Recent Releases

0.6.024 Sep 2019 15:59 minor feature: Features Allow systray customization with themes. Use "flameshot-tray" as the name of the icon. Unification of the desktop file with actions. Notification when screenshots are saved in the clipboard. Use datetime as default name for pics. Undo/Redo with Ctrl+z and Ctrl+Shift+z. Add "Take Screenshot" option as menu item in the systray. Add Side-Panel (open it with Space). Add autostart to config flags. Add Pin tool. Filename: replace colons with dashes. Add Text tool. Delete Imgur image button after uploading it from the preview window. Capture single screen: flameshot screen (capture the screen containing the mouse) and flameshot screen -n 1 (capture the first screen). Store settings colors in hexadecimal format. Fixes flameshot full -c shouldn't block the desktop. Now you can overwrite exported configuration with the same name as a previous exports. Fix flameshot --raw wait time with delay. Fix negative selection geometry bug. Improved hidpi support with some bugs fixed.