Recent Releases

2.523 Feb 2024 19:45 minor feature: Deal with race condition where we wait for child process to exit before we've sent it SIGTERM, causing a hung process. Add --enable-fortify --enable-stack-protect and --enable-harden to./configure.
2.424 Jan 2024 03:15 minor bugfix: Long-standing with xterm query responses coming back from terminal. Set pty of crayonized command to be the controlling tty. Upgrade to libUseful-5. Support compiling against installed libuseful instead of bundled. Don't clobber installed /etc/crayonizer.d files when 'make install'.
2.127 Oct 2018 21:18 major feature: Command-lines can now be rewritten, allowing for example, the adding of '-p', '-i' and '-j' options to sftp. Some significant bugfixes for xterm features.
1.010 Sep 2016 23:13 major feature: A lot of new features. Keypress translation, lots of xterm controls, function calls, timers, types of 'statusbar' at the bottom of the screen including info-bars, querybars, and select-bars.