Recent Releases

3.313 Apr 2023 16:57 minor bugfix: Fallback to default libs if pkg-config is misconfigured. Remove explicit stripping during installation. atc: clip planes at right edge instead of wrapping. atc: fix heading shown as -1. Workaround nonstandard endian.h location on MacOS.
3.225 Mar 2022 03:16 minor feature: 2022-03-24 Release 3.2 Restore arithmetic. Improve cribbage AI. atc circling behavior.
3.119 Dec 2020 03:16 minor feature: Restore trek as spirhunt, with snazzy new UI. Read XDG_DATA_HOME instead of hardcording /.local/share. Fish: rename to gofish due to conflict with fish shell. Atc: space now wastes time; scenario loading. Cribbage: scoring and display errors.
3.001 Jul 2020 00:26 cleanup: Comprehensive code overhaul for maintainability. Automatic build system with standard configure. Packaging friendly options support, such as DESTDIR. UI made more attractive for all games. No SGID executables; now using users-writable scorefiles. Saved games go to XDG standard location /.local/share . All datafiles merged into executables. Warning-free compilation with gcc 10 and clang 10. Removed unmaintained junk and clutter.