CentOS 7.0

CentOS is an enterprise Linux distribution based on the sources from Red Hat Enterprise Linux. CentOS conforms with Red Hat's redistribution policy and aims to be 100% binary compatible. Each CentOS version is supported for 10 years (by means of security updates). A new CentOS version is released every 2 years and each CentOS version is regularly updated (every 6 months) to support newer hardware.

Tags operating-system linux-distribution linux
License GNU GPL
State stable

Recent Releases

7.007 Jul 2014 18:25 major feature: Enhanced application development, delivery, portability and isolation through Linux Containers, including Docker, across physical, virtual, and cloud deployments as well as development, test and production environments. Significant file system improvements, including XFS as the default file system, scaling to 500 TB. Cross-realm trust to easily enable secure access for Microsoft Active Directory users across Microsoft Windows and CentOS Linux domains, providing the flexibility for CentOS Linux to co-exist within heterogeneous datacenters. Powerful and secure application runtimes and development, delivery and troubleshooting tools, integrated into the platform and container-ready.