Gfarm File System 2.7.22

Gfarm is a network shared filesystem and alternative to NFS, but optimized for reliability, scaling and access from wide area network. It can federate local disks of network-connected PCs and compute nodes in several clusters, and supports explicit replica location control by users. Plugins exist for FUSE, Zabbix, Hadoop, Samba, MPI-IO, GridFTP, S3 MinIO, Nextcloud, Spack and a Linux kernel module is under development.

Tags c filesystem fuse hadoop samba mpi globus network file-server file-sharing distributed
License BSDL
State stable

Recent Releases

2.7.2211 Apr 2023 09:07 minor feature: 2.7.21 * gfptar - parallel tar command * gfpcopy - select from all available hosts if all hosts in write_target_domain are readonly * config-gfarm - support PostgreSQL 14 or later 2.7.22 * gfsd - more logs to investigate data corruption during network transmission
2.7.2027 Dec 2022 10:15 minor feature: * support ARM platform * gfpcopy - select from all available hosts if no host available in write_target_domain
2.6.631 Aug 2015 03:12 minor feature: -k/-X options and client_parallel_max setting are added to gfpcopy/gfprep. -l option is added to gfcksum, quota check is now automatically. quota check is now automatically done without explicitly using the gfquotacheck command. corrupted replica is automatically moved to lost+found at replication. performance improvement to open metadata journal file. Jul 2015 08:40 minor feature: is a minor release for several bug fixes. major feature of 2.6 branch is automatic replica creation and removal on user-sepcified locaitons. Oct 2014 20:05 minor bugfix: Do not start master mode when another gfmd is running to avoid unexpected misconfiguration.