Recent Releases

0.6.222 Feb 2024 06:45 minor bugfix: Improved robustness of the watermark detection a lot for many cases. Improved handling if more than one key needs to be used for detection. Support using --key multiple times for audiowmark get. Support naming watermark keys (key name defaults to filename). Extend JSON and regular output to report key name for matches. Merge architecture documentation for developers written by Tim Janik. Support RF64 output (--output-format rf64) for huge wav files (#30, #2). Use hann window function to improve robustness/quality for some files. Building against zita-resampler installed in non-standard location. Replace sprintf with string_printf: sprintf is deprecated on macOS. Build errors related to PRNG on new clang compilers. Problems in videowmark due to command line option ordering.
0.6.130 Dec 2023 14:10 minor bugfix: * improve speed detection/correction - performance optimizations to make --detect-speed faster - improve accuracy of speed detection - make it work properly with short payload - add second, slower / more accurate algorithm (--detect-speed-patient) * fix segfaults during hls-prepare (#11) * read all input if a process provides audio on stdin to avoid SIGPIPE (#19) * improve infrastructure for testing audiowmark - run some scripts for 'make check' to ensure everything works correctly - add CI which builds/tests audiowmark automatically using github actions - support various sanitizer builds / STL C++ debug builds - fix some issues triggered by sanitizers * add --strict option: provide strict and more permissive mode - "input frames != output frames" is only an error if --strict is used - enforce payload size if --strict is used * improve command line parsing error messages * documentation updates * minor fixes
0.6.019 Jan 2022 16:46 minor feature: Implement replay speed detection and correction algorithm. Support JSON format for detected watermarks (provide machine readable results).
0.5.003 Aug 2020 19:15 major feature: Support for HTTP Live Streaming for audio/video streaming was added. Fix reading floating point wav files.
0.4.212 Jun 2020 14:21 minor feature: In addition to 128-bit payload, experimental support for submitting small amounts of payload has been added.
0.4.119 Apr 2020 10:21 minor feature: This is the initial public release.