Recent Releases

1.14.123 Apr 2024 09:05 minor feature: V1.14.1 Update Console to 3.5.0. #220 - OCR Processor fails to create with using a long appenvironment name #220.
1.14.005 Apr 2024 05:05 minor feature: v1.14.0 Features. #203 - Add /objects/examine/pdf endpoints for getting metadata from PDF. #214 - Document Rulesets (/rulesets) API. #28 - add limit parameter to /documents/ id /versions. #209 - Add next and limit to GET /document/ id /actions endpoint. #30 - Move OPA and other configuration options into /sites resource. #212 - /search add range queries. Update Console to v3.4.0. #204 - Template may not exceed 1000000 bytes in size. #205 - VPC CloudFormation Templates fails in ca-central-1. Fulltext Action handling when document doesn't exist in Opensearch.
1.13.023 Jan 2024 10:05 minor feature: V1.13.0 New Feature. #182 - Document Retry - documents that fail to process are added to a queue for reprocessing. #192 - Added POST /documents/ documentId /actions/retry for retrying of failed document actions. #196 - Added OCR support for PDF Portfolio files. #194 - Added support for document content to be a "deep link". #189 - Added document "soft delete". #146 - Added insertedDate, completedDate to Document actions. #171 - Added Document Workflows. #179 - Added Cognito group that allows authentication but no authorization. #170 - Added Notification action. #168 - Added SMTP support to /configuration API. #169 - Added /groups API. #201 - Added version of FormKiQ that can be run via Docker. Updates. #166 - AWS Lambda end of support for Custom Runtime based on Amazon Linux 1. #188 - Intelligent document processing with OpenAI, uses Schemas to improve results. #119 - improved performance when removing documents. #172 - Fulltext action ending up in a bad state. #185 - GET /documents/ documentId /url returns full path of document instead of filename. #197 - POST /documents/compress is not available for users with READ ONLY access.
1.12.212 Nov 2023 08:05 minor feature: v1.12.2 Added OCR support for DOC, DOCX, PDF.
1.12.014 Aug 2023 09:45 minor feature: v1.12.0 #130 - Feature: Added PUT/PATCH /documents/ documentId /tags to allow adding/updating multiple tags to a document at once. #131 - Feature: Added POST /documents/compress to create a ZIP file of multiple document's contents. #133 - Feature: Added PATCH /documents/tags to allow adding tags to documents based on tag search criteria. #138 - : Added validation for reservered tag keys when using POST /documents. #144 - : DELETE /indices/folder return 500 when invalid siteId is used. #145 - Feature: Added Typesense support to API GET documents/ id /fulltext. #150 - : Renamed module 'fulltext' to 'opensearch'. #151 - : Documentation for POST /documents/upload, missing contentLength. #158 - : Improved Actions API validation. #159 - Feature: API Keys added READ / WRITE / DELETE permissions. #161 - : POST /documents/upload generates incorrect URL.
1.11.118 Jul 2023 04:05 minor feature: v1.11.1 #148 - POST /documents/ documentId /actions fails to run new actions. #149 - adjusting chatgpt response. Updated console to v3.2.2. GET /configuration - Adding mask keys.
1.11.015 Jun 2023 10:25 minor feature: v1.11.0 #123 - Add AWS XRay Support to Lambda functions. #124 - OCR Tessaract Support. #126 - add GET/PATCH /configs API endpoints. #125 - ChatGPT Tag "documentTagging" Support. #127 - Add "apiKey" access support. #126 add GET/PATCH /configuration API endpoints. #128 - Add GET/POST/DELETE /configuration/apiKeys. Added contentLength to GET /documents/ documentId /fulltext, POST /searchFulltext. #10 - Version delete corrupts all other versions of file, including current. Moved awstests under integration src package.
1.10.015 Mar 2023 06:45 minor feature: Added filter Co-authored-by: Mike Friesen - FormKiQ lt; gt;.
1.9.022 Dec 2022 07:05 minor feature: Changed determining Document Version to S3 metadata rather than etag (# 94). Co-authored-by: Mike Friesen - FormKiQ lt; gt;.
1.8.917 Oct 2022 03:25 minor feature: v1.8.9 Added POST /queryFulltext API. #52 - Add option for content-disposition:inline to S3 signed URL on GET /documents/ id /url. Added ability to create Global Indexes. . Added API support. #56 - Document Content-Length is set to NULL when using PATCH /documents/ documentId . #53 - Adding new "path" tag after deleting previous "path" tag gives 200 but tag does not appear to exist.
1.8.826 Sep 2022 20:45 minor feature: v1.8.8 #44 - DELETE Document API does not work unless a corresponding file exists in S3. #40 - Add last modified to GET documents and GET document/ id . #45 - Metadata records with no corresponding S3 object are causing on GET /documents. #46 - 500 Error in /search endpoint when using large "limit" with "responseFields". #48 - File downloads are named using the document ID rather than the original filename. Added POST /documents/ documentId /actions. POST /searchFulltext - added pagination.
1.8.719 Sep 2022 06:45 minor feature: v1.8.7 Added addPdfDetectedCharactersAsText option to /ocr API. #36 - Update Console Install Lambda to remove Console on delete. #29 - Add list of installed Modules to /versions. #39 - Add OpenAPI spec to Release Zip. Updated aws-cognito library to 1.4.2. Added ActionStatus 'RUNNING'. Resetting document actions when document is updated.
1.8.606 Sep 2022 06:45 minor feature: v1.8.6 Added support for very large OCR documents. #37 - rename contentUrl to contentUrls. #31 - Add FormKiQ Version to CloudFormation description.
1.8.502 Sep 2022 06:45 minor feature: v1.8.5 Added support for Webhook Actions. Added GET /documents/ documentId /fulltext endpoint.
1.8.429 Aug 2022 03:18 minor feature: v1.8.4 Improved access denied error message. Authentication when using SAML.
1.8.325 Aug 2022 07:05 minor feature: v1.8.3 Added Antivirus Action Type. Added PUT /documents/ documentId /antivirus. Added missing 'dynamodb:BatchWriteItem' permission to API Lambda.
1.8.221 Aug 2022 03:18 minor feature: v1.8.2 #24 - PATCH /documents/ id is not replacing specified metadata. Upgraded dependencies. Added ActionStatus of SKIPPED. resetting Document Actions when document is updated.
1.8.009 Aug 2022 03:18 minor feature: v1.8.0 release Added support for Enterprise OpenSearch Fulltext API. Added support for Enterprise Filesync CLI. Expanded Document Actions to support Fulltext. Added GET /documents/ documentId /actions. Added PUT/DELETE /documents/ documentId /ocr. Added ability to specify document tags to return on POST /search. Adding tags with POST document/ id /tags gives 500.
1.7.522 Jun 2022 03:15 minor feature: v1.7.5 added /tagSchemas API support. Added DocumentActionProcessor Lambda for document actions processing. Added API - POST /documents/upload for adding Large Documents.
1.7.027 May 2022 03:15 minor feature: v1.7.0 release Added ability to "sync" files to the staging bucket directly to update the documents bucket. Added Enterprise API for OCR scanning support. increased gradle memory. migrated from yq Yaml process to ytt ( Renamed "pro" to "enterprise".
23 May 2022 04:14 minor feature: