Recent Releases

0.3.306 May 2024 21:25 minor bugfix: Added Moving the window from within BeeRef now changes to a diffent cursor from the default arrow cursor. Added a color sampler which can copy colors from images to the clipboard in hex format (Images - Sample Color). Added notification when attempting to paste from an empty or unusable clipboard. Added panning via scrollwheel: Scroll wheel + Shift + Ctrl: pan vertically. Scroll wheel + Shift: pan horizontally. Make mouse and mouse wheel controls configurable. (Settings - Keyboard Mouse). a crash when pressing the keyboard shortcut for New Scene while in the process of doing a rubberband selection. The checkmark of the menu entry Images - Grayscale is now updating correctly depending on the selected images. Removed black line under marching ants outline of crop mode, which would scale with the image and get potentially very thick. a crash when importing images with unsupported exif orientation info. threading when importing images (causing potential hangs/weird behaviour). an intermittent crash when invoking New Scene. bee files hanging on to disk space of deleted images (). Drag @ Drop from pinterest feed. pasted items being inserted behind existing items.
0.3.222 Jan 2024 10:25 minor feature: Added For arranging, a gap between images can now be configured in the settings. The opacity of images can be changed (Images - Change Opacity). Images can be set to display as grayscale (Images - Grayscale). The scene can now also be exported as SVG. Keyboard shortcuts can now be edited from within BeeRef (Settings - Keyboard Shortcuts). The KeyboardSettings.ini file will now only store values which are changed from the default, since it's no longer needed as a reference. Settings dialog now displays icons to indicate changes from default values. Scene Export: output image size and margins when scene had been scaled or moved. Scene Export: Selecting filename without file extension now automatically appends the extension from the selected filter instead of resulting in a confusing error message. The exemption from antialias/smoothing for images displayed at large zoom now also works on images that are flipped horizontally. Changed. Improved performance of Select All/Deselect All.
0.3.112 Dec 2023 03:15 minor feature: Added Images can now be stored JPG or PNG inside the bee file. By default, small images and images with an alpha channel will be stored as PNG, the rest as JPG. In the newly created settings dialog, this behaviour can be changed to always use PNG (the former behaviour) or always JPG. To apply this behaviour to already saved images in existing bee files, you can save them as new files. Enabled antialiasing/smoothing. Images that are being displayed at a large zoom factor are exempt to make sure that icons, pixel sprites etc can be viewed correctly. A scene can now be exported to a single image (File - Export Scene...). Alternative way to move the BeeRef window without the title bar: View - Move Window (or press "M"). Changed. Editing of text items will now be undoable after leaving edit mode. Empty text items will be deleted after leaving edit mode. Text edit mode can now be aborted with Escape. "Save as" will now open pre-select the folder of the currently opened file. "Save" and "Save as" are now inactive when the scene is empty. a where the binary data of deleted images would still hang around in the bee file. The shortcut to move the BeeRef window (Ctrl + Alt + Drag) now works on an empty scene. Crash when copying an item from a bee file, opening a new scene and pasting the image into it.
0.3.008 Dec 2023 12:56 major bugfix: Added Image cropping (Go to "Transform - Crop", or press Shift + C). Show list of recent files on welcome screen. Keyboard shortcuts can now be configured via a settings file. Go to "Settings - Open Settings Folder" and edit KeyboardSettings.ini. Remember window geometry when closing. Various typos. Ensure that small items always have an area in the middle for moving/editing that doesn't trigger transform actions. Ensure that the first click to select an item doesn't immediately trigger transform actions.