FreeCC Parser Generator

FreeCC is a parser/lexer generator written in Java. It began as development fork of the well known JavaCC parser generator originally developed at Sun Microsystems. Underneath are the same core algorithms, but the tool has been cleaned up into something far more usable and flexible. FreeCC has extra features such as "code injection" and more flexible automated tree-building strategies. Also, it is far easier to customize the code the tool generates, because it uses FreeMarker templates that can be tailored for one's needs.

Tags parser-generator java javacc
License BSDL
State beta

Recent Releases

29 Dec 2019 18:06 major feature: This release resuscitates the tool after nearly 11 years. It was previously only available on the archived GoogleCode site. This new release updates the included Java grammar to include all Java language constructs through Java 8, including Lambda expressions for example. Every single bug in the GoogleCode bug tracker has been nailed.