4tH compiler 3.62.4

4tH is a Forth compiler with a little difference. Instead of the standard Forth engine it features a conventional compiler. 4tH is a very small compiler that can create bytecode, C-embeddable bytecode, standalone executables, but also works fine as a scripting language. It supports about 95% of the ANS Forth CORE wordset and features conditional compilation, pipes, files, assertions, forward declarations, enumerations, structures, suspended execution, recursion, include files, etc. It comes with an RPN calculator, line editor, preprocessor, compiler, decompiler, C-source generator, a virtual machine, and a multitasking environment.

Tags code-generator compiler
License GNU LGPLv3
State stable

Recent Releases

3.62.413 Apr 2016 20:19 minor feature: The words 'MAX-CHAR' and 'CHAR-BITS' were added. The library files now support RTF generation, triple cell extended precision maths, numerical integration, canonical signed digit representation and a high speed integer square root. New implementations of the gamma function were added. A 3D library was added to the graphics libraries.
3.62.331 Jul 2015 09:35 minor feature: The database library now supports indexes. Simple regular expressions are supported. NULL strings can be compiled in a CREATE clause. Slightly better NEGATE optimization. 4tH now supports external editors using the EDIT4TH environment variable.