Simple BPG Image viewer 1.14

This program allows you to view BPG Images in Windows and Linux (format description: Features: * Large images are autoscaled to fit screen area Zoom In/Out * Cyclic view of all images in the same directory * Saving a copy of the opened file as a PNG file * Saving a copy of the opened file * Deleting the opened files * Rotating the view (rotated view can be saved as a PNG file) * In Windows (and Ubuntu Linux) you can open BPG files directly from explorer (installer creates file association) * DEB package for Ubuntu Linux * Embedded translations: Russian,English

Tags bpg image viewer python wxwidgets
License BSDL-2
State stable

Recent Releases

1.1431 Jan 2015 21:09 minor bugfix:
1.0.003 Jan 2015 06:13 minor feature: