Booket 5

Booket is a browser-agnostic and portable bookmark manager with a focus on simplicity which runs entirely locally in the browser. Bookmarks can be loaded from and saved to a local file in a simple JSON-based file format. For interoperability with browsers' native bookmarks Booket can also import and export bookmarks in the Netscape file format. Bookmarks can be categorized with tags allowing them to be easily located later through the built-in tag filter and search function. Booket is implemented in HTML5, ECMAScript 5.1, SVG 1.1 and CSS3 and works in all major recent browsers except Internet Explorer, it can be placed and run from local storage or from a webserver.

Tags desktop www javascript web-environment cross-plattform end-users
License MITL
State stable

Recent Releases

517 Mar 2015 16:20 major feature: - Create new view for notifications - Add back the accidentally removed "input" event listener - Use expanders for action forms - Use custom expander instead of details element - Display keyboard shortcuts as an overly when pressing Alt