CDE - Common Desktop Environment 2.5.1

The Common Desktop Environment (CDE) was an X11/Motif desktop environment developed by IBM, HP, Sun, Fujitsu and Hitachi for UNIX. It was also commercialized for Linux. CDE has become Open Source in 2012. It comprises file manager, text editor, terminal emulator, agenda, email client and extensive help. An extension of the Korn Shell can be used to write graphical applications. Compared with KDE or GNOME, it uses very little memory and CPU power, making it appropriate for old or low-powered (ARM) machines.

Tags desktop x11 motif unix
License GNU LGPL
State stable

Recent Releases

2.5.128 Jan 2023 10:09 minor feature: 2.5.0 introduced autotools for the build system as replacement for Imake, added PAM support on Linux and FreeBSD and improved support of Fullscreen applications. 2.5.1 is a maintenance release fixing up a few issues with 2.5.0 mainly related with international fonts in Xm/Xaw software.
2.4.003 Jul 2021 14:00 major feature: This release adds support (and converts) to UTF-8 encoding for all message catalogs.
2.3.217 May 2020 18:27 security: fix for CERT CVE-2020-2692
2.2.404 Dec 2016 15:52 minor feature: Compatibility patches for BSD systems.