BIRD 2.15.1

BIRD is a dynamic IP routing daemon supporting both, IPv4 and IPv6, Border Gateway Protocol (BGPv4), Routing Information Protocol (RIPv2, RIPng), Open Shortest Path First protocol (OSPFv2, OSPFv3), Babel Routing Protocol (Babel), Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD), IPv6 router advertisements, static routes, inter-table protocol, command-line interface allowing on-line control and inspection of the status of the daemon, soft reconfiguration as well as a powerful language for route filtering.

Tags internet networking router bgp rpki
License GNU GPL
State stable

Recent Releases

2.15.123 Mar 2024 12:20 major bugfix: OSPF: Fix regression in handling PtP links, RPKI: Handle connection resets properly, Static: Reject invalid combination of options, fix builds with limited set of protocols
2.1510 Mar 2024 21:43 major feature: BGP: Send hold timer, BGP: New options to specify required BGP capabilities, BFD: Improvements to 'show bfd sessions' command, RPKI: New 'local address' configuration option, Linux: Support for more route attributes, including TCP congestion control algorithm, support for UDP logging, static routes can have both nexthop and interface specified, completion of command options in BIRD client, many bugfixes and improvements
2.1408 Oct 2023 19:25 major feature: MPLS subsystem, L3VPN: BGP/MPLS VPNs (RFC 4364), BGP: Access to unknown route attributes, RAdv: Custom options, Babel: RTT metric extension, BMP: Refactored route monitoring, BMP: Multiple instances of BMP protocol, BMP: Both pre-policy and post-policy monitoring, Experimental route aggregation, Filter: Method framework, Filter: Functions have return type statements, Filter: New bytestring data type, Kernel: Option to learn kernel routes, many bugfixes and improvements
2.13.122 Jun 2023 20:33 minor bugfix: BGP: Fix role check when no capability option is present, Filter: Fixed segfault when a case option had an empty block
2.1323 Apr 2023 15:52 major feature: Babel: IPv4 via IPv6 extension (RFC 9229), Babel: Improve authentication on lossy networks, BGP: New 'allow bgp_med' option, BSD: Support for IPv4 routes with IPv6 nexthop on FreeBSD, experimental BMP protocol implementation, important bugfixes
2.0.1323 Apr 2023 15:52 major feature: Babel: IPv4 via IPv6 extension (RFC 9229), Babel: Improve authentication on lossy networks, BGP: New 'allow bgp_med' option, BSD: Support for IPv4 routes with IPv6 nexthop on FreeBSD, experimental BMP protocol implementation, important bugfixes
2.0.1224 Jan 2023 00:31 major bugfix: Filter: New 'onlink' route attribute, compile-time option to use 4-way tries instead of 16-way ones, BSD: Support for kernel route metric and other improvements, important bugfixes
2.0.1112 Dec 2022 00:31 major feature: BGP roles (RFC 9234), BGP: Keepalive time scaling, BGP: New 'min hold time' and 'min keepalive time' options, BGP: New 'next hop prefer global' option, Filter: For loops and direct recursion, Filter: Mixed declarations of local variables, Filter: Improved static type checks, Filter: Literal for empty set, Linux: Netlink KRT improvements, BSD: Experimental support for Netlink API, memory management improvements, many bugfixes
2.0.1027 Jun 2022 22:09 major bugfix: BGP performance improvements, BFD: New 'strict bind' option, RPKI: VRF support, allow use of as a private range, BIRD client uses exit status to report errors, important bugfixes
2.0.920 Feb 2022 14:45 major feature: BGP: Flowspec validation procedure, Babel: MAC authentication support, Routing table configuration blocks, Optional prefix trie in routing table for faster LPM/interval queries, CLI: New 'show route in ' command, Filter: Faster (16-way) prefix sets, Filter: MPLS label route attribute, Filter: Operators to pick community components, Filter: Operators to find minimum and maximum element of lists, BGP: New 'free bind' option, BGP: Log route updates that were changed to withdraws, BGP: Improved 'invalid next hop' error reporting, OSPF: Allow ifaces with host address as unnumbered PtP or PtMP ifaces, OSPF: All packets on PtP networks should be sent to AllSPFRouters address, scripts for apkg-powered upstream packaging for deb and rpm, support for Blake2s and Blake2b hash functions, security keys / passwords can be entered in hexadecimal digits, memory statistics split into Effective and Overhead, Linux: New option 'netlink rx buffer' to specify netlink socket buffer size, BSD: Assume onlink flag on ifaces with only host addresses, many bugfixes
2.0.824 Mar 2021 01:22 major feature: Automatic channel reloads based on RPKI changes, multiple static routes with the same network, use bitmaps to keep track of exported routes, per-channel debug flags, CLI commands show info from multiple protocols, Linux: IPv4 routes with IPv6 nexthops, Filter: Optimized redesign of prefix sets, Filter: Improved type checking of user filters, Filter: New src/dst accessors for Flowspec and SADR, Filter: New weight route attribute, Filter: BGP path mask loop operator, Filter: Remove quitbird command, RIP: Demand circuit support (RFC 2091), BGP: New allow as sets and enforce first as options, BGP: Support for BGP hostname capability, BGP: Support for MD5SIG with dynamic BGP, BFD: Optional separation of IPv4 / IPv6 BFD instances, BFD: Per-peer session options, RPKI: Allow build without libSSH, RPKI: New ignore max length option, OSPF: Redesign of handling of unnumbered PtPs, OSPF: Allow key id 0 in authentication, Babel: Use onlink flag for routes with unreachable next hop, many bugfixes
1.4.507 Oct 2014 21:40 minor feature: New 'show route noexport' command option. Port option for BGP sessions. Better constant handling in set literals. Better rate filtering of log messages. Several minor bugfixes.
1.4.410 Jul 2014 16:14 minor bugfix: Extended OSPF multipath support, default router preference for RAdv, important bugfix in BGP