Adobe Brackets 2.2.1

Brackets is a web-based IDE for HTML, CSS and JavaScript development. It provides a lean and toolbar-free UI, and uses context-specific inline tools. It provides live previews by directly hooking into the running browser, thus can show code updates immediately and without development interruption. It provides jQuery integration for plugins, Theseus for JS debugging, LESS, SCSS, Quick Edit and Docs, JSLint, and a multitude of plugins.

Tags javascript html editor ide web-based
License MITL
State stable

Recent Releases

2.2.106 Jul 2023 01:51 major feature:
1.14.224 Feb 2021 21:28 major feature: Brackets 1.14.2 is here! This release is targeted for Mac and Windows users only. Open File in external Applications: Brackets now offers support to open file of any arbitrary type with external applications. In User Preferences settings, you can associate a file extension to open with the default associated application or open with a specific application. Automatically associate Graphics file types to its OS default application: If an opened project folder has any graphics file of type: xd , jpg , jpeg , svg , ai , png , psd , then with user s consent Brackets will associate these graphics file types with its OS default associated application and record this under user preference settings under the category externalApplications .
1.009 Nov 2014 11:45 major feature: Configuring keyboard shortcuts: Customize your Brackets keyboard shortcuts via a JSON config file. See documentation for details. Collapse unwanted Quick Edit results: Quickly collapse results from a particular CSS, SCSS, or LESS file. For example, when using a preprocessor you can hide results from the compiled CSS file to focus on results in your original SCSS/LESS code. Code Hints Search: url() code hints for SCSS/LESS: Code hints for files/folders within your project, as seen in CSS files. Improved case-sensitivity in code hints and Quick Open: Code Hints and Quick Open prefer results where the capitalization matches what you typed. For example, in JavaScript code hints "function" is now ranked above "Function" when you type in all lowercase.. New "wordsOnly" setting for automatic word highlighting: See preferences documentation for how to use this setting. Improved performance when switching files. UI Appearance: Correct window sizing with auto-hide TaskBar on Windows. On OS X Yosemite (10.10), window 'traffic lights' use a flatter style. Dark theme refinements. Linux "Show in OS" reveals files in shell file browser (previously, in some cases the file would open in its default instead). Translation updates for: Brazilian Portuguese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Finnish, French, Galician, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Swedish.