Cygnal is an ABI-compatible fork of the Cygwin DLL. The idea is that you can develop an executable application using the Cygwin environment, and then deploy that executable as a stand-alone application, bundled with the Cygnal version of the Cygwin DLL. This patched DLL provides "native" behaviors in key areas such as path handling. Cygnal retains all of the POSIX pedigree of Cygwin, making only minimal changes to satisfy its goals.

Tags cygwin
License GNU LGPLv3
State beta

Recent Releases Nov 2017 15:30 major feature: Four new issues (14 through 17) identified and fixed. Changes forward-ported (rebased) to Cygwin 2.9.0 baseline. is a pre-release step before Cygnal 2.9.0.
2.5.203 Aug 2016 16:59 major feature: Two new issues (12 and 13) identified in the beta were identified and fixed: a remaining VT100 end-of-line cursor position problem, and a serious problem with the behavior of the Windows console when Cygwin's VT100 emulation logic performs a clear screen. Jul 2016 05:22 major feature: Four new issues (8-11) have been identified and fixed since the alpha release. C stdio text streams now use Windows line endings. A hack has been implemented such that when programs try to exec or spawn /bin/sh -c , this is transformed to cmd.exe -c . The symlink function now creates Windows shell shortcuts. Cygnal parses options from the CYGNAL environment variable now, rather than CYGWIN. Jul 2016 05:56 major feature: This is the first release of Cygnal, since each one of its initial set of goals has been addressed in some way.