Recent Releases

4.707 Dec 2023 06:45 minor feature: Feat: added support for ani-skip to skip episode intros Co-authored-by: Aaron ZΓΌger lt; gt;.
4.613 Aug 2023 07:25 minor feature: tmp outage. Co-authored-by: zen lt; gt;.
4.510 Jul 2023 06:25 minor feature: hex decryption. Co-authored-by: coolnsx lt; gt;. Co-authored-by: zen lt; gt;.
4.406 Jun 2023 07:05 minor feature: allanime scraping. Co-authored-by: zen lt; gt;. Unusually early x.x bump due to major outage.
4.317 May 2023 03:25 minor feature: account for syncplay in either default location or windows path (# . 1125). Co-authored-by: Yusuf Khan lt; gt;. Co-authored-by: zen lt; gt;.
4.214 Mar 2023 07:25 minor feature: allanime graphql. Co-authored-by: coolnsx lt; gt;. Co-authored-by: port19 lt; gt;. Co-authored-by: Derisis13 lt; gt;. Co-authored-by: chokerman lt; gt;.
4.118 Feb 2023 03:17 minor feature: allanime url, curl and referers. Refactor: switch to curl by @coolansx. : mac wc -l skill. Refactor: add whitespace to external menu anime prompt. : change allanime api. : change allanime api. Refactor: whitespace for query. : previous,next,replay. : add referer. Docs: replace wget with curl. Co-authored-by: chokerman lt; gt;. Co-authored-by: justchokingaround lt; gt;. Co-authored-by: RaynardGerraldo lt; gt;.
4.027 Jan 2023 03:15 minor feature: cut posix compliance. : literal. in grep. Chore: bump v4.0.2 - gt; v4.0.3. : posix compliance for cut. Feat : random user-agent, vrv provider, catt support. : add back posix compliance. add back execution bit. Docs: remove media locale from man page and add catt as player. Refactor: replace sed with tr. : add episode link to custom player. : readd literal. reversed by previous commit. : add exit on end and title flag for vlc. Co-authored-by: port19 lt; gt;. Co-authored-by: coolnsx lt; gt;.
3.409 Jan 2023 07:15 minor feature: