GitQlient 1.6.2

GitQlient, pronounced as git+client (/gɪtˈklaɪənt/) is a multi-platform Git client originally forked from QGit. Nowadays it goes beyond of just a fork and adds a lot of new functionality. The original idea was to provide a GUI-oriented Git client that was easy to integrate with QtCreator (currently shipped as GitQlientPlugin). This idea has grown since the day 1 to not only cover the integration with QtCreator but also to make it an app on it’s own.

Tags git qt cpp css
License GNU LGPLv3
State stable

Recent Releases

1.6.223 Jan 2024 18:14 minor feature: The GitQlient 1.6.2 release contains the following improvements: Improve speed staging/unstaging files Improve data reload Fixes regarding submodules management Possible to set the upstream for multiple remotes Fixed styles Fixes in the commit message Added back the commit diff when double click a commit Added support for whitespaces Known issues: Any MacOS issues are still opened until I have time to test properly on that system. Special thanks to @hartwork, @band-a-prend, and all the people that collaborated and reported errors!