bfsync 0.3.7

bfsync is a file-synchronization tool that allows you to keep a collection of big files synchronized on many machines. It is built around a FuSE filesystem, so repositories can be mounted and the contents can be viewed and modified via the mount point. A collection of commands like commit/push/pull/put/get can be used to control bfsyncs behaviour, and trigger data / history transfers between machines. In addition to synchronizing files between many machines, bfsync can also be used to store backups.

Tags cloud file synchronization fuse
License GNU GPLv3
State stable

Recent Releases

0.3.730 Jun 2018 20:07 minor feature: Documentation was migrated to asciidoc and each bfsync command has its own manpage now. Some subcommands and command options were added. This release also contains a few important bugfixes. On newer systems (Ubuntu 18.04), bfsync may not work at all without the bugfixes, and even on older systems you should upgrade.