Food Delivery Multivendor

Empower your on-demand food delivery business with Enatega Multivendor, a feature-rich, open-source solution. This multi-vendor system provides mobile apps for customers, riders, and restaurants, along with a web dashboard for administration. Key Features: Effortless Setup: Get started quickly with user-friendly commands to run the project locally. Cross-Platform Compatibility: Works seamlessly on iOS, Android, and Web for easy testing and deployment. Extensive Functionality: Includes features for order management, restaurant management, rider management, customer management, and real-time tracking. Open-Source Advantage: Access the source code, benefit from live demos, documentation, and video tutorials. Target Audience: Entrepreneurs looking to launch their own food delivery business Developers seeking a customizable open-source delivery management solution Comparison to Similar Apps: Enatega Multivendor offers a comparable feature set to popular closed-source delivery apps, but with the added benefit of open-source flexibility and customization potential.

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