clojure2minizinc 0.2.0

clojure2minizinc provides an interface between state-of-the-art constraint solvers (via MiniZinc) and a very high-level programming language with excellent abstraction capabilities, Clojure. The clojure2minizinc user models in Clojure constraint satisfaction or optimisation problems over Boolean, integer, real number, and/or set variables. clojure2minizinc translates them into MiniZinc, they are solved in the background by a compatible solver, and the result is read back into Clojure. clojure2minizinc code can be very similar to the corresponding MiniZinc code, but in addition the full power of Clojure is at hand.

Tags developers darwin macos windows unix clojure code-generator artificial-intelligence mathematics
License GNU GPL
State beta

Recent Releases

0.2.030 Sep 2014 19:33 major feature: Version 0.2.0 adds all of MiniZinc's global constraints, list and set comprehension, and greatly improves the reference documentation.
0.1.001 Sep 2014 21:49 hidden: n/a - initial release