Recent Releases

0.3.122 Nov 2020 21:50 minor feature: * Editing: * Menu action to convert any shape into a Path * Removing keyframes will preserve easing across the affected keyframes * Fill tool * The context menu for bezier handles now shows property actions * Bezier tangent handles are only shown for the selected nodes * I/O: * Support for SVG SMIL animations * Browser SVG preview * Browser Lottie canvas preview * Video export, supporting most video formats that ffmpeg supports * UI: * Added a theme style selector * Bug Fixes: * Removed spurious warnings when loading lottie * Bezier data is loaded correctly from lottie * Fixed layer parenting when loading lottie * Rounded rectangles are correctly exported to SVG * Duplicating shapes selects the new shape and places it on top of the original * Keyframes added on newly created objects are on the right frame * OK/Cancel buttons in the Trace Bitmap dialog now react to user input * When the selected object is deleted, the timeline and property views are cleared * Adding keyframes preserves linear/hold easing * SVG scale() is parsed correctly * Resize dialog spin boxes update correctly when ratio is locked