Doxide 0.0.2

Doxide generates documentation for C++ source code. It is configured with YAML, generates Markdown, and publishes HTML. Entities in the source code are documented with special /** comments */ containing @commands, as with the classic tool Doxygen. The source code is parsed and documentation processed into Markdown then HTML. Doxide aims at online documentation with a modern look and responsive design for desktop and mobile devices. Doxide is open source software written in C++. It depends on libyaml to parse YAML configuration files and Tree-sitter to parse source code. By generating Markdown, it opens a whole wide world of static site generation tools and themes for presentation. There is particular support for MkDocs and the Material for MkDocs theme. A little extra effort enables alternatives such as Jekyll and Hugo. Other formats such as PDF are possible too, via Pandoc.

Tags documentation
License Apache
State beta

Recent Releases

0.0.218 Jun 2023 05:52 minor feature: Fixes for handling of complex template code.