-for-java Java Azure Management Libraries for Java v1.29.0 - Compute package 2019-07-01 update - Support minTlsVersion for web app (App Service) - Support latest java version without warning ( For a
miwurster UST-EDMM / transformation-framework Java Transformation framework for the Essential Deployment Metamodel v1.0.3
artem-bondar artem-bondar / text-editor C A simple command line text editor v1.0.3.1 Debian x64 executable.
0vercl0k 0vercl0k / CVE-2019-9810 JavaScript Exploit for CVE-2019-9810 Firefox on Windows 64-bit. 1 This archive contains a packaged version of the Firefox 64-bit version I used for the exploit. This means that by downloading it, you should be able to run the exploit without any modifications as wel
ripreal BITERP / PinkRabbitMQ C++ Внешняя Native API компонента для взаимодействия с RabbitMQ из 1С v.1.7 Исправительный релиз компоненты. Рекомендуется использовать вместо 1.6. [Новое в версии ](
Skycoder42 Skycoder42 / QtRestClient C++ A library for generic JSON-based REST-APIs, with a mechanism to map JSON to Qt objects 3.0.0 Changelog: - Added CBOR support - both the raw (previously JSON) and the generic API now support CBOR as data format for sending and receiving - The generic API stayed unchanged and can swi
Niklan Niklan / Glisseo HTML Base theme for Drupal 8 8.x-1.0-alpha14 ### Base theme - Fixed menu BEM base class pass for menu block. - Fields for entities now is BEM blocks, not elements. This provides a better flexibility and control over markup. - Improved BEM b
phacks theodo / falco TypeScript Falco helps you monitor, analyze, and optimize your websites. 1.0.3 ### Chores - Upgraded Docusaurus for performance and bugfixes (@phacks) ### Fixes - Fixed a translation problem for users neither French nor English-speaking (@phacks)
mugnano EnterpriseConsultingDeveloper / connectors PHP connectors 1.2.1
ipy chiflix / splayerx Vue SPlayerX@2018 4.8.0-beta.1
or-else tinode / tindroid Java Tinode chat client application for Android v0.16.3-rc2 466de7c 2cf22a8 de44106 enable taking photos with the camera for sending as attachments 9440346 fix for the case of progress spinner being shown forever 26bb1db removing unused code c4bbff5 add sor
ronghz ronghz / laravel-ddd JavaScript laravel domain driven package 1.0.0
rimusz helm / helm-2to3 Go This is a Helm v3 plugin which migrates and cleans up Helm v2 configuration and releases in-place to Helm v3 v0.2.1
jtattermusch grpc / grpc-dotnet C# gRPC for .NET v2.26.0-pre1
snyuryev alan-ai / alan-sdk-ios no-lang Alan iOS SDK 2.5 - Updated internal documentation.
clotaire202 202-ecommerce / stripe_official PHP Stripe Official PrestaShop Addon 2.0.8
garazdawi erlang / otp Erlang Erlang/OTP OTP-22.2
muellermarianne muellermarianne / iarm R Item Analysis in Rasch Models v0.3.0 P. adjust included in all functions with p values. Item statistics restricted to complete data. Extensions on accepted input variables.
RRothfeld RRothfeld / R R Material for "Introduction into R" - 19. November 2018 2019
kyostra kyostra / satomi JavaScript Your new waifu and general purpose Discord bot 0.20.3 Nothing special in this release, just updating some packages so they aren't ancient versions. Might start some more development in the new year and or release some mini updates to keep certain parts u
NS05 NS05 / cdn JavaScript NS05's can 1.2 1.2
Andro999b Andro999b / torrent-player JavaScript Torrents plyaer 1.0.663
jppiiroinen CSCfi / tauhka Python Tauhka is a web application testing framework v0.0.9 Fixed support for Chrome 75+
softius QoboLtd / cakephp-menu PHP :cake: Menu plugin for CakePHP v16.3.2 * Improved support for multi-lingual applications * PSR-12 compliant code
PeterBielak safebash / opencrypto JavaScript OpenCrypto is a lightweight JavaScript library built on top of WebCryptography API 1.4.6 This release introduces new method keyAgreement() which replaces ECDH key encryption using the method encryptKey(). Method keyAgreement also includes a built-in KDF specifically HKDF for key deriva
blag mpdavis / python-jose Python A JOSE implementation in Python 3.1.0 # Changes # ## Features ## * Improve `JWT.decode()` #76 (fixes #75) * Sort headers when serializing to allow for headless JWT #136 (fixes #80) * Adjust dependency handling - Use PyCryptodom
fesiong fesiong / layarea JavaScript 基于layui实现的省市县区三级联动下拉选择器 v1.3
andream-lodgify lodgify / lodgify-ui JavaScript React components for building amazing websites with Lodgify v1.272.0 # [1.272.0]( (2019-12-10) ### Features * **GoogleMaps:** remove custom styles ([57f6abc](
fuji44 fuji44 / tyranoscript-packager HTML This is a CLI tool for packaging Tyranoscript apps. v0.2.0-beta.1 Migrate to typescript to improve maintainability.
eidoil32 eidoil32 / M.A.Git---JAVA---MTA-Couse Java Part of Java Course in MTA 3.0
chunsiyang chunsiyang / AdultScraperX-server Python server for AdultScraperX.bundle 1.0
w347931956 w347931956 / calendar Dart calendar 0.0.1 111111
obrestad ntnusky / profile Perl Puppet profiles v1.11.0 This release introduces the following changes to bird: - Allows more than one BGP peer - Allows configuration of multihop, in case the BGP-peer is not on the local subnet. - Allows configuration
bobkosse bobkosse / dompdf PHP HTML to PDF converter (PHP5) v0.8.4
mattsb42 mattsb42 / rhodes Python Tools to create AWS Step Functions state machines. 0.5.2 * Fixed incorrect kw-only split for ``AwsStepFunctions`` type signature. #55 * Fixed too-strict type restrictions. #54 #56
barrystyle ALQO-Universe / ALQO C++ ALQO is a digital currency that enables instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world. v6.1.0.0-6774363
arcogelderblom arcogelderblom / libzmq no-lang ZeroMQ core engine in C++, implements ZMTP/3.1 v4.3.2-base
VolkerSchiewe jolocom / backup-service TypeScript Express service to store encrypted backups v0.1.2 ### Updates * endpoint to delete backups
canren shopex / allinpay PHP 通联支付 1.0.1 MemberService.php MerchantService.php OrderService.php 构造函数修改
lhf-programer lhf-programer / spring-cloud Java spring cloud 基础搭建 v1.0 spring cloud 基础构建
LightSun LightSun / cameraview Java Easily integrate Camera features into your Android app 1.0.1-beta2
Gyvastis comsave / salesforce-mapper-bundle PHP A Salesforce object mapper for Symfony 3.2.0
b3none herdl / the-insertr PHP A wordpress dynamic keyword insertion plugin. 1.0.0 Initial release!
HerndonE HerndonE / VideoPullRequestTest no-lang Android Studio File Request V1.0
vpratfr marvinlabs / laravel-discord-logger PHP Logging to a discord channel in Laravel v1.1.2 Support for Lumen
github-actions[bot] colomoto / colomoto-docker Jupyter Notebook The CoLoMoTo Interactive Notebook: Accessible and Reproducible Computational Analyses for Qualitative Biological Networks 2019-12-09 Fetch and run the latest image with ``` pip install -U colomoto-docker colomoto-docker -V latest ``` ## Packages | Package | Version | Description | | --- | --- | --- | | clingo | [5.4.0](https://gi
qiushengyang qiushengyang / alisms PHP 支持easyswoole阿里短信服务 v1.0
nic329 nic329 / chainsaw Go A new web scanner(with golang) are born. v0.1
lyman aliyun / aliyun-odps-jdbc Java JDBC Driver for ODPS v3.0.2
okmttdhr okmttdhr / fp-minimal TypeScript Minimal functional programming in TypeScript v0.1.0
oke-py oke-py / npm-audit-action TypeScript GitHub Action to run `npm audit` v1.0.1 only set branding
nabinked nabinked / NToastNotify C# Asp.Net Core abstraction for server side rendered toast notifications using toast.js or noty.js. Supports AJAX calls as well. 6.0.2 Support dotnet core 3.1
github-actions[bot] Tosuke / submarine TypeScript A cross-platform mobile client app for Sea. v1.2.0 - Expo SDK 36 に対応 - tutrle-cliのバグによってAppBundleを生成できないため、apkのみ
CHN-beta CHN-beta / OpenWrtPackageInstaller Visual Basic .NET 给小白用的 OpenWrt 软件包安装器。Install OpenWrt package with GUI. first_release
jenkins-x-bot cloudbees / lighthouse-githubapp Go a multi tenant GitHub App version of lighthouse for the SaaS v0.0.282 ## Changes ### Chores * deps: bump from v0.0.294 to 0.0.295 * deps: bump to 0.0.295 ### Dependency Upda
gmhevinci gmhevinci / MotionFramework C# MotionFramework is unity3d game framework. v1.2.0 ### 新增 1. Add scene manager 2. Add asset build rule editor window ### 改进 1. Update AssetBuilder : encryption method is invoked through reflection 2. Update AssetBuilder : build rule use
github-actions[bot] binzcodes / nuxt-static Vue A full-featured boilerplate for static websites. v2.0.0 # [2.0.0]( (2019-12-10) * !feat: merge dev ([1c01f66](
monkoose monkoose / fzf-hoogle.vim Vim script (neo)vim plugin that uses fzf for previewing hoogle search results v1.0.1 - Add help tags 07a859b66ac81fb83afeee94b8b7181767c5f3c0 - Remove text about `:Hoogle!` bug d3fca2b36e0fa3578a696f3396e1d7e288c22ec7 - Fix `:Hoogle` appended with `!` fb944099815946733dcd07a3124381d
primeappsio primeapps-io / pre HTML PrimeApps Runtime Environment v1.19.344.1
spryker-release-bot spryker-eco / ratepay PHP Spryker Eco Ratepay module 0.2.2 Included commits: ### Bugfixes - Allowing new `spryker/oms` module major dependency `^11.0.0`. - Allowing new `spryker/payment` module
haavamoa DIPSAS / DIPS.Xamarin.UI C# A shared UI library that DIPS uses and maintains for their mobile applications. v2.0.0-pre001 # Changed - `RaiseAfter` is now renamed to `RaiseWhenSet`.
SitecoreBot SitecoreSupport / Sitecore.Support.310786.362242 no-lang Merged patch for bugs 310786 and 362242. ### Permanent link ### Description Merged patch for bugs 310786 and 362242. ### Compatibility - .NET Framework The release was buil
Guseyn Guseyn / HTML My blog. Based on Page. v1.0.179 **Change log:**<br/>8f2d428 1.0.179<br/>580eca2 add option for currency
htor nrkno / core-css CSS Core CSS layer for web services. v1.14.6
dreadl0ck foomo / simplecert Go golang autocert library for letsencrypt v1.6.4 Ran Go mod tidy for dependencies
julianu mpc-bioinformatics / pia Java :books: :microscope: PIA - Protein Inference Algorithms 1.3.11 - for newer Java Versions a JAXB dependency needed to be added - some smaller improvements
emanueldima weblicht / tcf-spec Java TCF XML Schema specification TCF-5.0 This release adds support for topological fields, chunking and token surface forms. It also makes all tagset attributes mandatory.
bgalartza magnetcoop / payments.stripe Clojure A Duct library for interacting with Stripe API 0.2.0
davide-casiraghi davide-casiraghi / laravel-events-calendar JavaScript Create and manage events in your Laravel application. 2.0.4 ## 2.0.4 - fixed layouts
softius QoboLtd / cakephp-comments PHP :cake: CakePHP plugin for attaching comments to database records v3.3.2 * PSR-12 compliant code
matvidako BlinkID / blinkid-ui-android Kotlin Customizable UI library that includes camera management, scanning screen, and document selection module. v4.11.1.1 ### Fixes - disabled glare detection for UAE id recognition as it is know to be causing scanning performance issues
gardener-ci2 gardener / garden-setup Shell Describes Gardener components for installation of a Gardener landscape using sow 1.18.0
snps-virtualprototyping snps-virtualprototyping / ocx-qemu-arm C++ OpenCpuX wrapper for a Unicorn/QEMU ARM core ISS 20191210
khs1994 khs1994-docker / lnmp-k8s Shell Deploy Kubernetes on Linux(systemd or Fedora CoreOS) | Deploy LNMP On Kubernetes v1.17.0
Seniru Seniru / atelier-notify-action Lua An action to notify in atelier801 forum when there is a new release for a tfm related product. v1.0.2-alpha
suse-cf-ci-bot SUSE / cf-acceptance-tests-release Shell BOSH release for the Cloud Foundry Acceptance Tests 0.0.8 Release Tarball: `sha256:5a795e628891690404a868e29d83d94d173f7a2736f8cfcb68b8287faab638b1`
ihos-cypress cypresssemiconductorco / cysecuretools Python This package contains security tools for creating keys, signing user application and device provisioning. v1.3.0 This package contains security tools for creating keys, creating certificates, signing user application, and provisioning Cypress MCUs.
dreamer dreamer / dosbox-staging C++ Staging repository for DOSBox v0.75.0-pre
thejunglegiant thejunglegiant / RoutineTracker Kotlin Daily tasks tracker v1.0 The first version of the working tasker.
n4n0GH n4n0GH / hello C++ the complete KDE theme v1.2.0 ### What's new? #### Window decoration: - Users can now specify border radius, button size, margin and spacing as well as titlebar height in pixel values instead of presets - Window titles can now
bjornbugge deondigital / api-client TypeScript REST client for Deon Digital's REST API v12.2.0-rc3
AllenLovett AllenLovett / docker-jenkins no-lang A repo to host a Docker image of Jenkins 2.1 An export of the Jenkins volume.
thanle95 dpublish-hcm-nhabe / Billing-noi-bo no-lang Billing nội bộ v1.2.9 - Điều chỉnh chức năng tạo file hóa đơn từ đọc số. - Thay custID trong chi tiết hóa đơn thành Danh bộ.

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