Recent Releases

6.4.021 Jan 2023 11:15 minor feature: Added Items in menu can be additionally filtered using the item notes (#2170). Items can be sorted with a custom order via scripting. For example: var sel = ItemSelection().selectAll(); const texts = sel.itemsFormat(mimeText); sel.sort(function(i,j) return texts i texts j ; ); Changed More shortcuts and even sequences of shortcuts can be now captured and assigned. This uses new QKeySequenceEdit UI widget from Qt framework. UI uses the preferred sans-serif system font in the dark theme. Fixed Fixes copying items in order they were selected (#2124). Fixes re-selecting the edited item after external editor closes. Fixes menu theme (#2139). Avoids duplicating items from clipboard in synchronized tabs (#2236). macOS: Fixes compatibility with macOS 10.15 (#2103). Linux: Fixes synchronizing UTF-encoded text to/from primary selection (#2195) Wayland: Avoids showing window after a screen is turned on. Wayland: Avoids a rare crash while accessing clipboard data. Wayland: Fixes pasting to some XWayland apps (#2234) X11: Avoids app freeze when entering search mode (#2171). X11: Fixes capturing quickly changing clipboard text (ignores unchanged TIMESTAMP).