giflib 5.2.1

The GIFLIB project maintains the giflib service library, which has been pulling images out of GIFs since 1989. It is deployed everywhere you can think of and some places you probably can't - graphics applications and web browsers on multiple operating systems, game consoles, smartphones, and likely your ATM too. Yes, this code is he reason GIFs were in Mosaic, the first web browser that could do inline graphics; it is the implementation Andreesen and Bina used. This is very mature, stable, small-footprint code with minimal dependencies (suitable for use in embedded deployments) that needs only occasional very minor bugfixes. Test reports from odd platforms and better regression tests are particularly welcome. Don't try to redesign it, applications beyond counting would break if you did. It's "GIFLIB" in caps as a nod to the code's origins in the dark and backward abysm of MS-DOS, but Unix hackers are encouraged to spell it "giflib" in deference to local conventions. :-)

Tags gif library c
License MITL
State stable

Recent Releases

5.2.124 Feb 2024 03:15 minor bugfix: This is the "Maybe I shouldn't have done a release while in surgical recovery" release. In gifbuild.c, avoid a core dump on no color map. Restore inadvertently removed library version numbers in Makefile.
5.2.220 Feb 2024 12:12 security: This is a point release intended to clear up a couple of CVEs and apply point fixes that have been accumulating since 5.2.1 There are a few unresolved (but minor) memory leaks related to design issues in the API that still need to be resolved. Expect those fixes in the next release. Code Fixes ---------- * Fixes for CVE-2023-48161, CVE-2022-28506, * Address SF issue #138 Documentation for obsolete utilities still installed * Address SF issue #139: Typo in "LZW image data" page ("110_2 = 4_10") * Address SF issue #140: Typo in "LZW image data" page ("LWZ") * Address SF issue #141: Typo in "Bits and bytes" page ("filed") * Note as already fixed SF issue #143: cannot compile under mingw * Address SF issue #144: giflib-5.2.1 cannot be build on windows and other platforms using c89 * Address SF issue #145: Remove manual pages installation for binaries that are not installed too * Address SF issue #146: PATCH Limit installed man pages to binaries, move giflib to section 7 * Address SF issue #147 PATCH Fixes to doc/whatsinagif/ content * Address SF issue #148: heap Out of Bound Read in gif2rgb.c:298 DumpScreen2RGB * Declared no-info on SF issue #150: There is a denial of service vulnerability in GIFLIB 5.2.1 * Declared Won't-fix on SF issue 149: Out of source builds no longer possible * Address SF issue #151: A heap-buffer-overflow in gif2rgb.c:294:45 * Address SF issue #152: Fix some typos on the html documentation and man pages * Address SF issue #153: Fix segmentation faults due to non correct checking for args * Address SF issue #154: Recover the giffilter manual page * Address SF issue #155: Add gifsponge docs * Address SF issue #157: An OutofMemory-Exception or Memory Leak in gif2rgb * Address SF issue #158: There is a null pointer problem in gif2rgb * Address SF issue #159 A heap-buffer-overflow in GIFLIB5.2.1 DumpScreen2RGB() in gif2rgb.c:298:45 * Address SF issue #163: detected memory leaks in openbsd_reallocarray giflib/openbsd-reallocarray.c