Ceylon 1.1.0

Ceylon is a programming language that eases collaboration on large codebases. It provides strong static typing, union and intersection types, tuple and enumeration types, inference and flow-sensitive typing without ambiguity, higher order functions, mixins, a highly regular and readabality-oriented syntax with elegant syntactic sugar, comprehensions and tree-like structuring. It runs on Java and JavaScript VMs, while the SDK and compilation toolchain can provide insightful errors. Besides a rich command-line toolset it comes with Ceylon IDE, an Eclipse-based development environment, and a repository-based module system.

Tags java javascript ceylon nodejs programming-language ide
License GNU GPL
State stable

Recent Releases

1.1.010 Oct 2014 05:50 major feature: Around 1400 bug fixes. Performance enhancements, especially to compilation times in the IDE. Even smoother interoperation with Java overloading and Java generics. Out of the box support for deployment of Ceylon modules on OSGi containers. Enhancements to the Ceylon SDK, including the new platform modules ceylon.promise, ceylon.locale, and ceylon.logging, along with many improvements to ceylon.language, ceylon.collection, and ceylon.test. Many new features and improvements in Ceylon IDE, including ceylon.formatter, a high-quality code formatter written in Ceylon. Support for command line tool plugins, including the new ceylon format and ceylon build plugins, and integration with vert.x.