CompreFace 0.5.0

CompreFace is a free and open-source face detection and recognition GitHub project. Essentially, it is a docker-based application that can be used as a standalone server or deployed in the cloud. You don’t need prior machine learning skills to set up and use CompreFace. CompreFace provides REST API for face recognition, face verification, face detection, landmark detection, age, and gender recognition. The solution also features a role management system that allows you to easily control who has access to your Face Recognition Services. CompreFace is delivered as a docker-compose config and supports different models that work on CPU and GPU. Our solution is based on state-of-the-art methods and libraries like FaceNet and InsightFace.

Tags artificial-intelligence image-recognition software-development face-detection machine-learning facial-recognition face-verification docker
License Apache
State prerelease

Recent Releases

0.5.007 May 2021 14:52 major feature: 1. New services. We added face detection and face verification services to cover more business cases. 2. Face plugins. Enjoy age and gender recognition features and receive face landmarks and calculated features. 3. Added scalability. Scale your face recognition system on a dozen servers to increase your system throughput. 4. Clone face recognition service. Duplicate your face recognition collection and test new data on it. Your application won t be affected! 5. Update user info and password. We provided a better user experience by adding the ability to update user s profiles. 6. Support of Insightface face recognition models. Insightface is a state-of-the-art library with a variety of models for different devices and cases. 7. GPU support. Use all power of your GPU accelerator to enjoy the increased speed of the system.
0.4.121 Feb 2021 14:51 major feature: Fixes * Added header and footer to demo page * Test and Demo pages supports more then one face on the image * More friendly error message when session is expired * More friendly error message when user uploads incorrect image * Better autocomplete support * Lots of fixes for roles and permissions system