Recent Releases

0.5.018 Jul 2015 03:15 minor feature: BREAKING CHANGES: The structure of a plist output by `--report-plist` has changed to reflect the structure of the summary results described below in ADDITIONS. (GH-163). ADDITIONS: New processor, GitHubReleasesInfoProvider. Used to fetch download URLs and metadata about releases posted on GitHub. `autopkg run` interactively offers suggestions for similar recipe names when a recipe can't be found, and also offers to search for the desired recipe on GitHub. New `install` verb. `autopkg install Firefox` is equivilent to `autopkg run Firefox.install`. Processors may now define their own summary reporting data. Previously AutoPkg provided summary data only for several known, core processors like URLDownloader, PkgCreator, etc. Now AutoPkg will print out data provided within a dict value of an env key ending in. `_summary_result` (see Processor Summary Reporting on the AutoPkg wiki). (GH-163). IMPROVEMENTS: SparkleUpdateInfoProvider now sets the `version` key based on what feed item it has processed. This key can be used in later steps of the recipe. (GH-166). AutoPkg now warns against being run as root. Use of new launchd 2.0 socket API is used by autopkgserver if running on Yosemite or higher. (GH-176). URLDownloader is now able to decompress gzip-encoded content. (GH-184). FileCreator now supports optional `file_mode` input variable. SparkleUpdateInfoProvider processor is now skipped early if `--pkg` argument is given to `autopkg run`, similar to URLDownloader. FIXES: Fixes in MunkiImporter's logic when attempting to locate a matching item in a repo. PkgCreator: fix an exception when setting `mode` on a direcotry (in `chown`, in. `pkg_request`). (GH-177). BrewCaskInfoProvider now properly interpolates '# version ' within 'url' strings.
0.4.213 Dec 2014 23:05 minor feature: Support for adding pre- and postprocessors via the `--preprocessor/--pre` and `--post/--postprocessor` options to `autopkg run`. CodeSignatureVerifier: support for 'DISABLE_CODE_SIGNATURE_VERIFICATION' input variable, which when set (to anything) will skip any verification performed by this processor. One would define this using the '--key' option for a run, or using a defaults preference. new list-recipes command options for more detailed listings. Listings can now include identifiers, recipe paths, and can be output in a parsable plist format.