Recent Releases

2.0.310 Oct 2015 03:15 minor bugfix: BFJ-91: Add login token usage for RPC usage; BFJ-90: Untrusted Authentication Request; BFJ-89: AbstractLazyRetriever uses Long.getLong() instead of LangUtils.getLong(); BFJ-88: BugzillaRpcSession does not allow inheritance; BFJ-87: BugzillaHttpSession does not allow inheritance; BFJ-86: JiraRpcSession does not allow inheritance; BFJ-85: Overcome Jira's search result limitation
2.0.208 Mar 2015 03:25 minor bugfix: BFJ-84: NPE in JiraRpcSession.createIssue(); BFJ-82: Update SVN Repository and Doc Server information
2.0.118 Aug 2014 17:39 minor bugfix: Version 2.0 breaks previous API and introduces types for many properties. It also offers an XML-RPC Bugzilla session now.