DocFetcher 1.1.25

DocFetcher is an Open Source desktop search application: It allows you to search the contents of files on your computer. — You can think of it as Google for your local files. The application runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X, and is made available under the Eclipse Public License.

Tags desktop search indexing
License EPL
State stable

Recent Releases

1.1.2525 May 2021 20:39 major bugfix: Major bugfix: The highlighting in the preview pane was broken. This was a side effect of the recently added line numbers feature. For each line of text in the preview pane, DocFetcher would only highlight the first match in the line, not any subsequent matches.
1.1.2410 May 2021 19:51 major bugfix: Emergency bugfix: Index saving was broken because one of the index files was not properly written to disk. As a result, the program would later fail to load newly created indexes and warn about index incompatibility.
1.1.2308 May 2021 08:20 major bugfix: Fixed various bugs, including major startup issues on Windows and macOS. New feature: The preview pane now displays line numbers for plain text file formats, such as source code.
1.1.1910 Jan 2017 16:40 minor bugfix: Numerous bugs were fixed, including a number of indexing crashes and the Windows installer being unable to detect installed 64-bit Java runtimes.
1.1.1826 Jul 2016 06:31 minor feature: This release comes with index naming and improved OpenOffice/LibreOffice indexing and preview. In addition, numerous bugs have been fixed.
1.1.1711 Feb 2016 23:43 minor bugfix: The support for CHM and MP3 was improved, and various indexing-related crashes were fixed.
1.1.1606 Sep 2015 22:13 minor bugfix: A few indexing-related crashes were fixed.
1.1.1527 Aug 2015 20:20 minor bugfix: This release fixes some encoding issues, indexing crashes and Linux-related GUI problems.
1.1.1417 Feb 2015 22:32 major bugfix: This release fixes major EPUB-related issues as well as a few other bugs.
1.1.1315 Jan 2015 00:10 major bugfix: This release adds support for PDF annotations and fixes numerous indexing-related crashes.
1.1.1225 Sep 2014 00:02 minor bugfix: This release fixes some bugs related to the indexing of MS Office and Outlook files. Also, a setting for following NTFS junctions and symlinks during indexing and a setting for disabling the writing of the program settings to disk have been added.