Ascript 2020.01

Ascript is a higher performance free script interpreter. C, coreutils, Perl, Python, sed, util-linux are slower. The grammar while extremely simple all tasks for booting, shutdown, and software logistics can be done. A free POSIX if creating ascript please consider. Ascript is everything Kyle Sallee, the creator of the POSIX "Sorcerer," wanted in a script language.

Tags scripting
License Other
State initial

Recent Releases

2020.0104 May 2021 19:55 documentation: The announcement while initial 4th generation revised quality was already attained. Faster than ascript software is not known. Source and excellent manual pages and examples are provided. Further development is not planned. 5 years aft development, testing, use, ascript is done. All those bumps and transitions are circumvented. Since extensible by others more ascript argot can be authored. Around 2001 development quality software for releasing a rebuke was solicited. Ascript is ready is done.