Bitrig 1.0

Bitrig is a OpenBSD-derived Unix distribution. It retains compatibility but modernizes a few build infrastructure dependencies and core libraries. It currently runs on amd64/x86-64 architectures, utilizes LLVM/clang 3.4 instead of GCC, libc++ instead of GNU libstdc++. Bitrig switches to FFS2 as default filesystem, supports GPT partitioning, tmpfs and tmpfsrd, thread-local storage, fair kernel mutexes as C11 atoms, UUIDs and xlocales, provides a USB boot image, a more POSIX-compliant ps(1). It comes with Xenocara (X11) and a wide selection of ports, and the terminal preconfigured with green text on black background.

Tags c bsd unix distribution llvm openbsd amd64 ports x11
License ISC
State stable

Recent Releases

1.005 Dec 2014 15:05 minor feature: Bitrig 1.0 is the first publically available release, based on OpenBSD 5.6; and completes the switch to LLVM/Clang. Only one GNU tool, texinfo, is retained. Availability of the ARMv7 build is delayed, only the AMD64 images are final.