Colums Cut 3.1

Unix 'cut' variant that supports multiple delimiters, 'runs' of a delimiter, string delimiters, fields output in any specified order, changing the delimiter for output, honoring quotes and quoted characters, stripping quotes off output fields, setting shell variables from cut fields, utf8 input and NULL terminated lines. Does NOT support 16-bit wide chars.

Tags coreutils text cut
License GNU GPLv3
State mature

Recent Releases

3.116 Nov 2020 10:21 major bugfix: Fixes for issues with the -s and --complement options
2.1122 Feb 2018 20:02 major bugfix: This release fixes lots of edge-case bugs found by ccut now outputs empty fields if you ask for a field that doesn't exist in input.
2.704 Jan 2018 12:32 major feature: This release allows use of a string delimiter (rather than a character) and utf-8 input.
2.411 Dec 2016 13:38 minor bugfix: though -b and -c options are equivalent, -b was working, but -c was being ignored. -c now works too.
2.310 Dec 2016 18:11 major feature: bugfixes for edgecases involving delimiters and the last field on either input or output. Added -V option that allows specifying a list of variable names. When -V is used, ccut prints out a shell command to set shell variables to the values of cut fields. This can be used in conjunction with the 'eval' command to, for example, set shell variables to particular fields in a line from a .csv file.
2.025 Apr 2016 17:36 major feature: This is the initial release