Recent Releases

2.1804 Feb 2021 20:40 minor feature: - added support for OSC 8 (iterm2) Hyperlinks (
2.1702 Oct 2020 20:51 minor feature: - improved handling of carriage return - applied makefile patch to address Portage warnings - fixed section naming of LaTeX files if input path contained slashes - CLI: added `--max-size` option to limit input file size (default: 256 MB)
2.1629 Jan 2020 18:52 minor feature: - CLI: added --ignore-csi option to improve UTF-8 input handling
2.1511 Nov 2019 18:17 minor feature: - added optional argument to --ignore-clear, the default setting is now true - GUI: improved UTF16 input path handling on Windows - CLI: fixed -e argument description
2.1423 Apr 2019 19:21 minor feature: - added SVG output
2.1314 Dec 2018 10:35 minor bugfix: - line numbers do not trigger default style span in HTML - fixed line numbering in batch mode - CLI: added --derived-styles option for HTML output - CLI: added "self" argument to --anchors to generate self-referencing anchors
2.1113 Oct 2018 20:06 minor bugfix: -fixed parsing of "7" and "8" sequences -added --ignore-clear option -converted README and ChangeLog to AsciiDoc
2.1007 Mar 2018 20:34 minor bugfix: -fixed parsing of "K" sequence -fixed memory leak in BIN parser
2.928 Nov 2017 18:38 minor bugfix: -fixed parsing of "(B" reset sequence -CLI: added --no-version-info option -GUI: layout adjustments
2.8.107 Aug 2017 16:54 minor bugfix: -fixed packaging 2.7 as 2.8
2.806 Aug 2017 07:46 minor bugfix: -fixed reading from stdin
2.704 Aug 2017 19:27 minor bugfix: -fixed processing of very small input files -added -fPIC to CXXFLAGS in src/makefile
2.626 Jul 2017 19:59 minor bugfix: -added support for Tundra 24bit ANSI art (--art-tundra option) -fixed Pango output -added EXTRA_CXXFLAGS in src/makefile
2.521 Jun 2017 12:56 minor bugfix: -CLI: added --no-trailing-nl option -CLI: added support for environment variable ANSIFILTER_OPTIONS
2.431 Dec 2016 13:33 minor bugfix: Fixed crash reading irregular escape codes
2.326 Sep 2016 18:36 minor bugfix: Added support for true color escape codes; fixed reading from stdin
2.112 Sep 2016 19:32 minor bugfix: Fixed output height of some CP437 ASCII art files
2.023 Jul 2016 08:10 minor bugfix: New CSI parser, added support for ASCII art (CP437, BIN and XBIN).
1.1801 Jul 2016 15:59 minor bugfix: -fixed RTF output of UTF-8 input -GUI: fixed issue with color map setting
1.1723 May 2016 15:46 minor bugfix: -fixed BBCode markup output
1.1625 Apr 2016 18:35 minor bugfix: -fixed Pango markup output
1.1507 Jan 2016 13:31 minor bugfix: -fixed TeX and LaTeX output -CLI: added map option -GUI: added map path input field -GUI: fixed memory of selected output format
1.1403 Dec 2015 21:29 minor feature: -fixed parsing of grep escape sequences -GUI: added drag and drop -GUI: added format selection and watch file checkbox
1.1303 Nov 2015 10:19 minor feature: -fixed missing close tags in HTML output -fixed TeX output for cweb documents -HTML and LaTeX output size reduced -HTML output adjusted to HTML5 doctype -added TCL extension in src/tcl
1.1225 Mar 2015 19:11 minor feature: Added line numbering options.
1.1102 Dec 2014 21:10 minor feature: Fixed LaTeX output.
1.1017 Sep 2014 18:12 minor feature: Added Pango markup output option.
1.929 Aug 2014 16:28 minor feature: LaTeX code indentation was fixed.