CSV/Excel Utility Package for Java 3.0.0

The CSV/Excel Utility Package allows to easily integrate CSV and Excel functionality into a Java application, just by using Iterator-like classes for reading, and PrintStream-like classes for writing. The CSV tools can be configured to use different column delimiter and separator characters in case they need to be adopted to some other versions of CSV. The default configuration conforms to the Excel style of CSV.

Tags java cross-platform java-library csv excel developers
License GNU LGPLv3
State stable

Recent Releases

3.0.008 Apr 2020 05:45 major release: (see https://techblog.ralph-schuster.eu/csv-utility-package-for-java/
2.7.118 Aug 2014 17:35 minor bugfix: Version 2.7.1 fixes many issues revealed by static code analysis.