Recent Releases

3.7.1011 Jun 2019 03:45 minor feature: Project inspector: Reset the file filter when another project gets focused. Symbol list: Reset the symbol filter when another file gets focused. Search Replace: Propose to restart from the beginning/end when the action FindNext fails. ENTER didn't work anymore when editing non D files. DUB projects: Attempt to fetch DUB dependencies even if they are directly in the description. DUB project editor: SemVer error when adding a DUB dependency and if the autoFetch IDE option is activated. Darwin: compilation broken. Search Replace, Messages: Results of the Find All action were not clickable for a C/C++ source. Search Replace: Multi lines regexes didn't work. Search Replace: Set focus on the document when the FindNext succeeds, to avoid little annoyances. Setup program, linux: After a fresh install with sudo the data folder ( /.config/dexed) was owned by root, preventing the settings to be saved. SymStrings, custom tools: The symbols present in the parameters of a custom tool were not expanded if the option included queryParameters and when passing passing no additional parameters in the input query form. Todo list: the list appeared empty if the content of an item ended with a single quote character.
3.7.905 Apr 2019 17:45 minor feature: Search Replace: Added Selection as search scope. Also works to replace. Application, async processes: Depending on some D code, the process that compiles a runnable never returned. Application, Docking: Error message at startup about a loop while invalidating...also caused slower startup. (#451 ?). Application, update check: Update check and other features based on web resources were affected by the lack of support for SSL 1.1 in some internal components. Dexed projects: Possible missing directory separator when the extraSources are expanded. Libman, Windows: Possible freeze at startup when the libman contained a library with too much sources, which possibly causes too big command lines under Windows. Symbol list: False positive syntax errors when the source contained a type or an alias with type list slicing.
3.7.819 Feb 2019 15:05 minor feature: Dexed project format: paths or filenames relatives to the project location were not expanded correctly anymore. Custom tools: Added the autoExecuteEvents property, which can be used to define events for which a tool is automatically executed. For now project and document focused/closing are available. DUB projects: Mitigate possible problems when DUB fails to convert SDL to JSON. For now this is only a workaround for #448. Editor: Wrong auto indentation at level 0, wrong indentation after token strings (#444, #450). Tools: The versions of D-Scanner and DCD that are distributed with dexed are now built using LDC.
3.7.711 Feb 2019 22:05 minor feature: GDB Commander, Linux: Added the hideCpuView option. Editor: Two more cases where auto indent was not working correctly. Editor pages: Click on tab to select a doc doesn't put the focus on the doc. indirectly by new Lazarus version. Docking: Page positions were not restored. indirectly by new Lazarus version. Runnable modules: After using Run file unittest the coverage file optionally generated was not found anymore.
3.7.607 Feb 2019 06:45 minor feature: Application: Slow startup due to the library manager. DUB projects: A new project action allows to set some environment variables that will be passed to DUB before compiling, running or testing. Note that however this feature might not work properly until a DUB, see in the xrefs in the matching. GDB Commander, DUB projects: The target kind could be wrong when both specified as a global property and as a configuration-specific property. One consequence was that GDB commander could indicate that the target was not an executable while it was one. Options, Shortcuts: The filter was not working as expected, now the name of the action is filtered as well.
3.7.503 Feb 2019 07:25 minor feature: Application, Processes: Added a new setting, autoKillProcThreshold, it defines the size in bytes, over which a process is killed if its output stream is larger. This is useful for example in a writeln-style deing session and when the process falls in an infinite loop. The feature is deactivated when the setting is set to 0. Editor: Fine tweaks to the brace auto closing feature. See #426 for details. Editor: The brace auto closing modes that are not based on the lexems are now deprecated. It will required to run this release or the next at least once so that the settings get automatically converted. Runnables, Win64: On a fresh setup runnables modules are always compiles with -m64. Documentation: The links to the icons were broken. Editor: Built-in lexer added an invalid token for a line comment located at EOF, causing possible problems to the features based on the tokens. Todo list: Regressed again, like #412. Terminal, Linux: The default shortcut to copy, CTRL+C, prevented to kill programs. Only in fresh installation otherwise this must be changed in the option editor.
3.7.426 Jan 2019 18:25 minor feature: Todo list: Clicking on an item didn't put the cursor at the right position. Search Replace: typing ENTER has for effect to trigger the search, just like the default F3 shortcut. Terminal, Linux: added an option allowing to assign the copy and paste shortcuts, in addition to CTRL+INS and CTRL+SHIFT+INS. Editor: Still a few flaws to "auto closing pairs".
3.7.322 Jan 2019 09:25 minor feature: DEXED projects: Added a versionFile property. It indicates the name of a file that contains the content used to set the version property. The file name can be relative to the project root or absolute. DUB projects: Dexed will store a meta data file in the.dub folder, allowing to reload the last configuration and buildType. This only works when the DUB project is not part of a group, since project groups already included this settings. Application, Processes: The standard output and error streams could be interleaved when copied to the IDE messages. Editor: Inconsistencies with the auto completion menu. After pressing backspace, the content of the list did not fully reflect the possibilities. Editor: "Pair auto closing" didn't work as expected. Todo list: Empty (but should not) after opening a file owned by the project for the first time.
3.7.219 Jan 2019 03:17 minor feature: Custom Tools: The exit status was not indicated when the tool exited with 0. It was not not possible to determinate if a tool hasdcorrectly returned or if it felt in an infinite loop for example. GDB commander: Added option allowing to individually enable the default breakpoints, such as the one used to automatically break when an exception is thrown. Runnable modules: The build duration is also measured and in general build duration is more accurate. Application: When a file that was neither a DUB projects nor a d sources was dropped onto hte editor, it was tried as a native dexed project and its extension upgraded to.dprj, even if it was not a native dexed project. Projects: Crash when trying to reload a native dexed project not yet renamed to *.dprj. DFMT commander: It didn't work anymore due to a recent bulk renaming using sed. Editor: Possible range violation when allowing cursor past EOL. Editor: The calltips windows could hide the completion menu. Editor: Possible freeze or error message when the completion menu is empty, e.g after backspace. The zips containing the installer or the binaries come with the development version of DCD, which includes many interesting enhancement comparing to the latest release.
3.7.003 Jan 2019 06:45 minor feature: DUB projects: The Test project command doesn't require anymore to select manually the unittest config, thanks to a new option, autoSelectTestConfig, activated by default. To get the old behavior uncheck this option. Projects, action "verify with dscanner": If the dscanner ini file exists in the project root directory then it used. Dexed Projects and groups: They must have respectively the.dprj and.dgrp extensions. Manual update is necessary in the folder where settings are stored (MRU, libman entries) and in the projects folders. Docking: when positions of tabs for tabbed widgets was set to something else than "top", the setting was not restored in the next session. DUB project editor: The property editor remained disabled when creating a DUB project and if previously focused project was a SDL one. Editor: Calltips displayed after typing a colon didn't skip nested calls that were complete. Mini Explorer: Its filter didn't work anymore when selected folder is not at level 0. Mini Explorer, Terminal, Linux: The arrow back icon had no effect when the terminal option that has for effect to follow the explorer was activated. Project inspector: Folders were not displayed in group, which was sub standard. Project inspector: Context menu item "Open file in editor" didn't work anymore when files were displayed as a tree instead of a list. Projects: a case where sources could be opened twice. Terminal, Linux: partial command had for effect to cancel the automatic cd when the widget was set to observe the projects, the documents, or the explorer. From this version only Lazarus 2 can build Dexed and older versions can only be build with Lazarus 1.8.4. From this version, under windows the binaries distributes here are 100 64 bits. Backup your settings before starting this new version (because of #374 and #388).
3.6.2123 Oct 2018 07:05 minor feature: Editor: update completions when deleting and if its menu is active. Editor: The call tips window, when already shown, stacked the same hint after each comma.
3.6.2008 Oct 2018 10:05 minor feature: GDB commander, Linux: Adding and deleting breakpoints was not supported anymore when using most recent GDB versions. The problem seems to have appeared from GDB 8.1.x but the is backward compatible with olders (7.x). Symlist: Also show invariants. Terminal, Linux: Added an option allowing to follow the path selected in the mini-explorer widget. Terminal, Linux: The terminal frame, as hosted in its widget, blinked each time a popup got, which was annoying when using the completion menu much. Mini explorer: File list was supposed to be always sorted since 3618258 (3.6.16), but this didn't work at all.
3.6.1914 Aug 2018 05:45 minor feature: Editor: Stacking of call tips didn't work correctly anymore. Editor: Completion didn't work for projects that were in a group. Editor: Auto insertion of leading + or in ddoc comments failed for the first line following / or /++. Skipping auto insertion was already manual (CTRL + ENTER) since some unsolvable ambiguous cases exist when trying to determine if the style of a current comment doesn't use the leading chars. Projects: Access violation after refreshing manually the list of git branches. Projects: Error displayed after opening a project that's not a also a git repository. DCD, D-Scanner (as provided in the zip files) and DastWorx are all updated to work with the new expression based contract syntax (aka DIP 1009).
3.6.1824 Jul 2018 21:00 minor bugfix: Enhancements Symbol list: Support for DIP 1009 (new expression-based contracts) Regressions fixed Project inspector: Toolbars buttons hidden by the tree filter. Bugs fixed Messages: Excessively long messages could freeze the application. (#351) Projects, Dub: Opening projects with dependencies leaded to leak one or many instances of DUB and GIT (i.e zombie processes). Other Editor: Removed the static macros. (#349) Setup programs and zipped binaries come with DCD 0.9.10 and D-Scanner 0.5.8.