Recent Releases

0.11.328 Mar 2016 12:40 minor bugfix: Fixes missing links in PDF export, non-native line endings, relative paths in recent files menu and more
0.11.201 Jan 2016 18:54 minor bugfix: Adds Hungarian translation, fixes problem mermaid styling in preview and the editor pane jumping up and down.
0.11.106 Jul 2015 11:23 minor bugfix: Updates French translation, fixes problem with the new custom shortcuts feature and the spell check highlighting.
0.11.026 Apr 2015 17:11 major feature: The 0.11.0 release offers support to create flowchart and sequence diagrams using mermaid. The snippet completer was extended to also auto complete words from the document. Key shortcuts can be changed. In presentation mode the current slide is synchronized between editor and preview.
0.10.207 Mar 2015 23:49 minor bugfix: This release adds Indonesian and Danish translations. It also fixes a copy paste bug on Windows and build problems on Linux if Qt4 and Qt5 are both installed.