Ruby 2.2.2 πŸ’Ύ

Ruby is a modern, dynamic, post object-oriented/functional programming language. It blends syntax and features from Perl, Lisp, Eiffel, Ada and Smalltalk, with flexible expressions, dynamic but strict typing, mixins and explicit scoping. It's available in different runtimes, on most platforms, and a complete extension ecosystem.

teeny security bugfix: This release includes the security fix for a OpenSSL extension s hostname verification vulnerability (CVE-2015-1855) to follow RFC 6125 more strictly. OpenSSL::Random made available on Windows. Segfault in parse.y fixed. Time locale and encoding fixes. Enable smart chomp for all strings. File.c (rb_file_identical_p): fix handle leak, ensure to close the handle of the first argument.

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