BitchX 1.2.1

BitchX is an IRC client for Unixish systems, derived from ircII with influences from EPIC. It has built-in ANSI color support, not as pretty as Xchat but still easy to use; includes useful command aliases to reduce typing, notify, protection, bots, mass commands and channel tools, DCC and CDCC offering, and a link looker. It includes extended scripting capabilities, due to its large user base and lengthy development time. The included screen functionality allows to detach and reconnect to IRC sessions.

Tags c tcl irc terminal chat
License BSDL
State mature

Recent Releases

1.2.114 Nov 2014 20:05 minor feature: This release has primarily focussed on fixing a lage number of bugs and updating the code to suit a modern environment. The formatting of /NAMES and /SCAN output has been substantially reworked. The old /FSETs NAMES_BOTCOLOR, NAMES_FRIENDCOLOR, NAMES_NICKCOLOR, NAMES_OPCOLOR, NAMES_SHITCOLOR and NAMES_VOICECOLOR have been replaced with new /FSETs. /SCAN now supports a new sort flag "-stat", which sorts the output by channel status (chanops, then halfops, then voices, then the riff-raff). New commands /HOP and /DEHOP have been added, to give and remove halfop status (on servers that support it). The scripting function ishalfop(