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3.5.005 Jul 2024 21:45 minor feature: Ability to log render statistics ( pull request 13503 ).. Let client ping faillure clean up sessiosn ( pull request 13655 ).. Support missing iterable kinds for BooleanFilter ( pull request 13661 ).. docs ( pull request 13588, pull request 13647, pull request 13659 )
3.4.226 Jun 2024 11:25 minor feature: Added. toggle select mode and made it the default in. TapTool ( pull request 13808 ).. Made projection computations in glyphs aware of inherited properties ( pull request 13832 ).. Improvements to documentation and its infrastructure ( pull request 13823, pull request 13876, pull request 13901 and pull request 13903 ).. Robustified bokeh/bokehjs tests and their infrastructure ( pull request 13843 and pull request 13851 )
3.4.112 Apr 2024 14:45 minor feature: configuration of secondary glyphs in GraphRendererView ( pull request 13808 ).. Allowed to update the order of LayoutDOM.children ( pull request 13807 ).. Allowed to update InputWidget. title,description ( pull request 13805 ).. Allowed DataRange1d to respect min_interval and max_interval ( pull request 13819 ).. WebGL scaling of anti-aliasing by pixel ratio ( pull request 13783 ).. Enabled RUF001 to lint confusable characters ( pull request 13788 ).. Removed references to Twitter from documentation ( pull request 13775 ).. Enabled documentation build on Windows ( pull request 13776 ).. Various to documentation and docstrings ( pull request 13793, pull request 13798, Pull request 13781, pull request 13818, pull request 13820, pull request 13821 )
3.4.015 Mar 2024 23:45 minor feature: Allow to merge Toolbar.active_ and other properties ( pull request 13318 ).. Missing construct_color_bar for ImageStack glyph ( pull request 13289 ).. PropertyValueColumnData._stream() to handle large rollover ( pull request 13318 )
3.3.416 Feb 2024 14:01 minor bugfix: Ability to log render statistics (pull request 13503) Let client ping faillure clean up sessiosn (pull request 13655) Support missing iterable kinds for BooleanFilter (pull request 13661) Fix docs issues (pull request 13588, pull request 13647, pull request 13659)
2.4.223 Nov 2021 06:45 minor documentation: : - #11422 component: bokehjs `DeserializationError` when trying to change a `DataTable`'s columns with `CustomJS`. - #11800 DeserializationError when plotting graphs. - #11801 component: bokehjs Log axis figures don't render if they're not visible at start. - #11807 component: bokehjs Work around with initialization-time change discovery. - #11808 Don't unnecessarily update node/edge renderers in graphs. Tasks: - #11613 component: docs Cache-bust custom.css for docs. - #11791 component: docs Update template to use new GH forms. - #11761 component: docs Clarify use of color in first steps guide. - #11762 component: docs Replace slash with backslash for PS commands. - #11767 component: bokehjs Upgrade jquery-ui to resolve security concerns. - #11781 component: examples transform jitter example. - #11786 bokeh 2.4.2 backports. - #11790 component: build Bryanv/pin sphinx 42. - #11797 Add OS to bokeh info. - #11805 More 3.0 - 2.4.2 backports. - #11810 component: docs Update docs for new forms. - #11824 Updates for release.
2.416 Sep 2021 03:15 minor bugfix: : - #7217 component: bokehjs Including both log and linear axis types not working. - #10756 component: bokehjs Jitter caching too aggressively. - #10806 Date validation is too lax. - #10876 component: bokehjs 'dashed' line style not working properly when using webgl. - #10898 component: bokehjs Tabs widget disabled property has no effect. - #10927 component: docs Inconsistent information about `_units` property in reference guide. - #11016 component: bokehjs Figure name passed to `` but not ``. - #11025 component: bokehjs Line and MultiLine produce inconsistent data bbox with trailing NaNs. - #11035 component: bokehjs `Bokeh.Widgets` objects missing `tools`, required by `Bokeh.Plotting.gridplot()`. - #11037 component: bokehjs Using `sizing_mode` in gridplot layouts requires explicit assignment. - #11038 component: bokehjs Calling `figure( title:"some title" )` replaces Title object with string, prevents subsequent updates to title text. - #11045 component: bokehjs Hatch patterns are lost with SVG backend after interaction. - #11058 component: bokehjs SVG backend does not support line dash offset. - #11071 component: examples Use of is deprecated in numpy 1.20. - #11139 Image.transform does not handle data:image/PNG;base64 string images. - #11149 component: bokehjs Inconsistent hatch rotation. - #11154 Non-selected hatching not grayed out. - #11162 component: bokehjs Do not make room for invisible tick labels. - #11178 component: examples Broken example: Olympic Sprinters. - #11197 component: tests Correct missleading classname in BokehJS unit Test for LogTickFormatter. - #11216 Toolbar properties non-nullable. - #11217 WebGL regressions when setting alpha as an iterable. - #11276 component: bokehjs FileInput filename not returning the filenames after upgrading to v2.3.2. - #11288 compone
2.3.308 Jul 2021 03:15 minor bugfix: : - #11083 component: bokehjs column ignores css class scrollable from version 2.3.0. - #11110 component: bokehjs Bad formatting of y axis labels with theme different from standard. - #11161 component: bokehjs Div model layout differences between bokeh 2.2.3 and 2.3.1. - #11188 component: bokehjs Layout regression in panel introduced by PR #11123. - #11284 component: bokehjs Active tab should be in view on render. - #11344 component: bokehjs plot's height can not go below 600px with sizing_mode = 'stretch_both'. - #11365 component: bokehjs dropdown menu is hidden in multi choice, others are not. - #11380 component: bokehjs Extensions with package.json should fetch exact version from CDN. - #11384 component: server app_index.html is missing quotes in href attribute. Tasks: - #11242 component: docs Simplify instructions for GOOGLE_API_KEY. - #11377 Backport changes from 2.4 to 2.3.3. - #11406 component: docs Bryanv/2 3 3 release notes.
2.3.206 May 2021 03:15 minor bugfix: : - #11169 component: bokehjs Python callback triggered by SelectionGeometry event is slow compared to js equivalent. - #11182 component: bokehjs Forward slash is changed to 2F in link. - #11203 component: bokehjs Cannot clear active of RadiGroup. Tasks: - #9636 Remove Black Formatting. - #11175 Replace jinja2.Markup deprecated with Jinja 3.1.
2.325 Feb 2021 07:05 minor bugfix: : - #1426 Mixins have vectorized properties which doesn't make sense outside glyphs. - #6781 HoverTool.renderers accept List(Renderer) but supports only List(GlyphRenderer). - #8489 component: bokehjs Graphical with webgl and time series data with NaN points. - #9951 Impossible to use tuples as colors. - #10136 component: bokehjs Arrows - 'white background' under the arrow. - #10218 component: server Periodic callback don't stop in Django. - #10339 component: tests examples' tests fail because headless browser doesn't start in time. - #10407 component: bokehjs Select is not updated upon setting value after changing the options. - #10411 component: examples with latex_example_full. - #10452 component: bokehjs MultiChoice disabled attribute is not working. - #10454 component: bokehjs LabelSet does not display with categorical coordinates. - #10457 component: bokehjs Reverse Y axis range with circle. - #10458 component: bokehjs multi_line doesn't support hover. - #10468 component: bokehjs `DateSlider` and `DateRangeSlider` ignore `format` set to an instance of `TickFormatter`. - #10481 component: bokehjs Unable to use CustomJS callback on HoverTool with GraphRenderer. - #10484 component: docs Typo in - #10498 component: bokehjs GridBox not rebuilt when changing cols or rows attributes. - #10506 component: bokehjs FEATURE Hiding hex number from color swatch in hover tool. - #10507 component: bokehjs Cannot disable MultiSelect in 2.2.1. - #10536 component: server Bad `super` call in "". - #10541 component: bokehjs Slope annotation is not drawn with gradient of 0. - #10559 component: bokehjs Modifying a tooltip may result in errors. - #10575 component: bokehjs Whiskers do not appear in categorical plots?. - #10581 component: docs Outdated example for CustomJSHover. - #10589 component: bokehjs multi_line is rend
2.2.321 Feb 2021 07:25 minor bugfix: : - #10488 component: bokehjs In python3, rectangle does not appear when x axis is type datetime.
2.1.104 Dec 2020 07:05 minor bugfix: : - #10172 component: bokehjs Can't resolve 'styles/annotations.css' when importing BokehJS. - #10175 component: server Serve application at random port failed. - #10181 Unable to set `LabelSet.text_align` with `bokeh serve`. - #10197 Can't select bar_line_color in ColorBar. - #10204 component: bokehjs return typed arrays as lists. Tasks: - #10212 component: docs Release notes for 2.1.1.
2.225 Aug 2020 17:25 minor bugfix: : - #5589 Some WebGL not working on Safari. - #6775 component: bokehjs SVG backend not correctly coloring glyphs in legends. - #7707 component: bokehjs Linking the ranges of plots will break the LODEnd event. - #8046 component: bokehjs Extra whitespace with SVG export. - #8446 component: bokehjs SVG not displaying scatter output. - #8744 component: bokehjs Plots containing arrows fail to render correctly with svg output backend. - #9001 component: bokehjs hatch_pattern and svg. - #9213 component: bokehjs Svg backend cannot draw annular_wedge correctly . - #9436 component: bokehjs Arrow glyph does not update. - #9551 component: bokehjs ``export_svg`` shifting x-axis upward and overlapping with ticks in Bokeh v1.4. - #9927 component: bokehjs MultiChoice displayed value is not updating. - #10002 component: bokehjs Bokeh not rendering, stuck on Loading BokehJS . - #10108 webdriver failing to find installed firefox/geckodriver. - #10146 `js_on_event` doesn't work when used in a callback. - #10147 component: bokehjs `TileRenderer` ignores the `visible` property. - #10153 component: bokehjs Typed Arrays returned as dicts. - #10164 custom latex examples do not run. - #10174 Incorrect type of `Select.options`. - #10191 component: bokehjs Tools in toolbar flickering and occasionally ignores clicks when HoverTool and hover glyph used. - #10193 component: bokehjs `GeoJSONDataSource` incorrectly processes `MultiPolygon` geometry type. - #10195 component: bokehjs visual glitch on empty plots with a second y-axis. - #10215 component: bokehjs Band is not updated when the model is changed. - #10219 component: bokehjs Misplaced Rects when using incomplete categorical ranges. - #10233 component: bokehjs bokeh js v2.x legacy libraries. - #10246 component: bokehjs wegbl and gridplot with a visible=False element. - #10249 component: bokehjs SaveTool generates smaller image than plot. - #10251 component: bokehjs
2.1.015 Jun 2020 20:05 major bugfix: : - #7296 component: bokehjs orient == 0 case in sidepanel.apply_label_text_heuristic(). - #9218 component: bokehjs shared columndatasource in js callback (uncaught typeerror: cannot read property 'connect' of undefined). - #9230 component: bokehjs webgl + cdsview seems to use incorrect marker fill colours. - #9515 layout layout engine much slower on chrome. - #9856 component: bokehjs component: build bokehjs build does not abort on compilation error. - #9871 component: bokehjs tablecolumn doesn't use `field` when `title` is not set. - #9909 component: bokehjs Bad toolbar highlight in "dark" modes. - #9915 component: docs the footer on the documentation website extends past its visible area. - #9924 component: server regression django server resources are not working. - #9953 component: bokehjs race condition between legend and glyph when using `legend_label`. - #9959 component: bokehjs the hover tool is not disaplyed when the mouse is directly over text. - #9965 component: docs typo `cumsum()` transform function docstring mistake. - #9987 component: docs `factorrange`'s `start` property's help string references `end`. - #10022 component: bokehjs widgets datepicker.disabled doesn't always work. - #10040 component: bokehjs feature allow named columns to be used in edittools. - #10042 component: bokehjs bad label rendering with hbar / subgroup_label_orientation. - #10072 component: bokehjs Bokehjs leak a lots style tag in head tag cause a slow performance. - #10088 component: build Only use local bokeh package in tests. - #10103 component: docs using anchors in the api reference hides the anchored element under the header. - #10105 component: docs `cd sphinx; make serve` doesn't work. - #10107 component: bokehjs Settable active state of toolproxys in gridplot. - #10114 component: bokehjs svg Resolve with resizing and clearing svg canvas. - #10123 component: bokehjs layout regressio
2.0.222 Apr 2020 10:45 minor bugfix: : - #8862 component: bokehjs layout regression fig.add_layout doesn't update the figure. - #9864 component: bokehjs palettes - #9869 component: docs minor typos in validation error output for factorrange and cdsview. - #9875 component: bokehjs component: tests Starting headless chrome on macos is unreliable. - #9877 component: bokehjs boxannotation doesn't respect fill_color=none. - #9879 component: bokehjs impossible to change factorrange to a lower dimension with different number of factors. - #9900 Bundling and serving precompiled extensions in broken on windows. - #9931 component: build Installation of bokeh =2.0.0 adds `release` directory to site-packages. - #9938 component: server timezone in generate_jwt_token. Features: - #9339 API: models feature add broader themes. - #9812 component: bokehjs Load multiple versions of bokeh into a single web page. - #9872 API: models feature allow hiding tooltips for muted glyphs. Tasks: - #6840 Use px as the default font size unit of measurement. - #9771 component: tests Recent changes that require visual testing. - #9772 component: examples Ipywidgets examples. - #9861 component: bokehjs notebook Relax elementid check in autoload.js. - #9865 Change array.length in filters. - #9866 Refactored unused vars to _. - #9880 component: docs Sphinx 3.0 compat. - #9881 Remove pointless util function. - #9883 component: bokehjs component: build Match compilation and minification targets. - #9885 Update stamen urls for ssl links. - #9888 Broken link to colorcet repo in - #9892 notebook saving bokeh example notebooks causes notebook validation errors. - #9895 component: build Ci build is broken (suddenly using python 2). - #9903 Suppress gridspec warning. - #9904 Minor import cleanup. - #9906 Make auth method overrides explicit. - #9908 component: docs Missing 2.0.1 release notes + typos. - #9914 component: bokehjs Prefer operator in bokehjs codebase
2.0.130 Mar 2020 20:05 minor bugfix: : - #9522 component: bokehjs arrow lines do not render completely if figure is placed below some div. - #9703 component: bokehjs image_url combined anchor and angle options generated unexpected results. - #9724 component: bokehjs behaviour of automated padding for ranges is inconsistent. - #9773 infra potential chrome cors problem with local output. - #9778 component: docs Incorrect guidance on installing additional dependencies for export() functions. - #9784 component: bokehjs `selectiongeometry` has incomplete type of `geometry`. - #9793 component: docs Wrong links in bokeh embed example readme. - #9796 notebook Autoload js in notebook broken after pr #9777. - #9820 Deprecation warnings after pr #9807. - #9821 component: docs version 2.0 release notes date. - #9834 regression cannot update datepicker display value from python. - #9837 component: bokehjs webgl lines with empty data breaks plot with webgl renderer. - #9852 component: build Bryanv/correct js version full release. Features: - #9727 component: bokehjs widgets feature add multi-file selection to fileinput widget. - #9783 feature expose `_known_tools` and `_tool_from_string` to allow reuse. - #9799 component: server Allow to serve extensions' bundles and related resources. - #9814 'bokeh.server.django' ignores bokeh-session-id url parameter. - #9819 Allow to send binary buffers by messagesent. Tasks: - #9458 component: bokehjs hovertool in 'vline' mode doesn't work with vertical segments. - #9581 Update dockertools. - #9692 component: bokehjs typescript Upgrade to typescript 3.8. - #9750 component: bokehjs component: build feature improve bokehjs dependency and project management. - #9758 component: bokehjs Deprecate bokehjs package and suggest @bokeh/bokehjs. - #9766 component: docs Doc: add missing '@' in hovertool.formatters example. - #9775 component: server always setting asyncio event loop policy. - #9791 component: se
2.0.010 Mar 2020 20:05 major documentation: : - #6490 component: docs notebook webgl Webgl was requested and is supported, but bokeh-gl(.min).js is not available, falling back to 2d rendering. - #6728 component: bokehjs component: server Datepicker not updating enabled/disabled. - #8724 component: bokehjs Logcolormapper maps to wrong values. - #9108 component: bokehjs layout incorrect initialization when loading out of focus. - #9187 component: bokehjs regression pinch zoom and panning not working correctly. - #9245 "set_select" and "select" are not working well with layouts. - #9369 component: build Add missing typing_extensions dependency. - #9392 component: bokehjs inferno3 palette in bokehjs is incorrect. - #9395 component: server regression Bokeh_resources does not work with server. - #9429 Typeerror: symbol.asynciterator is not defined. - #9435 component: bokehjs component: server network latency results in orphaned embedded divs for bokeh server. - #9446 Misname/copypasta: login_hander?. - #9455 component: tests Isort's test is called test_flake8. - #9466 component: docs hover icon - documentation. - #9474 component: bokehjs helptool duplicates in bokehjs. - #9479 regression `nonselection_color` (etc.) doesn't apply after pr #9153. - #9483 component: bokehjs regression rendering on high dpi displays. - #9485 widgets Disable option in fileinput not working . - #9494 widgets datepicker display off-by-one in non-gmt timezone after upgrade to 1.4.0. - #9514 regression Can't override settings using environmental variables. - #9562 impossible to create a custom model while extending and existing one and using javascript. - #9579 stdin transmitted in subprocess. - #9607 component: bokehjs widgets slider direction, orientation, tooltips and show_value properties not connected. - #9621 component: bokehjs bad document json data leads to a dangling promise returned by `pull_session`. - #9622 calling `doc.clear()` can lead to unknow
1.4.006 Nov 2019 12:25 major documentation: : - #8402 component: bokehjs No clean way to update vbar_stack. - #8778 component: bokehjs Hover over image is showing wrong @image tooltip on flipped axis. - #8976 component: bokehjs geographical plots cannot be saved with the save tool. - #9035 component: bokehjs widgets spinner only considers 1 decimal. - #9129 component: bokehjs widgets datepicker displayed value is not updating correctly. - #9136 component: bokehjs Inner_width and inner_height not available after display. - #9143 component: docs roadmap link on docs page links to a nonexistent page. - #9152 component: bokehjs hover tooltip breaks with full-circle wedge. - #9174 component: bokehjs nan_color argument in linearcolormapper is not used. - #9185 component: bokehjs regression exporting google maps pngs sometimes not working properly. - #9240 component: build building custom extension breaks in notebook. - #9266 component: bokehjs widgets datatable sorting broken. - #9267 component: bokehjs range_tool selection is over-responsive in y direction. - #9309 API: models component: docs documentation panels empty. - #9317 regression splattable lists no longer allow using list-like methods. - #9324 component: bokehjs background property change not working for widgetbox. - #9338 component: bokehjs Include license in bokehjs bundles. - #9342 component: bokehjs component: server regression server examples with custom models do not work. - #9343 component: bokehjs Save does not work with custom models . Features: - #3700 Structured way to get at documents from javascript. - #8904 API: models Allow to offset plot frame's side panel annotations. - #9009 component: server Add support django channels. - #9135 Be able to order legend items when using groupby legend feature . - #9137 API: models notebook Allow to integrate bokeh models with ipywidgets. - #9139 component: server Support ssl termination. - #9140 component: serve
1.3.409 Aug 2019 17:05 minor bugfix: Tasks: - #9147 component: build Update pypi token.
1.3.205 Aug 2019 06:45 minor bugfix: : - #9142 component: build Compute runtime deps correctly. Tasks: - #9101 component: docs wrong option names in sphinxext documentation. - #9118 component: build Use pypi token to upload releases. - #9120 component: bokehjs component: build Use npm token to publish.
1.3.130 Jul 2019 03:16 minor bugfix: : - #9123 component: bokehjs regression export_png broken in bokeh 1.3.0. Tasks: - #4870 notebook widgets Autocomplete should start with a single character. - #9112 component: build Upload to backup cdn. - #9127 component: build Exclude ipython tests on minimal build.
1.3.023 Jul 2019 12:45 major documentation: : - #8015 component: bokehjs widgets Bokeh datepicker value format inconsistent. - #8403 component: server Bokeh charts load very slow with uncaught typeerror: in browser console. - #8911 component: bokehjs widgets Rangeslider stuck when modified by pressing the keyboard arrows. - #8915 component: server error in the bokeh --serve documentation. - #8921 component: bokehjs widgets datatable copy-paste doesn't work with 0s present in a row. - #8923 component: bokehjs widgets datatable copy-paste doesn't keep the order of rows after sorting. - #8934 component: bokehjs widgets datepicker displayed value is not updating. - #9016 component: bokehjs performance Inspection indices' filtering is very slow. - #9022 component: bokehjs widgets "cannot read property 'style' of null" javascript error when moving slider. - #9032 component: bokehjs typeerror after replacing tools on a toolbar. - #9033 component: bokehjs incompatible definitions of `vbar.width` in bokeh and bokehjs. - #9065 component: docs development guide missing `test` argument for conda install and pytest install failure on windows. - #9092 component: server double slash before prein autoreload.js. - #9095 Update docker to work with new conda and bokeh. Features: - #6096 component: bokehjs widgets File open dialog. - #8100 API: models widgets feature request option to collapse datatable rows. - #8676 component: bokehjs Make a bokeh textinput callback responsive as text is typed. - #8872 component: bokehjs Add hover support for patch, harea, and varea. - #8981 component: bokehjs feature implement hover anchor on more glyphs. - #9052 Let accept dataframe. Tasks: - #8186 component: examples Geojsondatasource not bringing in all attributes. - #8919 component: docs component: server Document signed session usage. - #8944 component: docs Texturerepetition missing from docs and `all`. - #8961 component: tests Don't call
1.2.030 May 2019 05:25 major bugfix: : - #2259 component: bokehjs widgets Autocomplete widget not recognizing value change. - #6855 component: bokehjs Boxselecttool does not work as expected with gmapplot. - #7699 component: bokehjs webgl Mixed canvas and webgl glyphs are painted in wrong z-order. - #8103 component: bokehjs Rangetool unusable after selection change. - #8828 component: bokehjs widgets autocompleteinput widget value attribute does not reflect selection. - #8835 component: server runtimeerror on adding callbacks after rendering. - #8843 component: bokehjs widgets Bar_color slider not updating. - #8849 component: examples color mapping in crossfilter example. - #8853 exports do not work with firefox webdriver. - #8889 component: bokehjs imageurl selection_glyph raises "typeerror: this.retries is undefined". - #8895 component: bokehjs customjs callbacks added after initialization do not work. - #8903 layout accepts name as keyword arg but doesn't pass to underlying objects. - #8909 component: bokehjs widgets changing slider widget title property does not update view. Features: - #4540 component: bokehjs component: server Slider callback_policy should work for apps. - #6135 component: bokehjs Feature request: textures to fill properties?. - #6769 component: bokehjs layout Legend title. - #8848 API: plotting component: bokehjs feature stacked areas and lines. - #8863 feature allow the webdriver timeout to be customized. Tasks: - #4665 component: bokehjs component: tests Add missing widget callback integration tests. - #5469 component: docs Document that boxzoomtool does not work on gmapplot. - #5918 component: bokehjs Touch scroll the page when no tools are active. - #6516 component: bokehjs widgets add selenium tests for slider and rangeslider. - #6927 component: bokehjs Allow reset tool to only emit reset event, and skip built-in reset code. - #7238 component: docs Document get_screenshot_as_png better. - #
1.1.010 Apr 2019 23:25 major feature: : - #3061 layout widgets Setting responsive for figures in tabs results in gy tabs. - #4393 layout If responsive mode is `height_ar`, toolbar box `above` or `below` doesn't work. - #4404 layout Tabs only work with layout. - #4608 layout Initialization problem on `scale_width` plots. - #4689 component: bokehjs Bokehjs charts not respecting plot size. - #4830 layout Figure.width does not update width. - #4917 layout Strange widget alignment behavior. - #5143 component: bokehjs layout Tabs not working. - #5169 component: bokehjs layout widgets Tabs only renders right when at least one tab contains a figure. - #5193 layout widgets Overlapping plots. - #5572 layout Subplots vertical axes don't line up. - #5722 component: bokehjs layout Widgets do not work in nested layouts. - #5749 component: bokehjs layout 0.12.4 breaks custom text inputs field length. - #6025 layout widgets Datatables overlapping when in row or gridplot. - #6259 component: bokehjs layout Adding new button widgets results in too-wide buttons. - #6333 component: bokehjs widgets Multiselect freezes ie 11 on change. - #6406 component: bokehjs Javascript errors when plotting from a columndatasource populated with a pandas dataframe containing column named field. - #6417 component: bokehjs layout Tabs widget cannot contain a figure. - #6427 component: bokehjs layout Textinput not respecting width. - #6462 component: examples regression Npm detection doesn't work on windows (in native console). - #6477 layout Vertical axes aren't aligned in `plotting/file/categorical`. - #6508 component: bokehjs Multiple callbacks for same model call only last callback. - #6707 component: bokehjs Tap tool on bokeh server does not select data points with a custom callback. - #6748 layout Dynamically turning on axis label does not resize plot. - #6768 layout Alignment of plots in a grid. - #6822 widgets Autocompleteinput does not complete word when op
1.0.410 Jan 2019 06:05 minor documentation: : - #8558 py2 Safer alternative for unicode notebook in python 2. Features: - #8513 notebook Strip out ipython magics when serving notebooks. Tasks: - #8207 Adding/updating boilerplate code. - #8525 component: tests Don't resize window when running images tests. - #8533 component: build Remove warning about `gulp build` in prepare.js. - #8534 component: docs Docs tweak to add note about bokeh_dev and apps. - #8541 Pyyaml version is vulnerable to cve-2017-18342. - #8543 component: server Bad error message for nonexistent bokeh serve target. - #8548 component: docs Add small documentation to slider callback_policy which only apply to customjs. - #8550 component: docs -up bokeh_dev docs (follow-up). - #8553 Add model, event, and populate bokeh.models __all__. - #8555 py2 Unicode when serving notebooks on python 2. - #8556 component: docs Correct three minor typos.
1.0.301 Jan 2019 03:15 minor documentation: : - #7118 component: bokehjs Unable to update arrow. - #8401 API: models Incorrect image import from bokeh.models. - #8493 component: bokehjs Polydrawtool shows vertices even when not active. Features: - #2828 component: bokehjs widgets Multi-line textinput box?. - #7762 component: bokehjs Copy paste from datatable. - #8444 component: bokehjs Feature request: expose sort_columns in js datatable object. - #8502 Support environment variable in addition to --allow-websocket-origin. Tasks: - #8372 Extended bad_column_name error. - #8379 component: examples Export csv example more useful if you don't have to hard code headers in download.js. - #8383 component: tests Attempt to enable downstream tests for holoviews. - #8384 component: bokehjs Feature: add plot's root id to dom so to allow api access to the object. - #8472 Boilerplates for bokeh/models. - #8476 component: bokehjs typescript Upgrade to typescript 3.2. - #8481 component: docs Doc: remove extra "to execute" from embed. - #8485 Update sampledata bucket url. - #8491 component: docs Typo in range_tool example. - #8495 component: tests Document licenses of included projects. - #8506 Boilerplate for bokeh/plotting directory. - #8514 Boilerplate for protocol. - #8517 Boilerplate for bokeh/server. - #8523 Property getter for - #8528 component: docs Release notes.
1.0.230 Nov 2018 03:15 minor documentation: : - #5721 component: bokehjs widgets Text_align attribute in numberformatter not doing anything. - #8395 component: bokehjs Legend breaks plot when plotting empty scatter glyph. - #8396 component: docs small typo ci skip . - #8398 typo and grammar mistakes. - #8409 component: docs Typo in documentation of io.export.create_webdriver. - #8415 Make components() preserve the type of dict. - #8418 component: bokehjs component: build Make bokehjs build under node 10.x. - #8425 component: docs Apache documentation typo. - #8428 component: bokehjs component: docs Can't get gridplot to work in bokehjs. - #8451 component: bokehjs component: build Run `npm install` when `node make *` on fresh install. - #8457 component: bokehjs Embeds with json_item missing toolbar/interactivity. - #8459 component: bokehjs Hovertool does not display fields within jupyterlab's dark theme. - #8460 component: examples a typo. Features: - #8399 component: bokehjs Omit colon in hover tooltips if first tuple entry is empty. - #8411 widgets Feature request: add support for setting the datatable row height. Tasks: - #8393 component: docs "customjs for selections" example in docs broken. - #8405 component: tests failing codebase tests. - #8413 component: bokehjs typescript Upgrade to typescript 3.1. - #8438 component: bokehjs typescript Clean up semicolons after transition to typescript.
1.0.101 Nov 2018 06:25 minor documentation: : - #4096 Bokeh server: color palette rgb is not recognized. - #8356 component: bokehjs Datatable crashes layout if 'field' is key in columndatasource data. - #8362 Combination of "export_png()" and "show()" causes error. - #8374 regression Garbage collection of export_png(). - #8375 component: bokehjs Ellipse and datetime axis. - #8388 component: build Release deploy updates package-lock incorrectly. Tasks: - #8367 component: server Documentlifecyclehandler should catch exception and clean up callbacks. - #8369 component: examples Histogram example should take edges as argument to make_plot. - #8387 component: docs Bryanv/101 misc docs.
1.0.025 Oct 2018 03:15 major documentation: : - #2022 component: bokehjs Not correct behaviour of hovertool with annular glyph and units='screen'. - #3187 component: bokehjs component: examples Plotting/file/ doesn't work without setting x,y _range. - #7116 component: bokehjs widgets Patch/stream message to the columndatasource for datatable widget on front-end triggers response containing entire data source. - #7378 component: bokehjs geo Flicker when zooming on a tile source with mercatorticker. - #7417 component: bokehjs regression Deserializationerror when editing data table. - #7580 component: server 'serversession' object has no attribute 'session_context'. - #7959 component: bokehjs Image hover broken on axes with inverted range. - #7974 component: bokehjs geo Segments don't show up on gmapplot. - #7976 component: bokehjs Log axis minor ticks wrong position. - #8018 If the "selector" argument is explicitily set to the "select" method, an empty list is returned. - #8020 regression Export_png not exporting figures correctly. - #8021 component: bokehjs widgets Datatable and glyph selections not linking properly. - #8032 component: bokehjs Draw and edit tools event handling on server broken. - #8034 component: server Unhandled exception in application causes all later sessions to fail. - #8040 component: bokehjs widgets Editing filtered datatable cell impacts wrong row. - #8050 component: bokehjs widgets Datatable selectable='checkbox' gives javascript error. - #8060 component: bokehjs Inaccurate rendering around 0 on tall bars. - #8075 component: bokehjs Boxedittool draws on doubletap even when tool inactive. - #8077 component: bokehjs Not providing x and y data makes some glyphs not render in legend. - #8122 component: bokehjs notebook : push_notebook support is broken in jupyterlab for bokeh=0.13.0. - #8160 Bokeh_css and bokeh_js resources are reversed in file.html template
0.13.024 Jun 2018 05:25 major documentation: : - #799 Templates not included when compiling with py2exe. - #2080 component: bokehjs Hovertool panel for annular wedge displays at center coordinates, not over wedge. - #7428 component: bokehjs Correctly showing wedge hover tooltips with "clock" orient. - #7591 component: bokehjs layout Adding a slider fails to load visualization in version 0.12.14. - #7891 component: bokehjs regression widgets Unable to edit datatable cell. - #7904 component: examples does not work with tornado 5. - #7916 component: tests Code quality tests fail due to pandas' regression. - #7924 component: bokehjs regression widgets Sorting linked datatables messed up in bokeh 0.12.16. - #7926 component: bokehjs widgets Setting value of multiselect in javascript doesn't unselect previous selected items. - #7935 Using on_event with string names in python2.7. - #7941 component: docs Update docs: the hovertool attribute is "formatters". - #7978 component: bokehjs layout Sizing mode scale_both grows on window resize. - #7984 component: bokehjs layout Temp partial allowing scale_both to work in some cases. - #7992 component: server memory Memory leak on add_next_tick_callback. - #8000 component: docs Small documentation error for boxselecttool. Features: - #3596 Warn about python callbacks when they won't run. - #4986 layout Allow elements to be placed in server templates. - #6320 component: bokehjs Expose initial_start and initial_end in range1d. - #6386 component: bokehjs Support line annotations like span but with slope. - #7401 Support passing a pandas.series as x_range for figure. - #7795 component: bokehjs Feature-request: selection-bar. - #7908 API: models Tile source attribution font size. - #7921 component: bokehjs Bryanv/usability. - #7961 component: bokehjs Add a cumsum transform to cumulatively sum a single column. Tasks: - #7364 component: docs Developing with javascript jsfiddle not working in firefox
0.12.1615 May 2018 13:25 minor documentation: : - #3556 component: server Add a server callback once and then again as periodic. - #4298 component: bokehjs Ajaxdatasource data initialization. - #6303 component: bokehjs captures screenshot before asynchronously loaded models. - #6698 component: bokehjs Bands wrongly coloured. - #6699 component: server Server logger (format, output, etc) does not work. - #7011 API: models Error message in notebook when running explicit path graph example from user guide. - #7349 component: bokehjs widgets Arrow keys don't work if the step of slider is very small. - #7462 component: bokehjs Multi_line does not work with categorical plots. - #7476 component: bokehjs Plotcanvasview#build_levels removes only glyphs when renderers change. - #7597 widgets : datatable view doesn't rerender on table.source.change.emit(). - #7621 `save` creates non-working files when used with widgets. - #7627 component: bokehjs regression Selected points get lost with tap tool. - #7705 component: bokehjs regression "typeerror: cannot read property 'is_empty' of null" when using hovertool. - #7724 component: bokehjs component: server Plots not reacting to sliders inside flask. - #7736 component: bokehjs regression widgets Editable datatable freezes when a cell is edited. - #7744 component: docs Docs - json prototype does not expand. - #7745 component: bokehjs component: server Pointdrawtool : no python side update of the data source. - #7761 Permission denied error when invoking export_png() or export_svgs from inside jupyter notebook. - #7783 component: bokehjs The child property of panel can't be a widget. - #7790 component: bokehjs regression typescript is missing break statements. - #7801 component: bokehjs regression Bokeh 0.12.15 throws typeerror on touch devices when dragging. - #7803 component: tests Py.test -m unit doesn't run pytest.mark.parametrize tests. - #7807 component: examples regression Allo
0.12.1530 Mar 2018 03:15 minor documentation: : - #6525 component: tests Py.test bokeh/tests/ doesn't kill phantomjs precesses. - #6787 component: bokehjs Svg output bleeds past axis. - #6867 webgl Rect shape gets out of figure when panned or zoomed with webgl. - #6871 component: examples Examples/howto/ js_events,events_app contain bad css. - #7054 component: bokehjs component: examples broken again. - #7087 webgl Log scale graph will be blank if output_backend is webgl. - #7168 Webdriverexception when using export_png. - #7211 webgl Webgl incorrect clipping, 0.12.11 onwards. - #7219 component: server Tornado next tick callback - #7416 component: bokehjs Excess text when multi_line hover hits two or more lines. - #7468 component: server Increasing memory consumption of bokeh server. - #7508 component: docs typo in docs. - #7515 component: bokehjs Bokeh 0.12.14 doesn't highlight initially selected options in multiselect widget. - #7518 component: bokehjs regression Is ajaxdatasource losing the endpoint?. - #7523 Out of range float values are not json compliant with numpy arrays. - #7537 Export_png does not clean up temporary files before exit. - #7538 component: bokehjs regression Adding a title to layout removes toolbar from top of plot. - #7546 component: bokehjs performance Stream_to_column() doesn't implement rollover properly. - #7562 component: bokehjs widgets Checkboxbuttongroup active list broken in 0.12.14. - #7587 regression Regression streaming datetime columns. - #7608 component: docs typo in docstring. - #7614 component: examples io_loop paramenter in examples/howto/server_embed/ - #7619 component: server with rapid page reloads with tornado 5. - #7622 component: bokehjs widgets Slider violates start and end when using keyboard navigation. - #7624 component: docs Doc: : user guide docs on embed - link schema typo. - #7645 co
0.12.1408 Feb 2018 03:15 minor documentation: : - #5420 component: bokehjs View.classname doesn't respect class structure. - #6655 component: bokehjs X/y_range not properly set with tile source. - #6680 component: bokehjs Datetime (convert_datetime_type) seems to add in extra milliseconds. - #6932 layout 0.12.9 misplaced figure title. - #7083 component: bokehjs Factorrange regression: plot does not get updated when factors change. - #7101 component: bokehjs widgets Broken datatable selecteditor. - #7139 component: bokehjs regression widgets Datatable automatically scrolls down when app loads. - #7218 component: bokehjs Circle not circular. - #7266 layout regression Spacer does not display using show on 0.12.11. - #7290 component: bokehjs Regression in boxzoomtool with match_aspect. - #7291 component: bokehjs Hovertool with attachment="vertical" incorrectly positions tooltips. - #7295 component: docs Removed a broken link from server.rst. - #7298 Remove dependency on phantomjs when other webdriver is used. - #7304 component: bokehjs regression widgets Datatable editing regression. - #7319 notebook Themes not applying in the notebook. - #7327 Output_png and output_svgs fails in the settings.phantomjs_path( ) function. - #7337 component: bokehjs Legend entry for text renderer causes error. - #7370 component: bokehjs Regression in graph rendering during zoom. - #7373 component: bokehjs regression "number.isinteger()" javascript error of slider in internet explorer. - #7386 component: docs Error in documentation for handling categorical data. - #7398 component: bokehjs regression typescript Missing import of includes function in tile_renderer. - #7400 with figure and legend when a dataframe is passed as a source. - #7412 component: bokehjs typescript Variables in widget selectview undeclared. - #7439 component: bokehjs notebook regression Regression displaying embedded bokeh plots
0.12.1310 Dec 2017 18:25 minor bugfix: : - #7283 component: build Windows install fails 0.12.12.
0.12.1206 Dec 2017 03:45 minor feature: : - #6588 typescript Model references are not resolved when trying to change ranges and attach js callback at the same time. - #7268 component: bokehjs notebook Push_notebook regression in 0.12.11. - #7282 component: bokehjs Add missing return statements to get_indices typescript version. Tasks: - #7214 component: bokehjs component: build Allow es6 output from bokehjs' build. - #7276 Unclear exception when bokeh_log_level env variable is set to a wrong value. - #7279 component: docs Configuring plot tools documentation was unclear.
0.12.1129 Nov 2017 03:15 minor documentation: : - #1376 component: bokehjs widgets Implement `widget.disabled`. - #1651 layout Grid plot with row of all none behaves badly. - #3538 component: server Session could auto-no-op any callbacks invoked after the session is destroyed. - #4561 layout Models/legends example broken. - #4574 layout regression Plot border gets covered up by things stuck on edge. - #4613 Hover tool has own column in ie. - #4787 layout widgets Erroneous toolbar separator positions using tabs. - #5761 layout Location in colorbar offsets from axis. - #6065 component: bokehjs Touch events fail in device mode under chrome devtools. - #6348 layout Layouts with multiple tab widgets don't work. - #6409 component: server Screen distance spec fields fail with bokeh.client. - #6466 component: bokehjs layout Rendering error with toolbar_sticky=false and sizing_mode='scale_width'. - #6502 widgets Programmatically setting the active tab does not change the tab in 0.12.6 0.12.7. - #6545 Patch : patch slices must have positive (start, stop, step) values, got slice(0, 200, 50). - #6583 component: bokehjs Rect not behaving correctly with zero height. - #6600 component: build Downloading dependencies from scripts/deps fails. - #6676 layout regression Axes' tick labels are trimmed when moving plot. - #6841 component: bokehjs regression widgets Rangeslider css_classes not being updated anymore. - #6946 component: bokehjs Graphrenderer view not updating. - #7060 layout regression Twin_axis not showing label correctly in version 0.12.9. - #7062 component: bokehjs Linked brushing does not work on second plot in gridplot. - #7075 layout Changing title attributes does not work as expected in bokeh server. - #7121 component: docs Documentation - typo in release file 0.12.10. - #7128 component: server regression When embeding bokeh server to flask, attributeerror: 'nonetype' object has
0.12.1017 Oct 2017 09:45 minor documentation: : - #4247 notebook Performance after repeated `push_notebook` calls. - #4965 Datepicker errors on input from chrome on windows 8.1. - #5415 notebook Having multiple `push_notebook` calls in the same widget callback doesn't work. - #5452 notebook Plotting when using push_notebook() from customjs callback. - #6258 regression Colorspec processing is broken. - #6590 component: server Tile sources cannot be shared between app sessions. - #6820 component: bokehjs Cdsview not working with text glyph. - #6831 component: examples regression Color slider example can show hex fp values. - #6846 component: bokehjs Categories on yaxis with hbar fails to set initial ranges. - #6863 component: server Datatables do not update properly for on_change events 0.12.7. - #6891 component: bokehjs regression Customjs for hover no longer working - bokeh 0.12.7. - #6910 component: bokehjs The new feature filter (cdsview) not behaving has expected. - #6921 component: bokehjs notebook regression Shared drag tools in grid plots only work on the last plot. - #6926 component: bokehjs Daterangeslider incorrect value displayed. - #6947 component: bokehjs Color mapping in circle fill colors does not take current view (cdsview) into account. - #6949 component: bokehjs Length_units has no effect for rays. - #6955 Possible : hover tool does not work with filtered source. - #6982 component: bokehjs : bokeh-server: ie fails with "object doesn't support this action". - #6986 component: bokehjs Mercatorticker behavior poorly defined for ranges exceeding mercator bounds. - #6993 component: bokehjs regression Bad positioning of colorbar for 'above' and 'below'. - #7015 component: bokehjs regression Functickformatter broken with categorical axis. - #7035 component: bokehjs regression widgets Datatable with dynamic number of rows is unstable and breaks. - #7044 component: server Bokeh server sessions not released correctly. - #7048 component: bokehjs
0.12.916 Sep 2017 03:15 minor documentation: : - #1329 widgets Daterangeslider re-sizing. - #2268 widgets Daterangeslider not rendering. - #4048 Bounds on axis causes axis labels to go off page. - #4876 layout Tile attribution misaligned (see toolbar on right-side example). - #6842 component: docs Bokeh.models.widgets.sliders is missing from the reference documentation menu. - #6844 notebook : is broken. - #6850 layout regression Log-axis label layout - #6852 component: bokehjs regression Hovertool not rendering on hbar glyphs in 0.12.7. - #6859 component: bokehjs regression Dateformatter not working in tables. - #6860 component: examples Patch - #6873 component: bokehjs widgets Unable to render , in datatable. - #6880 widgets Datatable rendering broken in notebook. - #6885 component: docs Typo in edgesandlinkednodes docstring. - #6898 component: docs doc adjust docstring indentation. - #6908 component: bokehjs notebook regression Running output_notebook with hide_banner=true broken. - #6909 notebook Notebook output generates console errors. Features: - #994 Text doesn't respect new lines. - #5984 Improve data transfer, using a binary transfer protocol. - #6865 Allow supplying explicit edge paths to graphrenderer. - #6876 component: bokehjs New feature: add a "resettool clicked" event. - #6895 Bokeh daterangeslider returns tuple of integers instead of dates. Tasks: - #2458 component: examples Add examples for daterangeslider and datepicker. - #5065 Task: refactor select tools. - #6472 layout Make layout canvas' panels not overlap in corners. - #6560 Using `export_png` or `save` without filename from within jupyter notebook saves png file to lib/python. - #6612 Task: graph visualization improvements. - #6700 component: bokehjs component: build notebook Bokeh / jupyterlab integration. - #6819 component: tests Switch examples tests to use python 3.5 or 3.6. - #6832 Simplify data frame length calculation. - #
0.12.812 Sep 2017 09:25 minor documentation: : - #1329 widgets Daterangeslider re-sizing. - #2268 widgets Daterangeslider not rendering. - #4048 Bounds on axis causes axis labels to go off page. - #4876 layout Tile attribution misaligned (see toolbar on right-side example). - #6842 component: docs Bokeh.models.widgets.sliders is missing from the reference documentation menu. - #6844 notebook : is broken. - #6850 layout regression Log-axis label layout - #6852 component: bokehjs regression Hovertool not rendering on hbar glyphs in 0.12.7. - #6859 component: bokehjs regression Dateformatter not working in tables. - #6860 component: examples Patch - #6873 component: bokehjs widgets Unable to render , in datatable. - #6880 widgets Datatable rendering broken in notebook. - #6885 component: docs Typo in edgesandlinkednodes docstring. - #6898 component: docs doc adjust docstring indentation. - #6908 component: bokehjs notebook regression Running output_notebook with hide_banner=true broken. - #6909 notebook Notebook output generates console errors. Features: - #994 Text doesn't respect new lines. - #5984 Improve data transfer, using a binary transfer protocol. - #6865 Allow supplying explicit edge paths to graphrenderer. - #6876 component: bokehjs New feature: add a "resettool clicked" event. - #6895 Bokeh daterangeslider returns tuple of integers instead of dates. Tasks: - #2458 component: examples Add examples for daterangeslider and datepicker. - #5065 Task: refactor select tools. - #6472 layout Make layout canvas' panels not overlap in corners. - #6560 Using `export_png` or `save` without filename from within jupyter notebook saves png file to lib/python. - #6612 Task: graph visualization improvements. - #6700 component: bokehjs component: build notebook Bokeh / jupyterlab integration. - #6819 component: tests Switch examples tests to use python 3.5 or 3.6. - #6832 Simplify data frame length calculation. - #
0.12.729 Aug 2017 16:05 major documentation: : - #515 Line plots render selections wierd. - #516 Labels on axis do not like ":" character ;-). - #517 Better control over data/screen aspect ratios needed for large circles. - #2240 Tick format language. - #2527 widgets Rendered slider plots have missing bk- classes. - #3466 geo Consider for deprecation. - #3935 component: server component: tests How to get the server examples testable again. - #4295 component: bokehjs Investigate disabling user-select. - #4337 Plot blank if categorical label too long. - #4503 component: bokehjs Date picker widget is unstyled. - #4507 widgets Problem rendering un-wrapped sliders. - #4599 component: bokehjs layout Wrapping output in center tag causes toolbar misalignment. - #4880 Error plotting dates before 1970 (on windows?). - #4972 layout Plot collapses on adding multiple labels above/below the plot if title='none' not specified in plot(). - #6121 component: bokehjs widgets Autocomplete input appearance differs between notebook and html file output. - #6185 component: server Unable to interactively update renderer (i.e. circle, triangle, etc.) size using bokeh server. - #6279 component: docs Documentation link not working right. - #6308 component: bokehjs widgets Sliders :: customjs can not dynamically change title. - #6450 component: bokehjs layout Canvas outline does not cover top of canvas. - #6464 component: build Examples upload failed on full release build. - #6474 layout New panels to a tabs widget does appear. - #6478 component: bokehjs widgets Editable data tables not modifying python - bokeh server 0.12.6. - #6486 component: build Revert conda build to --no-test. - #6501 component: bokehjs regression widgets Multiselect selection highlight no longer present when programmatically selected. - #6507 component: docs User guide docs clerical error. - #6509 Bokeh png command doesn't maximize window to capture entire output. - #6514 New phantomj
0.12.614 Jun 2017 22:25 minor documentation: : - #2136 Selections only work on the last of two series in one plot. - #2680 Non-unit specs accept still allow `units` field. - #3386 `property.__delete__` does not send a change notification. - #3564 component: bokehjs widgets Getting values of selected rows from a datatable after reordering with sort. - #3838 Push_notebook doesn't seem to work display updated table content. - #4294 notebook Replace table source. - #4433 layout Gallery example - #4657 regression Adding an unwrapped widget to document, may not render properly. - #4764 component: server layout with interactions between widgets and plots using bokeh server. - #4810 component: server layout Trouble swapping out layout contents when using server. - #4829 layout Tabs only consisting of datatables not drawn correctly. - #4872 component: server Arrows not updating from streaming data source. - #5044 Shift selection in linked brushing plots. - #5131 layout widgets Unexpected initial layout with datatable and layout(). - #5198 Hovertool line_policy 'nearest' 'next' not working. - #5207 widgets Need to resize window before datatable row labels show up. - #5246 component: tests regression Py.test prints garbage when there is a syntax error in *.py files. - #5499 component: bokehjs Datetimes on plot are always treated as local time and shifted to utc. - #5518 layout Add new child to existing column. - #5634 component: docs documentation of 'bokeh html'. - #5811 component: bokehjs Vbar width not updating correctly when too many things updated through `push_notebook`. - #5856 component: bokehjs layout Plot becomes unresponsive when button widget is appended to layout. - #5907 Hover inspection does not work for all glyphs. - #5914 component: bokehjs Unable to right align tick labels. - #5967 layout Unexpected behavior when deleting from layout.children. - #6005 component: bokehjs Box select rendered incorrectly on bokehjs linked example. - #6035 Na valu
0.12.506 Apr 2017 03:15 minor documentation: : - #2058 component: bokehjs Point hit testing for rects broken with screen space widths. - #2288 API: charts Handle nan as input to bar(). - #2822 component: bokehjs geo starter Gmapplot resets to (0, 0). - #2964 component: bokehjs Gmap alignment still off in 0.10. - #3461 component: server Notebook + server not working. - #3737 regression Gmapplot doesn't display anything in jupyter v.4. - #4135 component: bokehjs component: build Don't expose external typings beyond bokeh namespace. - #4539 component: tests Js tests reporting as failed even when they all passed. - #4667 component: bokehjs Arrow and line_width. - #4722 notebook Curdoc().theme = theme(json=yaml.load()) is not applied to charts when used in jupyter notebook. - #4835 Multiple gmap plots whiting out in notebook. - #4875 component: bokehjs Graph 'running off'. - #4952 Theme doesn't apply when using components. - #4979 component: bokehjs component: server Cannot add renderers within a callback. - #5063 component: tests Bokehjs tests are failing on regular basis. - #5152 component: examples Wrong data shown in gapminder example app / slider update failing. - #5185 layout starter Reset tool fails when figure passed width instead of plot_width, etc. - #5336 component: bokehjs Strange behaviour of rect-glyph. - #5353 component: bokehjs Extensions do not render when using bokeh.embed.components / bokeh.embed.file_html apis. - #5416 component: bokehjs Multiple model sync in one callback can fail. - #5488 component: bokehjs starter Hide annotations via callback. - #5582 component: server --num-procs x and curdoc().session_context.request.arguments don't go well together. - #5629 component: server starter Bokeh server reports "none" port when there is a port conflict. - #5644 Hasprops.apply_theme does not work on container values. - #5670 component: tests Integration test reports
0.12.410 Jan 2017 03:15 minor documentation: : - #525 Columndatasource.prototype.get_length gives arbitrary results. - #2064 Tooltip not working when inverting an axis by passing a `y_range` argument to the figure. - #2162 Plotting none/nan values fails with log scale axis. - #2365 component: examples Compat/seaborn/ is broken. - #2789 component: docs starter Range padding possibly discards the log axis properties. - #3315 API: charts Overlapping bins in bokeh charts histogram example. - #3834 Plot is empty when log scale is used. - #3931 component: docs Update datetimetickformatter docstring with actual default formats from the js side. - #4602 API: charts No x-axis labels on bar graphs with a single bar. - #4680 component: bokehjs widgets Datatable header height not large enough to fit header text - in jupyter notebook. - #4861 component: bokehjs Hovertool showing canvas coordinates not data coordinates. - #5305 component: docs component: examples component: server Embed/animated fails with "did not find model". - #5306 component: examples py2 Embed/embed_multiple fails with unicode error on py2. - #5315 component: examples component: server regression Extension implementation load path problems in apps. - #5318 Make figure accept title instance. - #5322 component: bokehjs Long "bokeh error"s don't wrap. - #5323 component: bokehjs Colormapper special colors are not respected for images. - #5324 Colormapper high, low and nan_color do not accept rgb(a) tuples. - #5330 Syntax error in util/ - #5333 component: bokehjs Document._destructively_move() (in bokehjs) references undefined variable. - #5337 component: bokehjs Charts and plots not rendering with user defined title text_font_size in em. - #5346 Embedding a server plot will override the window title. - #5370 component: bokehjs Linearinterpolator does not work correctly. - #5377 component: docs Correct comment in di
0.12.308 Oct 2016 03:15 minor documentation: Tasks: - #5258 component: docs Double ended sliders extension example. - #5319 component: docs release notes.
0.12.207 Sep 2016 03:15 minor documentation: : - #4612 Updating of image colormapper. - #4855 No fill for background and border doesn't work. - #4903 component: build regression needs explicit list of files updated. - #4936 component: bokehjs Lasso select is broken with non-circle markers. - #4949 Specifying a selection doesn't work with patches when hit testing tools are present. - #4950 Non-deterministic ordering of css resources for external resource loading. - #4960 component: examples Examples/models/ aren't validated. - #4970 API: charts Box plot example fails if no outliers exist in data. - #4984 component: bokehjs H_units="screen" and w_units="screen" not respected in imageurl. - #4987 notebook regression Problem with 'run all' in jupyter notebooks with bokeh 0.12.1. - #4992 Colorbar places axis labels incorrectly in some circumstances. - #4993 Colorbar - setting outline_line_alpha=0 on plot causes bar to not appear. - #4996 Labelset's text color not updating properly on changing column data source. - #4998 component: bokehjs Typo in - #5006 component: docs Remove trailing whitespace. - #5010 Colormapping - support nan's and data lower than low. - #5035 component: bokehjs Auto-range on vbar and hbar doesn't work. - #5040 Rendered notebooks not working on nbviewer. - #5056 Colorbar not working in safari. - #5074 component: build component: server Bokeh-0.12.1-py27_0 conda package from defaults missing server/views/app_index.html. - #5081 notebook Plots do not load upon reopening a notebook if notebook handle created. - #5084 Conda-build 2.0.0 doesn't build noarch packages. Features: - #1441 Colorbar axis. - #2270 component: examples Hide/show image layers. - #3110 component: bokehjs Multi_line and selection callback. - #4127 component: bokehjs Specifying external urls for resources. - #4828 component: server Feature: make get arguments available for bokeh server a
0.12.129 Jul 2016 03:15 minor documentation: : - #1277 Syncing two input widgets without infinite callback loop. - #1618 Toolbar buttons do not work on updating server plots. - #1716 Help tool: hard/impossible to click "learn more" link. - #2289 Glyph/ dropdown red button looking bad (cut) in chrome. - #2291 component: bokehjs Gyphs/ column size. - #2488 Building the conda recipe does not work on windows. - #3041 component: examples component: tests Scikit-learn is needed by examples/plotting/file/ - #3188 component: build Installing dev build through pip, receiving standard release instead. - #3509 Image glyph does not work with server. - #3639 Bokeh occasionally not working with jupyter notebook. - #3771 Bokehjs - get_model_by_name() - multiple name error. - #4329 component: tests Test defaults does not report correct mismatched defaults. - #4525 Shout louder on bokehjs build fails. - #4560 Resize tool mostly broken. - #4679 component: bokehjs webgl Draw legend after webgl glyphs. - #4692 component: docs Docs version dropdown has extra 0.11.1. - #4693 regression Incorrect rendering of embedded bokeh server app in 0.12. - #4716 API: models Typo in `behavior` attr default. - #4727 component: docs First example in quickstart missing output_file. - #4730 component: tests regression Restore real flake8 test failure. - #4731 component: docs documented name for resizetool. - #4753 component: examples Typo in categorical example plot title. - #4759 Reset button no longer appears on gridplots. - #4760 component: bokehjs Rbush 2.0.1 on image render. - #4766 component: docs Bokeh.client example in user guide has a - #4781 Remove unused import. - #4783 component: server Using functools.partial in combination with add_next_tick_callback() throws exception in py2. - #4788 component: docs Stocks example github link is broken in g
0.12.028 Jun 2016 03:15 major documentation: Responsive layout and styling improvements throughout. BokehJS plotting and charts APIs for pure JS dev. Legends can be placed outside / next to the central plot area. Expanded WebGL support to all markers, webgl New color palettes: Viridis, Magma, Inferno, and Plasma. New model types: - Arrow, Title, and Label annotations. - LogColorMapper for scaled color mapping. - FuncTickFormatter for simpler custom ticking. Support for computed transforms (e.g. Jitter) on data columns. Documentation improvements: - re-done user gude sections for layout. - new user guide sections for JS APIs. - new user guide sections for custom extensions. Server features: - unlocked callbacks for use with threads. - "--num-threads" option for simpler deployment. - new index landing page listing installed aps. UX improvements. - toolbar moved to the right, and made sticky, by default. - left aligned title, r in, by default. - smaller, italic axes labels. New hosted demos at Many small p.title.text = "some_text" : - #1256 Vbox doesn't work properly under ie. - #1445 Changing title on sliders example disables crosshair tool. - #1642 Selection tools not working with scatter chart. - #1710 component: examples App drop-downs under firefox are the wrong size. - #1848 Tools not working on gallery - windows 7 + chrome 40.0.2214.111 m. - #2006 Unable to stack multiple twin axis on same side. - #2081 Title_text_align plot property behaves strangely. - #2229 Broken reset tool after use of resize tool. - #2277 Matplotlib to bokeh conversion discards category labels. - #2284 Hbox not working properly with plots. - #2297 starter It's possible to extend the lasso tool outside the bounds of a plot. - #2344 A
0.11.105 Feb 2016 06:45 minor documentation: Settings and documentation for Bokeh server behind an SSL terminated proxy. : - MultiSelect works. - Oval legend renders correctly. - Plot title orientation setting works. - Annulus glyph works on IE/Edge. Features: Preview of new streaming API in OHLC demo. Undo/redo tool add, reset tool now resets plot size. - "bokeh static" and "bokeh sampledata" commands. Can now create Bokeh apps directly from Jupyter Notebooks. Headers and content type now configurable on AjaxDataSource. Range update callbacks now return the range object as cb_obj (not the plot). Layouts (HBox, VBox, VBoxForm) have been moved from bokeh.models.widgets to. Bokeh.models.layouts, but continue to be importable from bokeh.models BlazeDataSource has been removed; it will be maintained by the Blaze team in the future. The broken BokehJS API has been removed. We are actively seeking a. Champion/maintainer for a new BokehJS API. : - #2495 widgets Multiselect appears broken. - #3055 docs Search isn't working correctly on docs - - #3069 docs Table of contents is not scrolling properly on bokeh website. - #3173 Cb_obj for range callback is plot not range. - #3257 Confusing deprecation message in bokeh/models/ - #3304 examples Stocks app example is not py2 compatible. - #3468 bokehjs starts out wrong size. - #3530 _make_io_complainer method of scripthandler uses not-imported sys module. - #3543 bokehjs Annulus glyph does not render correctly in ie and edge. - #3552 Use self.mode instead of mode in baseresources.__init__(). - #3562 docs Python callback example in user guide not rendering. - #3569 docs Imageurl example in reference guide is broken. - #3578 charts docs Sizing plots, charts: inconsistency between doc an api. - #3591 docs Correct links to be links. - #3604 bokehjs Hovertool.always_active is not implemented. - #3605 bokehjs Webgl aa is broken on firefox on windows. - #3626 bokehjs s
0.11.007 Jan 2016 06:05 major feature: New Tornado and websocket-based Bokeh Server. User-Defined Models allowing anyone to extend Bokeh. GeoJSON data source and map tiles renderer. WebGL support for rendering lines. Python - JS compilation for CustomJS callbacks (Py3 only for now). New general push_notebook() based on Jupyter comms. Updates to charts. UX improvements. Known many small : - #1349 Image component + circle. - #1732 bokehjs Push_notebook memory leaks. - #2059 regression Running server example twice duplicates layout. - #2319 Imageurl not extending as expected (until after zoom / pan). - #2560 Support css colornames in value(). - #2621 Convert from mpl breaks if mpl axis object has no xticks. - #2643 Error with mpl (showing in violin plot). - #2679 docs Weird artifact on file_html generate docs. - #2700 build 0.9.0 build on anaconda has wrong md5. - #2730 Donut chart emits validation error. - #2731 Histogram emits a validation error. - #2776 Spurious error message in plotting/file/ and - #2780 Bokeh timeseries chokes on nan values. - #2893 Ranges using numpy types, when creating a new figure, fail. - #2904 Editable fields in a sorted datatable do not update correctly. - #2910 docs Testing addopts are note recognized with listed dependencies installed. - #2918 charts Support for irregular observation intervals for area charts. - #2928 bokehjs build has bad path for bokehjs watchsources (gulp watch is broken). - #2932 bokehjs Use custom function to compute the maximum value of a large array. - #2945 bokehjs Plotting "large numbers" with webgl=true causes point coordinates to be miscalculated. - #2951 Border_fill and background_fill don't accept rgb tuples or rgba values. - #2953 bokehjs Bokehjs 0.10 very verbose in the console using cdn. - #2965 charts Custom bar chart hover tooltips. - #2978 tests ../tests/travis/ tests not compatible w/ ipython=4.0. - #2980 tests Move location of license copy in
0.10.026 Sep 2015 03:15 major documentation: Initial webgl support (check our new examples: maps city, iris blend, scatter 10K, New charts interface supporting aggregation (see our new Bars, BoxPlot, Histogram and Scatter examples). Responsive plots. Lower-level jsresources cssresources (allow more subtle uses of resources). Several test machinery Several build machinery enhancements. More pytest-related and enhancements. More docs and enhancements. Now the glyph methods return the glyph renderer (not the plot). Gmap points moves consistently. Added alpha control for imageurl objects. Removed python33 testing and packaging. Removed multiuserblazeserver. : - #1335 geo Gmap points don't move consistently. - #2172 docs Incorrect image sizes in bokeh documentation. - #2332 bokehjs Sub-second timezone strftime support. - #2444 Legend does not accept none as a border_line_color. - #2550 docs Scrolling on info page of user guide is broken. - #2619 docs Doc: broken plot in user guide. - #2785 bokehjs Imageurl glyph initial render is incorrect. - #2787 Regression in bokeh-server (client side?). - #2801 bokehjs in linear_color_mapper palette generation. - #2816 charts examples Charts donut nb example raise a long set of warning. - #2818 charts Categorical charts use `:` to set categories. - #2835 docs Embed docs missing required closing script tag. - #2846 Be more selective when you look for the id. - #2848 Workaround to local installation. - #2853 docs typo. snipped - snippet. - #2855 gapminder notebook clean-up unecessary triggers. - #2868 Clean-up tests, pytest ture overrides, add the new sensitive-url parameter. - #2872 Skip remotedatasource column warnings. - #2878 tests Nvm install failing on travisci. - #2887 Wrap testing import so testing libraries aren't required. - #2894 bokehjs Line join property broken. features: - #1128 docs Documentation checklist. - #2375 All
0.9.329 Aug 2015 19:25 minor documentation: Support horizontal or vertical spans. Provide raw_components version of bokeh.embed.components. Prevent Bokeh from eating scroll events if wheel tool is not active. bokeh.models.actions are now called bokeh.models.callbacks and Callback is now CustomJS. Additional validation warnings. Cleaned up gulp source mapping. in our build machinery. Cleaned up models section of the reference guide. Use pytest instead of nose. Beginning to add selenium tests.
0.9.224 Jul 2015 03:15 bugfix feature cleanup: Several nan-related fixes including the slow rendering of plots. Removed some unused dependencies. Fixes in our automated release process. Fixed the patchs vanishing on selection. More control over ticks and gridlines. MPL compatibility updated. Several examples updated. bugfixes: - #735 Inconsistent conversion of np.nan to json data in bokehjs. - #1005 Nan in data source column causes problem with glyph interface. - #1039 Bokeh server can display an empty document without any visible errors. - #1075 tests Test failure if websocket client is not installed. - #1139 Hover tool swaps sides at an off-center position. - #1176 Session.store_document() fails in table_server example. - #1264 Stock app fails to refresh after drop down is updated. - #1381 Fill_color argument doesn't handle rgb(a) tuples properly. - #2513 Fix release script failures. - #2514 Bug: all patches vanish on selection. - #2524 Setting a fixed font size value as a string is deprecated warnings. - #2529 docs Internal server error on quickstart. - #2582 bokehjs regression Slow plot rendering for 0.9.1. - #2586 bokehjs Decimated glyph needs visuals set also. - #2593 docs Fix typo in charts user guide. - #2600 bokehjs Hotfix/fixed ticker. features: - #194 widgets Widget/controls integration. - #2036 bokehjs Implementation of renderers in webgl. - #2379 Get a warning about an invalid column name. - #2496 Improve mouseover information in texas example. - #2548 bokehjs Need more control over ticks and gridlines. tasks: - #2441 Warning when instantiating plot with no arguments. - #2540 Add console warning when bokeh-plot fails. - #2541 docs Breaking out inline plot examples in user guide into files. - #2543 Mpl update. - #2546 Clean up examples, use standard output. - #2547 docs Fix typo in components deprecation message. - #2554 branches Fix bug on ie (avoid using indices).
0.9.104 Jul 2015 03:15 documentation bugfix feature m: New callbacks options for hover, selection, and range updates. Documentation for widgets and new callbacks in the User's Guide. Much more flexible embed.components that can embed multiple objects. Implemented a validation framework to provide errors and warnings. More than 30 smaller bugfixes. bugfixes: - #1254 docs Setting small plot_width or plot_height to categorical plot without min_border. - #1255 docs Bokeh.embed.components second parameter not optional. - #1926 docs Tap_select tool is actually tap. - #2040 Expose level parameter in python. - #2161 Color tuples not supported. - #2176 Fix error: unable to parse uri to data. - #2245 Bokeh-server --url-prefix is being ignored. - #2282 starter tests Testmatrix script not in sync with bep 2. - #2303 build Tagging on release produce wrong names in binstar packages. - #2306 bokehjs regression Fix issues preventing bokehjs 0.9 working on jsfiddle site. - #2311 bokehjs docs Broken link to help pages from bokeh plots. - #2316 Text glyph font size from columndatasource field not working in 0.9. - #2329 Diamond/diamondcross both show diamonds. - #2336 docs Categorial heatmap gallery example missing (bad path). - #2338 Valueerror: min() arg is an empty sequence. - #2356 bokehjs Force glyphs to always beginpath before rendering. - #2357 Crosshairtool lacks "dimension" property. - #2359 docs Animated line and animated glyph gallery examples are broken. - #2365 examples Compat/seaborn/ is broken. - #2366 Patches doesn't render with reversed ranges. - #2376 Hover on discontinuous patches. - #2396 bokehjs docs Tools seems to be broken in latest version of chrome and chromium. - #2416 Datetime scalar transformation loss of resolution. - #2431 Datarange1d start and end bug. - #2436 Bokeh jquery overriding previously loaded jquery. - #2445 Prevent non-compliant json generation. - #2459 Hotfix for co
0.9.016 May 2015 07:05 bugfix documentation feature: * Callback Action, serverless interactivity in static plots. * Hover inspection along lines. * Client side LOD downsampling for interactive tools. * Full User guide rewrite. * Reduce BokehJS boilerplate and switch to use browserify. * Several example bugfixes. * bugfixes: - Grid without axis?. - Indicator of stacked hover tooltip has vertical offset. - Glyph renderer not masking data before rendering. - Angle property not working for square glyph. - Examples/glyphs/data_tables.ipynb error. - is generating a superfluous "id" package. - Simpleapp broken. - does not respond to 2. change on the dropdown field. - examples Simpleapp stock demo histograms not updating on selection. - docs Fixed typo in documentation. - Selections not working with nominal/categorical axis. - docs Fix typo, example has two css, one should be js. - charts Color cycles for bokeh charts. - Add shrinkwrap to lock to versions and upgrade jsdom. - regression Selection_histogram example broken after new hit_test redesign. - docs Update quickstart.rst. - bokehjs Multiselect broken. - bokehjs regression Vboxform broken. - Avoid layout breaking when simpleapp managing buttons. - regression Update datarange1d that wasn't updated on notebook after last api change. - Run binstar upload in the correct 'scripts' location. - Use another env variable is case of weird previous use of the i var. - Pin binstar until binstar build fix the platform path problem. - docs Fix two small typos. - bokehjs Direction is not being passed to draw_legend in annular wedge, arc, and wedge. - bokehjs regression Hbox/hplot broken. - Examples failures. - docs Doc: grammar fix for intro to models. * features:. - Cycle colors for plots. - Add line hit testing and hover inspection along lines. - Change datarange objects to query renderers for preferred bounds. - starter Add simple lod downsampling on the client side. - Decimal.decimal canno
0.8.226 Mar 2015 06:25 major bugfix: Colect implicit interfaces into a single module. Fixed notebook css issues. Update notebooks to be compatible with IPython 3.0. Easy bokeh applet generation using the simpleapp module. Develop installation enhancements. A new User guide intro and some other docs styling enhancements. Some other minor examples bugfixes. Bugfixes: - Invoking nosetests doesn't always work properly. - Explicit notebook display codes not working. - Charts xlabel and yabel defaults. - build Try to make y.y.yrc, not y.y.y.rc in dev build to avoid being listed above y.y.y release. - Develop installation fails: no such file or directory: '/usr/lib/python3.4/site-packages/bokeh.pth'. - starter Two instances of autoload_server??. - starter Logging.basicconfig should not be called by 'import bokeh'. - Restore glyph/ - Never use empty dict/list as default argument. - starter Use absolute_import throughout. - bokehjs Bokeh should use a private jquery. - bokehjs Map config not used for it seems. - Check boxplot equation. - docs Fix grammar error. - bokehjs Ugly buttons when plotting inside notebook on firefox 36. - Load_notebook depends on which depends on flask. - charts Cannot seem to make x-values different than default in line. - build Fix dev fingerprint check on version. - bokehjs Spectrogram coffee needs recompile. - docs Typo in stock_applet docs for moving quantquote data. Features: - Use production quality server for bokeh-server. - starter Automatically fill masked arrays when encoding. - Preliminary work to get bokehjs working in node.js. - Feature/simpleapp. - bokehjs Ajax realtime improvements. - docs Visual hierarchy on autogenerated docs could be clearer. - Is there any reason why shouldn't take **kwargs?. - docs Userguide intro and interfaces. Tasks: - Collect implicit interfaces into a single module. - docs examples Bokeh-notebooks needs update to use the new plotting api. - Use _.isxxx(x) inste
0.8.125 Feb 2015 22:45 minor bugfix feature documenta: Fixed HoverTool. Fixed Abstract rendering implementationa and docs. Fixed chart gallery and docs. Removed leftovers from the old plotting API implementation. Some other minor docs fixes. bugfixes: Bokeh server crashing when reloading flask app. Make tooltips properly centered on data points. Fix charts gallery. Remove spurious curplot. Nameerror: name 'jsbuild' is not defined. Examples/plotting/file/ broken after 0.8 release. Tutorial gallery is broken. App_reveal fails importing old plotting stuff. Docs error in chart section. Bokeh glyph quick reference 404 . Spectrogram needs updating to use figure. `publishing` example from the `embed` directory fails. More broken doc links. Fix charts on userguide showing old functionality. Feature/fix ar zoom. features: Hosted server examples in the gallery. Image glyph method should have a default palette. tasks: Add a section about bokeh-scala/bokeh.jl/... to main documentation. Better error messages for blaze version mismatch. Release 0.8.0. Hot fixes for examples.
0.8.019 Feb 2015 03:25 documentation bugfix feature m: New and updated language bindings: R, JavaScript, Julia, Scala, and Lua now available Better bokeh-server experience: live gallery for server apps and examples! new "publish" mode Bokeh plots and apps docs and advice for real-world deployments Simpler and more easily extensible charts architecture, with new Horizon chart Dramatic build and documentation improvements: 100 complete reference guide full docs and BokehJS version deployed for every "dev" build and RC sphinx extensions for easy inline plots Shaded grid bands, configurable hover tool, and pan/zoom for categorical plots Improved and more robust crossfilter AjaxDataSource for clients to stream data without a Bokeh server bugfixes: 165 May need to dilate canvas 1px 766 Resize handle offset when there are axis labels 833 Screen units for x,y 1221 Call to `show` not displaying figure in ipython notebook 1286 Decouple show method in charts 1296 Map_from_screen broken 1305 `cd sphinx; make html` fails 1522 Tools "help button" issues 1578 Donut charts example not drawing annular lines 1584 Investigate serialization of alpha values 1702 Running bokeh-server in development environment under windows 1705 Reset doesn't reset box select 1709 Selection_update stack trace when doing pan/zoom/select ops 1717 Documentation: wrong title font property name in user guide 1721 Documentation: user guide describes unsupported axis locations 1723 Setting plot_ width,height doesn't work 1738 Reference guide formatting issues 1749 Datatable requires columndatasource to have an `index` field 1753 Make sure sys is available for sys.exit call on failure 1761 Importing bokeh breaks standard python if ipython also installed 1775 Using bokeh keyword in host url affect config.prefix value 1787 Autoload script examples out of date 1798 Use_prefix for include not functioning completely correctly 1809 Seems to be some curplot leftover in the codebase 1821 Bokeh ipython magic imports plotting.hold, but plotting.hold is dead 182
0.7.114 Jan 2015 06:05 bugfix documentation minor fea: Several bokeh.charts bug fixes and enhancements, such as configurable tools Docs improvements, in particular, documenting json for bokeh.models Mpl compatility improved, now returning the plot object A lot of encoding fixes, including fixes in some of our sample data Faster runs in TravisCI using the new docker-based containerized infrastructure New and improved examples, such as the Interactive Image Processing with Numba and Bokeh notebook bugfixes: 127 Implement proper caching headers and gzip on 167 It is possible to outrun the resize tool edit 236 Opening a notebook containing embed.js causes typeerror if bokeh-server was restarted 382 Hover tool pops up in odd places in the notebook 520 Let escape reset selections 593 Gridplot breaks layout / overlaps next input cell in ipython notbook 821 Need explicit synchronization for render loop 1265 Handontable rendering issue 1316 Examples/app/stock_applet does not work when embedded 1385 Server/ example failing on master 1397 Dropdown tool buttons don't have tooltips and dropdown menus broken 1409 Tests sometimes fail with `websockettimeoutexception` on travis-ci 1490 Scatter chart auto creates wrong x/y labels 1510 Hover tool behaviour with multiple renderers 1513 Update tutorial gallery to new api 1523 Gallery thumbs out of sync 1527 Dot chart segment badly renders in some use cases 1529 Donut chart is broken when called with dataframe inputs 1535 Obsolete returned value in plotting.figure documentation 1539 Debugjs setting was broken 1545 Grey9 very light with 0.7.0 1551 Donut chart is broken when called with iterables of non float values 1554 Mpl.to_bokeh should return a handle to the plot 1556 Travis ci failures 1592 Bokehjs unrecoverable errors in notebook 1601 still relies on global state 1605 Remove 0xa0 characters 1606 can get overridden in the notebook 1613 Corrected typo to fix issue #1612 1621 Charts behaviour when notebook=true and server argume
0.7.010 Dec 2014 16:45 bugfix hidden minor feature cl: IPython widgets and animations without a Bokeh server Touch UI working for tools on mobile devices Vastly improved linked data table More new bokeh.charts Color mappers on the python side Improved toolbar Many new tools: lasso, poly, and point selection, crosshair inspector bugfixes: 598 Hover tool doesn't work with gridplot 616 Less build doesn't properly detect changes 623 Issue with inverted ranges 704 Errow message in windows 798 Embedded notebook style problem 802 Toolbar hidden behind gridplot when wrapped 804 Spaces in file name causes problems when distributing via rdist on unix-like os 808 Cannot style minor ticks 827 Spectrogram app not working: missing 870 Need real solution for mpl plot clone problem 881 Changes script output needs manual intervention 919 Bokeh/examples/glyphs examples broken 926 Legends don't appear on a plot in the order they're given 927 Bad state on save 936 Remove google maps js from _page_base.html 972 Hover in plots stops working in angularjs upon navigation 983 Bar chart is not documented 1021 Running stock_app and slider_app fails on reload 1027 Bokeh 0.5 over 10x slower than 0.4.4 1055 Current install released js with devel build using pip but not with conda 1062 Cleaning some examples failures 1076 Mpl 1.4.0 is causing failures in test through the mplexporter 1192 `conda install bokeh` not installing pyzmq 1202 Gridplot renders new toolbar in a funky way 1245 Wheel zoom not working with chrome 1252 Tool order inconsistent across all examples 1267 Mapoptions json encoding problem 1271 Fix for axis types string comparision 1287 Sorting/selecting broken in ht example 1293 Plots with vertical toolbar have extra space above the plot 1295 Make selection geometry available to the python side 1298 Line_color=none not respected 1299 Multiple plots now stack horizontally 1300 Hover tool does not display 1303 Stocks app histograms do no update on selection 1306 Crossfilter filter does not work 1313 'help'
0.6.014 Sep 2014 00:08 major feature: Abstract Rendering recipes for large data sets: isocontour, heatmap, hdalpha. Improved, configurable tool bar for plots. Full Python 3 support for bokeh-server. Much expanded User Guide. Support for multiple axes. Plot object graph query interface. New charts in bokeh.charts: TimeSeries and Categorical HeatMap. Hit-testing for patch glyphs. Many bugfixes.