Recent Releases

2.7.006 Oct 2015 06:05 major feature: Add Sticker-Set support. All messages stored encrypted on the database now. Encrypted authentication file. KWallet support (under kde). Add supports for different font for different languages. Add apple-emojis (twitter emojis is default). Add an option to send messages using Ctrl+Enter. Many improvement on UserInterface. Show username in the user info panel. Media caption message support. Many improvement on OSX version. Native titlebar on the OSX Yosemite and El-capitan (experimental). Add OSX fullscreen support (Normal titlebar only). Update Cutegram icon. Update translations. Add new demos on TelegramQml repository for developers. Many other improvements and.
2.5.009 Jul 2015 09:05 bugfix: New file handler system + many improvement. Auto Start is also available on Mac and Windows. Emoji support on Dialog list and Chat headers. Show Emoji-panel on mouse hover. For Developers: Split cutegram to Cutegram and TelegramQML library. Many other improvements and Bugfixes.
2.4.010 Jun 2015 03:15 minor feature: Improvement on Stickers. Reply Support. Special Background and Header back for chats. Many improvement on Windows and Mac. Animated Dialog and Messages list. Multi Account support. Auto convert smiley keys to Emojis. Better smooth scroll. Taskbar progress bar and Unread badge counter on Linux and Windows. Update translations. Add custom dcId and IP address to command line options. Many other improvement and Bugfixes.
2.3.024 May 2015 03:15 bugfix: Sticker recieving support. Sticker sending support (experimental). Windows version move out from experimental state. Many improvement on Windows version look and ui. New notification and UI styles on windows 8. Many improvement on smooth scroll. API Layer 23 support. Many other bugfix and improvements.
2.2.117 May 2015 03:15 bugfix: Smooth Scroll. * System tray icon color on configure page. * Update translations. * Many bugfixes and improvements.
2.2.010 May 2015 00:25 major feature: Link preview (disabled on trusty, because of some problems). Audio Recorder. Audio Player. Focus on User messages using click on their messages. New messages separator. Mention and Hashtag support. Add new contact dialog on contact list. Better scroll bars. An option to disable badges. Update and Add new translations. Improvement on Secret chat. Non-contact chat bugfix. Many other improvements and bugfixes.