Recent Releases

5.109 Sep 2015 15:45 minor feature: What's new? 1. Added new Rating feature. Now you are able to add your rate into proxies. 2. Fixed donate url 3. Fixed defect with changing page size 4. Added min size for ResizeControl
5.026 May 2015 14:45 minor feature: What's new? 1. Fixed second defect related to application crash during search which happened insde of built-in GeoIP.
4.905 May 2015 16:45 minor feature: What's new? 1. Added tasks queue which allows to avoid tasks storm. You may change limit in settings of Proxy Searcher. Currently 100 checking tasks may be executed simultaneously. 2. Main window location and size saves when application closes and restores on the next application start. 3. Fixed defect related to application crush during search.
4.816 Mar 2015 03:16 minor feature: This version uses newest MaxMind Lite GEO IP database What's new? 1. Built-in GEO IP database was refreshed. 2. Added country localization for DE and RU languages.
4.711 Jan 2015 05:45 minor feature: This version covers translation into German language What's new? 1. Proxy Searcher is available on German language now. 2. Added localization into Download New Version form.
4.621 Dec 2014 03:15 minor feature: This version covers minor bug fixing. What's new? 1. Fixed NullReferenceException related to unset socks proxy for Firefox. 2. Improved error logging: canceled requests for proxy change aren't errors anymore.
4.301 Dec 2014 03:15 minor feature: That release mainly covers core refactoring. What's new? 1. Core was refactored, Now it's quite simple to reuse binaries for proxy searching in your own program. 2. Proxy Searcher takes into account only one IP address of proxy (without port). Such filtering allows to get rid of similar proxy servers.
4.227 Nov 2014 03:15 minor feature: That release fixes defects without adding new features. What's new? 1. Fixed detection of Anonymous proxy.
4.124 Nov 2014 02:05 minor bugfix: Fixed defect related to country detection, in case of big concurrency country was detected wrong. InternetExplorer proxy client throws NullReferenceException. Tracking code was added in order to understand what's going there. Fixed defect related to determining socks proxy type which was introduced in previous release.