GlobalSight 8.5.6

GlobalSight is a content translation software with process management. It integrates text translation tools, glossaries, and allows to customize the text editing workflow, reviewing, and approval. It comes as online application and offline processing tool. It supports OpenDocument / LibreOffice, MS Office, XML, HTML, Indesign, Framemaker, Passolo, WorldSever, and many other file formats. It utilizes translation interchange formats such as TMX, TBX, SRX, XLIFF.

Tags java localization translation workflow
License Apache
State stable

Recent Releases

8.5.625 Oct 2014 13:05 minor bugfix: SID matched segments not populated. McAfee SaaS: Character Escape Handler. Ability to upload TER from any activity. Refine the error message for unsupported report. Add log info to tell offline uploading is done. XLIFF 1.2 support.