Recent Releases

7.0-alpha.216 Sep 2022 21:31 major feature: Sprite sheet editor. Components for simple geometric primitives (TCastleBox, TCastleSphere, TCastlePlane, TCastleCone, TCastleCylinder), text (TCastleText), image in a viewport (TCastleImageTransform), reference the same transformation multiple times (TCastleTransformReference). Components to configure fonts: TCastleBitmapFont, TCastleFontFamily, TCastleFont. New sound components: TCastleSound and TCastleSoundSource. New light components: TCastlePointLight, TCastleDirectionalLight, TCastleSpotLight. Design backgrounds: TCastleBackground component. Design fog: TCastleFog component. New camera and navigation handling. Components to visualize terrains (TCastleTerrain) and generate terrain data from smooth noise (TCastleTerrainNoise) or image (TCastleTerrainImage) or a combination of them (TCastleTerrainCombine). Ready files with documentation to use engine with GitHub Actions, GitLab CI, Jenkins. Delphi support. Build Debian packages for your projects. glTF improvements. Integration with Vampyre Imaging Library for most of our image formats. Upgrades to KTX image handling. Lots of Android building improvements. macOS improvements: Cocoa backend in TCastleWindow.
7.0-alpha.109 Feb 2021 20:06 major feature: Pre-release of Castle Game Engine 7.0. CGE editor. glTF 2.0 full support and realistic rendering upgrades. Nintendo Switch. Better API for viewports and cameras in TCastleViewport. Third-person navigation (with avatar). TCastleDownload class, to make asynchronous (non-blocking) downloading. Load sprite sheets and images to TCastleScene. Big user interface classes improvements. Easy serialization of components as JSON. CastleSettings.xml file support. castle-data:/ protocol. TCastleBehavior to enhance TCastleTransform functionality like TCastleBillboard or TCastleSoundSource. Many optimizations and profiling features. New screen effects API. Easy mirrors on flat surfaces. Localization. Animation blending improvements. Many new notable examples. Android support for Arm64, many new services, upgrades to build infrastructure. iOS vibrations, GPU compression, IPA building, new services. Physics detecting collisions, settings and triggers. Sound backends, FMOD backend, LoopingChannel, sound streaming.
6.427 Jan 2018 06:41 major feature: Rigid-body physics using Kraft Physics Engine. New services iOS games: Apple Game Center, in-app purchases, analytics (Google Analytics, Game Analytics), Facebook SDK and sharing photos. Terrain generation API upgraded, terrain demo improved. Shader pipeline rendering code improved, to completely unify mobile (OpenGLES) and desktop (OpenGL) shaders this means that both desktop and mobile can do Gouraud or Phong shading, and mobile renderer can use bump mapping, steep parallax bump mapping, specular maps, and other advanced material features from CommonSurfaceShader. Also, the desktop rendering uses now shader pipeline by default. New TCastleTransform class, to transform scenes (TCastleScene instances) in a comfortable way. New modern API for vectors and matrices. Support Dragon Bones for creating animated 2D models. Support https protocol. Support KTX texture format. Using Delphi-compatible Generics.Collections containers throughout the engine. Camera API simplifications. Drawing ellipses, rectangles lines on TCastleImage. Improved FPS API and documentation. Base units are now compatible with Delphi.
6.219 Jun 2017 03:12 major feature: Trivially easy recompilation for iOS (through an XCode project). CommonSurfaceShader is our new "material on steroids" that allows to configure material by normalmaps, specular maps, shininess maps, ambient maps... Improved Blender exporter. Other build tool improvements, for all platforms. Other API and examples improvements: TSound.Offset, Sound/music player in examples/audio/audio_player_scrubber, STL format support, ray-tracer now supports textures and smooth normals, TCastleEdit.
6.0.222 Mar 2017 02:36 major bugfix: New features: sprite-sheet-to-x3d tool calculates the animations duration looking at the number of animation frames, influenced by the --fps= command-line option. New test_local_characters testcase. LoadAnimatedGifs to load GIFs. Better API around TextureProperties X3D node. Automatic gzip extension recognition for URLReadXML / URLWriteXML. Unix manpages for utilities. Bufixes: OpenGLES (mobile) fixes for Color and ColorRGBA nodes handling. Removed the proprietary Chartboost and Heyzap jar files from the distribution (packaged by accident). Fix reading X3D files with IMPORT.
6.018 Feb 2017 22:22 major feature: New user interface features: auto-scaling, parents, anchors, many new components and properties. New build tool features: automatic generation and usage of GPU-compressed and downscaled textures. Ability to compile with --mode=valgrind, to easily profile speed and/or memory usage with Valgrind. A large number of "Android package components", that provide an integration with various 3rd party Android libraries on Android (Google Play Games, In-app Purchases, sound libraries, ad networks, analytics, vibrations...). New castle-anim-frames format, with a Blender exporter, to export *any* animations from Blender to our engine.
5.2.005 Jul 2015 13:31 major feature: GPU texture memory profiler added. Various improvements around the texture GPU compression. New font rendering features: scale, outline, print in rectangle. TUIState to implement simple UI mode switching (with possible stack) in your games. New option android_project in our build tool to support custom Java and manifest code, to integrate with Google Games, biling, ads, analytics and anything else you want. Clean API to get/set X3D fields. Built-in handling of PNG format. Logging improvements on Windows GUI applications.
5.1.213 Jan 2015 23:41 minor feature: New useful events for developers added to the TCastleControl component. Possibility to make the exe smaller by avoiding embedding all font variations. Various testsuite fixes and improvements. Improved CastleCurves API, and also mark most of it as deprecated. Many improvements to the tutorial (the beginning gets you much quicker to a working 3D game), and new tutorial chapter "Adding a simple moving object". Website redesigned using HTML5 and Bootstrap with Disqus comment system.
5.1.130 Dec 2014 22:45 major feature: Spine 2D animations support. Build tool to easily compile and package games created by the engine. X3D Text node reimplemented. International text in UTF-8 supported. Many improvements for 2D games. New X3D extensions: NavigationInfo.blendingSort, CubicBezierXxx interpolators, TextureProperties.guiTexture, X3DSequencerNode.forceContinousValue_Changed. High-quality image scaling.